Hot blonde having double penetration real cocks

Hot blonde having double penetration real cocks
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My mother Heather has been in a relationship with John for two months. She loves that John lavishes her with expensive gifts, has a sexual drive that matchs hers, and surprises her with sexual adventures.

My name is Ava, eightteen year old daughter of Heather. Ava frowns that I have not tried to seduce her. Ava is disappointed that I have refused her flirting and seduction attempts.

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She made up her mind that she would drive me insane from the second I saw her.She is determined to send me home with a hard cock in my pants and a night of wet dreams. She rushes to finish settling into her room, just the thought of dinner with me has already made her wet.and runs to get ready.

" I'll show John." She thought! She decides to fore go the regular jeans and sweater outfit tonight.

She pulls on her sheer thigh-high stockings with lace tops, slides on her snakeskin stilettos, and pulls on a short pleated cheerleader-ish denim skirt.

I love all these items separately and have imagined them together! She pulls her panties off, and checks herself in the mirror.if she bends forward slightly then you could see the lace tops of her stockings, if she sat down it was worse.God forbid if somebody brushes past her in this tiny restaurant - her pussy and ass will be on display!

She will have to be careful - they are for my eyes only. Ava wants to look desirable to me, without looking like a total slut to everybody she pulls on a demure, flimsy, cream-coloured cashmere poloneck.this will do fine.She looks sexy as hell but elegant! She can't wait to show me. The doorman calls to say I was here she grabs her Burberry trench and wraps it tightly around her.Ava wanting to know how long it will take for me to notice she is wearing stockings and a skirt.

She got into my BMW, I glance at her quickly and smile. " Ava - I'm glad you came to see me!" I said giving her a kiss. " Yes, I want to get to know you," She replies with a hug. I'm dressed in jeans and trainers, with my hair disheveled and my rectangular glasses on! " Too rich to care" is the right way to describe the look! We are on our way. I didn't notice right-away.the car is dark.before we reach the end of the block I slid my hand under her coat to her knee and said with a slight smile " oh.Ava, what's this?" " What, I can't wear a skirt for my mom's man?" She asks me playfully.

" Of course you can.don't give me that innocent look!" I love it when a young woman is a naughty girl.


It makes me very horny and gives me an excuse for later. I keep running my hand along her legs until we park. Taking off my seatbelt I said " what else.?" as I slid my hand in between her thighs. ".no that Ava?!" I said as I lightly graze her lips and clit with my finger. She smiles coyly and says nothing, just stops my hand from exploring further and opens her door.

Sighing, I step out too, and we walk in. We sit at the bar while we wait for a table - no, barstools! There is no way she can perch on those without showing her wares! She tries as best she can, sipping her Bailey's with one hand and keeping her coat around her with the other.I knew how self-conscious she feels and stood my large 6'6" frame in front of her so she feels better and is partially hidden! It gives her the opportunity to glance at my huge bulge.her coat allows me to stroke her inner thighs.finally we got to our table and she takes off her coat!

Everybody stares as she sat down - She probably flashed a little of her stocking tops by mistake! Ava tries to be as nonchalant as she can. I manage to keep stroking her legs under the table, neither of us can reach the parts we want to reach! I see the couple at the corner table next to us leaving and quickly ask the waiter to move us!

As soon as we slid over she feels my hand spreading her thighs and my index finger probing her pussy.I made it wet with her juices and then spreads them up her slit, opening her up for me.

" He's out to tease me back tonight!" She realizes. With a smile, I shove my finger deep into her hole, making her jump. She can't moan, she can't complain, she can't do anything but gaze at me begging me to stop torturing her. She tries to grind her pussy back and forth on my finger it is too obvious. I grin, knowing I had her where I wanted her, pulling my finger out, " Mmmm." I said as I tasted her pussy on my finger. Ava wants to throw everything off the table and spread herself for my pleasure.

Ava feels her wetness seeping down her thighs and to her skirt. I sit back and enjoy my Scotch, winking at Ava. We barely talk during dinner, both enjoying the food, and especially the tension between us. When we got our main courses I slid my hand back between her thighs, pushing two fingers into her wet pussy, I start finger fucking her faster and faster, I knew this would make her come.

