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Hasta aca entra  pero entra mas=
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Erotic novels by Gail Holmes "PENNY" Paul leaned back in his seat gazing into the wing mirror; he was full of pride of his newfound pleasure. The powerful Landrover thought nothing of its load, although the train weight was incredibly high as the tourer was state of the art. The cost was incredible: but it was what he'd always wanted, he watched as the tourer snaked smoothly behind them as Penny sped along the open road.

"I think we should stop for a break soon" She smiled across to him. Penny had been driving now for four hours, but she knew that Paul wanted to make their destination before dark, they'd had so many hold ups, the last being a bank hold-up in Bath and that was for at least an hour.

"I'm sure you're right, if I'm not mistaken there should be a large lay-by about five miles ahead. There's no point in carrying on today; I think we've done well under the circumstances, no one would believe the hindrances we've had on this trip. Paul's company had made him redundant, receiving a hansom sum; mind you he had been with them for twenty years. He'd never married, but had lodged with Penny's mother the last seventeen years; she'd died two years ago.

Her mother had always lead Penny to believe that Paul was her real father, her husband had walked out on her shortly after Penny's arrival, she'd taken Paul in to help with their finances, although he was free to go when ever he wished, however he had stayed. "Here…here we are; pull in its nice and wide, if we go down a mite, we'll be away from the traffic noise" Penny drove into the lay-by avoiding the large potholes, pulling up about half way into it.

"My, it's a bit rough Dad; however I think we're on level ground, I'll put the kettle on if you like to check the unit out, then we'll have a well earned sit down. It'll be getting dark soon!" Penny implied reaching for the door handle. Paul got out of the passenger seat and made straight for the toolbox, removing the lever to lower the jacks on the tourer. Already Penny was inside filling the kettle, and by the time Paul had finished jacking up the tourer, tea was on the table.

"There's a bit on the telly about that bank robbery, by all accounts there we're four men in the hold up and they got clean away!" Penny informed him as he sat at the table. "Here's your tea Dad!" "God, what a tiring day, you'd never think it would have taken us all this time to get just this far?" Paul mused, picking up his cup, his eyes not leaving the telly.


"I wonder how much they got away with?" Paul inquired as the robbery was repeated. "They did say, I know it was well over eight figures; so they won't be short of a bob or two!" Penny laughed. "I'm going to take a shower, perhaps we could watch a film later. "I think I'll check outside, button everything up before it gets too dark. I don't want to have to do it once we're settled down, we'll have an early night and start off early at daybreak!" Paul went straight to the Landrover collecting a torch, he didn't want to venture to far from the unit; he shone the torch up and down the lay-by after hearing a noise, the beam caught the outline of a car standing in the darkness.

He'd heard nothing, he was sure that it wasn't there when he and Penny arrived. "How many of you in the caravan then?" The voice came from behind him; turning suddenly shining the torch into the face of the man, but before he could answer, as he was grabbed from the side, something was held up tightly towards his throat.

"I really do think you should answer!" Implied the man with the weapon from behind him "Just my daughter and myself! We have nothing to offer you!" Paul stammered, feeling now what appeared to be a knife at his throat, the other man pulled his arms behind his back forcing them upwards, the pain was excruciating.

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"Not even a cup of tea?" Replied the man with the knife, taking his shoulder and pushing him forward. "Come on lets taste this hospitality of yours, it's getting bloody cold out here!" he snapped, pushing him around to the doorway on the rear of the caravan.

When they reached the door it was only then that he realised that there we're now four men, he was ushered up the steps and pushed into the doorway. The tallest squashed passed him, allowing himself to view the interior. "So where's this daughter of yours then?" He snarled back to Paul, then started to move around inside.

"I can hear water running Ron! It's coming from up there," The man holding the knife informed him, pointing the knife in the direction of the bathroom. Ron was tall and thick set, a blacker man Paul had never seen; the one with the knife looked as if he wouldn't say boo to a goose, should he not have the protection of his friends.

The other two slumped into the armchairs. "You must have a bit of toot to meet the expense of a set-up like this old chap?" Implied one of the men pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. Paul took umbrage somewhat to his insinuation of being an old chap; He didn't think 42 was that old, at least not now a days.

"Just saved a bit of cash over the years" He lied, knowing full well that it was part of Penny's mother's money, with some of his own from his redundancy money. There was a noise from the bathroom, Ron turned suddenly towards the door. "Go and check her out Billy!" He said ushering Billy forward.

