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Hot filipino male teens having sex with other guy and hardcore gay
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Welcome back faithful readers Without further ado, more dirty writing. Okay not entirely dirty writing, it's a story about a journey. My journey for the most part, but not just mine. It's been a long hard road from where I was when I first got off the bus in a strange town to where I am now; fulfilled wife and mother. I didn't do it alone, and it wasn't always roses.

Sometimes it was bad, sometimes it was good and sometimes it was both. This is one of those stories, actually it's two of those stories. I promised myself that each segment of my life would be in 5 chapters, but I felt these two events had to be brought together to show my point.

In one story That we are not alone and we share in our victory and in our defeat.

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Within a few days of our retribution on our Vice Principal a new adventure presented itself. School Elections. " Fuck it. Forget it", Faith said passing the joint as we sat on the bleachers outside.

It was our meeting point, come rain, snow or shine. The bleachers was our own personal ground that we had staked out since the beginning of the year before. Faith, Hope and I would share a joint before classes in the morning here, eat lunch together here, hang out in study period here, and chill out if we had some time after school here. " I wasn't insinuating you should run for President my fiesty friend", Hope said taking a toke" I was talking about Charity" " Me?", I said mildly surprised.

" You cant remember your name? That's it, you're cut off", Faith said reaching to snatch the roach away " Fuck off", I said grabbing it away in time, " I just don't see why I should run" " Think about it, you're pretty, smart, cheerleading captain and dating the school hunk", Hope explained, " you'd be a lock" " But why?", I asked, " I don't know anything about politics" " Yeah, because it's so Byzantine deciding when the prom is and when events are", Hope joked " Fuck you too", I said to busty brunette " Such language from a presidential candidate, it's a scandal", the lithe redhead Faith said.

" It's simple, dear Charity, you get a major credit perk for university screening and plus, Angie Brollet doesn't win" " Fucking bitch", Faith grumbled I had to agree, I hated that bitch. Head of the debate team. Gymnastic team leader. Won the science fair two years running now. And she got the solos in the church choir.

Had her own horse. And always let people know how wonderful and great she was.

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Fucking bitch. " Alright. I'm in. Fucking bitch" I said confirmed " You better not have called me that", joked Hope. Angie had already been Class President since the 10th grade. It was unheard of that happening in our school. And now she was planning on doing it for the third and final time. She kissed the right asses and said all the right things, plus she had a group of core supporters that always voted.

School elections are just like real elections. Everyone bitches about the President but no one actually goes out and votes.Non voters always get the government they deserve. It was just a matter of convincing the undecided voters, they were the ones that mattered. Richard Nixon believed, and this is a massive paraphrasing that you had to court the extreme at first to get your nomination then had to run like hell to the center to get actually elected.

A crook he was, but he was damned right about that. Hope offered to be my campaign manager and Faith decided to be my pollster, and generally anything that didn't involve heavy lifting. Way to go girl. Our campaign slogan was, and if you can believe it " Hope and Change". I shit you not.

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It would be nearly 20 years later when those words came back to me in another election. I always wondered if someone on the President's campaign team was actually from our small town.

Doubtful since we were in the heart of Republican Land here in deepest darkest Texas, but you never know. And it wasn't a painstaking process. We were high and ordering pizza. We were a little short on cash, so Hope said she thought she had enough change in her purse. Faith high as a kite laughed out " That's our slogan ; Hope and Change". It was hysterical. True story. Campaigning was silly as far as I was concerned. We made some posters.

" Vote for Charity", " Hope and Change. Vote Charity", " The Cougars Say Vote Charity, " Charity Brings Hope and Change". pretty trite stuff. Soon Angie was posting her own. But hers came up with full pictures of her smiling.

Or her showing of her gymnastics medals. Her showing the float she was on for the Cougars last year. I responded in kind. Posters of me with pictures in my cheerleading outfit. Pics of me doing cartwheels. Pics of me with the Cougar football team ( before the gangbang as a reward).

