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Gay porn trannies boys and interracial twink movietures first time As
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Chapter one (I excluded a lot of the details of how Kaleb and Miranda formed a deeper relationship before they met) It will explain in the middle of the first chapter. I may add them in when the story is over.

This is a love/rape/kidnap/forced fantasy story. This first chapter is very sweet and light. As the chapters go on things will be explained, why he needs to rape her etc.

There is no consensual sex until the last chapter. This will probably be a novel size story because there are so many details to cover. As I said, Kaleb breaks her in during these first chapters but it does get gory a little later on. Kaleb does love her and is a very wise and patient type. You guys will all grow to want to fuck both Kaleb, and Miranda.

If you like the more evil type rapist then Tony will be your guy. She will eventually grow to love him back. So keep reading! I sat there staring blankly at the screen.

Horrified of what was going to happen now that I agreed to let him come. Come here, to my home. Was I crazy? I must be fucking mad. As horrified at I was of this prospect, I was…excited. I need him. I need to have him. I sat there swatting down these damning thoughts down and they would just come buzzing back again. It all started around six months ago. My boyfriend Jake and I were sitting on the couch. We were watching a movie, cuddling in each other's arms.

Same old shit. It's around 9pm on a warm summer night in June. All of a sudden he jumps up and looks at me in alarm. "Shit, I'm late" he says. "What the fuck could you possibly be late for" I say with irritation in my voice. "I have to go to meet Joe at the bar" I wanted to be mad at him but those dimples, blue eyes and dark hair made it so difficult. Oh yeah, and the fact that I secretly wanted him to go.

Just between you and me; Jake is my lifeline. We have been in love since we were 16 years old. We both had to deal with a lot of shit in this life. We met waiting in the school counselor's office with one of those awkward "Why are you here?" questions. That same night we met up and hung out at the beach. We must have talked all night about our problems. Alcoholic father, dead mother, neglect; it seems too crazy to be true that we had so many tragedies in common. We became each other's support.

We needed nothing else. Well, except an ass load of friends and a mountain of drugs. Funny, you could say he was bad for me but to tell you the truth; I could have been much worse off. For one: he is the only guy I've ever slept with. I was headed to having the same relationship with men that a fat girl has with Twinkies. I had no mother.

I had slutty friends (I dare you to find non-slutty friends in a public high school in Chicago). I had an ex Marine dad who's only emotion was; Where Is My Fucking Bottle Anger tm.

Oh yeah, four older brothers. They may have sheltered me for a while, but I was just reaching the point of outsmarting them when Jake came along. When I turned 18, Jake and I were outta there.

With my daddy's credit cards and guilt money, combined with Jake's drug money, we had the life. We got a beautiful apartment on the lake. We had the best parties and coolest friends. We had each other. By day it was business; phone calls, baggies, counting money. By night it was playtime. We didn't party like those idiots on TV, we partied like us. No fights, no drama, and no idiots allowed.

We took that rule seriously. Our favorite place was the beach. A bunch of us would sprawl out around the fire. Arms, legs, bottles, laughing… Jake was a sensitive soul. He wasn't one of those rough and rigid types. I did love him but sometimes I felt more friendship between us than raw animalistic heat. I on the other hand am a Gemini. Have you ever met a Gemini before? Well needless to say I am all over the place. I am very smart, extremely into knowledge, knowledge of.Anything.

I frustrate my friends by correcting them all of the time. I am also an endless jokester. Sometimes I push people so far that they actually get angry with me, and I revel in that anger. There is something sadistic about me combined with an endless empathy. I love to get high. I love to be scared. I love rain. You know that song; I'm only happy when it rains. I think sometimes I am happier in the rain than anywhere else. Anyways back to me staring at my computer screen in horror.

Yep, I had been having a fling online for a few months. Around six damn months now. You see, it didn't start off that way. I didn't want a "fling". I am happy with my life. I am happy with Jake. At least that's what I tell myself all the time now.

I saw this guy typing to a friend of his in metal chat01 on the Yahoo rooms. He was talking about joining the army. I just had to say something…Yes I am an anti war activist. I even attend the Dove peace rallies here in Chicago. I don't just attend; I donate 100% of my time when they are in town.