Thankfully he'd put the knife away at this stage, making his way toward the door of the bathroom, and waited. "You've got that telly up loud Dad; have you gone deaf?" Penny had her head wrapped in the towel as she stepped from the door, not noticing Billy standing behind her.

"What have we here then! I bag's two's up Ron?" Billy's hand went straight up between Penny's legs with a jolt, lifting Penny into the air, never as yet had her pussy been touched by man. She was to swift for him to move his finger into her moist fissure, turning sharply her housecoat released at the front allowing Billy full observation of her petite breasts. For nineteen she was a very small girl looking much younger. Pulling the sides of the housecoat together Penny flicked her lengthy red hair over back over her shoulder.

"Who the hell are these people Dad?" Her eye's never leaving Billy's hands "Get you in there my beauty!" Billy implied pushing her forward by her bottom toward the lounge Ron viewed the young girl as she strolled slowly towards him.

"Sit yourself down!" Ron pointed to the armchair immediately in front of him. Penny slowly sat drawing her housecoat over her knees as much as she could. "My you are a little beauty aren't you?" He smiled, "How old is she then?" He turned to Paul, with a smile.

"Fifteen!" Paul replied abruptly, in the hope that at this age she'd be left alone. "Good try! But we don't believe you!" One of the other men said with a grin on his face. Billy walked up behind Penny's chair, looking down the front of the housecoat, having full view of her firm breasts. He looked across to the others pulling a face gesturing with his hand held tightly on his cock. Paul started to stand from his seat. "Keep away from her you bastard!" Paul snarled, starting to move towards her.

"You sit yourself down!" Ron grabbed his arm ripping him back into the chair. "How old are you?" Ron raised his voice looking Penny straight in the eye. Penny now felt for her father, she knew as to why he'd stated fifteen, it was obvious they would take it out on him, at every chance they could.

"Nineteen…why do you ask?" Penny pushed her hands between her legs as she spoke.

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"She old enough for it Ron!" Billy sniggered Ron leaned back for a moment and then smiled "I suppose you'll tell me that you've never been fucked then?" "As a matter of fact…no I haven't been fucked as so you crudely put it; do you mine if I go and put some clothes on?" "On the contrary I'd like you to take some off!" Ron sat forward in his chair, his eyes glued to her knees.

"What do you want with us?" Paul blurted out.

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"Just leave us alone. "If you don't shut you're mouth I'll shut it for you!" Ron snarled without turning away from Penny. "Leave him Dad, he's not worth it!" "Open your legs!" Ron snapped. "I don't thin so!" "I think you're taking this a little to far!" Paul started to stand once more. The other man who had spoken leaped from his chair punching Ron in the face, knocking him back into his chair.

"She'll do as she's told, now shut it.Daddy" "Alright Brian…leave him; I think she's got the message!" Ron looked at Paul who was now holding his cheek. "Are you going to do as I request or has Dad got to take another smack in the mouth?" Ron turned back to Penny as he spoke. Penny looked to Paul who was now dabbing blood from the corner of his mouth. "Well!" Snapped Ron.

"Bloody well open them, or I'll have them open for you!" Penny looked across toward him, his bloodshot eyes glared into hers, an uglier man she hadn't seen, unshaven, a scar running down his left cheek, with thick lips so prominent they virtually touched the end of his nose, which looked as if it had been broken on many occasions.

His eyes moved down, when she slowly opened her legs. Billy headed round to the front, sitting between Ron and Penny; she looked down at him, his eyes glued in front of him. He looked as if he hadn't washed for a week. "Wider! Let's all see then!" Ron said with a smirk, turning toward Paul.

"Bet she's had that concealed for a couple of years Pop?" "It's truly stunning…never been fucked; what about fingered?" Ron grinned up toward Penny. "Leave the poor girl alone…she's not used being spoken to like this!" Paul pleaded.

"Shut it!" Ron snarled, towards him. They like you to talk dirty to them now and again!" "It's alright Dad! I understand what he's saying. And the answer is no!" Penny confirmed, feeling somewhat humiliated by his glaring eyes. "Come you over here!" Ron snapped, edging himself forward in his chair. The abruptness of his voice startled Penny somewhat. "Come! Come over here now!" Ron raised his voice at this stage, as to show his authority towards the others. "Tell her Ron!" Billy turned back toward the aggressor.

