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Model Having Girl On Girl Sex With Her Super Slutty Friend
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Michael was still reeling from his progress the night before, so he decided to put the other part of his plan into action. He was walking around the library checking each row, when finally he spotted her. It was the sexy little book worm herself, Hermione. She was standing midway up a ladder, looking at the back of a thick, old looking book.

Her ass looked amazing from this view. Whereas Ms Davies was big and thick, Hermione's was smaller and tight. He liked variety, which is why she was the perfect girl to go after alongside Ms.


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Small, thin frame, with perky b-cup tits. He needed a reason to talk to her, and it came to him immediately. He pulled out his wand and cast a spell on the ladder. It tipped backwards and Hermione started to fall. He ran over and caught her. She looked up at him, and he was surprised by the look on her face.

He figured she'd either be scared, thankful, or apologetic, but she was none of those things. She looked pissed. "Put me down." Hermione said haughtily. She set her back on her feet. "You should be more careful." He said, trying to cautiously feel out the situation.

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"Really? I thought I should be more reckless." She snapped. What the fuck? Michael furrowed his brow. "I'm sorry, should I have let you fall and hurt yourself?" "Madam Pomfrey can regrow bones. I'm sure she could fix whatever would've befallen me." "So you're not even gonna thank me?" "Thank you." She said curtly.

"Now please, leave me alone." She was adjusting the ladder, determinedly avoiding eye contact. "Did I do something to you?" She stopped adjusting the ladder.

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She seemed to be collecting herself, then she turned to face him. "Why don't you go ask Roger Davies. I'm sure you've got lots to discuss." She said venomously, before she stormed off.

Michael couldn't help but admire that sweet ass. - Michael headed back to the Ravenclaw common room. He saw Roger sitting by the fire doing homework. He went and sat down beside him. "Hey." Michael greeted. "Hey." Said Roger, not looking up. "When Hermione was yelling at you, did you mention our bet?" He asked.

"No." Said Roger, looking up. "Why?" "She's angry with me, and when I asked her why her exact words were: Why don't you go ask Roger Davies." "I told you mate, someone told her about the bet, and what I said." "Said about what?" "You know, about how I thought she'd be good at giving head, or that her pussy would be really tight." "You never said that." Said Michael, surprised.

"Yes, I did. When we first made the-" "No, you fucking idiot. You never said she knew the details about our conversation. How the fuck did she find out?" "Who knows?" Said Roger. "Maybe a ghost told her?" "Doubtful, ghosts don't seem overly interested in who the living fuck, and there weren't any ghosts in here that night." "Maybe it was invisible." "Just shut u-" Michael stopped mid-sentence. It finally fucking clicked.

"Potter." "Potter? Like Harry Potter?" "Yeah, Harry Potter!" "Umm how?" Asked Roger, looking skeptical. "Potters got an invisibility cloak, I heard Seamus mention it once. Thats how she knew! Potter must've snuck in here to spy on me, or hurt me, or something for fucking Ginny. Then he must've overheard our conversation." "Fuck.

I would LOVE to have an invisibility cloak." "You and me both." Said Michael, fantasizing. That shit eating grin crept back up. "And we're gonna get it." - It was Saturday morning and Ms.

Davies heard a knock at the door. She opened it to find that it was Michael. "Michael, what are you doing here?" Ms. Davies asked. "I just came to apologize for what happened during our lesson." Said Michael. "And tell you that I really think that it helped, and I want to keep doing them if you'd be okay with that?" "Yes, of course I am.

And you don't need to be sorry, ok?

It was an accident, and you were a gentleman about it." "Great, thanks I really appreciate it. You're my favorite teacher and I really enjoyed the lesson." "I bet you did." She said knowingly.

"I didn't mean it like th-" "Michael, its ok." She interrupted, smiling. "It is?" Said Michael, his cock hardening. "Yes. I know what boys are like. Hell, even what men are like. One thing doesn't change.

I know you didn't mean to do it, but you don't have to lie about it." "Ok." "As for the next lesson, when do you want to do it?" "Does now work?" He asked.

