Gay video Days Of Straight Boys Pissing

Gay video Days Of Straight Boys Pissing
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Just like last time Ou - Chan Brutally rapes Ayames mouth, pussy and ass again and again and again, he cums massive amounts of sperm in all three of her holes and just like last time there's a pool of sperm on the ground. Ayame has lost count how many times Ou - Chan has raped her mouth, pussy and ass with his giant monster cock but like Merik told her Ou - Chan has infinte stamina and will never stop unless he's ordered to by a higher level demon.

He's so big and strong and he easily lifts her off the ground every time he rapes and creampies her pussy and ass, her arms and legs dangling off the ground and just like last time Ou - Chans sperm keeps Ayame fully hydrated and well fed but also acts as a lubricant so her pussy and ass is constantly wet. Ou - Chan is holding her waist with his left hand and she's bent over, her arms and legs dangling off the ground as Ou - Chan brutally rapes her pussy when Ayame sees a portal open and both Rikimarue and Merik levitate through the portal and close it behind them.

They watch as Ou - Chan cums deep inside Ayames pussy and then Merik seperates Ayame and Ou - Chan with a barrier and Rikimarue opens a portal and sends Ou - Chan away and then closes the portal.

Ayame looks up at Rikimarue and Merik and says " Masters " and then collapses on the cum covered ground, Rikimarue lifts her off the ground with dark energy as Merik opens a portal back to Rikimarues house and all three go through. Rikimarue places her in the shower where the hot water washes off all the sperm that's covering her body, then placing her on the bed Merik touches her face again giving her another nightmare where her now adult Orc Son is raping her and impregnating her.

In her dream Ayame is taking a long, hot shower when her now adult Orc Son knocks on the door and says " Mother I need to use the bathroom can I come in?

", Ayame says " Sure Son come in ", the door wasn't locked so her Orc Son opens the door and walks in, Ayame notices that he has a hulge bulge in his shorts and she says " is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? ". Her Orc Son takes off his shorts revelaing his huge rock hard Orc cock, he takes off his shirt and says " Suck my cock you fucking whore " Ayame looks at her Son in shock and says " What did you say?



Her Orc Son laughs and says " Suck my cock you fucking whore " and he grabs her arm and pulls her out of the shower, forcing her on her knees he rams his cock into her mouth and starts raping her. His hand on the back of her head, he's raping her mouth so fast and hard and she's gaging on his huge Orc cock then he bends her over the toilet and forces her head into the bowl as he rams his rock hard cock into her pussy and starts raping her hard, fast and deep.

She's screaming " WHY SON WHY? " her Orc Son laughs and says " I can't hear you Mom " and he flushes the toilet, she hears her Son say " I'm going to cum inside you and get you pregnant with my Orc Son ".

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Ayame is screaming " PULL IT OUT! DON'T CUM INSIDE ME ", her Orc Son moans as he cums deep inside his Mothers pussy and keeps his cock inside her before finally pulling it out, Ayame pulls her head out of the toilet and she looks at her Son and says " Why?

", her Orc Son smiles and says " I'm an Orc you stupid cunt ". As her nightmare continues Merik is using his power of regeneration to heal her body so her pussy and ass are nice and tight for all the other demons that are going to rape and gangrape her, Merick looks at Rikimarue and says " If she wasn't broken before she's definately broken now ".

Rikimarue smiles and says " Yes she knows that at any momemt we can easily send her to that pocket dimension and leave her there with Ou - Chan for as long as we want so I highly doubt she'll try anything foolish ".

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In Ayames dream after being raped and creampied by her Orc Son everything goes black and when Ayame can see again she's in a kitchen cleaning the sink when her Orc Son gets behind her and Says " Hello Mother how are you? ", Ayame says " I'm fine Son thank you " and her Orc son puts his hands on her shoulders and starts massaging her and he says " Your working to hard Mother you should take it easy, does this feel good Mother?

", Ayame says " Yes Son if feels very good thank you " and her Orc Son moves closer and Ayame can feel his erection against her ass, Ayame says " What are you doing?

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". Her Orc Son grabs her neck with his left hand and bends her over the sink, then he uses his right hand to lift her skirt and pull down her underwear.


With her skirt above her waist and her underwear around her ankles her Orc Son rams his big Orc cock into her pussy and starts to rape her hard, fast and deep, she screams " WHY SON? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? " her Orc Son says " I'm an Orc you fucking whore " and he keeps raping her pussy as hard as he can. Between his grunts and her moans she can hear his balls slap against her until her Orc Son moans and says " Get pregnant you fucking cunt " and he shoots his sperm deep inside her pussy.

