Tocan a la puerta mientras ella tiene sexo con su novio

Tocan a la puerta mientras ella tiene sexo con su novio
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Ronja wrapped the bathrobe that she had borrowed from her father tightly around her; she needed it to cover as much as possible. She did not look forward to try to act normal around her brother after last night, but she could not afford to pretend to oversleep. Studies had not been her top priority recently and she needed to attend all lessons to catch up. After taking a deep breath she entered the kitchen. Her brother John was already there and he pretended to ignore her as he ate his breakfast.

"Good morning Ronja, did you sleep well?" her fathered asked as she entered. He was looking in her direction, but in truth barely paying her any attention. Behind him was the open refrigerator where he had been busy before she arrived. Ronja responded with a grunt to signal that she did not want to talk, and her father nodded and turned his attention fully back to the refrigerator. She wrapped the bathrobe tighter around her as she sat down by the table.

Briefly John looked in her direction and his gaze was obviously searching for nude skin. Ronja blushed as she recalled their bondage sex last night. It had been intense, but afterwards she felt dirty and exploited. She had thought herself safe from the manipulation of the ghost since she had been granted three days of relief, but with a damn hypnotic trigger making her mute she had been unable to object as the ghost arranged for John to find her tied up in bondage gear.

The Ghost had broken the terms of their deal, but it was not like Ronja could do anything about it. John had of course not been able to resist what was offered and had fucked her without abandon. He thought she did arrange the sex deliberately and she had no idea how to tell him this was not the case. If she started talking she would risk revealing stuff that she very much did not want her brother to know.

The perverted act of having sex with her brother had broken the hypnotic compulsion so she could talk again, but Ronja would have preferred to wait until the effect of the hypnotic trigger faded naturally. John's gaze was right now literally undressing her right there at the kitchen table and Ronja sat by the table with an embarrassing crimson face. Her brother had clearly changed the way he was looking at her after last night. She did her best to ignore him as she started to eat breakfast.

"I talked to Carol this morning and it looks like work is keeping her in London for a few days more," her father said while still busy sorting through the refrigerator. Ronja tensed as she heard her stepmothers name, she had no doubt it would be terrible when Carol saw what kind of clothes she used at school these days. Her father might be oblivious to the details of what happened at home, but ever attentive Carol was bound to take notice.

It was a relief she was not coming home right now, but would really a few more days allow her to get the money needed to buy clothes modest enough to pass Carol's scrutiny? Actually she supposed there was a possibility she would eventually get a lot of money from the hypnoslut business that the ghost intended them to run.

Unfortunately she had no idea what kind of money that would give in the short term. "Mum most be lonely over there, she hate when her business trips get extended and extended," John commented. "I am considering to make a surprise visit, she will be off work for a few days after her assignment ends. I am just waiting for the next phase of the project to start so I could take some time off.

Is it okay with you guys if you are on your own for a while?" Peter asked. Ronja looked at John briefly and he gave her a playful wink, she could literately see male lust shining in his eyes. She wanted to shout out her objection about being alone with John, but even her absent minded father might start to ask questions if she voiced any objections about being alone with John.

Possibly she could come up with cover reason that could fool him for a while, but the risk seemed large that if she started to express concerns about being alone with John he might get curious. The signs that there was something sexual going on between them would be obvious for anyone paying attention. Even if Peter did not jump to the conclusion they were actually fucking any suspicion about inappropriate things happening would be awkward.

"We will do just fine, you have earned yourself a long vacation with mom," John said. The gaze he gave her as he said the words spoke volumes about what he imagined they would be doing when on their own.

Ronja could do nothing but nod and stay silent. She searched for something to stay when her phone suddenly buzzed, Ronja checked the message and found that it was from Jonathan. "Hope you understood what naughty thing that recovers your voice?" the message read.

Ronja had been so busy with trying to absorb the details how she got her voice back that she had forgotten about Jonathan not knowing what had happened. Of course he would want to know every detail of what she had done. He probably felt responsible since it was his damn hypnotic trigger about doing something naughty that made her lose her voice in the first place.

Problem was of course that Ronja did not want him to know she was fucking her stepbrother. It was starting to get tricky to say what dirty secret that really was most shameful, but Ronja suspected things would be very much worse if her tormentors knew the truth depth of her degradation. Jonathan was already messing with her a lot, but she hoped he did not want to tarnish her reputation too much.

If he made her attract too much attention it would be harder for him to sneak away with her without making his official girlfriend suspicious so he should want to keep things secret. Of course the temptation to do worse stuff might be too much if he knew she already was doing more extreme things when not with him.

She decided she needed to think about what to respond to not prompt him to do worse things to her. Suddenly she felt John brush his feet against her leg. Surprised she looked up, John was looking at her with a playful smile as his foot fooled around the inner side of her leg. He mouthed silently something to her that she did not understand. "What?" Ronja whispered and nodded with alarm in the direction of their father.

"Touch me," John mouthed and pointed down towards his crouch. She realized that he meant her to put her foot in his lap.


On the other side of the room their father was busy planning the grocery shopping for the week, but the risk that he would see them if he turned and her foot was extended weirdly below the table was obvious. Ronja shook her head firmly. He gave her a commanding look and she repeated her shake even more firmly. She returned to her breakfast while doing her best to ignore her horny brother. She could not believe how he was not worried about the father finding out about them.

Suddenly she felt her brothers foot again, but this time it was not trying to nudge her leg upwards but instead sliding along her upper leg.

The sensation was so unexpected that Ronja just sat there totally perplexed without trying to close her legs. John adjusted his position on the chair until his toes was literally brushing her exposed sex.

Like usual she had no panties, and with just the bath robe she had borrowed from her dad his toe was actually probing her exposed outer lips. Nervously Ronja looked towards Peter, but he was still oblivious to what they were doing. John took the opportunity when Ronja was distracted and wiggled his toes into her sex. She had not expected him so easily enter her, but her earlier thoughts about sex must have prepared her for penetration. She wanted to stop him but was afraid to make any noise that would make her father look in their direction.

She tried to move backwards to get free but she was already sitting with her back towards the chair and could not escape. All she could do was to bit her lips to silence herself from making any sound as her brother sat in a very weird half leaning position as he played with her sex with her toes.

Despite her efforts to resist Ronja felt her breathing get more shallow, she was struggling to not start moaning loudly. The dirtiness and danger of what they were doing was fueling her imagination. She wanted to stop him but found herself unable to move her hands. was this a hypnotic trigger?

Or just her own body betraying her? She glanced towards her father again and to her horror he was starting to turn in their direction. Ronja did in panic do the only things she could think of and pushed herself backwards violently so her chair tumbled backwards.

John lost his balance as his foot lost contact with her, but Peter's attention turned towards Ronja that tumbled backwards and hit the floor with a loud crash.

