Hot babe talks and then shows all

Hot babe talks and then shows all
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My husband and I had been married for five years and our sex life was still terrific. We have sex every way possible with each other and it is at least once each night when he is not on a business trip.

For the last year he has had to travel each week, although he is always home by Friday night for the week end. We had never considered having sex with anyone else as our needs were met by each other but the last year while he is away so much it has brought a longing for more sex on my part. I found that I was using my toys more as time passed. We try to make up for it by spending as much time in bed Friday night until Monday.

When Len arrives on Friday afternoon I have already showered, had a douche, enema and put on clothes that I know gives him sexual stimulation. As soon as he opens the door he goes straight and showers, has his enema and into bed we will go and that includes when I am having my period. During my period it will be oral and masturbation on my part for Len and Len would go anal on me and have me use the strap-on to give him anal.

Under normal circumstances for fore-play we will go into a 69 and bring each other to our first climax then we will give each other a mouth massage all over, a front or back fucking and last but not least he would go anal on me and I would give him one of his greatest pleasures of using the strap-on and go anal on him.

After we had our sex one Friday night we went to a nice local hotel for dinner near our condo and then to the cocktail bar.

We both had a lot to drink and were feeling no pain. A tall blond man started a conversation with us and said that he was from Europe and was here with a group on business.


I had a couple of dances with him and in the course of conversation he said they were staying at a condominium close by. I told him that was where we lived and he asked what floor and room because he thought they may be close by. They were 4 floors above us and the conversation changed to something else.


We left about 2am and Len and I didn't worry about driving as we were able to walk to our condo. After we got home and in bed and had one last good fucking for the night we went off to sleep. We were awaken by the sound of someone's voice, due to the night light I seen two men standing in the doorway of our room, one was the man we were with at the bar.

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He said that no one would be harmed if we fully cooperated with them. I asked what did they want and he said sex. Len said that this was not something that you could demand and expect us to cooperate!

We were told that it would be in our best interest to give them what ever they wanted and with that he picked up Len and held him up in the air. Len said he felt that we better do what they wanted. That started a night of sex like we had never had.


Both men stripped all their clothing off and pulled back the bedding to insure that we had removed all of our clothing. They had immediate erections and Ely, the one we had seen, came over to me and dropped his dick on my lips and said that I knew what to do.

The other one did the same to Len and this almost caused a problem but Len went along with them and drew his dick into his mouth. We both were sucking and I had started getting sexually stimulated and when I looked at Len he had a full erection.

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I had gotten wet and it appeared that Len was enjoying giving oral as well. It didn't take long for them to reach their climax and they said we were to take it all down, which we did. I think both Len and I enjoyed it. Eric turned Len over and reached into the night stand, finding the KY gel he spread it on Len's rectum and put on a lubricated condom. This I knew Len would enjoy so when he shoved his dick into Len there was a moan of pleasure.

Ely did the same to me and it wasn't long until we both were giving moans of pleasure. When Ely and Eric bust their nut in us we all were sounding off.

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Ely turned me over and after some tit sucking, under arm, stomach and pussy licking he had himself and I ready for some serious fucking. He slammed his dick in me and I was ready, I wanted everything he had and more even though he was well hung. As we had many orgasms already we were able to fuck for some time before we both let it all loose.

I felt like my insides came out and it felt like he had turned a hose on inside me. During this time Len and Eric had gone into a 69 and it appeared that both had drained each other.

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Ely moved off me and went to Len and Eric came to me. Ely made Len suck off all his and my residue semen. Len had a very erect dick so he must have enjoyed it. Eric wasted no time, he went deep and fast, I felt it was going to be awhile for us because of all the previous activity but he sure knew how to fuck a girl.

Ely had gone into a 69 with Len and there was a lot noise from them. With all the deep slamming Eric had me on an orgasmic wave when he filled me and it was gushing out.

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It appeared that Len and Ely had blown their wad into each other and like Ely and I they were on their backs exhausted. Ely and Eric put on their clothes and were out the door. Len made it to the door and bolted it this time. He crawled back into my arms and he stated that he had never had better sex and I certainly agreed, then we passed out.