DJ throwing water to girl flash boobs

DJ throwing water to girl flash boobs
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It was April break, my school was out for a week, but I wasn't in the celebrating mood. Colleges had sent out the acceptance and rejection letters in March and now I had to choose where I wanted to go for the next four years. My two friends and I decided to spend the first half of break on the road looking at some of the colleges we got into. It was going to be great, just the three of us, me (Alex), Karla and Dan.

No parents. Dan and Karla had been "dating" for about a year and a half, with many rough patches of breaking up and getting back together. Currently they were together and going strong. Dan was the captain of the Varsity Soccer team at our school, Karla was the captain of the Varsity Lacrosse and Field Hockey teams.

He was about 5' 10" well built with short cropped almost black hair. She was 5' 9", long auburn hair and obviously fit enough to be the captain of two teams. I'm 5' 11", co-captain of the swim team with a body to match. I keep my hair short and go to the gym a couple times a week (I was senior and that meant I could be lazy) We left on a Friday and headed down to Connecticut.

We drove for most of the day, switching drivers every now and then. We talked the whole way. We had all been best friends since eighth grade. During the last stretch of the drive Karla and I sat up front with me driving and Dan in the back listening to his iPod.

"So he's been playing this really mean game recently," Karla was saying. "No matter how much I beg him, he wont give me sex. I mean, how twisted is that? The girl asking the guy and the guy saying, 'no'?" I laughed, knowing that this wouldn't even register on their fight-o-meter it was so puny, and that Karla was just venting.

But inside I was a little jealous of the two of them having such easy access to sex. Granted I had had my fair share of experience, it was nothing compared to the benefits they had. "I swear unless I get some soon, I'm going to have to rape him." At this we both laughed.

We got to the Hilton Gardens we would be staying at for the next two days in the late afternoon. It was a good 80 degrees out so we decided to hit the pool before we raided room service (all on our parents tab).

We had all been up to my lake house many times before, so seeing each other in our bathing suites was nothing new. We rushed down from our fourth floor room to the pool earning more than a few nasty looks from the hotels other patrons. The pool was empty so we acted like 10 year olds, splashing, cannon balling, diving and so forth.

At one point I got out to take a quick piss in the changing area. When I came back Karla and Dan were in the middle of an intense make out session in the shallow end.

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Dan was massaging Karla's tits through her light blue bikini top and I could tell her hand was massaging his package under the water. I watched as they made out their hands roaming freely around the others body, I then faked a cough and made my way back to the pool. When the sun began to disappear behind the trees we jumped out and toweled off. I looked over and saw Dan sporting something of a hard on in his suit.

Karla followed my gaze and laughed. We both pointed, doing our best to embarrass the hell out of him. "Screw you," he said to both of us.

"You're doing something about this later I hope you know." He said to Karla has he grabbed his package through his suit and shook it at her. "Ha, you wish," she laughed.

But when Dan turned his back she looked at me and winked. We got back to the two-bed hotel room (Dan and Karla were sharing) which was equipped with a nice balcony and huge flat screen TV and ordered some room service. The operator told us it was going to be about an hour do to some malfunctions in the kitchen. Since there was only one shower Dan and Karla changed out of their suits into bathrobes to wait until I took my shower first (I had won rock-paper-scissors).

I turned on the water, extra hot as I was starting to shiver. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw (and felt) that I still had a semi-hard on from seeing Dan and Karla's groping in the pool.

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Well I guess I'll have to do something about that I thought to myself as I stepped into the now hot water. Right after I closed the shower curtain I realized I hadn't seen any towels on the hooks and that they were on the bed outside. Shit, I thought. I got out of the shower and pranced over to the door I called out to Dan to bring the towels in, no response. I called again, this time to Karla, again nothing. The combination of the door, fan and water must have muffled my voice.

I cautiously opened the door to make sure no one was right outside and thus be able to see me nude. I stuck my head around the corner to conceal my lower half and was about out to yell at them for not hearing me when, much to my surprise I saw Karla on the bed, naked as they day she was born. She was sitting on their bed propped up on some pillows with her bathrobe spread open around her exposing her firm, B/C cup tits.

One of her legs was up, but luckily for me the other was down giving me a great view of her pussy, trimmed to perfection. She was gently stroking it, while concentrating on Dan who was standing at the edge of the bed, in the process of shedding his robe. He let it drop to the floor, his cock fully hard at what had to be at least seven or eight inches, and thick too, very thick. He crawled onto the bed and moved up so that he was on his knees with his cock right in Karla's face.

She opened her mouth and he leaned forward, his eight inches disappearing into her throat. He groaned in delight as Karla grabbed a hold of the base of his cock and started sucking on it like a popsicle. Dan pumped himself in and out of Karla's mouth, every now and then pushing himself down deep into the back of her throat, his pubs brushing up against her nose.

"Hhmmm…yeah, that's it&hellip.oh yeah…" Dan groaned as his cock slipped down in the recesses of Karla's throat. By now I was sprouting a full hard seven inches, still wet from the shower and my hand crept down to my shaft and slowly started stroking, ignoring the fact that I was spying on my two best friends. Dan pulled out of Karla and moved down to lie on top of her.

He began kissing her neck slowly while rubbing his hand down along her pussy. This elicited several moans from Karla who in turn started to rub her hands all down his well-defined back, thrusting her hips up at him. "Dan…come on&hellip." She pleaded with him. But Dan was ignoring her. He moved further down the bed and began kissing her inner thighs, slowly working his way up.

When he got to her pussy he went around it, gently licking her everywhere but where she most wanted him. "Dan!" She said louder this time, obviously in heat. "Give it to me." With that he smiled and began to lick her cunt lips, occasionally sucking one into his mouth.