The she started playing dirty. She started posting pictures on posters of the trailer park I lived in with the caption" Trailer Park Trash or Wheaton Heights" ( Wheaton Heights being the rich part out of town she lived in), or " Stripper Mom or Doctor Mom"? I was ready to literally kill her when I saw this. How dare she! Yeah, I lived in a crappy trailer parkbut it was my home.

I could handle that. But when she went after Momma. That was crossing the line. In fact Faith gave me some brass knuckles and I was enroute to give perfect little Angie Brollet a lead salad in the mouth. Hope had to get Beeder and Chet to literally drag us down the hall away from Angie as we closed in on her. We yelled and screamed at Angie and she just laughed and laughed with all her pretty equestrian and gymnastic pixie friends.

They dragged me into the aquatic center where I punched dents in the newly installed lockers with the brass knuckles ( and really hurt my fingers, I really don't advise doing this, brass knuckles doesn't make you the Hulk).

I smoked a couple joints and eventually calmed down. " Don't sink to their levels honey", Chet said finally getting through to me " But she went after Momma!!", I was so angry I was almost crying "And you think she'd approve of you attacking her background?", Chet said still calmly " No", I pouted, " she taught me better" " Then we have to win using your strengths", Chet said " Cartwheels and fucking?".

I snorted " You know, that's not a bad idea" Faith said " Excuse me?", I asked the tomboy pothead " Step into my office and I'll explain", Faith said motioning to nowhere in particular. The base of the vote was going to be roughly 70 voters, that was the average apparently from the last 10years or so.

The telling thing of those elections was that they were always the same small groups that voted the same way. High school was a haven of popularity and apathy in equal amounts.

Angie had her gymnastics team that always voted for, plus her equestrian pals. She was also dating a linebacker on the football team, which meant in general that the entire football team voted for her on principle alone. Plus Angie always bribed the audio/video geeks by promising the gymnastics team to appear with them on the float in the town parade each year. We were looking in the neighborhood of 45 -50 votes for her right there off the bat.

Fortunately I had at least one ace in the hole, namely being a dick in my holes.

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The very same linebacker that was dating Angie was also fucking me each month in our monthly " pep rally" gangbang of Faith, Hope and myself. It was a no brainer that he would vote for me just to keep fucking me, and with me fucking the team and Chet being the Captain of the team, I easily garnered myself roughly 20 votes just by having a history of putting out.

Still, even with a 20 point transfer, I was still behind Angie by a 10 point spread. And with her aggressive tactics, she probably realized that too and was doubling down on getting votes. Faith explained to me that if we couldn't win because of an apathetic high school crowd, we'd have to win voters.

Mainly by going after the undecided voter and stealing some of Angie's clout by poaching her voters.


And the best way to do that was with our weapon of choice; sex. The first idea was not the biggest surprise; Faith wanted me ( and her) to put out for the potheads.

She sold regularly to them and was their number one dealer, but someone who smoked grass all day wasn't the most reliable person to remember things, so you needed Pavlovian conditioning to work on them.

They'd get free weed for a week and a chance to fuck me in a pot induced orgy if only they'd come out to vote. Naturally they agreed to our very friendly terms.

Normally I'm opposed to fucking high school boys, lots of energy, lightning recovery time and zero skill in the sack. Plus boys tended to talk and brag. The high school team knew better than to brag, as I would cut off their supply of monthly 3 hole fun if word got around.

Wandering into this exercise had me with some trepidation as a consequence. We decided to do this far from the prying eyes of the world, so I cancelled a cheerleading practice on account of " cramps", and took off early when study break rolled around last class.

I headed out to the parking lot where Faith was waiting for me by the Stoner Mobile. The Stoner Mobile was something you expected to see following the Grateful Dead around the country, peace signs up and down an old VW Van with tinted windows.