Ayame wakes up after Merik touches her face again and she sees Rikimarue and Merik and says " Hello masters ", Rikimarue says " What were you dreaming about? " Ayame smiles and says " I had two dreams where my adult Orc Son raped and impregnated me master ". Merik says " In your dreams did you resist your Son? " Ayame says " Yes master I tried to resist as my Orc Son raped and impregnated me ", Rikimarue takes her to the kitchen and makes her a sandwich and gives her a bottle of water.

A month has passed since Ayame was raped the first time by the horse demon and she hasn't gotten her period so she must be pregnant but between the horse demon, dog demons, Ou - Chan and the Orcs who knows wo the Father is, Ayame is happy that she's pregant again, she tells Merik and Rikimarue that she only exists to please demons and give birth to their children and that her Orc Son will have a half Brother or half Sister.

Rikimarue smiles and says " Do you remember your life as a Taimanin? how many demons you killed ?

Ayame says " Yes master I remember and I'm so ashamed that I was part of an organization that would hunt and kill demons ". Merik says " Who do you think is the Father of your baby? ", Ayame smiles and says " It doesn't matter to me master I'm just happy that I can please demons and give birth to their children ".

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Merik smiles and says " You are an amazing demon cum dumpster so I'll reward you with a gift ", Ayame smiles and says " Thank you so much master ". Merik opens a portal to the pocket dimension and both he and Ayame step through, now in the pocket dimension Merik opens two portals and summons five Orcs and five dog demons, he closes both portals after all ten demons enter the pocket dimension and says " Enjoy your gift " and steps through the portal back to Rikimarues house and closes the portal.

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Rikimarue is still a Taimaninin and has to check into HQ from time to time to train other Taimanins and go on missions so after Rikimarue leaves the house Merik opens a portal to the pocket dimension. Now in the pocket dimesnion he watches as the Orcs and dog demons brutally gangrape Ayames pussy, mouth and ass while she masturbates two other demons, he hears her gaging on cocks and moaning as her pussy and ass is constantly filled with demon cocks, eventually all the Orcs have cum in her mouth, pussy and ass but dog demons can go for hours and hours so they keep gangraping her while Merik opens a portal and sends the Orcs away and then closes the portal.

Her ass and legs are scratched and bleeding from the dog demons sharp claws everytime they mount her but he can easily heal her flesh so he watches and Ayames is brutally raped by two dog demons and she masturbates another two. After a while Merik opens a portal and sends all five dog demons away and closes the portal, he heals her flesh and says " Did you like your gift? " Ayame says " Yes master I loved it so much thank you ". Merik says " when we go back to Rikimarues house after your shower I'll let you have some bonding time with your Orc Son ", Ayame says " Thank you master " and he opens a portal to Rikimarues house.

Back in Rikimarues house Merik watches Ayame shave her long legs and take a shower and then dry off, now sitting on her bed Merik says " Rikimarue has gone to Taimanin HQ to report in but he should be back soon " and he leaves the room to go get Ayames Orc Son. When Merik enters the room with her Orc Son Ayame is gone, he puts the Orc baby on the bed and searches the house for her but she's gone, he thinks to himself how can this be?

With everything we put her through and the nightmares how could she not be broken? Ayame appears at Taimanin HQ wearing one of Rikimarues shirts, shorts and flip flops, she confronts Rikimarue in front of all the Taimanin he's training in hand to hand combat and exposes him as a traiter who is working with the demons and how he had her and other female Taimanin captured by demons.

The Taimanin attempt to capture Rikimarue but he opens a portal to a dark dimension and escapes which proves Ayames claims, The Taimanin are shocked to see Ayame still alive after all this time and learning that one of their most respected Taimanin is a traiter to their organization. Ayames gives a detailed report on how she was set up and captured, how she was brutally gangraped by three Orcs for a year and impregnated and that she gave birth to an Orc Son.


She reports that was kept at Rikimarues house where she was raped by a horse demon, dog demons, Ou - Chan and Orcs and that she's pregnant with a demon baby and requests an abortian. She reports how she faked being mentally broken and waited for a chance to escape, she's asked how she was able to resist all the mental and phyical torture and Ayame says " Hate is a powerful emotion and as long as it doesn't consume you it can be a great source of strength ".

Ayame is given a place to live in Taimanin HQ and is given a full time position as a teacher to train female Taimanin on how to resist long term mental and physical torture. Although Rikimarue lost his position as the Taimanin inside Man he doesn't really care, he already has what he wanted, to live throughout eternity as a powerful Immortal. Merik drops off the Orc baby with some orcs before tracking Rikimarues dark energy signature, he finds Rikimarue vacationing in Bangkok Thailand and together they plan their revenge on the Taimanin demon cum dumpster that got away.