Gay men doing sex with doctors movie first time Snatched And Stuffed

Gay men doing sex with doctors movie first time Snatched And Stuffed
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The following story is a work of fiction. Its contents are of a graphically sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts between underage partners. Any resemblance to persons either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only. If you are under the legal age of consent in your local jurisdiction, or if you are easily offended, kindly STOP READING NOW. Dental Care Too - by - The StoryMaster Jack Merrick stood looking around the exam room.

He'd been there before. In the center of the room was the familiar examination chair with a small instrument tray standing along side. Jack waited somewhat impatiently. The dental appointment today wasn't for Jack.

It was for his teenage daughter, Tracy who had just stepped out to use the bathroom. Jack stared absent-mindedly at a sailboat mobile which hung from the ceiling over the examination chair. It revolved slowly in the re-circulated office air. Just then his best friend Ray Barrette stuck his head in the door. "Everything OK?" he asked surreptitiously. "Yeah, I think so, Ray. Just waiting for 'The Good Doctor'," Jack said with a wry smile. Tracy's in the bathroom," he added. Then Jack said hurriedly, "Man, you'd better get outta here or the girls are going to get suspicious." "Hey, take it easy, Jack," Ray said defensively.

"The Doc's working on Tina right now. Hell, she's probably already out. My little girl's waitin' for you Jack, ole' buddy." Ray grinned lewdly. Jack looked at his friend dubiously. "Yeah, yeah, OK. Now get going before Tracy comes back." "OK," Ray said from the door. "The Doc'll be here real soon to get Tracy ready. I'm sure lookin' forward to gettin' to know your daughter better, ole' buddy," Ray added, closing the door behind himself and leaving Jack alone again with his thoughts.

Jack wasn't really sure why he'd let Ray talk him into this whole thing today. It was hard enough on Jack knowing that his lovely, fourteen year old daughter now had a steady boyfriend and was already sexually active, but now to have to share Tracy with Ray. "Man, I don't know about this," Jack thought to himself. "Maybe I'd better call the whole thing off. Ray can still fool around with Tina, and I can keep Tracy for myself," he pondered. Memories of Tracy's last appointment with Dr.

Greeley were still fresh in Jack's mind even after two weeks. Making love to his teenage daughter while she lay unconscious in the special examination chair had become the single most joyous occasion in his life. He'd been with Tracy four times now, and each time had been more magical than the last. Jack actually felt himself getting aroused as he daydreamed about his young daughter's fabulous body. The sights, the sounds and the smells of his little girl tended to occupy the forefront of Jack's consciousness these days.

He found himself checking his calendar more and more often, marking off the days until Tracy's next dental appointment. "And now, here we are," Jack thought, "and I'm about to give her to Ray." Jack shook his head in mild frustration. The deal was this. Ray had been the one who'd originally told Jack about Dr. Martin Greeley and the "special family services" he offered in addition to family dentistry. In retrospect, Jack wondered why he'd ever confided in Ray about his feelings for Tracy in the first place.

"Of course, I'd never have gotten this far with her, if it hadn't been for Ray and 'The Good Doctor'," Jack muttered to himself. "Damn!" he cursed softly. About a week ago, Ray came to him and suggested that maybe he and Jack might arrange a little "swap-a-roo", as he'd put it. At first Jack didn't have a clue what his friend was talking about. Noticing his blank expression, Ray elaborated. "You know, ole' buddy.

At our next visit to 'The Good Doctor; You and Tina; Me and Tracy? Wadaya say? Sound like fun to you?" Jack's jaw had dropped. He'd been utterly floored by Ray's suggestion.

His first reaction had been one of outrage, but fortunately Jack had been able to control himself and not say anything he'd regret later.

Taking a deep breath Jack thought about the deal he'd struck with his friend. Tina Barrette; Ray had adopted the girl; wasn't too bad looking. In her own way the dark haired fifteen year old was actually quite attractive. Jack very rarely found either his daughter, Tracy or Tina without an entourage of young men in tow these days. So, obviously he wasn't the only one who found Tina attractive, or Tracy, for that matter. Tina Barrette was about the same height as his daughter, but was slimmer of frame.

Her breasts were smaller than Tracy's, it appeared to Jack, and her hips perhaps just slightly narrower, although he'd only seen the girl in a swim suit once.

Tina had jet black hair which she usually wore tied back loosely like a flowing mane. Tina had a fiery Latin look about her, and her eyes were dark and sultry. The girl was obviously of Hispanic decent, although Ray had never divulged any details of the adoption. Ray, of course just couldn't say enough about Tina's sexual prowess. After Jack confessed his feelings for Tracy, it seemed that sex with the girls was all Ray talked about anymore.

The slowly rotating mobile swam into focus, and Jack realized he'd been lost in thought. "Jesus," he muttered. Dropping his gaze to the exam chair which presently stood empty in the center of the room, Jack strove to fight off mental images of Ray with Tracy.

"Can I go through with this?" he wondered not for the last time. "Tina might be fun," 'The Bad Donald', sitting on his right shoulder said. "Yeah, but Ray and Tracy?" 'The Good Donald' on his left shoulder countered. Jack shivered involuntarily at the thought. He'd about decided to call it all off when the door to the exam room opened and in walked his lovely daughter, Tracy, followed closely by Dr.

Martin Greeley. "Hi, sweetheart," Jack said as his little girl brushed past him without a word and took a seat in a chair against the far wall. Tracy was angry that she had to go to the dentist so often lately.

"My gums feel fine, Daddy," she'd pleaded just that morning. "I just went two weeks ago," she'd pointed out unnecessarily to her father. Jack had explained that the appointment was set, and that he'd have to pay for it anyway whether she went or not. "Besides," he'd added lamely. "Doctor's orders." "Good morning, Mr. Merrick," Greeley said in his clipped, professional manner. "Good morning Miss Merrick," Dr. Greeley said turning to smile in Tracy's direction.

He received only a terse nod from the young blond. "Good morning, Doctor," Jack replied politely. "Busy morning?" he added in the way of small talk, watching Dr. Greeley walk quickly to the chair. "Yes it most certainly is," Greeley answered. "Miss Merrick, we should get started," he then said.

"Come have a seat please, and we'll begin." Tracy reluctantly rose from her seat, crossed the room and flopped into the padded examination chair in a decided huff.

Choosing to ignore the youngster's rude behavior, Dr Greeley continued in an even tone of voice, "We are going to have to do a little exploratory drilling today, Miss Merrick, so once again, I am recommending a general anesthetic.