"Now?" "Yeah, I'm really anxious to get started." "Yeah, alright. Come on in, I'll go get dressed." They spent the next half hour practicing. Michael was sure to make it seem like he was making progress, little by little. Which was much harder than he originally thought. Forgetting things you know is not an easy thing, nor is it easy to fake incompetence.

What was even harder was going through the lesson knowing her perfect tits were just a spell out of sight. But he knew that doing it a second time would not be viewed as a coincidence. He needed a new strategy. After they finished she offered to make him tea, and he accepted. They talked for 15 minutes, as he continuously made her laugh and smile.


He was making progress and she was comfortable with him. Now it was time for something risky. "Professor Davies, can I ask you something?" He asked, feigning bashfulness. "Sure, Michael. What about?" "It's about. Nevermind." "You can ask me. I'm your Professor, I'm learned in all things." She joked to put him at ease. "Besides, now you've got me interested." "It's about sex." "Oh." She looked taken aback.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up." "No. No, thats fine, umm. I'm your Professor, and I guess it's ok if you ask me about sex." She said, blushing slightly. "So.


What about sex?" "Well, it's not so much one question, as it is a bunch of questions. It's just that Hogwarts doesn't teach about it, and my parents have never talked about it, so I thought I'd ask you." "Ok, umm well whats your first question?" "It's about-about penis size." He said looking really uncomfortable, but feeling his cock grow. "Penis size?" She asked, her eyes bulging. "Yeah, it's just that I heard that 6 inches was average, and-and well mine is only just 6 inches when I'm not aroused, and I'm just worried that I might not be able to- to satisfy a woman." "Six inches when you're not aroused?" She asked, curious.

"How big is it when you are?" She realized how very inappropriate that question was and was about to stop him when he answered. "9 inches." She couldn't help stealing a glance at his crotch. "Well, Michael that should be more than enough to satisfy any woman. And the average penis is 6 inches when. Excited." "Oh, that makes more sense.

Well for my second question. It's about masturbation." "Ok." "Is it ok to do? I mean, I've heard people say that it's wrong, and you shouldn't do it, but. Is it?" "No, masturbation isn't wrong. It's natural. Everybody does it." "Except women." "No, women do it too." "Even you?" Michael looked horrified. "I'm so sorry?" "Stop apologizing, Michael.

Yes. Even me." She said, her face beet red.


"How do women masturbate?" Michael asked, wondering if that was too far. What have I gotten myself into, she thought. I'm in this now. I might as well give him a proper education. "Well, different women do it differently. Some like toys. Some just use their fingers. And some don't even. Enter the vagina. They just stimulate their clitoris." "Do women feel pleasure through their breasts?" Michael asked, taking it a step further.

"Yes, stimulating the nipple feels good." She said, wishing she hadn't phrased it to sound so personal. "Is." "Michael. For the last time: I'm your teacher and you can ask me anything." Gotcha, thought Michael, and he went in for his final question. "Is it possible for you to- to show me what a naked woman looks like?" Silence.

Then: "I don't think th-" "I'm so sorry, it was such a rude question. It just popped into my head, I'm so sorry. I'll go." Said Michael, and he stood up. "Michael, you don't have to go." Said Ms.

Davies. "No, I should, I'm sorry." And Michael quickly left her there alone and it would've driven him mad to know that minutes after he left she had to change her underwear to something less wet.

- For the next little while Harry tailed Michael, whenever he was near Ginny. His goal was to simply stop him from humiliating her any further. He had tried to recruit Hermione to his cause, but she was reluctant to get involved. "Ginny's a strong girl, Harry." She had said. "She can take care of herself." All those brains, and newfound experience, and she was still being naive. Michael is a master manipulator. A sexual deviant who needs to be stopped. And so he stopped them, or at least he was so far successful.

They hadn't been together since the day he spied on Michael and the others. Every time they were in the same vicinity during free time, Harry would be there offering to play a game of exploding snap, or would ensure that they weren't alone. But unfortunately, he couldn't always be there. - On Saturday Harry awoke early in the morning and checked the map.

Scanning it, he scowled as he saw Ginny and Michaels names bumping together in an unused classroom on the 7th floor. He got dressed, grabbed his wand and invisibility cloak, and set off to ruin their fun. Specifically Michaels. He reached the door and was about to check the map again when he heard Ginny moan. Slowly, he opened the door, in his invisibility cloak, and went inside. As soon as he entered the smell of sex filled his nostrils, sadistically complimenting the sounds filling his ears.

