Obsessed teacher develops dark fixation on virgin teen

Obsessed teacher develops dark fixation on virgin teen
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Jessica Part 10 Showing Tim As we showered following Jess and Judi finishing with me that first time, Judi turned to Jess, grabbed one nipple piercing and her clit and asked, "So do these make a lot of difference?" Jess grinned at her and answered, "I hardly notice them most of the time, but when I play with them, or especially when someone else does, it makes a lot of difference.

It enhances every little touch, or lick, or anything." Judi leaned down, and took a nipple in her mouth, "Like this?" Jess moaned. "Oh yes." Judi straightened up and kissed Jess' mouth. "Let's do this again in a couple of weeks. But bring your weights for these." As she tweaked the ring in Jess clit. I finally spoke up. "How about we go out to Jess' house instead?" They turned to look at me.

"Why?" "Well, obviously the weights are already there, but so is that great four poster bed to tie her to." Jess grinned. "I'd like that. Especially if you're going to paddle me while I'm tied." Judi chuckled and stroked Jess' ass. "I'd like that a lot." "Maybe we should call Tim and have him watch on Skype?" I suggested.

"Let him know what he's missing." I looked at Jess, and she looked about ready to cry. "What's wrong?" "Besides the fact that she misses Tim?" Judi growled. "Dummy." Jess laughed at that. "Actually, I'm missing having both my cocks." She smiled. She kissed Judi, then stroked my cock. "One is nice, but I really like being full with two." "All the more reason to torment Tim." I stroked her cheek and kissed her gently. "We'll pack up the toys, you get Tim to call in. Two weeks from last night?" Judi hugged Jess.

"I agree. We'll be ready, we'll have lots of fun and put on a wild show for Tim so he's more ready to come home." We finished our shower, breakfast and saw Jess leave. Judi turned to me. "I'm guessing you have some ideas." "Yes." I grinned, "Yes I do. I think we can give Jess a two cocks substitute, for starters. As well as more of what we did last night and this morning." "I'm looking forward to it." Judi smiled. "Anything I should do?" "Other than a shave before we leave home?" I stroked her crotch.

"Let's do some shopping, we need to put on a great show." Two weeks later, we arrived at Jess' house at the appointed time. Judi wore a long jacket over very little, and carried a small bag for morning. I had two heavy bags, some toys Jess and I had used, and some new toys just for tonight.

Jess opened the door wearing only a light, short robe, clearly over nothing else, with a glass of wine in her hand.

Judi grabbed her as we walked in and gave her a long hug and kiss. I watched for a moment then said, "I'm going to take these upstairs and get the bedroom set-up for the show. I assume the computer and camera is already set?" "Yes. I got the computer and stuff ready earlier, right after I dropped the kids off." Jess affirmed.

"Well then, you two get comfortable, and I'll be back in a few minutes." I leaned in and kissed Jess. "One of you could pour me a glass of that wine while I'm gone." Judi took a swipe at my ass with her hand. "Just get upstairs. We may be too busy to pour wine for you." Jess smiled then ducked her head and blushed. Judi stepped over to embrace her, and they were kissing as I left.

I went upstairs to the bedroom and unpacked the bags. Jess had set out the box of weights on the bed and left it open.

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I set both bags down and opened the larger one. I set out the tri-pod and the double dildo that attached to it. I stood the tri-pod at the foot of the bed and inserted the post with the dildos on it.

I dug out the battery pack and remote, connected it and tested the operation. I got out several lengths of rope and tied them off high and low on the bedposts, ready for Jess' arms and legs. Setting that bag aside, I opened the smaller bag and laid out the paddles, testing my favorite against the palm of my hand.

I smiled at the solid smack. I lay the paddle on the bed, as well as the crop, the clamp on weights, and a couple of bottles of lube and baby oil. I looked around and smiled at what we were about to do. I checked the computer to be sure Tim hadn't signed in yet, then selected the medium sized weights, picking up all three, and headed back downstairs. Judi and Jess were still in the kitchen, but they had removed their outer clothes.

Jess was, of course now naked, unless you counted her piercings. Happily, I noticed she'd had her navel redone, and the blue jewel we'd selected was back, dangling across her belly button.

She was still sipping her glass of wine while they talked. Judi was standing across from her, having removed her jacket she was now wearing just her black lace bustier and black thigh highs with their lace tops. The bustier was cut so that most of her breasts remained exposed, including her large pink nipples.