Tracy slowly looked up at the doctor with an unmistakable expression of condescension on her face. "Whatever," she replied, then looked away. "The little brat's beginning to get on my nerves," Dr. Greeley thought to himself. "But as soon as Daddy leaves, his best friend Ray and I have plans for you, little lady," 'The Good Doctor' thought, smiling down at the pretty, blond teenager. "Alright, I'm going to lean you back a little then," Greeley said. He depressed a foot pedal under one side of the exam chair, causing hidden electric motors to whine.

The seat back slowly reclined. Stepping away from the chair, Dr. Greeley removed a plastic IV bag from the nearby storage cabinet along with a length of clear catheter tubing. Next Greeley hung the bag on its rack beside the chair, connected the tubing to the flow/drip regulator and picked up a short piece of surgical tubing from the tray next to the chair. "Hold out your arm, please, Miss Merrick," Dr.

Greeley asked in his professional manner. When Tracy complied, he tied the tourniquet tightly around her outstretched arm just above the elbow. Holding Tracy's arm Greeley tapped the skin in the crotch of the young girl's elbow until a large, blue vein appeared. "There you are," Dr. Greeley muttered with a smile as he swabbed the same area with an alcohol wipe.

"Oww!" Tracy yelped. Greeley hadn't bothered to warn her of the impending prick of the IV needle. Smiling down at her, 'The Good Doctor' said, "I'm sorry, my child. Now do have a nice nap." Greeley reached up and opened the flow regulator. The Sodium Pentothal began to drip into the small plastic cylinder. As Jack watched from a chair nearby, the clear liquid ran quickly down the length of narrow gauge catheter and disappeared into his daughter's vein.

It was as if someone had thrown a switch. It never ceased to amaze Jack just how fast the anesthetic actually worked. Dr. Greeley had asked Tracy to count backward from one hundred, and the last slurred number Jack had heard the now slumbering girl utter had been ninety-eight. After checking Tracy's pulse and respiration, Dr.

Greeley made a small adjustment to the IV drip regulator then turned to Jack and said, "Mr. Merrick, your daughter is ready for you. Or is it Mr. Barrette who will do the honors today?" Jack squirmed uncomfortably. Greeley noticed. "It is my understanding," he continued, "that you and Mr. Barrette have agreed to, how shall I say it, trade places? Is that not true, Mr. Merrick?" Jack sat in silence, gazing at his lovely, sleeping little girl. Jack wanted her so badly he could taste it.

He was just about to tell Dr. Greeley that he'd reconsidered when the exam room door opened and in walked Ray Barrette. "Hey Buddy! Hi Doc," Ray said jovially as he stepped up beside Dr. Greeley and looked down at the unconscious Tracy Merrick. "What a babe!" Ray thought. "We are gonna have one fine time." In his mind's eye, Ray Barrette pictured himself hammering away at the pretty teenager. He'd been thinking about this morning for a long time now.

"Tina was great, but variety's the spice of life. They say." "Tina's sleeping like a baby. She's all ready for ya Jack. Go have fun, man! She's as tight a little lay as you'll ever find," Ray said crudely.

"So how's my little darlin' doin', Doc? Is my little girl ready for her Uncle Ray?" Without warning Ray reached out a hand and cupped Tracy's right breast. Squeezing Tracy through her clothing Ray leered in Jack's direction, "Nice tits, man!" he growled.

"Bigger than my Tina's." It was all Jack could do not to jump up and clobber his friend, but sensing that events had already escalated beyond his control, Jack restrained his wrath.

Slowly rising from his seat, a resigned Jack Merrick asked, "OK, Ray. Which room is she in?" Just as Jack closed the door behind himself, he had the distinct displeasure to overhear his best old ex-friend Ray exclaim gruffly in the background, "Oh, darlin!

Why you're already wet for Uncle Ray!" Dr. Greeley had directed him to Exam Room Five, just down the hall and to the left. He had then informed Jack that he would drop in after a few minutes to check on his patient, but that Jack should by all means begin without him. Jack opened the door to Exam Room Five and stuck his head inside. The room was bathed in silence.

In its center stood an identical examination chair to the one he'd just left his daughter lying in. In this chair in Exam Room Five, however, lay a slumbering, dark haired, teenage girl.

Jack's heart started to pound as he quickly stepped into the hushed air of the room, closing the door and setting the lock behind him.

He turned and looked at the girl in the chair from his position at the door, studying her for several minutes. She was definitely asleep. From a distance Jack could see the slow rise and fall of her chest as she breathed.

Hanging from a nearby rack was the familiar IV bottle with its attached tubing and the slowly dripping flow regulator. The catheter tubing led downward to the inside of the girl's right elbow where it was taped in place.

Jack took a deep breath, then crossed and stood beside the examination chair. "God! She really is lovely, isn't she." Jack muttered under his breath. He hadn't really seen Tina Barrette up close for quite some time and had forgotten what a truly attractive young lady she was. Tina lay breathing slowly and evenly. She was the very picture of beauty. Her almost jet black hair lay spread out on the head rest of the chair. Her eyes were closed, their long lashes dark and think.

Jack remembered those eyes from the few times he'd been close to the girl. He felt certain she used them as quite the effective snare for the boys in her school.

Tina's eyes were like black holes. "An unsuspecting man could be pulled in and lost forever in those eyes," Jack thought absent-mindedly. Tina Barrette' mystical eyes were framed between beautiful, high cheek bones and perfectly shaped, dark eyebrows.

Her shapely Latin face was graced with a pouty mouth with full, dark pink lips. Tina's flawless skin was a dark golden color, like a perpetual, rich sun tan. The young beauty was dressed in a tight, black, tube-style pullover and black Levi Strauss jeans. On her small feet were a pair of trendy running shoes. Jack noticed immediately that Tina was not wearing a brassiere. He could see her small nipples embossed in the smooth surface of her tube-top.

He let his eyes scan down the rest of Tina's body. She was decidedly slimmer than his Tracy. Tina's tummy was exposed between the bottom of her top and the waist band of her jeans which rode low on her hips. The young girl's tummy was flat and obviously quite muscular and her waist was wasp thin. Jack suspected he could completely encircle her with his two hands. Again her skin was totally devoid of even single blemish.

From that narrow waist, Tina's hips spread fuller than Jack had remembered. "She's got really great, body," Jack remarked to himself as his eyes traveled down the perfectly shaped thighs of Tina's long legs, the tight jeans defining every curve.

