Me llenan el culo de mucha verga

Me llenan el culo de mucha verga
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The Triad and the Maiden's Passion Chapter Three: Octogirl Surprise By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Seamus The Lesh-Ke Mountains, The Kingdom of Haz When I scaled the cliff with Fiona, I expected to rescue our wife Aoifa from the leotaur that had kidnapped her.

Thanks to Fiona's witchcraft, we had rushed up the cliff far faster than a pair of humans could, enhanced by spirits.

But when we got to the top, we found Aoifa naked, recently fucked by the leotaur, and with a big grin on her face. Kelmam, the leotaur, held Viora in his arms, kissing the young girl. She was also recently fucked. I had hoped to pop her cherry myself. Nothing about today made sense from the dryad kidnapping Viora from her village to a monster kidnapping our wife and ending up in a threesome. But that hardly mattered.

A spicy scent perfumed the air, hardening my cock. "What is going on?" Fiona moaned. She was on her knees before Aoifa. Fiona's auburn hair spilled about her shoulders.

Aoifa seized a handful and pulled Fiona's face to her pussy. "Kelmam was transformed by the Biomancer that enslaved the dryad," Aoifa moaned. "He and his sister were experimented on. He broke free and thought he was rescuing Viora when he attacked us. He grabbed me by mistake and we sorted it out. Oh, yes, sweet sister, lick my pussy. It's full of cum." Fiona obliged her twin sister. I was surprised that Fiona, our prudish wife, would lick out Aoifa's pussy clean when it was filled with another man's, or in this case a monster's, cum.

Fiona believed in our marriage oaths. She rarely violated our triune marriage. Not like Aoifa and me. "Oh, yes, sweet sister, lick it all out," panted Aoifa as she humped her hips, smearing her pussy along Fiona's mouth.


Aoifa's large breasts jiggled, her silver nipple rings flashing in the sunlight. "Oh, you used damiana on them," Fiona moaned between licks. "That's why I'm so horny." "I did," groaned Aoifa. "They are so in love, but Kelmam feared hurting her.

Instead, he made her cum so hard. It was beautiful. I was so glad I was involved." "You are so horrible," Fiona gasped.

"Horrible and wicked." "You're the one eating my pussy like you're starving," gasped Aoifa. "Oh, right there. Dig out every drop of cum, sweet sister." My dick throbbed in my pants as I watched the incestuous sight. Marrying twins was exciting, even if Aoifa and Fiona weren't identical.

I loved them both, from Fiona's small breasts to Aoifa's heaving mounds. "Gods, I'm horny," gasped Fiona. "Husband of mine, please, I need you. Fuck me." "Fuck our wife," moaned Aoifa. "I love it when she moans into my pussy while being fucked." I peeled off my chainmail coat, dropping it to the ground in a clatter. My hands undid my leather pants, my hard cock spilling out. I fell to my knees and hiked up Fiona's white robes.

Her pussy, adorned by fiery hair, dripped with her excitement between her thighs. "Yes," Fiona moaned as I sank into her. "Pater's cock," I grunted, savoring the hot, tight grip of my wife's pussy. Fiona clenched down and pushed back with her hips. She undulated and writhed, working her hips and bucking to meet my thrusts. She was so hot. Every time I slammed into her depths, she moaned into Aoifa's pussy.

Aoifa shuddered. Her head tossed back, her short, black hair swaying about her gorgeous face. One hand pulled on a nipple ring while the other kept a firm grip on Fiona's hair. Aoifa ground her pussy on her twin's face. "So good. She's devouring all of the monster's cum out of my pussy. The slut loves it." "She does," I grunted.

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"She's so wet. You're a pussy-licking, creampie-loving slut, Fiona." "I am," gasped Fiona. "She taste so delicious, and the cum is so salty. I love it." My strokes grew faster. My balls, boiling with cum, smacked into Fiona's clit with meaty thwacks. Her butt-cheeks rippled every time I bottomed into her. Pleasure rippled out of my dick, spilling through me, urging me to fuck her faster and faster as the pressure built in my balls.

