Sweet blonde teen having good anal sex

Sweet blonde teen having good anal sex
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It had been a little over a week since Momand I had, had our first sexual incounter.She was back on the phonevisiting with aunt Ellamae, like nothing had ever happened. Oh fuck, if she knew that I was still slipping off and fucking Aunt Ellamae, she would have had a hissy. And damn, there was Margie.One of Mom's best friends, and my girlfriends Mother. Mom had become a little possessive, she was starting to ask me to many question, like where I was goingwhen would I be home.

She was beginning to act like a jealous wife. Dad was staying away more and more with his work, and I was doing my best to fill in for him.

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(Wow ! if he only knew how I was filling in for him) Mom and I were fucking every night, and making out like lovers in the daytime.And every chance I got I was slipping off to Margie's, or aunt Ellamae's.Susan was going to school, and came home every other week-end. So she wasn't a problem to me yet.I really hoped she'd find her a new boyfriend, Mom and Margie, along with my favorite fuck, Aunt Ellamae. Were keeping my sperm count in check.Mom and Margie were more than great, but Aunt Ellamae was a real piece of work.

She had groomed me into her own personal stud, and Mom and Margie were reaping all the benefits, Aunt Ellamae had taught me.Though I'll have to admit, Mom and Margie had there own unique way of fucking me.Aunt Ellamae was still my favorite piece of ass.She was into all kinds of ways, to make you cum crazy.and she loved playing with all kind of sex toys.

Well the week end was upon us, I came stumbling down the stairs, still half a sleep and sat down at the kitchen table.Poured myself a cup of coffee.Mom came bouncing through the front door with the mail, still in her bathrobe."Good morning baby" she spoke, sorting through the mail.

"Good morning Mom "I replied . "Love you" I added."Oh I love you to baby" she answered with that cute little grin of hers.Threw the mail on the counter and walked up behind me, slipping her arms around me, and kissing me on the head.

" Ellamae is coming over for the week end" Mom announced.Still standing behind me rubbing her hands over my chest."Don't you be getting into her britches this time either" she laughed teasing."That's great" I answered."Everything cool between you and Aunt Ellamae' ? I asked."Well it will be as long as she keeps her hands off of you. " She went on to say.".Oh Mom" I laughed.

She can't hurt me.I added.You're not jealous are you.I asked "No" she replied quickly.Mom began moving her hand through my hair and down the side of my face. I moved back to where I could let her set on my lap.She set down and put her arms around my neck and pulled my face close to hers."Give Mama some sugar" she said, as she placed her lips to mine.

I felt her tongue pushing into my mouth, and I pushed my tongue back to meet hers. "Fuck" Mom was one great kisser. The taste of her wet mouth against mine started a rumbling inside me, and I could feel my cock growing in my shorts.Her bathrobe fell open reveiling her big beautiful tits.

I pulled my mouth from hers, and took one of her large nipples into my mouth, and ran my tongue around it.Moms tits were so large, and she had large light brown circles around her nipples. She began to make little love sounds in her throat, I kissed her again on the mouth and ran my hand over her body, running my hand over her stomach, slowly moving down to her cunt."Oh Baby I love you" she was whispering in my ear. "Love you so very much " she added. Her pussy was wet on my fingers, and I stroked her clit, rubbing it ever so gentlely.

I was wanting to put my cock in her precious tight hole. .Mom knew what I needed.She moved off my lap and straddled my legs, She lowered her body on to my cock, and there we were sitting in the chair my cock deep inside her, her arms around my neck, she then began kissing me again, shoving her tongue into my mouth, and sucking my tongue, It was like heaven on earth the way she was making me feel.

I kept pushing my tongue back into her mouth, and savoring the passion that was building between us. Oh baby I do believe your cock is growing everyday it feels so big ! Mom was bragging on my man hood and I loved it. I was just a little over seven inches in length, and I had a huge cock head in diameter. We just set there, joined together.Her large tits pressed against my chest.I could feel her muscles in her pussy squeezeing my cock. It was giving me a great feeling."You like this" ?

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she ask me. "Oh you know I do" .It feels so good I added. She begain licking my face with her tongue and, kissing me all over my face our saliva was flowing together.She began moving her ass back and forth making my cock rub her clit.She was doing it slowly. building her orgasam, enjoying every momentand I was holding back my load, until I knew she was ready for me to cum."Oh baby how can something that feels so good be so wrong" She was whispering in my ear.

she was speaking as though to clear her consience, of fucking her own flesh and blood. .".It's not wrong Mom " I answered.

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"It's the world that's wrong" I added.".Fuck me Mom, Oh god fuck me" I begain talking dirty to her, and she responded by shoving her body faster and harder against my throbbing cock." Oh baby, Oh honey, mama's getting close" she was breathing hard, her large breast were rubbing all over my chest.

I began thrusting my cock upward to meet her every down stroke, and talking dirty to her.".Fuck me " ! ! "Oh fuck me" I kept saying to her over and over."Oh yes Baby" Mama's gonna fuck her boy good" Oh fuck me honey, fuck me !!!

make Mama cum, Oh god I love you baby.She was totally orgasmic.

