Gorgeous MILF Elexis sucks and fingers teen Autumns pussy

Gorgeous MILF Elexis sucks and fingers teen Autumns pussy
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copyright: Lesley Tara, 2012 Sally-Anne whistled quietly to herself, in a happy mood as she cleaned Room 517 on the top floor of the hotel. She knew that she had been very lucky to get this temporary job during the school summer holidays: there were not many such opportunities in her quiet medium-sized home town, and she was only a little over sixteen years old, which is the minimum legal age for employment in Britain.

Sally-Anne wanted to save money towards paying for driving lessons when she turned seventeen next year, but, after several fruitless attempts at the few vacancies available, she had resigned herself to wasting the holiday period just hanging around with her school friends which, nice as they were, would be frustrating, and probably soon get boring.

However, she had happened to mention her disappointment to her school geography teacher, Ms. Gilmour (a pleasant, attractive and always very smartly-dressed woman in her early 30s, who Sally-Anne really admired). The teacher had looked at the pretty blue-eyed blonde teenager appraisingly for a long moment and then, as if coming to a decision that had been long-maturing, had said that she knew the manageress of the large modern hotel on the edge of the town a Ms.

Carrington and that she would mention Sally-Anne to her. In fact, she added to the delighted schoolgirl's chorus of thanks, she would positively recommend her, and be glad to provide a reference. Ms. Gilmour had been as good as her word ('no surprise there', thought Sally-Anne, with gratitude and affection, 'she's so wonderful I wish I could be like her'), and within a week the eager teen had been given an appointment for an interview with Ms.

Carrington. She turned out to be a rather formidable lady, brisk and efficient, and clearly very much in command of her domain.


The manageress appeared to be in her late 30s: it was hard to tell, as she was tall and slim, with collar-length brunette hair in a style that was both elegant and rather severe, but from the slight lines around her lips and eyes, she was possibly even a little over 40. Ms. Carrington was dressed with an sophisticated simplicity that Sally-Anne envied, in a charcoal grey business suit, with the flared jacket and tulip skirt tightly-tailored to her slender waist and mature curves.

Beneath this was a buttoned blouse in scarlet silk, its flash of vivid colour effectively offsetting both the grey of the suit and the black of the manageress's leather stiletto-heeled boots. Sally-Anne had been quite intimidated by the woman's effortless assurance and authority, and felt that she had come across as quite shy and rather immature at the interview.

In fact, she had been surprised when, at the conclusion, Ms. Carrington had said with her first smile that Sally-Anne seemed to be a nice and dependable young girl, that she had been strongly recommended by Ms. Gilmour, who's judgement the manageress trusted (there was a slightly odd, assessing look in her eyes when she said that, thought the schoolgirl), that she was willing to give Sally-Anne a two-week trial, and that if all went well she would employ her for the whole eight weeks of the summer break, and indeed probably in the Christmas holidays and again the following year.

Sally-Anne was determined to seize this marvellous opportunity, and put all her efforts into demonstrating that she was an ideal employee. It was now the start of her third day, and already she had mastered the routine of her main duty.

This was to clean the rooms of the guests, either when they had checked out and before the next arrivals, or if they were staying over at some time convenient for them, when the room was unoccupied. Everything seemed to be going well in fact, at the end of the previous day, when Ms. Carrington had inspected the rooms that Sally-Anne had been assigned, the manageress had given the girl one of her rare smiles, and told her that she was 'coming on well'.

So Sally-Anne had begun this Wednesday morning in a cheerful frame of mind, and was undaunted by being presented with a longer list of rooms to clean on the contrary, she was encouraged by this sign of greater responsibility. She would have to get going if she was to finish them all before the rooms were scheduled to be available to the incoming guests, but as she finished up in Room 517 she was quite pleased, as she had already done several in her first hour, since starting her shift at 9.00 a.m.

It helped that most of the people who stayed at the hotel had come to the town on business, for, unlike holiday-makers, they were usually up and on their way early, often having checked out even before Sally-Anne arrived at the hotel to begin work. After finishing the cleaning of Room 517, who's occupant had left after an early breakfast, the teenager paused for a moment and glanced at her own reflection in the full-length mirror that was fixed to the front of the wardrobe.

Ms. Carrington had placed particular emphasis on the importance of maintaining a neat and professional appearance at all times, and Sally-Anne straightened and smoothed down her plain and simple chambermaid's uniform. This consisted of a black one-piece short-sleeve dress in a light crinkle-resistant artificial fabric; it came down to a little above her knees and had buttons at the front from the collar to her waist, where it was drawn in by a belt made of the same material.

Apart from her underwear a plain and modest matching set of pink cotton bra and panties the only other things that Sally-Anne was wearing were a pair of comfortable slip-on low-heeled shoes, and a pink plastic Alice band to hold back her straight blonde hair.

The cleaning work was quite strenuous, even in the air-conditioned bedrooms, and Sally-Anne had accepted her new boss's advice not to wear tights or stockings she would get far too hot in them, and they would only get snagged or laddered. Instead, below the hem of her uniform was an expanse of bare leg, shapely and lightly-bronzed from Sally-Anne's many sporting and outdoor activities. The sixteen-year-old took a moment to appraise herself in the mirror, turning from one side to the other to present her profiles.

Sally-Anne was normally a shy and retiring girl, and did not tend to think of herself as particularly noticeable or pretty but, in fact, she had becoming increasingly so over the last year, as her body had developed some quite pronounced curves.

Of average height for her age, around five feet four inches, her bust and butt were rather more than averagely rounded and jutting already, she was having to take a C-cup fitting in her slender 28 inch bras. Sally-Anne had a lively face, with a slightly turned-up nose, an unblemished smooth pink complexion, and a sparkle to her sky-blue eyes.

The truth was that she was an alluring young female, on the cusp of the transition from girl to woman. In a technical sense, she was the latter, for she had lost her virginity a few months before, but she was quite naive and sexually inexperienced. Sally-Anne had only had penetrative sex twice, and hadn't found it very pleasurable on either occasion; her then boyfriend had pestered her into agreeing to do it, and then had come into his contraceptive sheath within a few seconds of pushing his thing into her hole there had been almost no foreplay, nor any afterplay either!

He had remained lying on top of her for about a minute, and then withdrew with a grunt, leaving her completely unsatisfied. Sally-Anne was quite glad to have lost her virginity as most of her friends seemed to have done so already but her reluctance, and indeed eventual refusal, to repeat the exercise had been the cause of breaking up a few weeks ago, about which Sally-Anne had few regrets.

Nor was she in any hurry to get involved with another boyfriend, who no doubt would make similar unpleasant demands, and getting this summer job was a good way of taking herself out of circulation for the vacation. Sally-Anne wheeled her trolley of cleaning equipment out of Room 517, closing the door behind her, and considered her next move. She was also due to clean the adjacent room, number 518, but this was occupied by a businesswoman who was booked in for the whole week and would not be leaving until Saturday morning.

Ms. Carrington had specifically mentioned this guest as an important client; she was the regional manager of a large well-known company, and stayed regularly at the hotel for one week in each month. Her name was Ms. Milne, and she was a striking figure a handsome woman in her mid 30s, nearly six feet tall, with jet black hair cut quite short and shaped around her ears and her sharp cheekbones, and with a slim waist and trim hips that emphasised the thrust of quite a prominent pair of breasts above they looked like D-cups at least.

Sally-Anne had only encountered Ms. Milne twice during the previous days, both times briefly, and if anything she was even more in awe of her than she was of Ms. Carrington. On the second occasion, she had felt quite intimidated as she felt Ms. Milne's searching regard appraising her from head to toe, and had embarrassed herself by blushing like the young schoolgirl that she was.

There was no 'do not disturb' sign hanging on the outside door-handle of Ms. Milne's room, and all seemed quiet within although the heavy door was quite sound-proof, so it was hard to tell for sure.

Still, it seemed to Sally-Anne that the room had a deserted air, as did number 519 on the other side the room occupied by Ms. Milne's PA, a lithe blonde in her early 20s who looked like a recent college graduate. It really would help Sally-Anne to get through her schedule in time if she could do both of these rooms now, and not have to trail back to them later.

After a moment's hesitation, the pretty teenager knocked quite firmly on the door of Ms. Milne's room; as she had expected, there was no response. The chambermaid concluded that the vigorous businesswoman and her assistant had almost certainly gone out for the day (on the previous two days, she had seen them leaving quite soon after she had begun work at 9.00 a.m., and it was now nearly 10.00), and she assumed that Ms.

Milne had simply forgotten about putting out the sign indicating that the room was ready for cleaning. Sally-Anne unlocked the door of Room 518 with her pass key, padded in for a few steps and then stopped, rooted to the spot in open-mouthed shock. The bedroom was very far from being unoccupied, very far indeed for on the large double bed were two naked figures, and they were certainly fully occupied!

