White Tourist got a phat ass

White Tourist got a phat ass
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Her chest heaves, up and down. Her breasts, quite perky and full, are exposed but I barely notice them. Something has taken my mind way back. Maybe it's her scent, it's familiar. Or maybe it was the way she bit my ear as she climaxed.

That was exactly how Jennifer had nibbled on my ears all those years back. It's still fresh in my mind. Or maybe it was the sensual way she said my name, "Steeeeve" with a stress whenever my lips touched her neck. Whatever it was that took me back, well, it did and now as I lie on this luxurious bed next to this sexy woman I met at a bar earlier, my mind goes back to the first time I had sex. I was in high school. I met her at an inter-school sports event.

Jennifer. Her name was Jennifer. I met her by sheer coincidence, we were asked to take scores for the basketball match and thus sat close. She wore a short sports skirt that exposed her long brown legs.


Being a virgin, my attention was not on her firm too-big-for-her-age breasts, or her god-damn-that's-tight ass that I only noticed when she was leaving, it was on her beautiful warm smile that would most certainly thaw a glacier. We became acquainted and soon enough, letters were being exchanged.

I could not wait for the holidays so I could invite her over to our home. She came to my home on the second of the four week holiday.

I was so excited. Looking back at it, it's adorable how my excitement had nothing to do with my carnal regions. In fact, sex was the farthest thing from my mind.

That and marrying Beyonce (yes, I was in love with her that early). We started making out in the funniest of ways. She told me of what a bad dancer she is and I offered to help her. We got too close and our lips could not manage one more second apart.


We rolled over to the couch and then to the floor, still in each others arms. Hers were the softest lips I had kissed, not that I had a huge catalog to compare with, other than my aunt's (she used to kiss me on my lips when I was younger and mum wasn't around, she would also put my hands in her private areas and ask me not to tell, I never did till now Aunt Liz). When they say sex is the most natural of things, they lie not. My hands started going for her trouser button instinctively, yes, instinctively because it was the very first time I was doing this.

She didn't resist my advances, she just kept on kissing me as if I was not about to reveal her womanhood. Her eyes were closed, I know because I opened mine for a brief second and peeked.

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We kept going, her with the kissing and I with the unbuttoning, and the kissing too, but my mind was mainly on the unbuttoning. Her button could no longer resist the pressure and it gave way. I slipped my hand and felt her cotton panty (my mum is in the apparel industry and I can tell cotton from silk with my eyes closed). How my cock had not burst by now is beyond me because this was the very first time I was touching a woman's "womanhood".

By this time, stopping was not a possibility. My cock would not allow me. I started taking off her trousers, together with her panty and she lifted her hips to facilitate it. I was most certainly not the only one who was dying to eat the "forbidden fruit". I quickly undid my trousers and freed my cock while she lay there and looked at me, none of us uttering a single word as we feared it might ruin the otherwise perfect moment.

A bit of porn and stories from my more experienced best friend (and by more experienced, I mean he had watched more porn than me) had taught me where everything goes. I spread her legs with one hand with the other one holding the cock firmly as a soldier would hold his gun. I lay on top of her and positioned myself to finally do something I had dreamt of doing for many years (literally dreamt about it, in a wet kind of way). Her eyes never stopped staring into mine the entire time.

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I felt the softness, the wetness, the warmth on the tip of my dick. She was breathing heavily, fear or anticipation I didn't know and quite frankly I could care less. I pushed in slowly, partly to savor the feeling but mainly because at this point her hands were on my hips dictating the speed of the "entry".

Inch by inch I penetrated till I felt some sort of "skin" which I would later come to learn was the hymen. My eagerness got the better of me and I pushed all the way in. The scream she uttered almost rendered me deaf. Kicking, pushing and struggling followed. Tears welled up in her eyes.

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It must be really painful. At that moment I only cared about how good it felt and started moving in and out, slowly at first but picked up rhythm. Her crying and kicking slowly subsided and she started moving her hips in tandem with mine, meeting my thrust. This only made the experience all the more heavenly. "Steeeve!!!" My name never sounded better. She started moving her hips faster.

Her hands were now on my ass, pulling me in with every thrust, ensuring I went in as deep as I possibly could. The two minutes this lasted must have been the best two minutes of my entire life. "Steeeeve!!!" She continued yelling out my name, Her pussy began to contract and her breathing became faster. Her legs locked me in, her hands held my neck so tight I thought she was trynna kill me.

That's when she nibbled on my ear, gently at first but it got harder and painful after a sec.

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It didn't last long thou, if it had I would be writing about the challenges of living with a single ear. Her whole body shook for about thirty seconds. I didn't know what was happening then but I had just given her her first orgasm. When finally she relaxed, I resumed my relentless thrusting as I felt an exhilarating, warm tingling sensation starting to build in me.

It originated somewhere on my lower spine (weird I know), spread towards my balls and instinctively I started thrusting harder.

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The slurping sound our bodies made as they made contact was just divine. "Ah! Ah! Ah!&hellip." The moans escaped her with every thrust. The tingling sensation was growing stronger and I knew I could no longer hold it in. With one final thrust I shot my load deep into her.

"Aaaaaah!" I could not help it. This had to be the best feeling I ever felt. I lay on top of her for a minute before my dick shrank and I pulled it out. We were both sweaty and short of breath. A sly smile spread across her face.

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She had never been more beautiful. "Hey, ain't asleep yet?" I'm brought back from my reverie by the woman lying next to me. "Not yet darling." I reply as I close my eyes and tries to get some sleep