Jack suddenly noticed his mouth was very dry and his heart was pounding like mad. He was really getting worked up. "I guess, I'd better get busy," Jack said aloud and somewhat hoarsely. Jack had a natural distrust of the anesthetic arrangement, though it had worked flawlessly on many an occasion with Tracy.


Still, he imagined his worst nightmare coming true in which Tracy would suddenly awaken to find him having his way with her. Jack believed, and rightly so, that such an incident would spell disaster for him. So it was that as a test, Jack carefully placed a hand over one of Tina Barrette's small breasts.

Jack could feel her warm, supple flesh through the thin material of her shirt. He also felt the nub of her nipple beneath his palm. When he received no reaction from Tina, Jack squeezed just a little. Still nothing. Keeping his hand over her breast, Jack leaned down and brought his lips just inches from those of the slumbering teen and paused, feeling her warm breath against his cheek. Jack inhaled, his head filling with the subtle perfume of the lovely young girl.

Then he kissed Tina softly on the lips. Moving his hand to Tina's other breast, Jack rubbed the resilient, little cone slowly through the soft cotton, occasionally flicking his index finger across the gradually hardening nipple. Jack kissed the young girl several times while he massaged her breasts, then stood and stepped back from the chair, his preliminary test a success.

The pretty teenager was indeed out cold. "OK then," Jack muttered. "Let's have a better look at you, Tina. I'd like to see just what it is your step-father's been raving about." Jack started with Tina's jeans, unbuckling the gold Gucci buckle of her leather belt.

He could feel the young girl's radiated warmth as he unbuttoned her Levi's and reached for the zipper. Just then the door opened. Startled, certain he'd locked the door, Jack looked around to see Dr.

Greeley enter then close the door and lock it. "I take it everything is to your liking, Mr. Merrick. No problems or questions?" "Yes, Doctor, everything is perfectly acceptable as always." Removing his hands from Tina, Jack turned to Dr. Greeley. He paused, wrestling briefly with himself, then asked, "Uh Doc, By the way, I uh. I was uh wondering." he stammered. "How. how's Tracy? I mean, is she OK, Doc?" 'The Good Doctor' gave Jack a somewhat patronizing smile.

"Please, Mr. Merrick. I understand your concern about your daughter, but after all, you agreed to the arrangement with Mr. Barrette. I assure you, Tracy will not be harmed in any way.

She's in good hands, Mr. Merrick." He smiled that smile again. Then he glanced at his wrist watch. Mr. Merrick, I suggest that whatever your plans are for Miss Barrette, you begin as soon as possible. I'll not be able to monitor both young ladies simultaneously, and I need to get back to the your daughter and Mr. Barrette. I will check in on you after a half hour or so." When Jack's expression of concern remained painted on his face, Greeley nodded in the direction of the slumbering, dark haired beauty in the nearby chair and added, "Look at her, Mr.

Merrick. She's a dream come true for any man. Try not to think about your daughter for awhile and enjoy your side of the arrangement. She's indeed a lovely young lady. Don't you agree?" Jack stared at Dr. Greeley for a moment before glancing toward the exam chair.

Tina lay there, waiting. She was an extraordinarily beautiful girl. There was no doubt about it. Jack turned back to Greeley and nodded, albeit reluctantly. A vivid picture of Ray Barrette with his young daughter flashed in his mind. Jack shut his eyes tightly until the image faded. "Very well then, Mr. Merrick," Dr. Greeley said with a look of mild concern. "Enjoy yourself, and I'll check back after awhile." Jack stood for several moments after the doctor left. Then with a sigh, he turned back to Tina.

There was one sure fire way to take his mind off his daughter. Without further delay, Jack Merrick unzipped the sleeping girl's jeans. Jack always loved this part. Leaning over Tina, Jack took one side of her fly in his teeth and tugged it aside. Beneath the dark denim Jack saw from very close up pale, blue, satin panties. Before moving to the other side of Tina's fly, Jack pressed his lips and nose to the smooth satin just below the waist band.

He then rubbed his lips over the warm material in small circles. Jack inhaled deeply and was rewarded with the breathtaking aroma of perfume mixed with the subtle, musky scent of young female. Using his teeth again, Jack tugged the other side of Tina's fly aside, exposing more of her pretty panties.

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Moving back for a slightly better view, Jack noticed that the elastic waist band of Tina's panties actually bridged an open area from one pronounced hip bone to the other with a very pleasing bulge of a well defined pubic arch between. Placing his cheek on Tina's flat tummy, Jack peered beneath the raised satin.

What he saw was truly remarkable. Without having to raise the waist band of the young girl's panties, Jack saw full, practically hairless vulva on either side of Tina's pussy, but where the satin pressed against her, was closely curled, ink black pubic hair. "A 'Mohawk'," Jack whispered to himself. Turning his head, Jack kissed Tina on her tummy about two inches above the waist band of her panties.

With his right hand he gently raised the soft satin, exposing the enticing narrow band of dark curls which disappeared down into the darkness of Tina's jeans.

Jack pressed his lips into the dark curls. Stretching the elastic band downward, Jack brushed his lips and nose lightly over Tina Barrette's sexy "Mohawk hairdo", breathing in deep drafts of her intoxicating scent.

He kissed Tina several times, feeling the resilience of her pussy beneath his lips. Then he murmured into the soft, dark curls.

"Let's get you undressed, sweetheart." Reluctantly Jack tore his lips from Tina and rose up. "First let's see those little titties of yours, shall we." Jack grasped the bottom of Tina's tube top and tugged the elastic material upward over her rib cage.

From under the dark material popped two small, pointed cones topped with dark, petite nipples. "That's my girl," Jack whispered, leaving the top rolled up on her chest, her perfect breasts exposed and available. He then took one of the teenager's nipples between his index finger and thumb and shook his hand quickly. Tina's mouth opened and Jack heard a soft gasp. "You feel that, don't youbaby?

That's good," Jack said. He then reached a hand into Tina's jeans and cupped her pussy. Squeezing slowly, Jack could feel her pubic hair rasp against the inside of the soft satin. She was very warm. Jack rubbed the beautiful girl for several minutes, then suddenly realized that time was of the essence. With some difficulty, Jack was able, after removing her running shoes, to tug Tina's Levi's over her spreading hips then down her legs.

"Sometimes I wish you girls wouldn't wear such tight pants," Jack muttered to himself, at last tossing the jeans onto the floor beside the chair.

Before him lay the lovely sight of Tina Barrette, her top rolled up under her arms, her dark nipples tight in the cool room air. All that lay between Jack and heaven were the small pale blue panties. Jack made quick work of them and soon they lay in a pile atop Tina's jeans. Standing at the end of the examination chair, Jack gazed down in wonder at the heart stopping sight of the beautiful Tina Barrette.