In the centre of the bed, crouched on all fours and with her ass towards Sally-Anne, was the blonde PA, her full soft breasts dangling beneath her chest and swinging wildly from side to side. Kneeling at the side of the bed, between the younger woman's parted legs, was the dominating figure of her boss, who was not as Sally-Anne realised, staring transfixed at the stunning scene as completely naked as her assistant.

Ms. Milne was wearing some sort of belt or harness around her waist, with straps that went around each thigh; the businesswoman's back was towards Sally-Anne, as her hips jerked backwards and forwards, driving something at the front of the harness in and out of her PA's cunt with a wet sloppy smacking sound, whilst the recipient gasped and moaned at each thrust.

The young chambermaid was not totally naive she knew at once what this must be: a strap-on dildo, the kind that lesbians used on each other. The teenager had never seen one in reality before, but she had once on film, when her best friend, Eleanor, had shown her a lesbian porn DVD of her father's that she had found, in which several women had done unbelievable things with each other, including the insertion of enormous vibrators and plastic strap-on cocks.

Eleanor had seemed somehow disappointed at the lack of effect of the hardcore movie on Sally-Anne, but in truth that had been far from the case the blonde teenager had been simply stunned, shaken to the core, and ever since the images had returned constantly to her mind, especially at night and in her dreams. Seeing lesbians fucking in the flesh, however, had a whole different level of impact in its unbridled lust-filled immediacy the vision before her was like a blow in the solar plexus, driving all of the wind out of her.

Sally-Anne's eyes were like saucers, her stomach was full of butterflies, and her legs went so weak at the knees that she had to reach out to grasp the nearby dressing table in order not to fall over, giving a shocked gasp as she did so. At once, Ms. Milne's concentration on reaming out the pussy of her pretty young aide was broken.

With her dildo still rammed deep into the PA's vagina, her head jerked round to stare at the intruder, giving Sally-Anne a full view of her heavy mature breasts with their large erect nipples. A flash of intense anger crossed the businesswoman's sharp features, her mouth snapping closed into a tight line.

With one convulsive movement, she ripped the dildo back out of her young assistant's hole eliciting a shriek of protest in the process swung off the bed, and advanced on the hapless chambermaid. Behind her tall spare frame, Sally-Anne had a brief but vivid view of the blonde PA's gaping cunt, her parted labia almost dripping with sexual juices, as with a bubbling moan of frustration the younger woman collapsed face downwards on the bed, like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

Ms. Milne stormed past Sally-Anne, who flinched instinctively, as if she expected to be struck. Instead, the mature woman slammed closed the half-open bedroom door, and turned the inside bolt with an ominous thunk. Only then did she round on the teenager, who shrank back against the dressing table for support. 'How dare you!' snarled the angry woman, with her hands on her hips and her breasts thrust forwards aggressively like twin missile warheads, primed to launch. 'What do you mean, sneaking in like this, and spying on people!

What were you up to, creeping around?

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were you trying to steal some money, is that it?' The black-haired woman gestured at the dressing table, and Sally-Anne registered with horror that the hand which she had put out just to steady herself in the moment of initial shock was resting only a few inches away from Ms.

Milne's open wallet, in which the edges of several banknotes and a set of credit cards were clearly visible. With a squeal as if her fingers had been burned, Sally-Anne snatched her hand away, and began a stammering incoherent apology. However, the older woman's angry tirade stormed on, sweeping aside any apologies and explanations: 'You sneaky little bitch!' snapped the glowering and aggressive woman, 'I'm going to complain about you, in the strongest terms oh, yes, I'll see that you're fired, at once!' Hearing this, Sally-Anne moaned in despair, almost collapsing as she begged the handsome businesswoman not to do that, oh please, no, anything but that, please, no!

Inside her head, she wailed to herself when everything had been going so well, how could it have gone so disastrously wrong so quickly? 'So you don't want us to complain, you don't want to be fired, yeah?' said Ms.

Milne, with a strange flush on her face and a burning intensity in her gaze. 'In that case', the mature woman continued with relish, 'we'll just have to punish you ourselves, we'll teach you a lesson you won't forget!' A harsh endorsing laugh came from the bed behind Sally-Anne, and she glanced over her shoulder to see that the young blonde PA had recovered sufficiently to sit up, and was kneeling in the middle of the bed, heedless of her total nudity, with her thighs parted and her cunt fully exposed.

Gazing at the teenaged chambermaid, the PA licked her lips avariciously, and added an eager endorsement: 'Yeah, let's do her, do her real good, hot fucking little tramp, she needs it, fucking needs it!' Ms.

Milne was a decisive woman in every respect, and this seemed to be all the encouragement that her rampant lust required. With lightning reflexes, she seized the thunderstruck chambermaid by the arm, and dragged her towards the bed. Reaching the side of the mattress, the tall and powerfully-built woman spun the blonde girl around to face her. However, Sally-Anne had no time to register a protest against what was happening, as immediately Ms.

Milne shoved her roughly backwards, and the teenager's legs caught against the side of the bed, sending her tumbling over to sprawl on her back across half of the width of the bed, her head landing a few inches from the squatting PA. 'Hold her, Debbie keep her down, hold her firm', Ms. Milne tersely instructed her PA, who moved instantly into action, partly following the orders of the commanding boss to whom she was utterly in thrall, and partly also in cruel anticipation of what would now befall the cute and innocent-looking schoolgirl.

It took only a second for Debbie to surge forwards and use her knees to pin Sally-Anne's shoulders to the mattress, imprisoning the girl's head between her sweat-sheened thighs. To make quite certain that the chambermaid was trapped, Debbie reached out and with each hand she grabbed one of the teenager's arms just below the elbow, spreading them wide and using her superior position and weight to hold them down.

Sally-Anne struggled uselessly against this assault, and looked up in shock at her captor of whom she could mostly see the underside of the full firm breasts poised above her, their nipples erect twin peaks, with the young PA's hard-eyed face framed in the cleavage.

The sixteen-year-old was about to voice a protest when something else, even more appalling and frightening, riveted her attention in a different direction. Ms. Milne had grasped the hem of Sally-Anne's flimsy maid's uniform, and with a rough jerk had hauled the skirt up to the girl's waist. The mature lesbian gazed for just a second at the naively girlish plain pink bikini-style panties that this action had revealed, before hooking a finger into their waistband at each hip and then, with one firm yank, stripping the panties down the squealing girl's legs, and tossing them aside.

The businesswoman seized the naked cunt that was now exposed, with its tightly folded vaginal groove surrounded by a fringe of neatly-trimmed dark blonde pubic hair, and she pressed her thumb firmly into the lower part of the trapped teenager's slit, parting her trembling dry flesh. Then Ms. Milne stood upright and pressed forwards, forcing the powerless teen's thighs apart, until the spear of the out-thrust dildo bumped against the chambermaid's cunt.

It was only at this moment that Sally-Anne's brain caught up with what was happening, and the reality hit her like a ice-cold douche. She was going to be raped!

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these terrible lesbians were going to use her for their kinky perverted pleasure, were going to take her and violate her, and, what was worse, there was nothing at all that she could do to stop them! 'Oh, no no!' moaned Sally-Anne, pleading in desperation: 'no, no, oh please, don't! Don't do that to me, I'm not a lezzie, please, no, not that, oh!

oh God, oh no, please, ple-mummff! ugumpff! uggghuff!!' The pretty blonde chambermaid's tearful pleas had been cut short by the action of the youthful PA, who had risen onto her haunches, spread her legs further apart, and then smacked her cunt down over Sally-Anne's mouth and nostrils, effectively gagging the girl.

Debbie now released her grip on the teenager's arms (for with the whole weight of her body resting on Sally-Anne's face and shoulders, there was no way that the slightly-built girl could wriggle free), and swiftly unbuttoned the front of the chambermaid's uniform. Sally-Anne squirmed in alarm at this new violation but was powerless to prevent it, and tears of shame and fear leaked from her eyes as she felt her top being tugged open and her breasts being scooped out of their bra cups and exposed to the view and use of these terrible lesbian rapists.

Debbie enjoyed the feel of mauling the pretty young girl's soft breasts, and rolled the teenager's hardening nipples between her fingers as she leaned forward, and said: 'She was just about to make me come she was just about to get me off, you pissing little cunt, when you came sneaking in and interrupted!

I'm so fucking gasping for it, and you're gonna set things right so eat my pussy, you little bitch! Eat my cunt and make me come, and you'd better do it good!' With that remark, Debbie pressed down harder onto the teen's face, and ground her sticky wet labia over Sally-Anne's nose and mouth.

