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Jason's Game Story: #UA-1 Copyright ©2005 Written: February 03 2005 A Story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Piasa_Troll Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ************************************************************************ ~~!! Warning!!~~ The below story you are about to read is not only cannibalistic in nature but also contains a female victim of no older then 17 years, this file has been sent you by your request, I am not responsible if you find this story offensive.

************************************************************************ Jessica came home from school the day had gone by like any other, she woke up, went to school, and now she is home, Jessica is a lovely young girl 13 years old, blonde hair and blue eye's.

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When Jessica entered her house she saw her mom and dad were not home, she knew this would be the best time for her to work on her secret activity. Running up to her room Jessica began throwing her clothes everywhere until she stood in the middle of the room nude as the day she was born, she stood for a moment looking at her nude body in the mirror her tiny pert little breast mounds just starting to pop up, placing her right hand on her left breast mound she let the left hand creep down to her pussy, feeling the little but of hair that had just started to grow a few week earlier.

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Staring to feel good Jessica slowly backed up until she felt the mattress of her bed behind her legs and then she fell quickly to the bed on her back, spread her legs and was working her fingers in her pussy fast trying to make the good feeling come like when she does this in the shower or bath, being in her room certainly made it different, she closed her eye's and let her fingers go to work. Jessica would normally never do this in her room from fear of her mom, dad or bother catching her, but with an empty house Jessica felt there was nothing to fear, she even forgot to lock the door or even close it, her hands moving faster now the good feeling creeping up about to blow out of her, when she suddenly heard laughing, her eye's sprung open quickly and she sat up to see her 16 year old brother Jason standing in the doorway to her room.

"Hello Jessica" He said with a smile looking into Jessica's embarrassed eye's moving closer to her, Jessica was in shock and couldn't even find the strength to cover herself up, she just continued to stare at Jason when he reached the bed he pulled his shirt off, then kicked off his shoe's then dropped his pants and underwear, Jessica still staring in shock as her bother's huge cock was in her face.

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Jason put his hand on her face and used his fingers to open her mouth, Jessica unresisting as Jason fed her his cock, Jessica began to suck his cock as if some programmed response in her brain told her "Hey kid that's a cock you suck them" so she did. "OHH ya Jessica like that" Jason said as Jessica's tongue began to dance on the tip of hic cock, not wanting to come just yet he forced his cock out of her mouth, she tried to keep it in not wanting to give up her new sucker.

Jessica was still not resisting or even showing any sign that she knew anything was going on, Jason pushed her softly back down onto the bed Jason spread her legs and placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy pushing in softly, when he reached the protective hymen he got a little gasp from Jessica, pulling back a bit he then forced hic cock deep into his 13 year old sister causing her to wake from her shocked state to feel the pain of her little pussy being filled for the first time.

When she realized it was Jason inside her she began to cry as he pumped into her slowly at first then faster and faster, Jessica could feel the pain slowly slipping away and being replaced by the good feeling and quickly began to mood out in pleasure as waves of organism flowed over her, "OHH sis that's nice milk me" Jason said as he picked up the speed, "IM GOING TO CUM!!" he yelled, as Jessica could then feel warm thick stuff spraying inside her pussy.

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"You idiot, your going to get me pregnant" Jessica said coming down from her organism, Jason sat up and looked into her eye's "I can tell you what to do so you wont get pregnant, but first I want you to play a little game with me out in the back yard" Jason said getting up off the bed, Jessica agreed to play his game afraid of what would happen if her mother would say if she got pregnant. Getting off the bed Jessica began to collect her clothes, "You wont need them, the game we will play requires you to stay nude" Jason said as he and Jessica made there way to the back yard, Jason took Jessica to the back of the yard and behind the pool where she could see a large fire pet with a roaring fire, "Wow we going to have a barbeque?" Jessica asked, "Yes something like that" Jason replied, but first the game, looking again at the pit, "That fire is huge, much bigger then the one dad use to use to cook the pigs we use to roast" Jessica stated not really talking to anyone, "What are you roasting?, a whole cow?" Jessica said with a laugh, "Ill tell you after the game" Jason said as he took Jessica's hands behind her back and tied them tight.

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"Why do I have to have my hands tied behind my back?" Jessica asked, "Because in this game using your hands are against the rules" Jason replied, "Ohh like soccer?" Jessica asked, with no response, when Jessica's hands were tied tight Jason pushed her to the ground onto her knees, "Ok now spread your legs sis, I'm going to fuck you again" Jason said as Jessica parted her legs wide and closed her eye's waiting to be filled with cock again, but what she soon felt was not a cock that she could tell, "What is that Jason?" she asked as Jason used a large spit to fuck her a little bit bringing back the good feeling and causing her to moan.

"Ohh Jason that feels great, where did you learn this game?" Jessica asked, "From the internet, its called Dolcett Girl, but the fun really begins when you cum, so tell me when your about to cum" he said as he continued to use the spit on her not going deep enough to cause pain and make her scared, seconds later "OHHH like that yes I'm going to cum!" Jessica moaned out load, seeing the white goopy cum dripping around the spit gave Jason the clue she was ready, pulling the spit back a little and forcing it up into body hard, "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" Jessica screamed as the spit tore though her cervix, ripped quickly though her stomach and intestines until Jason stopped just under her ribcage.

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"JASON THIS ISENT FUN ANYMORE THAT HURT'S!!" Jessica yelled, "I know sister, remember I told you I would tell you how to prevent getting pregnant?" he asked, "Well you wont have to worry about that now, because in 5 minutes your going to be cooking on that fire pit over there" he said with a laugh as he forced the spit to move again up passed her heart and it came out of her mouth, "Wow it worked!" Jason said looking into the tear soaked eye's of his now fully spitted 13 year old sister, "The guy I ordered this spit from said you should still be able to breath though it's hollow center, keeping you alive while I roast you" Jason said as he inserted a smaller spit into her anus and then tied her ankles tight to the spit.

Jason picked up his fully spitted sister and placed her on the spit frame over the fire to cook.

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