Asian babe with big tits coitus on sofa

Asian babe with big tits coitus on sofa
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The Pendant Chapter 6 The two girls were the first to shower. They washed and soaped every inch of each others bodies and kissed passionately the whole time. Louise spun Amanda round and spread her ass cheeks apart. She finger fucked her friend for a while and then Amanda repaid the compliment.

They left the shower and decided to remain naked in Louise' bedroom. Dan and Sarah were in the bedroom and Dan was explaining to her about the pendant and it's strange powers.

Sarah said it did not matter about the pendant as she wanted to fuck her daughter and Amanda. Dan said he felt the same but thought the powers of the pendant only effected women. "And I think that once exposed to the pendant it's powers remain with the female that was exposed to it". "Wow, just think of the fun we can have with this. We can fuck anyone we want basically".

"My thoughts exactly" said Dan.

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"And I have just the girl in mind". She is an 18 year old Japanese student of mine and she is absolutely gorgeous.

You will like her too". "You must invite her round sometime then" said Sarah. "One thing puzzles me" said Dan. "Did you notice that the girls had lost their cherry"? "Yeah I did, we must ask them about that.

You don't think they have been fucked by boys before"? "No I don't think so" said Dan. "But Louise did say they knew about the powers of the pendant". Dan decided to take a shower. He could smell the powders and lotions that the girls had used in the shower and the aroma was making his dick hard. He showered and walked back into the bedroom with his hard-on fully erect and like a flag pole.

Sarah stared at his cock and knew she would soon be sucking and fucking his big cock. Dan lay on the bed naked and Sarah went for her shower. Louise and Amanda had been watching a horror movie and outside the weather was turning. Typical weather for England they thought. The wind was howling, it was raining and there was the odd spot of thunder followed by lightning. They were afraid to turn out the light and Amanda suggested to Louise that she should ask her parents if they could sleep in their room tonight.

Louise agreed and walked to her parents room. She knocked and entered her parents bedroom. She was not surprised to see her mom and dad naked and her mom was sucking her dad's cock. They saw her enter the room and did not try to hide anything. "What's wrong darling" said Sarah. "Can we sleep here tonight mommy we are frightened of the noise and weather outside". Sarah looked at Dan and he nodded his agreement. Louise left to bring Amanda and Dan and Sarah smiled. "Here we go again" smiled Dan.

They got under the duvet and waited for the girls. They entered the bedroom completely naked.

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Dan and Sarah were taken aback at the brashness of the young girls. It was obvious they were not ashamed to show their nubile young bodies.

They climbed into the bed between the two adults, Louise next to her dad and Amanda was next to Sarah. "Right young ladies, we would like to know how you two lost your virginity. Have you been fucking with boys" asked Dan, looking first at his daughter and then at Amanda. "No daddy. We told you we found the pendant and then we just found the sex toys and fucked and licked each other until we came" said Louise. "It's true Mr Saunders really" protested Amanda. Dan was looking down at his daughter and Sarah was looking at Amanda.

"Do you want to show us what you did" asked Dan, his cock beginning to stir at the thought of these two 10 year old girls fucking each other. Both girls looked at each other and Louise said "Ok daddy, will you get the sex toys"? Dan got up and went to the wardrobe to get the sex toys.

As an added measure he placed the pendant over the handle as he closed the door. It began to swing immediately.

He moved to the bed and emptied the contents of the box on the bed. Dan saw that his wife was kissing Amanda feverishly on the mouth. And Louise had her hand on her friends pussy. "Hey slow down you three. Amanda come and put this on". He was holding the strap-on dildo and he wanted Amanda to fuck his daughter while he and her mother watched. Amanda obliged and stepped into the strap-on, fastening it to her small hips.

Dan thought it looked huge against her tiny frame. She positioned herself between Louise' legs and began to lick and suck at the little pussy. Louise was ready and reached down and spread her own pussy lips for her friend. "Ooohhh fuck yeah purred Louise".

