El culo de la suegra en jeans

El culo de la suegra en jeans
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I think, if truth be known, I got more satisfaction out of Sandy and Sherrie's video exchange than they did. Fucking my wife in the ass for the first time had unleashed a wonderful little nympho that had been trapped deep inside of her. She was slowly turning into a little dom, and I loved every minute of that. I also knew that she was getting bolder with the video camera, because she started sending more and more vids to her best friend. If you've read the other stories, you know that I've cheated on my wife once, and that was with Sherrie.

I can still smell her in my head. To know that she's home masterbating to these videos that neither one of them know I know about makes me even hotter. Sooner or later I will figure out how to turn this to really use this to my advantage, but for now I'm enjoying the ride. Sandy's latest video went out last night and it was amazing to make. We fucked the night before last, nothing too kinky, just good old fashioned love making. It was nice for a change. Afterwards instead of showing she put the blue thong she was wearing on and went back to bed.

When I was up getting showered for work yesterday morning she came in stripped naked and joined me in the shower. After playing with my cock until I almost cummed on two seperate occasions, she got out and giggled, leaving me with a case of blue balls.

When I was out and dried off she handed me the blue thong and smiled.

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The crotch was stained with the mixed juices of our love making, and I could smell the sex on them. "You're going to wear these ALL DAY," she told me, and kissed me on the cheek.

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"And you are NOT going to jerk off once." All day at the factory, not only did I have my wife's thong stretched up my ass crack, I could smell us through my clothes.

I walked around all day with a chubby, and on more than one occasion when I was around some of the young, half naked twenty-somethings that work there, I though I was going to have to go to the bathroom and rub one off, despite my wife's command. But I made it home! I walked into the bedroom to find her naked, legs spread. Since becoming a bit of a dom, she had let her bush grow out, and eventhough that had once turned me off, now I find it oddly stimulating.

I stripped off everything but the thong, and jumped on top of her, eatting her hairy pussy. She was dripping wet, so I knew she had a plan. When she had cummed twice, she pushed me away and ordered me to lay on my back. I did as I was told.

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Sandy climbed on top of me and ground her pussy into my thong covered hardon. "You like that?" she asked. "Fuck yeah." "You want to fuck me again?" "Please!" "I don't think so," she said, pressing a finger to my lips. She paused as she came again, soaking the already nasty thong with more of her wetness. "I'm going to fuck you, and if you are a good sport, I might let you cum when I'm finished." Sandy ordered me to get up and go into the bathroom.

There, she told me, I would shave. Then I would find an outfit she had bought just for me. I was to put in on and come back into the bedroom and do as I was told.

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In the bathroom I found a short, plad school girl skirt in roughly my size, panty hose, a bra with implants sawn into them that looked like they had hard nipples, a tight white blouse and a wig.

I looked at them nervously, but did as I was told. When my face was smooth and clean, I slowly and clumsily dressed in the school girl outfit she had left for me. I had no idea what was in store for me, but it already had my cock rock hard. I knew it wouldn't be anything too bad, there wasn't going to be some strange black man waiting to fuck me when I left the bathroom, but I had no clue what she had in her devious little mind.

When I was dressed as best I could, I paused in front of the mirror in shock. With the wig and the clothes, I made a passable woman. Maybe not a hot woman, but a decent one. I turned and walked into the bedroom. "Oh you look so pretty," she said.

She was standing by the foot of the bed in blue jeans and a t-shirt. She had her purse in her hands. She tossed me a pair of flats and told me to get them on. "We're going to make a run to the grocery store." "Sandy, someone will recognize me!" "Honestly, I doubt it, you make a very good woman," she said.


"But don't worry, we're going to drive to the Bestway." I was scared shitless, but a little relieved. The Bestway was about forty minutes away in another town. She led me to the car and told me she would drive.

Once we were safely out of town she slid her right hand up my thigh to my crotch. "You dirty little slut," she said with a giggle. "You are rock hard!" "I can't help it!" "You like dressing up like a girl?" "I like anything that you like," I told her with a sigh.

"Awww, thats sweet," she said and started to run my cock through the hose and thong. 'Not sweet enough for me to let you cum, yet, but sweat enough for me to help you stay hard." For thirty minutes she rubbed my cock to the point of cumming over and over again.

