Sex xxx story sanilion ebony

Sex xxx story sanilion ebony
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My Little Lady Jade: Part 3 Prelude: If you have not read parts one and two of my story, then I suggest you do so or part three will have little meaning. This is a story based on both truth and fiction, but most importantly, it is a love story. Once again I wish to address my critics.

This is a story about "YOUNG LOVE". You likely found it in the category "YOUNG LOVE". If "YOUNG LOVE" offends you, then click something to exit this page. Thank you and enjoy. PART THREE: Not much time has passed since I ended part two, but so much has happened.

Jade and I continue to strengthen our friendship well beyond anything I ever imagined possible. We share the same thoughts and dreams. We miss each other when we are not talking…we think of each other constantly and we want nothing more than to be together. We have yet to go a single day without talking since we met back in March.

We are still certain that we will meet someday and we share our thoughts on how it will be once we are finally together. A lot of what we talk about is centered on how badly we want to become lovers in the physical sense, but my true desire is to just have her by my side. I imagine the two of us just hanging out as real friends do. We make each other laugh when chatting and I know that will carry over after we are together. In reality, sex is just a small part of what we want to share with each other.

I know we will become lovers, but there is no real reason to rush into anything. Jade is my friend first and that's how it's supposed to feel. Whatever happens will be wonderful. We love being online together, but there are times when things get quiet. We recently started playing cards and board games at different web sites and I really enjoy this time with Jade. To help keep things even more interesting, we started spending time in various chatrooms together.

I have mixed feeling about her going into rooms because she is constantly barraged by IM's from the desperate, pic hungry vultures that lurk in every room.

I have learned to trust Jade's discretion when it comes to dealing with this, but I still don't like it at times. I have never asked her to stop going into rooms, but she really doesn't like going without me being with her. We soon came up with a variety of role-play games we do just to have fun with whoever might be in the room. Actually, Jade comes up with the ideas and I just follow her lead. To make things easier, I stay on my mic and we keep an IM window open for when we need to discuss our scheme as it develops.

We have become quite convincing and it is very amusing to watch people fall for our antics. Actually, the pic mongers in the rooms initiate our favorite game when they insist on begging Jade for her personal pictures. She makes it clear that she is thirteen and doesn't send her pictures to random people, but the begging always continues, rather pathetically.

Then I jump in by saying I have more than fifty pictures of Jade, and then I become the target of the begging. To make it more convincing, Jade starts telling me I better not send her pictures to anybody. I then remind her that she betrayed my trust when she sent my nudes to total strangers the night before.

Now everybody becomes convinced that I actually have her nudes (which I do, but I NEVER send them) and now the begging reaches a frenzied pace. Jade and I continue arguing in the room and she begs me not to send to anybody. By now I have the entire room trying to talk me into sending Jade's pictures, and my IM catcher is full with the same requests.

After a half hour or so, I tell Jade to fuck off and I'm sending to anybody who asks to see her pictures as payback for her sending my nudes. Now there is such a frenzy, I can barely stop laughing long enough to type or read.

So, what am I going to send? Well, I have a picture of the most hideous looking Russian girl you've ever seen. Her hair is ragged and her teeth are rotting and half black. She is topless and young, so I cropped the picture as to not show her nipples. After receiving the picture, most everybody realizes they've been duped by a thirteen year old girl and her boyfriend. There are usually a few angry victims, but most find it funny and enjoy a good laugh. Then there are the idiots who remain convinced that I actually sent them a picture of Jade, and the begging continues.

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Pathetic. We have a few similar gags we play, but we also started openly flirting in front of the entire room. I really enjoy this because there are more than twenty guys vying for Jade's attention, but she only flirts with me. It's a huge turn-on for me to watch how far Jade might go with her words for everybody to see. She often describes that she's wearing nothing but panties because it's hot and her mum has gone to bed. She even goes so far as to say that she's rubbing herself and she's wet.

I know that a lot of people think Jade is fake but I know she's real and I love it. The flirting usually gets us both in the mood for some real fun, and it often leads us into one of our mutual masturbating moments. We talked briefly once about how exciting it might be if we were to stay in a room while we doing this, but we both agreed that while flirting in a room is fun, but what we share is between two people in love and should never be shared with anybody in any way.

Well, except in my story. Jade is very comfortable with her body and often wants to send me more nudes of herself, but It's not all about pictures and I am happy with the ones I already have of her. My pleasure comes from knowing we love each other and knowing that she likes to masturbate while listening to my voice. It's all we can do for now and every time we do it, it's just as special as the first time. Still pictures are one thing, but Jade has been hinting that she wants me to be able to watch her touch herself via a live web cam.

I liked the idea but I never talked about it unless she brought it up first. As much as she talked about, I knew it was just a matter of time before she bought a cam, and then I would be watching my sweetheart bring herself to orgasms in real time.

Just as I anticipated, two nights later we are chatting and I receive an invitation to view "Rainbow's" web cam. A moment later I experienced pure and utter joy. I was as nervous as if I were there in her living room.

Just watching her face was like a dream. Jade's eyes are dark and penetrating. Her cheeks are full and round. I've noticed her lips before, but now that I see them moving, I see just how plump and sexy they are. As nervous as this made me, I can only imagine how I will react when I see her in person. There is only one word to describe her face&hellip.ok, there are dozens of words but the first one that came to mind was "beauty".

I knew she was beautiful, but this took it to a whole new level. After several minutes of watching her, we both settled down and we began talking as we always do. The longer I watched, the more enrapt I became. I loved seeing Jade's youthful smiles, but it was the quieter moments that stirred me even deeper. Jade is a very sensual communicator and it shows in her natural beauty. I often fantasize about how perfect it will be to look into her eyes while laying in my bed together.

I sensed what was to come soon, and the anticipation was intense. Jade was comfortable posing for still shots, but being on a live cam would be different. I wondered how far she would go. Jade's family were all in bed now so I decided I would initiate things. I asked her to tilt the camera down and lay back in her parlor chair so I could see more of her. She was wearing her usual nightwear of a large t-shirt and a pair of loose fitting sleep shorts.

This attire was not especially flattering, but she still looked incredibly sexy. Jade wears headphones when I talk, and I liked seeing them on her head, knowing that my voice was all she was listening to. She could not easily reach her keyboard now, so I asked her to just relax and just communicate with nods and expressions.

This felt awkward for a while but it actually worked well after a few minutes. Just to be clear, I asked Jade if she wanted me to watch her masturbate tonight, and she responded with a sly grin and a deliberate nod. She then sat up to reach the keyboard just long enough to type "tell me what to do." I have given her instructions before, but this was by far more intimate for both of us. I started by telling her to slip her hand inside her shorts and rub her lips without concentrating on her clit yet.

The sight of this was awesome but I really wanted to see her entirely nude before it was over. After a few minutes, I told Jade to stop playing with her pussy and to remove her shorts for me while trying not to let me see her vagina yet.

The still photos could not compare to what I was seeing. It was fun trying to catch glimpses of her crotch as she did her best to keep covered with her hands. I then told her to lift both legs over the arm rests, but still hide her pussy from me with her little hands. This added to the excitement of seeing something that I'm not supposed to see. I didn't tell her to, but she resumed fondling herself as she continued to hide her spot from my view. Next, I told her I was ready to see her slit, but not spread like she was.

Jade followed my directions as I told her to bring her legs back together completely and remove her hands so I could finally see her. The sight of that was beautiful. I could see she was wet from her excitement. My next request was to have her slide her index finger up and down her lips just hard enough so it would disappear between the folds of her moist lips.

I knew this would stimulate her clit and Jade responded by leaning her head back and closing her eyes as she played with herself. She was soon nearing an orgasm, so I told her to stop rubbing. She removed her finger&hellip.looked at it and looked into the camera as if to ask "now what?" I told her to taste it for me, and she slipped her finger into her mouth and slid it in and out a few times.