However the worst assault on his senses was the sight before his eyes. Ginny was on her back with her eyes closed as Michael was furiously pounding her naked body on an old large desk. She was screaming indistinguishable words. Harry was thinking about which jinx to put on Michael when suddenly he couldn't move. Michael had his wand in his hand. He had petrified Harry, who was too distracted to notice.

Michael put his wand away as Ginny had another orgasm. Michael was nearly there himself. He picked up his pace, the sound of their skin slapping together reverberating throughout the room. Michael's face tensed up and he groaned, as he filled her tight pussy with his cum.

He slipped his cock out and watched his sperm seep out of her pink pussy, smirking that irritating way he does. Ginny got up and cast a cleaning spell on her freshly fucked pussy, removing Michaels cum. They both started to get dressed. "How was that?" Michael asked, staring at the air where he somehow knew Harry was standing, petrified. "Same as ever." Replied Ginny, pulling up her skirt. "It was amazing, but now I need a shower." "Want me to lather you up?" Michael asked. "No, I want to feel clean, not even dirtier.

Maybe some other time?" Ginny, fully dressed, adjusted herself and went to walk out of the classroom. "One last peak?" Michael asked, as Ginny looked back in the doorway, out of Harry's view. She bit her lip as she lifted her skirt, giving him a final view of her thong covered ass. Now that they were alone, Michael walked over to where Harry was and pulled off the invisibility cloak, wrapping it up in his arms.

"Detection spell, Potter. I didn't want you ruining my fun with Ginny like you ruined it with Hermione. But that won't last too long. That sexy little bookworm'll be bouncing on my dick in no time. You shouldn't have fucked with me Potter. Thanks for this." And Michael walked away, leaving Harry alone in the classroom. - Monday arrived and Michael was in DADA class. At the end of class Ms. Davies once again asked him to stay behind.

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"Come into my office please." She said. He walked in and sat down, waiting to see what she'd say. "Michael, you're a teenage boy, and your curious about the female body. Its perfectly natural. Theres nothing to be ashamed of, or embarrassed about, ok?" She reached out and touched his hand. His plan was working well.

"You're not angry?" He asked. "No, not at all. I'm honestly flattered. Now I can't just. show you what you asked for, but I think I found a way to help you progress in our private lessons." His mouth began to salivate as he waited for her to continue. "We've been very practical in our lessons, but tonight I'm going to quiz you. And for each answer you get right you'll get a reward." "What kind of reward?" He asked, desperate to know. "You'll find out tonight." She said, smiling. "I think you'll enjoy it even more than our first lesson." "I can hardly wait." He said, not bothering to mask his excitement.

- Michael practically sprinted to her office that night. He once again showed up early and performed the heat spell on the candles. She entered the room a few minutes later. "I figured you might be early." She said, chuckling. "What can I say, I'm eager to learn." Said Michael. "Ok, now I can imagine you've been wondering all day what the reward would be. So here it is: for every question you get right, I'll undo one button on my blouse. If you succeed in making me take off all my buttons, then for each right answer I'll pull my skirt up an inch or so." She let him soak that information up for a few seconds.

"So, do you feel motivated?" Asked Ms. Davies, almost seductively. "Very much so. I've been studying all day." She chuckled.

"I figured you would, which is why you have a limited amount of wrong answers. If you get three wrong, then I reset my wardrobe. Sound fair?" "Yes, of course." Said Michael, glad he studied. "Shall we get started then?" He nodded vigorously. As convinced as she was that this would help motivate him, she definitely still felt uneasy about it.

But he was her favorite student and figured at best he'd see a bit of cleavage. She underestimated him. They sat down in chairs opposite each other. They were so close he could smell her perfume. She began asking questions. He got the first answer right.

She undid the top button. He got the second answer right. She undid the second of eight buttons. No big deal she thought, as Michael wondered what color her nipples were. He got the third answer right and she undid a third button. "Wow, you really did study." Ms.