Concentrating on their wine and conversation they didn't notice me immediately, so I waited and watched until Jess turned her head. "Is everything ready then?" She asked. "I've got the bedroom set-up for what we'd discussed." I acknowledged. "I brought these down so we could get them clipped on before we head upstairs." I showed them the weights I'd brought down. I stepped over to Jess, as did Judi.

"I'll show you how the first one clips on, you can do the other two." I said, as I handed Judi two of the weights. She leaned in close as I clipped the weight to Jess' right nipple ring. Then Judi leaned in close and clipped on the left one. She handed me her wine glass as she knelt in front of Jess and carefully clipped the third weight on Jess' clit piercing.

"It looks so beautiful hanging there." She said as she admired the weight hanging in front of Jess' clit. She flicked the weight with her fingers, and Jess jerked her hips and moaned a little. "Does it feel that good, Jess?" Judi asked innocently.

"You have no idea." Jess admitted, as Judi stood up. They kissed, while I watched them twining tongues in each others' mouths.


Judi cupped Jess breasts, then dropped them when she broke the kiss. Jess moaned again as the weights tugged her nipples. "That feels so good again." Jess moaned. Judi held out her hand to Jess. "Let's get started then. Shall we?" She handed me the bottle of wine and an empty glass for me as they went by.

We walked through the house, with me trailing. When they got to the stairs Judi let Jess go first, obviously so she could watch Jess' ass as they went up. Halfway up the stairs Jess paused and gripped the handrail, while an orgasm shook her. Judi was clearly amused when she asked, "That good huh?" Jess looked over her shoulder and smiled.

"Oh yes. That good for sure." Jess walked in to the bedroom and around to the foot of the bed. She admired the double headed dildo on the tripod, touching the ends and testing their firmness. She looked at Judi, then at me.


She raised her glass and drained it, and handed Judi the empty glass. Stepping to the foot of the bed she stood on the bottom foot rail, reaching a loop of rope with each hand. She stared at me and said, "Let's get started. Shall we?" I smiled at her. "I agree." As I moved to her and started tying one arm, then the other, spread between the bed posts, well over her head. I leaned in and kissed her hard, pushing my tongue into her mouth, pushing her body back against the rail.

When I broke the kiss I stepped back and Jess slipped forward slightly, again causing the weights to drop and bounce. All three this time. She moaned, a bit louder than before. I saw Judi standing by the bed, holding the paddle and testing the flex of it. I knelt and secured Jess feet, spread wide. I stood and flicked the weight between Jess' legs, causing her to bounce and moan again. I smiled and looked at Judi. "It's too bad we can't weight yours too." Jess smiled at me.

"I've still got the clip on set you used on me in the box." Which, of course, I already knew. "What do you think? Would you really like to try a set of these?" And I flicked the weight on Jess' clit again. Judi paused a moment, then replied, "Yes, I think so." I stepped over and picked up the three clip on weights and motioned for Judi to come around the foot of the bed.

"I think we should let Jess watch. Don't you?" "Sure." Judi agreed, as I reached out and rolled a nipple to get it erect enough to attach a weight. I dropped the first weight when it was attached to Judi's breast, and she smiled, so I immediately did the same to the other.

Then I knelt between her legs and carefully clipped the third weight to her hood, lifted it high, and dropped it. Judi's hips jerked, and she moaned, much as Jess had done. Jess smiled.

"Good. Isn't it?" Judi grinned, turned and kissed Jess. "Yes. Yes it is good." She agreed. I glanced at my watch and started pulling off my clothes and kicking off my boots. "Tim should be on any minute now. Ju, get in place and get ready." As I tossed the last of my clothes on the chair in the corner the Skype alarm sounded. I checked to be sure it was Tim (Wouldn't it be embarrassing if it was Jess' Mom instead?) then clicked to make the connection as I grabbed the camera and held it so Jess face appeared to Tim's view.

Tim said, "Hey babe, you look great. So what's the big surprise?" "Well, it depends." Jess grinned. "Are you alone and naked like I asked?" We watched Tim slide back to bring more of him into view.

"Looks like it." "Well then," Jess nodded to me and I started moving the camera away from her. "The surprise is that I'm not alone." As the camera got far enough back to show her arms and body, she giggled. "And as you can see, I'm sort of hanging around the foot of the bed, waiting for you." I could hear Tim moan. "So who else is there?" Judi knelt on the bed and leaned over Jess shoulder. "I'm here with her, Tim." "Then I'm betting Rich is there too?" I stepped in front of Jess on the other side.