Penny slowly eased her legs together and stood from her chair. "Come…stand in front of me!" The men watched as Penny indolently walked towards him, stopping just two feet away. "A little closer if you don't mind!" Penny moved forward. "Now…open you're legs…please!" he smiled up to her As Penny opened her legs Ron put his finger up into his mouth as to wet it; then opened the housecoat easing her legs wider apart.

Wetting his finger once more, he stooped onto the floor in front of her, pushing it straight up into her pussy. Penny took in a sharp breath due to the brutality of his action, and then tried to edge away; Ron put his free hand behind her pulling her back.

"God! She's fucking tight, she's a credit to you!" Ron chuckled turning toward Paul. "Not quite what you're used to then?" Paul replied, with a smirk on his face, as he watched Ron start to finger her roughly. "That hurts…please stop!" Penny reached down gripping a handful of his tight Afro hair, as to constrain his movement Ron withdrew his finger sitting back into his chair with a broad smile on his face.

"My cock's a dam site bigger than this little missy!" He smiled holding up his finger. Billy stood and walked over to Ron gripping his hand and pulling his finger up to his nose, then looked back to Penny "God…She real tangy Boss!" Ron looked up to Billy with a grin, pulling his finger up to his own nose. "Yes, you're right Billy, horny isn't she?" "Muff her Billy! But no fingers mind!" Billy turned to Penny, who was standing with a look of disgust on her face.

He put his hand onto her shoulder turning her. "Come, sit you down Miss, I'm a past master at muffing" Billy wiped his mouth with his sleeve. Looking back to the others with a silly grin on his face.

"You have me at a loss" Penny sneered. "Muffing! What the hell is that?" "Just sit you down in that chair…don't you worry none! If you've never had it…believe me you'll really enjoy it" Ron smiled. As Penny sat back into the chair Billy put his hands behind her easing her towards the edge, then spread her legs wide; Penny wasn't to sure as to his intentions. Until he put his head down between them, his tongue going straight to her clit dragging it over it; the soft down of her pubic hair tickled his nose, Penny perceived a sensation in her body that she'd never experienced before, her hands going straight down on Billy's head, not knowing whether to pull him in closer or pull him away.

She looked to Paul knowing that he could do nothing, but then she didn't really want him to; she sensed Billy finger go up inside her, this added to her feelings, whether it was smaller that Ron's she didn't know, maybe it was because he was fingering her soothingly but she was absolutely enjoying it.

The men observed, including Paul who had to cover his own manhood. Ron was the first to speak standing walking over to Billy. "I think its time I took her to the bedroom Billy I take it she's nice and wet now?" Billy slowly removed his finger from her; knowing that Billy would go spare if he knew what he'd be doing.

"She's good and ready Boss…you might have to work on her a bit beforehand or you'll under no circumstances get that monster of yours up her?" Billy stepped back looking down at Penny's pussy, holding his moist finger down by his side making sure he didn't wipe it on anything, as to make certain that Ron was not aware of it. "Come on then my little beauty, lead the way; lets see how thick that hymen of yours is?" Ron reached down putting his hand under her arm easing her from the chair.

Penny wasn't quite too sure that she wanted this; her body felt weak, she looked towards Paul. But she knew if she didn't do as he wished, he would suffer even more. As they headed for the bedroom Billy went behind Paul's chair placing his finger under his nose.

"What d'you think of that then Pop; fine fragrance don't consider. She'll squeal like a pig when he shoves that huge black cock of his up her!" Billy laughed. "Don't give it all to him prick, lets have a sniff!" one of the others growled, noting what Billy was doing with his finger. Billy reached forward placing his finger under his nose. What about you, like to sample the fragrance. He grin toward his other friend "God…I can't wait to get my cock up her!" laughed the guy as he sniffed "You're not all going to bed her surly" Paul asked with a note of disgust in his voice.

"To bloody true we are…you can't blame us can you. You shouldn't have made her such a good looker. Penny lay back on the bed as Ron undressed before her; jerking his pants down his cock jumped over the top swinging wildly she'd never seen a full size cock it looked enormous to her; her hand went back down to her tummy at the thought of it inside her, she eased herself across the bed. "No need for that, soon you'll be screaming with utter delight once you get this up inside you…first I think we'll have a closer look at this little pussy of yours and see how well Billy has done?" Penny slowly slid her legs apart as he crawled up the bed between them; his huge cock swaying from side to side as he did so.