That was so hot to watch her lick her own juice from her tiny finger. Now I told her that I wanted to see her completely nude, so she slipped her shirt off to reveal all of her flesh for me.

Jade has the cutest little belly and her nipples were swelled from her arousal. Seeing her like this was fantastic, but it also made my crazy with desire. I just can't wait to taste every inch of her sweet young flesh. Jade was ready to cum, and I was ready to watch her.

I thought my next idea might be too much to ask, but I asked it anyways. I told her to slide her chair closer to her desk, and then put her legs on it and spread them so I could see her crotch up close. Jade didn't hesitate and the view was perfect. She knew what I wanted to see, so without me asking, she spread her lips to show me everything her pussy was made of. This was too much to handle and my heart raced and was pounding in my chest. It was torture to watch this and not be able to be there with her.

I had seen enough, so I told her to start rubbing her clit and don't stop until she cums for me. She has no mic on her cam, but I could see her chest rising as her breathing became heavy and rapid. I kept telling her to rub it for me and to cum for me, and maybe a minute later, Jade erupted into an orgasm that blew both of our minds. She had told me before that she sometimes ejaculates when she masturbates, and I was treated to the incredible sight of seeing her juices flow over her fingers and down her butt crack, leaving a small wet spot on the seat cushion.

Jade was now exhausted and her chest was heaving for air. She appeared to be in a state of semi-unconsciousness, but she still brought her hand to her mouth to once again to taste her juices. After she regained her composure, we talked about what had happened and then resumed our regular nightly chit chat before saying goodnight. As sexy and intimate as this was, it really bothered me to see Jade masturbate without me being there, so we agreed to just do regular head shots from now on. It's a joy just seeing her darling face for now.

The other stuff can wait until we are together. I went to bed with thoughts of our nightly conversation swirling in my mind. One of the last things she said was a reminder to contact my son tomorrow. I know you might be wondering what happened with my son Kyle. I don't want to go into the details, but Kyle and I had a major falling out soon after returning from our trip to Georgia two years ago.

He now lives with his mother and we rarely speak to each other. I call him at least once a month to tell him that I love him and I will always be there for him whenever he might need me.

That's all I can do for now. I find comfort in knowing that he is happy and has a lot of friends and he has a steady girlfriend. When I told Jade about the situation with Kyle, she became very concerned and wanted to help. She often encourages me to call or write to Kyle just to remind him that I care about him. This is just another example of how mature and compassionate Jade is.

She has such a big heart and hates to see anybody sad. She assures me that Kyle will want me back into his life as long as I don't give up on him.

He just needs to do it on his own terms. Once again, Jade's insight goes well beyond her tender age of thirteen. I guess I should tell you what recently happened with Jade's school situation.

School has always been more difficult for Jade because of her Aphonia. She is extremely bright, but she often struggles because her teachers are not required to know sign language, so she is forced to write everything that she needs to say.

Jade was given an assignment to give a presentation in front of the class. The rest of the class did their presentations orally but Jade had to use captions with an overhead projector. The teacher let the students anonymously grade each other and Jade received an "F". When Jade's older sister Dani heard about it, she came to the school to discuss it with the teacher and it escalated into an argument. There had been some previous, similar situations and Dani had been considering removing Jade from public school to have her home schooled instead.

Dani realized it wasn't going to get any better, so she removed Jade from school and started to process to enroll her in a home school program. This was a difficult decision for everybody involved, but Jade has handled it with the level of sense and maturity that we all expected.

She knows she will miss her friends, but she also knows she will be receiving a much better education by having a qualified teacher in her home every day that knows sign language. The main reason Jade was upset, is that it took nearly a month to enroll, so now she will be schooled a month longer into the summer vacation period. In fact, this upset Jade to the point of causing her to cry about for several days. I would soon learn why this bothered her so much after my next conversation with Dani.

I don't see Dani online often, so when I finally did see her, I wanted to tell her that I thought she made the right decision by having Jade home schooled.

After a few minutes of talking, I figured it was a good time to ask Dani something I had wanted to ask for a while now. I asked her if she would ever allow Jade and I to meet in person. Dani responded by saying that she was amazed that Jade actually kept such a big secret from me.

Dani went on to tell me that they had been planning a road trip for late September to visit some family in Indiana, and they set aside an entire week to come to Michigan if I would have them in my home. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Jade was keeping it a secret until they knew for certain if the trip was going to actually be possible. She did not want to tell me they were coming until it was definite because she didn't want me to be disappointed if their plans fell through.

Once again, Jade was worried about my feelings. I was nothing short of thrilled to learn that Dani had already planned on bringing Jade to my home for an entire week. This explained why Jade was so upset about the school situation. It ruined their plans for a September vacation. Dani then asked me if I was ok with them coming. Of course I said yes.

She then asked me if I had room for both of them in my home, or would they need to stay in a hotel. I quickly responded by sending Dani several of the pictures that I took for Jade of my home tour.

The pictures showed every room, including the spare bedroom that has a queen size bed and brand new pink carpet…perfect for two beautiful young ladies to use for as long as they wished. All of Dani's questions told me that she was not just teasing me. They would be here in September and I was on cloud nine. Now that we knew we would really be meeting, we began talking more about what the future might hold for us. Jade and I both dream of being together forever, but these dreams come with fears too.

We know our relationship will be very complicated for several different reasons. The most obvious problem is our age difference. Most people will never be able to understand or accept the fact that we can truly be in love with each other. I will always be looked at as a perverted old man who only wants Jade for her youthful beauty. These things bother me, but I refuse to let it stop me from following my hearts wishes.

I can't even imagine my life without having Jade with me. My biggest fear is losing Jade to a younger man. She is so young and so pretty, I just think she will grow tired of my age and want somebody younger. Jade often tells me that I am sexy and she dreams about us becoming lovers, but my fear is that after she sees me in person, her feelings will change. Much of my fear comes from the fact that every lady I've ever loved has cheated on me. Jade told me it is not fair for me to compare her to my past lovers and she is right.

My insecurity is my problem and I hope to be able to fully trust that Jade will never leave me for another man.

This trust can only be built over time. Jade often expresses a similar fear. She knows that I work around mostly young females at my job. She is afraid that one of them will fall for me and win my attention.

She thinks that if I were to meet somebody that lives near me, then I might go for it simply because it would be easier than coping with a long distant relationship.

It is my nature to be friendly with anybody I'm around, but I am in no way looking for anybody else. As long as I know I have Jade's love and attention, I have no need or desire to look for another woman. Jade is new at this whole thing and I know she will come to realize that she doesn't have to worry about losing me to another girl. If there is one thing I know about myself, it's that I'll never cheat on the girl I love&'s just not in me. Another thing we talk about is how we can be together after her visit in September ends.

Jade's wish is to live with me in my current home in Michigan. This would be the easiest thing to do, but I know she would miss her family if she moved to Michigan to live with me. Also, it would be hard to explain it to my family and neighbors. I am not emotionally close to my family and I keep my distance from my neighbors, so it is not entirely impossible to make it work.

It would be easy to convince the neighbors that Jade was my niece or something like that, but my family would know what the truth was. That could mean trouble. My thought is for me to move to Massachusetts to be near Jade and her family. I have been thinking of relocating for a few years now so this just might be the perfect time and reason to go for it.

If I can find a suitable home near enough to Jade's home, we can see each other every day and she could continue her home schooling without interruption. Also, this would not be as hard to explain to people who might question our relationship.

I know this all sounds ridiculous, but if there is a way to make it happen, then we'll make it happen. I've promised that to Jade and I mean it. I just wish it could happen tomorrow. There is one other fear Jade and I know we will face for at least a few years after we become lovers. We know that it is illegal for me to have sex with a Jade, being that she is still a minor.

I knew this from the beginning, but Jade has convinced me that, even if the police become suspicious, she would not answer any of there questions and they would have nothing to go on. Normally, I would have trouble believing this from a thirteen year old because I know girls that age love to talk about these things.

