Mature Amateur Shannon Jerking Off

Mature Amateur Shannon Jerking Off
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We meet in the morning in your room. I will strip of all your clothes and lay you down on the bed. Lightly tickle your abs, running my fingers down past your big meat and tickling the inside of your thighs. Spend time kissing you passionately, slipping our tongues around like snakes.

Lick your nipples biting gently until they are standing up, red and tender.

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Keep tickling your hard abs, slip finger around your big loose balls. Tickle your tight little hole and for the first time kiss your red helmet. Lick around the ridge of your head and slowly take your swollen cock in my hot wet mouth.

Move gently up and down, sucking harder and harder. Lick my finger so it is nice and wet, and then slip it into your hot ass. Hardly move it, just leave it halfway into your hole.

Keep working my mouth around your swollen head, lick you with my big wide tongue. Start just above your hole and lick your big balls, taking each ball gently in my mouth and rolling it in my wet mouth. Move myself around so you have access to my waiting pucker. Feel your hands spread my ass cheeks as you look for my little treasure. Feel you saliva coated finger seeking my ring.


Feel u push your finger against my stubborn hole until eventually you slip in. I gasp and arch my back as you invade me. My cock is dripping a long rope of sticky pre cum onto the bed. My dick is aching, feels like one stroke and I will shoot buckets of jism.

Meanwhile I am licking the inside of your thighs, wanking you hard tool, loving the feel of the big veins that are sticking out of your shaft. I can feel the wetness near your pisshole as you start weeping. As I wank you more a big drop of pre cum forms on the top of your angry knob. I turn around on top of you to kiss you long and hard again.

My hot cock is lying on your stomach, dribbling hot juice between us. I lean back and lift your big cock and position it against my hungry hole. I can feel the pre cum lubricating my fuckhole. I am groaning as I really need to feel that big fucker penetrating me, but i pause with your big head pushing hard on my back door. I need to be fucked like the bitch I am, so I roll off and lie on my stomach. I lift my legs up to my waist so my ass is up in the air.

You come up behind me and blow gently on my hole, then you move up and push your tool against my hole, I can feel your pre cum wet on my hole. Without warning, I feel you finger slip into me again, then I feel hot spit dripping onto my love hole, and you finger scoops the spit inside to help lube me a bit. I look back at you over my shoulder and am in awe at you fuck pole. It is so angry it has gone a purple colour. A new drop of pre cum has formed and is starting to slide off. Your body looks hard and taut, can count you defined abs.

I feel a deep hunger for you to cover me and fuck me long and hard. I am pushing back on your finger, moaning how much I want you, begging you to shaft me, but you are taking your time. Suddenly you pull you finger out and my ass feels empty, but then I feel you have moved up between my legs and your strong hands are rubbing my back, sliding around my hips.

You grab my hard pole, which by now is a slippery mess. You wipe it around, coating my smooth shaved balls and my hairy hole. I am begging for your tool, my ass is pulsating, aching to feel your meat. I feel a squirt of lube against my hole and I am so relieved, I know I am getting that massive member finally!

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I look ahead and grip the pillow tight as I know this is the largest cock I have ever had. I feel you big head touch against my hole as you position your self to begin the invasion!

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You slowly start pushing, but my tight hole refuses to yield. You push harder and I can feel my fuckhole giving way. My hole opens up, more, and more, and even more! I am gasping as I can't believe how big you are. Finally I feel you ease into me.


The pain is incredible as my little hole is stretched more than it has ever been before. I am wimpering like a kid, tears running down my face, feeling your massive cock sliding in slowly. Then finally your giant head pops in and the relief is almost immediate! What an awesome feeling as I feel you long shaft sliding deeper and deeper. Eventually I feel your short spiky pubes against me and know I have taken it all.

You slowly slide in and out as I adjust to you fat tool. My cock is so hard it is aching. I am too scared to touch myself because I know I will shoot my bolt with one stroke. You are slowly picking up the pace, slipping in and out faster and harder. I can feel you are getting more excited as you are starting to butt fuck me properly.

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You feel like you have swelled a bit as you ram my fuckhole harder and harder. My body is on fire!


Feel really hot, and as you lean over me, can feel your sweat on my back. You shift your position so you are lying on me, with your hips pistoning against my ass.

Your big tool is nearly coming all the way out when you pull back and then it is rammed into my prostrate on the way in. We are both sweating so much you are sliding and slipping with the wetness between us.

You start grunting, and I can feel you start the final assault. Your strokes become shorter, harder and more urgent. Your breath is blowing on the back of my neck as you ram my hairy hole with your fucking hard tool. I can feel you swelling as you are about to explode, your hand slips under me and grabs my piece of steel.

Two hard strokes and I am over the edge!! I see stars as my cock erupts in your tight grip, stream after stream pours out of my tortured balls whilst my hole is still being plundered hard. As I finish convulsing you push in hard, hold in deep and unleash a vast stream of hot love juice deep in my hot, fucked tunnel. You collapse on me and we lie in a sweaty exhausted tangle. I can feel light tremours going through your body as you get over the high of a hard fuck.

After a few minutes your big tool slowly shrinks and slips out of my sore torn hole. We eventually get up and share a long hot shower together and amaze at the hot session we had!