Amanda then got into position to fuck her friend with the dildo. She pushed it in the waiting pussy and Louise let out a small moan as it entered. "You can lick mommy's pussy while she fucks you if you like" said Sarah, and immediately sat astride her daughter's beautiful mouth.

She sank her gaping wet pussy onto the little wet and waiting tongue of her daughter and began to slide back and forth against her tongue and mouth.

"Ooohhh yes baby lick that juicy pussy for your mommy". Dan then moved into position with his back to his wife so that Amanda could suck his cock while she fucked Louise. All four of them were moaning. Amanda took the 9 inch cock in her mouth and sucked and licked like a whore. Louise could not take much more and grabbed her mom's ass cheeks and squeezed them tightly. She knew she would be cumming soon and wanted her mom to cum in her mouth at the same time.

Dan was also near to shooting his load into the small but wet mouth of the 10 year old. Dan was the first "Aaaaggghhhh fuck I'm going to come down this little whore's throat, oohhhh fuck yes here it comes". He shot wad after wad down the little throat and Amanda swallowed every drop.

Sarah was next and she uttered "Oooohhhh baby push that tongue in, mommy is cumming all over your beautiful fucking face aaaaaggghhhh shit" and she had her orgasm on her daughter's face. Louise took it all in her mouth and her face was soaking wet with the juices. Louise cried "ooohhh mommy that tastes so fucking good, ooohhhh, aaaahhhhh I'm cumming too, fuck me, fuck me like a whore" and had her orgasm. Amanda kept on fucking her until she had finished gushing her girlie cum all over the big dildo inside her.

They all collapsed on the bed breathing heavily and cuddled and kissed each other. Eventually they all went to sleep totally exhausted by all the fucking and cumming that they had all experienced that night. The Pendant Chapter 7 Dan awoke first and he looked at the three females in bed next to him.

They were all sleeping soundly. He pulled the covers back revealing the beautiful bodies underneath. His wife's tits were rising and falling with her breathing. Both the girls had their legs apart and Sarah had a hand resting gently between each of their legs.

He glanced at the pendant and it was still swinging side to side. No you don't he thought and removed it and placed it on the top shelf of the wardrobe.

He pulled the covers back and decided to have a shower and make breakfast for them all. In the shower he decided that he and Sarah should put on a show for the girls, to show them how adults really fuck each other. He went downstairs and cooked bacon and eggs for them all and took the tray of food up to the girls.

They were already up and showered and were getting dried. "Breakfast in bed for my lovely ladies". He placed the tray on the bed and they all sat down to eat.

Breakfast finished they all went downstairs. Dan looked out the window. It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day after the terrible weather the night before. "We could all sit out in the garden today, it looks like its going to be nice and hot".

"If its hot can we get the swimming pool out Daddy"? asked Louise. "Good idea pumpkin. I will start doing it now, it takes a while to fill up". He went outside to the shed to assemble the inflatable swimming pool. "I will have to nip round home and see my parents. Can I come back later Mrs Saunders"? "Of course and why don't you tell your mum and dad they are welcome to come round too. We can have a BBQ later". "Will do" She kissed Louise gently on the lips and said "see you later".

She left through the back door and Dan looked at the little school girl, still in her school uniform from the previous evening.

Her cute little ass wiggled as she walked and Dan got a stirring thinking about last night. He had to adjust his cock allowing it to grow. He smiled to himself and continued to fill the inflatable pool. Amanda arrived home and her parents were in the kitchen having breakfast.

"Hi Mom, Hi Dad, she said. "Hi my little petal. Have a nice night"? asked her dad Michael. "Yeah we watched some DVDs and had some sandwiches and popcorn and stuff". "Did the thunder and lightening frighten you again"? asked her mom Christine. "Not really, me and Louise just got under the covers and waited until it passed" she replied. "Oh Mr & Mrs Saunders have invited us round later for a BBQ, can I tell them we will come round"?