"You're good and wet aren't you, he did do a first-rate job!" Penny felt his thick finger go up inside her; she lifted herself up onto her elbows as he went down on her.

Reaching down placing her hand on his head and running her fingers through his tight hair. She peered under him; the huge cock was now solid and jutted out below him, the helmet looked like a generously proportioned plum. Penny winched as he forced a second finger up her, she did wonder how many it would take before he submitted her to the enormous organ; which now appeared to be seeping juices from the large hole at it's end.

She was about to go through her first orgasm removing her hand from Ron's head; she gripped the duvet with both hands throwing her head back as the orgasm came. Ron was ready for it and forced a third finger straight up her, thrusting then in and out violently, she lay back moaning, he knew it would take one more to allow entrance for his cock, but only just. The one thing he did enjoy about sex was that most pussies we're tight to him, this one would be no exception.

"God…what the hell are you doing to me!" Penny implored, finding herself thrown up and down the bed by his movements. "Enjoying it aren't you?" Ron implied removing himself from between her legs and easing up beside her. Penny looked up to him, his fingers never faltered there pace, placing her hand back on her tummy his fingers could be felt gyrating inside her pussy.

"Now it's my turn for some enjoyment!" "I thought that was what you we're getting?" Penny whimpered. "Proper enjoyment…a blowjob would be nice!" "What the hell is one of those? Easy…easy you're hurting me!" Penny cried out as Ron had started to finger fuck her even harder.

"My cock…take it into your mouth!" Ron placed his hand onto his cock offering it up to her mouth. "That's bloody filthy!" "Bollocks! Open it!" he snarled. Penny unhurriedly opened her mouth, taking the huge organ into her hand as he forced himself up to her; she did wonder if she'd get it in it was so immense. After licking her lips, it went in without difficulty.

Ron looked back down at her pussy, his fingers we're saturated with her juices, placing the forth finger between the others he started to force his hand back up her. Penny wanted to cry out, but Ron had placed his hand behind her head; she could do nothing with such a mouthful of cock.

The moans could be heard in the lounge, but nothing was said. Billy sat in one of the armchairs with his cock in his hand playing with himself. "So what happens to us once you've all had you're wicked way with her then?" Paul inquired of the three men.

"First you have to get us to the ferry, then we'll decide on what to do with you both!" Brian the eldest of the three replied. "Take the girl with us; at least we could be sure of a decent fuck!" Billy blurted out. His hand, still going ten-to-the-dozen on his cock. "For fuck's sake put that thing away, your making me feel ill!" The tall guy implied. "Be better if you washed the fucking thing now and again?" Paul wasn't to keen to listen too much more, thinking that poor Penny was likely to have something unclean stuck up her.

"It won't be much of a fuck by the time Big Ron's finished with her!" This was the first time the other man had spoken; Paul did wonder if he was dumb.

"Why he can never do the decent thing and let one of us go first I don't know, it's like putting your cock into a jar of fucking worms by the time he's finished, even worse if he blows his load up her!" "He'll never give way, for a virgin Billy! And well you know it…I take it she is a virgin Pop?" Brian quizzed to Paul.

"If she says she is; why should I disbelieve her…your those Bank Robbers aren't you?" Paul suddenly blurted out. "We look rich then?" Brian laughed. "But we don't know yet how rich just yet?" "And you recon that you're going to let us go when you've all finished with my daughter…I cant see that?" Paul stated Ron was more than ready to fuck her now; his cock ached through the want of it, he knew she could do with at least another five minutes of fingering…but fuck it he thought.

"I think you're ready for some real cock now young lady! Come on open up!" Easing his cock from her mouth he slid down the bed and viewed her wet pussy; it looked so inviting, leaning back and taking spittle from his mouth wiping it around his rampant cock before moving over her. Penny looked between them at the massive cock that was guiding towards her pussy. Placing it into the entrance, leaning on it slightly so as to keep it in position while he arranged himself on top of her, Penny reached down clasping his hips; she could feel the pressure of the enormous helmet expanding her pussy lips.

"This is going to hurt; isn't it?" She inquired, gripping his hips with her nails. "It's you're first cock…it has to…but you'll never forget it…are you ready?" He smiled. "I suppose so!" Ron leaned on his cock, forcing it slowly up her. He could have forced it straight up, making a quick job of it…but no he wanted her to experience the tenderness of real manhood. The sense of her hymen on his helmet almost willed that he trust though; but no way could he be so humane.