"Keep fucking the slut," Aoifa gasped. "Oh, damn, Seamus, but you are so sexy when you fuck a slut." I leaned over Fiona and nuzzled at Aoifa's stomach. Then I licked up to her heavy, right breast. My tongue found the underside then slid up to her nipple. I sucked it into my mouth, my tongue playing with her silver rings. She moaned and gasped. Her hand released her other nipple ring and seized my bright-red hair.

She held on, holding me to her tit as she writhed and quivered. Her moans echoed through the mountain valley. "I'm cumming," she moaned. "Oh, yes. Slata's cunt, yes. So good. Drink all my juices, sweet sister. Mmm, yes." Fiona's pussy clenched down on my cock as she drank Aoifa's juices.

Aoifa gasped and moaned, gripping hard on my hair. Fiona kept licking, tonguing her sister with noisy swipes. My dick ached. My balls boiled, loving the sound of Aoifa's orgasmic moans. "Oh, sweet sister, you are the best at pussy licking. Mmm, I came so hard." "Aoifa," gasped Fiona.

"Oh, yes. I'm cumming. Oh, yes. Seamus, keep fucking me. Oh, yes, husband. Stir through my pussy. Oh, Gods, yes." My dick slammed into her spasming pussy.

I grit my teeth and grunted with each stroke through my wife's cumming snatch. My balls boiled. They were so close to exploding. My hips fucked my wife hard. I couldn't stop now.

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Nothing would prevent me from finishing. "Cream the slut," Aoifa hissed, ripping my lips from her nipple. "Yes," I growled. "Gewin's mighty cock, yes. You want my cum, don't you, Fiona?" "I do, husband, and then Aoifa can lick me clean. She loves cum. She's such a whore." "Such a whore," groaned Aoifa, her eyes fluttering. "Cum in her." "Yes," I snarled and buried my cock into my wife's hot depths. The cum exploded from my cock.

I grunted with every blast. The pleasure shot through me. Every muscle in my body clenched and for one perfect moment, rapture consumed me. "Oh, yes, husband," Fiona shuddered as the last blast of my cum flooded her. "Mmm, that was amazing." "Pater's cock, it was," I panted as Aoifa leaned over and kissed my lips.

I tasted Viora's pussy on them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona The damiana wore off not long after I came on Aoifa's lips.

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She had licked every drop of Seamus's cum from my pussy. I suddenly became so aware that I was naked and that Kelmam and Viora watched us fuck. Blushing, I snatched up my white robe and put it on. "Aoifa, you can't use that foul stuff whenever you like." "Sure I can," Aoifa smiled, licking her lips. "I love it," groaned Seamus as he fucked Aoifa hard from behind. His muscles rippled and his red hair flowed about his handsome face. I did love admiring his muscles. My pussy clenched as he buried into Aoifa and flooded her pussy.

My mouth watered to lick my sister clean. And, if Kelmam wasn't watching us, I would. "What are we doing now?" I demanded as Seamus pulled out of Aoifa. "We go kill the Biomancer," Aoifa answered. "He needs the girl for something. You felt the energy released when the dryad made her cum.

She's important." Viora was special. She was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, gifted with unique powers. In some ways, she was like me, a twinborn witch. But she couldn't control the spirits that filled the world. "This Biomancer must be tapping her power for a foul reason." "To make an army," Aoifa answered. "He has to make her cum on specific spots on the mountainside, forming a large magical circle.

Luckily, Kelmam knows where the Biomancer's hold up. He broke free of the bastard's mind control." "Then let's go kill an evil warlock," Seamus grinned as he tied up his leather pants. He smacked Aoifa on the ass.

"Get dressed. No point giving the bastard a glimpse of your body." Aoifa let out a wicked laugh. "No, he's definitely not worth it." I shook my head at both my spouses. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa "He's in there," Kelmam said. The trip through the mountains took an hour and a half.

Behind us, the sun sank. "A cave?" Fiona asked. "Any wardings, sweet sister?" I asked, studying the entrance. I couldn't spot anything with my keen eyes.

No traps, no markings for any magical inscriptions. The Biomancer was a mage, maybe not trained by the newly founded Collegiate Tower in Thosi, but he was skilled enough in magic to create Kelmam. "None," Kelmam answered. "I was the guard, but I broke free of his magic." "How?" frowned Fiona.

