Being milked for the first time

Being milked for the first time
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I am a first year teacher at a poor urban school. The administration is unsupportive, the kids are delinquents, their parents don't care, and I'm started to get burned out with teaching. Despite the insanity of working at this school, nothing has surprised me more than my white, middle class coworkers. While maintaining the external appearance of sweet, church-going women, they are secretly slutty, cheating, uncontrollably horny nymphomaniacs.

This is my story of how I became subsumed in their underground culture of sex and perversion: My first few weeks at the school were fairly normal (crazy and hectic).

The other teachers, mostly attractive white women from their late 20s to mid 40s, treated me with respect. It was a feeling out period on a number of different levels. They wanted to see how I taught, how I could control the kids, and surreptitiously whether or not I would fit into their environment sexually.

Questions I found a little weird became much more obvious after my introduction. "So…you're married, huh?" "Yes, for six years." "How's your sex life?" I laughed uncomfortably, "pretty good, I guess." "Just pretty good?

There's always room for improvement…" Strange. "So…do you like to party?" "Yeah. My husband and I got a little crazy sometimes in college." "Ever party without him?" "Not really, unless it's just hanging out with my girlfriends." "We always have a lot of fun when we leave our hubbies at home…" After a month, they started inviting me out for drinks at the bar or dancing at the club. They liked to get a lot wilder than I expected.

Drinking and dancing was never really my scene, but it was nice to have friends at work so I always went along. My husband was a little jealous of all the time I spent away from home, but he understood my need for girl time.

My colleagues slowly began exerting peer pressure during out clubbing adventures. It came mostly from my grade-level team teachers, with whom I had grown most close in my month at the school. Fiona was a very straightforward, fiery little redhead; Kristen was a long, tall blonde with the features of a model. Fiona took me aside on our second trip to the club. "Ya know, you dress so professionally at the school…" "Thank you," I interrupted.

"Yeah… But we're not at the school anymore. This isn't a PTA meeting, it's supposed to be fun!" "I should lose the sweater?" "You look like my grandmother!

Lose the sweater, lose the slacks, and put on something short and tight." "But it's not like I'm trying to hook up with someone…" "It's for you, not some guy. When you look good, you feel good." I could see the logic behind it. Why dress like I'm 80 when I have the body of a 22 year old? "Thanks, Fiona." The next weekend I went shopping with my husband. Now that I was earning a nice paycheck, I didn't mind blowing a little on new clothes.

"Isn't that skirt a little shorter than you normally like? And that's a really tight shirt." "Blouse," I corrected. "Tight blouse, whatever," my husband responded. "I don't know…I just like how it looks on me." (I wanted to fit in with the girls, who dress this way outside of school.) "Alright, I just want you to wear what makes you happy. And you look pretty damn sexy." "Thanks, babe." It went on like that every weekend. It seemed like nothing I bought was sexy enough to match what the other teachers wore.

I would come to the bar in a pair of nice shorts with a six inch inseam and a tight top; they would be wearing skirts that showed their asses and blouses with plunging necklines. I was at the mall twice a week picking out more daring outfits. By the end of the semester, I had a brand-new wardrobe. After I started dressing "correctly," the problem became how I acted. Kristen said I was way too reserved. All the other girls agreed. They danced with guys.

They flirted. They flashed various body parts at the bouncer to get out of waiting in line outside the club. Why couldn't I? My response was obvious.

"Because I'm married." "So are we," they sang in unison. "My husband doesn't mind me having a little fun," Fiona explained. "In fact, he likes when I make him jealous." "Really?" "Definitely." "Mine too," chimed Kristen. "When I tell him how hard the guys at the bar tried to get me in bed, it makes him crazy." It was almost unsettling how easily they dismissed my arguments and how quickly I accepted their view.

Maybe I should act a little crazier. "Alright, I'll give it a try." "You should try it with the guy who has been checking you out all night," said Fiona, pointing to a hot guy across the bar. He gave me a beautiful smile.

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It had been a long time, but I was up for a challenge. I smiled back and then looked down at my lap shyly, forcing myself to blush a little. The man got up and walked towards our group. I still had the old magic. "I'm Ted, you want to come over and have a drink with me?" Fiona and Kristen giggled. "Sure." He took my hand and led me back to his table. We laughed and flirted for hours, until Fiona gave me the sign. "My ride is about to leave." "I can be your ride tonight." "You know I'm married, right?" "I'm not worried about it if you aren't." I didn't know what to do.

"Hold on one sec." I ran over to Fiona. "Ready to go?" "He wants to fuck me." She laughed. "So go for it." "Should I?" "Of course you should. When was the last time you felt the intensity of being with someone new?" "Many years ago." "See. Just go for it." I was so nervous.

"Hold on." I ran back over to Ted, almost tripping in my high heels. Checking my watch, it was just past midnight. "Can you get me home before two? "No problem." I gave Fiona the thumbs up and turned back to Ted. "Lets get out of here." The ride to his apartment was a blur of touching and kissing. Besides my husband, this was the first man I had done anything with in years.

It was incredibly strange and exciting. We stumbled up the stairs and through the door, kissing and groping each other. Shedding our clothes, he led me to the bedroom and we fell together in a tangled mass of flesh. He drunkenly stimulated my clit and fingered me too hard, but I didn't care. It felt so new. I grabbed at his cock and tugged until he was hard.

It was smaller than my husband's but hooked upwards instead of straight. The sensation as he parted my legs and entered me was indescribable. He thrust into my hole, hard and fast, for no more than five minutes before he pulled out and squirted my boobs with his cum.

The sex itself wasn't incredible, but the experience was. I had crossed a line. My husband was already asleep when I got home. On the ride, I decided that I wasn't going to live my life in fear of being discovered. I would be honest and accept whatever happened. I hoped that Fiona and Kristen were right about their husbands liking jealousy. The passion of taking a new lover had exhilarated me. I was so horny that I needed it again that night. I undressed and gently woke my husband. "I had sex with another man tonight." "Huh?" He was still half asleep.