"That's right." I agreed. "We're going to put on a little show for you, so you don't forget what's waiting for you here at home." I could see Tim stroking his cock. "What's that in front of you, Jess?" Tim asked.

"That's a little something I made since she doesn't have both of her two favorite cocks here right now." I explained. "You may want to sit close to your screen so you can see this." I watched as Tim moved closer until we could see little more than his face. "This is two dildos, slightly offset, as you can see, and mounted on a tripod, which I can move between Jess legs, and elevate to stuff both her holes with cock, since you've got one of her real cocks halfway around the world." Tim groaned, "Baby, you know I'm so sorry we had to do this." Jess smiled.

"I know, but I really miss you, and I am doing this as a promise of what you're going to get when you get home." I continued. "I'm going to start raising the post while Judi guides one dildo into Jess ass, and I'll guide the other into her sweet pussy." I turned and knelt between Jess legs, and started licking her, as I adjusted the post upwards.

At the same time, Judi was rubbing a handful of lube onto the higher of the two dildos and Jess pink pucker. I could feel Jess bucking her hips against me, then Judi whispered, "Ready." I raised the post again, as Jess bucked harder against me as she was impaled by the large flexible rubber cock in her ass.

As the first few inches went in, the tip of the other touched her cunt lips. I spread her juicy labia with my fingers and guided the second cock into her sweet tunnel. I continued until both were fully seated inside her, then I locked them in position. "How's that feel, Jess?" "Good. But not nearly as good as having both my real cocks inside me together." Jess replied, smiling at me. "Maybe this will help." I said, as I picked up the remote and turned on both vibrators.

"Oh yes." Jess moaned. "And this may help even more." warned Judi, as she pulled her arm back to start the paddling. I saw the motion, and then the smack, as the paddle struck home across Jess' ass.

Her hips bucked, raising slightly on the dildos impaling her, then back down. Jess gripped the ropes holding her arms. "More!" she moaned, as Judi's second stroke fell. I knelt back between Jess legs, licking her clit each time she bucked forward from Judi's paddle strokes, listening to her moan as she fucked herself on the double dildos jammed inside her.

Her juices were flowing freely, coating my face as I sucked her. After a number of strokes she screamed, then jammed herself down on the dildos and squirted a load of her sweet cum into my face. Her body went fully rigid with a powerful orgasm.

Judi paused to let her recover. As I felt Jess relax I motioned for Judi to continue with the paddle. Jess was moaning incoherently, and I gripped her thighs and helped her fuck herself on the dildos in time with Judi's paddle strokes. Suddenly Jess screamed again and went fully rigid once more, this time lifting herself while she spurted into my mouth. Her juice poured down my chest and Judi stopped paddling again. I saw arms wrapping Jess' chest, and Judi's hands cupping her breasts. As Jess began to relax she begged in a whisper, "Rest.

Please." I picked up the remote and switched off the vibrators. Jess let her body sag down onto the dildos once they stopped tormenting her cunt and ass.

Judi continued kissing Jess from behind while Jess sagged in place. I looked back over my shoulder at the computer and decided what to show Tim next. I untied Jess' feet, then stood and held Jess and whispered my plan to both of them.

Judi and I switched places, I knelt behind Jess on the bed, while Judi came around and stood by the foot. She turned and faced the camera, and stroked the weights on her clit and nipples.

I gripped Jess, hips and lifted her up, off the dildos, and swung her feet over the bed rail and onto her knees in front of me. I slowly pulled her back further onto the bed, and while I was hugging hir hips to me, slipped my cock fully inside her tight little pussy.

When we were back far enough that her arms were stretched out in front of her I nodded to Judi and she lay down on her back under Jess. She slid up far enough that her face was between our legs and started licking us both. When I was sure she was in position, I looked into the camera and asked Tim, "Can you imagine what it feels like to be buried in this tight sweet pussy while having your balls licked?" Tim moaned.

"Oh God, baby, that is so hot!" I reached forward and grabbed the ropes on Jess arms. "If you think that's hot, you're going to love this." And I pulled the carefully tied ropes so that Jess' arms came free and she dropped forward, with her face in Judi's pussy.

Jess wasted no time in wrapping her arms around Judi's thighs and licking Judi's juices and clit. Tim groaned. "Oh God, Jess. You're eating pussy too!" Jess raised her head.

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"Yes, I am. I love pussy too. Maybe not as much as cock, but its close." Then she dropped her face back between Judi's legs. I kept stroking in and out of Jess, while Judi licked and sucked at both of us. Suddenly Judi stopped licking and gripped Jess hips and held her tightly.

