Reife Rothaarige fickt ihre Muschi und Arschloch

Reife Rothaarige fickt ihre Muschi und Arschloch
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A throbbing ache between my legs is what brings me back around. Someone must have moved me whilst I was unconscious because I'm no longer tied to a table. I try to sit up to look around but I barely get my head off of the ground before the throbbing ache turns to shooting pains.

A weak squeal is all that I can manage as I fall back to the concrete ground beneath me. What happened? How did I he here and why is my head hurting so bad?

Running my hands over my face and through my matted hair I feel no bruises, no cuts or scrapes but yet my head feels as though it has been smacked with a baseball bat! Thinking back I try my hardest to remember how I got here.

I remember heaving as a huge cock was forced into my mouth, thrusting so deep I swear I could feel it bulging in my neck! But I hadn't felt faint not until the black one had finally pushed his fist into me. That's when the pain had become unbearable.

I remember trying to scream but that only opened my throat wider for the cock in my mouth and I had instantly regretted it. I remember them all cheering as the fist tore my opening and the humiliation as they told me they were filming.


I remember "Nicky" coming back into sight with the camera, his contorted face as he jerked his solid cock over my eyes and the crazed laugh he let out as my face was covered in shot after shot of his thick hot come. But that is where my memory ends. Did I pass out with him covering me in his orgasm? Or is there more that I just don't remember?

It doesn't matter now though because I can hear footsteps and they sound like they're coming close!

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Closing my eyes, I lay still and pretend to sleep as a key turn the lock in the door. "She's in here." I hear a voice that I'm sure belongs to "naughty nick" and I no longer have to pretend to sleep. My body instantly seizes up and I lay rigidly still. "What would you like me to do with her Sir?" Its a softly spoken womam, an American by the sound of it. "Clean her, get her something to eat. The usual.

But she's a feisty little bitch," His warning to the girl nearly makes me smile until he finishes his sentence. "The boys love it when she tries to fight but be careful and keep the doors locked" "Yes sir." The woman agrees then both sets of footsteps begin to retreat until the door is shut again and the bolt is slid back in place. Finally I let out a breath I hadn't realised I had been holding. So all of my attempts, all of the fighting and trying to scream was only making it worse?

My sore throat and rope burned wrists and ankles were all for nothing! They want to see how much I hate it, how much pain they are inflicting on me. Well I won't let them! From here on out I vow to myself they will not see the tears I shed, the pain in my eyes. An unseen force takes over my body and my brain kicks into survival mode as I push past the pain and use my arms to force myself upright.

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This time the searing pain shots from my vagina right down my legs but I grit my teeth and bare it as I gather my surroundings. The room is nearly pitch black and I can't make out a single window. At the far end I see light seeping in around the door but that seems to be the only thing in the entire room! No furniture, or decoration. It's just a concrete box, a prison to hold me. Or a tomb. As my determination falters I start to realise just how cold I am.

My nipples are standing to attention and my come stained skin is covered in goosebumps.

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I wonder if they will take me elsewhere to wash me? There isn't any plumbing in here that I can see so that must be the plan!

Then maybe just maybe I'll have the chance to make a run for it! The lock is turning again and I try to formulate a plan as the room is flooded with light, making me squint.

A tall blonde dressed in a French maid outfit and carrying a large bag, comes striding in, locking the door behind her. "Ah you're awake!" She says cheerfully. Its the same silky voiced American from earlier. "Now Master told me you're a bit of a fighter but you'll be a good girl for me won't you sweetie?" She is so cheery I instantly hate her.

How can another female be OK with this? Seeing me here, nothing but a fuck toy for these guys and still she has an innocent smile plastered on her pretty little face! "Fuck you!" I spit.

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The men may be stronger than me, they may be able to overpower and control me but this bitch doesn't stand a chance! "Right. So we're going to do it this way are we?" She raises a finely plucked eyebrow, aggravating me even more.

"Fuck you, you fucking whore!" I scream as loud as my abused throat will allow. This time she just sighs and reaches into the bag that now lays at her feet. Is she getting something to hit me with? Maybe the men had anticipated my lack of fear with a female! But what she produces incites much more fear into me than any whip or paddle ever could.