Whispering in his ear, "I said…I let another man fuck me tonight." "What?" More awake. "A total stranger put his cock in my pussy until he came on me." "…Why?" "Because I was horny and I wanted it." "How was it?" "Incredible." We looked at each other in the dim light and began making out.

He fucked me more passionately than he had in years. His dick was the hardest I had ever felt. He didn't mention it, but the next morning we are at it again. The girls were right. That is how I spent every Friday and Saturday night for the rest of the semester. I would go out with the girls, find a guy to fuck, and then go home to my husband and tell him what happened. Even when I was on my period I would suck dick in a bathroom and then meet my husband in the shower when I got home.

It was more fun than I had ever had, but eventually the novelty began to wear off. One day after school went into Fiona's classroom to talk. "I'm not having as much fun going out as I used to." "You're bored." "Yeah, that's the problem." Lowering my voice, I continued, "Cheating was so much fun before. What happened?" "I guess it just got old." "Does that ever happen with you?" "Towards the end of the semester I get tired of it.

Can't you tell when we go out the rest of the girls aren't as crazy as they used to be?" "Yeah. I see a lot less flirting and flashing. What do we do?" "Most of the girls need a break and they'll be back into it by January. They'll go a little stir crazy at home over Christmas and it'll be exciting again." "I guess that will have to work for me." "Well…" she looked around and came a little closer.

"Can you keep a secret?" "Of course." "Kristen and I do a little something special to celebrate the end of each semester. It's a sort of hotel party every December and June that keeps everything fresh. Do you want in?" "Yeah, that sounds great. What goes on at these parties?" Fiona laughed. "That is top secret information. The only rules are that you have to stay the entire night and you have to be very open minded." "I can do that." "Good.

Just get used to saying yes. Your reward is that you probably won't be able to walk for a few days afterwards." The night was coming closer and I had no idea what to expect. Were they going to force me to do something I wasn't comfortable with? Would that be a bad thing? I had no clue, but I couldn't wait to find out.

The last day of school Fiona handed me an envelope before she left for the summer. It contained what looked like a legal contract with a sticky note attached.

The note read: The party is at the Best Western downtown. Meet us in the parking lot at 8:00pm tomorrow night. We will provide all the needed accessories, but you need to wear a pair of white thigh-high stockings, black high heels, a matching white thong and garter belt, and a black corset. Wear your coat and some comfortable pants over the outfit. I hope you're not camera shy! :) The contract was pretty short. By signing, I agreed to obey all commands no matter how humiliating.

I agreed to have everything put on film and accepted that the film would be put online. I agreed to use my body to make up for past injustice, whatever that meant. I also agreed to not take any birth control the morning of the party.

That was strange but I didn't think too much about it. I had always used condoms or a diaphragm and wasn't on oral birth control anyway, so it wasn't a problem.

I signed the paper and put it in my purse. I was pretty nervous and thinking about backing out until I showed everything to my husband. He got horny and insisted I go through with it. I was pretty submissive and liked the idea of spending an entire night getting dominated.

He even insisted he come along to the sex shop/lingerie store that night to help me pick out my outfit. The next day I was getting increasingly nervous. Who was going to be there? Did I want to be on camera? I was too excited not to find out. That night my husband sat on our bed watching me put on makeup and dressing in my new outfit. "You look amazing." "Thanks. It's too bad I have to cover up with these goofy pants and jacket." "I wish I could see it happen." "I'm sure you'll see it eventually." I got to the hotel at 7:50.

Fiona and Kristen pulled in behind me. I felt so suspicious walking in with them. Why would three grown women in high heels and athletic pants want to get a hotel room tonight? After providing our names and credit card information, the lone receptionist handed us our key cards to room 419 and a large plastic garbage bag. "Everything is ready for you up there." Walking away, I asked Fiona, "how did she know?" "We find out who is going to be working tonight and slip her a hundred bucks to make sure nobody is staying near our room.

Last year we had the entire floor to ourselves." "Why the bag?" I questioned as we entered the elevator. Without responding, she pressed the button for the fourth floor. Her and Kristen began stripping off their pants and coats. It was an awkward chore without removing my heels, but it was done before the door opened. Facing the deserted corridor, Fiona took a deep breath and grabbed my hand. "No matter what happens tonight, it is supposed to be fun, even if it doesn't feel that way at the time.

Just accept everything you receive." We stepped out of the elevator in our matching outfits and walked to our room. It felt strange and exhilarating being dressed like that in public, which only added to my excitement.

Fiona passed the card through the reader. The light turned green, she turned the handle, and we crossed the threshold. Moving from the hallway into the room, the scene hit me all at once. Two queen sized bed stripped of everything except the white sheet. Bondage toys: ball gags, handcuffs, collars and leashes, whips, and a few things I didn't recognize were scattered across the nearest bed.

Three cameras positioned around the room would record everything that happened. Someone had leaned a portable chalkboard against the television with three columns: one for Fiona, one for Kristen, and one for me. Most shocking, five black men sat comfortably chatting in the seating area. "Good evening, ladies. Do you have your contracts signed?" "Of course, master," Fiona giggled. We fished our purses out of the garbage bag and handed him the letters.

"Good." The man approached me. He was huge and towered over my 5'8'' frame. Reaching out a large hand, he said, "Nice to meet you Caitlin." "Nice to meet you." The man's big black paw took my delicate white hand in an overly firm grip. I was immediately self-conscious of how I looked, what I was wearing, and what I was doing in this hotel room with five black men. I felt much less sexy and much more vulnerable.

Turning to Fiona, he asked, "Have you explained to your friend what is going on here tonight?" "Not yet." "I think it's time. Talk to her on the open bed while we get ready." I crawled on the middle of the furthest bed, sitting against the headboard.

Fiona sat beside me and Kristen curled up on the foot of the bed. "A few years ago, Kristen and I were in the same position you are now. Fresh out of college, married, and incredibly horny. We went out partying, fucking guys at clubs, doing crazy stuff, but it got old after a while." Kristen ran her hand through her long blonde hair, spreading it out over the bed. "Then we went to a professional development conference on white privilege in America and the lingering effects of slavery.