Her mom and dad looked at each other and nodded their agreement. Amanda went to her room and rang Louise to tell her they would be round later. Dan was in the garden preparing the pool and BBQ for later. It was getting very warm now and the sun was high in the sky. "Hi Dan" he heard his next door neighbour Gordon Shanks call. "Morning Gordon" Dan walked over to the fence and asked Gordon if he wanted to come round later for a BBQ. "Bring the wife and kids too" said Dan.

He had known Gordon and his wife Jo for a long time and they had always got on well. They had two children, Gordon Jnr who is 14 now and Jasmine who is 8. Both the children went to the same school as Louise and he had dropped them off at school many a time, as had Gordon with Louise.

They shared the school run when it was necessary. "Yeah sure Dan, thanks for the invite, I'll go let Jo know. See you about noon then"? "Yeah great" said Dan. Dan then left to go inside. He wanted to change into something a little cooler. He was changing into a pair of white shorts and t-shirt and he looked out of the bedroom window. He could see into his neighbours' garden and he saw that little Jasmine was spreading a blanket to lay down on. She was wearing a tiny bikini and Dan wanted to get a better view of the little girl.

He got his telescope from his closet and quickly focused it on Jasmine. He felt like a perv but what the hell? Jasmine was on all fours trying to straighten out the blanket and Dan focussed on her little ass. He could clearly see the outline of her pussy. What a lovely camel toe he thought. Jasmine then lay down on the blanket and started to sun bathe. Her mom Jo appeared and was also wearing a pale green bikini, Jo said she needed to rub some sun protection on her delicate skin.

Dan watched as Jo rubbed the oil into her little girl. She started on her back and then turned her over gently rubbing the oil all over the little girl. Dan was getting hard as he watched Jo rub oil on to the thighs of her daughter. Jasmine had her legs slightly apart and he focussed on her pussy mound. Fuck, he thought, look at that fucking camel toe.

The little girls pussy was clearly visible under the tight fabric of the swim suit. Next Jnr appeared wearing the flimsiest of swimming trunks he had ever seen and laid next to his little sister. His mom then began to rub oil on his back and legs and then asked him to turn over.

She rubbed oil on his small chest, working down to his torso and then his lower thighs and legs. He was beginning to get hard and told his mom he could finish it off. Jo then left but not before realising she had given her 14 year old son a hard-on. Little did she know that she had also got her little girl aroused by rubbing oil on her.

Jasmine had felt the tingling in her little pussy before especially when her mom and dad or big brother had bathed her.

She got particularly excited when either of them washed between her legs and gently soaped her little slit and moved round to soap her little butt. She glanced at her big brother who was lying down with his eyes shut. She looked at his crotch and could see the huge bulge in the flimsy garment. She wanted to reach over and grasp it but knew she could not.

Jnr was also thinking about the times he had bathed his little sister and had let his fingers probe and massage the little girl pussy, which she always seemed to enjoy. He was also thinking about the many times he had seen his mom naked in the bathroom of in her bedroom if she left the door open slightly. His mom was still very beautiful for 36, with a great figure, firm big tits and an ass begging to be fucked. They were both roused from their dozing by their dad calling them.

It was time to go next door for the invite. The Pendant Chapter 8 They arrived next door and were greeted by Louise and Amanda, wearing only their bikinis. "Hi there, come straight into the garden". They turned and Gordon watched their cute little asses wiggle in front of him as they followed. Jnr was also ogling the sight of the two 10 year old girls. Gordon caught his son looking and gave him a nudge and winked.

Jnr smiled that his dad had seen him looking at the girls. They followed the girls into the garden and were met by Dan and Sarah. Sarah looked fabulous in her white bikini and Gordon and his son stole a glance at her tits whenever they could. Dan was only wearing his shorts and Gordon remarked that they had arrived over dressed, but needn't worry. They all has their swim wear underneath and soon stripped down. The adults sat down around a large white table and watched as the kids made their way to the swimming pool.

