Desi sister and brother sex mms

Desi sister and brother sex mms
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Author's Note: A lot of the emotions in this story that Jess feels are based on a family problem I am dealing with right now. I tried not to make anything seem too personal, but let me know in the comments.

On a more positive note, I promised you sex and a longer chapter and here it is, so enjoy! Chapter Three "Jess? Hey, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Wesley said as he awoke to find Jess sitting up in the bed.

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He had his head in his hands, sobbing. "You don't understand", Jess started, "you are all I have. You are the only one who pays any attention to me or acknowledges my presence. I can't loose that", he finished between sobs.

Wesley stared at Jess for a minute before embracing him in a tight hug. "We will figure it out. I promise, Jess." (A week ago) Both boys arrived at the restaurant and were ecstatic and a little nervous to finally meet each other.


They had a bit of wait still before a table would be open, so they decided to walk down to the beach right next to the restaurant while they waited. "Wesley?" "Jess?" "Hi" "Hey" "So, um I got us on the wait list. It should be only another 20 minutes." "Ok. Well, do you want to go wait on the beach until the buzzer goes off?" "Sure, that sounds like a good idea." When the boys reached the beach, they started to talk and size each other up.

Wesley couldn't help but stare at Jess' blue eyes. They shone like the sun and sucked you in. Suddenly, Wesley leaned in and kissed Jess, taking Jess by surprise. "Sorry", Wesley quickly said, looking sheepishly at the ground.

"No, no. I didn't mind.", Jess said (although he was a little surprised himself). He then leaned back in and, lifting up Wesley's chin, kissed him back. The boys began to wrestle with one another's tongues. The kiss lasted a minute or so while the boys began to get aroused and began feeling each others body's.

Wesley's hand went to Jess' waist and Jess did the same to Wesley. Both of them began feeling each others hard-on's through their pants and both were surprised by the other's size. Wesley seemed particularly well endowed for a 15 year old to Jess and Wesley was shocked to feel how large Jess was.

As they were groping each other, the buzzer went off in Jess' pocket, signaling their table was ready and the boys stopped their kiss and decided to take a minute to let their hard-on's go down before heading inside. After eating a delicious meal of sea-food, the boys decided to go walk out to the pier.

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By then it was starting to get dark and there weren't many people out there anymore. They got to the end of the pier and started talking again. "I really enjoyed that", Wesley said. "So did I." "Want to do this again sometime?" "Is that your way of asking me on a second date?" "Maybe.

Is that your way of saying yes?" "Haha, yes!

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Let's do this again." The boys smiled at each other and leaned in to kiss again. After the kiss, they just stared at one another. Silently enjoying the moment while the breeze from the sea came in, enveloping the two of them in a cocoon. Then Wesley broke the silence, "So tell me about your family. Any siblings?" That made Jess freeze. The one question he didn't want to answer. "Um, I have two, but I don't really want to talk about my family." "Why not?" "Because.well.I." "Jess, if you aren't comfortable talking about it right now, that's fine.

We can talk about something else." "No, it's just that.I don't feel like its MY family.


My parents don't pay attention to me, the same with my brother and sister. I just don't have a REAL relationship with any of them." "I'm sorry. I didn't know. If you want, you can come over to my house and stay there tonight." "I don't know, would your parents mind?" "No, they.well to be honest, I don't have the best relationship with my family either.

They own a lot of rental properties and so, I just stay at one of them alone. Its a small, one bedroom place, but it was that or continue to be somewhere that I wasn't happy. They always just throw money at me, thinking that will make up for them not being there, but they still don't really care." "Ok, lets go.

By the way how did you get here? You cant drive can you?" "Nope. Took the bus." Ok, well I can drive and I've got a car so lets go. Whats your address?" The boys headed for Jess' car (an early 90's Toyota MR2 with a Targa Top).

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When they reached the car, Wesley's jaw dropped. "You drive this?", he said in disbelief. "What? I work hard and make good money.", Jess replied coyly. "Now get in!" During the car ride, Wesley asked Jess about the music he liked.

Jess responded by telling him that he listened to mostly rock and metal. "Any favorites?", Wesley asked. "Well, recently I've been listening to this metal band that's British. They are called Asking Alexandria." "Cool", Wesley replied, "I like the same kind of music." Fifteen minutes later, the boys arrived at Wesley's house.

"Here it is", Wesley started, "Its not much, but its mine." "I love it!", Jess exclaimed as he looked at the small condo. And small was the right word because the condo basically ran from the door to the kitchen, to the living room, and then to the bedroom. It couldn't have been more than 500sq.ft or so and it was a more modern/minimalist looking design. "So, let me show you the bedroom." Wesley said with a twinkle in his eye. "Sounds like a good place to start.", said Jess. As Jess followed Wesley into the bedroom, he couldn't help but stare at his firm, round ass.

"So here we.", Wesley started as Jess took him by surprise and pushed him onto the bed, tackling him in the process. Both boys just laughed at one another for a moment before leaning in and kissing. Jess ran his hands over Wesley's body while Wesley began pulling Jess' shirt off.

Then Jess did the same to Wesley as both boys began to grind their hips into the other. A cute gasp and moan simultaneously escaped Jess' mouth as Wesley had pulled down his pants and was feeling up Jess' cock through his boxers. Suddenly, Jess shuddered as Wesley freed his cock from his boxers and started to masturbate the older boy. At its full length, Wesley guessed Jess' cock was about the same length as his, 7 inches, maybe a little more.

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"Wait, Wesley, you don't have to." Jess started to say as the younger boy took Jess' fully erect cock into his mouth, gagging as he attempted to deep-throat the older boy. Jess was moaning extremely loud by this point and was fast approaching his breaking point as Wesley continued to bob up and down on Jess' dick. Jess put his hands on the younger boy's head and began to force fuck his mouth with his hardened tool.

"AAHHH.WESLEY!", Jess screamed as he let go of his load into Wesley's mouth.

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He shot one, two, three, four, five ropes of cum into Wesley's mouth. A little spilled out of the boy's mouth as he wasn't experienced at this yet, but he swallowed the rest and then both boys collapsed on each other, out of breath. "That's for tackling me by surprise.", Wesley said as he laid on Jess' chest, looking up at the older boy.

"Is that so?", Jess replied. "I guess I need to do that more often.", Jess said as he smiled down at Wesley, pushing the younger boy's blonde hair out of his eyes so he could stare into them again. "I'm glad we met.", he said to Wesley. There you go, let me know how you liked it. There will be more soon!

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