Masturbando e gozando para uma amiga

Masturbando e gozando para uma amiga
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My wife, Sue, is a professional woman in her 40s. Although only 5ft 2ins tall she packs a lot of sexy body into that height. Blond hair, matched with deep brown eyes, a come to bed smile and 38dd tits make her a proper cock-magnet.

However, until recently she had never gone over the side (or so she tells me). This summer, however, that was to change. Our kids had recently grown up and flown the nest and I noticed a discreet but very noticeable, increase in our sex life. Although never bad, it had been found wanting the last few years - be it pressure of work or, whatever, it could have been better.

One Saturday we had been out shopping and Sue bought herself a denim miniskirt and low cut blouse. Although perhaps slightly young for her, I thought - hey ho, I could be in for some fun tonight - how little did I realise how true that would be! Strangely, at about 5pm she ran herself a bath and jumped in, armed with a glass of wine.

One glass turned into 2 and she called my name up to the bathroom. Sitting on the bathroom armchair I looked at her face and it was clear she had mischief up her sleeve. "Our sex life has been crap the last couple of years" she confirmed. I agreed and we talked about why and the fact that we now had uninhibited time on our hands.


Then, she threw in the low-baller - "I want us to live out our sex fantasies - starting with yours - what is the biggest fantasy you have about me?". This caught me like a punch to the jaw and I found myself nervous and stuttering. Picking up on this, Sue made things easy for me - "I tell you what, I'll tell you what I think it is, you correct me if I'm wrong". I nodded nervously. "You have asked me, over the last couple of years, to wear revealing clothing for nights out", I couldn't disagree - I loved the thought of other men drooling over the sight of her ample breasts.

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"I think, you like other men fancying me" - again, no contest. "So, here's my offer. I've have bought a denim miniskirt and sexy top. I want you to prepare my body to be fucked by another man".


BANG! My cock nearly exploded in my pants - here was my demure sexy wife, offering to meet my wildest sex fantasy. I couldn't deny to her it was (one) of my desires. Getting out of the bath she smelt a million dollars.

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Going into the bedroom she laid down, downed her second glass of wine and poured a third. Handing me her electric razor she said "shave me". I gave her a fantastic Brazilian cut and thought "wow". This wow turned into a bigger "WOW" when she handed me a red marker pen - "write SLUT across the top of my pussy". I was staggered by this transformation in her, but duly obliged.

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She dressed provocatively, rubbing her hands over her body in the process and applied bright red lipstick to her face. The drive to the dogging site took about 20 minutes and in the meantime she had finished off the bottle of wine. The site was a secluded pull in off a b-class road - surrounded by trees it was perfect.

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By now it was about 8 pm and although we were first on scene we were soon joined by another car. This was driven by an elderly chap, about 70 years old.

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Having driven slowly past our car he could not have missed the sight of Sue running her hands over her tits. How he didn't crash is beyond me! Parking up, he made no time in coming to her side of the car.

He opened the door to see Sue was unbuttoning her blouse to show her ample tits, free of a bra. He looked at me briefly and took my nod to be a green light. "You're a very naughty lady. Let me help you".

My cock nearly exploded as I watched, this complete stranger, take my wife's tit into his mouth. Sue groaned with pleasure and I watched in awe as she reached for his zipper. Although not blessed his cock was raging hard and she wanked him slowly but surely. Within a few strokes he was groaning.

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Sensing he was about to shoot his load Sue pulled his cock towards her face. I watched in amazement as this old boy shot his load over her face and tits. Like a true slut she rubbed his wet bell end over her face and tits.


then proceeded to wipe up his cum with her fingers and lick them dry. He walked away, almost shaking with pleasure - turning to me she said "that's it, I want loads of cock tonight". She was true to her word. For the next 3 hours I watched in a state of ecstasy my wife taking cocks from behind over the bonnet of our car, up against a tree and being spit-roasted by two lorry drivers, to say the least.

She was fucked, by the end of that 3 hours, by no less than 6 guys, gave a couple of blow jobs and wanked another 3 whilst being fucked. That was one glorious (albeit rare!) nice summers evening this year. Since then Sue has been fucked by no less than 18 different guys of various ages and I am about to wave her goodbye for a girlie holiday to Magaluf - with a mate who has a reputation for being a right tart! Suffice to say, Sue has promised me plenty of stories and picture messages this next two weeks!