The young girl froze for a moment, her mind in a whirl between fear and shock on the one hand, and on the other a sudden vivid memory of the scene in Eleanor's porn DVD in which an older woman had made a younger one devour her pussy until she came in shrieking wild abandon. However, Sally-Anne's momentary pause angered the impatient and highly-aroused PA, who gave the blonde chambermaid's tits a sharp slap and then a pinch, whilst repeating her instructions: 'C'mon, fucking eat me, you fucking little twat, get on with it, you stupid slit-hole!

Eat me, make me cum!' Galvanised by the painful abuse of her nipples, Sally-Anne began to apply herself to the amazing and intricate folds of flesh that were smothering her mouth.

She had no idea what the proper technique should be, so she decided to cover up that fact by giving it all of her energy and effort. Within seconds, Debbie's vagina which had already been well-penetrated by Ms. Milne's long thick plastic phallus was parting easily before her tongue, and Sally-Anne almost began to enjoy the strange hot texture of pussy flesh and its accompanying cocktail of musky seeping lubricants.

The teenager began to shove her tongue in deeper, encouraged by the shudders that periodically rippled through the PA's body and by the young woman's harsh cries, which were mounting inexorably to a not-too-distant crescendo. Debbie was actually 24 years old, and had been working for Ms. Milne (who was ten years older) for the last fourteen months. She had been her boss's willing sex toy ever since she was forcibly taken almost raped on Ms. Milne's desk in only her second week in the job, after being ordered to stay on late after work for some 'special training'.

It hadn't quite been rape, because Debbie had surrendered her pussy willingly, having already been an active lesbian for nine years, when her schoolgirl crush on a teacher was rewarded by a crash-course in lesbian education.

Now she did anything that her dominatrix boss demanded of her, including being spanked and put in bondage, and being loaned out to Ms.

Milne's circle of mature lesbian dykes. Helping her mistress assault and rape an innocent teenage girl gave her not a moment's pause for concern, and indeed Debbie exulted in the rare experience of making someone even younger be submissive to her. Whilst Debbie's weight pinned Sally-Anne to the bed, and her forcible cunt-grinding cunnilingus effectively gagged the trapped teen, Ms.

Milne took a few seconds to relish the sight of her helpless young victim, and to savour the way in which everything had gone according to her plan. For, whatever the appearance, this was no spontaneous assault, but a carefully-prepared ambush, and the foolish naive girl had fallen completely into the trap.

Ms. Milne had noticed how cute, fresh and appealing Sally-Anne was on first spotting her, two days previously on the girl's first day at work. However, it was the next occasion, on the day after, that caused the experienced dyke to decide that she would have the chambermaid's pussy, and hopefully take her lesbian cherry.

Yesterday, Ms. Milne had left her room just after 9.00 a.m. on her way to her regional headquarters office, and as she walked along the corridor to the lift, she had seen Sally-Anne cleaning one of the other bedrooms.

The door was open, and Ms. Milne stopped, arrested by the enticing sight of the youthful and pretty blonde chambermaid bending over as she made up the bed as Sally-Anne reached across to straighten the pillows, her jutting bubble-butt rose up in the air, stretching tight the fabric of her maid's uniform, and its hem rode up to give a tantalising glimpse of the gusset of a pair of plain white panties.

As yet unobserved, Ms. Milne had watched in appreciative interest as the girl had stood up, noting the swell of fuller breasts than might be expected for someone who was clearly still in her mid-teens. Ms. Milne had then asked Sally-Anne some inconsequential question, whilst her eyes rested upon the girl's chest not just to enjoy the view of her pert bust, but also to memorise the name printed on her staff badge.

Later that day, Ms. Milne had asked her long-time friend and regular sexual partner, the hotel's manageress, about the new chambermaid, and had been advised that the girl was ripe for plucking and fucking that she had been recommended to Ms.

Carrington precisely as an excellent prospect for lesbian initiation, ready to be taken. Ms. Carrington had intended to do so herself fairly soon, but generously agreed to let her friend go first knowing Ms.

Milne's forceful, even brutal, methods, and that they almost never failed. The businesswoman's plan was a simple one, based on the experience that complicated stratagems tended to go wrong, whilst the direct approach was often the most effective. On this third morning, Debbie who, of course, had spent the night in Ms.

Milne's bed, where she had been dildo-shafted with unusual severity as the older dyke savoured the prospect of teen-rape ahead of her had risen early, and, after the usual morning ritual of soaping Ms. Milne's body during her shower, and orally servicing her slit in the process, the PA had stripped the upper sheets from the bed and lain down again with her boss, softly licking the older woman's tits and gently caressing her cunt, keeping her dominatrix boss pleasantly aroused whilst they waited to spring their trap on the innocent unwary teenager.

It had been arranged that the hotel manageress would assign Sally-Anne to clean Ms. Milne's room, and she and Debbie were careful to make no noise as they heard the chambermaid enter the adjacent room and whistle cheerfully as she worked.

After a few moments, Ms. Milne had risen from the bed and silently stepped into her favourite strap-on harness, whilst Debbie, with long practice, assumed the 'fuck-me-hard' position on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed, with her butt towards the door. Ms. Milne then stepped up to her PA's ass, slid the long plastic rod easily into the younger woman's already wet and open vagina, gripped her at the hips and began a slow rhythmic shafting, all in complete silence and with every sense attuned to hear the opening of the door the moment when the fly would blunder unwittingly into the spider's web, to be caught and devoured.

It had, of course, been synthetic anger that Ms. Milne had displayed at Sally-Anne's intrusion, though it had been given real heat by the older woman's burning lust. In fact, every single move, and every single word uttered, had been carefully planned in advance, with Debbie given instructions on her part in the little drama.

Now, Sally-Anne was entirely at Ms. Milne's disposal, and she relished the sight of the frightened novice frantically eating pussy for the first but very definitely not the last time. As ordered, Debbie had scooped the teenager's sweet pert breasts out of her childishly plain cotton bra, and had teased the nipples into a pink stiff erectness such as Sally-Anne had never experienced before in her life, and which was having effects that were a bewildering mixture of discomfort and arousal.

Ms. Milne took hold of the chambermaid's trembling thighs, and with an iron grip forced them further apart, ignoring the girl's fearful whimpers as she slobbered under Debbie's pussy.

The mature black-haired businesswoman licked her lips in anticipation as she lined up the thick ribbed plastic dildo on the centre of the trapped blonde's tight teenage twat. Forcing this would be a delight, made all the more delicious by the girl's futile feeble struggles. Sally-Anne screamed as the tip of the huge dildo broached her labia, even though the first stroke only entered her for an inch.

In her terror, the girl's back arched convulsively, and her body was locked in a rigid curve as Ms. Milne thrust into her again, harder and deeper three inches at least. The violated teen howled in anguish, but almost nothing was audible as her face was squashed under Debbie's cunt. In fact, the vibration of her shrieks was transmitted directly into the PA's vulva, with orgasmic effects, and Debbie moaned in ecstasy, pinching Sally-Anne's nipples as she came, and further terrorising the helpless schoolgirl.

Tears coursed over Sally-Anne's cheeks (some of pain, some of fright, some of humiliation, and some of shame in the fact that she was actually in some strange way being aroused by what these two cruel lesbians were inflicting upon her), and they mingled with the fountaining squirt of cum-juice that sprayed from Debbie's vagina, and which the chambermaid almost instinctively lapped up and swallowed.

Sally-Anne's body was responding to the torrent of sexual stimuli that it was receiving, on her tongue, her tits, and now in her pussy.

As Ms. Milne rocked her hips forward for her third violating intrusion, the dildo surged home more easily, for Sally-Anne's own juices were starting to flow, and were easing its passage. The pulverised teen abandoned all resistance to what was happening to her, and without consciously having decided this from now on, she went with the flow, and let the two women do with her whatever they pleased. Sensing this, Ms. Milne's smiled to herself in satisfaction once again, her instinct had been right: as Ms.

Carrington's unknown informant had surmised, this was a girl ready for the taking, almost certainly a lesbian even if she was as yet unaware of it herself, and now destined for a lifetime of submissive service to any dominant dyke who stripped down her panties and conquered her cunt. Ms. Milne increased the pace and force of her thrusts, provoking renewed screaming and squirming from the pretty young blonde, whilst the girl's pelvis betrayed her true nature as it began humping back against the dildo, adding to the impact of its entry and making the penetrations even deeper and more forceful.

Sally-Anne's body began to shake and tremble in a new way no longer of fear, or at least, not entirely of fear, but now also of arousal, of building to her own sexual climax. The rape victim hardly understood what was happening, but her body's responses to its first ever real fucking (her former-boyfriend's pathetic little prick having made almost no impression, quite literally, on the two prior occasions that anything had entered her vagina), and her subconscious lesbian orientation (which had been first stirred from its slumber by Eleanor's porn movie), now took over her consciousness.