I feel entirely safe with Jade's commitment to keeping our relationship private. Even if the police decide to investigate us, they will be powerless to act unless Jade talks or they catch us having sex together. Her family will know what is going on and they have already expressed their approval because they know the love we have for each other is real.

Yes, this is a huge risk on my part, but it is a risk I am willing to live with because all I want is to be with Jade. Now I want to talk about two things I had mentioned earlier. The first explains how Jade feels about the abuse she suffered from her step father and how it will affect her when we become lovers.

This really angers and saddens both of us but it needs to be included in our story. Jade has never had a male lover, but yet she is not a virgin. Her step father stole that from her when he penetrated her during his assaults.

She wishes so badly that I could have her as a virgin but it just can't happen. Jade is afraid that the moment we first have intercourse, her mind might wander from what we are experiencing towards the fact that it is not her first time like she wants it to be. She understands that her father was not her lover, but it doesn't change the fact that he took her virginity from her forever. She knows that she wants me to be her first true lover, but it hurts her deeply because she cannot give herself to me as a virgin.

This is something that affects anyone who has been raped, and has had their hymen forcefully taken. I have never before been a part of anything like this, and I can't describe the rage I feel towards Jade's step father for causing her so much pain. I'm not going into the details now, but he has never been punished for the crimes he committed.

My wish is that this won't affect Jade like she fears, but I know it probably will. All I can offer her is my patients, my understanding and my love. I know it will be difficult, but we will work through it together. The other thing I talked about before was the strong feeling I had when I decided not to have intercourse with Kimmy two years ago. When I first told Jade about it, she knew exactly what it all meant, but she never explained it to me until recently.

Jade knew early on in our friendship that she wanted me to be her first real lover. She can't fully grasp why she felt so strongly, but she knew it was meant to be this way. Equally important to her, is she knew that she was meant to be my first young love. If I had made love with Kimmy, none of this would be happening. Jade and I both firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.

We were destined to be together as friends and lovers and that has to be why I knew it wasn't supposed to happen with Kimmy. I have never thought or felt this way before, but I am entirely convinced that it all fits together and I am right where I was meant to be. I am prepared to give myself to Jade fully and completely and forever. Nothing has ever felt so right to me before…I now know what real love feels like and it is beautiful.

It is now May and the girl's travel plans are looking less likely to happen as planned for September. Dani explained to me that her father often visits the same home they were planning on visiting before they come to Michigan. Dani and Jade refuse to be in the same place with the person who raped them so the whole trip might not happen now. I tried to convince Dani to just skip Indiana and come to Michigan, but she refused my idea.

The trip was supposed to be to Indiana, with Michigan only as a side trip. If they can't go to Indiana, there will be no trip at all. I didn't understand her reasoning, but I couldn't change her mind. We had discussed the idea of me going to Massachusetts instead, but I can't travel right now. I had recently acquired a service dog and I can't travel with him until he is certified. He will likely not be certified until October or November at the earliest.

So now it looks like we won't get to meet until then. This was all a huge disappointment for me, but more so for Jade. We still talked every day, but I could tell she was depressed and I couldn't do anything to help her. Two weeks had passed and Jade was acting more like her normal, happy self again.

I convinced her that the day my dog is certified, I'd be on my way to Massachusetts for at least a week or two. I was just happy to know that my sweetheart was happy again. We were both doing our best to be patient for now. A couple of days later, Jade told me she was leaving for a few days to visit her aunt who lived two hours away.

She told me her aunt had no computer so we would not be able to talk until she returned home on Sunday. These would be our first days without talking but it had to happen sooner or later. We realized that we had talked every day for the past few months since we met and we are happy with that. I tried to rationalize it by telling myself that it will be good for us to miss each other for a those couple of days.

In reality, I knew it was going to hard to function while she was gone. Oh well…there was nothing I could do about it. Almost a week had passed since I last heard from Jade.

She was gone longer than she had originally told me and I was worried sick. There was nothing I could do by sitting at home, so I went to work as I normally do on Tuesdays. I was at my computer editing pictures when Danielle said someone left a message for me.

This struck me as being odd and I headed to the counter to see what the note said. There were two girls at the far end of the counter. The shorter one had her back turned, but I had to notice how nice the other one looked as she flashed a quick smile before I headed back towards my desk. I stopped a few feet away to read the note and I was puzzled.

It simply read "guess who?" As I sat there questioning the meaning of this note a pair of hands came from behind and covered my eyes.

I then figured it was someone was trying to surprise me, a secret admirer here at work maybe? I always have my service dog Quasi with me, and I could tell he was excited to see whoever was standing behind me. Actually, Quasi's reaction didn't tell me much because he likes everybody…even if they have my eyes covered. I reached up to feel the hands that covered my eyes. They were small and warm. I could tell it was definitely a younger female.

I couldn't figure out who it could be though, so I just said "I have no idea. You are going to have to give me a clue" This mystery girl remained silent. A chill ran through my body as a pair of warm wet lips made contact with the back of my neck.

The kiss wasn't a quick peck however, the lips were fastened on the back of my neck and I could feel the slight sensation of her sucking on my flesh. After about 10 seconds or so the lips left my neck, but the hands remained over my eyes.

In a shaky voice I said "Jade" and she removed her hands. I quickly turned to confirm that my mystery woman was in fact My Little Lady Jade. I was stunned beyond belief…before I could even think or speak, I burst into tears of pure joy. I couldn't believe Jade was able to keep her surprise a secret.

I guess this explains why she was in such a happy mood before she supposedly left to visit her aunt. She knew all along that she was coming to Michigan to surprise me. And man was I surprised. I knew people were watching, but it didn't matter. Before she could respond, I threw my arms around her.

I planted a big kiss on her soft cheek, just as I always told her I would do. We then just held our faces side by side while I quietly repeated in her ear "I love you my sweetie&hellip. I love you, I love you, I love you". I released her from my hug and took my first real look into her deep, brown eyes. Jade then signed "I love you more", and she showed me a small card that read "my sexi stud muffin".

That was what she had been calling me for the past two months, and it made me laugh to see it on the card. Nobody else saw what the card said though. Quasi was just as excited to meet Jade. His tail was going like mad, but he knows he can't approach anybody as long as he is wearing his harness. Jade was aware of the rules too, so she managed to resist her urge to hug and kiss him…for now anyways. Now that I had somewhat recovered from the shock and dried my tears, I took Jade's hand and told her I wanted her to meet my work friends.

Before now, I hadn't even noticed what she was wearing. She looked perfect. She was wearing a beautiful burgundy, sleeveless dress that stopped just above her knees.

The only jewelry she was wearing was a necklace with a heart pendant that I had sent her a month earlier as an "I Love You" gift. She is so precious and man did she look sexy. Before we moved from the front desk, I realized that Jade wasn't alone. Dani looked just as sexy as her little sister.

She was wearing tight black dress pants and a lacy white shirt, both of which showed off her perfect figure. I was so proud to see the stares that both girls were getting from most everybody around. I wasn't sure just how to greet Dani, so I offered her my hand to shake, but instead she gave me a pleasant hug. Nobody watching could have ever guessed that this was our first time meeting.

We just looked and felt so natural. It was a relief to see that Dani was there because I don't know sign language yet, other than the alphabet and a few common signs so Jade would have had to write most things down on her white board. I briefly introduced the girls to a few of my co-workers. I just told everybody that they were friends from out of town. I had sent Jade several pictures of the facility and ever since then she frequently talked about wanting to come to work with me.


Both girls were anxious to see the animals, so I started them on a tour. I put Quasi in his kennel and off we went. After spending a few minutes in one of the cat colony rooms, Jade asked to see the puppies.

Dani was enjoying the cats so she told us to go ahead, and she would find us when she was done. On the way to the puppy room Jade wrote on her board "can we be alone?" I wasn't sure what she meant but the grin on her face gave me a pretty good idea what she was thinking.