It belonged to some stoner dude called Greg and his girlfriend " Flower", her name was actually Margaret so you can see why she called herself Flower. Greg had the obligatory long hair, he was a ginger so that should have been a sign. He had made an effort to look presentable though and kept his hair in a ponytail and was wearing his cleanest jeans. I was surprised Flower was coming along, but apparently she thought free love was " groovy".

Bloody hippies. Flower was a cutie pie herself, a tiny little waif, maybe all of 4' 8" with dirty blonde hair down past her ass. Greg summoned the troops out of hiding from the trees near the parking lot and soon a small convoy of a handful of beat up cars led by the Stoner Mobile was driving out to Lovers Lane which would be abandoned during the day.

Faith and I were busy toking up with Flower in the back while we drove, listening to the Doors as we cruised. There was a big bed covered in quilts and sleeping bags in the back and the van reeked of cannabis.

If I had licked any part of the interior, I'd probably be high for a week. We were feeling no pain about five minutes into the drive, Faith had brought the primo stuff and we were happily buzing along. Flower kept stroking my hair, telling me how pretty I was and how much she digged that I was changing the system with free love.

I wanted to giggle but she seemed so earnest. All three of us were lounging on the mattress, staring up at Jim Morrison and the zodiac signs painted onto the roof when Flower rolled on top of me. " You're so pretty", she said through reddened eyes which did nothing to highlighting the baby blues. And then she kissed me. I never thought for a second that she dug girls and Faiths " whoa" and laugh must have garnered the same reaction.

But when in Rome right? So I kissed the tiny waif right back. " Groovy, I've like totally never been with another chick before", Flower said breaking off our kiss. " Then you're going to love being with two", Faith said grabbing her ass.

Needless to say things got pretty raunchy after that, we stripped the tiny girl out of her clothes pretty fast and proceeded to gobble her up.

Flower just lay back and took it too, like a trooper, giggling as we licked and sucked and fingered her.

It was getting pretty damn hot in the back, so I stripped out of my clothes as did Faith, and soon we were a jumble of legs, and tits and ass and mouth all grabbing at each other… Greg bobbed and weaved a couple times on the road trying to crane a look every now and then and started driving a little faster to get there. Once there he parked as quickly as he could and clambered into the back, where the three of us gals had formed a human triangle; me eating Flower, Flower eating Faith and Faith eating me.

He stripped naked as us really fast, and I set about sucking his cock as quick as can be. Faith set to fingering Flower furiously as they both watched me suck off Greg. Greg apparently had never met such a cock monster as I as he was moaning in a matter of a couple of minutes. He tried pushing me away but I kept slurping on his dick as hard and as wet as I could.

The one good thing about normal sized cocks is that I can deep throat them with incredible ease, and Iwas mashing my lips against his pelvis with every downward thrusts. I massaged his hairy balls in one hand. I guided one of Greg's hands to my tits and that was enough for him. I guess he never had tits as big as mine before in his greedy mitts as he has soon shuddering and firing a load of cum down my throat. I swallowed every last bit of course. Flower came as she watched her boyfriend get sucked off by another girl.

Just then the door slid open and there was a trio of horny stoners standing looking in goofily. They smiled and settled from foot to foot nervously. Behind them I can see another 3 or 4 long hairs lounging around their respective clunkers chatting nonchalantly and pretending not to be interested. ' What you boys waiting for, get in here and fuck us", Faith told them teasingly.

It didn't take long for my redheaded friend and myself to coax them and get them kneeling as we unzipped and started sucking the boys. Flower hid behind a quilt nervously watching. I took a respectable length of dick out of my mouth and pointed it to her. " Want some?". I asked " Sorry groovy girl, I'm faithful to my old man", she said behind the quilt. " Hey baby, if it feels good do it", Greg said toking up getting your dick sucked by a stranger helps ease the jealous.

" If you say so", Flower said moving forward nervously. Once her face was inches from the cock, her nerves vanished. She devoured it like a wolf. She was thrilled to be playing with a new guy and it showed. In a few minutes, Faith and I were both riding on a couple hard cocks.