The shocked teenager began to gasp and moan with desire, whilst still continuing but now, quite voluntarily to lap and suck at Debbie's gaping pussy. Unbelievably, Sally-Anne realised that she had taken the whole huge length and massive width of the dildo into her vaginal passage, and indeed that she was desperate for more although she felt utterly taken and filled to the point of splitting apart, still she wanted to be rammed even harder and speared even deeper!

Then, suddenly, her back arched once more in a violent spasm, as her first-ever true orgasm burst upon her it was a revelation in its burning intensity and deep erotic satisfaction, and its backwash left her shaken and dizzy, almost fainting. As Sally-Anne gasped for breath, Debbie lifted the weight of her pelvis from the teenager's face and shifted sideways, so that she was now kneeling beside the spent and quivering girl, who no longer needed to be held down.

It took Sally-Anne a few seconds to reorient herself, and her eyes which had been closed whilst she had performed oral sex on Debbie were briefly dazzled by their return to daylight. Ms. Milne had not withdrawn the dildo from the chambermaid's cunt, and it was still buried deep in the girl's vagina, right up to the hilt, with the leather face-plate pressing down on Sally-Anne's riven and squashed outer labia. As Debbie moved aside, her mature boss leaned forwards with arms outstretched, and braced herself by placing her hands on the mattress, just above Sally-Anne's shoulders.

The teenager blinked upwards at her rapist, who now loomed menacingly above her, a predatory smile curving her lips into a thin line and a hawkish glint in her eyes. Ms. Milne's full breasts were bigger and heavier even than her PA's jutting and bouncy pair, and Sally-Anne thought they must be 34 inch D-cups at least, probably E-cups, as they swayed above her face, more mesmerisingly than any stage hypnotist's swinging pendulum.

Having paused until she had the teenager's full attention, Ms Milne very slowly arched her back, withdrawing the heavy dildo for just a couple of inches, before using her whole adult weight and the leverage afforded by her dominant posture to sink it back in again slowly, to its full extent. As the thick plastic rod once again drilled Sally-Anne's almost-virginal vagina to the fullest depth, the blonde girl moaned and shuddered, flinging her arms wide at each side.

'Oh! Oh, no stop!' she cried out; 'Oh, God please, no, no more!! oh, stop, help! please, I can't take it, I can't take any more!' Ms. Milne completely ignored these splutterings, for in fact Sally-Anne's cunt was taking it, and doing so more smoothly and slickly than had been the case in the initial rape.

Far from stopping, in an impressive display of muscular strength and physical suppleness which spoke of many hours spent at the gym, Ms. Milne flexed her lower back and pulled out the dildo a little further, before pushing it back in just as hard and as far. Sally-Anne yowled with distress, but as Ms. Milne began to increase the length of her withdrawals and the pace and depth of the returning impalements, her noises changed to grunts and then moans, whilst her breathing audibly quickened until she was snatching panting gasps, sweat running off her brow and cheeks.

The raped chambermaid whimpered under the powerful woman's inexorable reaming out of her vagina, giving a quavering moan each time the long hard phallic rod was rammed home. Ms. Milne delivered her strokes more slowly than in her first fast and furious rape of the delectable teen but her insertions were all the more devastatingly effective for their ponderous pace, which was matched only by their utter inevitability.

As her boss steadied into a rhythm, arching her hips and spearing her victim's cunt to its deepest limit, Debbie reached forwards into the gap between Sally-Anne's flat stomach and the curve of Ms. Milne's pelvis above it. The PA slid her fingertips into the top folds of the chambermaid's slash, and, within a couple of seconds, she found what she had been questing for the prone teenager's clitoral nub.

She began abrading this, rubbing her fingers around it, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise in rapid alternation, and then teasing it and even pulling on it, with dynamic results.

In response, Sally-Anne gave a curious mewling noise, and her slim girlish body shuddered under the explosive twin effects of the frotting of her clit and the penetrations from the huge ribbed dildo.

The blonde teenager's ass began to bounce up and down on the bed, as if was a trampoline. This was not mainly at the girl's conscious intention, even though she was now meeting each dildo-impalement with a reciprocal return thrust. From far away, Sally-Anne could hear a voice gasping and groaning and then, with a sudden shock, she realised that it was her own: 'Aaarrgghh, ohmigod, no!

Christ alive . oh, no, NO! Shit, oh! Mmmm, ahhhh . oh, mmmm, yes . aah! yes, yessss, YES do me! Ahhhh DO ME, OH! FUCK ME, FUCK ME! OH, AAAAIIEEEEHHHH!!' With this wild shriek, the teenager crested the wave of her second-ever climax and her second sapphic orgasm which took her even more volcanically than the previous time.

With her eyes wide open and staring fixedly upwards at Ms Milne's jutting melons of breasts, and above them at the mature dyke's vulpine smile of triumphant possession, the blonde chambermaid flopped back on the mattress, with her arms outstretched and her hands clawing at the crumpled bedsheet.

Timing it to perfection, with the benefit of her long expertise in babe-fucking, the tall businesswoman slammed the strap-on into Sally-Anne with sudden and almost vicious force. The girl yelled again, as her back locked in a rigid curve, sending her attractive pert tits jiggling. Then, with a deep sobbing groan, her legs and thighs twitched and jerked as her pussy went suddenly loose and her vagina flushed wetly, the cum-juice flowing down her inner thighs as she orgasmed for the third time.

The pretty young babe did indeed look totally taken and utterly fucked, thought Ms. Milne with salacious satisfaction, gazing down at the inert body of the innocent whom she had assaulted and raped. The girl looked bewildered and confused, and not just about what had happened to her it was evident from her physical and verbal responses that she had been aroused, that her first experience of lesbianism although forced upon her had not been completely unwelcome or unpleasant.

Indeed, it might not take much more to mould her into a submissive sapphic sex-toy. Which, thought Ms. Milne with an inner smile, was good for the teenager's initiation was far from over, whatever she might think.

The tall black-haired woman pulled the dildo out of Sally-Anne's vagina, the rounded end emerging with a soft wet sucking sound. Ms. Milne took a step backwards, undid the harness of the strap-on, and tossed it onto the bed, near to where Debbie was kneeling.

Then, standing with her legs placed apart and her hands on her hips, the mature boss nodded to her PA, giving the signal for the next stage. Debbie slid her hands under the slender teen's shoulder-blades and urged the girl into an upright position, whilst at same time pushing her forwards to the side of the mattress.

Her mind in a whirl, Sally-Anne gave no resistance, and in a moment Debbie had slipped the girl off the bed, so that she sank to her knees in front of her conqueror, with her lower back against the side of the bed, and her face just inches from the puckered labia of Ms. Milne's clean-shaven pussy. 'Lick me, girl!' snapped the dominatrix, 'eat me show me what you've learned doing Debbie, show me what you can do!

Make me cum, and cum hard!' All of Sally-Anne's school-teachers agreed that she was a bright girl, quick on the uptake, and once more she proved them right. Between the example of the porn actresses on Eleanor's oh-so-memorable DVD, her forced first attempt at cunnilingus on Debbie's pussy, and the example given by the young PA's dextrous manipulation of her own clitoris, she now had a very much better idea of what to do.

Surprising herself by her eagerness which she could still, at least partly, excuse by ascribing it to fear the chambermaid bent forwards and placed her lips on Ms. Milne's outer labia, and then parted them gently with the tip of her tongue, before darting its full length in between them. Ms. Milne gave a short gasp, as the girl was bolder in her approach and better in technique than she had expected, and was also showing herself to be quite willing too much so for it to be explained away as just the result of coercion and fear.

The mature woman found herself becoming aroused quite quickly, and she shifted her stance to give even easier access to her pussy, whilst also grabbing a handful of Sally-Anne's blonde hair at the back of her head. Ms. Milne used this as a handle with which to grind the teenager's face into her broad and fleshy vulva, giving Sally-Anne no choice but to inhale with every breath the heady musky smell of the woman's vagina as it had rubbed sweatily and stickily against the inside of the strap-on harness during the dildo-rape.

The young blonde gulped and gasped, but she made no attempt to struggle or to squirm aside, and if anything the taste and smell of pussy seemed to be stimulating her. Emboldened, Sally-Anne emulated the women she had seen on the hardcore porn DVD, and she shifted the focus of her oral efforts to the upper part of her conqueror's slippery and rubbery slit, whilst bringing up her right hand and poking two fingers into Ms.

Milne's hole. 'Aaahh, fuck, yes! Oh, you little lezzie bitch! yes, more, go on, slut, do more!' hissed the busty businesswoman, as her hips began to jerk and judder in response. Sally-Anne felt a sudden surge of excitement and energy at this evidence of her success, and churned her fingers around inside her rapist's vaginal tube, eliciting further gasps.