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I could hear her scream, "Oh God! Yes! That's it Jess." Jess slurped noisily at the juices Judi sprayed in her face, while Judi panted and moaned below us. After a long couple of minutes Judi relaxed and resumed licking at Jess and I.

It didn't take long before we were building back to our own release. I was pumping faster and faster and Jess was gripping me tighter and milking my cock. Suddenly she turned her head and went rigid, screaming her pleasure, which sent me over the edge myself. I gripped her hips to me and drove as deep as I could and started pumping her cunt full. Yelling my own release to Tim's image on the screen.

When I had pumped all I could into Jess I sat back, pulling my cock from her depths. I let it flop into Judi's mouth briefly, then removed it and watched while my wife drank our mixed cum from our friend's pussy. I looked back at Tim's image and said, "Tim, you have no idea how hot it is to watch them like this." "I definitely want to though." Tim replied. Jess rolled off to the side and lay next to Judi. I looked into her eyes and asked, "Would you like to try being paddled?" Judi grinned at me.

"Yes, I think I'd like that." She raised her head and looked at Jess. "Would you like to paddle me?" Jess sat up and grinned. "I'd love to!" We lifted Judi and tied her in position at the foot of the bed while Tim watched. Then Jess grabbed the lube and prepared the dildo while I raised them into contact with Judi's openings.

Jess guided one into Judi's ass, while I did the same in her cunt. When she was fully ready I slid them up and locked them deeply inside, and flipped them on.

Judi groaned her pleasure as she was stimulated deep inside. Jess jumped up and grabbed the paddle off the bed. "Ready?" Judi whispered, "Yes." And Jess smacked her hard. Just as it was with Jess, Judi jerkeforward, sliding the dildos out a little, then sagged, driving them back inside.

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She started moaning almost continuously as Jess kept up a steady rhythm with the paddle. The weights on Judi's nipples and clit were swinging wildly, clearly stimulating her even more. I knelt between her legs and licked at her each time she jerked forward. Much as Jess had, Judi quickly built to a huge squirting orgasm as she fucked herself on the double dildo as her ass was abused by Jess with the paddle.

Judi suddenly screamed and went rigid with her pleasure, while I sucked her juices. After a minute or so she sagged down, driving the fake cocks fully inside her. She gazed down at me and whispered, "Off. Please." I did as she asked and flipped the vibrators off, while Jess hugged her and held her breasts. I looked back over my shoulder at the computer. "How are you doing back there, Tim?" Tim moaned. "God, Rich. This is so hot. I already came once, and I want so much to be able to do this with the three of you in person." "We'll do that, and probably more once you're home, buddy." I assured him.

"Ready for a little more?" "Oh yeah!" I released Judi's legs as I had Jess' earlier, then moved to the bed. Repeating what we'd done earlier, I pulled Judi onto the bed on her knees with her arms still bound high, while Jess crawled between my wife's legs. My cock was throbbing hard again and I drove it fully inside Judi, as Jess licked both of us.

Once more I pulled the ropes to release them, and Judi dropped down to put her face back in Jess crotch. The two women attacked each other's pussies, but my cock was enough to put Judi slightly ahead in reaching her orgasm. She went rigid and screamed her pleasure, while I continued to thrust into her as deeply as I could. I rode her through her release, as she coated Jess' face in her sweet cum, Jess licking feverishly to get every drop.

Once Judi had recovered a little she dove back into Jess' sweet pussy and quickly succeeded in bringing Jess to her own screaming orgasm. I watched as I fucked my wife's cunt, and Jess screamed against my balls as she came. Judi was licking and sucking at Jess, and Jess was writhing beneath us. The sight drove me over the top and another load of cum boiled up out of my balls and filled Judi's depths.

Her cunt muscles grabbed at me and milked me thoroughly as she rode another smaller orgasm. When I'd finished Judi raised her head and grinned at me, her face coated in Jess cum. She winked then grabbed me suddenly inside her. I jerked and twitched. It was one of her favorite tricks right after I came. She repeated this several times until I collapsed back onto the bed.

I sat quietly, watching Jess licking our mixed cum out of Judi, just as Judi had done a little while ago. While it kept me nearly hard, I wasn't ready for more yet. I looked at Tim, and he was wiping his own cum off his belly. "Hot, isn't it, Tim?" "Oh my God, yes." Tim agreed. "I wish I could be there to help." Judi paused in licking Jess and looked up.