A sleek black gun. Her slender manicured fingers carress the trigger as she uses the other hand to attach a silencer. "Now let me explain how this is going to go down.

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You are going to do as I say when I say and how I say otherwise I have direct orders to put a cap in you." Through her entire threat, that sweet, innocent smile doesn't move. I can't tear my eyes away from the hard metal of the barrel as she lays it at her feet besides the bag.

Then she reaches back into the bag and empties its contents one by one.


Wipes, bottles of ointments and soaps. more bottles of liquids, some that look like water and others that I couldn't guess. A brand new underwear set still with tags. A towel, a hair brush and hair bands.

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Black bags, plastic sheets and a pair of killer black stilleto heels. "You're going to let me wash you. Then I'm going to dress you and brush your hair because let's face it, you look like a street corner come bucket right now and no one is going to pay good money to fuck you." She laughs as though we're best friends having a private joke.

"Then I'm going to lead you to your new bedroom." " new bedroom?" I don't need a new bedroom! I have a perfectly good bedroom with furniture and a bed and no one trying to stretch every hole on my fucking body!

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"Oh yes. Master has taken a real liking to you! Usually the stray whores like you just get dumped in the dungeon with the others. That's where the poorest customers get to play, you know the junkies and wasters, but Master has had a room made specially for you. You must've have been a pretty good fuck! You do look the sort to suck dick for a living though." Her insults are wasted as I struggle with the idea that I would be staying here long enough to need my own room.

They have no intention of releasing me, they want to keep me locked her forever!


I can't stay here! I'll loose my mind! I sit trying to work out my escape plan as the blonde picks the gun up, tucks it into the front pocket of her outfit and begins lays the plastic sheeting out in the middle of the floor, lining the relevant bottles up along side it. "Up. Over here." She calls.

I try to stand but the pain between my legs intensifies so I give up and crawl to her on my hands and knees. When I reach the sheeting its all I can do not to collapse. "Good girl.

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Now lay on your back and spread your arms and legs." With the last of my energy I do as she says, signing with relief when my back hits the plastic and the pressure between my legs is released. The first bottle she retrieves is a clear liquid I think is water and as she starts to pour it over my sticky skin I'm relieved to find of I'm right.

Her skin is as soft as her voice as her hands rub the warm water first over my shoulders, slowly adding pressure as the sticky come starts to run onto the plastic with the water. Then her hands start to move down to my right breast where bright purple bruises surround vicious looking teeth marks. I don't remember that! Maybe I was right and they hadn't stopped even when I had passed out or maybe they were just to busy to notice. As the blonde pours more water around my chest her hands massage my aching breasts gently, being careful not to apply pressure to the many bite marks.

"They really went to town on you huh?" For a second I'm sure her smile is apologetic bit she quickly regains her false sweet smirk and I wonder if I had imagined it. A woman that can help men like these surely must have no feelings at all?

When she is sure my right breast is completely come free she moves to the left this time there are no bites just tiny raised welts that I also don't remember happening. Again her hands massage me, again missing the welts but this time she isn't so gentle. Her nails scrape at the dried come and her fingers pinch at my erect nipples.

I try to keep my mind from the tingles that are spreading between my legs, numbing the throbbing pain that the men had left. "You will learn to love it, I promise." Her wispers are so quite that at first, I'm sure I had imagined it but as her hands keep going down first cleaning my stomach then moving to my pubic mound, I hear her wisper again.

"My my brother used to leave me like this. But then I met Master and he treats me like a queen." Her revelation shocks me but not as much as the silky wetness that is gathering in my sex. "I have ointments to make you feel better but I have to wash you before I can apply them." Her voice is back to its normal level now and the change startles me. How can she be so nonchalant about all of this? "Its going to hurt." Again I'm sure I see sympathy in her eyes as they meet mine but as she pours water over me and begins to work her fingers between my legs I'm sure her sympathy is gone.

The pain is intense and I can't help the cries that escape my lips as she pushes three fingers into my torn opening, circling and scraping as she cleans god knows how many different men's come from me. Its only then that a sickening thought hits me. If they have comed in me and even though I'm not sure when or how many of them have, im sure that they have, will I get pregnant? What if they keep me here and make me have a baby then what will happen? In that moment my mind is set.

I will do all that I can to get out of this hell, no matter what it takes.