"Viora kissed me last time I tried to kidnap her." Kelmam twisted around to look at the girl straddling his furry hide.


I had wanted to ride Kelmam, instead I was forced to walk. Well, he did love the girl and Kelmam had ridden me. "Her kiss set you free?" frowned Fiona. "Not right away. nibbled away at the magic. Bit by bit until today when I woke up and I was free. The Biomancer didn't even realize it was happening." Seamus nodded, peering into the hole. "And what about inside?" "The cave leads deeper to his laboratory and beyond.

That is where his army is being created." Kelmam shifted. "My sister guards inside. Please, you cannot hurt her. Felyia is under his control." "I will bind her with my spirits," Fiona answered. Seamus just grinned. He probably hoped to fuck the sister. He didn't know she had been transformed, combined with a creature known as an octopus. I had no idea what an octopus was, and Kelmam wouldn't describe it. "We need to stop him," Fiona declared. "If he's studied Biomancer Vebrin. The world doesn't need more monsters plaguing it." Everyone knew that most monsters were either birthed by the God Las's indiscriminate appetites or the works of the mad Vebrin, the most successful Biomancer, a man who created so many monstrous creations.

"Let's go," Seamus said. "Gewin, bless my sword with your strength. Let it cleave through the flesh of my enemies and bring glorious victory on this day." The spell fell on his blade and it flowed red across the shining metal.

I drew a pair of daggers and ghosted to the entrance. "I'm on point." Seamus nodded. "Stay here," Fiona told Kelmam. "Protect Viora." "With my life," Kelmam nodded. "Let's go," I grinned. "I do love gutting warlocks." I slipped into the cave, Seamus and Fiona behind me. After a year of danger and adventure, it still hadn't grown dull. My heart thudded in anticipation of the fight. This Biomancer had no idea who we was dealing with.

Fiona's magic, Seamus's sword, and my agility would see him undone. The cave grew darker as the light from outside dwindled. Soon, only the red glow from Seamus's sword painted the way. The cave twisted and turned, folding in and back on its self as it worked deeper into the mountains. The air was damp and the floor slick. Water trickled down the walls or dripped from the ceiling. My eyes were keen, searching for any sounds while my eyes sought out the minutest signs of traps.

None. Where was the fun and challenge if this Biomancer didn't even bother setting up obstacles for us to defeat? I paused at a bend. "I hear a voice ahead. A man." "Just a man?" asked Seamus.

I nodded and kept pressing forward. My stomach twisted. If the Biomancer didn't want to defend himself, then I would be glad to sink my dagger in his back and be done with his foul magic.

A light spilled around the corner, green and wavering. I peered around the edge. A green fire burned, lighting up a room covered in tables with strange liquids in vials and containers.

Other, smaller flames, burned on the tables. Glass containers boiled over the flames, the smoke collected by a series of glass tubes—alchemy.

Standing before one of the tables was a ebony-skinned Halanian, his head shaved, and a dark-green robe covering a strong body. He muttered over one of the vials and a puff of red smoke rose from it. He smiled, and tipped the contents into one of the boiling containers. Then the Biomancer turned and smiled at me. "Welcome, welcome." "Surprise blown, charge him," snarled Seamus. I burst out around the corner and threw my throwing dagger at the Biomancer.

Behind me, chainmail rattled and boots thudded. My dagger soared through the air right for the man's throat.

The Biomancer didn't flinch. The dagger stopped in midair then fell to the rock floor with a loud clatter. Seamus charged past me, his red sword clutched in hand. He let out a wordless roar. I was on his heels, Fiona racing at my side, her hands holding up the hem of her white robe. The Biomancer pulled out a vial from the pocket of his robes filled with a clear liquid and drank it. My muscles froze. I tried to gasp in shock, but I was completely paralyzed.

I crashed onto the ground. Pain flared as I tumbled across the floor. Fiona fell beside me and Seamus struck the ground with a mighty clatter.

"The pussy juices of a dryad are remarkable for working life magic," the Biomancer said, his voice cultured, educated. "I made sure to collect a few vials when I dominated the dryad." He stopped before Seamus. "So this is why Viora escaped. I should have expected the Triad to come calling, but you are here now." "Play, Master?" a woman purred from behind me. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched a woman slither down the wall.