Everytime she would stop just before I was there. My balls were literally begining to ache. Before I knew it we parked in front of the Bestway. She told me I needed to go in, order a half pound of sausage from the deli counter. Then pick up as long an english cucumber as i could find and a pack of XXL Magnum condoms. Then check out. She handed me a twenty and leaned over to kiss me. "I almost forgot!" she said. She pulled a tube of lipstick out of her purse and carefully applied it to my lips.

Then she reached down and slid my wedding band off.


"There. Wonderful. I'll be watching." Nervously I climbed out of the car and headed into the store. I expected every head to turn and people to laugh at the crossdressing freak, but no one noticed me. I walked to the delicounter, and a eighteen or nineteen year old boy smiled a came over to wait on me. His eyes went right to the fake hard nipples clearly visible through my blouse, and his smile broadened. He then looked me over like a piece of meat. "Can I help you?" he asked, giving me his best flirtatious smile.

I suddenly remembered what it was like to be nineteen and horny. Anything with boobs and a bush was fuckable. Little did he know. "I.," I started, then realized my voice would give me away. I faked a caugh and tried my best to sound feminine and shy. "I need a half pound of sausage." "You like sausage?" he asked, still grinning. "Uhh.yes," I said.


He turned away to get my order, grinning to himself. Suddenly I noticed Sandy creep out of an isle, her cellphone out with the camera aimed at me. She crossed quickly to me and dropped a can of beans in the floor and whispered for me to pick them up. Then she rushed back to the edge of the isle. I did as I was told, turning and picking up the can.

When I turned back around the deli boy's eyes were as big as saucers. I realized instantly that he had been checking out my thonged ass, which clearly would have been visible because of the short skirt.

Damned skirt, I never even thought about it. "Is.is that all you.uhh need?" he asked, suddenly nervous and redfaced. At that point I couldn't help myself. I understood why women like to tease men, and I just had to play along.

I reached out to take the paper wrapped package of meat and let my hand slide over his. He litterally shuddered. "Thank you," I said softly.I bit my lower lip. "I'm sure your sausage tastes wonderful." "Uhhh." "I can't wait to get it in my mouth." With that I hurred to the produce section, took the biggest cucumber I could find, went and grabbed a package of condums and rushed to the register.

A middle aged woman checked me out. She smiled as she scanned and bagged my order. "Girrrrrl, big date tonight?" she asked. "Yep," I said. "And I did say BIG," she said with a laugh. I gave her my money and she made change. "You enjoy that big thing." I was redfaced and sweating when I jumped in the car. Sandy slid in beside me and kissed me, telling me that I did wonderfully.

The trip home was the same as the trip down, with her teasing my cock over and over again. When we got home, she told me to grab us two glasses of wine and meet her in the bedroom. When I walked in she was naked, except for her strap on, which was big, black and aimed right at me. She guided me around to the side of the bed where I could see the tv. She hit a button on her phone, and suddenly I was watching myself walking through the Bestway.

My gate was definatly manly, but other than that, from behind I was a decent looking chick in a school girl outfit. Sandy slid up behind me as I got to the meat counter. I felt warm, stickly lub suddenly run down the crack of my ass.

Her hands pulled the hose down to my knees and pulled the thong aside. She pushed me forward across the bed. When the clerk started oogleing me I felt the pressure of her cock against my ass hole. I arched my back a little, giving her a better position. She slid slowly into me as I made my order. When I turned to pick up the can of beans she started to fuck me hard. Her camera zoomed in on the clerk as he turned around and got a nice view of my ass.

His hand went to his crotch and started to rub, explaining his confusion when I suddenly turned around. "He wanted to fuck my little slut," she whispered in my ear as she fucked me. Her hand reached around and started to jerk my cock. On screen I had my little flirting scene and turned to walk away.

The deli clerk actually slid his hand into his pants and started rubbing his cock as he watched me walk away, down an isle. "Just think, he wanted you just like this," she said, jerking and fucking harder. "Bent over the bed with his dick in your ass. But he can't have you, because you're my little bitch." Then I was cumming all over the bed. I don't think I have ever cummed that hard or for that long.

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And when I was done, she pulled out, let her strap on fall away and rolled me over. She climbed onto my face and order me to make her cum. I ate her for nearly thirty minutes before she was spent, and by then I was getting hard again.

This time she stripped the girlie clothes off of me and we made love for real. This morning I checked her emails, and I'll be damned if she didn't send that to Sherrie too!