So you see, I had to IM him or I wouldn't be rep-in my cause. Ha-ha. After a steaming four hour argument we began to just, I don't know, click. After a few weeks of talking we decided to exchange pictures. Oh my god what a beautiful farm boy he is. His name is Kaleb. He has the most beautiful face I have ever seen, Picture Travis Fimmel with a slimmer physique.

Turns out he was one of the richest descendants of a ranch in the beautiful state of Washington. We are opposites in the looks department (well in every department).

I am small and petite. I am half Spanish and half something else. Who knows? I am not very dark skinned but I have very black long hair. I always considered myself pretty but hated my brown eyes and wished for boobs. City chick who loves pot and peace rallies, meet aggressive country boy who likes guns.

After the picture exchange, we decided to talk on the phone. I would wait for Jake to leave so I could grab the phone. We could talk for days if we had the time. I am not conservative but having only been with Jake, I was inexperienced and shy. We could talk about anything.

We would laugh and tease each other about everything. He thought it was cute that I was so avid about peace and that pissed me off. He called me city girl and he would laugh when I called cattle, "cows". I would laugh when he talked about "Cows". We would fantasize about what it would be like to meet each other. Seemed innocent enough, right? One day sitting on the bed he jokingly told me to take my pants off (at least I thought he was joking) He said it in a teasing tone.

I laughed and said "Yeah sure, that would look great to have Jake burst in here and see me pants less with a phone." "So are saying you want to?" My cheeks got red. "Take them off. Come on babe. You want to." "Kaleb, please…I can't do that." I retreated.

"Do it, now." He advanced.

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"No, Kaleb…I can't. Jake could be home any minute." I pleaded. "Dump him" I laughed "Yeah dump him, why didn't I think of that." "I'm serious Miranda, I want you so bad. I am so fucking hard right now. I want to be with you." "I want to be with you too, but you are 2,000 miles away." "Take them off for me babe; I want you to cum for me." Feeling more than a bit embarrassed, I took my pants off.

I couldn't help but feeling…out of control of myself. I did what he said. I listened to every direction he gave me intently. I listened to his strong, sexy voice command my body against my wishes. Finger's deep inside of me, pretending it was his hard cock fucking the life out of me. "I'm going to cum in that tight pussy soon, I don't care what you say, I am going to have you." He moaned into the phone as he stoked himself. "FUCK" I yelled. "He's home, shit." I got up and threw my pants on as fast as I could.

I threw the phone into the laundry basket just in time for my boyfriend to walk through the door of our room. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Jake asked. "Just not feeling well babe, that's all." I guiltily walked over to him and kissed him sweetly on the cheek.

(For the sake of the short story that I am writing before bed I am skipping over how the rest of the relationship forming into a serious one.

If I ever write the full story there will be a lot of good stuff here including a bunch of arguments between Jake and Kaleb and a third guy- Jake's best friend.) Back to the beginning; staring blankly at my computer screen in horror at his beautiful face on cam.

"Babe, you said I could come. You said you broke up with him. You said you were MY girlfriend now. Why do you have that stupid look on your face?" "I, I…I am just excited" I lied. "I can't believe you actually did it". I reached into my Altiods box and grabbed the biggest joint I could find. Shit I am in a lot of trouble. I lit it and sucked in the biggest hit my lungs would allow. I looked up at the little heart shaped cam perched on my desk and blew out. "When I get there you are going to stop smoking." He said sternly.

"Yeah, right" I laughed. I liked an assertive man but have never been good at following orders. "When are you going to be here?" I asked cautiously.

"Soon, babe. Don't worry." "Look, Kaleb. I don't think this is a good idea right now." I panicked. "Hey, I can't really talk now; I gotta catch my plane in a few hours so I'm going to finish packing.

Love you babe. I'll be there soon." "Wait…Please, we have to talk" I pleaded. "No. It's going to be fine. See you soon. Get some sleep." Ugh why did I give him my address? He had a way of talking to me. I would say anything he told me to say and wonder about my stupidity later.

I knew he was planning to come but I thought I had more time to break it off before then. As the screen went dark, sheer panic set in. What the hell am I going to fucking do? You see, I loved everything about Kaleb. I needed our nightly sessions so badly I would kill for them.