"Oh yeah, Danny&hellip.uh&hellip.oh please&hellip.yessss." Karla's hands ground down on Dan's head forcing him more and more into her pussy. "Yes, yes suck my clit&hellip.Dan suck it…YES!" I could tell that Dan had obliged and had begun sucking on Karla's nub.

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She began to thrash on the bed, keeping her hands on his head. "Dan, I'm almost there…yes…keep going!" Karla arched her back and let out a loud moan with the onset of her orgasm that I'm sure someone in the hall could have heard, but none of us cared. My cock was throbbing in my hand as I tried to remain quiet and simultaneously take advantage of this free porno happening less than ten feet away from me. I sat back on the chair in the corner of the room and increased my pace, stroking my dick up and down.

Dan moved slowly up Karla's body, laying kisses at various points along his way. He finally reached her mouth and began a heated make out session while he also moved his cock within striking distance of Karla's very well lubed cunt. "Come on Danny, Alex will be out of the shower soon." Dan obliged her by quickly shoving his dick up in her, any thought I might have had that this would have hurt Karla was instantly erased when I heard the low and completely satisfied moan escape her throat.

Dan began to bring his dick in and out of her slowly, staring in her eyes, daring her to moan again, and when she did, he picked up the pace. Karla's tits bounced with every thrust of Dan's cock into her, his arms on either side of her torso, her legs entwined around his back. He started to piston into her, causing his hips and balls to slap every time they hit her ass. From where I was sitting I could make out his cock glistening as it slid in and out of her obviously dripping pussy, its lips being pulled along with Dan's meat.

Pre-cum was starting to flow out of my dick, making every rise and fall of my hand all the more pleasurable. I wanted to lean back in the chair but that would mean losing my line of sight, so I inched forward a bit and continued stroking my cock, occasionally spreading the pre-cum over the head and silently moaning to myself.

"Dan, yes, oh yeah…right there…yeah&hellip." Karla was breathing deep; apparently he really had deprived her of sex for some time, because she was on the verge of cumming already. "Fuck yeah, you like that don't you." Dan answered her; sweat was starting to from on his back and face. "God yes!" Karla hissed. "Oh…OH!" Karla began to shake as her orgasm made its way through her body, her vaginal walls constricting around Dan's meat which was deep inside her.

"Fuck yeah!" Dan called out as his cock was coated in Karla's sweet juices, adding to the glorious symphony of sex in the room.

Karla's face was frozen in pure ecstasy as she rode out her orgasm holding her breath, her legs tightening their grip on Dan's back.


Finally, she exhaled a sigh of pure relief and began to breath again. "Oh Dan, that was good." Karla moaned as she came down from her orgasm.

"You wanna taste yourself?" Dan asked, slowing his thrusting down. Karla giggled and nodded her head. With that Dan pulled his now dripping cock out of Karla's pussy and traded places with her. She then took his cock back onto her mouth and began licking all over, lapping up her juices. "Oh Christ!" Dan mumbled as his prick disappeared into Karla's very eager mouth.

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His left hand was roaming his torso, feeling his tight abs and firm pecs beneath his golden skin while his right hand found itself behind Karla's head, slowly but surly helping her take more and more of his hard cock into her throat. A mix of Dan's copious pre cum, Karla's pussy juice and her own saliva began to drip down off of Dan's meat onto Karla's chin and tits.

"Ahh, fuck…yeah…Karla I'm gonna cum baby, keep on sucking like that, oh god, oh yeah…shit!" Dan's thrusts into Karla's mouth were becoming wild, like an animalistic lust had taken over him.

As his speed increased Karla's left hand began massaging his taught ass cheeks, playing with the firm muscles while her right shoved her index and middle fingers into her still dripping pussy. Then, with no warning she removed these two fingers from herself, glistening with her own juices and shoved them into Dan's asshole.

This sent Dan over the edge and then some. He let out a load mixture of a shout and a moan and began shooting a simply massive load of cum deep into Karla's throat.

From my seat I could hear Karla swallowing load after load of cum and this was enough for me. I too was on the verge of blowing my load so I silently slipped back into the bathroom, holding my cock still so as not to cum all over the carpet. As soon as I shut the door I resumed my stroking and all I needed was a picture of Dan and Karla and a few seconds and I was there.

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My hand flew up and down my incredibly hard seven inches, well lubricated from all my pre cum. I bit back on my lip so as to stifle the shout of pleasure that wanted to escape my lips. I shot 5 huge spurts of jizz on the toweled floor and before I was able to breath again. I got back in the shower, which had been running the whole time. The water was cold, but after my jerk off session I appreciated the cool down period.

I got out a few minutes later and turned the water off. Still with no towel I hurried over to the door, and opened it with every intention of poking my head out and just asking Dan or Karla (who I assumed by know had composed themselves) for a towel. But when I opened the door, I opened it right up into Karla, clad in her bikini, with a towel in her hand. For a brief few seconds she stared at me, totally nude. Her eyes tracing their way down my torso and stopping at my crotch. As a swimmer I was used to being cold so my dick didn't ever really shrink too much.

"I thought you might need this." Karla said, slowly drawing her gaze back up to my face as she handed me the towel. "Thanks." I replied trying to force the image of her tits bouncing in rhythm to Dan's thrusting only a few minutes before so as to avert getting hard in front of her. Karla smiled coyly as she turned around allowing her arm to swing out have her hand brush ever so lightly my hip.


I tried to hold back a shudder and quickly stepped back into the bathroom and began drying off. Thinking back, I couldn't help but smile at the ridiculous scenario that had just transpired.

More to come later, comments are appreciated!