"Oh Tina," Jack whispered. He had yet to assemble the special attachments 'The Good Doctor' had designed for his examination chairs, but Jack simply couldn't wait. He had to taste the girl. Taking Tina's ankles, he spread her legs, allowing her calves to dangle on either side of the chair.

Before he started, Jack took a moment to study his prize. As he'd noticed earlier, Tina had indeed given herself a 'Mohawk' down there. Jack even suspected that it might have been electrolysis, since the sides of Tina's pronounced vulva were completely smooth and hairless.

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No razor could have done that. Or if it had, it had been done very recently. The girl was spread now, so Jack had a good view of the dark stripe of pubic hair that crested each lip and ran down between Tina's thighs, stopping just above her vagina. Lowering his head between her legs, Jack paused, gazing over Tina's pubic mound and flat tummy at her lovely, innocent face. Jack smiled with the knowledge that the next time he and Tina met, he would be able to look the pretty teen full in the eye, knowing he'd eaten her.

Jack took his first taste. There is nothing quite like the first taste of a young girl. As Tina's musky aroma and flavor filled his senses, Jack felt he'd taken the girl even more completely than by intercourse. "There's something about eating a girl that makes her yours," Jack thought as he dipped his tongue into the marvelous, salty sweet valley between Tina Barrette's thighs. Tina's taste would always be with Jack. With his thumbs, Jack spread Tina's pussy lips then pushed his nose between the plump flesh.

Her heady aroma made him dizzy as Jack kissed Tina over her vaginal opening. Jack allowed himself to revel in the young girl's smell and taste for several minutes before he went to work at last with his tongue, preparing Tina for lovemaking. Tina was not as wet a child as was his daughter, Tracy, but soon, Jack was satisfied that the young girl was ready for him.

To be certain, however, Jack found Tina's opening with the middle finger of his right hand. Placing his other hand palm down on Tina's flat tummy, Jack slowly entered the young girl with his finger. Jack felt a tremor pass through the young girl's abdominal muscles.

Even though she was unconscious, Tina's body knew he was there. Like most girls her age, Tina Barrette was still marvelously tight. Not having been made love to all that often. Jack suspected that her step-father had had her perhaps a half-dozen times or so at best. He also seemed to remember Ray mentioning something about Tina not having a steady boy friend. The young girl squeezed Jack's finger as he explored her carefully.

Rippling spasms passed periodically through Tina's soft flesh beneath his palm on her belly. "She's definitely an 'active' young thing," Jack mused.

"I think it's time for love, Tina, my dear," he murmured down at his sleeping prize. Jack removed his finger from Tina then went about the process of assembling the chair. After removing the customary leg rest, Jack installed the special lower extremity supports with practiced ease.

In a matter of minutes, the young girl lay with her legs spread widely apart. Her knees were elevated just above Jack's hips as he stepped between them. "How many lovers have you had, Miss Tina?" Jack wondered aloud as he unbuckled his pants. Freeing his manhood, Jack stepped closer.

Grasping himself with his right hand, Jack rubbed the broad head of his penis over the tender flesh between Tina's thighs. Once again Jack placed his palm flat on Tina's tummy. He enjoyed feeling the girl's muscles react to his presence. When all was in readiness, he entered her. "Oh, my Tina! Your daddy's right isn't he? You're a good girl. Aren't you, baby?" Jack moved his hips forward, slowly pushing himself into the tight confines of the beautiful, fifteen year old.

To his delight, Tina's muscular tummy flexed then bulged beneath his palm. Jack looked down to see the muscles on the insides of Tina's thighs flex in an effort to close her legs together against the molded restraint cradles. Inside, Tina's vaginal muscles clamped down on Jack's advancing cock. "That's my girl, Tina," Jack murmured. "Fight me, Tina. Don't let me in, baby." Jack pulled back slightly then pushed forward again. A soft, shuddering gasp escaped Tina's lips as at last, the head of Jack's penis made contact with her cervix.

Tina Barrette was fully involved. Jack held still for a moment, feeling the pretty teenager's muscles adjust to his presence. The sensation was quite pleasurable. Tina's vaginal muscles alternately contracted then relaxed around the foreign body she instinctively sensed within her.

Not for the last time, Jack thanked his lucky stars that he'd been introduced to Dr. Greeley. It was truly marvelous to be able to have this beautiful young girl without her knowledge or consent.

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He felt his relationship with his daughter had improved markedly since he began having sex with her. Jack suspected that somewhere, somehow, deep in her subconscious, Tracy knew that he had intimate knowledge of her.

There was something about the way she looked at him now when they were alone. Jack looked down at the beautiful Tina Barrette spread before him, the last two inches of his cock shaft protruding from between her ample pussy lips. "You know I'm here. Don't you, sweetheart," Jack murmured as he pushed his hips forward. The young girl's hips raised upward slightly as the head of his cock pressed hard against her deepest flesh.

"Sure you do, Tina." Jack began to fuck the young girl with slow deliberate strokes. Unlike his daughter, Tracy, Tina was adequately lubricated, but not overly so. Both Tracy and her mother had very active vaginal glands which produced copious quantities of lubricating mucus when they were aroused. Tina, on the other hand, was wet enough to allow Jack complete freedom of movement within her, but not so wet that he couldn't feel every wonderful inch of her.

Fucking his daughter Tracy was a delight in itself, but this child was indeed a wonder. "Your daddy's right, Tina, my love," Jack said gruffly as he short stroked her several times. "You are one sweet little lady, and Uncle Jack's gonna be real gentle with you so you'll want to see me again," he chuckled.

For the next several minutes, Jack had his way with the beautiful, unconscious teenager. Even though Tina was deep in the clutches of the anesthetic, her body responded wonderfully to Jack.

As his cock moved steadily in an out of her, Tina clutched at him in a warm, wet embrace. Instinctively and quite unintentionally, the lovely, young girl made love to Jack in return. In all too short a period of time, Jack felt the familiar stinging itch begin to form in his groin.

"Oh, Tina, baby, you're gonna make Uncle Jack cum, sweetheart," he groaned looking down to the side of the exam chair for the cup dispenser.

It wasn't there. "Damn!" Jack cursed under his breath, struggling to maintain control. The last thing he wanted to do was to impregnate Tina. "He [Dr. Greeley] said he put them in all the rooms," Jack muttered.