Then Sally-Anne gave a little squeal of her own, as two hands cupped her breasts and squeezed them. For a second, the teen was confused, for Ms. Milne hands were already accounted for one of them gripping Sally-Anne's hair and locking her face into pussy-pounding position, and the chambermaid could see the other in her peripheral vision, as the mature dyke grasped and pulled at her own engorged nipples with increasing urgency. Then the girl understood where the extra hands had come from: Debbie had moved to sit on the edge of the bed immediately behind her, framing the teenager's light and slender frame between her legs, and now the PA had reached down, under Sally-Anne's armpits, to take possession of her tits.

And what nice ones they are, thought Debbie admiringly firm with youth, but fuller and rounder than would be expected from the chambermaid's slim body and her youth, for the hotel manageress had imparted to Ms.

Milne the delightful news that this cute babe was barely past her sixteenth birthday. Debbie rolled the chambermaid's nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and then pinched and tweaked them, alternating between the girl's two pertly jutting breasts.

Once again, Sally-Anne moaned as her face was crushed against a cunt, so that the sound was transmitted directly to the pelvic bone that she was pressed against, and sent an erotic vibration through the myriad of nerve-endings in the walls of the woman's vagina.

Driven almost frantic by the simultaneous stimulus from Debbie to her tits and of Ms. Milne's pussy against her mouth, Sally-Anne pumped her fingers in and out of the older woman's hole whilst her tongue surged around and under her clitoral hood, and rasped across her clit. 'Aahh, yeah, fuckit make me cum, fucking cum me, you lezzie cunt!' gasped Ms.

Milne. The swearing and loss of control of the haughty superior businesswoman both shocked and excited the chambermaid, as also in a profound and disturbing way did her assertions that Sally-Anne was a lesbian.


Part of her mind instinctively shouted a silent denial but only part, and she knew with sudden certainty that this automatic rejection had a false and hollow ring to it, and had not even convinced herself.

Then her thoughts were blown away, as Ms. Milne's hips suddenly spasmed, and, with a hoarse cry of fulfilment, the dominatrix climaxed, pussy-juice spraying from her hole over Sally-Anne's fingers and face. In the process, the businesswoman released her hold on Sally-Anne's head, but the girl was at once imprisoned by the PA, who wound her arms around the chambermaid's chest.

In truth, escape was unlikely: Sally-Anne was nearly exhausted, both physically and mentally, and had neither the strength nor the willpower to make a bid for freedom if, indeed, that was what she still wanted. Recovering her breath and poise with impressive rapidity, with an imperious gesture Ms. Milne ordered the teenager to rise. Shakily, and needing Debbie's supporting hands at her hips, Sally-Anne managed to do so. Her reward was to have her cheeks cupped in the mature woman's firm grasp, and to be kissed fully on the mouth, as Ms.

Milne pushed her tongue between Sally-Anne's lips and tasted the flavours of the young teen. As she prolonged the deep French kiss, the woman rested her hands on the girl's shoulders; this support kept Sally-Anne upright, and allowed Debbie to slip aside from her position on the bed behind their victim. Once the PA was out of the way, Ms. Milne spun the chambermaid around 180 degrees, and then pushed her forwards onto the bed. Sally-Anne had no choice to break her fall, she instinctively thrust out her arms, and so she ended up on her hands and knees, in the same pose and almost in the same spot that Debbie had occupied in that memorable moment, which now seemed almost a lifetime ago, when she had innocently walked into the room.

'What? Oh . aaahhh!' gasped Sally-Anne, for it was obvious what her new position meant, even before Debbie reached for the strap-on dildo and buckled around her pelvis. 'Oh, no no, not that! please, please, I really can't, I just can't take any more oh! please, no more!' mumbled the shell-shocked chambermaid, but she knew that she was wasting her breath, and she did not even try to struggle.

Without any difficulty, Ms. Milne's firm and authoritative hold on Sally-Anne's lower back kept the girl in position during the moment that it took her assistant to adjust the harness straps to her narrower hips. The blonde teen seemed to have accepted her fate, and did not protest again when Ms.

Milne pushed her chambermaid's uniform up past her waist, exposing her naked cunt and ass. Then the boss and her PA swapped places, as Debbie took up a stance between Sally-Anne's spread legs and gripped the whimpering girl's hips.

With a satisfied grunt, the PA thrust forwards with the dildo, and it slid with almost no resistance into the teenager's hole which now was gaping open and slickly coated with vaginal fluids. Sally-Anne gave a noise that was partly a moan of violation and partly a sigh of satisfaction, as her cunt was invaded for the third time in less than twenty minutes.

'You'll like this, slut', grunted Debbie, between thrusts into the girl of mounting force and frequency; 'it's the best way to get done, yeah any les will tell you that, for sure!' Ms. Milne watched with pleasure the erotic sight of her normally submissive PA, who was a decade younger than her, fucking doggy-style a pretty schoolgirl who was less than half of the business boss's age. Then, not to be left out of the action, she squatted on the bed next to Sally-Anne and reached under the girl's chest to the unbuttoned front of her uniform, where her breasts were dangling out of their bra cups and freely swinging with each hammering impact of the dildo.

Like her assistant, Ms. Milne admired the size and texture of the sixteen-year-old's mounds, and relished the opportunity to grope and squeeze them. It was all too much for the formerly inexperienced and naive teenager: the doggy-fuck was a final overload to her sexual senses, and Debbie caught up in her own heady enthusiasm was riding the blonde sixteen-year-old really hard.

The PA was an athletically fit young woman who had been a sporty girl in her school days, and she now worked out at a gym four times a week partly for its own sake, and partly to have the suppleness and stamina necessary to cope with the rampant fuckings dealt out by her boss, and sometimes as well by her boss's mature lesbian business friends in an all-out dyke gang-bang.

Debbie's pelvis pivoted with the smoothly-oiled efficiency of a pumping machine, and it was a good thing that Sally-Anne's vagina had been opened and lubricated by Ms.

Milne's double-fuck, for the PA was ferocious in her forceful penetrations. Sally-Anne's eyes bugged out and her hands clawed for purchase on the sweaty wrinkled bedsheet, as unbelievable sensations radiated out from her abused and tender pussy. The girl's mouth hung open, but the only sound that came from it was a frantic panting for breath. As Ms. Milne had anticipated, being shafted in this posture of utter submission was the completion and confirmation of the teenager's lesbian conversion.

Sally-Anne was just blown away after a few moments, her head and shoulders slumped down limply onto the mattress, with her right cheek pressed against it and saliva dribbling from her half-open mouth as she mewled in rising ecstasy. The inexperienced near-virgin who had entered this den of lust less than half an hour previously now seemed a stranger to her, and she gave herself up to the heat of the moment, thrusting her ass up higher in the air and spreading her hips apart.

Sally-Anne could sense how gaping and open her pussy was, and her vagina was slick with juices as the long fat plastic pillar reamed in and out of her with an ease that she would previously have thought impossible for a thing of such massive size. Now she was taking it, every inch of it, and Debbie's convulsive pistoning was sending the shuddering teen soaring to yet another explosive climax. As the trembling in Sally-Anne's flanks became visible and her breathing shortened to shallow high-pitched gulps, Debbie reached forwards to grab a hank of the girl's blonde hair.

She used this to haul the chambermaid back into a more upright posture on all fours, which gave the PA a better angle of attack from which to slam home the dildo even more directly. It was the final overload for the abused teenager's vagina and clitoris, and Sally-Anne gave a hoarse scream as she climaxed for the fourth time, with even more of a bone-shaking and mind-blowing impact than the previous three orgasms.

In the aftermath, the young chambermaid slid off the end of the dildo, and with a bubbling sigh collapsed face-down upon the bed. Sally-Anne felt so totally fucked, in a way which she had never dreamed was possible, and so completely taken seized, raped, abused, used, and filled to the bursting point by that incredible huge long dildo, with sensations that still resonated through her mind. Ms. Milne bestowed an approving smile upon her PA, as Debbie unbuckled the strap-on and wiped over the plastic phallus with a tissue; the young woman had played her part well, as indeed she always did, following her adored dominant mistress's instructions to the letter, whether working or fucking.

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The imposing businesswoman then turned and looked down with satiated satisfaction at the raped chambermaid's prone form, enjoying a full view of the girl's ass and pussy, as Sally-Anne's uniform was still rucked up around her waist. 'Don't think of making any complaint about this, young lady, either to the management or the police and not a word to your parents or friends', Ms. Milne coolly remarked. 'If you do, we shall say that you discovered we are lesbians and offered to have sex with us for money, and I can get some other women who have stayed here to say that you did the same with them so it is you who will end up in trouble, not us!' In fact, Sally-Anne had not thought of doing any such thing or rather, her thoughts had shied away from the prospect at once: who could she possibly tell, how could she possibly describe it?

And, still worse, what if she was questioned about her reactions, was asked how it had felt? Then the business executive and her PA slipped on their cotton towelling bathrobes, and Ms. Milne informed the dazed chambermaid that they were going to Debbie's bedroom next door, to shower and get dressed (as this had all been carefully planned, Ms.

