Erections in boxers porn and fake gay His breathing became shallow as

Erections in boxers porn and fake gay His breathing became shallow as
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I went to the city to find work. This was going to be exciting. I did well at school and just finished college, but the jobs were scarce in my home town. I spoke with mom and she said that her brother, "uncle" Jim had space in his house. I use quotes since he is only 10 years older than me and just turned 30.

He used to hate when I called him uncle when I was younger, but I have not seen him in a long time. It would seem strange for a 20 year old to call her 30 year old "uncle". When the day came, I said goodbye to mom and dad and went to the big city by train. "uncle" Jim was there to pick me up from the station. It was good since there was so much noise and so many people.

I had luggage and had to find my way. I saw him but he didn't see me I think. So I went up to him and said "Hi Uncle". He looked me up and down as if I was a stranger then smiled and said "Little Claire, I hardly recognised you!" Then he gave me a quick and hug and peck on the cheek and said "Let's get to the car, we can speak there".

He looked a little older than the last time I saw him, but he was strong. Grabbed my luggage, my backpack, my hand and quickly pulled me through the mass of people and out to his car. It took about an hour to get from the parking lot to his house, but in that time, we chatted about the basics.

How was studies, do I have interviews lined up, we spoke about me studying online. It felt like a bit of an assault, like talking to my dad about my future. He didn't give me a chance to ask about his going ons so I did feel like centre of attention, but not in a good way. When we stopped at intersections, I noticed that about 2 women gave me a dirty look and I could understand.

He was handsome, and his car was a new thingy, … not sure, it was Silver but they all look the same. As soon as we got to his house, he led me to the house and told me that there were 2 bedrooms to spare so I could have either one. Things were good. I was here.

Next step was to plan my days around the interviews I had lined up. Good thing about the big city, there were many vacancies so I found work as an office administrator / PA. I basically spent my entire day looking after a team of IT staff. These guys were wizards but man children who couldn't do simple things like book meeting rooms or a flight to their destinations.

So I felt good. I felt secure. My uncle was cool. At first he spoke down to me. I think that one day, when I caught him looking at my breasts at the table, he started to back down a bit. It was fun to catch him staring.

He wasn't being pervy. He looked deep in thought so I asked him if I needed to unbutton the top button to make the viewing easier.

omg his face. LOL.

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Telling me how sorry he was, over apologising, which made me think for a second that there was more in it. We laughed it off and I cleaned up the table. I started feeling naughty so when I was washing dishes, I decided to unbutton my top button anyway.

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We chatted that evening and decided to stay in and watch a movie on the telly. I hopped into the shower and got into my PJ's, which was the one piece that comes down to the middle of the thigh. I don't know why I was being so naughty. I was planning to make my uncle stressed out and nervous. I loved how nervous and defensive he got when I caught him looking at my boobs.

Something deep inside my stomach made me want to catch his attention. When I got back to the lounge he looked like he had a couple more drinks in him, so because I had 100% control of my self, I controlled the Cable remote.

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So I sat next to him and looked around for it. It was in the Telly Cabinet underneath the TV. I bent over but purposefully kept my legs straight as I bent down to get it. I then got onto the chair and asked him what he wanted to watch. He was bright red and had crossed his one leg away from me. I knew what I had just done. He just muttered something so I put on Buffy. In all the going ons, I had missed 4 episodes of Buffy. So I crossed my legs on the chair and put my hand on his knee and said, "You are a cool uncle".

I was starting to feel towards him like a woman does to a man who is not related. Could it be that all the flirting I have been doing on purpose, as merely a playful gesture, was making me see him in a different light? I wanted to stop but I couldn't. I loved the way he was starting to act around me.

Trying to sneak a peak when he thought I wasn't looking, constantly sitting down, trying to avoid touching me some times, then touching me more than he had to on other times. He was a wreck and I was loving it. I started going around the house without underwear when I was home. I felt super sexy when I did this.

Sometimes horny, but, I never rubbed the dog behind the ear. One evening, it went a bit far, but I could control it. He had a couple of drinks in him, but I had started mothering him. I asked him to try and drink less often but this was already too late. In all this time, no matter how drunk he got, he never spoke indecently, he was very very proper.

Like he was slower, but still had his head about him. This evening, I crawled to the Telly on my hands and knees and bent over, keeping my ass high in the air. My night gown rode up to the point between my ass and my pussy. I felt a deep thrill. When I got back to the sofa, he was a wreck. Perspiring, short breaths, and ready to flee. He stammered, "phew, I had a long day, I think I'm going to turn in early." I looked up at him and kept a submissive posture and asked, "Is anything wrong?

You don't look well. Come let me feel your temperature.", and felt my posture pushing my breasts closer to him. He then got a deer in headlights look and quickly got up and said," I'm fine, good night." But I did note that he had a tent in his PJ's down his right leg.