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The impact took the air from Ronja and she lay on the floor grasping for air and wondering if she had hurt herself seriously. Peter was by her side complaining about her playing with the chair and Ronja could not help to smile, her ruse had saved them from discovery. They had been seconds away from revealing herself to her father and the current pain was nothing compared to the relief she felt about their secret being safe.

"I need to go to school," she mumbled as Peter helped her back to her feet. She retreated to her room without a look at her brother. As she opened her wardrobe to look for clothes to wear she heard the sound of her brother leaving the apartment. She could always tell from the sound of the how the door whom had just left the apartment. * * * "My love, now you have me made me very curious," Ronja said as she and Maria walked down the street away from school.

"Finish your sandwich as we walk," Maria said. "We might have an extra long lunch today, but I have much planned." "Like what?" Ronja asked between bites on her sandwich. "Remember when you made me come and I had to leave. I promised you something special next time?" Maria asked.

"Oh, that," Ronja responded with a smile. The mess with loosing her voice had made her forget about Maria's promise, but she was glad Maria had not.

"You asked a while ago about what I thought about a threesome with a third girl," Maria said. "I was a not keen on idea since I wondered how it could work emotionally, I did not want to risk it hurting our relationship. When I thought about it yesterday I realized we already had a threesome by accident with John. We doing it with another girl is fantasy of yours and maybe it can help me get something better to think about when I hear the word threesome than our accidental fuck with John.

I don't know how this will turn out, but I have decided to be brave." "You mean we have a lunch date?" Ronja asked surprised.

Having a threesome with some other girl was not really very high on Ronja's wishing list, she had asked because the blackmailing teacher wanted a threesome. She decided it was probably a good idea to play along. Expanding Maria's sexual comfort zone might make it easier to make her not freak when she understood more details of what kind of sexual things Ronja was doing away from her. "Don't talk me out of this," Maria objected. "Dates is something you have with a girlfriend or a boyfriend, and I don't want to share your love with somebody else.

I see this more like a doing a roleplay to full fill a fantasy of yours." "I am just so surprised," Ronja said. "You have not even told your family about us and then suddenly you arrange something like this. I am flattered and very surprised." "Sorry for not telling my family yet.

It give me creeps that I don't know how they will react when they learn I have girlfriend," Maria responded. "I have not told my father either," Ronja commented. "I think it will be just fine when we go public, I just need more time to dare it," Maria said. "Take the time you need. Anyway, where did you find a girl up for some fun today?" Ronja asked. "It is actually Mikaela the temporary teacher that you suggested before as a possible sex partner.

She approached me and told me how lucky I was to have you. One thing led to another and we ended talking about the possibility of having a threesome. You told me before she had talked about having a threesome. Yet I never thought you had mentioned my name to her, did you tell her?" Maria asked. Ronja stumbled as she heard the answer, she had not expected the sex partner to be her blackmailer.

Luckily Maria was slightly in front of her and missed her stumble, but when Ronja did not answer her question she turned back towards Ronja. She gave Ronja a very curious stare. "No, I did not say your name, but she saw us earlier when we had sex below the schoolyard.

She talked to me afterward and wanted to know who the lucky girl was," Ronja replied. "She saw us and you did not tell me?" Maria exclaimed. "How embarrassing, I though we were alone that evening besides the presence of the dog." "I did not want to ruin the mood at the time and afterwards I forgot about it," Ronja lied.

"I see," Maria said. "We are there now. Ready?" Ronja hesitated about what to say. Should she warn Maria about how Mikaela having blackmailed her to try to get Ronja to arrange group sex with Maria? Eventually she decided that she did not dare to say anything. Mikaela had so far seemed content with threats, but what would Mikaela do if Maria freaked out and they did not turn up today?

The disappointment might trigger her to make her threats real. The risk for Mikaela if she posted her photos of a nude Ronja having sex in park with some girl seemed very limited, for Ronja it would be catastrophe. She had no doubt her sexual tormentors would loose all remaining inhibitions if her public reputation was thrashed. "Let's do it," Ronja said. Maria moved over to a door and pushed the code to enter.

Ronja nervously followed here inside, if Maria was nervous as well she hid it well. She walked with sure steps to a apartment on the second floor and rang the bell.

The door opened and Mikaela greeted them with a smile. She was wearing a silk style bathing robe that both managed to be modest enough to meet them at the door and give a great view of her legs that was covered in form fitting black nylons. As they entered Maria was obviously giving Mikaela's legs more than one look, but Ronja's attention was caught by the devious smile that Mikaela gave her.

Ronja did not doubt that she something planned and it made her very nervous. The apartment was actually a rather small two room apartment with hallway, kitchen and bedroom so after getting their outdoor clothes off they literally stepped directly into the bedroom. There was a large double bed in the middle but it still managed to look rather small with the whole walls filled with tall bookcases on all sides of the room besides the wall with the window.

Maria stepped over to the window to look outside, the points with clear view of the bedroom seemed limited but Maria still closed the blinds. Ronja bent over to Mikaela's ear and whispered. "Just to be clear, we are doing this today and afterwards I am clear. No more blackmailing, right?" "I won't bother you anymore, you have my word," Mikaela whispered back. "What are you whispering about?" Maria asked as she returned from the window.

"Just a little surprise for later. Great that you could come visit me today," Mikaela said. "Do you need some kind of warm up? I have some movies that we could watch." Maria gave Ronja a look and Ronja shrugged.

She had to admit to herself that she was already partly excited from Maria wanting to do this for this for her. Problem was just that being close to the treacherous assistant teacher dulled the excitement more. Looking at some erotic video or not would not matter, she would have to act like she wanted this to escape the blackmailing trap.

"I am not much into looking at porn," Maria said. "Speaking about things I am into, I am doing this for Ronja's benefit and not because I have the hots for you.

You get what I mean?" "I see, you want some distance between us with Ronja in the middle, works for me," Mikaela said. "Like her being our little sub?" "What do you mean by sub?" Maria asked as she gave Mikaela a curious look. Ronja looked at Maria, was her sweet girlfriend really so ignorant?

"Sub as in submissive, she want us to do bondage," Ronja explained. "Oh that sort of thing," Maria said. "What do you say Ronja? I was expecting something more vanilla, but this is for your benefit and maybe you are more interested?" Ronja thought about all the bondage gear the ghost had purchased, had Maria seen it on some visit to her? It seemed likely that Maria had taken a sneak peak into Ronja's wardrobe with Ronja's recent changed style of clothing.

Actually she kind of liked the idea. If she got to act the submissive role it would spare her some from faking that she loved the idea of having sex here today. "Sure, tie me up," Ronja agreed, trying to make it sound like she was excited about the idea of bondage sex.

"We need to establish a safe word. How about using the words pig and rabbit?" Mikaela asked. "A pig want it more rough while a rabbit want to slow down." "Sounds good, we also need a word for stop all together," Ronja said. "What about honeymoon as a word for total stop?" Mikaela suggested. "Good idea," Ronja agreed. "Weird with stop words and all, but if you are okay with this I suppose I don't mind.