Dan offered drinks all round and as he bent to offer Jo a drink his gaze fixed on his tits, trying to escape the confines of the small white bikini top. She caught him looking and gave him a knowing grin. He turned away quickly and offered Gordon a beer. Gordon was also staring at Sarah's tits under her bikini top. Dan thought nothing of it. Jnr soon joined them after a short swim in the pool and laid down to sun bathe.

Sarah could not help but notice the bulge in the young boys briefs as he laid down. He was big for his age she thought, maybe 7 inches fully erect. "Darling you need sun protection on when lying in the sun, shall I rub some on"? Before he could answer Sarah said it's ok I will do it, I have a spray here I use on the girls.

She crouched down and began to spray and then rub oil on the young boy. She positioned herself so that the others could not see and rubbed some oil on his stomach, getting lower with each downward stroke.

She let her hand rub beneath the top of his briefs. He squirmed at each touch and he knew he was getting a hard-on. He opened his eyes and saw two lovely tits in front of him. He wanted to grab and suck them but knew he couldn't. Sarah dipped her hand lower and her fingers felt the tip of his cock. She decided to end it there and asked Jnr to turn over. He did so quickly to hide his erection so his parents did not see.

Sarah finished and grinned to herself. She couldn't wait to suck on that young cock and feel its sperm slamming into the back of her throat. Louise and Amanda were in the pool with young Jasmine. Amanda had asked her if she could swim. Jasmine said not really. They agreed to teach her and Amanda held her by her arms and Louise had her arms under her midriff to keep her afloat.

"Now kick your legs like a frog does when it swims" said Louise. She watched as Jasmine tried to raise and kick her legs like a frog.

It was not working so she placed a hand under her thigh, trying to raise her ass and legs so they were level with the water. Each time Jasmine opened her legs to kick, Louise would inch her hand closer to her crotch. She wanted to get her hand inside the bikini bottom and play with this little girls pussy.

Jasmine sensed this and kept her legs spread longer than was required. Louise seized on the chance and slid her middle finger inside the bikini bottom and fingered the little pussy. With her other hand she reached into the back of the bikini bottom and let her finger probe the little girl anal opening. Jasmine let the finger probe and kept her legs apart, not trying to kick anymore.

With a finger in her little pussy and one in her ass she was soon moaning and nearing her little girl orgasm. Louise glanced at the adults but they could not see what was happening.

She came on the finger that was in her pussy and Louise shoved her fingers deeper into the little pussy and ass crack. Jasmine said she wanted to get out and sun bathe but Amanda said "Wait". She turned the girl over and both her and Louise took turns at kissing her full on the mouth, their tongues darting across her lips and entering her mouth.

Jasmine gasped and felt both their hands on her little snatch again. She got out of the pool and Louise and Amanda began to plan again. They then got out of the pool just as Amanda's parents arrived for the party. All the males (Dan, Gordon, Jnr and Michael) turned to watch the two little beauties walking towards them.

Their bodies glistening from the water and their hips swaying sexily as they walked. There wasn't a cock present that did not start to stir at that moment. They all gathered around the table and Dan invited everyone to help themselves to the food.

The rest of the afternoon went quickly and then people wanted to leave for home. Louise and Amanda asked if little Jasmine could stay over. No one had any objections and Jo said she would bring some clothes for daughter.

Louise thought it won't matter, they won't stay on long.


The Pendant Chapter 9 Everything was cleared away and there was only Sarah, Dan and the 3 girls left in the garden. Jnr soon appeared with some clothes for his sister and Dan asked him if he wanted to stay for a while. He agreed and Dan said he could help himself to the drinks. He chose a pepsi and sat and watched the girls playing in the pool.