We thought, 'what if we can do something to improve race relations, make up for the mistakes of the past, and get a little excitement in return?' That is when we started organizing this little affair." It was a surreal conversation. As Fiona and Kristen spoke, the men around us were preparing the toys, setting up the cameras, and undressing.

I could barely concentrate on my friends. "So we put the word out," Fiona continued, "that we were a couple of young white girls looking to use our bodies to apologize for racism. If you were a handsome, clean, well-spoken, well-endowed black man, you had an entire night to take out all of your frustrations against white people on our milky tits, cute asses, and small pink holes." Kristen added, "It took us months to find these guys, but they've been with us since the beginning.

Trust me, you are about to experience the biggest cocks in the entire state." "I can promise you that it will hurt, you will be sore tomorrow in all different places, and you might not be able to sit for a few days, but bruises heal.

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The experience is totally worth it. Are you in?" I looked around at the nude black men who were now watching us. The pieces of meat hanging between their legs were undeniably gargantuan. My vagina was trained to take six inch white dicks, not these monsters. I knew it was going to hurt, Fiona and Kristen knew it was going to hurt, and these men certainly were looking forward to punishing a little white girl. Even though it was going to be painful, the idea of being a slave to black cock overcame any rational thought in my mind.

"I'm in." "Good," the black man said, sliding some pillows behind me. "I want all of you sitting at the head of the bed. It's picture time." Fiona slid up on my left while Kristen crawled on my right side.

The men surrounded us on the bed with their cell phones. "Big smiles, girls. Look sexy." I was still pretty nervous, but I did my best to give a cute, pouty look.

Fiona and Kristen started grouping me, running their hands up and down my lacy corset, so I put my arms around their shoulders to bring them in closer. I had never done anything sexual with another woman before, but I was up for anything tonight. "Come on bitches, get nasty." Fiona rolled over on top of me, straddling my hips between her legs. She kissed me while I ground my mound into her crotch.

Kristen sat up and started rubbing Fiona's ass, giving it little playful smacks. "I wanna see three bare white asses stuck in the air, lets go!" We obediently bent over, smiling over our shoulders. We posed for the cameras in all different positions as the men called them out: Fiona straddling both of us, a triple kiss, me standing with one foot on Kristen. Despite the craziness of the situation, I felt most strange wearing my heels in bed. I should have known that rubbing our dirty shoes would be the least messy thing that happened on those beds.

After the men got their fill of pictures, one called Fiona into the bathroom. She strutted in and he followed with a camera. I could hear a conversation and occasional outbursts of laughter, but had no clue what was going on. After a few minutes I heard someone turn on the shower. While Fiona was gone, Kristen introduced me to remaining men. They were all normal guys from around the area who just happened to be incredibly well-proportioned and interested in using their girth to ream white cunts.

Fiona came back fifteen minutes later and the man called Kristen into the back. "So," she asked, "have you ever touched a black dick before?" "Well…" I said, slightly shy, "not yet." The men laughed. "You will tonight." A very dark-skinned muscular man sat down beside me on the bed. "Try it." Nervously, I reached out a trembling hand and set it down gently on his semi-flaccid rod.

It wasn't hard and I still couldn't even wrap my hand all the way around it. The contrast between my lilywhite hand and his dark meat was exhilarating. "I like how this looks." "You're going to get all you deserve tonight and more." Fiona and I both laughed. I turned to her. "What does it feel like?" "Well," she responded, "unless you're a hallway it's going to hurt going in. There's no way around that." We laughed, me less readily than the men. "You are going to be sore tomorrow.

Honestly… my first time with these guys was second only to childbirth." Kristen shouted, "Oh shit!" from the bathroom Now I was more nervous.

"What if I get dry halfway through?" "Trust me, no woman alive can keep up with these boys. That's what the lube is for." She pointed to a large tube of KY on the other bed, under a whip. "I think it was last time that we used up the entire thing." "Yep," the men concurred. Kristen walked out of the bathroom, followed by the now grinning man. "You're gonna pay for that, girl." "I know," she smiled coyly. He looked at me. "Last one, get over here." I meekly headed into the restroom.

"Ok baby, sit on the counter." I complied while he positioned the camera in the narrow bathroom. I was trying my best to look sexy but was shaking from nerves, especially when he started recording. "This is white slut number three. Introduce yourself." "Hi," I waved awkwardly, "I'm Caitlin." "How old are you, Caitlin?" "I'm 22." "How many guys have you fucked in your life?" "Um… at least twenty?" "What a fucking skank." "Yeah," I forced a laugh.

"So, of these twenty guys, how many were black dudes?" "None." "For real?" "Yeah." I knew my answers were pretty terse, but I was just starting to warm up to the environment and my interviewer. "So how do you feel about your introduction to black cock being the five biggest niggas in the city?" "I don't know…" I looked between him and the camera.

"I'm excited I guess. I was just talking to them and they seem pretty nice." He let out a little hoot. "They're nice because they don't wanna to scare you away. Just wait 'till things get going." "Mmm," I bit my lip and shifted my hips on the uncomfortable counter. "Stand up girl and lets see what you have to work with." I slid off the counter and he removed the camera from the stand. He brought it close to my chest. "How big are those tits?" "32-DD." "Damn! No wonder you're popping out of that top.

Lemme see dat ass." I turned around and stuck out my butt. "Oh fuck yeah," he said as he panned the camera up and down my backside. "Sit on the toilet with your heels on the opposite wall." I sat down with my legs wide open, the man with the camera between them. "Show me that tight little white cunt." I moved my thong aside and opened my pussy lips for the camera.

"Do you like that?" "Did you go through the trouble of shaving just for us?" "Yeah." He stuck a finger inside me. "You're tighter than shit," he zoomed in with the camera. "You're gonna have a hard time tonight girl." I started rubbing my clit and running my fingers up and down my slit. "I think you underestimate the power a white girl has between her legs.