What do I do?" Maria asked. "How about we go to the other room and do some planning while Ronja stays here and gets undressed?" Mikaela suggested. "Okay," Maria said and they exited the room. Ronja pulled her skirt and top off. This left only the socks and within moments she was standing stark naked. Nervously she paced the room as she waited. Suddenly Ronja halted in the middle of her step. There was a video camera hidden in the bookcase, no actually there was three cameras pointed towards the bed.

No matter how you turned in the bed there was a great risk that one of the cameras would get a good angle to get your picture. There was no obvious indication the cameras was running, but when Ronja looked closer to one of the cameras she discovered a bit of tape that covered the light indicating the camera was running. Ronja stepped back as she tried to take in what kind of deception was going on. Could it simply be that Mikaela wanted to capture a tape of their sex for her own viewing or was she lying about the end of blackmailing after today?

Suddenly the door burst open and Maria and Mikaela came running inside. Ronja turned in surprise and froze as she saw them. They had both changed into identical leather dominatrix gear except that Mikaela's face was covered by a leather mask. Maria had a garter belt, no panties, a fish net body that really did nothing to hide her skin and leather cuffs around her wrist and neck.

Ronja's attention was locked by her bouncing cute breasts as they closed in the distance to her. After a moments struggle they had her down on the floor, with both her attackers being stronger than her there was little she could do. Mikaela had some kind latex garment in her hands Ronja did little to resist as they pulled it on her.

It was the upper part of a french maid dress in latex, but with holes that left her titties, sex and ass totally exposed. They finished by putting her hands in a pair of handcuffs, her hands was now totally locked behind her back.

Mikaela pulled her halfway up and Ronja come over the initial shock from the assault and looked back at the semi hidden cameras. Should she tell Maria about the cameras? "Does this little pig want Maria to spank her?" Mikaela asked. Ronja had just decided that she wanted to call the whole thing off, but somehow she could not manage to say the word honeymoon.

"You want to be spanked?" Maria asked, obviously still unsure about the situation. "No, I don't want to be spanked. I am pig." Ronja said, but the last word she had meant to be rabbit but somehow her mouth switched the words. "Are you little pig that want to be spanked?" Mikaela asked as she dragged Ronja over to the bed.

"Pig, no I mean Pig! I spanking," Ronja said as tried to say the safe world, but she could not. She tried to say something about the cameras, but she was suddenly unable to say a single word. Suddenly Ronja understood, she must be suffering from one of Jonathan's damn hypnotic triggers. A trigger that literally made her unable to say truly no, and the safe word was by definition the essence of a no.

She was kneeling beside the bed with Mikaela in front of her. Mikaela had a secure hold of her hair. Suddenly Ronja felt Maria's hand hitting her naked ass. The hit was rather weak but it still stung.

"Oh it hurt," Ronja squealed. "Sorry, I am so sorry" Maria mumbled in a hesitant tone. "Ask her if she is a pig or a rabbit," Mikaela asked. Ronja struggled with what to do, should she keep saying no and avoid the word pig to convince Maria to end the whole thing?

Could she actually avoid the word pig or would the hypnotic trigger mess with her? Actually going ahead with the sex seemed stupid. Giving Mikaela more opportunity to tape them sounded like disaster. Ronja opened her mouth to tell Maria she did not want her to spank her, but suddenly she could not even say the word no. The damn hypnotic trigger would only allow her to say no if she thought the words might not result with ending the fuck session!

"Are you pig or a rabbit?" Mikaela asked as she yanked hard at Ronja's hair. Ronja yelped in pain as she struggled about what to do. The choices seemed to be to play mute and hope the other two lost interest quickly or play along with the whole bondage thing and try to get Mikaela and Maria exhausted and sexually satisfied as quickly possible. When Ronja considered the choices like that she actually felt a tingling starting inside her. She was actually curious about if Maria would get into the bondage thing or not.

It was of course a real risk Maria would freak out before it was over but the upsides of her taking part in something really kinky even for a while were obvious. Perhaps worth the risk of being captured by the cameras. Earlier she had thought it might be positive if Maria had sex with some other girl in case if Maria ever saw through the charade and realized what kind of slut Ronja was.

Actually having Maria participate in really kinky stuff herself would work even better. It was not like she had any idea about how to stop the video taping. This made Ronja make her decision. "Please spank your little pig. I want you to spank you naughty little pig hard like a little pig deserves," Ronja pleaded. Giving in to the hypnotic compulsion felt like a half a climax on its own. Ronja felt the next slap land on her but and she did her best to grunt in approval even through it hurt a bit.

Her moan came at the same time as the next slap hit and soon Maria was picking up speed with the spanking. Ronja was on the way to decide if should continue to moan when Mikaela suddenly used her grip on Ronja's hair to guide Ronja forward to her sex. Ronja did not need further prompting and opened her mouth to lick and suck. The combined spanking and sex was really getting Ronja started.

She made every act of trying to escape the spanking, but listening to Maria's hoarse breathing as she administered the spanking was a real turn on. "I want to be touched also," Maria objected. "Lets trade places. I have some toys we can use," Mikaela responded.

When Mikaeala let go off her hair Ronja started to sit up to get a look of the toys, but Mikaela stopped her directly and pulled her back to the bed.

With Ronja handcuffed there was little she could do to resist. Mikaela pulled her up on the bed and then pushed her head down onto the bedding. When she released Ronja she found herself in front of a kneeling Maria. She did not need any prompting to crawl forward and start to lick at Maria's pussy. The only distracting thing was the worry about what Mikaela might be up to behind her.

Suddenly Ronja felt a object hitting her exposed ass. The pain was instant and she could not help to whelp in pain. Another stroke followed and Ronja realized the increased sensation was because a paddle was hitting her ass instead of Maria's hand. Ronja did her best to please Maria even through the paddle hitting her was by now raining blows much more frequent than when Maria had been spanking her. Suddenly Mikaela was speaking behind her.

"Attach these to her nipples," Mikaeala suggested. "Nah, I am fine with the paddle," Maria responded and suddenly Ronja understood that the intense spanking was in fact still Maria and not Mikaela like she had suspected. "I do it instead," Mikaela said and Ronja felt her fumble with her nipples. Ronja did not know what to expect really, besides that it would hurt. Mikaela was playing with her left nipple when she suddenly attached a clamp on Ronja's right nipple. It was so unexpected that Ronja froze, moments afterward the other clamp closed and Ronja groaned in discomfort.

Actually it was not that bad you got over the initial pain, it actually felt pretty intense. "She seems to like it, want to attach some weights?" Mikaela asked. "Would you like that little pig?" Maria asked. "I am your little pig, punish me as you see fit," Ronja responded.

Her reply had come quickly by instinct. She yelped in discomfort as Maria attached something heavy to the clamp on her left nipple.

Her nipple was stretched uncomfortable, but no matter how Ronja struggled she could not say the safe word. Soon the other nipple was exposed to the same treatment and Ronja could do nothing but trying to enjoy the ride.

