Redbone teen with perfect boobs dildo pussy

Redbone teen with perfect boobs dildo pussy
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"Christian, I am going to cum!" I blurt out between exhausted breathes.

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We've been at this for almost 45 minutes and I'm already whipped.literally. "Hang on babe, I am so fucking close." He says as he grabs my hips and buries himself to the hilt in my wet pussy. I squeeze my eyes shut as he pounds into me. Finally at the last second I feel him still around me.

"Christian, talk to me, you okay?" I ask as I clasp his face in my hands. He gives me a face-splitting grin and comes undone on top of me.

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My head falls back, pressed hard against the pillows. He pants and collapses on top of me. I wrap my arms around his neck and set my forehead against his.

"I have no words to explain how amazing that was. You are so a damn drug." I murmur to him. He smiles and kisses me softly. "I know, and that's good. Means I'm doing my job right." He smirks at me and crushes me into the mattress. His urgent lips find mine and I find myself getting lost again. I stretch my hands up and wrap my fingers around the cold iron bars that are my head board. I grab on tight and let out a long, sexy sigh.


I feel his lips traveling down my neck, trailing feather-light kisses. My body writhes under him as he continues his torturous, sensual assault. Christian's hand runs up my thigh, over the side of my stomach and right to my boob. He gently squeezes it until my nipples are peaked with arousal. His mouth engulfed my other breast and he begins to lick and suck the nipple, gently tugging at it with his teeth. It's like he has a direct line to my groin and he's barely touched me.

A strangled gasp escapes my lungs as he continues further. "Christian.Christian, please!" I beg, almost sobbing. "Please what?" He asks with a sexy smirk on his beautiful face.

"I want you inside me.I want you to fuck me!" I finally get the words out. "Mm.someone's naughty. I like it. I may have to punish you for that." Christian whispers in my ear. Just his warm breath sends my libido into overdrive. I writhe once more under him and push my hips up, hinting how badly I want him. I feel his full, raging erection grind against my leg as he answers my silent plea.

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In the next breath I feel his perfect lips hard on mine. His tongue forces my lips apart and I give in to his kiss instantly. As our tongues wrestle, I feel his hand slide down between us and he cups my sex.

Christian begins to rub my clitoris with his thumb and I almost com bust. I spread my legs to give him easier access to me, but he doesn't take the invite right away. Instead, he continues to finger my wet, aching pussy.

I groan louder this time, calling out a very strangled version of his name. Slowly, he inserts a finger into me.

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I arch my back and try to moan, but no sounds come out. He teases me badly as this finger slowly glides in and out of the soft, pink, wet folds of my burning pussy.

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I can feel everything deep in my belly and my groins clench tight as Christian slides another finger into me. This time I manage to cry out in pleasure. When he looks down at me, he's got a wicked gleam in his blue eyes. I stare right back and I see the faint trace of a grin on his face. The next 10 minutes were some of the hardest I've endured.I'm not sure how I managed not to cum that entire time. I let my head roll to one side as Christian withdraws his fingers from my nether regions.

He kneels over me with his hands on either side of my shoulders to support his weight. Christian's knee slides up between my legs and parts them easily. He doesn't waste any time getting ready. Before I know it he is sinking his huge cock into my pussy.

In 3 small, effortless pushes he is buried inside of me. As soon as we are comfortable I reach up and wrap my arms around his neck and he lays down on top of me. Christian's hips begin to gyrate and pick up a rhythm. I keep up the best I can, but I am so lost in us that nothing clear right now.


"Oh God yes! Oh Christian.fuck me good baby!


Deeper.faster.please!" I manage to choke out between gasps of air. Christian re-situates himself and picks up a pace and drives his dick deep into my cunt. I feel him so deep in me that his ball sac slaps my taint as we fuck.

I dig my nails into his back and shoulders and hear him moan. "Take it easy, babe. This is so damn good. I want you to feel every inch of nice and slow." He whispered gently. I wrapped my ankles around his ass and pushed in on him when he thrust into me.

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I bring my head up and find his lips again. I fist my hands in his hair and moan against his lips while we fuck. "Goddamn girl, you are fucking tight tonight.

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Oh fuck I love it." He bit his bottom lip and drove himself further into me. I welcomed him and met him thrust for thrust. The headboard slammed into the wall, leaving dents and peeling paint off.

"Christian! I'm cumming again.cum with me please!" I beg hard, wanting to feel all of him. I feel the familiar clench of muscles and my body responds almost immediately. I explode around his throbbing cock, riding out my orgasm as I go. Soon after I feel Christian still and squeeze his eyes tightly. He blows his load so hard into my pussy I cry out in pain and pleasure. His warm, sticky, white seed fills my cunt and my belly.

It feels endless as if he can't stop. I wiggle my hips just a little bit and feel his seed start to leak out between us.

I grab his face in my hands and smile. "That was so fucking amazing, Christian." I murmur against his lips.

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"Oh Kass, you have no idea baby. I thought I was going to pass out for a minute." He says as he leans his forehead against mine.