Davies said, feeling the heat in the room. "I just have a good teacher." "You're too sweet." Theres no way he'll get this one, she thought. Yet, he did. She undid the fourth button, as her breasts peered out at Michael.

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This was going far too fast. At this rate, her blouse with be completely open in no time. She decided to switch things up. "For the next few right answers, I'll pull my skirt up instead." Said Ms. Davies. "Thats fine with me." Said Michael. This was going perfectly for him. He got the fifth answer right. She grabbed hold of her red skirt and hiked it up a few inches past her knees. He got the next two questions right and her skirt was almost halfway up her thighs.

Finally he got one wrong. "So he's human." She joked, trying to put herself at ease. She felt uncomfortable being this exposed just five minutes in.

However, that wasn't the only reason she felt uncomfortable. She knew it was inappropriate, and shed be forced to leave Hogwarts if anybody knew, but she couldn't help it. She sat there, exposing parts of her body that no man had seen for years, to a well hung good looking young man. "I figured I'd give you a break just this once." He said, bantering back. "How noble of you." She asked the next question, which he once again got right. Her skirt was now halfway up her thighs. Michael couldn't take his eyes off them.

They were perfect, and he loved a thick pair of thighs. He got the next answer right and she moved her skirt up even higher. He could now see a good amount of her sexy legs. His cock was rock hard, and begging to pop out of his pants. He decided to take another risk. "How many more questions are left Professor?" "Eight." She said, feeling the heat in the room as she lightly perspired.

"How about If I get one more wrong then you reset your clothes? You don't have to adjust for each answer. But if I get them all right: you take off your blouse and skirt? And then we do a practical lesson with you in your underwear." "That sounds fair." Ms. Davies said, feeling confident. She didn't bother to think of the consequences and with Michael you just can't do that.

She proceeded to ask him seven of the eight questions. He got them all right.

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They were down to the final question, and it wasn't an overly difficult one. Her face was glistening slightly. The heat from the candles, as well as the stress of the situation, was doing it's job.

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She asked the final question. And of course, he got it right. She suddenly became very aware how risqué her underwear was. And even more aware of his gaze as she stood up and began unbuttoning her blouse. Her face beet red, she removed her blouse. She suddenly became aware of one more thing: she was standing in front of an attractive, well hung teen, topless. She glanced down at his pants and it was unmistakable, he had an erection, and it was big. She felt her vagina begin to moisten. She begged it not to, but it was too late.

In her mind she knew it was wrong, but her body had a mind of it's own. She hadn't had a cock in so long, and her pussy was dying to have his meat inside it, stretching her out. She'd only ever been with one man and he didn't compare to Michael. Michael was in heaven. Her breasts glistened with sweat and looked magnificent. Her bra was red with a small amount of lace around the top. She stood there letting him ogle her bra covered tits. Was she building herself up to pulling off her skirt, or was she enjoying this?

He'd find out in a second. She began to unzip her skirt. Then she began to slide it down her legs. She bent over giving him a great view of her hanging tits. Was she teasing him on purpose? As she bent over she glanced at her crotch and had her fear confirmed. There was a wet spot on the front of her red panties, and the wet material was tight with her skin and gave her a cameltoe.

She stood up and let him soak in the view as her panties soaked in her juices. Michael couldn't have dreamed of a better situation. His Professor, one of the hottest women he's ever seen, was standing in front of him in her underwear.

And to top it off, she was glistening from sweating, and was wet! As well as her body looking amazing, so did her face.

Her cheeks were rosy with embarrassment, making her look incredibly cute. He never would've guessed that this strong confident woman had the potential to be this shy. "It's hot in here." She said, to cut the silence. "I think it's just you." Said Michael smiling. He wanted to come off as a sweet gentleman, even though he was anything but. He couldn't wait to get his cock between those tits. Seeing her in this shy state, just made him want to break through it and unleash her inner animal.

He knew that if he played his cards right he'd get this respectable strong woman saying the filthiest fucking things. He had a theory that everyone had an animal inside them. The composed, respectable, good people that turned their noses up at perverted things, were just good at hiding it. But everyone had breaking points. Thats why he'd been able to fuck Ginny Weasley, get Ms. Davies in her underwear, and why he'd eventually lick every inch of Grangers tight young body.