"I have this nice strap on, let me fuck her as you spank her," Mikaela said. Within moments Ronja felt the rubber cook probing at her sex. She was distracted from the actual entry by the paddle hitting her exposed back again. The mixture from pain and pleasure was really turning Ronja on. She squirmed back and forward when she heard Maria talking a husky voice. "Looks like out little slave enjoyed herself a bit to much, she forgot to pleasure me." Ronja quickly obeyed and promptly started to lick at Maria's pussy again.

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"Maybe you need to hit her a harder," Mikaela suggested. "Maybe, you got some other punishment in mind?" Maria asked. "I could take her ass," Michaela suggested. Maria froze at the suggestion. Ronja intensified her effort at licking Maria's sex, she did not like where this talk was heading. "Slave are you a pig that need to take it up your ass?" Mikaela taunted. Ronja refused to answer, why could they don't just forget the idea.

She very much doubted she would enjoy the large rubber cock in her ass. "Answer slave!" Maria prompted as hit Ronja hard with paddle. Ronja desperately kept licking, but Maria continued to hit her harder and harder. "Answer!" Maria ordered and hit Ronja ass so hard that Ronja trembled in discomfort.

Thoughts raced through her head. What if Maria went over the line and hurt her seriously? It seemed like she was damn close to hit so hard that Ronja's skin broke. What would that do to their relationship? "Pig!!" Ronja squealed. "I am pig that deserve it up my ass." She very much preferred to be raped in the ass by Mikaela than anything happening that would put her relation with Maria at risk.

Mikaela must have been waiting for it because she was directly there with some lubricant that she started to massage into Ronja ass. At least her hands there meant she for the moment was protected from the paddle. "Attach more weights as I take her virgin ass," Mikaela ordered.

Ronja did not like that thought at all, but what could she do as Maria obeyed the command and fiddled on yet more weights of Ronja's nipple clamps. Ronja could only groan as her poor nipples was suffering more and more abuse at the same time as her ass was invaded by the large rubber cock. The erotic rush from the pain was not possible to deny, but she was close to her limit.

At least she had actually done ass fucking by accident earlier with Roy, it made it easier for her to know how to relax and not make this worse than it had to be. The dildo was inside her ass by now and Ronja grinned in discomfort.

It was actually too large to fit easily inside without causing discomfort. It felt like she was stretched in ways that was not healthy. Maria had at least stopped abusing her nipples and instead took a steady hold of her hair and pushed her face into her her sex.

Ronja did not mind that too much and at least it distracted her from the abuse of her poor ass. After a while Maria paused and Ronja took a deep breath to recover her air. "Time is running up, we have class soon," Maria said and directed Ronja to stop licking her sex. "A shame, but maybe you can discipline our little girl more later?" Mikaela asked. "Most certainly," Maria responded. Mikaela pulled the strap on dildo out and Ronja suddenly could sit up even though her hands was still locked by the handcuffs.

"I leave you to get the nipple clamps off, be careful." Mikaela said. "Do you need to use the shower?" "I don't think we have the time, could we borrow some towels?" Maria said.

Mikaela pulled a drawer by the window open and gave them two towels. Mikaela left and Maria fumbled with the keys. Numbly Ronja let her take the handcuffs off her, her body hurt too much for her to her to really react. With the handcuffs off she tried to say the word no, but it was still impossible.

She pulled the latex dress off herself and tried again and it felt like a major triumph when her body obeyed. The hypnotic trigger must be tied to the latex clothes.

"Why did you say no. You don't want the clamps taken off your nipples?" Maria asked. Ronja shook her head, "I must, but please do it carefully." Nothing could have prepared Ronja for the massive pain as blood returned to her nipples, She collapsed on the bed sobbing and Maria looked at her with concern.

"Oh poor thing, there is actually blood on the towel. We over did this by far. Why did you not tell use to slow down?" Maria asked. "I got carried away," Ronja mumbled as they pulled on their clothes. "Seemed like you enjoyed it at the time?" Maria asked.

"It was very intense," Ronja replied. "Shall we wait to say good bye to Mikaela?" Maria wondered. "She is taking a shower, might take a while," Ronja said. "We can call her later." As they left the apartment Ronja needed a bit assistance down the stairs, it hurt so much everywhere. Down on the street she could walk on her own. It did not seem like she had suffered any serious damage, but her whole body was exhausted and she hurt in more places than she could name. "I hope you enjoyed it?" Maria asked in a unsure voice.

"It was intense, but maybe we should not do it anymore with Mikaela. She is very kinky," Ronja responded. "How about you?" "I did not think I had it in me, but to disciple you felt weirdly good," Maria said. "I don't know how this makes we feel. Maybe I will walk up tonight screaming from a nightmare." "If you do wake up, feel free to call me, I love you so very much," Ronja said with emphasis.

"I just need to process this for a bit, give me a bit of space until next class. Do know that I love you too so very much," Maria said. Ronja nodded and they departed ways at the school entrance.

Maria waited outside as she tried to assemble herself, how could she had allowed herself to abuse poor Ronja so much?

She tried to recall what she had been thinking at the time, but that made her remember Ronja's groans of discomfort and pleasure as she spanked her. After discovering Ronja's bondage gear she had been dying to ask her about it, but had not really dared. She never expected herself to actually dominate her lover. It had felt so wickedly good and Ronja did seem to have enjoyed it so maybe she should not obsess so much about it. After all her girlfriend had spent a fortune on bondage gear so why should Maria second guess if Ronja actually enjoyed the bondage play they did today?

Maria's phone buzzed and she picked it up thinking that it was Ronja. It was actually a picture of their earlier sex act. She was looking at herself spanking Ronja with the paddle raised into the air. That is was actually hard to see that it was Ronja bound on the bed, but Maria was perfectly oriented for the camera with a wild crazy look in her eyes.

"She taped it," Maria squealed, turning crimson. "I look like a mad dominatrix." Weakly she fumbled to check the text that came with the message. Her fingers felt numb and refused to cooperate. The text read "Lovely pictures from today. I have it all recorded.

Imagine them spread to the school or maybe uploaded to the Internet. Won't happen if you come visit again and act like my little sub." Maria trembled, she wanted to scream in frustration but did not dare to raise her voice.

She turned and left the school, she did not dare to encounter Ronja anytime soon. Her perspective girl friend would look right through her and know that something bad had happened. One thing was clear, she must not have Ronja suffer from the evil bitch again. This was her own mistake and she could not have her girl friend pay for her being foolish.

What bad stuff that came out from today would be something Maria must deal with herself. * * * Ronja stepped out from the class room still curious about Maria's whereabouts. It was not like her to skip class. That she would need some space after the bondage sex seemed reasonable, but why the whole afternoon? At least they had traded a few cute sms during the afternoon so Ronja was pretty sure Maria was not mad about what had happened.