This made me feel so good, like a surge of vibrations went through my body. and I wanted more. The next morning after I made breakfast, I went to call him from his room. We were both in pyjamas still. I sat on his bed, and put my hand on his neck and head, to make the excuse that I was feeling him for his temperature. He woke up with a start. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Judging by your temperature, nothing." I said. He asked me straight out, "Why are you exposing yourself to me like you did last night?" "I didn't mean to" I said.

"I don't like wearing panties." "Just don't do things like this again. You are putting me in a difficult position." he calmly said. "I thought it was good fun and that you liked it. Please don't be mad Uncle!?" I said and felt a tear coming out of each eye. "I'll be good for you!". He looked like he was holding his breath. His eyes were wide and not blinking. I think the tears immobilised him.

He then came very strong and said it is OK and held me around the arm. I then started bawling and said I would do anything he wants, he just please mustn't kick me out. For the first time I felt like my secure lodgings were at risk. But I loved him. And I realised for the first time that it was not a Uncle Niece love. It was a birds and bees sort of love. He cooled off for the next couple of days, until he started getting lady callers. Then deep inside I felt nausea and sadness every time he brought someone over.

I tried to play it cool and so things were fine until one day I overheard them talking about me. I stood listening at my window and this woman was going off on him about letting me walk around the house without underwear, telling him he is a pervert, and that she sees how he looks at my ass.

He then came inside looking very dejected and annoyed. He sat down on the sofa and told me that he had broken up with Kate. I took his head and buried it in my breast and told him that I was very sorry, that I am here, and that I would make him a cup of soup and that it will be all better. That evening, we chatted over a couple of drinks, and this night he definitely overdid it. I left him and said my good nights but went to take a shower but left the door wide open.

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I was soaping myself down and turning around but could hear when he walked past that he had stopped in the passage. Closing my eyes and turning around, I gave him a show, I soaped my breasts and pussy nicely I turned around then to wash all the soap off and out of my eyes and got out of the shower.

He was standing in the passage looking at me. I refused to be shy.

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I took the towel and dried myself, looking into his eyes now and then as he swayed left and right from intoxication. "Why do you do this to me?" He asked. "I can't handle it anymore, please, if you have any mercy, please stop tempting me, I'm your uncle" he drawled.

I walked out of the shower naked and took him by the hand. I looked at him and walked him to his room, holding his hand.

I took him to his shower and started running it, and undressed him. He stood there in complete defeat, head down, naked in front of me. I put him in the shower and washed him clean, even down there. Then I led him to bed and told him I would be back in a minute. I then went to sleep in my own room.

The next morning, breakfast was uncomfortable for him, but easy for me. In my mind, we were in the open to each other. It looked like he needed to reconcile mentally what was going on.

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He asked me why I left him the previous night. "You were drunk" I said. "I want you to be sober when you do stuff to me." I said. Luckily for us, this was a saturday so we had all day to sort out this issue. It was all too easy. I took off all my clothes and stuck it in the wash. He then looked away and asked me politely to put on something. I reminded him how long he stood looking at me shower last night.

I came closer to him and asked him if he wanted to touch me. He grabbed me, turned me around and bent me over the table, holding my arm twisted behind my back. I looked back at him, but arched my back so that I could give him a decent look at my pussy. Feeling his hands holding me down made me so hot, I was praying for something to put out that fire I had in my belly.

He asked me to move my legs apart. "Yes Uncle" I said. I then felt him leave my arm, grabbed my butt with his thumbs on either side of my pussy, and opened me up slightly. I could feel warm air on my pussy. I felt the best soft suction pulling my pussy, and felt like it was pulling me from my stomach. I tried to keep quiet and submissive, but the feeling was too powerful. "Fuck" I wispered. Then a wet rub against my special part as he licked my clit.

My toes curled. "Uncle." I gasped. He stopped, slapped my ass real hard. "Go to my room and wait for me there!" he ordered. Like a naughty child, I nodded, and slowly went to his room, holding my breasts as I walked. When he got to the room, I was laying on his bed with my legs bent and open. He took off his gown and there I saw the pulse in his cock. Rhythmic in it's bounce.

He came between my open legs and grabbed my legs on the back of my knees and forced my knees flat against the bed I was laying on. He then looked at me in the eyes, while I tried to look away from his glaring eyes. "I am going to fuck you till you pussy loses its shape and tightness you slut." "Whatever you want Uncle, I'll be good." He slowly put the tip of his cock into the tip of my pussy and rubbed it around.

I was so wet I think he was using my cream to lube his cock. He thrust his swollen cock into my young, tight inflexible pussy. "LOOK AT ME" he yelled. I looked into his angry eyes. "Do you feel that?" he asked. I could feel it. It felt like his dick was moving. "That is how it feels when I cum inside you." He was bouncing his cock, flexing it inside my pussy. He was deep, but wasn't thrusting, which I wanted so badly.