The other guys finally moved in closer and started grabbing at me and her; mostly at my big boobs. And soon Faith and I had a cock in each hand and one in our twats as we rode and sucked and fucked. Flower got in on it too, as soon the three of us gals had the entire van rocking like a boat in a storm.

I even managed to cum a few times, and when we felt we had done our duties we slipped off the cocks and let their cum dribble out of us. We put on some clothes, having lost my bra and a sock somewhere in the mess, Faith losing her hair braids and her underwear; and we slipped outside. We shared a joint with Greg who assured us everyone who was conscious in his circle were going to vote for me.

Even with a third of his friends voting that would place us about 3 or 4 votes within tying. Flower was now going at it strong, on all fours sucking cock and getting rammed from behind.

She would become the party girl for the stoners from now on, Faith would tell me how later on she would make deliveries to Gregs house when his parents were away just to find Flower pulling a train of 5 or 6 guys in the living room floor.

We tried to get her into our circle, but the girl was the stupidest creature on the planet who just couldn't be bothered to concentrate on where to go next. We would see her again in college when her slut colours would really shine, but for now she was a distant friend. We made our ways home and made plans for the following day with Hope, she was a member of the chess team, the debate tem and the AV club, so she could muster a small geek army at a moments notice.

We waited till after classes, as the geek patrol were trusted to be saints and just had to report to Old Tyrone when they were leaving. If only they were evil, they could use their powers for naughtiness alas. HopeBeeder and I met them in a science lab after class and its was the word of Dorkcraft years before the widespread use of the internet.

Pocket protectors, calculators, horned rim glasses, rugby pants; the whole nine yards. Not surprisingly the only girl in attendance was Hope; she was probably the only girl any of these guys knew about. Hope had explained it to them simply; vote for Charity and not only do you get cheerleader on the float beside you, but you also get a blowjob from her and the captain of the cheerleading team.

Most of them thought she was full of shit, but a good chunk came out to see if it was a bluff. The guys were painfully shy, making Star Wars and Star Trek jokes amongst themselves and not one of them would get within five feet of me.

I was Charity, Miss Super Popular and I didn't hang with the peons as far as they were concerned. Even after unbuttoning my blouse to show off my ample cleavage did they do more than look. " Methinks we need to step up our game", Hope whispered to me.

" I am not playing Dungeons and Dragons", I whispered back. " Fret not my dear, we're just playing with Richards dragon" Richard? Ohright, Beeder. Beeder was in many ways the epitome of an ubergeek; he loved computers, Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons. He collected comics and was painfully shy, or at least he was. Beeder was a nickname he was teased with since the 8th grade and for the weirdest of reasons. In fact, jealous reasons. Beeder had been in the shower after a PE class and the other boys saw what was between his legs.

Beeder actually was three letters; B D R. Otherwise known as Big Dick Rick. Beeder has one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen on anyone, ever. There has only been one man that matched Beeder in size and I would meet him further down the line. Beeder was a monster, we measure him at 13 inches and as thick as your wrist. Even cocksucking champion Hope could only manage half of him in her mouth and a screaming jaw ache the next day. Hope also had a big effect on Beeder as they were now an item.

He had come out of his shell a lot, and the teasing of him almost completely stopped in the halls. He was still Beeder to everyone, but it was less of a taunt and more of a nickname. One he was proud of now. Plus he was becoming a gym monkey too as he knew Hope also like the buff black guys I'd share with her.

He was turning into quite the hottie. Just a very weird hottie., like his penchant for wearing that pirate hat to school which always left my busty goth friend in stitches. " Richard would you come over here?" Hope asked Beeder. " Sure thing doll", Beeder said.

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Yeah, he called her doll. Hope pushed him up against the chalkboard where we were leaning, gave him a kiss and then dropped to her knees in front of him. She motioned to me so I followed suit. Hope wasted no time unzipping Beeder and pulling out his cock, he had a tendency now to go commando as Hope would randomly find him during the day for a fast fuck or a blowjob.

