Naughty blonde loves feeling her delicious curves in bed

Naughty blonde loves feeling her delicious curves in bed
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My name is Louise from the PhilippinesI'm 20 years old married to an engineer currently working in the Middle EastI met Roy when I used to work in an entertainment bar back in Manilahe took me in and we settled here in a local town 50 kms away from the city. I never thought my past would haunt me until 2 months after that weddingafter Roy ( who is 35 yrs old ) left for again the country for his yearly contract job.

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My mother in law ( a widow ) paid me a visit in our rented apartment along with his brother Aaron ( 47 yr old ), we chatted for a while about me living alone and news about Roy. I wasnt pregnantI guess we aren't lucky to have a baby this yearRoy is needed back on his job so we have to wait probably Roy's next year vacation. So, I manage to maintain my figure at 35-25-35, I'm exceptionally beautiful as they sayone reason the whole male neighborhood tuern their heads whenever I go out of the house All the while during their visitI notice Aaron kept on staring at meI swear I saw him not just once winking at meI tried to ignore as I heard he used to be the blacksheep within the familynever hold a jobseperated with his wifedrunkard and involved mostly in all kinds of vices.

It was after 2 hours that they said they need to goAaron excused himself to take a piss so I pointed him to the toilet room as my mother in law and me walk to the door unto the gate and wait for Aaronit was 5 minutes or so and no Aaron was showing out so I told my mother in law that I would fetch Aaron and so I did.

To my suprise I found him still on the toilet roomthe door wasn't close and he was jerking !I stop and turned my head awayhe stopped got his thing inside his pants and passed by me and whispered " I'm going back for yah". I didn't mind what he said as I know what a jerk he is.

I bade them goodbyetrying to ignore Aaron as he smiles walking away. After that I got back to usual household chores and took a bathready for an afternoon restwhen I heard a knock on the door. I proceeded to open the door to my suprise standing there was Aaron!he smiled and said " I told you I would be back ".

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He force himself in as I tried to stop him " Get out or I'll shout I warned." He just grinned and said " That's not the way to treat your uncle?".He pressed me unto the wall and spoke to my face," I've been thinking of you since I saw you at the weddingwhat a face and body you have !, how could Roy leave you all alone?" I tried to get free but he had both his arms blocking my way " You son of a _ ! " I shouted.


Immediately he held my jaw on one hand while his other arm pressed me more to the wallhe was choking me then I was really scared. " Don't give that actI know where you used to work!, I know what kind of services you gave to your customeryou cock-sucking whore!, and your gonna give me one, you hear?" he shouted.

His eyes are red so it scared me more " I'm gonna eased up a littleyou better cooperate or I'll." he warned. I nodded and tried to calm down myself.


He did released his hold and spoked to my frightened face. "Kneel and suck my cock, you have no idea how I wanted to put my dick in your tiny little mouth" He ordered as he pressed me down on my knees.


He unzipped his fly and let out a 7 incher, he held by one hand my hair and other hand his dick as he pressed it to my lips. "Suck ityou missed it ,craved for it I know".

He succeeded to have it inside my mouth and held tightlyI just groaned as he managed to have the half lenght inside. " Oh yesyour mouth is so warm, I'm gonna skull-fuck you". He started to moved holding my head with both his hands as I held on to his buttocks.

I tried to make a gesture for him to stop when I could held on any longer and he stopped.

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He releases his hold and said " Work on itbitch ". Thinking it would be better that way I obeyed ." Uuhhh, I know you want it, yeahthat's it !just look at those lips " He made me suck his ballsslapped my face with his dick, fuck my mouth, suck his dick until he could not hold any longer after 15 minutes of that cock-sucking action and shot his load into my throat as he pressed my head closer.

" Uuuhhhh, ooh, take it yeah!

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ummmm " I hear him groan as I watch his face as he unloads spoonfulls of hot semen to my throat. It excites him more as my open eyes look at him as some of his juice managed to gushed out from my lipshe pumps slowly and I sucked more to swallow it all. " Christyou're a real semen sipper, uuhhh." He made me stand up and told me with a smile.

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" Let's get to your room now ". I obeyed and there at once we get undressed get into bed and have a 69 position for about another 15 minutes. We tried about any position imagined ( no ass-fuck )he managed to get 1 more inside me and last one he jerks in my face and let me eat and swallow his sperm one more time before he left. He told he would be regularly visiting me and that he did2 to 3 times in a week he would pay a visit during that month. I know it's wrongbut I felt I was falling for this manI felt like a slave to all his needs and commands.

In my next stories you'll find out how he managed me to have sex with his guestsas a birthday gift to his best friend in a partyto a taxi cab driver as a tipblowjob a stranger in moviehouse, sex with his drinking buddies and much more !

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