Her torso was that of a naked, Hazian girl, her breasts bouncing as she moved, but her lower half was a mass of thick, purple tentacles, each lined on the bottom with suction cups that gripped the wall. That must be what an octopus was. "Enjoy the women," grinned the Biomancer. "I do love watching you play, Felyia." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus I raged inside as the Biomancer stopped before me. I lay awkwardly on my side, frozen with my right arm extended, holding my sword.

I fought against the magic gripping my limbs, struggling to move even an inch. I wanted to speak, but my tongue, jaw, and lips refused to act. "You are a strapping warrior," the Biomancer said. "More than a match for Kelmam, yes? It was a mistake to use him to retrieve Viora. I did not realize how much he cared for the girl. Love diminishes the efficacy of domination magic." The Biomancer touched me and suddenly— My thoughts went blank.

My body still. "If I were to tell you to kill those two women with you, I imagined you would balk." For a moment, the impulse to kill my wives slammed into my love for them.

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It warred inside of me. I let out a strangled groan. "Yes, yes," sighed the Biomancer. "Powerful emotions always make mind control harder. But you don't love Viora. Go and fetch her. Don't let anything stop you." I stood up immediately and turned, striding past my women as the strange tentacle girl wrapped her purple appendages about their body.

I moved with purpose. I had to retrieve Viora. My armor clinked and my boots rang as I left my wives behind. I retraced the steps, guided by my burning sword. My thoughts were clear of all but my purpose. It was relaxing. There was no fear or concern. I didn't have to worry about my wife's safety. I didn't have to wonder what danger lurked around the corner.

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None of that mattered. Only fetching Viora. The light from outside grew brighter. My steps quickened. My boots scraped across the damp floor. Every step was sure. I moved with purpose. I focused on my task.

Kelmam would object to me taking the girl. My sword would solve that problem. My chainmail clinked and jiggled as I reached the entrance.

I stepped out of the cave, wincing at the bright sun stabbing into my eyes. The world went white for a moment. I raised my freehand against the sun, struggling to get my bearings.

"Seamus," Viora called out. "You've returned so soon." "Is it finished?" asked Kelmam. "Is the bastard dead and my sister free." The brightness faded, leaving a bright blur across my eyes. I turned my head in the direction of the words. Kelmam stood on his four legs, his arms folded before him.

Viora straddled his back, her dark hair falling about her dusky face as she peered out to stare at me. I gripped my hand on the sword and marched towards them. "What is wrong?" Kelmam answered. "Speak, friend." I didn't see the point in speaking.

It wouldn't help me with my mission. I strode boldly up to the monster and stabbed my sword right into Kelmam's guts. Blood fountained, cascading down his dusky muscles to the golden fur of his lower half. He let out a moan of pain, and then collapsed on the ground, spilling Viora off his back.

"What," he growled. "No, he's fallen under the Biomancer's control. Run, Viora." Viora struggled to get up, but her leg was pinned beneath her monstrous lover. She scrabbled as I walked around the brute. Kelmam growled through the pain and swung a paw at my leg. I slashed his sword and badly cut the leg. "No," Kelmam snarled as I seized Viora by the arm and hauled her out from beneath Kelmam's bulk. "Let her go. You have to fight his powers." Viora hissed and kicked, her small fists beating against my chainmail coat.

She tried to dig her feet into the grass, but I was too strong and she was light. I jerked her after me, keeping a strong grip and ignoring her feeble blows. I had to accomplish the Biomancer's commands and complete my mission.

"No, stop this, Seamus," Viora cried, her fists drumming on my back and rattling my chainmail. It was annoying, but not worth the effort of stopping her. "You killed him. Let me go." "Viora," groaned Kelmam.

"I'm sorry." "I'll find a way to heal you," Viora shouted. "Somehow." Then I hauled her into the darkness of the cave. Her screams and pleas echoed down the tunnel. She went limp, forcing me to drag her. It slowed me down. I grit his teeth as I pulled the girl along. Her hands scrambled, seizing stalagmites and digging her fingers into any cracks to try and escape my grasp. "Please, Seamus, you have to fight against the magic." Her words washed over me as I dragged her deep into the damp cave.