Maybe those boys are going to be begging me for mercy." "You're almost as feisty as yo girl Fiona. I'm gonna ask you if you remember saying that in a couple hours. "Ok, master," I replied, grinning broadly. "Now look into the camera and tell me what you want in that hole." I gave the camera my most seductive look.

"I want a big, thick, veiny, throbbing black cock to fuck my pussy." "Why?" I thought for a second. "What's the point of a white cunt except to milk semen out of black cock?" "Good girl." He put the camera back on the stand and told me to get up. "Get naked." "…Here?" "Fuck yeah, bitch.

Strip!" I untied my corset, peeled off my socks and shoes, and then slipped out of my garter belt and panties. "You ever get shit on, girl?" I offered a look of sincere concern.

"…no." "Well, neither have I until Kristen came in here. Get on the floor." I laid on the floor and he took a full enema bag and tube from under the counter. "You know what this is?" "Yes." "Ever get one before?" "No." "You mind that this has been up Fiona and Kristen's assholes?" "Wel…" "Doesn't matter, bitch." He lifted my legs and instructed me to hold them with my hands behind my knees. He then inserted the tube into my ass and allowed the water to drain freely.

I did not see this coming. "Tell me when you're full." The water flowing into my colon was one of the strangest sensations I had ever experienced. I felt my stomach bulge and a little cramping. It was like a period, just in the wrong place. "I'm good." "Alright, now shift to your left side." I rolled over with my face on the cold tile floor. "Give it a minute and tell me when you feel it coming." "Oh shit!" I jumped up and sat on the toilet.

A flood of liquid and unmentionable material came flowing out of my second hole. It was so embarrassing to do this in front of a stranger…and on camera! "I think I'm done." "Yeah, that's what Kristen said. Give it a few." Sure enough, a minute later I felt a little more cramping and another flood of water came streaming out. "You all clean girl?" "I think so?" "Good. Get dressed and back with your little friends.

We're gonna have some fun." A minute later we were all on the bed together in our matching outfits. The enema man brought his camera back into the bedroom and set it up with a clear view of the second bed. "Everybody ready?" Fiona, Kristen and I giggled together, "Of course!" "Fuck yeah," the guys responded. "Alright, lets start." (Author's note: The following depiction of that night comes from a combination of my recollection and watching the video with my husband.

There were times when a freight train could have passed through the room and I would have had no idea. Once or twice it felt as if a freight train was passing through me!

By combining what I saw on the video with my memory, I can give a pretty good account of exactly what happened without leaving anything or anyone out.) Fiona, Kristen, and I lay together on the queen-sized bed, limbs overlapping so we would fit.

We were all nervous, me more than the other two girls. "Alright bitches, everybody up!" We stood at the foot of the bed with the men standing around us. "We decided on a couple of changes for tonight that will avoid the confusion of previous encounters. First, we all put our most desired foreplay activity on a piece of paper and threw it in this jar. Five guys, five activities. I'll draw them in random order to see what we do when. That way everybody is on the same page.

Second, we decided to start a little competition. I don't know about Caitlin, but Fiona and Kristen are big-time cummers. We're gonna have five, twenty-minute foreplay sessions. Whoever has the most orgasms on the board at the end wins a prize." I had kept it a secret from everyone but my husband: I have been the squirting queen since I was 13 years old. In high school, I had exactly one hour and twenty minutes before my mom got home from work.

Every day after school I would come home, eat a snack for ten minutes, and then get naked with a towel on the bed. Normally I would just have two or three mild orgasms, but if I was really in the mood I could spray down the wall five feet away at least a dozen times. There was no way I was going to lose.

The man retrieved the bowl and began rummaging through the strips of paper inside. "Remember girls," he said looking at me, "you're here with your contracts signed. You had a chance to get out and you stayed anyway. That means you stay all night." He pulled out a small piece from the bowl, unfolded it, and read it to himself. "What the fuck is this?

Who put this shit in here?" The men gathered around and laughed, rolling their eyes.

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The largest man in the room, weighing at least 250 pounds, defended himself in a brassy baritone. "You said we put in what we want to do.

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That's what I want." The girls and I were confused. "What are we doing?" "Shut up, bitch." He turned to the big man. "Marcus, bro, we're supposed to be really fucking these bitches up. This is what you want?" "I told you, yeah.

It's what I like." "Fuckin' shit, fine. The first event is 'kissing and cuddling.' Five guys and three sluts isn't gonna work, so I'll just take care of the cameras. Who else is out?" A short man with dredlocks stepped forward. "I don't want nothin' to do with this shit.

I'll be in the shitter." "Alright, we've got twenty minutes on the clock. Go!" I was overcome by two emotions. First, I thought it was super cute that when deciding on activities for a racially-charged sex party, Marcus thought first of kissing and cuddling. Second, I wanted to prove that I was a strong, sexually empowered woman.

I was starting to realize that the point of this night was to put white girls "in their place," which might not be a bad thing, but I wanted to try something different. I put my hair up in a ponytail, took two steps forward, and jumped on Marcus. It took him by surprise, but I wrapped my long legs around his torso and he caught me by the ass just before I slid down his body.

Feeling his powerful hands supporting my cheeks really got me going. He brought me close and kissed me passionately. It was intense. The two other men participating took their cues from Marcus and I. One threw Kristen on the bed and mounted her, kissing and holding her long body. The second sat on the floor with Fiona, kissing her gently and running his hands through her long red hair. Marcus sat on the couch with me still straddling him.

His pole began to grow as I ground my crotch into its mass. Standing up, I dropped my panties and got back on top, letting my natural juices flow onto him. Our lips locked, he pulled me to his left side and worked his thick fingers down my pretty corset and straight to my pleasure hole.

My clitoris is sensitive depending on my environment; it was set to max that night. His firm, steady rotations made me go crazy. I tried to make a show of playing with his cock but after a few minutes of his touch I gave up and held on to his chest while my thighs and hips and ass shook with increasing urgency. I faintly whispered into his ear, "Please let me finish." "Yeah, alright." With his permission, I again straddled him.