She can't because the waiter is right in front of us, waiting to grind pepper onto our pasta! Ava shoots me a death-stare and removes my fingers. I look at her and whisper " what.?" as I place one of my fingers in my mouth and inhale her scent before sucking on it.

I grab the back of her head and offer her the other wet finger, I love seeing a woman tasting herself. She licks it enough to satisfy me and then pulls out a pencil from her purse. The tabletop is covered with white paper laying over the linen.Ava starts writing me a message: " I'm a virgin and want my cherry popped. For dessert, I'd like to be bent over and fucked hard.check one YES _ or NO _" Reading it, I smile grabbing the pencil from her: " HELL Yes.but how hard?" " Make it hurt, make me beg you to stop" " Even if you were to beg me to stop, I wouldn't listen." This has her pussy dripping.

We rush to finish our meal, pay the cheque, and walk composed to the car. Then I open the door for her and she sits down, I roughly push my hand between her legs and spreading them wide over the dashboard.

Ava stares at me in disbelief - what on Earth is he thinking of doing? Without a glance at her, I bury my head between her thighs and start licking her pussy as I stand in the parking lot. " OMG, his tongue feels so good flicking around my clit and exploring my slit." She screams. In a minute I pull back and shut the door. Getting into the car, I unzip my jeans and pull out my hard cock out. " I want you to suck me dry" I whisper hoarsely.

Ava makes me wait a minute by stroking my thick veined cock and then lowers her head to it. She only sucks the head, licking around it, I groan " aaaahhhh " and push myself up into her mouth, she refuses to deepthroat me, she wants my cum inside her. We are only a few blocks from her hotel. We got upstairs, I watch her undress, instructing her to leave the skirt and stockings on for my pleasure. Her small breasts are bare, her pink nipples hard, I undress myself and stand in front of her.

Ava leads me to the bed, letting her eyes drop from my head and chest to my huge hard thick cock bobbing up and down.

Her eyes are wide as she gasps staring at my cock, a cock that gorgeous deserves a good suck and fuck.

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Ava lays down, I approach her on my knees. Her mind is racing, she is not sure she is ready for all of this. She does not know how to go about stopping it now. The idea of having sex was exciting and frightening, the idea of sucking my cock was terrifying. I pull her head up as I proceed to feed her my big cock.

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She sucks at me hungrily, looking up into my eyes, and then lowers herself further to suck on my hairy balls. She is enjoying feeling them in her mouth as she uses her hand to play with my shaft.

She feels me wanting to fuck her face faster. I pop out of her mouth and she squeezes me in between her tits.licking the precum from the head of my cock. I start tit-fucking her, she does not want my cum in her mouth, She wants me to fill and spray her pussy.

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Ava stops sucking and licking me, lets go of her tits, and pushes me off her. I lay next to her, and bite her ass cheeks hard. Spreading her legs, I roughly shove two fingers inside her. I watch her grimice with pain then moan and beg for my cock. " ooowww.aaaahhhh.please.please.fuck me." " Ava, wait." I said as I feel her clit, circling it with my fingers.

One wet finger finds it's way to her asshole.I push it in and watch her squirm. My finger in her ass makes her pussy wetter - it makes her feel like my dirty girl - Her pussy is dripping with juice. She thrashes around on the bed trying to dislodge my finger. She wants me to give her my hard cock gleaming with saliva from her mouth. " Ava, I told you to wait." I growl. Ava wasn't behaving. I grab her arms with my free hand and hold them above her head, giving her a warning glance.

I resume my rough finger fucking to her ass and pussy. I lick my lips, at the thought of fucking this beautiful young woman. I grab her hips as I thrust my cock all the way in, rupturing her hymen and causing blood to ooze from her pussy and coat my cock. I put my hand over her mouth stifling her scream from the painful deflowering. I then pull out my crimson manhood and ram it back in, as far as it could go. I pull all the way out, " STOP!, you're hurting me. Stop!" My body crushing her aganist the mattress, she feels the large head of my hard cock poking aganist the tender lips of her cunt again.