A murmur went through the geeksquad as Hope and I started slurping on Beeders gargantuan fuck stick. We worshipped his giant phallus running our tongues up and down his massive length and girth. Hope was two fisting his giant length into her mouth, milking him as she slobbered all over his big knob. I busied myself licking on his low hanging balls. Within minutes the geeks were surrounding us in a semi-circle to get a closer look at the action.

At first there was some joking, and chortling and shoving. That made way for the silence as they watched a real live porn play out before them. It got even quieter when I undid my shirt and let it drop to the floor, showing off my 32DD's to the world.

Hope pulled her turtleneck over her head showing off her busty goods and creamy skin while I slurped on Beeder to cover. You could hear a pin drop if you removed all the gagging and slurping sounds. They never expected to see one of their own so amorous. Beeder came a couple minutes later with Hope jerking him off into her mouth and me kissing up and down the length of his thick tool.

Hope sucked and sucked until Beeder stopped spurting into her hungry mouth. She arched herself back so and opened her mouth so all the dork patrol could see the huge load of cum in her mouth. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed, reopened her lips to show her destruction of evidence.

I leaned over and kissed her salty mouth hungrily and she kissed back. We both started pawing at each other in a lewd display to get the guys going. Then Hope went back to sucking Beeder some more, whom I knew from personal experience could cum at least 4 more times before he needed an hours break.

I put my finger coquettishly to my mouth and said to the geeks" Oh pooh, she didn't leave any cum for me, could any of you boys help" They looked at each nervously, their faces turning red. " Are there any of you gentlemen that can help feed a poor starving girl their sperm?", I asked fake pouting with big lip and everything. A four eyed wonder nervously raised his hand, and I could tell from his bulge he was packing.

" Thank you kind sir"I replied to the gesture and pulled him forward to me by his Millenium Falcon belt buckle. I unzipped and unsnapped quickly and pulled his pants down around his ankles. His tighty whitey underwear was next and his impressive dick sprung forward.

I swooped down like a falcon of my own and swallowed his cock to the base in one fell swoop my lower lib rubbing up against his balls. I launched my head up and down on him, gagging because while he wasn't long he certainly had some girth.

The poor guy probably never had a girl kiss him before and here I was deepthroating and throatfucking his cock in front of his friends. He didn't last longjust a couple of minutes before he squealed like a little gurl and began to cum.

He gentlemanly warned me first, but that just increased my tempo and soon I was swallowing down a load. " Ahhhh! That was yummy", I said licking my lips, " anyone else want to feed me?" It was a free for all then. I slurped and sucked all of their dicks. There were a couple real monsters amongst the fellas too, I made a future note for some quality " tutoring" sessions with those boys. I would be sucking one while jerking off two more.

Hope joined me of course, being a sucker for sucking a bunch of cocks. There was sperm flying everywhere soon. Hope and I knelt side by side as we encouraged the ones we hadn't swallowed or were able to get it up again to spunk all over our faces. Which they very adequately did. We were glazed over in their man juices and shared a thick spermy kiss when they were all done. Hope was even polite enough to lick my face and tits clean, and scooped off the rest of hers and licked it off her fingers.

Naturally their votes were a lock now. That was easily another 12 for me, and a minus twelve for her. Which now put me nearly 20 points ahead of Angie. Victory was never so thick and salty sweet. The good news was not to last though, when I school reconvened the following Monday I got hit with a double dose of bad news.

And with the class election happening Friday, it looked truly dark indeed. The first bad news came from Hope who came to me fuming and outraged about the Benedict Arnolds she thought were her geek friends.

The geeks had very quickly gone on a bragging spree after our bukkake session. Their boasting had naturally reached the oh-so-perfect ears of Angie though who found a bunch of the boys at their weekly D&D game. She jerked them all off and promised them not only would the gymnastics team be their dates for the prom at the end of they year; they would even put out for them.