I almost slipped as she struggled. I growled as I stumbled. I had to go even slower on the treacherous footing. If I hurt myself and she escaped, I would fail the Biomancer's commands. I would not fail. "There has to be a way to break the magic," moaned the girl. "Kelmam broke free of the spell when I." The girl stopped resisting. I almost was surprise, but that wouldn't help my mission. She twisted in my grip and threw her arms around my neck.

Her lips met mine. A hot surge of desire washed through me. I shook my head, breaking from her kiss. "No.this won't obey.the commands." "I know you want me," cooed Viora, her lips meeting mine again. They were so sweet. Why did I want to drag her.? Right, his commands. I broke the kiss. "Stop that." "You want me, and I want you," she purred, her hand pulling up my chainmail.

"Mmm, don't you want me? Don't you want my body? My pussy?" My dick throbbed suddenly hard. Her hand reached beneath the skirt of my mail to rub at my dick through my leather pants. I had boasted to the girl's mother that I would fuck her. I wanted to keep my boast. But what about my mission? Did I have to bring her back right away?

I just had to return her to the Biomancer. That was his command. I could indulge with her. Her hand did feel wonderful and her lips were hot on mine. I groaned into her kiss as I set my sword carefully down point first, leaning it against the wall. My hands went around her. I slid down her simple dress to squeeze her ass. I dug into her flesh through her dress, savoring her kiss. Her fingers were deft. The laces of my pants were undone, and then her hand was inside touching my cock directly.

The soft hands of a young woman. My dick ached. Viora broke the kiss and fell to her knees before me. She pulled my dick out of my leather pants as I peeled off my chainmail. It fell beside me in a loud clatter as her breath washed over the top of my dick. She licked her lips.

"Come on," I told her, running my hand through her dark hair. "Open your mouth and suck. You'll know what to do. That same hot blood of your mother runs through your veins." Her tongue licked out, swirling around the tip. I groaned. The need to carry her to the Biomancer grew weaker. I could enjoy this. He could wait. I leaned against the cave wall, the rocks damp and cool on my back, and savored her novice tongue.

"Keep doing that," I growled. "The rim is sensitive. That's it. Keep swirling that tongue. And stroke my shaft with your hand." "Like that?" moaned Viora. "Yes," I groaned as she slid her hand up and down. A shudder ran through me as her tongue swirled around the crown. My eyes squeezed shut as I savored how delicious her tongue felt on my cock. "Now open wide and swallow it. You need to suck hard." My groan echoed back through the cave as her mouth engulfed my cock.

She sucked and bobbed her head, her cheeks hollowing as she savored my dick. I stroked through her dark hair, enjoying every second of her first blowjob. "Yes, just like that. You keep that up. You'll be as good a cocksucker as your mother. You'll make all the men in your village so happy." Viora's eyes flashed up at me.

They seemed.indignant. "Just keep sucking. Get me hard for that sweet pussy. I'm going to fuck until you cum. Your mother loved my cock. I know you will, too." "What?" the girl gasped, popping her mouth off my dick. "My mom, never mind. I think you have to fuck my pussy. I hoped a blowjob would be enough to." "To what." "Do you still need to take me to him?" "Yeah," I groaned as she sucked my dick back into her mouth. "After I fuck you will be plenty of time.

I'm going to cum so hard in you. Trust me, you'll love it. Every girl loves my dick." I ran my hand through my fiery hair as I groaned, her mouth so hot. My back arched and I shoved my hips forward, my balls churning from her sweet mouth. My cock came closer and closer to cumming in her mouth. But that's not where I wanted to cum. "On your hands and knees," I groaned. "Time to fuck that nearly virgin twat." Viora's cheeks seemed to grow redder, though it was hard to tell in the harsh, crimson light glowing from my sword.

She turned around her skirt clinging to that slim rear. I knelt behind her and grasped her firm cheeks. She moaned. I slid up her skirt and revealed her lush rump, my hands stroking her asscheeks. I pried them apart and gazed at her pink pussy and brown sphincter. My dick throbbed as she shuddered and writhed.