She made it even clearer when she wrote "real kiss?" on her board. I've been dreaming of kissing Jade for so long and she was just as anxious as I was. I took her into the laundry room and locked the door behind us. Regardless of how much we had talked about wanting to kiss, I was still so nervous my hands were shaking. Jade faced me and straddled my lap, which caused her dress to ride up her legs, revealing a pair of bright pink lacy panties.

I know this doesn't sound typical for a thirteen year old girl, but as I've already described, Jade is nothing near typical. I wanted so badly to make love to Jade right then and there, but I managed to resist my urge.

She put her hands on my shoulders and looked right into my eyes. It was amazing just how much Jade could say just by her expressions. I saw nothing but pure desire in her face. I placed my hands on her bare thighs and she closed her eyes and brought her lips to mine and it was electric.

We opened our mouths and our tongues met in a slow, but deliberate dance. This was our first real kiss. I gently massaged her soft, warm thighs and inched my way to the hem of her underwear as we sucked on each others tongues. I slid both index fingers under the elastic band and rubbed the soft flesh on both sides of her vulva, stopping just short of her slit. Jade began playfully rocking her hips, but I knew this was not how I wanted our first real intimate moment to be.

As much as I wanted to continue, I stopped. We had waited so long to be together so I wanted the first time to be in my bed, not in a laundry room. Jade sat straight up to look at me and I whispered "not yet sweetie". She tried to look as though she was frustrated from the sudden stopping of our little foreplay session.

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She playfully hit my shoulder to express her inpatients, but her smile told me she was playing and she also wanted to wait for a more appropriate time. Before she stood up I looked at her crotch and saw that her panties were wet from her excitement. I could actually smell her and it was killing me not to try and get a tiny taste her, but I resisted.

Jade stood up…straightened her dress and we joined Dani, who had found her way to the puppy room. We goofed around for another hour before we left to head for my house. I guess I should back up a bit and explain a conversation I had with Dani a few weeks earlier. She had told me that she knew that Jade wanted to have sex with me, but she was not sure if she was prepared to allow it to actually happen. She then told me that if they ever did come to visit me that it was not for the purpose of sex.

Jade and I later talked about it and she told me that Dani was not against us becoming lovers, but she would rather just not know the details. We knew that it might not happen for a while and that was not important. Just being together was all that we needed for now. We arrived at my house around six pm, and now that we were in a quieter environment, I was a bit more nervous than I had anticipated. No matter how much time you spend with people online, when you meet them in person it is still a lot like meeting a stranger.

Jade and I were very self conscious of what we said and how we acted. It was uncomfortable at first, but we became more relaxed as the evening progressed into night. Dani told me that they would only be staying for a few days. It was so nice to finally have them with me but I was already dreading having to see them leave so soon.

I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I knew Jade was anxious to play with Quasi, so the first thing I did was remove his harness, which tells him he can just be a regular dog again. Jade started clapping her hands and snapped her fingers to get Quasi's attention. He got so excited, he wagged his whole body…not just his tail. She got on the floor with him and he was all over her…smothering her with sloppy doggie kisses.

Jade is such a loving young lady, it even showed with Quasi. I knew he would love having her in his home. We were so excited to finally be together.

I was having fun just watching Jade. Each time our eyes met, she would grin the biggest grin that her pretty little face would allow.

She had a lot to tell me, and just as a typical thirteen year old girl would talk at eighty miles an hour, Jade was signing at ninety, with gusts up to a hundred. It was dizzying for me to try and figure out what she was signing. Dani was very skilled at relaying most of what her sister was saying, so nothing much was lost in translation.

Jade had often expressed her fear that when we met, that it was going to be too difficult for us to communicate and that I would not want to be with her because of that.

She was right about how difficult it was, but there was no way that I would let it keep us from staying together. I know it will take months, or even a year or more, but I'll eventually learn her language completely.

She has so much to offer and I was so excited to be able to learn from her. It was simply beautiful watching her sign. She did it with so much grace. It was a form of art to me. A bit later we were all getting hungry, so I ordered a pizza for dinner. Jade ran out to their car and returned with a backpack stuffed full of DVD's.

She had told me after we first met that she loved watching movies. When she told me that her all-time favorite movie was The Labyrinth with David Bowie, I was shocked. I had seen The Labyrinth years ago and although I was not much into movies, I still went out of my way to purchase a copy of it.

Ever since then, whenever the topic of movies would come up, I would often mention The Labyrinth, only to get blank stares because nobody knew what I was talking about.

I just thought it was quite a coincidence that it was Jade's favorite movie. Of course, she wanted to watch her favorite with me, so after we ate, the three of us climbed on my sofa to relax and watch the movie together. Dani had changed into some sweat pants and a tank top. Jade came out wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts… the same ones she often wore while we talked during our late nights.

For a shirt she wore mesh tank top. Depending on her angle, I could make out the tone of her skin, and I could see the darker areas of her nipples. She always told me that she wears nothing underneath her shorts at night, so I knew my eyes might be in for some peeks before the night was over.

This was something Jade and I often talked about during our chats. She knew I liked getting "accidental" peeks, and she assured me that when we were together she would provide me with plenty to peek at. The fun started the first time Dani went to the bathroom during the movie.

Jade quickly spun around to lean against the other arm of the sofa with her legs facing me. She slid her feet towards her butt and let her left leg drop to the side. This gave me my first real look at her bare crotch through the leg hole, and it looked so fresh and pure. She looked so damn sexy sitting there, and it made me crazy with desire. It was not like seeing her nude, but I could still see her lips when she turned more to the side.

What Jade did next took me entirely by surprise. She stuck her hand into her shorts and slid her finger along her slit a few times. She used her other hand to pull her shorts to the side so I could better see what she was doing.

She brought her finger to her mouth to moisten it and then ran it along just inside her pussy lips. We could hear Dani finishing up in the bathroom, so Jade jumped back next to me and offered her finger for me to taste. I held her hand as she slid her tiny finger into my anxious mouth and I licked it clean for her.

Tasting her like that was driving me wild. What made it worse was Dani was coming down the hall so I had to act as though nothing was going on. My face kept our secret, but my heart rate would have told everything. It was like a dream…here I was…sitting on my sofa with two beautiful girls&hellip.what made it special was holding Jade's hand in mine and feeling our bodies touch along side of each others.

I was finally with the girl I so dearly loved and it was so real. Up until now I had not yet kissed Jade in front of Dani, so I had to be content with just cuddling close with my little sweetheart. At least Dani didn't mind that Jade was sitting so close to me and that we were holding hands most of the time. I was not sure how she would react to seeing us kiss, so it would have to wait for now.

We were all pretty tired, so after the movie ended we agreed that it was time to get some much needed sleep. I gave Jade a warm kiss on her cheek and offered Dani a hug. After our goodnights were said I went to my room and Jade and Dani went off to my spare bedroom as we had planned. I spent half the night staring at the ceiling wondering what the next few days held in store for us.

I wanted so much to make love with Jade, but I also knew it might not happen and I was ok knowing that we might have to wait. Regardless of how much we had talked about becoming lovers, our love and friendship will always come first.

That's the only way it can be. Morning came and I took my shower before the girls woke up. I waited until they got up, and I fixed us all a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I don't know why, but seeing them in their sleepwear with their hair somewhat messy was very sexy. I know they occasionally have sex together and I had to wonder if they did anything last night. I don't think they did, but it was nice to know that they might have made love in the comfort of my home.

Jade went to take a shower, and this gave Dani a chance to tell me what she expected from me during their stay. After all, Dani is Jade's legal guardian, so she's responsible for her well being.

She was well aware that Jade wanted to have sex with me, but she wasn't ready to come right out and approve of it. She told me that Jade and I would have some time alone before they left, but she would prefer not to know what we do together.

Dani then told me that she might even allow Jade to spend a night in my bed, but she still wasn't certain if she would allow it. She never gave her approval for us to make love, but she never said no either. I looked at this as a very promising situation. I still reminded myself that sex with Jade was not the reason she was here, but we both wanted it to happen…that was made clear months ago. We had no certain plans for the day, so I suggested we make a trip to the mall.