"We wish you were here too, Tim. One cock isn't enough you know." At that, Jess paused and giggled. "Not nearly enough." She said. Tim asked, "What did my wife just say?" I repeated for her, "She says one cock isn't nearly enough." I told him.

"And from what I know, one is hardly enough for either of them, let alone both." Judi laughed. "You've got that right." Jess pushed on Judi and they both sat up on the foot of the bed.

They looked so beautiful, sitting there, fully satisfied, with their faces covered in cum, mostly girl cum. I knelt behind them. "So, did you like the show, Tim?" "Oh I sure did.

I came twice myself while I was watching." Judi looked at Tim's cock in his hand still. "We sure could have used that here tonight." Jess giggled, "Amen." I laughed. "Thanks ladies." Judi leaned over and kissed me. Jess giggled. "Nothing against you. You did a good job, but we both like plenty of cock." Judi stroked Jess pussy. "And plenty of pussy." They leaned together and kissed.

Tim spoke up. "Look, I've got to go to bed. Rich, save some pussy for me. I so want to get in on that." "I doubt that I'll wear out either one before you get home. Just think how great it's going to be to have two of them." Judi looked at me.

"You forgot to tell him." Jess took over. "We've decided that since you have two pussies at home to keep satisfied, even with Rich's help, that we'll tell you who to fuck and when.

If you've got any strength left when we're satisfied, we'll let you ask permission to do more. But if you even think about taking it outside "the family", we'll fuck up your entire life." Judi nodded her enthusiastic agreement.

"You've got six holes at home, I can't imagine any reason to look outside." Jess glanced back at me. I knew that look. "Seven, at least." She grinned. Tim held up his hands. "Okay, I get the message. I think I can manage with what you're offering." He laughed. "I have to go. Rich, enjoy yourself." "I hope so." Jess smiled.

"I love you, Tim." "I love you too Jess. Good night." Tim clicked off. Jess got up and closed the connection on our end. She walked slowly back over to the bed, leaned in and kissed Judi deeply. "That was fun." Judi sighed.

"Yes, it was." She reached up and tweaked one of Jess' nipples and one of her own. "I am so going to get a set of these for myself." Jess smiled at her. "Don't forget a set of weights too. They are so awesome that way." "I know just how to arrange that." I injected.

"Yeah," Judi laughed, "but you don't get to go with me." She gripped Jess' hands. "I've got someone else to take me to the piercer." "I almost feel like I should call him and warn him." I replied. "You will not!" Judi turned to me.

"I'm only getting the three good ones, and Jess will go with me. You can get the weights ordered, but we'll take care of the piercing ourselves." Jess turned and headed towards the bathroom. I asked, "Are we finished here tonight?" Jess looked at Judi.

"Are we?" Judi stood up and followed Jess. "You've got to be kidding." Jess took Judi's hand. "I hoped that was the answer." "I'm going to stretch out here and rest for a few minutes." As I lay down Judi called back, "That's probably a good idea." They came back several minutes later and lay down next to me, with Jess in the middle.

They turned towards each other and cuddled face to face. I watched for a minute then got up. "My turn in the bathroom." Neither spoke, Judi just raised her hand and waved at me as I went. When I came back I looked at the two of them, still kissing and touching each other. "So, where do you want me?" Judi pulled back from Jess face.

"So, do we want him?" Jess stroked Judi's face. "I think so." She patted the bed behind her. "Lay down here. We'll find something to use you for." They both giggled and went back to kissing, cuddling, and fondling each other.

I climbed in and spooned myself tightly against Jess. The feel of her tight little ass as her cheeks held my cock quickly brought me back to nearly fully erect. I stroked her back and hair, just because it felt so good to hold her again. As I came erect Jess giggled and said to Judi, "It seems someone is ready to play again.

Should we let him?" Judi looked at me, then at my cock. "Well, he has been a good boy, I suppose we can let him play with us." Judi kissed Jess, then me. She gripped Jess' face in both hands and whispered, "Where should we let him put that?" Jess gripped Judi's face the same and whispered, "If you don't mind, right where he is. In my ass I mean." "If that's what you want, he's all yours, Jess." Jess turned and pushed me on my back.

Judi reached over and smeared some lube on my cock and offered the bottle to Jess. Jess shock her head. "After earlier I'm still good." She raised herself over me, facing my feet and reached back to line me up, only to find that Judi's hand was already there.

Jess lowered herself while Judi guided my cock into Jess' tight pink sphincter. There was a little pressure, then Jess opened to me and I slipped in. Once I was inside Jess dropped all the way down quickly, taking my cock fully inside her ass. We both groaned.