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Jack had come up with what he felt was a rather unique method of sharing his semen with his daughter. The first time he'd had Tracy, he'd tried to cum directly into her mouth, but it had not gone well. Missing badly, Jack had cum all over his daughter's hair.

It had taken him a good bit of time to get her cleaned up before Dr. Greeley could revive her. After that first bad experience, Jack had devised a method of ejaculating into a paper cup and then feeding it to Tracy slowly. His method had proved so successful, that 'The Good Doctor' had shared it with some of his other clients. He'd told Jack that it was received very well, and that he'd taken the liberty of installing cup dispensers in all of the exam rooms.

Jack was getting very close. Tina's athletic vagina had not paused when he did. Instead she seemed to be milking him. Jack looked around frantically one last time for the cup dispenser. Unable to locate it, he pulled out of the tight young girl. Then grasping his cock tightly in his fist he stepped around to the head exam chair. "Come here, sweetheart," Jack said gruffly as he turned Tina's face toward him. "Now open wide for Uncle Jack," he said.

Taking Tina by her chin, he coaxed her mouth open. Then leaning forward he pushed the head of his penis between her teeth and into the warm interior of her mouth. "Just a little farther, now and then. Ugghhhhh!" Jack grunted as after pushing his cock almost to the back of Tina's mouth, he exploded in a virtual geyser of hot, ropey semen.

Anticipating her reaction, Jack had the forethought to place a hand behind Tina's neck. When the first of his cum hit her soft pallet, Tina instinctively tried to jerk her head back, but Jack held her still. "No, no, baby. Don't move now. Swallow Uncle Jack's cum, just like a big girl." He felt Tina's tongue against the bottom of his cock. She gagged and sputtered, but Jack held her fast as he offered her a second helping. With the head of Jack's penis lodged against the back of her throat, Tina Barrette had no alternative but to swallow.

Reflexively, the pretty teen gulped convulsively once. twice. again. Her lips closed around Jack. He felt her squeeze his penis between her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

Tina swallowed once more. "Tina, sweetheart," Jack said hoarsely. "You've done this before, young lady. What a wonderfully naughty little girl you are." Very little of Jack's cum leaked from Tina's lips.

Even in her unconscious state, the pretty fifteen year old had accepted practically all Jack had to offer her into her tummy. Jack kept his penis in Tina's mouth as he gradually softened. With his right hand, Jack reached between Tina's thighs and slipped a finger into her. "Mmmpphh," Tina puffed around his shaft. Jack fingered her for a several minutes until his now flaccid shaft slipped from between her lips.

"Thank you, Tina. That was very nice," Jack whispered with a smile. Then an idea popped into his head. "I wonder if 'The Good Doctor' could reduce the anesthetic slightly, lessening it's effects just enough to let her wake up just a little at the right moment." Jack made a mental note to ask. Looking down at Tina, Jack paused then glanced at his watch. Only twenty minutes had passed. "Well, well, Tina, sweetheart. We still have a little time left. Let's see if Uncle Jack can make you cum.

Would you like that, baby? Sure you would." Returning to the foot of the exam chair, Jack knelt down, positioning his head between Tina Barrette's legs. Then alternating from one firm inner thigh to the other, Jack slowly kissed his way toward paradise. He let his lips brush softly over Tina's dark curls briefly. Then moving his face from side to side, Jack worked his nose and mouth between the teenage beauty's ample vulva and into the moist fragrant, incredibly tasty world that was Tina Barrette.

Still wet from her recent love making, Tina was a Epicurean delight. Jack first dipped his tongue into Tina's vaginal opening several times, tongue fucking the young girl. To his delight, Tina's hips raised up slightly to meet him. Obligingly, Jack took the opportunity to slip his hands beneath Tina's shapely buttocks, cradling the firm orbs in his palms. Then, following his tongue with his lips, Jack pressed his mouth firmly against Tina's vagina.

He began to alternately jab with his tongue then sip the silky juices which seeped from within the now fully aroused youngster. Jack pushed his nose between her pussy lips, covering his face with her sweet nectar. Jack's senses were quickly inundated by the beautiful Tina Barrette. Periodically, Jack treated Tina to one long lick. Starting at her vagina, Jack let the tip of his tongue part her supple inner lips, working his way slowly upward until he slipped the very tip beneath the tiny shroud that concealed Tina's clitoris.

Each time, Jack was rewarded when Tina in response flexed her shapely buttocks in his hands. Teasing the young girl, Jack immediately returned his attentions to her vagina. Following one particularly rewarding reaction in which Tina's entire body had trembled in his hands, Jack accidentally allowed his exploring tongue to stray past Tina's vagina to her tightly puckered anal opening.

Jack paused momentarily. Tina as well seemed to sense something. Jack noted that she was holding her breath. With his nose against Tina's vaginal opening, Jack slowly increased pressure on the resisting little orifice with the tip of his tongue. Jack had never before attempted anal sex with a woman, so he wasn't sure how to proceed.

When Tina's hips suddenly jerked to one side, Jack thought better of the whole idea. Easing pressure, Jack was none the less, a bit curious. Before moving his attentions upward, Jack allowed his tongue to spread out over Tina's puckered portal. Lapping the young girl slowly, Jack was treated to a new and not at all unpleasant, slightly bitter taste.

"Maybe another time, Tina, sweetheart," Jack muttered into the dampness of her pussy. Sliding his hands gently from under Tina's bottom, Jack used his thumbs to spread the young girl's vulva, exposing her most intimate flesh.

"Uncle Jack's gonna make you cum now, baby," he whispered. Hen then started by kissing the satiny smooth area to the left of Tina's vaginal opening between her vulva and petal-like dark pink labia. Next he repeated the same on the other side of Tina's pussy. Jack then began to nibble at Tina, pinching her small petals between his lips.

At last, Jack extended his tongue between the teenager's lips a slowly licked his way up her succulent slit. Arriving at the juncture of Tina's labia, Jack pressed his lips firmly onto the budding nub of her clitoris. A slight gasp escaped the sleeping teen as Jack got down to business. Removing his hands from Tina's pussy lips, Jack wrapped his arms under and around the teenager's thighs and placed the palms of both hands onto her tummy, one above the other.

Raising his lips from Tina, Jack used the thumb of his right hand to pull gently upward on the soft skin over Tina's pubic arch. The result was that the small hood of skin which concealed the teen's budding clitoris, was pulled back, completely exposing the tiny, shining pink, highly sensitive organ. Pursing his lips tightly together, Jack slipped them over the tiny love button. He then used the tip of his tongue between his lips to stimulate Tina with rapid successive jabs.