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If anything she did seem more loving and adoring than normal in her messages. Maybe Maria was trying to compensate for how she dominated Ronja during the sex.

Maria was the athletic one of them and would win a wrestling match any day, but Ronja had never expected Maria to get into bondage and discipline. Forcing her will on other people was not Maria's style. Maria did surely have an adventurous spirit, but it was Ronja that took the heat when they got into an argument with some guard that discovered them when doing urban exploring.

Maria was not very comfortable in hostile situations. Ronja seriously doubted that Maria ever would have arranged todays encounter on her own, she had clearly been manipulated by Mikaela.

That Maria needed some time to adjust afterwards seemed reasonable, after all Maria must have discovered a very new part of herself today.

Now the tricky question was if Ronja should approach her or wait for Maria to make contact? Suddenly she realized Jonathan had moved to her side. "Follow me," he whispered to her and Ronja sighed and followed him. The school was on the way of getting empty after the last lesson of the day and soon he found an empty class room and directed her inside. Jonathan smirked at her when the door closed so they were alone. "I heard you talking in the class.

What was the naughty thing that broke the muteness?" he asked. Ronja glared at him, she still carried adrenaline from the sex session during the lunch break.

Her sex, nipples and ass were still sore after all the abuse. "Don't know, it was so damn annoying to not be able to speak that the hypnotic trigger faded," she lied. "Oh, that is a shame. I was so looking forward to learn what could be more naughty than what we did," Jonathan said.

"Speaking about triggers," Ronja said. "What the hell was you thinking when you added the one about kinky clothes?" "Kinky clothes." Jonathan mumbled. "I am not sure what trigger you are talking about." "Is there any trigger that might make it harder for me to say no?" Ronja asked.

"Oh, you mean the one about clothes in latex," Jonathan said. "Wouldn't you say that it is rather fitting. I am rather proud of that idea." "That trigger is dangerous!" Ronja complained. "What you mean dangerous? Is not like you will ever will wear any latex clothes in public?" Jonathan asked. Ronja turned crimson as she realized where the discussion was heading. Telling Jonathan about what really happened during lunch seemed like a bad idea.

"How did you happen to wear clothes made in latex?" Jonathan asked. "No I did not!" Ronja lied, she realized how lame it sounded as she said it. She would not have been asking about a hypnotic trigger making her unable to say no if she had not encountered the hypnotic trigger in action. "Are you going to tell me about your latex clothes?" Jonathan asked. "No, I don't want to," Ronja objected.

"Answer truthfully, what latex clothes did you wear?" Jonathan asked. "A french maid costume, the upper part of it," Ronja's body responded. "Why did you not remove the costume when you realized you was suffering from hypnotic trigger?" Jonathan asked. "I did not realize it was the latex dress," Ronja replied sullenly.

"Wait, why would not saying no be an issue?" Jonathan exclaimed. "Was you in bondage gear at the same time as you wore the latex clothes?" Ronja refused to answer even though she realized it was futile to resist.

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"Answers truthfully, what bondage gear did you wear," Jonathan ordered. "Handcuffs and nipple clamps," Ronja's body responded. "Who put the handcuffs on you?" Jonathan asked. "My girlfriend, but you are not listening!" Ronja intoned sharply, trying to regain the initiative. She felt relief about him forgetting to use his truth trigger when he asked about the handcuffs. Saying that Maria had been there seemed much more safe than letting Jonathan to know about it had been a threesome.

She wanted to shout in frustration but did not dare in case their was still other students or teachers nearby. "Your damn trigger made me unable to say the safe word to stop the sex.

You have no idea how much I hurt right now. I wanted Maria to slow down but I could not say the safeword so she assumed I wanted it harder and harder." She saw comprehension is his eyes.

"I am so sorry I just thought it to be a good prank," he said. "This hypnotic trigger is too dangerous. You must remove it!" Ronja intoned sharply. "Yes, of course," Jonathan said. "I thought it would just remove your ability to say the word no, not every variation of the word no. I will put you down and try to remove it or change it so that you can say both yes and no when you really has too." "The important thing is that you must make sure I can always no matter what say any safeword.

Also I want to know about the others triggers you have added. What if some other of them are just as dangerous but you do not realize because of lack of experience," Ronja ordered. "I have a bunch of them planned, but there is actually just one active that you don't know about," Jonathan said. "Tell me!" Ronja ordered. "Actually, it something quite different this time. I can use one of my hypnotic triggers to make you answer my questions even when you don't want to, but I must figure out what to ask in the first place.

I did a hypnotic trigger that will help with that," Jonathan answered. Ronja cringed at his words; this did very sound dangerous.

Especially if she did not know the conditions for the trigger, she did very much not want him to know her more dirty secrets. "I noticed you seldom carry rings. Put this ring on your finger, I got the idea from somebody online," Jonathan said and gave her a cheap plastic ring. I looked like something you could win in a candy machine. "The condition for the trigger is that I wear a ring?" Ronja asked. He nodded happily.

"What if decide I want to wear rings, what does the trigger do?" Ronja asked. She could see the excitement in his eyes as he heard her. It seemed that he got turned on from hearing her acting reluctant to doing stuff with him, but she could not help herself. "Please let me skip trying it out now. Just tell me what it does?" Ronja pleaded. "You have not experienced it yet, I think you will like it.

A fellow guy over the Internet suggested the idea and gave a beautiful motivation. One of the reason you might lose a sex partner is for them getting a married.

Yet that is something that won't happen without getting a ring on her finger and this trigger will make sure you will avoid wearing rings in public," Jonathan said. "As for the safety I promise I will put you down and work on all hypnotic triggers so I can turn them off. Don't you worry about it, just put the ring on your finger and try it out." Glaring at him Ronja obeyed, if she resisted he might use his damn Simon says like trigger to trick her body to obey.

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Nothing happened with the ring on her fingers and she gave him a suspicious stare. "This hypnotic trigger activate when anyone near you talk about locations and makes you want share your thought. So if you are wearing a ring and somebody talks about for instance the swimming hall," Jonathan said.

Ronja could not help self from start talking. She had no conscious control of her words, but the tingling in her sex left little doubt that the hypnotic trigger was designed to make her talking dirty. "I am in the changing room just before the swimming hall closes. By taking my time in the shower room I have made sure every other customer has left. I only wear a tiny towel that is barely enough to cover my torso and ass. My locker is locked with an old fashioned padlock and I go fetch help from the cute girl in reception.

I claim my key is lost and she comes with a wire cutter to help me. As she cuts the lock I move behind her and drops the towel.

Inside the locker there is no single piece of clothing, but fluffy handcuffs, a ballgag, a paddle and nipple clamps. She turns toward me and see me nude. I have dropped the towel and is touching myself as I look at her with lust in my eyes. I tell her she get to decide if the bondage gear is for her or for me, but that my boyfriend expect one of us to bound when he arrive." "Sexy idea, but a bit risky with an outsider involved, what about dirty acts at the school?" Jonathan asked.