Penny gripped him hard trying to push him away; allowing herself a reprieve but he was to strong, her hymen started to strain under the force of the thick bulky cock. That was until Ron put the extra pressure on, then her hymen started to tear like a piece of canvas tearing then holding then tearing again, the pain was to immense, Penny cried loudly, screaming punching his chest with her fists.

"I knew it, fuck she's going to be sore, just listen to her in there&hellip. Go on Ron, give her some welly!" Billy called out. "What the fuck is he doing to her?" Yelled Paul; jumping up quickly from his chair. Brian reached forward grabbing him by the leg and forcing him back into the chair.

"Don't worry yourself; with a cock like his, she's bound to endure some form of discomfort…anyway he'll have done it now, she'll more than likely to be screaming with pleasure very soon!" Brian chuckled.

"Lucky bastard! I know that, I'd have loved to be the first up her" Grunted Billy, lifting his finger up to his nose once more. "God…she's really tangy!" he sniggered, holding out his finger toward Paul Ron was past the hard part; his cock slid effortlessness up her; although Penny could feel the inner walls of her pussy spreading to accommodate the huge organ, she felt more relaxed and released her grip slightly from his hips, that was until he hit bottom when she let out another loud wail.

"Don't be to concerned, I was only checking for depth, it won't happen again!" With that Ron started to fuck her very slowly, enjoying her tightness, it felt like a greasy hand gripping his shaft, her pussy walls adhered to the rim of his massive helmet as he drew it in and out. Penny reach up at him; placing her hands on his shoulders, and gently spreading her legs wider allowing him more freedom of movement.

"Like it?" Ron smiled down to her. How could she tell him the truth…of course she liked it, she'd often speculated as to what it was like, her friends at college we're constantly going on about how they'd got laid the night before, and to how enjoyable it was, under no circumstances had she dreamt it would be anything like this, her whole of her body tingled, although she'd never imaging that it would be so painfully excruciating to start with, it felt as if she was having a pole being push up her.

"As long as you are…that's all that really matter's at the end of the day?" Penny lied, edging herself to a more comfortable position. Ron smiled, as he started picking up momentum feeling her hips lifting slightly to each of his inward trusts. Her breath was becoming laboured; she was enjoying every inch of it and he knew it.

Penny gradually drew her knees up over her tummy, spreading her legs wide. "It's no good you requesting for more; you can only take half of it as it is!" He grinned down at her.

Penny felt somewhat humiliated by his observation, but knew that he was right; her body was a crying out for his cock Ron started to fuck her hard now; his arse was going up and in down quick time. Penny was literally howling with the pleasure of it. Ron eased his pace somewhat if only to catch his breath, her body still thrusting upwards encouraging his momentum. "Please, don't stop…please…God it feels good…it feels so gooood!" She cried out.

Paul couldn't believe his own ears from the lounge; Billy turned to him with a broad smile on his face. "Fucking loving it an't she, lay a wager he's fucking the arse off her in there!" Once more he lifted his finger up to his nose, then held it out to Paul. "Want a sniff Pop, she's a topper that daughter of yours. That's not rape listen to her, she gagging for it?" Paul would have loved to refresh his senses with the aroma on Billy's finger of Penny's pussy but he thought better of it; just listening to Penny's squeals was enough to give him a perpetual hard on.

"What's the chances of a cuppa, or do you have anything stronger?" Brian inquired. "Whisky?" Paul snapped, knowing he himself could do with one himself. "Make it a large one!" Brian got up from his chair and walked to the drinks cabinet, as he passed the bedroom, he glanced into the doorway.

Ron had placed a pillow underneath to lift her up, Penny's knees were pulled up tight to her chest, her back was arched, whilst Ron was ploughing into her, sweat was poring off of him. Ron recognized he didn't have far to go, he'd come in no time now, the last thing the boy's required was for him to come up her, the way he felt he'd pump gallons up her, it must have been a good month since he'd had a fuck, and even that wasn't that good, some old slapper he'd picked up.

He'd love to thrust his cock up her filling her young belly with hot spunk. He slowed his pace and reached forward taking Penny's head in one hand. "Be at the ready…open your mouth; when I pull it out!" "What for?" Penny was amazed at his request.

"Just do it…I'd like another blowjob!" He could sensed his balls engorgement; he knew he was going to come buckets, aware that Penny wasn't too sure of what was about to happen. As he speeded up slightly feeling the tingle along his thick shaft, it was now or never…he ripped his cock from her and pulled himself up the bed sharply, heaving Penny's head forward to his cock.