My mouth covers hers as my hand slips between our bodies and I position the tip of my cock at the opening of her pussy.

I groan into her mouth as I push into her, feeling her pussy is lubricated. I feel a part of her likes it. I thurst hard into her driving the head of my cock back into her, " OMG STOP! STOP! OH PLEASE STOP!" Ava screams. " Oh! Baby, your so tight. My God, ssssoooo tight!' I pull completely out of her. For a brief moment, her lips resist, and then split to allow the thick instrument enter her, slamming through her tight vaginal canal and driving itself all the way in again.

Young virgins and women are not meant to be deflowered and stretched like this, so I wasn't surprised when her body jerks in response to the white hot pain of the instrument slicing into her small tight young pussy as she emits a screech " OMG! OMG! AAAAAHHH! ". She screechs " AAAAHHH! TAKE IT OUT!


AAAAAHHHH! " Pulling back several inches, I see lots of blood covering my cock, and dribbling down on to the bed. Then I drive forward again, slamming the head up against her cervix. My long thick cock stretching and scraping inside as the pile driving action continues. I draw back then continue ra mming hard and deep into her, as she howls " OMG!

AAAAAHHHH! AAAAAYYYY! AAAAHHHH! " Whatever it feels like for her, the feel of her unprepared tight virgin pussy milking my cock sends shivers of excitement through me. The pain surprises her, in a moment she feels my large balls resting against her pussy flesh and she knows she has taken all of me. The feeling of fullness is incredible!

She is proud of herself. She has taken all 9" of me. I'm building a rhythm gradually taking longer and deeper strokes until I feel sheathing and unsheathing of my full 9" on each stroke. Her pussy is resisting each thrust, clamping down in a vain attempt at stopping the subsequent penile impalement.

Tears are pouring down her face as her tight canal is stretched, scrapped by the sustained ramming being inflicting on her. Gradually, the continued ramming of my cockhead gives to the back of her pussy causes it to give a bit, and I'm able to push the last few inches in.

It feels great, having her tight young pussy grasping the entire shaft including the base of my cock, convulsing from the impalement, continuely spasming as her whole body heaves from the sobs and screams. she was emitting " OMG.AAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHH! " " John, turn me over and fuck me from behind." She gasps.

I oblige, spreading her legs wide I kneel behind her. I place my cock at the entrance to her pussy and push it half way in. Pulling it out I said " Ava, are you ok?".She nods yes, then she turns away. I push back halfway inside her again, pulling her hips back onto my cock.

I want her to do some work. " Let me see you move" I growl, with a slap on her ass cheek. I hold still on my knees as I watch her round ass move back and forth, pumping my cock into her wet tight pussy.

Ava knew I wouldn't be able to take this sight for too long - she is right. I suddenly push down on her back, forcing her upper body into the sheets, and lifting her ass higher. I lean over her then slam myself repeatedly into her. I stop, slapping her ass cheeks, then start slamming into her gaining speed with each stroke. She is in heaven - feeling me behind her, finally taking advantage of her, fucking her pussy until it is sore.She comes so hard from feeling my soft balls smacking again and again over her is too much as she screams in pleasure.

" OMG.YYYEEESSS.YYYYEEEESSSS.MMMMMMM." After her screaming from the clitoral stimulation subsides, I fuck her harder, she feels my cock plunging in and out of her relentlessly, feeling it deep and hard, and wanting more, she looses control, " JOHN, FUCK ME, PLEEEASE FUCK ME, MAKE IT HURT, HURT ME BABY FUCK ME FUCK ME HURT ME!" She begs me.

I enjoyed it too and slamming hard into her like a engine piston. I slam into her then hold still as I explode filling her with my hot sticky cream. I pull out and lay back, totally satisfied. She collapses on to the mattress fighting to regain regular breathing! I held her close as we both calms down, then I got up and got dressed, leaving her naked on the bed.