"Hold me close…don't let me go." He wrapped his strong arms around my waist. Tongue down his throat, hard cock against my ass, I worked my clit at a swift pace. The pleasure became too much and I finally just rested my face against his chest. "Ohhhhh fuck," I moaned, my body shuddering in ecstasy. I reached the peak and lost any sort of control over my body. My mouth was humming a tune I had never heard before, something like, "Uhhhhh, uhhhhh, uh…uhh&hellip.uhh…uh, ohhhhhh&hellip.please&hellip." I was shaking like a madwoman, bucking my hips into him.

Finally I gave in to the feeling and released five strong gushes of my sweet liquid onto Marcus's lap. I collapsed into him and curled into a ball on his chest. After a couple of seconds to get my bearings, I was kissing him again.

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The man behind the camera put the first tally on the board. We had a few minutes left, so Marcus carried me over to the bed with the toys on it and cleared them off to the floor. He laid me down gently and spread out beside me, we kissed while he ran his fingers around my thighs and mound. "Please, I need more," I told him. Teasingly, he made his way between my legs and into my hole. He slipped one and then two fingers inside me, working them in a slow in-and-out rhythm. I loudly moaned my assent, especially when he began kissing down my neck.

Suddenly, a strange noise distracted us: "Ah…ahh…ahhhhh…ahhhhhhhh!" It sounded like a dying bird had gotten in the room. I looked at the floor to see Fiona's hairy red mound sitting on the guy's upturned fingers while she violently ground her hips into the floor. It looked like she was trying to break through to the room below.

At the same time, she was strumming hard on her pleasure knob. "Fucking shit!" she screamed, "fucking shit fucking shit…yesssssss…fucking shit&hellip.yessss!" She released all over her lover's hand and the floor.

"Fuck yes, thank you," she cried in relief. "We've got three minutes left in this round," said the man behind the camera. With each stroke of Marcus's fingers, I felt the pressure building inside me. "Eat me out," I pleaded. He chuckled and moved down my body, placing himself between my high-socked legs.

He dove in like a pro, massaging my clit with his tongue in patterns I had never before felt. I held my thighs close against his face and placed my hand against the back of his head to pull him closer into me. "Oh yeah," I moaned, "you're so amazing at this." As his tongue worked its magic, my moans turned into a pleading hum. I needed it harder, faster. "Please&hellip.please…please hurry." A nibble on my fleshy mass made me scream in pleasure, squirting all over his face.

To his credit, Marcus kept going despite the deluge from my hole, finishing me off just as time ran out. With his consent, I pulled him up to eye level and licked some of my juices off his lips.

"Thank you so much." He responded with a peck on my cheek. The tally on the board was as follows: Fiona: 1 Kristen: 0 Caitlin: 2 "Alright, that was certainly interesting. Lets keep moving." The man drew another strip of paper from the bowl. "Now this is more like it! 'Racist White Bitches.'" The short man with dredlocks stood up from the chair and began to explain.

"We all know that ya'll are racist white bitches. Don't deny it, you know it's true. Therefore, we are going to give you the chance to put your real thoughts out in the open. You need to put back on whatever you took off during the last round, sit on the bed together like three gossiping sorority sisters, and talk about how much you hate black people." 'What the fuck?' I thought to myself.

"Why? We are obviously not racist. I mean…we're fucking ya'll aren't we?" "I know you're not explicitly racist," he said in a serious voice, "but you are still white.

I want you to represent all the hatred my people have faced in this country for the past 400 years." "Alright." We got up, got dressed, and sat cross-legged on one of the beds together.

Kristen started surprisingly quickly. "So… I was at the mall the other day and this dirty fucking nigger came up to me and asked me if I wanted to 'catch a movie' real quick. What a freak!" "Ewww," Fiona responded, "that is so gross.

I hate how we live around so many black people." "They are so gross, right?" "Yeah," I interjected, glancing up at the black men who were smirking around us. "They never have jobs; they just hangout doing drugs and looking for pussy." "And they're pretty much all criminals," stated Fiona. "Oh yeah," Kristen agreed. "Wouldn't it be better if we could just put them back in slavery? At least then we could force them to do some work." My daddy always said," Fiona continued, "that Abe Lincoln was the biggest criminal in the history of this country.

Freeing the slaves was the biggest mistake anyone ever made." "You know," I said, "my family owned slaves since they moved out here from Virginia in the 1820s." Great great granddaddy got a few niggers to work his farm and he was livin' the life." I was starting to have fun play-acting being a racist. It was so different than my normally politically correct liberal attitude. "Too bad we can't do that anymore." "Now they just exist to leach off welfare." "Alright!" the man with dredlocks shouted.

"You represent racism, you now use your body to apologize for racism. Get up!" The men started picking the bondage gear off the floor.


I was scared but excited to make up for past injustice. They put ball-gags around our mouths and blindfolds on our eyes. They forced us on our hands and knees onto the bed and used handcuffs to secure our wrists to the bars of the headboard. I was between Fiona and Kristen, our three white asses stuck out with just a piece of floss between each set of cheeks.

I couldn't see anything that was going on, which made me so horny. I heard, "This is what racist white bitches deserve," followed by a loud smack. To my left, the ball gag muffled Fiona's scream of pain. *Smack!* *smack!* *smack!* Between each blow Fiona let out a pained grunt. "You sorry about slavery now?" "Mmmhumm." "Fuck right you are." *Smack!* I was shaking from the anticipation of my turn.

I knew it was going to be a brutal 15 minutes. "Alright white bitch," the man said, placing his hand on my ass. "you said your family owned slaves, huh?" 'Oh shit.' I wanted to explain that I was just joking around, doing what he asked, but it was a little difficult with the ball gag in my mouth.

The best I could do was, "Muhh unhhh," shaking my head back and forth. He didn't give me much of a chance. The man delivered at least a dozen powerful open-handed blows to backside.

I hadn't been spanked since I was little; I forgot that it hurts like hell! "Fucking white trash ho. I'll be back to you later." He moved on to Kristen and I enjoyed my minute reprieve. Her groans made me really appreciate it. The spanking stung, but as the pain cleared I realized that was I was doing was a good thing. I was literally using my bare white ass to make up for past wrongs. From watching the video later, the short man stood behind us, allowing the camera to get a good view of our bottoms.