She reached out taking it into her hand, engulfing the large helmet into her mouth. Ron gave out a loud moan, as his spunk started to drive down his shaft; Penny tried to pull away when she felt the thick sperm gushing into her mouth, but Ron held her head, she'd nowhere to turn.

Forcing his cock deeper into her mouth his seed gushed down her throat, Penny tried to catch her breath; spunk was overflowing from her lips, running down her face. She thought the flow would never stop…Ron finally withdrew his cock; poor Penny was trying to catch her breath once more, coughing and spluttering trying to clear her throat.

Her chocking could be heard in the lounge; Paul stirred in his chair. Brain reach toward him, holding him back, "Stay put, by the sound of it he's emptied his bollocks into her mouth?" "Bastard!" Paul mused. "Well, what did you want him to do with it then, blow his full load up her?" Ron grinned down to her as he pushed himself up onto his hands.

"Good girl I'll give you top marks for that! That was bloody great!" Ron grinned. "Did you really have to do that…you nearly choked me; I didn't expect anything like that to happen?" "Would you sooner I came inside you then, I mean it wouldn't look to good would it now.

I mean if you got pregnant nice little black baby! If you like; next time I will?" Paul had moved to the drinks cabinet, collecting another glass of whisky "Whisky?" Paul inquired, holding up the glass, noticing that Ron had seen him as he'd glimpsed up to the doorway "That's fine Pop…you're daughter is an exceptional fuck, and what's more she enjoys it! Come in and have a look at this pussy of hers now" Paul hesitated for a moment in the doorway.

"Come on in!" Ron gestured, with a smile on his face Penny saw Paul at the door, and become somewhat disgraced by Ron's words about her enjoying it. "What do you mean next time?" Penny inquired hastily in a harsh tone, not wanting Paul thinking she'd enjoy it the first time.

As Paul moved in beside the bed Ron leaned back opening Penny's legs, Paul looked down at the open pussy, considering the average cock is around 1¼ inches thick Ron's had to be at least 2½ inches.

"That's some pussy don't you think…here have a closer look!" Paul could see enough from where he stood, he'd never seen so far up a pussy, he's cock started to throb once more. The last thing he required was for Penny to see what a reaction she was having on him. "She loved her bit of black magic!" Ron smiled taking hold of his cock.

"I'm taking a shower you don't mind do you?" Penny didn't wait for an answer; she swung her legs off the bed and stood. "You get yourself freshened up for the boys, make sure you put plenty of cold water on that pussy of yours, help it get back to a habitual size, or you'll never know you've got their cocks up you…put something sexy on, not that old housecoat!" Ron grinned. "Where's this whisky then?" As soon as Penny got into the bathroom she took the small hand mirror off the table and observed her pussy she'd never seen it looking like this, it was revolting…her pussy lips looked like flaps hanging to sides.

She placed her hand back on her tummy, she still had the sensation of Ron's huge cock deep within her, and now she was going to be fucked by the other three.

She felt somewhat sorry for Paul, wondering what he would think should he comprehend that she was actually enjoying it, she didn't consider herself pretty, but to be in the limelight like this. Never did she suppose that her sex life would commence by being fucked by four men.

"How was it then Ron?" Brian inquired as Ron sat back down in the lounge.


"Mate; she's something else…got to be the best fuck I've had in years!" Ron lifted the whisky to his mouth took a large sip then looked down at his cock.

"Looking forward to a bit more of that old fella aren't you, just a pity I can't get all of you up her!" Ron chuckled. "You're bloody hoping aren't you? With a cock the size of yours; hope you never cum up her?" Billy inquired. "Not this time…but I sure will next time!" Ron sniggered. "Pop wants to know what will become of the two of them, meaning when we've finished with her?" Brian asked. "That is a point! What we're your intentions before we came along?" Ron asked looking straight at Paul.

"We we're going on holiday for a week on the coast" Paul informed him. "Then we'll come with you…t'will suit us fine; stay with you for a week then get the ferry, and to hell out of it!

You'll be paid well for you troubles" Ron smiled. "I don't think so!" Paul mused. At that moment Penny came back into the lounge, wearing a short white nightie, her long red hair over one shoulder, she looked stunning. "Penny!" Paul gasped.