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She began cum'in and I kept shoving my cock up to meet her "OOOOOOOOH God baby I'm cum'in ! OH BILL!!!!, OH!!!!!!!

AWGH, FUCK IT'S GOOD!!!! OH BABY CUM IN MAMA, OH BABY FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR COCK BABY " CUM IN ME NOW BABY" ! With those words from her, I unloaded my load like a machine gun.I was spraying her insides with one squirt after another. pumping her full of my jism. Mom began cumming again, she loved having multiple orgasm's, and I was proud to be able to supply her with them.


We were breathing so very hard, and Mom slowly started cummin off her orgasmic high. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me so very hard. I shoved my tongue into her moist mouth running my tongue over her lips Oh baby I love you she was saying over, and over.I love you to Mom I love you too. We both were caught up in our own world of passion. So much that we never heard the front door open or close (Mom had forgot to lock it when she came in with the mail) And standing there watching the too of us, and who knows, for how long, was Aunt Ellamae.

.".Mary Jane you perverted cunt !!!! You're fucking my nephew" ! She was speaking loudlike Mom had spoke when she had caught Aunt Ellamae setting on top of my cock. Her loud voice made my blood chill."Holy fuck". Mom stood up and started gathering her bathrobe around her.She looked a little pale, and then her face began to blush.My cock was still sticking out of the opening to my shorts half hard yet.".Don't worry about me telling on you big sister" Ellamae said.Ain't no bodies business, she added.Mom was lost for words.

" Well hell" Ellamae. you could have at least knocked on the door. You didn't have to just walk in.did you ? Mom asked.Ellamae just started laughing.Mary Jane ! What I have just witnessed here, there is no way you would have heard me knocking on any door. why don't you take ape face to your room and finish up what you all had going.I ain't never been one to mess up a great petting party.and she laughed again.You all are lucky it was me, instead of that worthless husband of yours.He would have had you in court faster than You could snap your fingers .Ellamae kept rambling on .

You probable would have got some jail time out of this.

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He'd have had you charged with incest and contributing to a minor .Hell girl, you're all lucky it was me.Ellamae sat down at the table and winked at me. " Had to have some of Mommie's pussy didn't you" she teased. Mom looked across the table at Ellamae, and spoke in a soft manner.".No baby Sister" he didn't have to have Mommies pussy.".Mommie wanted his cock".

No use in lying about it.You got all this started !

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Mom spoke a little louder. "Me" Ellamae responded."Yes you" Mom responded in a hurry. If I hadn't caught you fucking BillI wouldn't have needed to know just how good his young hard prick could be.And I fought it hard, but in my mind I could see your ass moving up and down on his huge cock, and I wanted to know the feelings you had felt ."Oh yes baby sister" You got this all started.

You and your fucking drink of water.and then Mom started laughing.I had been sitting there just listening to the two of them. Ellamae turned to me.and said, "You told her everything about that night," didn't you ? Ape face.You little shit.! ! she added.Well Aunt Ellamae, Mom asked meand I ain't never lied to her.

Yes, I told her all about it. I said."Well where does all of this go from here" ?


Mom said, as she stood up from the table.".Well", Ellamae began to laugh.What happen's in Vegas stays in Vegas.That's the way I see it.".Hell," Mary Jane If it's ok with you, and I'm sure it will be with Ape face .Why can't we just share him." We're both perverted incest loving cunts now" Ellamae laughed.

I knew Mom didn't care to much for that idea. but she nodded her head an laughed. " Ok" she said, " We'll try it". Time went by.We all got older.I continued fucking Mom, Margie and Aunt Ellamae.Margie was my first chubby older gal, She made me realise the beauty and tenderness of an older women.Susan my skinny girlfriend found her a skinny boyfriend, so that worked out great.Aunt Ellamae always wanted Mom to go three ways with us.But Mom couldn't be talked into it.She didn't mind watching Aunt Ellamae and I fuck.Or Aunt Ella watching her and I fuck .She just wasn't into the threesome scene.I married a chubby gal.And Effradightie enjoys the parties we have with Aunt Ellamae.Effradightie loves going both ways, and I love watching her and Aunt Ellamae satisfye one another.Mom cut me off for awhile after I got married.But everything is back to normal between us.

She'll be fifty six this coming month, and like fine wine, Her love making with me only gets better.Effradightie doesn't mind sharing me with Mom or Margie, and has watched me fuck Mom a number of times. "Mom not knowing about it." Well that about wraps it up. I've had a number of other older chubby gals, no one but me, and Effradightie know about .I just love the feel of these chubby beauties.


LADIE'S YOU ARE THE GREATEST.!! Special thanks to Margie, Aunt Ellamae, and Mom.Also thanks to all you other chubby gals, you all know who you are.And special thanks to my super chubby wife.Effradightie.for letting me enjoy all you chubby beautiful ladies. RUSTY RUSTY