He took turns degrading and spanking us, making us feel like absolute garbage. Rummaging through the pile of toys on the floor, he selected a thin, flexible piece of bamboo. I was shocked when I discovered later he could do so much damage with that little two foot rod. At the time, though, I was terrified and a little excited to find out what would come next. "You got ten more minutes, make these bitches suffer." "Alright, this looks good." *Woosh* Even without seeing it I knew we were in trouble.

"You fucking racist cunts have been PROGRAMED to hate black people. I am going to make it my mission to break you of that programming and teach you the truth. Do you understand?" "Mmmmhmmm," we all nodded.

"Good. At the end of our time, the one who convinces me that she has made the most progress can masturbate herself to an orgasm. Now, I know Fiona is the feistiest out of all ya'll, so I'm gonna start with her." He leaned forward and pulled her head back by her hair.


"Bitch, you are a piece of white trash. You are where you belong, bowing before a strong black man. Do you understand?" "Mmmmhmm." "I don't think you do." *Woosh…crack!* She screamed into the gag.

*Woosh…crack!* *Woosh…crack!* The man repeated the torment over and over until Fiona was sobbing hysterically. He untied the ball gag and let Fiona admit a few desperate breaths.

"Please stop…please…It hurts so…" "Shut the fuck up, bitch. You earned this. You're a white trash whore, right?" "Yes." *Crack!* "Say it." "I'm a white trash whore." *Crack!* "Louder!" "I'm a white trash whore!" *Crack!* "Ahhhhh fucking shit…please no more." *Crack!* "Who do you think is superior, a black man or a white man?" "A black man!" *Crack!* "Please! A blac…" *Crack!* "Ple…" *Crack!* "What is the job of a white trash ho like yourself?" "To serve black men." *Crack!* "Uhhh…" "That's right, bitch.

Next&hellip." Fiona stretched out her right hand and just made contact with my left. I grabbed on in fear and anticipation. "New girl who never fucked black dick before: you having fun yet?" "Mmmhmm," I nodded. "Good." *Crack!* *Crack!* *Crack!* The beating was severe and intense. It was no longer than a minute, but it felt like an eternity.

Each whack with the rod was total agony. I could feel a welt forming after every hit. I bit down hard on the ball gag and let out repeated muffled screams. I know the man was shouting degradations at me, but I couldn't hear them over the screaming in my head.

At last he untied my gag and let me breathe. Shaking in pain, with tears welling in my eyes, I gained the clarity to remember that I was in a competition and wanted to win. "Master?" I called out in a hoarse voice. *Crack!* "What?

You wanna beg for your ass?" "No…" I cleared my throat. "I want to thank you for teaching me this lesson. Thank you for forcing me to confront racism and thank you for punishing me for it." There was laughter from around the room. "No shit… So you like getting hit?" "No, it hurts so damn bad I can't take anymore.

I just understand the need for you to hit me. I am a white piece of trash and deserve to be abused by a black man. It's my job." "I think this bitch gets it." *Crack!* *Crack!* *Crack!* "Thank you, master, for turning my white ass red." *Crack!* *Crack!* "Thank you for teaching me how black men are superior. You deserve…" *Crack!* "Ahh…you deserve a position of dominance over white women." He patted my unbelievably sore ass.

"I knew I liked this bitch." Kristen's beating was merciless. When he untied her gag she attempted to thank him, but she couldn't stop crying. It cost her another minute of strike after strike until her ass burned bright red.

Even after he was done she couldn't control her sobbing. The man uncuffed me from the bed and removed my blindfold. "Flip over and claim your prize." The camera zoomed in on me in the center of the bed, surrounded on both sides by Fiona and Kristen's red bottoms. Sitting on my ass was surprisingly painful, but it felt good to win. I spread my legs and ran my fingers up and down along the folds of my pussy. I was really wound up from the beating and my submission and needed some relief.

"Talk dirty to the camera." My hips rose and fell slowly as I considered what to say. "I am a dumb white slut and I live to serve black cock." As I said it, my clitoris drew my fingers magnetically. "Mmmm…" "What else, girl?" I placed my hands behind my knees and pulled them up to my shoulders, giving the camera a good shot of my wide-open cunt.

"You see this hole?" I worked my arms around the back of my legs and spread my lips with both hands. "You see this tight pink hole?" "Yeah." "This hole, and every other hole on this little white girl, is built to serve black men. It is owned by black men, for the exclusive use of black men." "Shit…" Legs still in the air, I began masturbating furiously. Each stroke of my pearl brought me one step closer to satisfaction. I ground hard and fast into my clit until I felt the pressure build and finally explode in a long squirt of liquid that caught the camera.

Fiona: 1 Kristen: 0 Caitlin: 3 "I'm ready to bust," exclaimed the short man. "Lets skip the rest of this shit and get down to business." "Yeah…" the rest murmured in agreement. I was briefly relaxing after my orgasm and didn't care much about anything. "Alright," said the cameraman, "we'll do it after my event." They grumbled but finally assented. "It's time for a head to head pussy showdown," he continued, untying Fiona and Kristen. "We know that all ya'll love to squirt, but can you do it under the pressure of a race?" Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kristen running her hand along her welted cheeks.

"The first competition is between Fiona and Kristen. First one to get an orgasm wins. Second is Kristen and Caitlin. Then Fiona and Caitlin. Got it?" "So…we're just seeing who can cum first?" "Yeah, you ready?" We all nodded.

"Caitlin, get off the bed. Fiona and Kristen, I want you on your asses facing each other real close together." I complied and stood off to the side by Marcus. He ran his hand along my sore ass and I cuddled into him. Fiona and Kristen intertwined their legs and went cunt to cunt for the cumming competition. "Wait…you want them naked for this?" "Yeah," the cameraman responded.

"Take it all off!" We stripped off the flimsy outfits. I had never seen Fiona and Kristen naked before and was surprised how much bigger my boobs were. I guess padded bras really work for them "Damn!

