Big Tip Brings Shemale to Orgasm

Big Tip Brings Shemale to Orgasm
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My name is Lisa and I am from Vietnam. I am 5 foot 2 inches tall and weigh 90 pounds and am 23 years old. My breasts are B cups and I have very smooth brown skin. It was no wonder that I always wanted to be in show business but after having done the rounds of theatrical and model I ended up on the books of a somewhat sleazy agency booking acts for stag parties.

Not that I minded because I have a healthy appetite for sex and have never gone for that true romance stuff although I do have a husband but he's cool.

He puts no restraint on what I do as long as I tell him about it afterwards. I did quite a few private parties and afterwards fuck some guy or other but the last one that I did will always stand out in my memory. The party was held in an upstairs room of a bar. Most of the guys there were from a local football team for which the prospective groom played. They had built a small stage and some basic lighting and there was a small room on the side where I could change.

When I arrived there was some guy standing up telling some of the bluest jokes I've ever heard and the place was in an uproar. I made my way to the changing room which was reserved for me, and changed into my stripping costume.

I stuck the bright red cones with the tassels over my nipples then crammed my breasts into a red sequined bra at least two sizes too small so that might tit flesh bulged over looking as if it was going to spring out at any moment. A matching red G string covered my mound and the tong covered my ass leaving the cheeks exposed. Over this outfit I squirmed into a skintight blue dress which complemented my black hair.

I tidied up my makeup then heard the M C announcing me and I slithered into the room to the beat of the music I had brought. The cheers were deafening and they made my skin tingle. There's nothing I like more than having men lust over me, the more the merrier. I danced around and squirmed around showing my brown legs through the slit in my dress before I squirmed out of it to chants of " take it off!" In my bra and G string I posed, showing my body to its best advantage.

I stuck out both my chest and ass, then off came the bra and the audience went wild as I made the red tassels spin round and round as my tits wobbled dramatically. I made them spin in opposite directions and that brought the house down. I froze, and waited until my tits settled down and took a tassel in each hand and tugged them out until my tits were stretched out as far as they would go, which did not take long, then let go so they bounced back to their natural pointed shape.

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The guys watched my flesh jiggle in the most inviting manner. I did this a few times before once again moving around the stage but this time they concentrating their attention on my ass. The thin tong of the G string was completely buried in the crack of my brown ass so that it looked as if I wasn't wearing anything at all, it pressed against my asshole and made it itchy and randy.

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I have a very round and plump ass, well shaped and very firm and I could hear the men passing remarks about wanting to stick their hard cocks up my ass. It made me tingle all over and I shook my ass at them to entice even more obscene remarks as I felt my small hole opening and closing as is begging for some of those cocks.

I spun around and slipped the catch at the side of the G string that held it up and teased them by lowering the front but not all the way so they could not see my pussy.

Reaching behind me i picked up one strap and, with my other hand holding the other end, I pulled the sequined scrap of material up and down along my pussy as if it was drying it. The tiny sequins kept catching on my clitoris and making me shudder close to an orgasm as my pussy became wetter and wetter lubricating the seesaw motion of the material.

Still keeping the scrap of material lodged between my thighs, and hiding my pussy, I slowly sat down so that I was on the floor sitting on my ass.

I brought 1 foot up, almost in a split, and hooked the 5 inch heels into the loops of the tassels then gradually extended and straightened my leg. My tiny asian tits stretched and stretched until the glue gave and the tassels flew off causing my tits to spring enticingly.

The site of my small perky titties finally bare brought the audience to their feet with a loud cheer. My mocha nipples felt red hot and sensitive, swollen to an enormous size from having been subjected to such teasing and they stuck out like thumbs. The place was in an uproar and guys were pushing forwards to be near the action so that the nearest man was only about 18 inches away where I now knelt as I dropped the G string revealing, to their lustful eyes, that my brown pussy was clean shaven with puffy lips and slightly wet.

I grabbed my tits and pushed them together so they touched. I was going to lift them up and take them between my lips and suck them into my mouth but one of the guys leaned forward and sucked my dark nipple into his mouth.


I felt his tongue lashing my tingling nipple. A man standing beside him followed his example and did the same to my other nipple. So there I was completely naked except for my shoes with my stretched out breasts being sucked by two men at the same time.

The sensation streaking from my breasts through the rest of my naked body caused me to have a minor climax. Another man, who had been standing in front of me, calmly undid his pants and pulled out a very large dick. It was fat and very long and looked like any tree trunk. I could see liquid at the very tip. This white man lifted a chair onto the stage and sat down on it.

He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me back and as I sat down he guided the head of his cock between my pussy lips and, because I was already wet, I sank down until all of it was lodged inside my pussy stretching it fully. His head was pressing against my cervix and it felt as if it was going to pop into my womb at any moment and reignited my climax so that once again i orgasmed.

While this was happening the two men never stopped sucking my tits, their hands were now kneading the parts of my breasts you that were not in their mouths.

The man between my legs was lifting me up and down his mighty dick making me grunt with every thrust. The men sucking my tits now freed their dicks and guided my hands to them so that I could stroke them while I was being fucked.

It all happened so fast that I have been taken by surprise and my body just responded and joined in enthusiastically. It was a crazy, dirty situation straight out of a sex novel which was made even more erotic by me knowing that I was being watched by many men who wanted to join in. The man fucking me came first triggering my first orgasmed as I felt as large dick twitching inside my pussy discharging stream after stream of cum.

When he pulled out of me I could feel his juice leaking out of my pussy which caused my legs to shudder.

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The other two men quickly moved their mouths away from my quivering breasts and stood over me as they showered me with their sticky cream all over my tits. I was now left alone on the stage with cum dripping from my nipples and cunt in long dangling strings.