He was eying the two older girls jumping and playing in the water. Dan caught him looking and asked "I bet you would like to fuck those two eh Jnr". Jnr looked embarrassed but said both girls were really beautiful.

"We can let you in on a little secret if you promise not to tell" said Sarah. She still had on her bikini and Jnr kept looking at her tits. "OK" he replied. "Me, Dan and the two girls have all fucked each other". Jnr was taken aback by this. "You fucked your own 10 year old daughter"! "Yes and it was fantastic. She loved it too. Both girls did" said Dan. ""Why not ask your parents if you can stay over too, we have a spare room you can have"?

said Sarah. "The girls will let you fuck them". said Dan. Jnr went to the fence and called his mom. Jo appeared And it looked like she was adjusting her tits in the tight bikini top. She and Gordon had been fantasising about Louise and Amanda. They had been discussing how gorgeous they were and that they would both like to have them here naked and squirming while they fucked them. Jo said it was fine that he stay over. Jo was more than happy that she and Gordon had the house to themselves for the night.

The girls were out of the pool and Dan, Sarah and Jnr watched them walking toward them. What a sexy wonderful sight Jnr thought. Dan and Sarah were also staring at the little figure of Jasmine as her pert little body swayed sexily as she ambled closer. Sarah grabbed a towel and beckoned Jasmine to come and get dried. Sarah rubbed the girl up and down all over, letting her hand stray to the crotch area where she gave it a slight rub.

Their eyes met and they both gave a sly grin. Gordon and Jo had been watching the three girls in the pool from the upstairs bedroom and Gordon was stroking his cock wildly when his wife Jo walked in and caught him. "I can see why you are excited dear, those two girls would turn on the pope" she joked. She got on her knees and gave Gordon a great blow job as he watched the girls frolic in the water. He turned and gripped his wife's head and face fucked her, plunging his big cock down her eager throat.

He was soon blowing load after load into her mouth and she swallowed it all. The sun was dipping low in the sky and Sarah suggested they all go inside and watch TV or a video or play a game. They all agreed and went into the house. "We are going to my room now mom said Louise and Amanda and Jasmine followed her upstairs. "Did you enjoy yourself today Jasmine"?

asked Louise.

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"Yes I did, I liked it in the pool when you played with my pussy and ass" She was sat on the edge of the bed with Louise and Amanda on either side of her. "you can have some more if you like" said Amanda.

"Alright" said Jasmine sheepishly. "First we all need a shower" said Louise as they led Jasmine into the bathroom. They stripped and Amanda turned on the water. Once in the shower Amanda and Louise took turns with the soap and got Jasmine covered in lather. They gently rubbed her all over and Louise lifted one leg high and paid attention to the little pink pussy and ass of the little girl.

She probed a finger inside the small slit and Jasmine let out a little groan. Amanda lifted the other leg so that they had Jasmine completely off the floor. Louise was probing her little pussy and Amanda slid her hand round to the soft and soapy little ass. She gently stroked the opening before gently inserting a finger into the tight little anus.

Jasmine was trembling at this new found sensation she was feeling. She moved her hips to meet each thrust of each finger. "Hold both her legs Amanda" said Louise and got on her knees in from of the little girl.

She moved her face closer to the bald little fuck hole and gently rubbed it with her fingers. They she pushed her face forward and slowly licked on the outside of the perfect but small pussy.

"Oohh my god what are you doing to me" she gasped She now had a wet tongue probing in and out of her pussy and a finger going in and out of her tiny anal opening. "AAAAggghhhhh" she cried as a strange but wonderful feeling hit her. "It looks like you are making her cum Louise" said Amanda. "Fuck yeah cum you little fuck whore, cum all over my fucking face". Louise had found and the little clit, she licked on it and nibbled it gently. She licked and probed faster as Jasmine shrieked "Oh god, oh god, yes, yes, tongue my little pussy"!