Caitlin got some tits." They stepped over to me and I pushed out my chest to give each a good feel. "Huge, firm, little bounce. These are fucking great." "Back to business. When I say go, you can start." He moved the angle of the camera.

"Alright, go!" They both took a moment and started strumming hard on their clits. Kristen worked in a tight circular motion while Fiona pinched and squeezed.

I could tell that Fiona was having a much better time than Kristen. She was moaning and bucking while Kristen just grunted in frustration. After a few minutes Fiona started stammering to herself, "oh fuck…oh fuck…fucking shit yes," louder and louder until she let out a loud yelp and squirted on Kristen's stomach.

"Winner!" Fiona received another check next to her name. "Caitlin, you and Kristen up next." "That's not fair," I protested. "Why not?" "She's almost there. I still need to get going." The guy running everything rolled his eyes. "Fine…Kristen, get up." She stood and he dragged her into the bathroom.

I heard a crash of water on skin and a shout of surprise. "What the fuck?" "Caitlin's right, it's only fair." Kristen came out toweling the cold water off her body. She gave me a dirty look. "Can we do this now?" "When I say go." We crawled on the bed and forced our bodies together, pussies only inches apart.

"Ready?" "Yes." "Go!" Kristen was determined, but I was way too worked up to lose. Feeling her legs rub against mine, seeing her face clenched in frustration as she alternated between working her clit and delving her fingers into the honey pot; it was all too much. After a little over a minute, I came all over her chest and stomach.

"Damnit!" she complained. "Well, that puts Kristen out of the running. This is the final showdown. Caitlin, Fiona, put those cunts together!" Fiona swooped in and got much closer than she had to Kristen. She whispered in my ear, "You're good, sweetie, but you're going down." I laughed, "We'll see." "Go!" We started hard and fast, each rubbing our increasingly raw clits.

My chest heaved; she put her hand on my thigh. "Ohhh yessss," Fiona began to murmur, "oh fuckkkk…" Her grip tightened. I knew I had to do something quick before I lost. "I love you!" I shouted, closing my eyes and going in for a long kiss.

My strange declaration and the tongue action jarred her enough that I could overcome the resistance and release all over her hairy red cunt. Fuck yeah. Fiona: 2 Kristen: 0 Caitlin: 5 "Looks like Caitlin is the big winner." I smiled and waved to the camera. "Is everybody ready for business?" "Wait…what do I win?" "You'll find out later, girl.

Don't worry. Now, is everyone ready?" "Hell yes," the men responded, slowly massaging their massive, swollen flesh. "Great. He motioned to the two men who didn't get their events picked. Ya'll can have the first picks." "I got a thing for blondes," one replied. "You and every other nigga in this country." Motioning to the other man, "who you want?" "Fiona the little redhead slut. I'm gonna put that bitch in her place." "Alright…who wants the new girl?" "Actually," I piped in, looking up from my seat on the bed, "I want my first black experience to be with Marcus." The guys all laughed.

I glanced at Marcus but he looked away. "That's not how it works, dumb slut." The short man with dredlocks moved forward. "Let me handle this." "Alright, lets get everything going." The short man was surprisingly strong.

He pulled me up to the head of the bed and cuffed me to a bar on the headboard. "I like to make sure my bitches stay where I leave them." Fiona was uncuffed next to me, while Kristen was on the other bed. "Spread those legs, white girl." I had been enjoying everything about this experience so far, even the beating, but things quickly became a little too real. Staring at the man, I realized that his big black meat was in no way going to fit in my little white cunt. It just wasn't going to work.

I knew he was going to try, though, and I knew it wasn't going to be pleasant for me. "Come on, girl, do it now!" He poured a generous amount of lube between my legs, allowing some to pool under my ass. "Don't worry, we've got plenty more if we run out." It felt so good to feel his meaty finger probing inside me.

One, then two, and then three going in and out and a slow pace. "Mmmmm," I moaned. "You like this, girl?" "Yeah," I said biting my lip in pleasure. "You think I'm doing this because I like you?" He said, inserting another digit. I winced in discomfort. "I don't know…" *heavy breathing* "…are you?" "Fuck no, bitch.

I just don't want to rip your cunt open and get blood all over my dick. Fucks sakes…" He sat on my hips, resting his balls just below my bellybutton. He took his hard rod in his hand and smacked it down on my breasts. "This is ten inches of pain, baby. Now tell me how bad you want it." I knew it was going to be tight, but I wanted it bad. "Smack me again." He brought the big piece of meat down hard on my left nipple. "Now make me hurt." "White bitch is crazy…" He mounted me in the missionary position, my legs wrapped around his slim body.

I was so focused on what was about to happen to my vagina that I jumped when Fiona screamed in pain a few inches away from me. "Shit that's big!" Her face was contorted in pain. My mount and I paused briefly to enjoy the show. "Sonofabitch! Fuckkkkk…" Her lover worked his way in and out in short thrusts while Fiona screamed in agony. She was holding on tight to his back while he penetrated her. "Fucking shit! You're a fucking horse!" "You ready for that?" "Hell yes." "Alright girl…" He grabbed hold of his cock and maneuvered it to the font of our mutual pleasure.

A short thrust and the tip split my lips open and jammed inside. It hurt like hell. "Damn," was all I could manage to squeak before the pain became too much and I was reduced to a steady whimper. He bore down hard and continuously, forcing his monster dong inside my tight pussy. In retrospect, I can reason that this was simply not normal sex, where the penis rubs against the walls of my vagina. Instead, with each thrust he turned my sweet little thing into a gaping hole for black cock. At the time, all I could think was 'ow…ow…ow.' The pain was blinding.

I shifted my body back and forth trying to make it stop, which was impossible. On the video afterwards I watched myself beg him to stop, which I don't remember. It was insane. The worst moment of all came about seven inches in, when he hit my cervix and kept going. I let out a piercing scream of horror as it felt like my insides were being completely rearranged.