The previous talk had been about a pretty safe location, the school was far worse. Ronja tensed as she realized you had done quite a lot of sexual things in the school. Could she limit herself to safe fantasies or would the trigger force her to focus on her most dirty thoughts. What about if she started to talk dirty about having sex with Mark's dog! She struggled to imagine something different, but of course it was hopeless.

At the moment all she could think of was how the dog muffle had been between her legs, the large raw tongue lapping at her private parts and the trigger was pushing her to talk about something sexual. Of course these thoughts also made her remember how the dog had taken her again and again in her bed at home. Forcing herself to not talking was making her tremble in effort. Would she be able to limit herself to a regular sex encounter at school or would she treacherous body start to talk about the bondage sex with the dog but done at the school?

Ronja knew she must not say anything, but it was like if each moment of silence increased the sexual tension in her body. Desperately she searched for some more safe topic to talk. Could she perhaps make Mark the central of the sex and talk less explicitly about the dog? "I imagine we are at school, late in the afternoon. The building is all but empty, but we better sneak since I have no regular clothes but is wearing a dog costume that hides most of my body except my sex," Ronja said.

Her words about the dog costume was unexpected, her minds playing tricks with her when it was prompted to talk dirty. "The only parts of me really visible are my mouth and naked ass since we have adjusted the costume to make it more easy to have sex. In one of the study rooms at the top floor Mark Jonson is busy studying like he often does before his ride home arrive.

He can hear us approaching but since he is blind he has no idea who we are. He is not worried since his dog is there," Ronja said. "I am best friend with the dog so it doesn't mind me sneaking up on Mark. I brush myself towards him until he realize it is a human in a costume. He asks who I am, but I refuse to talk and push my sex at his hand until he understand what I want. All he can tell there is a woman cosplaying like a dog and behaving like a bitch in heat.

He gets the idea and pull his clothes down and I reward him by taking his cock into my mouth. I am standing on my knees as Master moves up behind he, and start pushing into my sex." Ronja said, "Nice touch of calling me master, I like that. I can't wait to do it in real life" Jonathan commented. "Real life?" Ronja asked with alarm in her voice. "I have so been looking forward to this, check the contents of bag," he ordered.

With dread Ronja moved to Jonathan's bag and opened it, there was an actual dog costume inside. Very much exactly like she imagined it moments before. "How?" Ronja mumbled.

It was all she could think of to say. "I did test run the trigger earlier when you were hypnotized and was fascinated by your idea to seduce Mark in a dog costume. The bit of calling me master as I doggy fuck you was also part of your fantasy so that seem like something you are really into.

When I realized I actually have a stupid dog costume at home since a party some years back it was obvious I should bring it here," Jonathan said. Ronja stared back at him bewildered, at least it seemed like she had not accidentally revealed who she meant when her subconscious made her say the word Master.

Not that it would help much if he actually made her to crawl around in a dog costume at the floor with Master, the dog was bound to get interested. "Time to get changed," Jonathan ordered as he picked up a camera and tripod from his back. "Wait, you cannot have Mark star in a porno without him knowing, that would be seriously corrupt. This is wrong on so many levels," Ronja objected. She so very much did not want to get into the dog costume.

"I want it for personal viewing, but if I ever want to publish it I will make sure me and Mark are blurred so we cannot be recognized and you would be in a dog costume," Jonathan said. "Besides he is guy, I am sure he will like a hot chick blowing him." Ronja wanted continue to object, but she realized from his grin that he again was getting off hearing her trying to resist obeying him.

She also had a fear that he would use the tell the truth hypnotic trigger if she resisted to much. It seemed likely her treacherous body would betray her and proclaim she did dig the idea. Actually even worse it seemed likely there was a real risk that her subconscious would suggest that she do much more perverted things than what Jonathan could think on.

With alarm she realized she still had the ring on her finger. If he happened to mention a location it might trigger the hypnotic trigger again and make her give him more dirty ideas. She slipped the ring of her finger and hid it in her hand. "It would be a disaster if we are discovered," she suggested weakly.

"Well, you would be wearing a dog costume so if you run quickly enough you will be fine even if we are discovered," he smirked at her. "Is it not your reputation that will suffer if I am caught in a dog costume with exposed genitals," Ronja complained. "Enough of this. Ronja, Jonathan says put on the costume," Jonathan ordered. Helplessly Ronja dropped her clothes and stepped into the costume, the hypnotic trigger made her unable to resist. It was a full body suit, but Jonathan had cut holes to expose her genitals just like in her fantasy.

When the costume was in place and the zipper pulled up she suddenly found herself down on the floor panting like a dog. "There is a hypnotic trigger that makes you become what you cosplay. As safety you cannot do violence while this trigger is active, would not want you to act like a murderer if you end in the wrong dress. Still try to avoid dressing like anything too dangerous just in case," he told her with an annoying smirk on his lips. Ronja wanted to scream at him in frustration but the only thing she could mange was a barf.

She wanted to take the costume off, but when she tried she found her fingers unable to function properly. The hypnotic command had control of her body and since dogs would not have fingers to get the zipper down she could not do it.

Jonathan put her clothes into his bag and then directed her out from the class room. She dislike exposing herself in the costume, but without the ability to take of the costume refusing to follow seemed like a poor choice.

All she could do was just crawl after him as she desperately wished the school would be empty. What if Mark had chosen to not stay and study this particular day? She desperately hoped for this to avoid the upcoming humiliation, but she realized the likelihood would be slim with her luck.

A few times they had to hide behind her corner as late students or teachers moved through the building. By moving carefully they actually got through the school without discovery. As they moved closer to their destination Ronja felt her breath quicken, she was actually turning excited from getting near Master. Finally they were at the study room and Mark and master were there. Jonathan pushed the door opened and got a suspicious growl from the dog.

Jonathan took a step back and then silently directed Ronja forward as he fumbled with the tripod. The dog seemed content with Ronja coming closer but kept Jonathan in view as it sniffed on her body. "Who is it?" Mark asked as he tilted his head and tried to listen.

Ronja did not answer aurally but crawled forward. Master did not seem to mind what she was doing, the attention was locked at Jonathan by the door. Ronja reached Mark's chair and rubbed herself on his leg. "What is it Roy?" Mark said and patted her back. Something about the fake fur most not feel real, since he halted midway through the stroke with a frown on his face. Ronja responded by moving around and push her exposed sex into his extended palm.

She could actually nor tell if it was her forced to act like a bitch in heat or if she did it voluntarily, all she knew was that she needed to be touched. Confused Mark fumbled around and Ronja rubbed her sex onto his fingers. "Oh!" Mark exclaimed and his fingers started to probe her outer pussy lips. It actually felt quite good with his fingers moving into her and wiggling around. The only thing distracting her was the knowledge that Jonathan was taping them from the door. Not that a dog really would mind, her body kept acting like the dog in heat.

"So very wet?" Mark mumbled. Ronja did just barf in response and then moved around so she could poke with her face between his legs.