I figured we could do some light shopping and maybe see a movie and then find somewhere nice to eat. That would be a nice way to spend our first full day getting better acquainted. I had nothing to worry about with Jade, but Dani was sometimes stand-offish when we chatted online, so I wanted to put her at ease with who I was.

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I know she felt safe with me or she wouldn't have come to visit, but I felt as though she was mostly doing it only because of Jade. I really wanted Dani as my friend, but I knew it had to happen naturally…it can't be forced. I'll just be myself and see what happens. Just like the surprise visit yesterday, I was proud to be seen with these two sexy young ladies.

Dani was dressed rather casually in a pair of stonewashed jeans and a tight fitting white tank top the showed off her cleavage nicely. Jade was a sight to behold.

She was wearing a sexy green and white sundress that had a diamond shaped cutout over her tight little belly. She doesn't wear a bra yet so I could easily see the shape of her nipples through the thin fabric.

The lower part of the dress was very thin, and when the lighting was just right, I could make out outline of her white panties and the shape of her butt and thighs.

She looked hot and she knew the effect she was having on me. The girls were turning heads, and I loved every minute of it. We spent an hour or so just window shopping. I was truly enjoying watching Jade's youthful antics, especially when she saw something she liked. She would repeatedly sign "I want it!&hellip.I want it!" I soon started replying with a stern "No, you can't have it!.no, you can't have it!" Then she would turn her lip up to look sad when we moved on without buying anything.

She was in no way trying to get me to buy her anything, it was just my Jade acting goofy. It got even funnier when Dani joined in and began mimicking her little sister's behavior. But Dani added a new element to the act. Not only would she turn up her lip, she also firmly folded her arms across her chest and stomped her feet as she marched off.

To watch them both do this was hilarious. I thought to myself, "great…now I have two brats to deal with!" We continued this throughout the mall and people were laughing at us every time we did it. Any anxiety from yesterday was now gone for good. We were having a blast together and it felt wonderful. It was well past noon and we decided to head to the food court to relax and get something to eat. There were several places to eat, but we opted for the ease and tradition of McDonalds.

Once again I found joy in just watching Jade…even if all she was doing was eating a cheeseburger and fries. Little moments like this would often remind me how lucky I was to finally be with the girl I was so much in love with. I seriously doubt if these simple joys will ever fade. We finished eating and went to relax in the indoor garden. I realized that I not yet taken any pictures of the girls, so I got my camera out and started shooting.

There were plenty of spots full of greenery and colorful flowers that made perfect backdrops for taking pictures. I took several nice shots of them in various poses. They looked so perfect together, and were almost always either holding hands or hugging in some way for my camera.

These two sisters are so loving and affectionate with each other, it was just heartwarming to witness it first hand. After I was done I asked some guy if he could take a few pictures of the three of us together.

Most of these were with the girls either standing next to me or behind me in different combinations. When we were finished, Dani casually bent over to kiss my cheek. This small gesture meant a lot. It showed me that Dani was truly liking who I was. Jade knew it was only an innocent peck, but she pretended it bothered her.

She emphatically did the "mine!" sign&hellip. plopped her little bum on my lap…grabbed my head and kissed me full and hard on my mouth.

I was worried that Dani might not like what she just saw, but she just stood there with an approving smile. She has known from the start that Jade and I really love each other, and now she seemed to be ok with seeing us being affectionate together. The guy with my camera certainly didn't know what to think, but he was obviously amused and probably even envious by what he just saw.

He handed me the camera, and as Dani went to thank him for helping, Jade got up and quickly lifted to back of her dress exposing her cute panty covered tush for a quick picture. That was yet another example of how playful Jade can be. Dani suggested that Jade and I go off on our own for a while used her cell phone to talk with her boyfriend, who was still in Massachusetts.

Jade promptly had me follow her right into a store that specialized in trendy ladies wear. She must have noticed the place earlier because she knew exactly where she was going. Now that I seen the name of the store, I recalled Jade telling me about it before. She knew of it because it's one of the only chains that carry sexy clothing in sizes small enough for her to wear.

I was concerned about how it would look for us to be in there together, but luckily, we were the only customers and the girl working there was too busy sorting clothes to really notice us. I did the best I could to follow Jade through the cramped store as she made her way to the lingerie and bikini shelves. She did her best to conceal just what she was choosing to try on.

I really wasn't trying to see anyways. I wanted to be surprised. I reminded her that we didn't have much time, so she finished browsing and we headed for the rear of the store to the dressing rooms. My wheelchair could not fit inside, so I waited just outside the door as Jade went inside. The door stopped about a foot from the floor, I then saw her dress fall to the carpet as she slipped off her sandals, pulled her panties down to her feet and stepped out of them.

I thought about opening the door to see her, but I stopped myself. I had peeked at her bare crotch the night before, but I still wanted to wait to see her naked in front of me.

I wanted that to be a part of our first time making love. Again, this was all just foreplay. She finished getting into her first outfit and opened the door. I was stunned at how sexy she looked. She was wearing a purple thong bikini that fit her little body perfectly. The fabric was silky and was tight enough to show the shape of her crotch.

Jade knows I love this kind of stuff, so she pulled the bottoms tighter until the fabric was tight enough to show the outline of her lips. This was something to see, but I also knew she liked the sensation it gave her.

Jade had often described to me how even the slightest amount of friction on her pussy would arouse her sexually. The top was just as tight and equally revealing. Jade has barely a hint of breasts, but her nipples are very pronounced, especially when she aroused. This was as close to being nude as she could be. I was so caught up in the moment, it never occurred to me to grab my camera until Jade did the "camera" sign.

She quickly struck some seductive poses as I clicked away. The fun was then cut short when several other customers entered the store. It was too risky to continue, so we replaced the other items and went on our way. After we met up with Dani, we all decided we had enough fun and we went home for the day. It was amazing the difference a day made. The three of us were now entirely at ease with each other and it just felt right.

A while after we settled in at my house, Dani came right out and asked me if I wanted Jade to spend the night in my bed with me. Like she really thought I would say no? She made two things clear…no nudity and no sex. As difficult as I knew it was going to be, I gave Dani my word that we would honor her wishes. Bedtime could not have come soon enough. We sat around watching TV and making small talk, but Jade and I only had one thing on our minds&hellip.laying together in my bed.

We dreamed about it for months and now it was going to come true. Dani sensed our impatients and laughed about it. She half jokingly told us to get a room.

Her sense of humor and her understanding was making this all go better than I ever imagined it would. She knew that Jade really wanted to be with me, and she wanted her to be happy. Just like her little sister, Dani is so beautiful in so many ways…she just wasn't as eager to reveal that side of herself at first. This was going to be a special night, but I now had to deal with another one of my fears. I tend to be a bit clumsy when getting into bed, and also when moving around to get comfortable.

I am somewhat self conscience of this, and I was concerned about how Jade was going to handle it. This could be a real mood killer if she was not at ease with how I have to do things.

It became clear from the start that she was perfectly comfortable with this part of me. She observed everything I was doing with both interest and concern. I had told her before that getting into bed was when I was most likely to fall, and she stood in front of me as to show that she wasn't going to let it happen as long as she was with me.

Here was a thirteen year old girl, making me feel comfortable dealing with one of my fears. I can't even describe how good this made me feel.

The next five minutes was just like a dream coming true. Jade sat next to me and we fell back into my bed together. She rolled herself partially on top of me and I wrapped my arms around her and held her as close as I could. We had embraced while I was in my chair, but this was far more real. Just feeling her weight on me was wonderful. I didn't even feel the need to kiss her.

There was no reason to right now. We had longed to hold each other in my bed and it was perfect. I asked Jade to move over some so I could swing my legs onto the bed.

Once again, she watched me with curiosity. After I finished, she clapped her hands as though I had done something amazing. She has a way of making me laugh and that really made me feel at ease with myself. She then gave me "the finger", meaning hold on a minute, and she left to get ready for our first night together.