Without mercy, he kept going. I had no idea the female body was built to accommodate such a massive intrusion, but after a few minutes of struggle on his part and agony on mine, I had successfully fit his entire length and girth in my birth canal. He held his pubic hair against my shaved mound for some time, both of us appreciating our combined accomplishment.

"I knew I could do it," he told the cameraman. "Fuck that," I said into the camera, "I just gave birth!" The men laughed at what I did not consider a joke.

The pain ebbed as my vagina became accustomed to its new architecture. My hips gradually began to work in a back and forth motion, hoping to stimulate some action on behalf of my new lover. "Hold on, bitch, I'm getting myself ready." He pulled all the way out and began fucking me in a slow rhythm.

After a while the pain was completely gone and I could feel was absolute pleasure. He filled me up like I had never felt before. I moaned and grabbed onto the headboard to accept his advances more readily. "Mmmm…this is so incredible…fuckkkk." He gave a little smirk, "yep." "I love how you fuck me." He continued on his gradual pace, "uh huh." It almost seemed like he wasn't into it, which was taking me out of it despite the situation.

Then I realized, this is the guy who loves dirty-talk and race-play. "You like fucking a little white girl?" He gave a broad smile and quickened his thrusts, "mmm yeah girl." Rubbing the cuffs against the wooden bed frame, "you like having your own personal white slave?" "Fuck yeah," he pushed harder inside of me. "Ohh," I gasped between each long stroke. "You…you made me…realize something…tonight," I said, panting and groaning like an animal. "You…made me realize the correct…position for white women in our society." His big cock now throbbing inside me, he demanded, "Tell me." "Well…" I was starting to lose control.

That night had turned me from a pretty average white woman into a black cock-obsessed whore. Now, with each powerful thrust, I was changing from a whore into an animal. I had to get it out before I lost the ability to speak. "Well…" I tried again, "I think…the only time a white girl is fulfilling her duty is when she's being used by a black cock.

White women are built for black men." "OH FUCK!" He went wild on my pussy, pounding me with an unbelievable fury. My only possible response was screaming and grunting. I felt the pressure build and tried in vain to get my hands free to work my clitoris. "Please…please…please…" Too late. I experienced the first vaginal orgasm of my life. It was unbelievable and I needed more. "Harder…fuck me harder." My logical brain ceased to function, replaced by a thinking center that served only one purpose: to get bred.

Even without doing the math on my cycle, I knew I was extremely fertile. "Cum inside me…get me pregnant…I want your baby!" The cameraman laughed, which I barely registered. "That's your prize, girl!" We worked to a crescendo, crashing our hips together until I could feel the man coating my birth canal with his black seed.

I wept with joy. "Thank you…thank you so much." I kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you&hellip." "I need it more than she does!" Fiona shouted next to me. "C'mon you fucking nigger, just do it!" "Sorry bitch," he responded, "you lost." "Noooo…fuck this!" My lover dismounted and the man climbed off Fiona and onto me. She lay their dejected as he slid his massive organ into my slimy hole. "More…more," I begged, "I need more cum." He had been close for a while and was able to fulfill my needs more quickly than I expected.

I could feel jets of his semen shooting inside.

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"Yes&hellip.thank you." Kristen's lover was already standing by the bed waiting to deliver my prize. I was briefly worried, but he didn't mind sticking his big rod into my well-serviced hole. Like the first man, he almost immediately squirted his load inside.

"This is the best night of my life," I said to no one in particular, chained to a bed and filled with black semen. "It ain't over yet, girl," said the cameraman.

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He walked over and uncuffed me from the bed. "See…that cumhole of yours isn't the only thing a brother likes to expand. We own ALL your holes." My training had been successful. I positioned myself on my knees, red bottom in the air, and pled, "Fuck me in the ass." "Good girl." He drained a large amount of lube over my cheeks and down my crack, working his fingers inside me.

I was used to taking it in the ass, but only from my husband, not from men of this size. With three fingers inside me, he declared, "You're ready." The man kneeled on the bed behind me and ran his long cock between my cheeks, popping the head inside. The pain wasn't as intense as it was when my pussy got fucked, but it was real.

Gradually it subsided and I just felt like I was taking the biggest shit of my life. The man fucked me hard from behind while I worked my clit, face smashed against the headboard. "Punish my tits," I demanded. The short man rummaged through a small bag, coming to my bedside with two clothespins. He clamped them down hard on my nipples. "Ohhh fuck yeah." The mix of pain and pleasure brought me to the edge and I masturbated to orgasm. "You ready for the grand finale?" "Huh?" I questioned.

He flipped me over, cock inside my ass. Marcus walked towards the bed, his hard cock begging for relief. "Oh fuck yes…" I spread my legs and allowed Marcus inside my raw cunt.

The feeling of two big cocks grinding together inside me was too much. The pleasure was debilitating. I again lost control of my body, shaking and squirming to a massive orgasm. They gave me no time to recover, pounding my ass and pussy without mercy. "Fuck yesss&hellip." I moaned. "Yesssss…yessss…yesssss…" With my pale white body sandwiched between two massive black men, I felt like the cream filling to an oreo.

It was amazing. I looked Marcus straight in the eye, "Give me your baby. I want to have…" "Uhhhhhhh…" He exploded inside me, sending his seed deep into my womb. "My turn!" The cameraman shot his cum into my asshole. "Oh fuck…" It was incredible, definitely one of the best nights of my life, but I was sore and exhausted. "I…I can't keep going," I mumbled, slipping into sleep.

The last thing I heard before passing out was "who's ready for round two?" "Here, it's for the swelling." I felt something cold against my leg. Fiona had brought me an icepack. "Thanks." I opened my legs and put it directly on my vagina. "Are you as sore as I am?" "Girl, fun has its price," she responded, adjusting her pack.

Suddenly, I felt awkward being nude in a hotel room with two of my colleagues, semen flowing from both holes. "How was I last night?" "You were amazing." On the ride home, a microscopic genetic vessel wiggled through the protective barrier of my egg and successful fertilized it. When I woke, I thought my crazy adventure was over. I realized that last night was just the beginning.