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I couldn't say no to him, so I lied. I lied to both of them. I was about to be caught up in my own huge web of lies in a few hours. I was about to meet the guy of my wildest dreams. I was about to lose one (or both) of my boyfriends.

Shit. I what the hell is going to happen? My thoughts raced. My heart raced. It's time to tell the truth. I am not saying I am proud to be a liar but hell. I have never in my life imagined a man that could consume my thoughts so fully. Fill my desires so completely.

I haven't even met him yet. I have only been talking to him for 6 months now. The conversation with Jake went horribly. How could I be so cold? I didn't mean to sound so cold when I told him. I was numb, exhausted, and afraid. "You fucking said you quit talking to him. You fucking lied to me. I trusted you god damnit Miranda." I cried. "You fucking fix this now.

You fix it now or we are done. You understand me? Done! I won't put up with this shit ever again in OUR home." He threw the phone at me.

I knew I deserved his anger. He was right. I couldn't go through with it. "Fine, I will call him. I am so sorry I've hurt you after all we have been through. I don't know how he does this to me…Since I met him online that day I just, can't." "Shut up Miranda, you cheated on me." He interrupted.

"I thought we took care of this problem. You were lying to me this whole time!" He slumped down into the bed. "Call him" he said weakly. "Now." I picked up the phone and walked out of the room. I could hear Jake pacing in the room. I dialed…No answer.

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I tried again and again. No fucking answer. Shit. That night Jake slept on the couch.

I couldn't sleep. I must have dialed his number all night long with no avail. Come on answer…I pleaded silently. I was too chicken shit to leave a message. The hours dragged on and I guess I finally fell asleep. I woke up and shot straight out of bed. I grabbed the phone and ran to the back door as fast as my legs could carry me.

Pretty damn fast. Breathing hard I saw that I had a few missed calls. All of them from a strange number. No messages. I called the number as I looked through the kitchen window at Jake sleeping peacefully on the couch.

"Hope he's having a good dream" I said sadistically, instantly feeling guilty. "Hey babe, why didn't you pick up" his voice melted me and panicked me at the same time. "I had a bad night; I need to talk to you." "OK meet me at the beach here. I'm at your favorite spot, the one you told me about. I'm in the Oasis here next to the park." "How long have you been there?" I questioned.

"Well I just got off my flight and called a cab to bring me here until I could get a hold of you. Probably been here an hour or so. It's beautiful down here just like you said. Get your ass down here woman, I need some company fast." I hung up without saying goodbye.

Threw on a sundress and sandals and flew out of the house like it was burning down. Jake wasn't up yet thank god. I stopped at my car looking at the house. Maybe I should tell him. Maybe I should tell him where I am going at least… Nah. I can fix this on my own. My heart was racing.

My knees were wobbly. I was nervous as hell. What was I going to say "Ooops sorry I lied to you, your whole trip was a waste, go home now? Oh yeah, I never broke up with Jake and I am not your girlfriend." This was going to suck, I laughed nervously. How the hell can I be so stupid? I wandered the beach finding little peace. I walked to the Oasis and there was so sign of him.

I walked up and down the peer and to the park, nothing. Hmmm maybe he was just messing with me, I started to calm myself. He does like to joke. I thought… I walked back to the pier and sat down in a quiet spot and let my toes touch the water.

I've been coming here since I was a kid. I had always talked to the water about everything. I know it sounds crazy but you know…Those thoughts you have that are so private you fear to write them down, well that's where I let them out.

The water knows all of my secrets. "You know part of me is a bit disappointed that he isn't here. I mean I just can't let go. I love Jake too though and I could never dump him.

It makes things sooo…complicated. I have to tell the truth though; it's the right thing to do…" I lay back looking up at the blue sky.


"So you didn't dump Jake?" I hear a voice from behind. "SHIT!" I spat out like vomit as I sat up. I could feel my cheeks hot with embarrassment. My breath was caught in my throat. I buried my face into my knees. How could I look at him?

Please let that not be him. It was him. What do I do!

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Panic…white…hot…panic. I can't look, I thought. Don't fucking look at him you dumb bitch! Oh my god how fucking embarrassing.