I removed my pants and shirt, leaving my underwear on, which is how I always sleep. Dani never said I had to wear pajamas. Besides, I am also conscience about my body, so I figured the sooner Jade sees me, that's one less thing for me to worry about. I was feeling so brave, I didn't even bother covering up with the sheet. I was expecting to see Jade return in her usual bedtime attire, but boy was I in for a surprise.

She came prancing in wearing a pair of baby blue boy shorts with a picture of Elmo on the front and his name on her buns, and a skimpy pink tank top. How in the hell was I going to keep my hands out of her panties all night???

She climbed back in bed with me and resumed her position of laying part way on top of me. Only now we could feel most of our flesh meeting. We promised no nudity or sex, so this left plenty of room for touching and kissing. We began a series of long, passionate kisses while our hands explored each others bodies.

It was great feeling her skinny little bum through her boy shorts. I figured as long as I didn't directly stimulate her pussy, then I was keeping my promise. Jade was moving her leg along my crotch, causing me to get hard under my shorts. She turned her head to see my hidden bulge, and she smiled with amusement. She reached down and held my stiff rod with her hand outside of my drawers. Watching her fingers wrap around my cock was awesome, even if it was separated by cloth.

I could feel her trembling as she began rubbing me. I felt this was crossing the line into sex, so I reminded her of the deal we made.

She was reluctant to stop so I had to pull her hand off of me. Where I got the willpower to do this was beyond me. The last thing I wanted to do was to piss Dani off and possibly ruin everything.

We spent the next few hours just talking, kissing and holding each other. Without Dani there to help translate, there is no way I could keep up with Jade's signing, so she had to use her white board for the most part. To make it easier to write, she sat up against the wall with her bare legs resting across my chest.

I know we both preferred to be nude together, but we had made a promise. We spent the next few hours just watching TV and enjoying our embracement. I am usually very picky how I lay when sleeping, so it was a pleasant surprise when I actually slept most of the night on my back with Jade's head resting on my shoulder.

She is so precious to me and I felt so lucky to finally have her in my bed. We slept 'til nearly ten o'clock in the morning. Dani was already up and when she heard us stirring, she knocked and asked if she could join us in my bed. She hopped in, lying on the other side of Jade. They shared a good morning kiss, rather passionately I thought, but I know how "close" they have been. I know you are hoping for me to describe a threesome with the girls, but it's not going to happen.

I have no problem with them being sexually intimate, but I've given myself to Jade, and Jade only. Of course I sometimes fantasize about sex with Dani, or even having a threesome. That IS every man's dream, right? That's all it can be for me…just an occasional dream. I could have spent the entire day just lying in bed with Jade, but this was going to be our last full day together so I wanted to make the best of it. We didn't want to do anything tiring because they had a long drive ahead of them the next morning, so I suggested we take a drive in my van to show them some local sights.

Jade sat up front with me and Dani got comfortable on the back seat. This was new for Quasi and he loved having the company. It can get boring for whoever rides in the back because it's difficult to hear and to see whats going on up front. Dani decided to call her boyfriend and they talked for almost an hour. She looked tired so I told her to get off of the seat for a second.

When she did, I told her to push the white button below the window and the seat magically flattens out into a bed. Dani laughed and asked "just WHAT do you use this for mister???" Anyways, she grabbed the pillows from beneath and made herself comfortable.

Of course, Quasi figured he had equal rights to the bed, and less than ten minutes later they were both fast asleep. This was so cute to see, so I had Jade take a few pictures of the new bed buddies. Jade had often talked about how she wanted to ride in my van either nude or maybe just bottomless.

Just as I hoped, she started getting frisky as soon as she knew Dani was sleeping. I have large captain seats, so Jade could not be seen from the back. She began by just bringing her hand down between her legs and aimlessly moved it around her crotch area. I kept looking over at her, and every time our eyes met she looked down. Naturally, my eyes followed to see what she was looking at.

She then began to undo her shorts, but I told her to leave them on. So instead she just undid the button, unzipped them and opened the flaps to expose her bare skin. I thought to myself, "what? No panties?.my my!" Although I could not see her slit, this was still very sexy.

Her hand disappeared into her shorts and her head fell back and her eyes closed. I was having trouble keeping my eyes on the road. Jades hand was moving up and down inside of her shorts and her breathing was getting heavier.

I wanted her to leave her shorts on for two reasons. First, if Dani woke up, it would be hard to pull them back up without being noticed.

And second, I still had not seen her pussy fully exposed in person yet and I wanted to save that for a more meaningful time. Time was of the essence, so I told her to keep playing with her clit until she cums for me. Watching her do this just barely hidden from other drivers and with Dani so close was very erotic. I was still amazed with just how sexual a thirteen year old could be. It was hard to believe, but wonderful to witness first hand. Within minutes, Jade brought herself to an incredible orgasm.

It continued for nearly a full minute…the whole time her body shuddered with ecstasy. What a sight…she was out of breath and her hand still in her shorts. She looked back to be sure Dani was still asleep and then offered me her fingers to taste.

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This was a huge tease and we both loved it. It was just a matter of time before I would taste her completely.

Dani soon woke up and we returned to my house to spend our last evening together. I was trying so hard to block the thoughts of them leaving, but it was impossible.

How were we going to cope with saying goodbye after we waited so long to be together? (Yes, a few months is a long time when you are crazy in love.) Each time the thought arose, my eyes welled with tears. I did my best to hide it from the girls but they noticed it more than once. It got worse as day turned to night.

I could sense that Dani was sad, but Jade broke down and cried several times. It wasn't even time to part, but her heart was already breaking. I knew it was just a sign of our love but it still hurt me to see my sweetheart crying. I stuck to her like glue and did my best to keep her spirits up. A short time later, I could tell she was in a better mood. This is where Jade really showed just how goofy she can be.

She put in one of her music videos and started playing the air guitar. It was some heavy metal song and she started doing her own brand of "head banging" dance. Here she was…all four feet ten inches and eighty five pounds of her&hellip.gyrating like a girl possessed…throwing her hair around and just plain old going crazy. Quasi didn't know what to think. He wasn't sure if he should go hide somewhere or try to join her. Actually, he did both.

He would run to her wagging his tail, and a second later he would head under the table where he felt safe. He was completely confused and it was hilarious. I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. By the time the song ended, she was totally exhausted and she collapsed in the middle of the room. She's just plain old goofy…that's all there is to it. I prepared a light dinner of soup and sandwiches and we sat at the table together.

The mood became somewhat somber so it was my turn to lighten things up a bit. I wet my finger in my water and flicked it at Jade's face. I was expecting the same in return, but she upped the ante by placing about three inches of noodle on her spoon and skillfully launched in my direction, hitting me square on my forehead.

It stuck there and the girls found this amusing, and I guess it was. After several seconds, the noodle slid from my forehead and landed neatly across my nose. I did an exaggerated cross-eyed look to see what was on my nose and now Jade was half out of her chair from laughing so hard. For the final touch, I used my tongue to wiggle the noodle free from my nose and promptly ate it. At least we were happy for now and that's all that mattered. Now that we were done eating and acting silly Dani said she wanted to go to bed early to prepare for her long drive in the morning.

I took a shower and got in bed while the girls talked in the spare bedroom. Dani told us both goodnight, and Jade took a quick shower before joining me.

She came in wearing her normal shorts and t-shirt. She climbed next to me and she covered us with my comforter and we just hugged and kissed for a while. I was struggling with what I should do. I wanted so badly to make love to Jade before she left, but I had given Dani my word. I turned on the TV to help distract my thoughts for a while. Jade kept fidgeting under the covers, so I figured she was just restless or trying to get cumfy.

She snuggled back up to me, and when I went to hold her I was stunned. I felt nothing but soft, warm skin. Jade had removed her shorts and shirt without me noticing.