The young girl's reaction was immediate and thrilling. Jack felt Tina's abdominal muscles jerk beneath his palm the moment the tip of his tongue touched her exposed clitoris.

What's more, they continued to flex convulsively in time to Jack's loving oral attentions. Pressing his nose into the soft damp curls covering Tina's ample pubic arch, Jack rolled his head slowly from side to side. Not letting up on Tina's clitoris, Jack smiled inwardly when her hips suddenly jerked fairly violently upward. "It won't be long now, little lady," Jack whispered against Tina's tender flesh.

Raising his head up momentarily, Jack flicked the tip of his tongue quickly over the tiny shining organ. Tina's hips practically vibrated up and down in response. Instantly Jack went back to his suckling jabs, shaking his head from side to side more rapidly now.

Suddenly, Jack felt Tina's tummy become rock hard beneath his hands. He continued his oral attentions as the young girl's hips unexpectedly ceased all motion. It was as if Tina Barrette's entire body was seeking to focus on the tiny organ at the juncture of her labia. The youngster's abdominal muscles remained fully flexed as Jack heard Tina utter a series of soft "huffing" sounds.

Then just as suddenly the young girl became silent. Under Jack's palms Tina's tummy softened. Jack obliged her by pressing down with his finger tips and slowly massaging the soft flesh over her uterus. The seconds passed while Jack nibbled and rubbed, until without warning Tina's tummy flexed and her hips jerked upward, driving her pubic bone painfully into Jack's nose.

Tears squirted from the corners of Jack's eyes as he shut them tightly in pain. He did not, however, remove his mouth from the young girl. A low, gurgling sigh escaped Tina Barrette's lips as she climaxed against Jack's mouth. It was what happened next that caught Jack Merrick completely off guard.

Jack had been with several women in his time, and never in his experience could he remember such an experience. Jack had moved his hands back under Tina's shapely bottom to help hold the young girl up against his lips. He was in the process of kissing the youngster repeatedly on her clitoral hood when something hot and wet hit him in the chest just above his sternum. "What the??" Jack said looking down quickly to see Tina Barrette's urine stream hit him in the chest and run down his torso.

"Oh, man!" Jack said aloud as the teenager continued to empty her bladder onto him. Jack started to jump back, but stopped himself for some reason. He'd never experienced a "Golden Rain Shower" before, and the sensation was oddly pleasurable. "This is nuts!" Jack muttered as he felt the hot, pungent smelling liquid flow down his belly and over his groin. Tina urinated onto her lover for a good long while until Jack found himself kneeling in a good sized puddle. When at last the torrent ceased, Jack brought a hand to his chest.

Rubbing his hand down his soaking wet body, Jack grasped his erect cock and stroked himself, using Tina's urine as lubricant. Jack had no idea he was so turned on by recent events and thus was unprepared for an almost immediate orgasm.

"Oh, God!" Jack groaned as he struggled to his feet between his young lover's legs. He barely had time to take aim when the first salvo of semen boiled from his testicles, rushed down his jerking shaft and launched onto Tina's body, striking her just below her belly button.

Clutching himself tightly with his hand, Jack held back his second shot until he had a proper target. With his other hand, Jack spread Tina's pussy lips, opening her completely. Then stepping closer, Jack brought the head of his penis to within an inch of Tina.

At last, he released his grip on his shaft and proceeded to distribute his second and third offerings evenly over Tina Barrette's most private flesh. "There you go, sweetheart," Jack groaned. "You gave Uncle Jack a surprise, so now I'll give you one," he said as he watched his semen travel over Tina's swollen labia, then downward over her vaginal opening and out of sight between her cheeks.

Jack then placed his hand palm downward, covering Tina's entire pubic area. Still stroking his cock over her so as to milk every last drop onto his little lover, Jack rubbed his cum onto Tina. He cupped the pool of semen that still remained on Tina's tummy and pulled it down into her pubic curls. Using his finger tips, Jack distributed the viscus substance over soft fold of flesh between his young lady's thighs.

Jack leaned forward and milked the last few drops of cum from his penis onto Tina's tummy. With the middle two fingers of his right hand, Jack dipped up as much of the milky fluid as he could from Tina's soft skin. "Uncle Jack wants to put a little something in your pussy, Tina, sweetheart. Not enough to get you pregnant, baby, just something to keep inside to remember me by." Smiling down at the pretty young girl, Jack reached down between Tina's legs and pushed his two semen covered fingers into the confines of her post orgasmic vagina.

Meanwhile, he placed his other hand palm down in the remnants of his cum on his young lover's tummy. Tina bulged beneath his hand in response to his penetration. "There we are, sweetheart," Jack murmured, noticing that Tina's vagina was less resistant to his presence. With very little effort, Jack was able to push both his fingers all the way into Tina until the palm of his hand cupped her pussy.

"You're a very special young lady, Tina," Jack said to the sleeping girl as he slowly moved his fingers in and out. "Maybe your Dad will let me see you again sometime. I hope so, Tina." Reluctantly, Jack withdrew his hand from Tina's sex. "We've got quite a mess to clean up here," Jack said idly as he moved his cum covered hand up to Tina's small breasts.

He rubbed his hand over the two firm cones, enjoying the sensation of the slippery, supple flesh beneath his palm and fingers.

"I suppose we'd better get started." "I wonder where 'The Good Doctor' is?" Glancing at his watch, Jack noted that it had been almost forty-five minutes since he'd begun with Tina.

Glancing up at the steadily dripping regulator, his concern grew, remembering what Dr. Greeley had told him on several occasions about general anesthesia and the need to revive a patient after a pre-determined period of time. Just then a chilling thought struck him. "Something's happened to Tracy!" Forgetting the slumbering Tina Barrette completely, Jack ran to the door. With his heart racing, he made his way quickly down the hall.

Certain the door would be locked, Jack stopped in front of Exam Room Three. He placed his ear against the heavy wooden door, his hand straying unconsciously to the doorknob. Listening intently for several seconds but hearing nothing, Jack turned the knob, expecting resistance. Instead, to his surprise, the knob turned freely and the door opened.

Caught off guard, Jack practically fell into the room. Recovering his balance, Jack spoke before looking, "Dr. Greeley is everyth.?" Jack stopped in mid-sentence. At first Jack's mind refused to process that which his eyes beheld. From the exam chair in the center of Exam Room Three, two equally startled faces returned Jack's shocked stare. Silence reigned. Dr. Greeley was the first to find his voice. From his seated position in the exam chair, 'The Good Doctor' said haltingly, "Mr.