She bucked and writhed as she had her first orgasm. She went limp and let her little orgasm subside. "You can lick us two soon if you like" said Louise. "Wow" said Jasmine. She knelt down and looked at the two pussies in front of her. They were hairless and smooth like hers but slightly bigger. She could see both the protruding clits of the two girls. She thought she would really enjoy licking these two beautiful pussies.

The Pendant Chapter 10 Downstairs, Dan, Sarah and Jnr were watching TV. Sarah came in and served them drinks. Dan was in his armchair and Jnr was on the sofa.

Sarah decided to sit next to Jnr and tease him. She had changed into a pair or pink ass hugging shorts, a small tank top that showed off her great tits. She had bent forward to give Jnr his drink, as as she did so he got an eyeful of her tits as they nearly popped out of the short top.

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He gulped at the sight and took his drink, his hand trembling slightly. Sarah looked at Dan and he winked. That was a signal for her to begin her teasing with Jnr. "Do you like my tits Jnr"? she asked, leaning closer to him and sticking her tits out. "Errr&hellip.yeah they look great from here". He was obviously embarrassed.

"Have you seen tits like this before". "Only my moms. I saw her once when she left her bedroom door open". "Did you like looking at your mom"? "Yeah she has a sexy body for her age.

My dad is a lucky man I suppose". Sarah placed a hand on his thigh and gently stroked. "Would you like to see more of my body"? "Wha. What about your husband"? "Oh he won't mind, he will just watch as well as I take my clothes off". "Well, if it's ok then why not". She was rubbing his thigh closer to his crotch and she could see the tell tale bulge in his shorts.

Sarah then stood and slowly slid her shorts down over her ass, at the same time turning so that Jnr could see it all. She peeled off her panties also and when they were at her feet she bent fully down to pick them up. Jnr could see the beautiful ass and the neatly trimmed pussy of this lovely woman. She stood again and turned to him and lifted the small top and pulled it over her head.

Her beautiful tits bounced a couple of times as they were released. Jnr swallowed hard and his heart started pounding. Sarah grabbed both her tits and rubbed and squeezed them gently, pinching the nipple making them stand out further. Then one hand went to her pussy and gently stroked the outer edges before she opened her pussy slightly for Jnr to see.

She stepped closer to him and said "Would you like to touch me now"? Jnr just reached out and placed his hands on her hips and stroked up and down, then moved them around to feel the beautiful ass cheeks.

He squeezed and pulled at the mounds. Sarah bent lower and lifted his head and then kissed him full on the mouth, sticking her tongue into his mouth. He did the same and he felt his cock harden even more. She grasped both his hands and pulled up on his feet. She looked down and could see the big bulge in his shorts.

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"Whoa big boy what have we here"? She got to her knees and undid his shorts and slowly began to slide them down his legs. His cock sprang into view. Sarah was surprised at the size of his cock.

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It must have been 7 inch long. Not bad for a 14 year old she thought. She grasped his cock in one hand and began rubbing her hand up and down slowly, exposing more of the head each time. Jnr let out and soft "Aaahh". Sarah then began to slowly and gently run her tongue around the end of his cock. She pushed him back down on the sofa and completely removed his shorts. She let a wad of spit land on the end of his cock and rubbed it, then lowered her mouth down over it, she got half of it in her mouth and withdrew it.

She looked up at Jnr. His head was tilted back and his eyes were closed. He was moaning softly and his hands then gripped her head. She pushed her down further down his cock until he lips were touching his pubic hair. She gagged and Jnr lifted her head so just the tip of his cock was in her mouth. Sarah then moved to his balls and began to lick and suck each one in turn, taking each one, and then both in her mouth.

"Ohhhh fuck Mrs Saunders, fuck, oohh my god". Sarah felt in complete control over this young cock and she wanted him to fuck all her holes. She grabbed his hands and dragged him to the floor. She laid on her back with her legs open and her knees bent. "Fuck me now Jnr, shove that big cock im my pussy". Jnr had other ideas and instead he buried his head between her thighs and licked and sucked her pussy furiously. "OOHH yeah baby lick that wet pussy" she yelled.