I remember thinking that if I didn't look at him for long enough he would disappear, or I would. Either way would be nice. "Miranda, look at me." I could hear pain in his voice. "I can't look…I tried to call you ya know? You put me on the spot; I didn't know what to do." I cried, tears flooding down my bare knees and legs. "I put you on the spot?

You told me that you broke up with him. You told me we could be together. You said yes to me. He may still be your boyfriend, but I am your boyfriend too." I could hear the frustration in his voice. "I don't know what to do. I told you about all the things Jake and I have been through. I can't just leave, our lives are intertwined." I looked up at him.

"Nothing that can't be undone." He sat down next to me. I got a glimpse of his strong arms and bare chest. I tried to look away from his piercing blue eyes unsuccessfully.

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"I am here now. What do you want to do?" I thought all of those times I had seen him on cam, and in pictures were as good as it gets.

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I was so wrong. He brushed my black hair over my shoulder. I shuddered. "Hey I found a really cool place back by the woods in the park, let's walk and talk" he said, looking confused. We walked and I talked. I explained everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly all came out.

"So you were still sleeping with him?" He looked angry "While we were together?" "Only a few times, I was thinking about you though" I admitted. He was silent as we walked. I ran out of things to say. "I get it" he said. "The only question I have is, Do you want to be with me now?" Chills went up and down my body. I could feel myself getting wet.

My face flushed. He grabbed me and threw me to the ground in one swift move. I moaned as he took his jeans off. I watched his beautiful body move gracefully. He crawled on top of my kissing my neck and rubbing my arched back. It felt like a dream. I could feel his hardness and it sent shivers up my spine. I was writhing and panting so hard I completely forgot where I was. I forgot who I was. I felt like every inch of my body was tingling…On fire.

"No!" I sat up. Jake…I can't do this. I can't. He will never forgive me. I love him. My thoughts were like a whirlwind in my head. "Please, I'm sorry.I can't do this." "I love you baby, I will never hurt you" he cooed in my ear. "Please Kaleb, if you love me…Stop. I need to think." I cried. Tears of confusion were forming in the corner of my eyes. "I need you now. I can't wait anymore." He growled.

He pulled my dress up. I fought. He covered my mouth. I panicked. I fought harder than I have ever fought in my life and it was nothing for him to overpower. Effortlessly he held me, I was nothing to him. I struggled to move my arms and legs. He grew aggravated with my feeble efforts and pushed hard against me, showing me the full power of his strength. It's as if he was trying to show me that fighting was pointless.

"Please babe, I need you, don't fight this." He cooed in my ear sending shock waves through my body. The shock of my own need hit me like a brick. I closed my eyes. This is going to happen to me, I thought. Oh my god I am going to be raped during broad daylight with a dozen people within screaming range. Ohmygod I can get through this, Scream Miranda. He let go of my mouth for a second.


I immediately screamed. "None of that" he smiled. "You are feisty, why don't you just let go" He took two fingers under my thongs and plunged them deep inside of me. I sat up against his strength for a moment. Electricity jolting through my body gave me animal strength. I immediately succumbed to pleasure and he took control again pushing my back down to the ground with ease.

He positioned himself in-between my legs. Holding me down with his strength and sheer size over me. One hand over my mouth, he fingered me until I was dripping wet.

Deep inside me, a place no man has ever been so fully, filling me. A strange mix of feelings washing over me, I cried and tried to moan. I cried out of fear and moaned out of pleasure. My free arm swung. Punching as hard as I could…I slammed into his back. He looked as though he didn't even feel it. I felt like a small child trying to wrestle a polar bear. He stopped finger fucking me and explored my body with his mouth and free hand.

I had just about given up hope that I was going to get out of this. I couldn't stop my mind, heart, and body from conflicting. I knew it was wrong, I knew I wanted it, I knew I felt bad…Jake…Oh my god, Jake.

More tears came flooding out. He uncovered my mouth. "I can't stop baby, please just take it for me" he moaned. "Kaleb, please, you are hurting me" I cried. "Please stop I can't do this. You don't have to go through with this, we can talk. I won't tell anyone" Tears streaming down my face. What had I done? This is all my fault. "I won't hurt you.