"It's alright Dad.let's get it over and done with, perhaps we'll have some peace when they've finished with me!" Penny sighed, giving the impression that she would be glad when it was all over. "Peace! Now that's an idea; I'm going for a lay down, you three can take her back in the bedroom, and give her a good seeing to I'm going to have a nap on the settee here" Ron mused laying back on the settee with his hands spread behind his head.

"All…three of them?" Penny questioned. "You've got three holes haven't you?" Ron laughed. "What about him Ron?" Billy pointed towards Paul as he spoke.

"I mean if you're asleep he could do a runner" "Then take him in there with you then! Tie him to a chair. And don't fuck her up to much I'll be wanting her again in the morning, and no coming inside her. I won't that pleasure in the morning!" "You can't do that?" Penny implied. "I'll fuck you whenever my fancy takes me young lady!" "I mean putting my father in the same room with these three?" "If he's tied to a chair and gagged he'll be no harm to anyone will he? Now get them in that bedroom and let me get my head down Brian!" Once in the bedroom Billy found a sheet and bound Paul to a chair then gagged him.

"You might have the decency turn him round for Christ's sake?" Penny asked. "And let him miss all the fun…no-way. Now get yourself laid out on that bed we've been waiting all night for this!" Brian pushed her back onto the bed.

"Lets have a look at this pussy of yours I hope it's back to its regular size now". Penny edged back up the bed, her eyes not leaving Paul sitting at the bottom; Billy pulled her head to one side thrusting his cock up towards her mouth. Paul was amazed to see she willingly engulfed it. The other two opened her legs wide exposing her pussy in Paul's direction. "Where did she get that mop of red hair from then Pop not from you; that's for sure?" Brian smiled back towards Paul.

Paul could feel his cock surging, thinking what lucky bastards they all were, there was countless times he'd have willing fucked her.

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He watched as they fingered her, Penny never faulted on the cock in her mouth. "Who's for the first fuck then?" Billy laughed. "Excuse the pun…but I think we should toss for it!" Brian said with a silly grin on his face.

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"To hell with that!" Billy stammered. "Mouth…Fuck and then Arse; that puts me first!" Billy said with a laugh, withdrawing his cock sharply from Penny's mouth, then clambering down between her legs; Penny hadn't really seen the state of his cock until then, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand realizing she'd had the filthy thing in it. She was taken back by its size, after Ron's it look so teeny; she wondered whether she get the same enjoyment as she had earlier.

"No cumming up her mind?" Brian reminded him, as he forced his cock straight up her. Penny gasped at the onslaught; she soon found out that she could more than feel it. "There's no chance of that, lets see how many times we can go round; don't forget M.F.A. Gods this is good, see if we can't fuck her all night!" Billy said excitedly Brian had already stuck his cock into her mouth.

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"Five minutes each then; we'll get pussy every quarter of an hour then!" He laughed. Billy had lifted himself up on his toes with his legs spread wide; Paul could see every stoke he made, Penny was starting to squeal with excitement she'd forgotten Paul sitting below as Billy started pounding hard at her pussy.

"All change!" Brian blurted out, enthusiastic to get his own cock up her. The old guy was up to her mouth before the other two could get sorted. "Let me get up her arse before you start Brian, it'll more than likely be bloody tight. Penny winched, almost biting the cock in her mouth when Billy started to drive his cock up her arse.

"Pant… you silly cow; she to bloody tense!" Said Billy. "Come on man…or I'll fucking cum before I get my cock anywhere near her. Just force it up her; come on we haven't all bloody night?" stated Brian. With this Billy did just that; Penny howled out loudly, the severity had caused her much pain, after feeling Brian's cock up her pussy she'd become more relaxed. Thankfully for her Billy was in, once he started to pump at her she felt more tranquil, then Brian started to fuck her really hard, she thought she'd pass out.

Never had she thought that sex could be so pleasurable, once they'd all worked out a rhythm it was wonderful. She knew that they'd all been around her body at least four times when Billy shouted out; she'd no realized he'd nearly spent his five minutes up her arse. "I'm cumming…I'm cumming!" "In her bloody mouth you stupid git!" The old guy moved to one side just in time for Billy to get his cock in. "That was fucking great man! What…a fuck!" Billy grinned as he slumped back on the bed.

Paul watched as the other two went from pussy to arse each spending their five minutes until they'd emptied their bollocks into her mouth.

"What did you think of that then Pop?" Billy grinned. "Look, I recon his got the fucking horn!" Brian pointed down to Paul's groin. "Drop he's traps man!" Billy jumped off the bed, but Brian was already undoing Paul's belt.