He was a master of manipulation and the woman in front of him, with her dripping pussy, was so far his crowning achievement. "You really are too sweet." She said, blushing. "And you really are too beautiful." Michael said, causing her to blush even deeper. "Shall we begin?" She asked. "Disarming?" He both asked and suggested. "Yes." She said, pulling out her wand. Michael removed his wand from his pocket.

He took aim and said the incantation, and purposely performed it improperly. He wanted to milk this situation for all its worth. Her panties were soaked by now and the sweat from her tits showed on her bra. He was hoping she'd become too uncomfortable and just remove them. He knew it was very unlikely, but a guys gotta dream. "Watch my wand movement." She said demonstrating. She cast the spell and Michael lost his wand.

His pants tightened even more as she performed the spell. The movement had caused her tits to jiggle around. His wand landed close to her so she picked it up and walked it over to him. Her breasts moved around a bit as she walked up to him. She noticed his eyes following them as she walked. She handed him his wand, and turned to walk back into position. This gave him his first view of her spectacular full ass. It too jiggled as she walked.

She turned around and noticed his eyes were fixed on her crotch. She felt a little bad about how much she was teasing the poor boy. "Try again." She instructed. He tried again, and again, and again. Nothing happened. As she stood there waiting for him to properly perform the spell, her nostrils caught a whiff of a musky scent.

She could smell her vagina. Was Michael able to as well, she thought, horrified. She was confident that he couldn't, but after a few minutes the smell became stronger and and much more noticeable. She wasn't able to take a breath without smelling her scent.

By now Michael was able to smell it as well. However, while she was mortified, he was ecstatic. He loved the smell of her pussy and couldn't wait to become coated in her musky perfume. He'd wear her scent all over Hogwarts with a smile on his face.

They carried on for another ten minutes with no progress. Much to her vagina's disappointment, she knew it was time for her to end their session and give her body the attention it craved. "Michael, I think we should call it a night." "But I'm so close, I can feel it!" He pleaded. She thought for a moment. She thought of how she motivated him before and decided to take it a step further.

"Ok, Michael." She said. "If you perform it properly in five more attempts. I'll take off my bra." Michael almost jumped with joy. "Are-are you sure Professor?" He asked, using all his thought power to will her to say yes. "Yes." She said. "Everyone has their own motivations, and this is clearly yours. Besides, it's terribly uncomfortable to wear at the moment." "Ok." He said, unable to think of anything else to say.

"Go ahead." She encouraged him. He drew a deep breath and performed the spell. Incorrectly. It'd seem suspicious if he got it on the first try.

He failed in his next two attempts as well. He let his frustration show, for her benefit. Although she knew she should feel relieved, she couldn't help but be disappointed.

However, her disappointment was short lived as the fourth attempt sent her wand flying through the air. "Well done." She said, trying to keep her excitement out of her voice. "Thanks." He smiled. "Well, no need to hide your excitement." She said, smiling. "You won't get a good view from there." He walked forward feeling victorious.

He knew it was just a view of her tits, but the way she acted made it clear to him that in the near future they'd be glistening with his saliva. "Ready?" She asked both Michael and herself.

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He nodded his head. She reached back and undid her bra. She then slid it off her arms and dropped it on the ground. Michael stared in awe at the greatest pair of breasts he had, or ever would see. They were creamy, with fairly large pink aureolas, and had the perfect amount of sag to them. Her nipples were sticking straight out, calling out for Michael to suck on them, begging him.

Ms. Davies saw the look of pure joy in his eyes and was flattered. She knew her breasts were great, and that teenage boys standards were very low when it came to breasts. Nevertheless, his excitement made her feel wonderful. So much so that she decided to give him an extra treat. She grabbed them in her hands and jiggled them around, causing his jaw to drop.

"There, thats all you get." She said as she covered her breasts with her hands. "Well done today, Michael." "You too-I mean thank you, Professor." Said Michael, a little dazed. She chuckled, causing her breasts to jiggle even more. "You're welcome. Now, off you go." He left her there in the classroom with her hands still covering her perfect tits. Once again, as soon as he was out the door her fingers were rubbing her folds. She moaned lightly as she relived the last half hour, and fantasized about what could have been.

His plan was working perfectly.