I couldn't compete with that, even if a couple guys had huge dicks. There was no way I could convince the cheerleading team to date and put out for the geek squad. Unlike the gymnastic sluts, we weren't going to put out for just anyone. In any case, I made a note to never touch any of them again. The real shitty news came from Faith, and I was ready to murder her for it.

Faith liked to pretend she was a business woman with her pot, so she sold some to Angie who quickly made a batch chocolate chip pot brownies for the stoners. And promised to do so every week for the next three months. After I explained to her that the search for a quick buck had also kicked me in the metaphorical nuts did she seem ashamed.

I tried to stop talking to her, but with her locker next to mine and her jokes about my tits, it that silent treatment lasted all of 3 hours. But now I was well and truly screwed. Instead of being ahead nearly 20 points, I was now about 20 points behind her. In just a couple days I had gone from victory to defeat. As I was wallowing in self pity in my minds eye going up and calling Denny and Bill to come over and double fuck me with their big black cocks until I couldn't think straight, I saw a poster that changed my game plan.

" Pep Rally and Nominee Speeches Friday afternoon.Come out and Vote" A pep rally eh? I had a bad idea, but it was the only one I could think of. Friday came and it was a big turnout for the school It also didn't hurt that attendance was mandatory. The gymnasium was packed to capacity. We had the speeches by the Principal, the football coach and the guidance counsellor.

I was next up with my speech which was about as generic as you could believe, I won't go into the details as I cant even remember what I said. Angie was next and she gave me a bitchy " good luck" as she stepped up. Part of the pep rally was the marching band performance, followed by a cheerleading display. So I had to exit the stage to get changed for it.

The Cougars band played through a medley of standard pep songs and I got ready with my team just behind the bleachers. " Of all the crazy ideas you've ever had, this is clearly the craziest", Hope said adjusting herself.

" Like we have a lot of options", I said also adjusting. " You could just concede you know", Faith said doing the same. " Fuck that, never surrender", I replied " If I get expelled…" Hope said judgingly " You won't, trust me", I assured her " AND NOW YOUR COUGARETTES!!!", came the principal over the microphone " Here goes nothing", I muttered. " Or everything", Faith quipped. The first wave of girls bounded out and across the gymnasium flipping head over heels in perfectly timed and spaced backflips.

The second wave bounded out behind them running across with the huge " GO COUGARS!!!" banner. That left us three to sneak in behind the banner carriers in a crouched run. The front wave of Cougarettes displayed a team cheer in front of the banner; FaithHope and I had scooted across the floor in our unusual attire and face the cheerleaders and waited for the final cheer to reach its crescendo.

We wrapped ourselves in a long banner strip each which we started running and twirling and unravelling behind us. We raised the banner above our heads and when they were side by side they read out " VOTE CHARITY VOTE COUGARS" The other real catch was that as we unravelled it became plainly apparent we were stark naked.

We handed of the ends of the banner to our team and burst through the GO COUGARS banner in front of the surprised student body.

We cart wheeled, we twirled, I even did the splits and the school body went wild. All three of us as naked as the sun ; jumping and wheeling and showing off the goods smiling like lunatics.

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The crowd went to its feet and the gymnasium was a thunder dome of noise. I shook my tits at them and twirled around. There was a sudden push from the crowd and guys were already running up. This lead to the football team rushing up to defend us. All hell broke loose. Speakers got knocked over, feedback rolled through the gym. Some punches were thrown. The cheerleaders flanked together and we scrambled to the girls locker room.

Where the principal was waiting for us. Order was restored eventually and we were sent to the Vice Principal for punishment as that was part of Nazi Bitch's job. The three of us sat in her office having been allowed to dress. VP Gordon sat there awkwardly before us, still intimidated and scared by the vengeance we had reeked upon her just a couple weeks earlier.