Before I knew what was going on several men swarmed onto the stage and lifted me onto all fours. I ended up with a man on each side of me lying on their backs naked. Their erect cocks stood straight up like flagpoles. I knew what was about to happen and did not resist. A naked black man stood in front of me and pushed his erection against my lips as an unseen man took hold of my hips and used the first man's cum as lubrication as he slammed his dick all the way inside of my pussy.

I only closed my eyes and opened my mouth allowing the black man to ram his dick deep inside my throat. I sucked on the black cock being rammed in and out of my mouth while the other man fucked me violently from behind. The two men lying beside me took my hands and guided them to their dicks, which I obediently stroked. The man fucking me displayed great control as the black man pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot stream after stream of cum onto my face.

At the same time I felt the two men I was stroking go rigid and soon felt warm liquid all over my hands. The man fucking me pulled out of my pussy at the last second and held his cock in his hand as he blasted my asshole with cream. My body was dripping with cum by the time they moved away. I was trying to catch my breath and I was hoping I could rest but some more was to come. A naked man laid down and pulled me on top of him so that I ended up sitting on his cock.

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He grabbed my hips and pushed me down so that he penetrated me deeply. It hurt at first but as soon as he got all the way in it felt pretty good. Another man held my chin and pushed his small cock between my lips and started to fuck my mouth as if it was a pussy.

The man underneath me was not gentle and I can hear his pelvis slap mine with each violent thrust. I felt a sharp pain as I realized that two men were pinching and fondling my breasts bringing tears to my eyes. Under this kind of stimulation i soon went into a series of spasms and experienced my umpteenth orgasm. I loved everything that was being done to me. The man who is using my mouth as a cunt was fast approaching his climax and he kept ramming his rod further and further into my mouth so that the head was hitting the back of my throat as his balls banged against my chin.

I could feel his body quivering and heard his harsh breathing before he suddenly rammed his cock all the way down my throat and there was nothing I can do but swallow the gallons of cum which spurted into my mouth. I don't know when he'd come last but he just went on and on and because I could not swallow it all a lot of it leaked out of the side of my mouth and dribbled down my face to splatter down against my body and breasts.

I thought that at times I was going to suffocate and I had to push him away so that the final jets of his cream splattered against my face adding another coat of spunk already drying on it.

At last I was able to take a deep breath just as the man below me started to fill me with his cum which triggered another huge orgasm that made me shake and moan. The anonymous man underneath me pushed me backwards until I fell onto my back where I just lay panting.

Then four men stood over me stroking themselves until they started to cum splashing my body head to toe with their cream. Before I had time to recover the black man I had in my mouth earlier dropped to his knees between my legs and pushed what seemed like his arm hard into my pussy.

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All I could do was open my mouth and gasp as he started to pump me. I could hear a squishy sound as he pushed past the other mens cum and rammed deep inside of me.

The men standing around us chanted "fuck her!" I looked into the black man's eyes and whispered "yes" as he drove deeper and deeper into me. After what seemed like hours he rammed all the way inside of me and grunted, as he spilled himself inside of me. Without a word he pulled out of me and I can feel his cum leaking out of my pussy as he and the rest of the men walked away. It's hard to describe what it feels like to be coated in cum. I was crazy with ecstasy and wanted more and more spunk, as much as I could get, I wanted to be filled to the brim and covered in it.

I wanted to wallow in the sticky stuff and wanted to feel it filling and overflowing every orifice in my body. I stood up and walked towards the chair that had my clothes on it and was immediately pushed up against the wall as a man I had not seen in the shadows got behind me and pressed his dick to my asshole. I had never given this to any man before so I started to protest but the man put his hand over my mouth and slowly slid into my ass. It slid into me very easily as I was covered in cum.

It did not hurt but it felt very strange as he started to pump me slowly. I can hear his heavy breathing behind me as I gave in to his needs. His free hand went to my breasts and started playing with my cum covered nipples.

It did not take long before I could feel him start to fill me with cream. Without a word he pulled out and walked away. There was nothing left for me to do except get dressed and go home.

I could feel cum running down my legs and leaking from my ass and pussy. I loved it. I later learned that 16 men used me that night, some of them twice and a few three times. I wore a long coat over my abused body during the cab ride home. When I got home I staggered into my bedroom and looked at my naked body in the mirror.

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I was completely covered in sperm and I rubbed it into my skin as I inhaled the sharp odor of it drying. I slipped on a very loose dress and went downstairs. My husband was waiting for me and he led me to the dinner table where we ate and discussed what happened that night. When we were done with dinner I took off the dress and stood in front of him naked except for my shoes.

My body was covered in drying cum. With tears in my eyes i told him i didnt take my birth control pill that morning. He only smiled and said "i never expected you to".

He knelt in front of me and started licking my body recovering all of the dried sperm before centering on my pussy. My pussy and asshole were very sore from all the pounding they had received so I offered him my breasts for his satisfaction.

As he licked, sucked and chewed on my nipples my hand slipped up and down his erect dick before he turned me over.

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I was lying on my stomach when he slipped his stiff cock between my ass cheeks and held them tightly together with his hands. He did not enter me but instead pushed his cock up and down my ass crack.


Now and then the head would press against my ass or pussy but he knew that I was too sore to enjoy being fucked right then so he just kept on sliding his cock up and down my crack. Just before he came he pulled out, turn to me over, and shoved his cockhead into my mouth and seconds later it was being blasted with his hot spunk.

I drank every drop and kept his dick in my mouth until it completely deflated. Afterwards he helped me to the bathroom and gently bathed me all over using essential oils he massaged my entire body paying special attention to my sore orifices which left me glowing and feeling so relaxed that I soon fell asleep. A few day later i took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Ill never know who the father is but i sure had fun getting pregnant. My husband said he will accept the child no matter what, so only time will tell.