With a kiss, I whispered " Ava, that was fantastic. See you later." Then I was gone. She climbs under the duvet cupping her pussy with one hand. It is still wet, she is still horny. Ava now understands, why her mother is so excited and horny all the time.

After a nice lunch at my penthouse, I took Ava shopping for clothes and jewelry. We are as horny as we were last night. It has been six hours since she has felt me inside her, and we were both aching for it. Ava, for my huge cock, which she loves taking her from behind, and me for her very tight pussy. John is huge, and no matter how hard or how many times he fucks me, it always feels like I was losing my virginity to him -- it always hurt, my pussy was always super-tight for him, I know it and I love being the man that got to deflower her each time.

As soon as we got back to the penthouse, I pick her up, and throw her on the bed, on her stomach. I start biting hard at her neck, shoulders, ass and thighs leaving hickeys. I grab her hips lifting her onto her knees from behind.

She is wondering " why so soon," I push my head in between her legs and start licking her in long fast strokes; down the crack of her ass, and then circling around her asshole, darting my tongue in and out of it. She couldn't see me as I was behind her, she feels violated - a sensation she has never felt and her first reaction is of shock. She is wondering if I know where I was licking. I leave her asshole working my tongue down to her slit -- which is dripping from arousal. I'm pushing my tongue flat and hard into her pussy -- it felt so good -- and then licking up to my clit, circling that.sucking on my lips.I bit her clit slightly before I move back to her ass slit, making her completely wet with my tongue.

I get back on my knees lifting her higher -- so as to fuck her from behind. Seeing how wet both her holes are at this point she guesses I have nothing to lose and plunge my thumb into her tight virgin asshole. She gasps in shock! Last night was the first time I was really horny and played with her asshole. Ava feels my thumb pulling her apart and spreading her ass a little. She buries her face into the mattress grabbing the pillows, determined to bear the pain I was going to give her.

It is clear I was going to do what I wanted, when I wanted, and she is trying to prepare myself to have her ass penetrated -- I'm out of control, not giving a thought to how it feels to have my thumb assaulting her tight virgin ass. He start rubbing my rock hard thick cock against her slit as my thumb plunges in and out of her ass.Ava always has been curious about double-penetration, and wants to feel my thumb fucking her ass while my cock is fucking her pussy.

She reaches behind her to thrust me into her pussy.I ram into her tight wet pussy with fervor, start impaling it with rough deep thrusts with my enraged cock.

It hurt more than my thumb in her ass. She pulls my thumb out as she can only take one of the sensations for now. I'm slamming into her with abandoment, she is screaming into the pillows, the louder she screams into the pillows the harder I ram my cock into her wet stretched sore pussy.

She feels every vein on my cock against the walls of her pussy, her pussy is squeezing my shaft like a vise. I love it and growl loudly. " UUUUHHHH.AAAAAHHHHH." I fuck her so hard and fast my cock slips out of her pussy, which contracted. I force it back in, not realizing how small her hole had once again become. Her hole had contracted really small and tight. When I start pushing inside her again, I explode, shooting stream after stream of hot cum into her.

With one last thrust I tore into her so hard, causing her to cramp.

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She feels my cock jerking inside her, as another stream of cum fills her. Finally I pull out, spent, falling back on the mattress.

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We are both out of breath, shock at how raw and animalistic the sex we just had was. Ava feels open and violated. Ava is imaging that I must take her mother the same way. Having been taken this way, she realizes there will be no other man for her. I feel like I now need Ava available any time and any where like Heather is available. Ava's pussy is raw. She feels like a whore, my whore, my tight slut, and she wants it again and again. Ava wakes up in the middle of the night horny, anticipating our next time togther.

She slides her fingers into her panties, feeling how wet and swollen her lips and clit have become.She spreads her pussy lips apart with two fingers like I did, she runs one finger up and down spreading her wetness, teasing her clit, finger-fucking herself as she relives every detail. Ava wishes, she didn't have to share me with her mother. She loves being my other toy, always available for my pleasure as many times as needed. Each encounter is a new experience