My heart raced, I knew what Jade wanted to do. I reluctantly told her we couldn't, but she hushed me and reached for her white board. A moment later she handed me the board and it read "Dani and I talked, it's ok." My heartbeat increased again, this was it…we would become lovers tonight I was anxious to see her nude body, but she kept the covers over us. I explored her flesh with my hands and felt her little nipples for the first time.

I began kissing her neck and shoulders and slowly made my way to her chest. I took her bud in my mouth and felt it swell as I licked it.

I let my hand roam to her crotch and finally felt her pussy. She was already moist, but after a few seconds of rubbing, I could feel her getting wetter and wetter.

I was amazed at how much her body was responding to my touch.

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Jade pulled my hand away and started writing on her board. I had worried before that having to communicate this way might be distracting, but it was just the opposite…it was just a natural part of what we were doing…it was all so wonderful. She told me to close my eyes and not open them until she snapped her fingers. I could feel the covers come off and she was no longer lying next to me. She snapped her fingers and man was she beautiful. There stood my Little Lady Jade&hellip.

completely naked and standing over me with her feet at my sides. Her pussy was directly above my face and I could see she was still wet from her arousal. She slowly ran her hands around her crotch. She then touched herself and spread her lips for me as she lightly played with her clit. I couldn't take this any longer and I told her I needed to taste her. She went to her knees and stopped just inches from my face. Jade knew that visual stimulation was just as erotic as touch, so she once again spread her lips for me to see her completely.

I put my hands on her ass and pulled her to my mouth. I was finally tasting her sweet pussy. I gently kissed every inch of her crotch and put my tongue into her tight slit.

She was so small and tight, I wondered if it was going to work if we tried intercourse later. I put that to rest and continued what I was doing. I held her tight to my face and stayed on her clit. I wanted her to cum on my face so I kept licking until it happened. She began grinding her pussy hard as she held my head in place. With a few final thrusts, she exploded and I felt her juice running down my cheeks.

She tasted so sweet. We released our holds and I took another look at her now inflamed pussy as she tried to catch her breath. I had also wondered how it would feel to bring Jade to an orgasm without hearing her moan. I was able to easily hear her heavy breathing, but other that that, her silence only enhanced the experience…it's who she is and she is perfect.

Jade scooted down and laid on top of me to rest for a few minutes. It felt wonderful to have all eighty five pounds of my girl resting on my body. I caressed her back and shoulders and occasionally cupped her cute bum in my hands. After several minutes of resting, she got up on her hands and knees and hovered over me.

I held her thin waist as she leaned in to kiss me. She started inching her way towards my feet, peppering my neck, chest and stomach with licks and kisses along the way. When she reached my crotch she sat up and rested her weight on my thighs. She ran her soft hands over my swelling bulge to feel me through my underwear.

While I was half erect, Jade pulled them down and got her first look and my cock as it flopped out. She wrapped a hand around it as she bent down to tickle the head with her slippery little tongue. This was the first penis Jade has ever touched, and knowing that made it even more intense for both of us. She likes watching adult videos, so she had a good idea of what to do. Within seconds, I became rock hard. Now that I was erect, she gently squeezed the base and took the head into her eager mouth.

Now she removed her hand and slid her mouth down my shaft as far as she could, taking nearly half of it in. She then slid back to the tip and stopped just short of releasing it. Back down she went…then back to the tip. With each trip, she managed to take more of my cock into her wet mouth. After five or six times, she had every inch of me and I was ready to explode. We had discussed how my body works, so Jade knew that my first orgasm would come pretty fast.

She held me in her hand again as she slowly quickened the pace and intensity of her sucking. Her hand was certainly helping, but I was going to cum regardless. My legs stiffened and started to spasm, telling both of us that I was close.

With a few final thrusts of her head, Jade brought me to the ultimate orgasm. I wasn't sure what to expect here. Jade held me in her mouth as a came.

After she pumped me a few more times, she sat up, but she still had my cum in her mouth. I could tell by the look on her face that she didn't mind the taste, but she wasn't sure what to do. I had to assume that she didn't want to swallow it, so I offered her a towel to spit in. She shook her head "no", and with a single deliberate motion, she swallowed.

She had a content look on her face, so I knew she liked what she just did. I was spent and so was Jade. After she cleaned us with a towel, we held each other and we knew that everything was just as we had dreamed. This was how it was meant to be and it was never going to end. After we rested for a while, Jade started fondling me again.

I thought she was probably just enjoying touching me, but then she placed her leg over my belly, causing her pussy to rub against my thigh. I reached to feel her and she was wet again. She picked up her board and wrote "I want to feel you inside." The thought of intercourse both excited and worried me.

I wanted to, but she is so small. We both had talked about how it might be painful for her, both physically and emotionally. If she was ready to try it, then so was I. Jade rolled on top of me and rubbed her crotch over my cock until I got hard. We kept our eyes fixed on each others. I needed to be able to read her feelings.

All I could see right now was a peaceful, loving stare. She sat up, took my rod in her hand and pressed it against the length of her slit. She was moving rather fast, probably to avoid realizing her emotional fears. Jade was in control and it had to be this way. Her expression remained calm and steady, so I knew she was ok for now. Now she held it straight and raised herself over me. I wanted to watch me enter her, but it was more important to watch her face.

She placed the head on her opening and slowly lowered herself. As the pressure increased, I watched her face as her expression started to change. Jade was determined to make this work. She brought more weight on me but she was just too small.

She made one more attempt, but it caused her to wince from the pain. This would not be the night. Her pretty eyes welled with tears, both from pain and frustration.

I told her it was ok, and she fell on top of and she cried. I assured Jade that it wasn't her fault and that it wasn't important if it didn't happen now.

You might think I was disappointed, but I wasn't. All that mattered was that we wanted it to happen. It just wasn't meant to happen tonight and I was ok with it.

I'll wait as long as I have to. With everything that happened tonight, we were both exhausted and we soon drifted off to sleep…once again with her head resting on my chest. Morning came and my first thought was that My Little Lady would be leaving.

How was I going to say goodbye? Dani was already awake, so I got dressed and got up to talk with her while Jade slept.

I was already thinking about our next visit, so I wanted to explore my options with Dani. Just like their first visit, nothing was going to happen without her co-operation. She wasn't ready to be specific, but she assured me that I would be seeing Jade, and probably much sooner than I might have expected. I was wondering why Dani wasn't getting ready to leave.

She had changed her plans. Instead of leaving in the morning, she decided to leave sometime in the evening to avoid the heat and traffic. It was great to know that I had another day to spend with Jade. I returned to my bed and told Jade the good news. She told me that she was glad, but I could tell that she wasn't herself. She knew it was not going to be easy to leave regardless of when it happens.

We loved being in bed together, so we stayed for another two hours just to cuddle. We liked to keep our hands on each other when we cuddled, not to lead to sex, we just enjoyed the intimate feeling.

She actually dozed off for a while, so I just held my sweetie as she slept. It was close to noon so we forced ourselves to get moving. I took a shower while Jade prepared us some macaroni and cheese and linguica for lunch. Dani had already showered and ate and she was sitting outside in the back yard. She told me earlier that she wanted to give Jade and I some time to ourselves before they left. She had also mentioned that she wanted to buy a few things that she saw at the mall.

She decided to go by herself and told us she would be back in two or three hours. I had wanted to learn more signing, so I asked Jade to sit at the kitchen table to tutor me. Sitting with her like this was new.

Even though we had slept together, this was the first time we were alone in my home and it felt nice. Our dream is to live together and this brief time was just a taste of what it would be like. I was eager to increase my sign vocabulary and Jade was a patient teacher.

It's hard to describe the feeling I get watching her hands. It's just something you have to see to understand. Yes, it is still very new to me but I'll never grow tired of it. I learned five new signs and Jade quizzed me on them, along with the other ones she taught me before. She had explained to me that even her family sometimes needs to be taught new words from time to time.