Merrick, we. We weren't expecting you." He then glanced up at the horror struck face of Ray Barrette. "What the???" Jack Merrick managed in a hushed growl.

"Jack, ole' buddy," Ray Barrette said at last. "Hey, buddy, I can explain everything," he went on sheepishly. "The Doc and I were gonna tell you all about this, really." He looked away from Jack's hostile stare and down at Dr. Greeley. Between the two men lay the unconscious form of Jack's daughter, Tracy.

It appeared that the pretty, blond, fourteen year old was merely seated in Dr. Greeley's lap, her torso reclining against "The Good Doctor's" chest. Tracy's calves lay in the cradles of the chair's lower extremity supports. When Jack had fallen into the room, Ray Barrette, who stood between Tracy's raised legs, had been actively humping her.

But as Jack stumbled toward the trio in the chair, Ray paused in mid-stroke. As Jack drew nearer, he was treated to the sight of Dr. Greeley's cock shaft protruding from his daughter's anal opening. Her otherwise small, puckered orifice was tightly stretched around "The Good Doctor's" glistening meat. An inch above saw his friend Ray's cock imbedded in Tracy's vagina. Jack also noticed a generous amount of milky, silky fluid which seeped from around Ray's cock and flowed downward, covering "The Good Doctor's" testicles.

Jack stood utterly speechless, staring slack jawed. Again his friend Ray spoke up, "Come on, Jack. It's really not as bad as you think. Hey, she's diggin' it, man." Jack said nothing. He looked at his pretty daughter's face.

He saw no sign of pain. Tracy appeared to be perfectly at ease. Jack let his eyes travel down Tracy's lovely body. Dr. Greeley's right hand lay over one of her shapely breasts. The other appeared wet. Ray had no doubt been suckling her while he had his way with the fourteen year old. Jack could see that his daughter's areola was tight and her small nipple erect, another undeniable sign that the youngster was indeed in a state of arousal.

His eyes continued down to the incredible scene between Tracy's legs. "How could two grown men fit inside of her without splitting her open?" Jack found himself musing. He'd seen many photographs of "love sandwiches" but had never witnessed one first hand. And now, here was his lovely little girl, impaled on two penises and obviously handling them quite admirably.

"What am I thinking?" Jack thought, shaking himself back to reality. Jack was about to explode into a real tirade when "The Good Doctor" spoke up, cutting him off. "You really needn't worry, Mr. Merrick," he said matter-of-factly, looking Jack directly in the eye as if everything was perfectly normal. While Jack watched, aghast, Greeley slid his hands under his daughter's bottom and slowly raised her upward.

Jack saw several inches of cock shaft appear beneath her. "Yeah, buddy. No worries," Ray piped in as he moved his hips forward. He smiled lamely at Jack as he pushed his cock into Tracy's vagina, effectively blocking Jack's view of Dr. Greeley's love lance.

"As you can see, Mr. Merrick," 'The Good Doctor' continued. "Tracy is quite capable of handling group sex." Jack stood flabbergasted as Greeley slowly lowered his daughter down onto himself once again. As he did, Ray Barrette pulled his hips back, extracting himself from the confines of Tracy's vagina.

Jack saw a tremor pass through the young blond. Before he'd burst upon the scene, the two men were in the process of alternating thrusts into the tight young girl. And now, as her father stood speechless before them, it appeared that "The Good Doctor" and Jack's "Best Old Ex-friend, Ray" had no intention of ceasing their joint love making. Greeley lifted Tracy again, and Ray thrust forward a bit more forcefully this time.

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Tracy's head lifted off the doctor's shoulder then fell back. "Yeah, baby!" Ray grunted!" Jack shot a vicious look in Ray's direction. Again he opened his mouth to speak, and again he was cut off by "The Good Doctor".

"Mr. Barrette, please," Dr. Greeley said giving Ray a disapproving look. He lowered the young blond. Her head rolled to one side. "Sorry, Doc," Ray said sheepishly. He withdrew. "Mr. Merrick," Greeley said turning to the shocked father. "We'll be finished here shortly, and then we can discuss our new arrangement." As if nothing at all out of the ordinary was happening, Dr.

Greeley pulled his hands from beneath Tracy's bottom. Then taking her by her narrow waist, 'The Good Doctor' pushed downward on her hips, helping the youngster to settle further onto himself. "Mmm, Mr. Merrick, your daughter is indeed quite talented." While Jack stood watching, Greeley let his hands travel up Tracy's supple body at last cupping her shapely breasts. Then he smiled up at Jack. "I think we can work out a very satisfactory agreement for all concerned," he said. "By the way, did you enjoy Miss Barrette?" Without waiting for a reply from Jack, Dr.

Greeley leaned his head down and began kissing Tracy on her neck and shoulders while he squeezed the resilient flesh of her nubile breasts in his strong hands. "Tina's really somthin', isn't she, buddy?" Ray asked rhetorically. "Did she pee on ya, man?" Jack looked at Ray. His expression gave him away immediately. With a laugh, Ray said, "I knew it! She did, didn't she? I didn't wanna spoil the surprise by tellin' you before hand. Wasn't she great!" Jack couldn't believe what he was hearing.

His mouth opened and closed in an attempt to speak. As usual, however, 'The Good Doctor' interrupted him. "Mr. Merrick, you will please excuse, Mr.

Barrette." Turning to Ray, Dr. Greeley then said, "Mr. Barrette, I must ask you to please pay attention.

Miss Merrick is waiting." He nodded downward. Jack looked down as well. What he saw was an impressive sight to say the least. Ray had withdrawn his cock from almost completely from Tracy's vagina, giving Jack a virtually unobstructed view between his daughter's legs.

The last time Jack had looked there, he seen several inches of 'The Good Doctor's' cock shaft protruding from between Tracy's buttocks. Now all he saw were Greeley's testicles bulging outward from between and beneath Tracy's cheeks, the skin of his scrotum stretched tightly over the egg shaped organs.

The full meaning of this spectacle didn't register with Jack at first until Dr. Greeley said, "I'm ready, Mr. Barrette. Please proceed." It finally dawned on Jack that 'The Good Doctor' had his cock fully imbedded in his little girl's anal passage. The man continued to squeeze Tracy's breasts while kissing her neck. Without removing his lips from her tender flesh, Greeley stared at Ray Barrette. "OK, Doc. If you say so," Ray said. After a brief, sheepish look in Jack's direction, Ray reached down and wrapped his fingers around Tracy's narrow waist.