He did not need much prompting but soon struggled with getting his trousers down quickly enough. When his cock came free Ronja knew that she was in for a challenge. He was easily of the same size of the ivory dildo and that one had without magic seemed like far to big to be comfortable. She took head of his cock inside her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip. He groaned in encouragement and Ronja increased her efforts to pleasure him.

Suddenly she felt something warm and wet sniffing between legs. She realized that any hope that Master would be too busy keeping watch on Jonathan to intervene had been futile. Ronja could not help herself from spreading her legs to ease access. She could not say if she did it it was her acting like a bitch in heat or if it was herself that longed for having the beastly cock up her sex again.

Who was she kidding? She was drippingly wet from the thought of experience the dog fucking again. A low growl escaped her lips. She continued her sucking of Mark's cock as she wiggled her ass for her Masters benefit. She did not care any more that Jonathan was taping them.

She wanted the dog cock filling her again. Needed the dog to fuck her hard in the animal like fashion it had used last time. The lapping of her sex increase in frequency. The rough dog tongue was exploring every part of her sex, drawing her into higher and higher levels of anticipation. Master would take her again and prove that she has his bitch.

She wanted to feel the knot afterwards stretching her inside in ways only possible with an actual beast being deep inside her sex. Finally she felt what she had been waiting for. The dogs paws landed on her back and she felt the dog cock probing at her opening. She realized she was actually grinning in anticipation with Mark's cock inside her mouth. It felt so dirty and good to again have the dog entering her. She did her best to continue to sucking, but it was hard as the dog cock entered her and began pounding her pussy with animalistic frenzy.

She rocked with the motion trying to maximize the pleasure as master used the fur of her costume to get a sure grip. Last time master's claws had cut into her skin to try avoiding the paws sliding off her, but now the costume protected her and gave the dog the chance to continue and continue the fuck without loosing hold. She lost track of time as she was reduced to a long continues stream of moans as the dog fucked her hard. Finally the dog came and she felt the knot swell inside her.

They were now connected and would remain so for a while. Ronja basked in the sensations of her cunt being stretched in such unusual way. She felt the urge to exhale in delight of Master haven given her such good fuck, but she was silenced by Mark's hard cock in her mouth.

In the heat of passion she had lost track of task of serving Mark. It felt weird that she could forget of such a impressing cock being inside her mouth, but the sensations in her sex had been too intense.

She felt a bit bad about her first teasing Mark and then just plain neglecting him, but for the moment she was too filled with sensations from the fucking to focus. Mark solved the matter for them by taking hold of her head and starting to fuck her mouth.

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She had no control of the speed or strength but could just do her best to enjoy the ride as Mark used her mouth for his pleasure.

Occasionally he slowed enough for her to take some air, but there was no question who was in control. Ronja had to admit that she liked the experience. Something about her being dominated and helpless in this fashion turned her on immensely. The very thought of Mark - kind, friendly and blind Mark - using her mouth as his own personal fuck toy made her quiver in pleasure. Briefly she imagined Mark using her sex in the same fashion and she felt her sex pulse with delight from the thought.

Of course for the moment her sex was filled with lots of dog cock and Ronja felt the sensations as Master tried to pulling the cock out of her. Finally Mark came in her mouth and as he did it she realized it was the first time a guy did such.

She had tasted John's cum before, but that was residue after previous sex. Now feeling an actual cock spasm in he mouth and ready to spill so much more cum was exciting. The salty taste of cum in her mouth made her feel like she was some kind of goddess of sex.

She understood that it must be some unknown hypnotic trigger in play, but did not care as she did her best to suck down every drop of cum that came. Afterwards she realized that somehow she had during the sex she missed that the dog had pulled free. Lots of dog cum was flowing down inside the dog costume while the dog was again busy sniffing and at her sex.

She looked toward the door and saw Jonathan there with camera still in his hand, but obviously too caught by what he saw to really make active use of the camera. She could not tell if he was excited but shocked or downright disgusted by watching her having sex with the dog.

Ronja assembled her will, she needed to get home and do studies. Staying here for another turn of sex sounded so inviting but was a bad idea.

She pulled herself free from the dog and her blind lover and crawled over to Jonathan. She turned her back with the zipper towards him. Mutely he pulled the zipper down. "Satisfied? Was it good to watch?" she whispered into his ear when she got her voice back. "I never expected," he mumbled in response. "You conditioned me to act like a dog in heat around a dog. What did you seriously expect would happen?" Ronja whispered with a flat tone in her voice.

If she could hide how much she really had enjoyed the dog sex it might be a good thing. "I never.with a dog," he responded. "I will take the tape, I did the hard work," Ronja whispered into his ear. He did not respond as she took the camera from his hand and took the tape. Silently he pushed the bag with her clothes in her direction and then hurried down the corridor.

Ronja looked back into the room where Mark was obviously doing his best to hear what they were saying. She did not think that he could have heard their talk, but she had spoken the final words a bit louder so maybe Mark could have heard her talking about the tape.

What if he had recognized her voice even if he did not hear the words? She guessed he had not since he had not said her name. She used the dog costume to wipe the last of the dog cum away and then pulled her clothes on. She thought about if she should say something to Mark, but could not think of anything. Better to sneak away in silence. She wanted to dump the damned dog costume on the way home, but did not dare.

When Jonathan recovered from the shock he would probably looking for ways to recover his authority again. Her having lost his dog costume left in her her care was an excuse to punish her that she did not want to give him.

* * * "I will be gone for a number of days, probably a whole week" their father Peter reminded them. "Ronja as older sibling you are in charge. Don't eat just junk food or Carol will give you a piece of her mind afterward." "Does that mean we cannot have a party while you are gone?" John asked with a smirk on his lips. Peter gave him a flat stare and John blushed deeply.

He turned his attention to Ronja and she tried to give him her best reassuring nod. "Don't worry, I need to work on my grades anyway so no parties, but I am kind of short on money at the moment," Ronja responded. "The refrigerator is well stocked at the moment, but here is some cash to get you by," he said and gave her some money from his wallet.

Ronja struggled with the urge to check how money it was, but she did not want her dad see her too worried about money. She made a mental note of spending the money on food quickly so that the ghost could not burn it on other stuff. "Thanks dad," Ronja said. "Taxi is here now, I need to take Arlanda Express at 18:20," he said and took his bags. The door shut and just like that she was alone with her brother.

Briefly she wondered what signs it would take for her absent minded father to start worry about what Ronja was doing, but she pushed those thoughts away. She knew John too well to expect him to not try to take advantage of them being alone for a week. "You.being in charge?" he asked in a mocking tone. "Of course I am. I am oldest, don't get any funny ideas," Ronja said. "Take of your clothes! I want you naked at home," he ordered. "Why would I ever agree to that?" Ronja objected.