He look at me in the eyes then put my feet next to his ears and leaned far forward so that my ass was high in the air. "That is how I am going to hold you when I cum." "But you are going to make me pregnant if you hold me ass up with your cum in me." "Yes" He said. I could see that my uncle was sex crazy as he was talking about making me pregnant. My head swirled like a drunkards mind. "OK", I whispered, in consent after about 15 seconds of being stared down by Jim.


"We can do that then if that is what you want Uncle." He then slammed me like a jack hammer for about 5 minutes. I came at minute 4 and whispered into his ears, "my pussy wants your cum so bad.fuck me hard and deep" At the 5 minute mark, I felt him stop, and held his cock deep in me while he spasmed the cum into my womb.

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He let out a low grunt, and kept me ass up for about 10 minutes. We lay there while my pussy absorbed his cum. So I asked. "What will mum say if she finds out her brother made her daughter pregnant?" "Let's first be 100% sure that you are before we think about that you slut." After the 15 minute wait, Uncle Jim told me to put my feet behind my head so that he could squeeze the last cum into my pussy.

He spent time squeezing his cock from base to tip has he pulled out slightly to get more cum into me. The squeezing on his cock made it hard and big again, so with my feet behind my head, he started pumping me again. This position, made my pussy squeeze his cock as it was tight, but I could see in his eyes that there was no stopping the deep thrusting that he was doing.

My pussy was feeling a bit sore, stretched out, and generally full of cum, but he kept going. I think he went on for 20 minutes, pounding as hard as he could, and each thrust going as deep as he could. I could swear that he really wanted to make me pregnant, with every thrust.

He came so hard this time, that I swear he was an animal. He then reached over to the cream and put a small amount on my clit. He then used his wide thumb to rub the cream into my clit over and over, with his dick still in me, rubbing and rubbingover and over, until I grabbed him by the arms and my pussy gsqueezed his cock tight.

I think my cervix was then opening for all the cum. He fell down exhausted with his cock still in me. When he was sleeping, I pulled myself off his slimy cock and went to the toilet to pee and let some of the cum run out as I was a sticky smelly mess from all the semen. When I got back to bed, I got behind him, and snuggled with him a bit, then put my hand on his cock.

It was bigger than my hand and was getting bigger each second I was touching it. I love him so much it hurts. I wanted him to keep fucking me like he just did. He asked me why I took so long in the toilet. I mentioned that I was full of cum, and he cut me off. "You must sleep with the cum in you. If you need to pee, be quick and get back before the cum runs out." Jesus Christ, he was really serious about pumping me pregnant.

He then looked at me and said, "I need to fill you up again you cum whore." "Get on Your knees" he ordered. "Yes Uncle" I stammered. He got behind me and slid his cock deep into my still very cummy pussy. He grabbed my ass and grabbed my head and pushed it flat onto the bed.

He then slapped my ass and told me to arch until my pussy was well exposed. He fucked me without consideration and while busy, put his thumb into my anus.

I did not like this but he wanted it so I let him. My pussy was flaring now as there was a total of 60 minutes of continuous fucking. I felt well used and my pussy was well used. He came hard this time and shook throughout his body. He then told me to stay on my knees and lay for about 20 minutes with my chest on the bed to let the cum flow deeply. This was a very shameful pose he left me in and he sat on the bed behind me and just watched my pussy.

I don't think I ever felt so exposed. This day I did not get pregnant. He came home the evening with a "present" for me. It was an inflatable ball He would fuck me from 3 am, till 11 am, then put the ball inside me and inflate it so that the cum would not flow out at all. He told me that when we are not fucking, I should wear them inside me at all times at home without underwear, and at work I should wear it with underwear.

The only problem is that it made me want to pee a lot. This was a strange and shameful instruction, but I followed it since my Uncle dictated the rules to me and this is what I desired. The sunday, he had me wear it all day and be naked around him.

It was difficult to act normal with that pressure inside me on my sensitive part. I could feel my pussy losing it's shape since it took long to become tight after the ball was taken out. We slept in the same bed from this day onwards and he would stick his cock in me whenever he woke up. I was so tired of constantly smelling of cum and being a sticky mess and could not believe that my Uncle could plough me 5 times a day.

I showered but did not bother wearing underwear since they would just become a sticky mess. I decided to shave my pussy since the hair was all matted. To spare my pussy some hardship, I resorted to sucking and swallowing the cum from his cock at least 3 times a day, but that did not help me completely as I still needed to perform 2 more times every day. I got fucked so often that my pussy was constantly in an aroused swollen state, prepared for anything, so one day, I started mounting Jim in his sleep.

Maybe if I got pregnant, he would slow down? On the plus side, I was getting very shapely around the stomach, legs and ass, and I wasn't eating that much due to all the cum I was eating. It really takes the appetite away. Maybe it was time to stop using the pill. If I fall pregnant, then he can't kick me out anymore now can he?

Then I'm here in the Big City to stay. But how do I explain it to mom?