Sexy Teen Crystal Rae Gets Doggystyled By Old Guy

Sexy Teen Crystal Rae Gets Doggystyled By Old Guy
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Okay, so this text is really short, but I didn't really have a lot of time. Her breathing became shallow as she touched herself. She must have thought I was asleep, but truth was that I wasn't; in fact, it was I who had been mistaken; I could have sworn she was out already.

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I removed my hand from my dick and listened silently as she gasped in climax. "I know you're awake, you pervert," she commented. "I heard you move your hand." I said nothing as my respiration froze. "Don't fake it; you were getting yourself off, weren't you?" I gulped as silently as possible. Below, I heard the rustle of sheets and the pressure against the wood as she climbed up the old ladder to the top bunk.

Her head appeared right next to mine, her pretty brown eyes and long straight hair accenting her beautiful complexion. "Just admit it!" she said, smiling. I sighed. "Actually, it was you getting off to me; I've been at this for about thirty minutes." She chuckled. "You, thirty minutes?

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What the fuck ever!" I looked at her silently, expecting her to return to her bunk, but instead she kept looking at me without moving. An awkward silence ensued.

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"What?" I asked. A sparkle flashed in her eyes. I could tell she was at a loss for words, but my own dirty mind began to figure out what she wanted. I said nothing. "Well, goodnight then," she said, apparently giving up. She ducked down and laid in her own bed, but I didn't hear her pull the covers. "Do you think Dad would get mad if he knew about us?" she asked. I smirked. "Us? You make it sound like you and I are guilty of something together." I could hear her smile.

"Maybe we can be." My heart skipped a beat. I knew it, I knew she was thinking the same thing. "Do you mind if I finish off what I started?" I asked, confident with the fresh burst of fantasy. "No." I went at it again, this time a little more aggressively. "Do you mind if I watch?" she asked. I blinked, stopping what I was doing. "Yes. You can't see this." "Why not?" she giggled. "Because," I said, "It's just something I do for myself.

You won't show me yours." She laughed quietly. "You never asked." I stopped again, frustrated at the second interruption.

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"Are you saying that all I have to do is ask to see yours and you'd show it to me?" "Uh-huh," she replied. I bit my bottom lip. We were siblings! This wouldn't go over right with our friends at school; even worse, if Dad caught us… "What if we get caught?" I asked. "So you want to see it then?" she teased.

"Yah," I replied. "I would." I heard her move below me.


"Dad's passed out; he's been drinking all evening." I hesitated. "Can I come up?" she asked. My mouth went dry.

"Yah," I whispered, "but quietly." She got up, made her way up the ladder and crawled over me. In the dim light of the alarm clock I saw her pajamas were loose; and there was nothing underneath them. "Let's do this," she said, ineptly position her feet near my head. "You watch me, and I'll watch you." I smiled. "Okay, fine; but under the covers.

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I really don't want dad seeing this." She nodded. "Just leave it out so I can see it." I agreed as I felt her warm body slide under the covers. She pushed her pajama bottoms down to her ankles, and opened her legs for me to see. Her pussy was smooth; she must have shaved it. I lowered my boxers, and put my hand around my dick.

I watched in wonder as my sister's expert hands moved into her area, caressing and massaging the labia slowly. It was tantalizing. "Jen, if I cum… what do you want me to do with it?" I asked her. Her breathing was now more rapid. "Shoot it onto my boobs," she said, lifting up her shirt. I was going nuts now; while the room was only dimly lit, I could see the light from the alarm clock reflecting off of the wet parts of my sister's genitals.

The shadow of my movement danced along the bottom of her breasts; it was a very pleasing sight to see. She opened her pussy up so I could see it opened; it was similar to the stance taken by the porn stars in the magazines. I felt desire begin to take control of my emotions. I was hot and ready to come. Suddenly Jen said, "I want to taste it." I stopped, taken back by this remark.

"My dick?" I asked, as if I couldn't believe it. "Yes," she said, forcefully grabbing my legs. She slid up towards me, and as her pussy made it's way toward my face, I felt her warm lips swab over my cock.

I gasped; this was insane! She grabbed hold of my buttocks, and sank my manhood deeper into the back of her throat before beginning a stroking pattern. "Eat me too," she said, taking it out of her mouth for a breath. I stared at her pussy in awe. I didn't know anything about how to eat a pussy. "I can't," I said, "I don't know what to do." She paused. "Fine, Cum in my mouth and I'll teach you." She attacked my dick again, this time reaching around and caressing my balls.

I panted desperate to stay quiet as she licked my schlong like a lollypop. I felt the heat beginning to build in my groin; I was going to come. I looked down at my sister's chonch only to see the liquids flowing from her; she was really hot. Her pussy twitched internally everytime she made a stroke to my dick; it was too much for me and I felt an orgasm coming on. "Sis, I'm coming," I whispered as I buried myself in my pillow and let it go.

The pressure just seemed to build as the sperm built up in the base of my penis, before shooting out like rocket fuel into my sisters mouth.

A tingling came over me as I passed in the next life for a while.


Faintly I heard her choke on it, but she swallowed what she could and continued to suck my dick for a minute before laying down next to me. "How was it?" she asked. I breathed in deeply. "Amazing," I said, swatting at the stars in my vision. "Good," she said smiling. "Now it's your turn…" MORE TO CUM, I PROMISE