Milne's bath items, lingerie, business suit, shoes and work papers were all already in her assistant's bedroom), and that when they went out they would remove the 'do not disturb' sign from that door, and Sally-Anne could then clean the room. 'Take your time to clean this one', said Ms. Milne, not unkindly. Then, feeling that the young girl had given full satisfaction and deserved some reward, the businesswoman picked up her purse from the dressing table, and removed from it two twenty-pound banknotes.

Crossing to stand beside the bed, she undid the tie-belt of her bathrobe so that it hung open and gave the chambermaid a point-blank view of her cunt. Slowly, her gaze holding Sally-Anne's dazed eyes, Ms. Milne wiped each banknote down the length of her sticky pussy, as if they were cleaning tissues. Then the tall black-haired woman folded them into a moist and musky wad, and leaned across to tuck this inside one of Sally-Anne's empty bra-cups.

'Buy yourself some proper grown-up underwear, my sweet', murmured the businesswoman, an attractive husky tone in her voice, continuing with a curious half-smile: 'I think you're going to need it'. Then she picked up Sally-Anne's discarded panties and added 'you won't need these again and I like to keep a souvenir of my conquests', as she slipped them into her pocket. With that, Ms.

Milne closed up her bathrobe again, turned on her heel, and led the way out of the room; Debbie, following behind as was her place, paused in the doorway, looked over her shoulder and blew a kiss to the pretty young blonde whose violated body they had so much enjoyed. For a few moments, Sally-Anne lay inertly on the crumpled sheet, her thoughts a kaleidoscopic whirl, forming and reforming, as she struggled to understand what had just happened to her, what she had really felt about it, and what that meant.

Then her eye fell upon the clock on the bedside table, and she gasped and sat upright. Half an hour had passed since she had blithely entered this room, believing it to be unoccupied and ready for cleaning. What if Ms. Carrington should come looking for her to monitor her work? dear Lord, what if Ms.

Carrington were to find her here, in this state? With the speedy recovery of wholesome youth, Sally-Anne leaped from the bed, and stripped it of the creased and cum-stained sheet though not without holding it to her nose for a moment, and breathing in this reminder of the powerful mature woman's sexual prowess and dominance. The chambermaid completed her usual duties, changing the pillow cases and the upper sheet as well, smoothing them all down and neatly making up the bed.

Then she moved into the bathroom, but before cleaning here she caught sight of herself in the large mirror. She was dishevelled, her hair was sweaty and tangled, and her face and chest still exposed in her unbuttoned uniform were streaked with vaginal juices.

Her uniform would quickly recover from its crumpled state, as it was made from some artificial fabric that was designed to remain smart during physical work, but there was no way that Sally-Anne could go into the public corridors or be seen by Ms.

Carrington whilst she looked like this! With sudden decision, the teenager stripped off her maid's uniform and her bra, putting them on hangars, and placed the cum-scented banknotes, with a slightly trembling hand, on the shelf above the hand-basin.

Then the chambermaid took a rapid shower, rinsing herself with steaming hot water and washing her hair, and quickly towelled herself dry. She refastened her bra, the cotton cups brushing against her still-tender nipples with disturbing effect, and then donned her uniform and fastened the buttons. It felt strange as the smooth nylon material slid over her naked hips and butt, and Sally-Anne was very aware that she had no panties on underneath a fact which produced a curiously contrary feeling of vulnerable availability and a powerful erotic charge.

After just a second of hesitation, she picked up the two banknotes, held them to her nose for a moment and breathed deeply of their musky aroma, and then put them in the side pocket of her uniform, next to the master key that unlocked the bedrooms. The girl then quickly wiped around the bathroom, and replaced the damp used towels with fresh ones from her cleaning trolley. Just at this point, the chambermaid heard the sound from Debbie's room of the door opening and closing, and of voices in the corridor.

Sally-Anne wheeled her trolley out of the now serviced and cleaned Room 518 in time to see the smartly business-suited form of Ms. Milne, her taut ass and mature silhouette framed in an elegantly tailored pin-stripe pencil skirt quite a short and sexy one, but she had the fine firm smooth legs to carry it off and a flared jacket, proceeding away from her towards the lift, accompanied by her similarly-attired PA.

Sally-Anne stopped for a moment, leaning against her trolley for support, as her eyes drank in the swaying hips and strutting assertive stalking strides of her two lesbian rapists. It was in this cathartic moment that there came to Sally-Anne's turbulent thoughts a soothing calmness, as she recognised and accepted something long-hidden from herself: her attraction to women, and the conclusion that she was, almost certainly, a lesbian.

However, the teenager pushed the implications of this realisation from her mind, for she was now nearly an hour behind schedule, and although she had made a good quick start before the events following her entry into Room 518 it would be almost impossible to finish the rest of her scheduled rooms on time. The energetic girl did her best, but she still had three rooms to do on the third floor when Ms.

Carrington appeared in the doorway of the one that she was completing. Once again, Sally-Anne noted admiringly how well-dressed the manageress was. Today, Ms. Carrington was wearing an A-line skirt in navy blue, of midi length, coming down to several inches below her knees and overlapping the smart black leather boots that she was wearing below it.

The skirt was in a complete button-through style, with a row of brass buttons running down the front from the waistband to the hem. As intended in such styles, the last four or five buttons were undone, leaving the bottom flap of the skirt to shift eye-catchingly with every movement, and offer tantalising glimpses of the legs and stockings underneath. Above the waist, Ms.

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Carrington was wearing a simple but elegant white silk blouse, and clearly visible through its almost transparent thinness was the shape of the full-cup black bra that encased her generous and still firm breasts.

It was not just apprehension that she was in trouble that made Sally-Anne's mouth go dry, for in her sensitised state the proximity of another authoritative and sexy mature woman sent a shiver through the girl's body, hardening her nipples and causing a hot flush in her pussy. 'You seem rather slow today, Sally-Anne', observed the manageress with a note of disapproval.

'I need to see you in my office come along there as soon as you have finished your work; get the rest of the rooms done, and then come to see me at once.' The chambermaid's heart sank she knew that she had made a really good impression on her first two days with the combination of her quick work and thorough cleaning, and she so wanted to keep this job, especially given the prospect of further employment after this summer vacation.

Sally-Anne presented herself at Ms. Carrington's office as quickly as she could, and, as on her previous visits, she admired the manageress's neat efficiency.

Ms. Carrington was seated at her large L-shaped desk, with the side portion to her right occupied by a computer screen, keyboard and mouse, a printer, a telephone and two neat trays for paperwork.

The long main expanse of the desk in front of the manageress was completely bare; this was clearly the woman's habit, as on the previous two days when Sally-Anne had arrived, the only item in view had been the cleaning schedule of the rooms clearly, Ms.

Carrington was a woman who believed in keeping on top of things. Now, which Sally-Anne hoped was not an ominous sign, there was not even a single sheet of paper on the shiny polished wooden desktop. At a gesture from the manageress, Sally-Anne came to stand immediately in front of the desk, as she had done each morning when receiving her instructions (there had been a chair to sit in at her interview, but clearly its usual place was over against the wall, and the hotel manageress did not like her staff to take their ease).

Ms. Carrington's opening words caused Sally-Anne's heart to drop like a stone: 'Ms. Milne called in to see me, on her way out', remarked the manageress in cool tone, her eyes sharply scrutinising the teenager's face. Then, to Sally-Anne's immense relief, a hint of approval appeared in Ms.

Carrington's eyes and voice, as she continued: 'She was pleased with your . adaptability, I think was the term she used . this morning, and has asked that you be assigned to clean her room and her assistant's for the rest of their stay and also when they next return, in two weeks' time.

Of course, I agreed at once Ms. Milne is not only a highly-valued regular guest, but she is also important and influential in business circles in this region; indeed, she has organised a special .

network . of businesswomen, through which one can make very useful contacts.' The manageress looked at Sally-Anne shrewdly, noting the girl's sudden blushing reaction to Ms. Milne's praise and request, and continued: 'It may take you some time to do their rooms properly, so I will put them at the end of your schedule, at two o'clock do all the other rooms first, and then you can take as long there as is required, as I want to ensure Ms.

Milne is quite satisfied with the service she receives.' Sally-Anne was stunned by this, for she understood exactly what it meant she was sure that Ms. Milne and her PA would arrange their schedules to be back at the hotel at 2.00 p.m., and then they would fuck her in rotation for as long as they wanted, and make her take their strap-ons and eat out their cunts. Her reaction was a churning swirl of shock and unmistakeably excitement and arousal, and unconsciously she licked her lips, unable to form words in reply.

The expressions that had flashed across her youthful features had in any case telegraphed their meaning to Ms. Carrington, who also noted the sudden perky prominence of the girl's tits, poking through the fabric of her bra and the thin chambermaid's uniform.