I stared at that asshole as I plunged my cock into her pussy. "Please hurry," groaned Viora, "and cum in me." "You need it that bad, huh?" I grinned as I stroked through her hot, tight depths. "Damn, you are hotter than your mother. I would love to enjoy the pair of you together." "Just.please cum in me." She bucked her hips back, a soft moan escaping her lips.

"Hurry. I need it.

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I want your cum to flood my pussy." My balls, slapping into her flesh, throbbed as my thumbs slid down between her butt-cheeks and rubbed at her sphincter.

She yelped in surprise at my attention, her pussy clenching hard on my thrusting dick, sending pleasure shooting through me. "Gewin's cock!

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So you like it when I play with your asshole, slut?" I groaned, pressing in my thumb. It sank into her hot, tight sheath. "Oh, that's weird. What are you doing? Just fuck me. I need your cum." "I'll cum even faster if I use a different hole," I grinned. "There's one place you're still a virgin." "What?" she gasped in shock as I ripped my cock out of her wet pussy. I was nice and lubed by her juices. "You can't fuck me there." "You'll love it, slut.

Mmm, I have to fuck your mother in the ass once I hand you over." I placed my cock against her sphincter and thrust. "Seamus!" Her passionate moan echoed through the cave as I sank into her tight, virgin asshole. I groaned, savoring the tight sheath of her ass as my dick buried deeper and deeper into her. My balls smacked into her taint and I drew back, slamming in harder.

The pleasure shivered up my shaft, her tight bowels massaging the sensitive tip. "Oh, wow," she gasped. "That feels so wrong, and yet." "You love it, slut." "Yes," she gasped, her hips rocking back. "Fuck my ass and cum in me. It's so important. You need to hurry. Please." "I like an eager slut," I groaned, savoring the way she clenched and relaxed her bowels on my dick.

I seized her hips, getting a firm grip, and plowed her ass hard. My cock slammed deep into her depths. My balls slapped over and over into her flesh. Her butt-cheeks jiggled with every impact and her moans were so sweet.

Her dusk face tossed back, her mouth wide with pleasure. "That's it, slut," I growled. "Just enjoy my cock. Savor every last inch of it thrusting over and over into your depths." "Oh, yes," she gasped. "Hurry. Give me your cum." My balls boiled. I loved listening to a woman beg.

It spurred me to slam into her hard, the friction shooting pleasure through me. I groaned through grit teeth as the pressure built in my balls. My fingers tightened on her hips as I fucked her hard.

Her moans grew louder. She shuddered and tossed back her head. Her bowels spasmed about my dick. I made the slut cum. Her tart excitement filled the air as her juices had to be gushing down her thighs. "You just came from having your virgin ass fucked, slut," I groaned. "Oh, you are so wild. I love it." "Just give me your cum," she begged as she shuddered.

She asked so sweetly I couldn't resist. I buried into her bowels and flooded blast after blast of cum into her asshole. The pleasure shot through my body, slamming into my mind.

It drove away everything, including the Biomancer's orders. "Pater's cock," I snarled as my orgasm reached its height. "That Las-damned bastard." "Good," moaned Vioria. "We need to find Fiona so she can heal Kelmam." I ripped my cock out of her asshole, my body still shuddering. "You're right.

He has them. But I know how we can stop the bastard." Viora looked at me, her flushed face questioning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona The tentacles from the octogirl wrapped around my body.

They were thick and rubbery. And warm. I shuddered as they opened my robe. The suckers on the buttons caressed my flesh. Aoifa moaned beside me as her large tits were squeezed and manipulated, the suckers sealing over my sister-wife's fat nipples. "They are so succulent," moaned the octogirl. "I love watching you play, Felyia," the Biomancer groaned.

He opened his robe, revealing a muscular body and a hard, thick cock. My pussy clenched, remembering the time the illusion of a Halanian man, equally endowed, had fucked me. It was true what they said about the ebony-skinned desert dwellers. A hot ripple of bliss shot through me as I was infected with lust that came from outside my body. The fires burned away all my thoughts as the magic holding me paralyzed was released.