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"Because we both know you want me to fuck you. It was great last night, wasn't it?" John responded. "You are delusional!" Ronja exclaimed as she shook her head for emphasis. "Now you are just being a tease," John countered. "You are so bloody immature," Ronja complained. "Maria might ask for something like that since she is my girlfriend. It is not like I am addicted to you just because we did something forbidden once or twice." "What?

I am supposed to just wait for you inviting me to sex? Am I just entertainment for when you want to play out dark fantasies and your girlfriend cannot deliver?" John asked. Ronja froze as he heard his words. Suddenly she understood that she had to be careful here, a single misstep and her step brother might choose to make maximum advantage of their parents absence. She had thought referring to him as younger and cutting him short might save her from some unwanted sex, but his words suddenly made her realize the ghost was bound to make her regret this exchange of words.

Actually she she might just have made things much worse. Before this talk she could have claimed accidentally flashing nude skin would be just casual nudity between siblings with no plans for direct sex, but after today her brother would view every single incident as direct proof she wanted to have sex with him at the very moment.

She decided to try another approach. "Good grief, you expect me get in the mood for sex after that verbal abuse!" Ronja spat at him and made a show of turning and walking towards her room.

She had little hopes that the ghost would allow her to escape sex with John in the long run, but maybe she could make John be more nice to her around the house in the hopes of getting more chances to have sex with her.

She entered her room and closed the door tightly, it was a shame the dock lacked a working lock. "Happy now?" she growled. "It is shame we did not got that talk on tape, would be been great for the hypnoslut business," the ghost commented. "Come on, who would ever be interested in two siblings arguing like that at home," Ronja responded. "You two having a genuine argument would make the videos when you are hypnotized and have sex with him even more convincing for the target audience," the ghost said.

"A lost opportunity, don't take it out on me," Ronja said. "We need hidden cameras to be able to capture the action no matter in what room it happens," the ghost said. "Buying cameras, with what kind of money?" Ronja objected.

"Check your computer," the ghost ordered her. With dread Ronja approached the computer. She had assumed the ghost had activated the computer to tape her like many times before, but when she turned on the screen she saw text Hypnoslut in great red letters. She was actually looking at the hypnoslut website that the ghost had proposed they run. The actual pictures on the entry page were blurred so that it was impossible to recognize her, but anyone that knew her well would recognize Ronja's room.

Nervously she clicked around the public part of the homepage and checked the pictures and the text. She dreaded what she would see if the entered the private section of the homepage and decided that she better avoid that now to preserve her sanity. Ronja sat back surprised at the quality of the homepage. After all the talk with the ghost about the possible business she had still doubted the ghost would get anything working together. Should not programming a homepage be hard?

The idea that people would pay money to see her naked and hypnotized still seems surreal, but the homepage looked very professional. If there really was people out there that got horny from hypnotized girls she could imagine them attracted to homepage like this if they believed it to be the real deal. Actually she did not know if there was anyone out there like her that doing actual hypnosis and having live sex.

It was a big world out there, but sex and not controlling you actions fully was scary. Herself would never been dragged into this kind of things without the meddling ghost. Perhaps the hypnoslut homepage would be unique on the whole Internet in offering a real girl forced by hypnosis to have sex. "How could you create this homepage? Should you not be the ghost of some old geezer that died decades before computers become a thing?" Ronja asked. She regretted the words directly after she said them, insulting the ghost was just plain stupid and dangerous.

"Actually the technology is very alien to me. I got lucky and stumbled on a hypnosis fan. He agreed to make the whole thing in exchange of being able to order you around," the ghost said. "What do you mean with to order me around?" Ronja asked nervously. She did not like the sound of that at all.

"He want to have a video call where he can put you down into trance and interact with you as you perform for him sexually," the ghost said. "You told him my hypnotic key phrase!" Ronja exclaimed.

"Sure, it does not violate our agreement since it won't intrude on your normal social life," the ghost said. "That is dangerous, what if he add hypnotic commands that mess things up?" Ronja complained. "How could it possibly be worse than what you were forced to do in a certain dog costume today?" the ghost asked amused.

Ronja blushed deeply, the ghost might have a point. Few things on a video call would be able to match what Jonathan was forcing her to do on a daily basis. Not being in the same room should seriously limit what could possibly happen. Yet of course each person that could put her into trance increase the risk that something bad would happen. She hesitated some and then decided to drop the issue, it was not like the ghost would let her off the hook just because she complained about risks.

"How many of the videos have you actually put online? What kind of money will this get me?" she asked. "Not sure really," the ghost said.

"We have different levels where they need to pay different cash to get access.


The best stuff like with your brother and the beast sex, cost for each view so it depends on how many times they want to see the same clip again. As for the live sessions those does not have fixed price.

The thought is that we get a good enough offer you do a live show for the lucky customer." "How many subscribers?" Ronja asked with a sigh. "We have got 6 people opening an account since this morning when the site went online, not sure if that is good or bad.

Depends on how it develops in the long run. The largest problem is that we lack a good way to get the cash to us. We need some kind of bank account that can accept international payments from the fellow operating the hypnoslut site," the ghost said. "I think it is possible to transfer money to any bank account if you have the right information about the bank," Ronja said.

"You are sure it will not trigger suspicion if you get a constant stream of international deposits?" the ghost asked. "Actually you might be right. A while back the bank made me answer a bunch of questions to keep using my bank account. They were asking lots about international payments," Ronja admitted. She had not thought about it before, but if the hypnoslut gathered any serious amount of money the risk was huge the bank would start to ask tricky questions.

If the site earned her enough money she might actually be need to pay taxes for the earnings. Letting the guy that made the site keep the money was of course not an alternative, she needed the money. "It seems like I need to have a talk with the bank after school tomorrow," Ronja said. "Are you planning on messing with me tonight?" "Why you ask?" the ghost wondered.

"When I said I had lots of homework I really meant it," Ronja responded. "I really need to study tonight if I shall not flunk the exam next week." "I care nothing about your exam," the ghost chuckled. "Can you please let me dodge any stuff tonight so I can study?" Ronja pleaded. "Sorry, the wheels are already in motion," the ghost said laughing. "What do you mean?" Ronja asked filled with dread.

"You brother received the bag with dog costume and the tape," the ghost explained. "What!" Ronja exclaimed. "You heard me little sex slave," the ghost taunted.

"No not the tape, it will be so awkward if he look at it," Ronja groaned. "Did I mention the note? I actually made you write a note with an instruction for him to check it out before he goes to sleep tonight," the ghost said. Ronja struggled to come up with anything to say, but she was really at her wits end.

Her brother did actually know she had fucked master before since he had freed her from the bondage gear afterwards.

Watching her perform on the tape was bound to give him new ideas and Ronja could imagine no way to avoid it. Numbly she sat down by her desk and started with her homework. She better have as much finished as she could before her brother came for sex, she really doubted he would settle for a quickie. What could possibly the ghost have written on the note? It was only a matter of time until she learned the answer. * * * End of chapter 6 Did you like what you read? Do you have ideas for what should happen now?