She cleared her throat and softly said" Girls, I believe we have a problem" " No, we don't", I told her flatly. Faith took a cigarette out of her pocket and lit up in front of the VP. " But, but, you just can't do that and not expect." " Yes, we can", Faith said blowing out a puff in the Dragon Lady's face. " This is what is going to happen", I said to the VP laying out the law" we're going to sit here quietly while Faith finishes her smoke" VP Gordon was about to say something but I gave her a cold stare that ended dissent.

I then continued" Then we're going to leave, you are going to tell the principal that we are sorry, that we were genuine, and that you were giving us detention for the rest of the year" " Which of course is not going to actually happen, but as far as he's concerned it is", Faith chipped in "No black marks, nothing on our record, no suspensions, no expulsions, are we clear?" Gordon cleared her throat pale face" Yes, Miss Jones" " Good," I sat back and started filing my nails with an emery board.

Faith finished her smoke and we left, and no one was ever the wiser. I was committed to having lost the election, but I wanted to lose BIG time.

If I was going to crash and burn it would be as the Hindenburg and not as a moth and bug zapper. That's a lesson for everyone, if you're going to lose, you might as well go out with style. Monday came and in homeroom an announcement came on the PA " Congratulations to our new Class President, Charity Jones, we hope you enjoy representing our student body" I was floored.

In lunch period I went quickly to the school office and saw Angie come running out crying. "I hate you I hate you I hate you", she wailed as she ran by me down the hall. Nice speaking to you as well Angie. I went in and asked if they were playing some joke. The principal assured me they weren't and showed me the two ballot boxes.

I was stunned.


Here were the vote tallies. Angie Brollet : 13 Charity Jones: 264 264 votes! It wasn't a win. It wasn't a landslide. It was a massacre. It turns out my Lady Godiva display had a massive effect on the vote. Even the metal heads in the smoking pit came out to vote. I guess I learned something else about politics, always give them what they want. In this case, my tits. Being Class President was a bit of a chore.

Sitting in on student council sessions mainly concerned with events, and dances, and decorations. Adressing concerns of s pecial interest groups like the drama department or the music department or the football team.

Mainly I did the busy work the teachers didn't want to with the pretense of meetings and voting and a secretary and other bullshit. The plus side was that I got to decide themes for school dances, to decided what our float was, and organize pep rallies. I even got to select the prom theme and the band, which was downright awesome.

Outside of that, it was just another half hour of my day eaten up each day The next couple of months zipped by in a blur. The football season started, so that kept me busy cheerleading and following them around. Work suffered a bit, but Patti was the coolest boss ever about it. I still sucked and fucked my regulars every chance I could, and I was still madly in love with Chet. Hope and Beeder had all but vanished off the earth as we saw them less and less.

I mean, I saw her in class, at practice and at games. But socially she all but disappeared. Randomly she'd show up on a weekend here and there at my place late night to come suck and fuck some bbc when she wanted variety from Beeder, but that was about it. Turns out Beeder's dad was some big mucky muck with the State Department and he was on call for jobs all around the world in embassies at a moments notice.

The scuttle bug was that he was up for promotion to somewhere in Europe so the call could come anytime and would have to move his family overnight if not in a few hours. Naturally that meant she was spending every free moment she had with him, it was touching and bittersweet all at the same time.

Beeder even had to carry a beeper on him just in case the call came and he had to go. Christmas came and soon followed New Years; this year was going to be different though. I had been fucking George pretty regularly and of course Marcus with Momma. There were the times with Denny and Bill, and other black guys from the Zebra Club, even Mrs Parsons boyfriends. I had spoken to George about my lovers; male and female and had told Momma about George. Momma said George was more then welcome to come spend New Years at the Zebra Club and that Marcus would even bend the rules just for him and let him party inside the Zebra club as an honorary black man.

George was tickled by this and decided to one up Marcus when I informed Marcus of his offer and invited us to his place for New Years.