I let out moan, licking my lips as the octogirl wrapped me up in her tentacles. Her dusky breasts jiggled as she leaned over and suckled on my pink nipple. "A twinborn witch and her sister," groaned the Biomancer as she stroked his dick. My lidded eyes stared at the cock as his hand stroked up and down it. "What a pair to experiment with.

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I could make such wonderful creatures out of the two of you." "Slata's cunt," Aoifa moaned. She groaned as one of the fat tentacles wiggled into her pussy. My eyes widened at my sister's obvious delight. "Oh, that's so hot. Oh, yes. Don't stop. Oh, yes. Mmm, that's amazing." My pussy clenched. My hands stroked the octogirl's black hair as her mouth hungrily suckled at my nipple. Her tentacles held me, warm and delicious, the suction cups working on my skin in such interesting ways.

One tentacle pressed between my thighs. "Oh, yes," I moaned as the tentacle pressed its suction cups to my pussy and pulled away. There was a loud pop as my labia and vulva were stretched momentarily, shooting such hot bliss through me. My juices flowed as the tentacle undulated over and over, working those wonderful suction cups on my pussy lips.

I shuddered in the octogirl's wonderful embrace. My head tossed back, my auburn hair flowing. "What should I merge you with?

Something majestic and sexy," groaned the Biomancer. He stroked himself faster. "Perhaps an eagle? You could have lovely wings and bird-like legs. But, no, then you'd be a harpy. I need to be more original." I didn't care. The tentacle felt amazing as it writhed on my pussy. It compressed and contracted. My body spasmed as the pleasure built. One suction cup covered my pussy. I gasped at the intense burst of pleasure that shot through my body. My toes curled at the intense pleasure shooting through me.

The tentacles moved me around. I didn't care. I just loved the way they massaged my pussy. My body burned with pleasure. The tentacles moved me to their base. To the octogirl's pussy. I gasped in delight as my face was pressed into her wet, spicy cunt. Her labia rubbed hot against my lips. I couldn't resist licking my tongue through her folds. I knew it was wrong, but her tentacles felt amazing on my flesh.

"Oh, yes, that's it," the octogirl moaned. "Mmm, yes, get your tongue deep into my pussy." "Yes, lick her, sweet sister," moaned Aoifa.

"Oh, she's fucking me even harder. I'm going to cum." "Cum, you little slut," hissed the octogirl. "Yes, make them cum," groaned the Biomancer. His hand slapped against his groin as he stroked himself faster.

"Maybe I should combine them with black panthers from the 'Zakon Jungle. Yes, rich, black coats would contrast with their pale flesh. But, no, I used a panther with Kelmam. Think. Be original." "I don't care," Aoifa gasped.

"Just have her keep fucking me." I wiggled my tongue deeper into the delicious flesh of the octogirl's pussy. I slid my tongue in deep, swirling it around the hole. Juices poured down my chin and neck. She gushed so much cream. The more she moaned, the more that poured into my throat. A tentacle massaging my pussy contracted again.

The suctions drove me wild. My orgasm swelled through me. The end of the appendage wiggled into my asshole. My eyes widened and I shuddered as it undulated inside my ass, stretching me open and shooting burning bliss through my body. "Gods, yes," I moaned into her pussy as my orgasm burst through me. Her tentacle fucked my ass faster and massaged my cumming pussy. The suction kept shooting wild pleasure through me. My orgasm was intense, consuming me.

I trembled in her tentacle embrace. The orgasms rippled one after the other through my body, drowning me in excitement. I gasped and shuddered, drinking in every ounce of the pleasure. And her wonderful tentacles kept massaging me. They constricted about my body, holding me in a her wonderful hug. They were so soft. They undulated around me as she pleasured my body.

Her tentacle writhed on my pussy and her tentacle worked deeper and deeper into my asshole. "Don't forget my clit, slut," moaned the octogirl.

"Oh, suck on it. I'm so close. I need to cum so hard." "Yes, make her cum," groaned the Biomancer. My lips found her clit peaking out of her purple flesh.

I flicked it with my tongue before I sucked hard. The octogirl's tentacles clenched about my body. The appendage wiggled even deeper into my asshole. I sucked so hard as my bowels were stretched wider and wider open.