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Jess turned and smiled at me, and Judi. "I never thought I'd enjoy having my ass fucked. Now sometimes I just crave having a cock back there." She started rocking her hips to slide me in and out, as her anal ring gripped my cock tightly. I gripped her hips to help guide her, but she knew exactly what she wanted. Judi knelt in front of Jess and kissed her. "Anything you'd like me to do." Jess leaned back towards me.

"My clit can always use extra attention. If you'd like." Judi lay down between our legs and started licking and sucking on Jess' pussy and clit again. Jess kept rocking on me, her grip increasing as Judi brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Having brought me off twice already, I knew I'd take a while, so I lay back and let them enjoy themselves. Suddenly I felt Judi slip a couple of fingers deep in Jess' pussy and start rubbing.

Jess moaned and rocked faster. Not only was her ass tight, but it was so hot inside her. Once again I was surprised by how quickly fucking her ass brought my cum boiling in my balls. That Judi was giving her pussy such attention helped. Jess accelerated her pace, then suddenly stopped and went completely rigid. It took a moment before I realized that the noise I heard was Jess screaming her orgasm. Her spasming combined with the sensations she was giving me drew my cum boiling out into her rectum.

I jerked myself up and as deep as I could get and let my cock pump her butt full of my cum. I gripped her hips and pulled her down as hard as I could, as I screamed her name. "Oh God. Jess! It's so good. Oh God! I'm cumming in you Jess!" I could feel Judi adding fingers in Jess' pussy even while we were cumming together. It felt like she had all four fingers jammed inside Jess when she stopped and gripped Jess pubic bone. I guessed that her thumb was rubbing Jess' clit, because Jess just kept cumming and jerking against me.

Finally I saw Jess pushing weakly against Judi. She was still gripping me and twitching, but at least she'd relaxed her body a little. "Please Judi. Let me stop." Jess begged. "Was that a hard enough cum?" Judi asked, grinning first at Jess, then at me.

"Oh God! Yes!" Jess gasped. "I don't think I've ever cum that hard. Not even with Rich and Tim both." I felt Judi move her fingers and I thought Jess was going to launch. "Oh don't!" Jess begged. "Just hold still or I'll lose my mind." Now I could feel the cum that Jess had sprayed running down my thighs and pooling under my ass.

She continued gasping and moaning, while Judi and I did our best to stay still. Unfortunately for Jess, every slightest twitch inside her, or the slightest movement either of us made, inadvertently, sent her into another round of orgasmic contractions.

Judi slipped her fingers out, and that helped some, but I finally rolled Jess to the side and slowly slipped my cock out of her ass. I lay behind her and held her while she recovered, and Judi crawled up on the other side and held herself against Jess' front.

After about ten minutes Jess relaxed and completely stopped cumming. After relaxing she laughed and said, "I hate to say it, but tonight I'm the one who has to say enough." Judi grinned, "I'm just glad it's not me." Jess sighed. "I want to take the weights off, but I'm almost afraid to let either of you touch me enough to unclip them." "Lay back and I'll be as gentle as I can." I offered.

Jess rolled onto her back and I unclipped the weight from one nipple. She moaned, but didn't get started cumming again. "One down, two to go." I handed the first weight to Judi and she put it away.

I reached across and unclipped the second weight from her other nipple. When I had it off I handed that one to Judi as well. Jess looked at me. "Do you think we can get the last one?" "I'll do my best. If it's too much just say so." "Okay, let's try it." I knelt over Jess and reached down, trying to carefully unclip the weight from her clit ring, without touching anything that would set off another orgasm.

After one false start, I got it undone and handed it to Judi, who licked it clean before putting it away. She looked at us and said, "I just have to have a set of these, especially by the time Tim gets back." She looked down, and realized she still was wearing the clip-on ones.

"Honey, would you take these off? Gently, please. I don't want to end up like Jess." Jess laughed. "I think it was you last time. Wasn't it?" "Yeah, pretty much." Judi seemed to think of something and grinned. "Do you realize that if one cock can make us like this, what's going to happen when we have two cocks?" "Not able to walk?" Jess suggested. Judi laughed. "It's been a while. I'm not sure I'd mind that once in a while." Jess laughed, "It's my night to not be able to walk, and I want the two of you beside me while I rest." Judi lay back down, and Jess put her head on her chest.

Then she looked up, kissed Judi and said, "I love you." She looked back at me. "I love you too." I held them both close, and said, "I love you both."