The best part was that I got to pick the guest list. There was Momma, Marcus, Faith, Denny and Bill, Mrs Parsons and three of her men, there was William of the truly thick black cock, Hope and Beeder, Consuela, and of course myself and Chet. Us girls were allowed to drink and soon everyone was naked, we even tried seeing how many people we could get in the hot tub, turns out it was eight. It was a little chilly to stay outside long unless you were in the tub and the skies looked like it was going to snow for the first time in 15 years in this part of Texas.

Mrs Parson's had actually swept the Zebra Club before heading over and brought over 5 guys instead of three. That made the party a respectable 10 men to 6 women. Excluding Chet of course, he wasn't going to get any tonight. Marcus and George hit it off like gangbusters. They had identical views on almost everything from sports to politics to taste in women.

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At one point it even got obnoxious. Momma and I were on all fours on George's big bed; Momma getting deep dicked by George and me getting equally tooled by her black boyfriend Marcus when the men started discussing business and slowing down their pounding of our rectums.

" Hey, if y'all wanna kiss, we can give you some time alone", Momma teased That spurred them to get back to fucking us good. The night was a heady mix of champagne and cum.

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I even called Patti and asked her if she wanted to come over, she really wanted to but her girlfriend May's ass was too sore from getting sodomized by George the night before, so they were going to celebrate quietly. Hope and Beeder were naturally now where to be found. The midnight hour rolled up close and we staggered into the living room in various states of undress, at least most of us were.

Marcus had brought some 3 cases of wickedly expensive champagne which almost made George faint he was so impressed. I looked around, my body tingling from a doubleteaming Marcus and George had just done on me.

Their huge cocks pounding both my holes almost knocked me unconscious and they promised to finish me off after the clock struck 12. But for that I really needed my girls, you see, it was 1989. The eighties were about to end, and I wanted my best friends with me to see it through. Faith was there stroking Bill.

Momma was there chatting up Consuela while Denny was feeling her up. Mrs Parsons was kneeling before George sucking him while he chatted to Marcus. Chet just wandered around fully dressed sporting a huge erection in his pants and smiling and laughing with William over some hysterical sports incident in the news.

That left Hope and Beeder. Where the fuck were they? I grabbed a robe hanging from a hook near the back patio and went to check the pool and hot tub. Nobody there but Jerome. It was surprise seeing the dimwitted donkey dick there, but apparently he got a late invite from Faith, and decided to soak in a hottub having never been in one before. No sign of Hope. I peeked in Consuela and Pedro's bunkhouse, just him alone drinking beer and watching Dick Clark.

No sign of Hope. Not in the garage, the dining room, the study, the kitchen, the bedrooms, dining room, nowhere. But her coat was hanging off the guest room door.

It looked they had been fucking pretty earnestly based off the wet spots and the cumstains though. With only 3 minutes left till New Year I headed back downstairs where Faith met me in the foyer also in a robe. She had a frantic look in her eyes. " Charity, come quick, it's Hope" she said grabbing by hand.

I was spooked, what was going on. We ran outside and I saw a fully dressed Hope kissing Beeder softly in the driveway. There were tears running down her face, and car was idling beside them. A hand waved Beeder to the car, and he broke away with tears as well. He got into the back seat and the card pulled away with a forlorn Hope staring as the tail-lights drifted into the night and the first flakes of snow. The call had come tonight and they tried to postpone it as long as they could so that Beeder could celebrate one last night with Hope.

But time was a cruel mistress and they had to leave now if they were ever to get on that plane. Hope stood there devastated and slowly turned to us, the tears running down her cheeks. We stepped up to her and pulled her close into our arms. " I never told him I loved him", Hope cried into my shoulder. They counted down to ten and cheered inside the mansion.

We said nothing. There was nothing that could be said We held our friend close as her heart broke and the first snow in fifteen years fell softly on our shoulders. Should old acquaintance be forgot and never be brought to mind Should old acquaintance be forgot and auld lang syne For auld lang syne my dear, for auld lang syne we'll take a cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne