Brothers and Sisters Group Orgy

Brothers and Sisters Group Orgy
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Stacy pushed herself up and looked back at Melissa, "yeah." She said excitedly, a huge smile on her face. Melissa smiled, regaining her strength and pushing herself up, feeling Nathan's cum still leaking out of her pussy.

"So how was your first orgasm?" Melissa asked with a smile. "Oh my god, it is indescribable. I have never felt anything more incredible," Stacy answered, turning herself around on the bed.

Melissa lightly laughed, "see I told you, you would like it." Stacy nodded excitedly, "did Nathan put his cum in your pussy again?" Melissa nodded quickly, "mmm hmm, and he really filled me up this time." Stacy snickered at Melissa, "what does it feel like when he puts it in there?" Melissa smiled devilishly, "you'll just have to find out for yourself, but first I wanna try something." Nathan was standing against the wall, still trying to recover, listening to the girls talk.

Melissa was sitting on her right hip, her leg on top of the other, and her swollen pussy lips still leaking some of his cum, as it trickled down her ass cheek. He stood up, wondering what Melissa had planned next.

Stacy looked at Melissa quizzically, wondering what it was. Melissa smiled again, "lay on your back up here, with your head by me.

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Your going to do what I just did to you, you're gonna lick my pussy." Stacy looked at her, wide eyed, "I don't know how to do that." Melissa giggled, "I didn't know either, that was the first time for me. I just did what felt natural to me." Stacy nervously turned around and laid back on the bed, her head right next to Melissa, staring up at her. Melissa smiled at her, "don't worry, I really enjoyed licking your pussy, it's not that bad." Stacy slowly nodded as Melissa got up and moved over Stacy's chest, straddling her, facing the head of the bed.

As Melissa spread her legs, Nathan watched a small dollop of his cum slowly come out and drip onto Stacy's chest, just above her covered tits. Stacy giggled when the cum landed on her, using her fingers to scoop it up and bring it to her nose.

She sniffed it and lightly moaned, "mmm." She open her mouth wide and moved her hand down, allowing the cum to drip into her mouth. She swallowed it, and exclaimed, "oh my god, you're right Melissa, his cum does taste pretty good." Melissa giggled as she moved up the bed, towards Stacy's head. She moved up until her pussy hovered over Stacy's mouth. Melissa asked, "are you ready to taste your first cum filled pussy?" Stacy wasn't sure if she was ready or not, not saying a word.

Without waiting any longer, Melissa dropped her hips down, smothering Stacy's face with her creamy pussy. When Melissa shoved her pussy into her face, Stacy jumped in surprise, not expecting Melissa to go that fast. Nathan's cum, mixed with Melissa's juice immediately spilled into her mouth, causing her to gag a little. It tasted different than the dollop of cum she had swallowed earlier.

It tasted sour and tangy, not as sweet as what she had tasted before. Nathan watched Melissa shove her pussy into Stacy's face, amazed at what was happening. He moved to the end of the bed, not wanting to be left out, but also wanting to see what a virgin pussy tasted like. He glanced at the alarm clock, the clock read 9:00, wondering when Janis would be home, because she never said when she would be home.

He got onto the bed and started spreading Stacy's legs. Melissa started gyrating her hips, grinding her pussy into Stacy's mouth, feeling Stacy's nose push against her clit.

"Oh yes Stacy, eat my cummy pussy, get all of his hot load out of me," Melissa moaned, feeling Stacy's tongue enter her pussy, and wiggle around. Stacy tried to swallow the cum mixture, as it entered her mouth, but there so much that it overfilled her mouth and ran down her cheeks.

She felt her legs being spread apart, moaning into Melissa's pussy, wondering what was going on. Nathan knelt between Stacy's legs and slowly bent down, bringing his face close to her pussy. He could smell her excitement, as it wafted from her.

It smelled kind of sweet, not like other pussies he had smelled. He used his fingers on his hand to open Stacy's pussy lips, looking at her pink insides, staring at it, because everything looked so tight. He saw her swollen clit poking out, right at him, and her tight hole, looking really small and tight.

He stuck his tongue out and flicked it against Stacy's swollen clit, causing Stacy's legs to jump and tremble. He laughed to himself, as he did it again, quickly flicking the tip of his tongue against Stacy's sensitive clit, causing her to moan and body to shiver. It was a little after 9 when Janis pulled into her driveway. She got off early because of working the double shift a couple nights ago.

She walked into the house and closed the door. She started walking towards the front room, thinking Nathan would still be awake and watching TV. As she entered the front room, she could hear soft moans coming from the hallway. She headed towards the moaning, stopping just outside of Melissa's room. 'What the hell is going on?' She was just about ready to burst into Melissa's room and yell at Nathan, figuring he was messing around with the girls.

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When Melissa cried out, "ohhhh Stacy don't stop, you're gonna make me cum in your mouth." Janis covered her mouth in horror, 'oh my god, he is, and he's making them play with each other, probably while he's jacking off.' She got ready to slam the door open when Melissa cried out again, "fffuuucckkk I'm cumming Stacy, oh my god you're making me cum." Janis felt an immediate rush of sexual energy go right to her pussy, as she heard her daughter cry out in ecstasy.

Melissa's orgasm shot through her as she ground her pussy harder against Stacy's face, using Stacy's nose to rub her clit. Melissa's body shook, as her hips jerked violently, "ohhhhh!" She moaned as she fell forward, still gyrating her hips against Stacy's face, her orgasm slowly waning. Janis lightly pushed on Melissa's door, hoping none of them would notice. It opened a little more, Janis standing back in case they did notice.

When she didn't hear anything, but muffled moaning, she carefully peered into the room. She moved back quickly, gasping. Melissa was laying on top of Stacy's head, and Nathan was on his knees, between Stacy's open legs.

'Oh my god, I need to stop them,' Janis thought to herself. Nathan had quit flicking his tongue against Stacy's clit, and buried his face into her pussy, driving his tongue into her tight hole as far as he could. He moved his head, side to side, using his nose to rub her clit, enjoying the taste of her virgin pussy. Stacy was moaning into Melissa's pussy and moving her body around on the bed, as Nathan hit all of the sensitive spots of her pussy.

Janis stood in the hallway, not sure what to do, should she call the police, or just handle it herself.

She mulled over it, wanting to do something about what was going on in her daughter's bed, thinking Nathan was the instigator of this. As she stood, feeling her pussy beginning to get wet, she heard Melissa say, "is he gonna make you cum again, huh is our lover gonna make your virgin pussy cum, like I did earlier." Janis covered her mouth in horror again, listening to her daughter talk like that. She could hear Stacy moaning and responding to Melissa, "uh huh, uh huh, he's gonna make me orgasm again!" Janis peered in again, seeing Melissa kneeling next to Stacy and Nathan, watching them.

Janis could see Nathan's ball sack hanging between his legs, swinging as his body moved. Janis slid her hand into her scrub pants and panties, rubbing her hairy pussy, as it got even wetter.

Nathan stopped moving his head, applying constant pressure on Stacy's clit, as her orgasm neared. He groaned into her pussy, sending vibrations throughout her body, as her back arched high off of the bed.

"Oh my god, ohhh mmmyyy gggoooddd!" Stacy cried out as her orgasm shot through her body. Her ass came up off of the bed, pushing her pussy harder into his face, her secretions gushing out of her and into his mouth. Janis watched in amazement as the young girl came right in front of her.

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Watching Stacy's body writhe all over the bed, her ass bouncing off of the bed. "Yeah that's it Stacy, cum all over his face," Melissa cooed, as she lightly rubbed her own slit, and fondled one of Stacy's covered tits.

Stacy's body fell limp on the bed, as her orgasm ceased, a wide smile on her face. Melissa looked at her friend, "so did he do a good job?" Stacy nodded quickly, "oh my god yes." Nathan knelt up, looking at Stacy, with her juices covering his face.

Melissa looked at him, then back at Stacy, "so are you ready to become a woman now?" Janis was peering in, listening to the conversation, rubbing her pussy harder as she listened to her daughter. Melissa glanced her way, but must not have seen her, as she turned back to Stacy.

Melissa smiled, "well his dick is hard for you, but let me get it wet so it will slide in easier." Stacy nodded, looking at Melissa with trust. Janis tried to see what was happening, as she watched Melissa straddle Stacy again, laying across Stacy's body. She watched Nathan move forward on his knees and put his hands on his hips, as he threw his head back and groaned.

Janis shoved two fingers into her wet pussy, feeling her body getting hotter, and moaned. Melissa shoved her pussy back into Stacy's face, using her hands to hold herself up as she opened her mouth and slowly engulfed Nathan's dick. She could taste his dried cum and her dried juices as she moved her mouth down the shaft of his dick. She moaned as his dick throbbed in her mouth, causing him to groan loudly, "damn your mouth feels good on my dick." Janis vigorously moved her fingers in and out of her, moistening pussy, listening to Nathan.

"Oh god," she whispered, knowing she needed to stop this, but another part of her telling her no, let it go. Janis watched Nathan move a hand in front of him, and slowly start moving his hips forward and back, knowing he was mouth-fucking her own daughter. Nathan laid his hand on the back of Melissa's head, telling her to stay still, as he used his hips to move his dick in and out of her mouth.

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Melissa held herself still as Stacy started moving her tongue up and down Melissa's pussy, using her chin to rub Melissa's clit. Nathan groaned again, "yeah Melissa, get my dick all wet for your friend's virgin pussy, god, fuck." When Janis heard Nathan groan, she moaned herself, moving her fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy. She used her thumb to rub her clit, roughly rubbing it in a circular motion, as her legs started to tremble in excitement.

Janis wanted to enter the room to get a first hand view of her daughter sucking on Nathan's dick, but knew they would see her right away.


Nathan finally let go of Melissa's head, allowing her to pull away from his dick. She grabbed his shaft, stroking it slowly, her hips gyrating against Stacy's face, she smiled up at him, "so are you ready to make Stacy a woman?" Nathan grinned at her and nodded excitedly as his dick throbbed in her hand. He watched Melissa move his dick down and line it up with Stacy's slit. Melissa stopped moving her hips as she focused on guiding Nathan's dick to her friend's virgin hole.

She cooed as she rubbed the head of his dick between Stacy's pussy lips, watching them split open and close as she moved it up and down. Nathan was groaning as he felt the heat of Stacy's wetness coursing through the head of his dick and shaft.

Janis was trying to figure out what was going on, as she tried to listen to them, but all she heard was Nathan groaning and Stacy moaning. Janis could feel the heat in her body rising as she moved her fingers faster in her pussy, trying to stifle her moans. Melissa guided Nathan's dick to Stacy's entrance and looked up at him, "ok make her a woman." Nathan nodded once as he slowly pushed his hips forward, feeling Stacy's tight entrance slowly open around his dick.

Melissa let go of his dick and climbed off of Stacy, she looked at her friend and smiled, "time to lose your cherry now." Stacy looked at Melissa and slowly nodded, then looked at Nathan and smiled.

Nathan steadily pushed his hips forward, his dick slowly sinking into Stacy's tight cavity.


His eyes were locked on her pussy lips, being stretched tight around his dick as he pushed into her until the head of his dick pushed against her virginity. He looked up at Stacy and groaned, "ok Stacy are you ready?

It may hurt." Stacy nodded quickly as she looked at him sincerely. Nathan took a deep breath as he slowly moved his hips back a little. Melissa was kneeling next to Stacy as she fondled her friend's firm tits, "you get to become a woman now." Stacy smiled at Melissa, as Nathan grabbed her thighs and readied himself.

Nathan looked at Stacy intently as he shoved his hips forward, tearing through her cherry. Stacy let out a loud scream of pain as her hymen broke, and Nathan's dick slammed against her cervix, "oh my god, you're ripping me in half!" Stacy yelled out.

Janis jumped at Stacy's scream, knowing Nathan had just broke through the young girl's cherry. Her pants and panties were now around her ankles, as her orgasm grew in her body, moving three fingers in and out of her pussy. Nathan laid across Stacy, trying to comfort her, "shh the worst is over baby, it only gets better from here." Melissa giggled, "yeah now you get to see what it's like to have a hard dick moving in and out of you." Nathan felt Stacy's pussy squeeze his dick, as tears rolled down her cheeks, he groaned as he made his dick throb inside of her, "oh my god your pussy is so tight baby, and feels so good." Stacy lightly giggled at his comment, unsure of what to say.

Nathan pushed himself up and looked down at Stacy, "is the pain gone yet?" Stacy nodded as her pussy squeezed his dick again, "yeah it feels a little better now." Nathan smiled, "good, now you get to experience sex for the first time." Janis listened to them as her orgasm began to shoot through her body, wishing Nathan's dick was inside of her.

She covered her mouth with her other hand as she came, her body trembling and juices flowing down her inner thighs, moaning into her hand. Her eyes were closed as her orgasm continued to course through her body, shaking and jerking against the wall, as her legs grew weak and she sat down on the floor, her orgasm slowly fading. Nathan slowly began to withdraw his dick, looking into Stacy's eyes the whole time. Stacy moaned lightly as she felt his dick leaving her now deflowered pussy.

He pulled back until the head of his dick was still halfway in her pussy, then swiftly pushed back into her, bottoming out in her again, causing her to jump and lightly squeal. Melissa knelt there, urging them on, "yeah Nathan show her what it feels like to make love, you like having his hard dick inside of you,don't you Stacy." Stacy nodded, her eyes closed as her orgasm was quickly building inside of her again as her hips moved into his inward thrusts, involuntarily, moaning, "oh my god, oh my god," over and over.

Nathan was grunting as his thrusts became more forceful, knowing he wouldn't be able to last long in her tight crevice. Janis regained her strength and peered back into the room. Nathan was now fucking Stacy, missionary style, his hairy ball sack pulled tight against his body, and a bit of Stacy's virginity blood running down onto Melissa's bed.

Janis looked at her daughter, as Melissa continued to urge them on, "oh yeah Stacy, he's gonna cum inside of you, you will get to feel him shooting his hot cum inside of you." Janis stood back up, almost storming into the room to stop them, but stood there, entranced by the scene in front of her.

Melissa moved her hand down Stacy's stomach, finding her clit with her fingers and started rubbing it vigorously, moaning, "do you wanna cum again Stacy, huh do you wanna cum all over his dick." Stacy nodded, her eyes closed tightly as she felt the pressure building inside of her again.

"Cum for him Stacy, cum all over his hard dick," Melissa yelled. Stacy's back arched high off of the bed, her tits pushing against Nathan's chest. "Oh my fucking god, I'm cumming," Stacy yelled as her orgasm raced through her.

Nathan felt her pussy squeeze his dick hard as she came, making it hard for him to move. He groaned at Stacy, "that's it baby cum for me, mmm." Her pussy relaxed and then squeezed his dick again, milking it for its cream filling.

As Stacy continued to cum, Janis entered the room, half naked now, "you guys need to stop this right now," she yelled. Melissa turned and looked at her mom, a look of shock on her face. As Janis quickly moved to the end of the bed, Nathan groaned loudly, "oh fuck!" Janis froze, watching Nathan's dick throb, and begin to empty his balls into Stacy's young pussy.

Nathan's dick throbbed hard, his cum rushing up his dick and spilling into Stacy's sucking pussy. He jerked his hips as his dick throbbed again, filling her pussy with more cum. Stacy fell limp on the bed as Nathan continued to fill her with his cum.

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He collapsed on top of her, his dick still twitching inside of her, breathing heavily. Stacy lightly rubbed Nathan's back, glowing in the aftermath of her first sexual experience, oblivious to Janis standing over them. "Oh my god Nathan, I love you," she whispered, lightly kissing him on the cheek. Melissa stared at her mom, not believing her mom was standing there, half naked and her hairy bush looking wet and a little crusty from cumming.

Janis just stared at Nathan, laying across Melissa's friend, "you're in big trouble mister," Janis said sternly. Nathan jumped at her voice quickly pushing himself up and looking back at Janis, he mouthed, 'oh shit.' To be continued. Constructive criticism please.