The pleasure was intense. I bucked and groaned. I groaned around her clit as another orgasm rocked my body. My asshole spasmed about the thick tentacle. My bowels were stretch so wide open it almost hurt. The agony was ecstasy. They mixed and crashed together. "That's it," the octogirl moaned. "Oh, yes. Slata's cunt, yes. I'm cumming." Spicy juices squirted into my mouth. Her tentacles constricted and relaxed on my body. Her moans sang through the cave.

I trembled in her grasp as my orgasm reached its peak. The bliss pumped through my veins. "Yes, I'll turn you and your sister into a pair of leopard-girls," groaned the Biomancer. "So sexy and furry. Then you'll be beautiful." "I am beautiful," gasped Aoifa, her voice throaty with orgasm. "Me and my sweet sisters are gorgeous." I smiled as the octogirl's tentacles relaxed on me.

Then I shuddered as her tentacle pulled out of my ass. I spilled onto the cave floor, panting for joy. The bliss clouded my mind. I should be doing something.

Fighting the Biomancer. He stroked his dick faster then groaned, his white seed firing out and splashing onto the ground. Footsteps echoed as the Biomancer grunted and a second blast of his cum fired out. My husband strolled towards the Biomancer, dragging the crying Viora behind him. The Biomancer turned to my husband. "Oh, good, you brought the—" Seamus's sword took off the Biomancer's head. The head fell to the ground and landed with a wet thud.

A moment later, his body joined it. The lust clouding my thoughts, smothering me in warm, wonderful syrup, vanished. I gasped, popping to my feet, my hands wiping at my face smeared in pussy juices. I shuddered. That disgusting man had watched us. "Las's cock, what a pervert," Aoifa gasped, then kicked the Biomancer's head away. "He wanted to turn us into furry catwomen." Before I could say anything, Viora reached out and seized my hand.

"Hurry. You need to heal Kelmam, Fiona. He's hurt." Seamus shifted his shoulders. "Yeah, I stabbed him in the belly." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa "They look so cute," Fiona sighed as Kelmam, healed by my twin sister's magic, walked off, Viora and Felyia on his back.

The octogirl's tentacles were wrapped about both Viora and her brother's body. "They are going to have fun together," I grinned. "I have a feeling in a few hundred years, they'll be a race of leotaurs and octogirls living in the mountains." Fiona nodded, tears beading in her eyes. She pressed up against Seamus in his armor. I sidled up to our husband's other side as we watched them disappear into the wilderness.

Vioria's moaning squeals echoing in their wake. "So, how did you break free of the spell?" I asked Seamus. "I fucked Viora's virgin ass," he grinned. Fiona let out a disgusted huff. "You did not?" "Oh, he did," I laughed. "You know our husband." "Yes," Fiona said, her voice frosty.

"I got one of her cherry holes and made her cum hard," grinned Seamus. He turned and kissed Fiona on the lips. "Just like I promised her mother." Fiona's smile was still tight. "Well, we should head back to Shesh and tell the girl's mother what happened to her daughter," Seamus said. "She deserves to know the strange in-laws she's about to get." "You just want to fuck her again," Fiona said, her eyes narrowing.

Seamus grinned like a boy caught with his hand in the honey jar, or his dick in the hot, married neighbor. "No. We have to help all those poor people get home," Fiona said, pointing at the men and women stumbling dazed out of the cave.

There had been an entire village down there. The same one Kelmam and Felyia were from. Apparently, the Biomancer planed to turn them into monstrous creatures but needed a massive magical circle anchored by Viora and her orgasms. "That's fine," Seamus said, grinning at the women. "I bet there's more than a few wives and daughters eager to repay the heroic Triad who rescued them." Fiona's exasperated moan made me giggle. I agreed with Seamus's idea. There were a few hot men that looked promising.

I did love a man with muscles. Seamus had a good set, but a woman shouldn't settle for just one man. Not when there were so many men, women, and monsters out there to enjoy. "What are we waiting for?" I grinned at Fiona. "Let's get these poor people home." Her glare at me only made me laugh louder. Maybe one day she would realize that she wouldn't love us less if she just enjoyed herself more often.