Jnr then inserted a finger inside. It was soaking wet so he shoved four fingers in and moved them in and out faster. "Aarrgggghhhhh, fuck yeah, aaarrrrgggghhhh, finger fuck that wet pussy". Sarah parted her lips more to expose her waiting clit. "Now suck on that little clit for me". Jnr obliged and gently nibbled on the protruding piece of flesh and Sarah bucked her hips up and down.

Dan had been aroused for ages and was furiously working his hand on his big cock. He was going to fuck his wife in the ass when she mounted Jnr. Jnr couldn't wait any longer, he just had to fuck this gorgeous pussy. He raised himself up and positioned his cock just near the entrance to her pussy.

Sarah grasped hips and pulled his straight inside he waiting and wanted wet pussy. Both of them gasped and he entered her. He pushed until his cock was buried up to the hilt in the tight wet pussy "Ooohhh that is so fucking nice" he said. Sarah pushed him back and then pulled his back as fast as she could. She wanted this boy to fuck her stupid with his big boy cock. They fucked like that for a few minutes then Sarah flipped him over gently so she could ride him.

His hands reached round and gripped her ass cheeks as she bounced up and down on his cock. They were kissing feverishly at the same time. Dan waited a while and when he thought the time was right he walked over and got behind his wife. He rubbed a wad of spit on his hand and stroked his cock. His wife knew what was about to happen but Jnr was not expecting this. "It's ok darling, my husband is going to ass fuck me." Dan pushed his cock in to her waiting anal opening.

Sarah pushed back to meet his thrusts with his massive 9 inch cock. "Oooohhhh yeah I love been being fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time". Jnr could feel the other, bigger cock ramming into her as shoved his cock faster and faster into her pussy.

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"I'll be cumming shortly, oh shit, what a gorgeous pussy you have Mrs Saunders"! said Jnr. "No, not yet, I want you both to cum all all over my tits and face". Dan fucked her ass faster and Sarah moaned louder. Jnr stopped pumping his cock in and out so he could last longer. Sarah started to have an orgasm. "Ohhhh fucking hell, fuck my ass, fuck my ass harder"!

Dan rammed his cock deeper and harder. Jnr could feel her pussy grip his cock tighter and she had her orgasm. He could feel her trembling all over. Dan felt it too as he pulled out and stood over his wife. Sarah rolled off Jnr and sat resting on her hands. Jnr stood at her other side and both Dan and Jnr jerked their cocks faster and pointed them towards her face and tits. The did not say anything but made load moaning sounds. Dan started to cum first and a long spurt hit his wife in the face.

She opened her mouth and the next spurt went in and down her throat. She swallowed quickly and waited for the next. Dan spurted again and this time it hit both her tits. Jnr could not hold on and spurted on her tits first.

Sarah opened her mouth and Jnr obliged by spurting a long wave of his sperm down her throat. Again she swallowed and Jnr shot again and hit her eyes. They both finished and flopped down of the sofa.

The watched Sarah collect all the sperm from her tits and face. She then put her fingers in her mouth and licked them clean. She crawled over to the sofa and began to suck both the cocks which were still hard and throbbing. She wanted every last drop of cum. "Wow, Mrs Saunders that was so awesome"! I hope we can do it again sometime. "Me too Jnr, me too" said Sarah.

Before Jnr left he asked if he could borrow the pendant. "Why"? asked Dan "I think he wants to try it out at home" said Sarah. "Well if he wants to have fun then why not" said Dan.

He went upstairs and got the pendant.

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He returned and handed it to Dan. Jnr noticed that it was moving rapidly. "It will move and swing in the presence of female ass and pussy" said Dan. "Oh wow thanks Prof".


He left swiftly and Dan and Sarah could guess why.