'I trust that you have no objection to this arrangement, Sally-Anne?' enquired the manageress, one eyebrow raised in interrogation. The teenager lowered her eyes to the floor, blushed again, but found her voice enough to reply in a whisper: 'No . I . that is, no . no objection, Ms. Carrington.' 'Good, that's settled then', crisply answered her superior, before continuing with more of a smile, and to Sally-Anne's great relief and delight: 'I think you have come on very well, Sally-Anne, yes very well indeed.

I do not think we need bother with the rest of your probationary period, and so I will confirm now that I will employ you for the rest of the holidays, and also on weekends during your school-terms, and again if you wish in the following holiday periods.' Sally-Anne lifted her gaze, and gushed her thanks.

Ms. Carrington looked at the pretty young blonde appraisingly, and then continued: 'There is one condition to this, however, which is that I will require your assistance with some . special duties . These are confidential, not to be discussed with anyone else, but you will be put on a higher hourly wage-rate in consequence.

Do you accept?' Sally-Anne was not quite sure well, not absolutely sure where this was going, but in any case refusal would be madness, and would clearly terminate her employment. The teenager swallowed, but met the attractive mature woman's gaze, and replied clearly: 'Yes, of course, Ms.

Carrington, whatever you want.' 'Good girl that was just the right answer. I can see that you will do well here, very well indeed!' said the manageress in a satisfied tone. She paused for a few seconds, gazing keenly at the delectable girl, and then gestured to her youthful employee: 'Lift up your skirt lift it up, I want to see.' Sally-Anne was still naive enough that she gave a little gasp of surprise at the directness of Ms.

Carrington's demand, and still young enough to flush with sudden embarrassment. Did Ms. Carrington know that she had no panties on? the girl wondered briefly, before a sudden absolute certainty came to her that her boss knew that fact very well indeed! With a gulp, Sally-Anne lowered her hands to grasp the hem of her chambermaid's uniform at each side, and then she slowly hoisted it up to her waist, fully exposing her naked cunt below.

The manageress gazed directly at the teenager's blonde-fringed pussy for a moment, and then pushed back her leather chair and rose to her feet.

Sally-Anne gasped, for as the woman stood up, it became apparent that she had unbuttoned her A-line skirt all the way to the waist and that underneath it she was wearing a strap-on dildo, the shaft of which was poking out horizontally for at least six inches through the open front vent of the skirt.

Ms. Carrington stalked round the side of the desk, her skirt hanging open and the dildo shaft swaying menacingly with every step that she took. Sally-Anne was rooted to the spot, and could not drag her eyes away from the thick purple plastic spear. The chambermaid neither moved nor spoke as the manageress came to stand at her side, but her pulse-rate quickened and her nipples hardened, straining abrasively at the inside of her bra cups.

Eyeing the teenager with sultry desire, the 39-year-old woman undid the waistband of her skirt and dropped it on a nearby chair, and then added her silk blouse to the pile. The hotel boss was revealed in magnificent sexual prowess, wearing black boots, black stockings held up by a traditional garter belt, over which the strap-on harness had been buckled, and a full-cup black bra that made two jutting cones of her 32D breasts.

Sally-Anne felt weak at the knees at beholding such a striking vision of mature feminine sexuality and of experienced girl-fucking lesbianism, she also realised.

Ms. Carrington stood beside the slim blonde teenager, so close that the hard round tip of the dildo bumped against Sally-Anne's bare hip, just below the point to which she had lifted up her uniform. The girl remained as still as a soldier being inspected, staring ahead, her tension shown only in a nervous flick of her tongue across dry lips.

The manageress languidly lifted her right hand, and with one elegant scarlet fingernail she traced a line around the pretty babe's ear and down the side of her neck to the base of her throat, sending an erotic shiver down Sally-Anne's spine to the cleft of her buttocks.

From only inches away, Ms. Carrington whispered in her employee's ear, in a rich contralto that vibrated with desire: 'I want you . and I'm going to have you.

You're mine.' It was a statement of fact, of an absolute certainty, and Sally-Anne knew the truth of it. As Ms. Carrington said this, her left hand reached forwards to cup the chambermaid's cunt, gently squeezing its sweet young flesh, and pressing a middle finger into the parted slit. It was an unspoken assertion of ownership, commanding and complete. A shudder of surrender ran through the girl, and her reply was not even a whisper, more an exhalation of breath, so faint as to be just on the edge of audibility: '.

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yes . oh . yes .' 'Bend over', was all Ms. Carrington said in response, gesturing at the desk. Obediently, Sally-Anne folded over at the waist, placing her stomach and breasts flat on the smooth unblemished desktop, and shuffling her feet apart in order to spread her pussy open. She waited tensely as Ms. Carrington moved out of view, going to stand directly at Sally-Anne's butt. Then the teenager gave a soft gasp of surprise, as she felt the unexpected but enticing touch of the manageress's cool fingertips, first parting her labial folds and then slipping into her gash and teasing up and down on its inner lips.

'Well, well, they did open you up nicely, didn't they?' observed Ms. Carrington with pleasure, as she slid her long index finger all the way into Sally-Anne's pussy hole, making the young girl groan and sag a little more limply on the desktop, with her tender nipples squashed down against its unforgiving wooden surface. Then the pretty chambermaid gasped again, as she felt the nub of the plastic cock push between her labia. This time, her pussy gave no resistance, and the young blonde gave a mewling moan as the manageress sank the plastic shaft all of the way into her, up to its hilt, before withdrawing and then thrusting firmly inwards again.

Ms. Carrington's penetrations were measured and deliberate, and slowly built up into a more powerful effect. Each of her thrusts seemed to drive all of the air from Sally-Anne's body, and the blonde teenager began to pant for breath, her mouth open and her eyes fixed ahead at the manageress's empty chair, although in truth they were glazed and unseeing, as every fibre of her being became centred upon the jangling nerve-ends in her over-sensitised vagina. The chambermaid's hands reached for the further side of her boss's desk and took a vice-like grip on its edge, clinging as would a shipwrecked sailor to the last piece of floating driftwood.

Ms. Carrington drove on remorselessly, arching her hips to impart greater impact to her impalements of the delectable schoolgirl's proffered pussy. Sally-Anne's legs began to spasm, her thigh muscles clenching convulsively; if the desk had not been supporting her body, she would have collapsed to the floor.

The pretty chambermaid's legs and arms thrashed on the desktop, and she sobbed and yowled as she was pinned in place by Ms. Carrington's iron grasp at her waist, whilst the plastic pillar was slammed and shafted into her with ever-increasing pace and power. Perhaps it was being cunt-fucked by a fat ribbed dildo for the fourth time in her young life, all within the space of two hours, that overwhelmed her senses or perhaps it was the skilful expertise and commanding authority of her elegant mature manager, who had a greater effect upon her libido even than the powerful but younger Ms.

Milne but whatever it was, Sally-Anne came in the longest, most explosive and mind-bending climax of them all. Swept away in orgasmic splendour, she quivered and shook, cunny-juice gushing from her vagina to trickle down her inner thighs, and saliva sprayed from her open mouth. Caught up in the vortex of lust, Sally-Anne squirmed and shuddered, and screamed words that she barely knew that she knew: 'Ahh, yes, fuckit, fucking do me, oh!

shit! yeah! harder, harder!

Intense Exotic Sex Love From India

fuck me do me fucking more! More fucking take me, do me, rape me fucking rape me!!' In response, Ms. Carrington raked her fingernails down Sally-Anne's back to the curve of her ass, and simultaneously rolled her hips to corkscrew the dildo around inside the girl's vaginal hole, sending a wave of electrifying aftershocks through the dazed and drained teenager.

Unseen behind the chambermaid, Ms. Carrington wore a triumphant predatory smile. It was just as she had hoped and thought, and just as she had been advised: this cute and innocent-looking young blonde was ripe and ready for transformation into a sapphic slut, who would soon be willing to do anything that was desired by the authoritative older women to whom she was clearly attracted.

Yes, thought Ms. Carrington with relish and anticipation, pretty little sixteen-year-old Sally-Anne was a prime prospect for being passed around the doms and dykes of the powerful and secret network of lesbian businesswomen of which she and Ms. Milne were founding members. Before long, the girl would be trained into that wonderful combination of being an insatiable submissive, from whom any sexual service could be demanded, or the acting out of any fantasy or role-play, and the little bitch would do it and take it, and then eagerly beg to be taken again and again.

It only remained only to put the final pieces in place, and continue her lesbian education. Ms. Carrington withdrew the dildo from Sally-Anne's vagina, unstrapped the harness and laid it on the desk a few inches from the girl's face. Then the older woman bent forwards, pushed the girl's thighs further apart with her hands, and licked along Sally-Anne's pussy, lapping up the sweet nectar of her teenage juices, and enjoying the moaning ripples of pleasure that it sent through her.