As they pulled his trousers down Paul's cock leapt over the top of his pants, Penny felt so embarrassed for him. Billy looked back up to Penny "Room for one more?" He grinned "He's my father for Christ's sake!" "May be so…but he's lusting after you! Come on give the old fella a sample of pussy" Brian smiled. Penny was about to get off the bed when Billy and Brian grabbed her.

"Come on come and sit on Daddies nice big cock then!" Brian laughed. Both men lifted her up bodily by her legs then eased her over Paul's lap lowering her down onto his cock. Paul gasped when he felt his cock slide up her moist pussy. "That's it ride him gal!" Billy laughed.

It was less than a few minutes before Paul started to make funny noises from behind his gag, all three knew he was about to blow; Penny had the same idea slowing her pace.

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"Oh no you don't!" Said Billy. "If anyone is aloud to cum up you it's you Pop, now come on ride him!" Penny continued raise and lower herself onto Paul's cock, the last thing he wanted to do was to cum up her, but he had no choice.

He started moaning loudly leaning back in the chair eager to get just the little bit more cock up her; Penny lowered herself down fully feeling the hot spunk surge up deep inside her. "You…dirty old sod!" Laughed Billy Because of the quantity of cock that she'd had over the last couple of hours there was little clench on her pussy muscles, raising herself from him spunk just flooded from her open pussy.

Paul hadn't had a fuck since God know when, the proof was in his lap; Penny looked down as she lifted her legs over his knees, removing herself from him, with thick spunk was running down each. Penny was conscious that she really did need a shower now, not only that, she also felt so dry, even though she anticipated she'd drank a gallon of spunk.

What a night, she been fucked by four men then she herself had fucked her father…whatever must he have thought, she wondered. "So what's been happening in here?" Asked Ron as he came into the bedroom. "Where's the girl?" "Another shower!" Brian informed him.

"I take it you satisfied yourselves! And what, pray happened to him?" "When we'd finished; we noticed that he had a right bloody hard on, so we insisted that she fuck him!" Billy informed Ron. "And the dirty old sod only came up her!" Billy laughed.

"Fancy cumming up your own daughter?" Ron grasped at the gag at Paul's mouth pulling it off. "So you enjoyed her also?" He smiled, viewing the glutinous spunk all over his lap. They all glanced toward the door as Penny came back in looking as bright as ever, but this time she wasn't wearing such an alluring outfit.

"So you had you're father to, and what's more he blew his load up you?" Ron laughed. "You dirty old sod; your own fucking daughter!" "Before we go any further!" Paul stammered. "I'm not actually her father!" "Bollock's!" Ron inferred. "I was a lodger, her mother took her to believing that I was her father, we never even slept together. The closest that I ever got being her father was the fact that she called me Dad; don't think that I haven't lusted after her, what chance had I, with her idea that I was her father.

"Paul, I recognized that! Mum told me before she died, but requested that I keep calling you Dad…I think she accepted the feelings that I had for you; believe me she didn't like the idea very much…that I had feeling in that way, toward you I mean" Penny strolled over toward him kissing him on gently the cheek. "I love you Paul!" Penny whispered in his ear.

"Well that's a turn up for the books an't it Pop?" Billy sniggered. Ron had insisted that he gave her a filling before they departed, but choosing to take her on her own, after they'd all slept for at least an hour, that was except for Ron, he'd taken to watch over Penny and Paul, it was then decided that they waxed the tracks, making for the coast and the ferry terminal.

Ron held Penny back, making sure that the others including Paul were in the Landover. It was more than 100 miles to the terminal; Penny was fucked in every room in the tourer, even on the kitchen sink as it Thankfully both Penny and Paul had a sizable gratuity for her services.

She held her tummy as the large ferry moved from the quay, sensing the fucking she'd had. Mutually they waved, although both considered their experiences harrowing, nevertheless the out come was beneficial, but she hadn't realized that there was a smaller deposit she'd be getting interest on. At the time Penny couldn't have comprehended that she was waving to the father of her unborn son Ronny, he'd by no means have to go to hotter lands for his suntan.

To those of my readers who have a tear in the eye, please feel happy for them both, Penny and Paul married two months later, due to the fact of her pregnancy, thinking the amount of sex that they'd both had the baby would have been Paul's, alas with it's colouring both knew whom the father was.