This process will never end, not at all different than spoken language. Now that class was over, she got us some butterscotch pudding for a treat. I finished mine rather fast while Jade played with hers by scooping it with her finger and licking it clean. I'm not sure if she intended to, but seeing this was turning me on. I waited for her next scoop and I held her wrist and brought her hand to my mouth.

She giggled as I sucked on her finger, much longer than I needed to. She put the next scoop in her mouth and before she could swallow, I told her to kiss me.

She got up and straddled my lap like she did a few days ago and we kissed. The mixture of the cold pudding, our warm tongues and the sweet flavor was incredible. This was a first for me and man was it erotic. After we kissed for a while, Jade told me she needed to take a shower. I asked her if it would be alright if I watched her and she just smiled and headed off the bathroom.

I sat near the doorway and told her to go about her routine as though she were alone. Watching my little hotty undress was exciting. After she was nude, she stood to look at herself in the full length mirror.

She turned from side to side to admire every curve of her youthful figure. Jade is anxious to grow boobs and she monitors them daily. They are now at the stage where you can just make out the roundness surrounding her nipples. Her pussy is still bald but this will be changing too. I'm thrilled to be witness to her growing into a sexy young lady. Jade adjusted the water and climbed in.

She had it set low so she could leave the curtain opened without flooding the floor. She loaded her cloth with plenty of soap and was soon mostly covered with suds. She took care of her bigger parts first so she would have more time to linger on her more sensitive areas. I don't usually do this, but I rubbed myself until I got hard and then I opened my pants so Jade could see my excitement while she fondled herself.

We had talked about masturbating together, but until now we've only done it while chatting online. This was all spontaneous and exciting, so I figured I'll go for it. I wet my hand with water and conditioner to make it easier for me to orgasm. Jade was sitting in the tub in a semi-reclined position. She hoisted both legs over the sides, giving me a perfect view to watch.

I moved close to her so we could get a better look at each other. She hooked her left arm under her leg to spread her legs even wider apart. She began rubbing her clit with her other hand and really surprised me when she inserted her middle finger of her left hand into her tight hole.

Seeing just how tight she is made me wonder if she would ever be able to have intercourse with me. I'm average in size but I'm a lot bigger than her tiny finger. Anyways, it was wild to watch her finger herself. By the way she was moving, I knew she was totally into the feeling.

What a sight to behold. After several minutes it was easy to see that she was nearing her climax, so I quickened my pace to try and cum with her. Watching Jade work her pussy with both hands was similar to watching her sign. This might sound odd, but I find them both erotic to watch. Everything about Jade is sexy to me.

This worked out better than I thought it would.

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As I watched her flow into her orgasm, I could feel myself reaching the same point. We both came at the exact same moment. As intimate as this was, we resisted our urges to embrace. It was all about pleasuring ourselves, but doing it for each other. Quite a concept, huh? We spent the rest of our time alone sitting on the couch watching TV. Neither one of us wanted to think about having to say goodbye later, so we avoided talking about it.

Jade kept changing channels as a way to keep her distracted and it was helping me do the same. For the most part, we just held each other and didn't say much of anything. Our time was growing short but it still felt wonderful to hold my little lady.

Dani returned from shopping bearing gifts. She gave me a Kyle Petty t-shirt and a number "45" plate to go on my van's front bumper. She had teased me a couple of months ago when she heard from Jade that I was a NASCAR fan. Jade had actually watched an entire race at home while I watched at my house, all while we chatted online. This surprised and amused Dani, but she told Jade to never put that crap on their TV again.

Of course she was just teasing. Anyways, Dani must have been reading my blog because that's the only way she could have learned that Kyle is my favorite driver. They were very thoughtful gifts and I was happy she was thinking of me. She gave Jade a bag of clothes and told her to go try on her new outfits.

Jade returned a minute later and my jaw dropped. She was clad in nothing but a hot pink string bikini. She did her best impression of a runway model and put on quite a show. Every model likes flashbulbs, so I grabbed my camera and started shooting. Jade was loving it and she started striking some more provocative poses. Dani was amused with the runway act, but when Jade started rolling around on the floor and crawling on her hands and knees, Dani told her to get up and go try on the other outfit.

Although Dani had taken the nudes of Jade before, she wanted to remind me that she was in control of what Jade was doing and I was OK with that. Jade returned once again, this time dressed more conservatively, but still looking hot. She was wearing a pair of tiny Daisy dukes with the zipper part way opened to show the pink bikini bottoms from before.

Her top was a sleeveless, button shirt that was unbuttoned and tied together just below her chest like a halter top. I thought this might be too revealing for public wear, but she was still wearing her bikini top under the shirt. And of course she would have to button up her shorts too. She looked so damn cute and so damn sexy. Seeing Jade like this nearly brought tears to my eyes for two reasons.

First, I just felt so proud to have her as my friend, girlfriend and lover. Secondly and sadly&hellip.I knew this was how she would look as we say goodbye in a few short hours. I've never felt so happy and so sad at the same time. The next few hours were rough. Jade was making frequent trips the bedroom because she didn't want me to see her cry.

We all did our best to keep the mood as light as we could. We took turns telling jokes. Some made us laugh but most had little effect. Dani fixed us some sandwiches and opened a bag of Doritos, but we didn't feel much like eating. The girls finished gathering their belongings and loaded everything into their car. Before we knew it, it was ten o'clock& was time to say goodbye.

Dani had to be the brave one now. There was no subtle way to do it. She simply stood up and gave me a big hug and we traded kisses on our cheeks. She likes to play the tough one, but her eyes were wet with tears. We felt close now&hellip.we were really friends. We said goodbye and she stood bye the door to wait for her little sister. I rolled towards Jade as she got up from the couch. She was shaking and in an instant, she was crying as she fell into my lap. We held each other as tight as we could as our tears flowed onto each others shoulders.

We never wanted to let go. We couldn't let go, but we had to. I whispered to her "you have to go now sweetie…I love you so much&hellip.but you have to go". She stood and took my hand to lead me towards the door. I had managed to gather myself by now. Jade was doing better too, but her tears were still flowing. Quasi was watching all of this and I could tell he was upset. He always wags his tail, especially when Jade was near, but now he was subdued. I could see sorrow in his expression.

He didn't know what was happening, but he was definitely upset. Jade took a minute and got on her knees to give him a big hug as he wet her face with Quasi kisses. If only our goodbye could be so simple. We went out onto my front porch but that was as far as I could go. I gave Dani another quick hug and she got into her car. Jade and I embraced one last time and smothered each other's faces with kisses.

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We let go and I watched her as she walked away and climbed into the car. She lost control again. She covered her face with her hands and I could see her body jerking as she sobbed. Dani slowly backed out of the driveway while Jade refused to look at me…she kept her hands over her face.


Once in the street, Dani stopped for a moment and said something to Jade. As they drove off, Jade uncovered her pretty face and turned to look at me. She was still crying, but she managed to sign "I love you" and she repeated it as they drove off until we could no longer see each other. My Little Lady Jade was barely gone and I was already missing her. Nearly twenty four hours later, I had barely slept or eaten. I missed Jade so much it was making me ill. I stayed logged on my computer and waited.

I then heard the all familiar "Pussy Cat" purr that tells me "Rainbow" has signed on. As tired as we were, we chatted for nearly eight hours. We missed each other and it was great to now be able to start dreaming about (or better yet, planning) our next meeting. I'll most likely be driving to Massachusetts this time.

Quasi's trainers have agreed to let me travel with him before he is certified because he is doing so well. The past four days were nothing short of perfect. All of my doubts and fears are gone. We still face many obstacles, but we know we will somehow make everything work like we dreamed of. When I go to visit her, I plan on looking for a suitable apartment, just to know what my options are. Her visit was just the first step towards our future together.

We've cleared the biggest hurdle and everything is going to be just fine. To My Little Lady Jade… Thank you for inspiring me…thank you for helping me&hellip.thank you for loving me&hellip.and finally, thank you for rockin me sox.

ARRRRR! End of Part Three… We know we will have a future together, and I'll be writing about it in part four, so I hope you'll be watching for it.