When I'm done you won't want to tell anybody. I promise. I told you a hundred times that when I first saw you I was going to have you right then" Slowly tracing my body with his big hands he reached down between my legs again. He started rubbing my clit. I froze. I couldn't move.

He let go of his hold and moved his head down…Licking and sucking everything on the way down. He teased my clit slowly and lightly with his tongue. Barely touching me, he circled my clit until I felt like I was going to die. I raised my hips up and buried myself into his mouth. As I came he grabbed my ass cheeks and lifted them off of the ground and though he was drinking me in.

I tried to scream but nothing came out. I fell to the ground lifeless. What is that feeling? My heart was beating so fast. I wanted to go to him. I can't do that, what am I nuts? This obviously insane guy is trying to rape me. I tried to reason with myself. He paused to look at me.

"You are so beautiful. You are the only one I will ever be with. I am sorry if I hurt you at all, I just can't help myself. I've never felt this way." He sighed. I reach for my dress. He grabbed my hand mid-air. "You are not done yet" he said fiercely. Tears came pouring out again.

Weakly I laid back down on my own. He gently covered my mouth again. He positioned himself on top of me, adjusting me with ease. I could feel his hardness on my clit as he wiped the rest of my tears away.

He pushed against me. Positioning himself at my delicate opening. I again got the message from my brain to struggle. I scooted up a few inches.

He pulled me back down. I twisted, he straightened me. I could feel his hardness brushing against me as I struggled. I could tell he was just toying with me. Tingles all over my body. He pulled me down and straightened me once more. He positioned himself against my delicate flesh. "I need you to relax, or this will hurt". He pushed through the opening. I panicked. He calmed me sweetly as he pushed a little deeper. I tried to sit up. Pain. Was he ripping me open? I cried and tried to scream.

Pushing up into a sitting position with all of my strength. Pain…He is too much. He can't possibly fit. I bit his shoulder so hard I could feel his hot blood leaking into my mouth. He moaned. Was I just pleasuring him more? "Again" he smiled. I spit the blood out all over his chest and watched in horror as it mixed with his sweat and dripped down onto me.

Kissing my neck and rubbing his blood into my chest, he seemed to grow even bigger. Pushing me to my limits. "Don't move" he said in a whisper. Out of fear I listened. "A little more" he cooed. He pushed in more. I could feel my body trying to accommodate him. More pain. Pain mixed with pleasure. Tingles through my small perky breasts. My legs straightened as I tried to make it easier for him to fit. My toes pointed. Trying to allow him to fit only to dull the pain.

It didn't work. He slowly pushed, my tiny hole stretched out over his large pulsing cock. "There you go baby, you can take it.

That's a girl" he calmed me. "Relax, stop tightening up around me. Loosen and relax it will feel good." I let my body release. He took his hand away from my mouth.

I moaned like an animal that had been wounded. Something deep inside me…A noise that I didn't recognize. Call for help, my brain said. He moaned as he pulled out slowly. He pushed back in hard. I screamed so loud he had to cover my mouth again.

When my mouth was secure he began pumping me hard. Every inch of his hard body taking me. I tried to scream, I bit his hand.

He kept fucking me. It hurt so fucking good. My body melted and I let him fully take me. He pulled me up onto his lap without pulling out. He grabbed my hips and rocked me on top of him. My nipples grazing his chest. "Fuck me now baby, I have to cum" I hesitated. Out of exhaustion my shoulders slumped against him. I could leave try to get away now. My body wouldn't move. "Fuck me!" he yelled, scarring me from the rawness of his voice. I rocked my hips slowly up and down the tip.

Eyes rolling back. Ecstasy. "You feel so good" he grabbed my hips and pulled me all the way down. His hard cock.So deep inside me. I wanted to hate it. I wanted the pain to stop.but I wanted his fucking cock so much it consumed my thoughts. He cried out. I could feel his hot cum pumping inside of me. I could feel his cock moving inside of me. I shivered. He pulled out carefully. My legs tensing and clenching as he slowly came out of me. I could feel the warm sticky fluid leaking out.

Things went dark. I could hear echoes of his voice. I was being lifted. Don't fall…aslee…