"I dunno, Doc. She's pretty full, I think," he said gruffly as he pushed his hips forward. Whether from the force of Ray's thrust or Tracy's own efforts to free herself from her impalement, Jack saw his young daughter's body raise upward against Dr.

Greeley. Tracy's head rocked back suddenly against the doctor's shoulder and her mouth opened with a soft grunt. "Hey! Hey, guys!" Jack said in alarm, at last finding his voice. "Ray. Dr. Greeley, come on. You're hurting her," Jack said helplessly. Jack watched the muscles in Ray's butt flex from the effort he exerted in his attempt to enter his daughter. Jack stepped up to the chair and placed a hand on Ray's shoulder.

His friend paused. "Mr. Merrick, control yourself. Proceed, Mr. Barrette," Greeley ordered. Jack would never understand why, but he found himself obeying the doctor.

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He dropped his hand from Ray's shoulder and stood watching the proceedings like a mannequin. He was close enough now to see between Ray's belly and that of his young daughter's. Jack saw about four inches of Ray's cock still remained outside of Tracy. At Dr. Greeley's command, however, Ray squared his shoulders, got a better grip around Tracy's waist then shoved his hips forward quickly in one final assault.

The young blond made a brief strangling sound then fell still. Jack looked quickly at Tracy's face. He saw only a brief indication of pain followed by an expression of peaceful repose.

Jack then glanced down over Ray's belly again. He now saw his friend's dark pubic hair mingled with the tight blond curls of his young daughter. Tracy Merrick now contained approximately thirty-five cubic inches of erect male organ. "There, you see, Mr. Merrick. As I suspected, young Tracy is fully capable of accepting two lovers. How does she feel, Mr. Barrette?" Dr. Greeley asked. "Amazing, Doc. She's amazing! I can feel her squeezin' me, Doc. Is she squeezin' you too? Let's fuck her now, Doc, OK?" Looking in Jack's direction, 'The Good Doctor' first answered Ray, "Very well, Mr.

Barrette. We shall begin." Then to Jack, he said, "Mr. Merrick, you are certainly invited to participate. After all, she's your daughter." Jack watched as Ray Barrette began to hump his little girl with short forceful thrusts, causing Tracy's head to bounce slightly against Greeley's shoulder.

"But." Jack said lamely. "Perhaps you might utilize her mouth, Mr. Merrick," Greeley said helpfully. "I'm afraid in this position, young Tracy won't be able to accept your penis into her mouth. Perhaps at her next appointment we can make some adjustments to the seating arrangements," Greeley added in his professional, matter-of-fact tone of voice. "I suggest you kiss your daughter, Mr. Merrick. That at least will occupy all of her openings.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must proceed. We are already well past our time limit for both young ladies." Jack was left standing beside the chair as 'The Good Doctor' took his daughter by her hips and began to bounce the young teen on his impaling member. Ray Barrette continued his short thrusts as well as Jack looked questioningly from one man to the other. He then looked at Tracy's pretty face. While he watched, her head fell sideways against Dr. Greeley's chest. Jack could hear soft huffing noises coming from Tracy as she began to drool from the corner of her open mouth.

Jack then did something he'd later be amazed at. He reached out and took Tracy's chin gently in his hand. Then turning her face toward his, Jack leaned inward and planted his mouth over hers. Jack's cheeks puffed out at first from the force of Tracy's breathing caused by the upward force being transferred to the youngster's diaphragm.

As Jack extended his tongue into his daughter's mouth, he felt her breath on his cheek. For the next few minutes, Exam Room Three was filled with the sounds of love as the three men administered to the lovely fourteen year old blond.

Ray Barrette came first. "Oh, Tracy, darlin'!" he grunted as he sprayed his offering into the quivering vaginal canal of the helpless little blond. Hearing Ray cry out, Jack tore his mouth from that of his daughter. "Ray, what the hell are you doing?" he shouted. "You're cumming inside her, you idiot! She'll get pregnant!" Ray smiled stupidly at his friend as his third offering mixed with Tracy's abundant vaginal juices.

"You needn't concern yourself, Mr. Merrick," Dr. Greeley cut in. "As part of our new arrangement, we taken the necessary precautions with Tracy, and with Tina for that matter." Then "Oh, my child!" Greeley moaned softly.

'The Good Doctor' wrapped his arms around Tracy Merrick's tender young body and hugged her close as he filled her anal passage with his seed.

Jack, taken off guard, stepped back from the chair and stood by dumbly watching as the two men filled his little girl. Had Jack taken the time to look, he would have noticed that Tracy was so well packed, her openings so tightly stretched around the male organs she contained that not a single drop of the combined offerings of her two lovers leaked from either of her openings. Jack stood gazing down at his pretty young daughter, noticing the color rise in her chest and neck.

With a loving smile, Jack leaned down and kissed his little girl on the lips. "Daddy loves you, Tracey," he said. Prolog: Two weeks passed, and Jack received a manilla envelope from: The Offices of Dr. Martin Greeley General Dentistry and Family Services In it was a list of 'The Good Doctor's' "Family Services".

It read like a menu. Jack scanned the document in amazement.


Family Services Pool Patient Age Special Handling Instructions Available Dates Tina Barrette 15 CA*, Golden Rain Apr, Jul Ellen Coles 16 CA, No anal Sept only Carrie Davies 14 Oral only, parent must observe Apr, May, Jul Marion Hillman 11 Oral only, virgin May, Oct, Dec Ryan Jackson 15 CA, Anal OK, parental observ. Jan, Aug, Jul Vanessa Kline 17 Anal only, parental participation May, Jun Tracy Merrick 15 CA, Group May, Jul * CA - Contraceptive Administered Having enrolled his daughter Tracy in Dr.

Greeley's Family Services Pool, Jack now received regular newsletters describing the other members of the pool and their available appointment dates. Jack was all scheduled to attend Tina Barrette's April appointment.

Jack's suggestion to 'The Good Doctor' that he try varying the dosage of the anesthetic had been met with some positive interest. Perhaps this time he and Tina would get to know each other a little better. The last time he'd seen the lovely girl, he'd felt a definite affinity towards her that he hadn't felt before her last dentist appointment. Tina had been somewhat put off by his familiarity towards her, but that would all change given some time.

Tracy was scheduled for oral surgery next Thursday at which time she'd be making some new friends. Jack had heard that Ralph and Becky Kline were interested in spending a little quality time with Tracy. Jack was only too happy to oblige.

Their daughter Vanessa was a lovely girl. To be continued. (At some point) SM