Having tasted the vintage of 1996 and found it good, the manageress returned to the chair behind her desk and sat down, spreading her legs apart and exposing her full mature Venus mound and the prominent pout of her fleshy pussy-lips. Through half-lidded eyes, Ms. Carrington looked at Sally-Anne, who was still sprawled across the desktop, trying to calm her breathing and recover control of her arm and leg muscles, and said in a sultry tone: 'You know what to do, girl so do it!' Sally-Anne staggered to her feet, and tottered around the end of the desk.

It was almost a relief to sink to her knees between Ms. Carrington's spread legs, and to grip the woman's thighs for support. Her boss reached forwards to undo the buttons of the top part of the chambermaid's uniform, and then pulled the garment up over the girl's head and cast it aside.

Sally-Anne was now naked apart from her plain bra and the comfortable flat-soled shoes that she wore for working. Ms. Carrington cupped the teenager's bra cups in her hands, admiring breasts which were comparatively full for a sixteen-year-old, and then she reached behind the motionless girl's back to unsnap the bra and let it fall away from the young blonde's chest.

Again, Ms. Carrington reached for Sally-Anne's mammaries, feeling their firmness and squeezing the nipples. Then, releasing the fleshy globes, she rested her hands on Sally-Anne's shoulders. No more instruction or incentive was needed: as if by magnetism, the chambermaid's mouth was drawn down to her boss's cunt.

Sally-Anne could hardly believe it she was performing oral sex on the pussy of the third woman today, all of them older than her, and two of them certainly twice her age or more. Her feeling was one of amazement, but also of fascination and heady excitement, and she set to work on the manageress's gash with eager energy.

This time she was guided to the right spots, and taught the best way to use her tongue, teeth and fingers, in a winning combination that led to Ms. Carrington jerking down the bra cups that enclosed her own breasts, and demanding that Sally-Anne suck on them whilst finger-fucking her boss's pussy first with two fingers together, and then, at the mature lesbian's urgent demand, with three.

This the teenager did without hesitation, and delighted in the effects of her attentions, as Ms. Carrington's back arched and she came with harsh grunting groan. Ms. Carrington released her hold on Sally-Anne's shoulders, and the overwhelmed and exhausted girl sank back onto her haunches, still gazing at the woman's glistening vulva.

The manageress remained sprawled in her chair, her breasts exposed and her legs wide apart, as she gently teased the fingers of her right hand up and down the moist opening of her gash. After a few seconds, with her other hand she pulled open a drawer in her desk and brought out a box of tissues, which she handed to Sally-Anne, watching with a lazy smile as the teenager wiped her own pussy and then slipped on her bra and chambermaid's uniform. 'I've wanted you to eat my pussy and suck my tits, ever since you showed me your panties at the interview', purred the manager, looking very like the cat who had got all of the cream.

Sally-Anne looked startled, and Ms. Carrington chuckled, and continued: 'Oh, you may well not have done it consciously, my sweet, but it was a telling signal a confirmation, anyway. You were sitting there in a tight little mini-skirt almost a micro-skirt and the more that you looked at me and my tits, I noticed the more your knees parted, until I was given a lovely clear view of the crotch of your pink panties.

That's when I knew that you're a pussy-girl.' Sally-Anne blushed, remembering now that on that day could it have been only six days ago? on that hot summer day, she had deliberately put on her shortest skirt she had known her interview was with a woman, so had her subconscious mind then trailed her cunt in such an obvious way? It seemed perhaps that was so!

but Sally-Anne now felt only thanks and relief in response, and she gave a moment's silent prayer of thanks to the patronage of her mythical fairy godmother, or rather, 'lezzie godmother' would be more appropriate! 'Now, about your weekend duties', said Ms. Carrington, adopting a brisker and more businesslike tone, though her hand continued to play with her own pussy.

Sally-Anne was surprised by this turn in the conversation, for she had understood that her only weekend obligation was a shorter shift on Saturday morning, finishing at 1.00 p.m.

rather than her usual time of 3.00 p.m. However, her boss explained that Ms. Milne and her PA were checking out on Saturday, and that the usual rules about the time of vacating a room did not apply in their case. 'They can leave when they like I never book anyone incoming into their rooms on their day of departure it's an easy consideration for such special regular guests.

So, I want you to go to Ms. Milne's room at the end of your usual shift, and see if you can give any . assistance. You'll be paid for the extra time, of course, and you can tell your family or friends that you are doing extra hours because we are busy. Don't make any plans to see anyone until at least five o'clock, as I expect you will be . tied up . for quite some time', concluded Ms. Carrington, looking meaningfully at her young employee. Sally-Anne understand at once, with a flutter of nervous excitement in her stomach to be put in bondage by Ms.

Milne and Debbie, and then used however they desired for several hours was an incredible prospect, and the combination of constraint and coercion that it offered had a thrilling effect on the submissively-oriented sixteen-year-old.

She lifted her eyes to gaze frankly at her stunningly sexy superior, and replied: 'Oh, yes of course, Ms. Carrington, I will try my best to give them . every satisfaction'. The manageress bestowed a pleased smile upon her youthful lesbian protege. Yes, she thought to herself, this little hottie will go far .

and cum far, far and often and very very wide indeed! 'Well, I might just call in at some point, and check on how you are . serving . our clients', said the manageress with a hungry smile. Sally-Anne was nearly bowled over by this announcement: to be taken simultaneously by both Ms. Milne and Ms. Carrington, two such superbly sensual mature dommes, was beyond her wildest subconscious dreams.

For a second, her mind's eye envisaged herself bound spread-eagled to a bed, with Ms. Milne squatting down on her face for cunt-eating, and Ms. Carrington mercilessly fucking her vagina with a strap-on.

The teenager's pussy went warm and wetly open, and she involuntarily clutched herself between the legs and gave a deep groan. However, her boss was not finished with instructions: 'Now, on Sunday, of course, you don't work here at the hotel but a strong fit young girl like you doesn't need a day of rest!

So, you are to go to Ms. Gilmour's house I'll give you the address for two o'clock in the afternoon she says that she has a great deal to teach you. Wear your prettiest dress, and some more grown-up lingerie I think you can get some now, can't you?' asked the manageress, one eyebrow raised in amused interrogation. Sally-Anne blinked and nodded was there anything these amazing and authoritative adult women did not know?

Of course not, she chided herself: they knew everything about you indeed, more than you knew yourself, as had been vividly demonstrated this morning. She was a mere girl, hardly more than a virgin she resolved that she would put herself unreservedly in their capable hands. Clearly there were no secrets between Ms. Milne and Ms. Carrington! And nor, she realised, were there any between her geography teacher and the hotel manageress.

Now, at last, she understood the completion of the circle that her admired teacher had seen or sensed her budding lesbianism, and had recommended her to Ms. Carrington, not so much for work as for sex, for initiation and, in turn, the manageress had told Ms. Milne that here was pussy to be taken, indeed, needing to be taken. A vista opened up before the pretty blonde teenager, of being the submissive sexual plaything of a whole range of dominant mature lesbians, powerful elegant assertive women who would use her as they pleased.

It was stunningly enthralling, and Sally-Anne had to close her eyes and take a deep breath in order not to faint from excitement. She had entered the hotel that morning an ignorant and naive girl, and she would be leaving it an experienced young lesbian woman. Although she had been taken unexpectedly and by force, and it had been frightening and painful at the start, she had no complaint now.

It had been a revelation, a lifting of the veil from her eyes, and the sooner it had happened the better for a wonderful future of lesbian lust now lay before her: flattering, thrilling and fulfilling her deepest hidden desires of sapphic submission. Unbidden, Sally-Anne knelt down once more, and placed a series of reverent kisses on Ms.

Carrington's breasts and down the length of her pussy, before leaving her new mistress's office with a wave and a cheery smile. She hurried up to one of the unoccupied bedrooms and took a quick shower, so that there would be no sign or smell of her lesbian marathon when she got home.

After drying off rather carefully around her still tender and sensitive pussy the teenager changed into her own clothes, and left the crumpled and sweaty maid's uniform in the hotel laundry. She set out for the shopping centre of the town, eager to have as long as possible in which to select and try on her new lingerie ready for Ms.

Milne and Debbie to enjoy removing tomorrow, and still more for her perceptive wonderful handsome and lesbian! schoolteacher to undress on Sunday A further thought occurred to Sally-Anne, as she trotted along in the warm summer sunshine, whistling happily.

Maybe when her parents were next away over-night, she could arrange for her best friend Eleanor to stay for a sleepover and, maybe she could say to Eleanor that she hadn't been able to get that lesbian porn DVD out of her mind, and would be fascinated to see it again. She had a very strong instinct that this might lead to some interesting developments with her cute-as-a-bunny brunette best friend. Yes, mused the newly-fledged teenage lesbian oh, yes, some very interesting developments indeed!

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