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Monique Alexander Compilation fucking hot
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Katie couldn't have been more excited about school. . having just turned 15 and being lucky enough to have handsome Mr. Siegel for her teacher. Her body had recently sprouted a fine pair of titties and she proudly kept her shoulders back to show them off to the boys in her class. She was one of those cute blondes who was a bit naïve at times and as the year moved on, a few boys decided to take advantage of her.

. but in an unusual way. It was Martin's idea. . having jacked off countless times in preparation. . just plotting how to touch Katie's breasts. But, he had to get her to agree to it so that he didn't get into any trouble. Jack was his best friend and a whiz at math AND a student aid for Mr. Siegel. And he was the key in order for everything to work out. Martin knew that Mr. Siegel trusted his friend to correct math papers during his prep time.

. and it was that connection that might get him to "feel up" the cute little blonde. . or at least he hoped so. Monday was the day set for things to begin in motion, because Martin had deliberately done poorly on a math quiz on Friday afternoon. Over the weekend the plotting teen had discussed the plan with Jack who had to admit was rather excited at the chances of making the plan work. It was his hope that their strategy might lead to him being able to touch, rub and tease the young girl's body for himself.

He understood he had to play dumb to make it work, but the prize was worth it and maybe it would lead to other activities with Katie. Monday math class arrived and as usual Mr. Siegel walked around the room with the corrected quizzes and showed surprise at Martin's score.

"What happened Martin? This is not like you," he said handing him the quiz with the "D" marked at the top. Katie was sitting next to him and noticed the low grade as well. She soon received her own paper and it had an A- at the top. She felt bad for the cute boy and naively leaned across her desk and whispered, "Maybe I can help you in time for tomorrow's quiz on dividing fractions?" Martin nodded his head yes and asked if she could meet him after class by his locker.

As a result, his stiff cock was getting so hard, it began to touch the bottom of his desk and he had to rearrange it in order to not feel pain against the metal. The plan was working. Now if he could get her to go along with his idea of achieving good luck by letting him touch her.

. or even vice-versa if that worked better. He looked sideways and stared at her firm apple shaped titties that pushed out against her light blue tank top just enough to get his juices going.

With luck he would have those little orbs in his hands in less than an hour. Martin's locker was at the end of the hallway close to a staircase that came down and offered a hidden location for his lewd little plan to take place. As he left the room, he winked at Jack as he placed his arm around the blonde 15-year-old girl which at first was a surprise to her, but when he hugged her close, she suddenly felt rather aroused at his gesture.

Boys hadn't yet paid much attention to her, and this was a delightful surprise. "Let's wait a few minutes, Katie until everyone is heading for their bus. I'm kinda embarrassed about my quiz grade. . ." he began as he turned the girl towards him. Her heart was thumping at that moment. . as a bolt of teen passion ran throughout her body.

She suddenly fantasized about maybe having Martin as a boyfriend. Another result of his caress was the almost instant stiffening of her bare nipples. Martin noticed her erect buds and it was his turn to feel the stiffness of a rock-hard cock beginning to protrude against the material in his blue jeans. He thought about stuffing his hand inside and straightening his cock, but then decided why not let Katie watch it grow. They both looked at each other and Katie began to blush.

Slowly the students began to leave and Martin used the opportunity to move the girl under the staircase and out of sight. "Thanks for offering to help Katie. What do you think I should do?" he asked. "I can type up my notes and send them to you. . if that's ok. You've got an email address, right?" she asked.

"Uh, huh. I'm kinda embarrassed about my screen name though, but it would be great if you could send me those notes." She opened her folder that was still in her hand and located a pencil inside. "What is it?" she asked curiously. "[email protected]" he said suggestively to see how the young girl would react.

Katie immediately turned beet red. . but smiled. "That IS a way kinky email address. But whatever gets you off. . I guess is alright," she said wondering whether he was looking at her own stiff buds. As she was writing down the e-mail address, she noticed for the first time the big bulge in the front of his pants. She knew about boys having erections from health class, but this was the first one she had ever seen up close and in person.

Katie suddenly wanted to know why it got so big like that, right in front of her, but bit her lip and kept quiet. "You can probably tell I like you, huh?" he said by bucking his hips forward which had the effect of making his boner even more lewdly obvious.

Katie dropped her folder and unashamedly examined his erect cock. "I sure can. . it's getting way, way BIG" she said somewhat shocked but at the same time not wanting to seem like she didn't know about a boy's penis. The door to Mr. Siegel's room suddenly slammed shut, which scared both of them as they stood perfectly still for a few seconds. Martin slowly looked around the corner and watched the popular teacher walk quickly towards the office leaving them alone.

"The coast is clear Katie. I'm looking forward to your e-mail, but I need one more thing from you to help me do well. . but it's kinda personal and embarrassing to ask." "That's ok," she said getting more and more excited about being alone with the boy. "If I can help.

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. . just name it," she said curiously. "Ok. . I want to touch your ah. . .tits for good luck," he said and before she could respond, Martin raised his hands, placed them on her chest and began to massage the 15-year-old girl's ripe apple like titties through her thin top. Katie looked down, suddenly unable to react to his boldness, and watched the boy touch and rub her breasts with the tips of his fingers, and then begin to gently rub her nipples with his thumbs. She was more embarrassed than ever before.

. and knew what he was doing was wrong, but strangely her damp pussy began to twitch with excitement as her new friend was now fondling the tips of her aroused buds and rolling them around between his fingers.

No one had ever touched her like that before and her breathing began to quicken with excitement. "Oh. .


. Martin. . you shouldn't be touching my boobies like that. . it makes me feel all funny inside," she said raising her hands up to grasp his wrists. He instantly let his fingers move away from her stimulated breasts as he placed his hand on hers and moved the one closest to him right onto the protruding bulge of his cock and began to rub it around using the palm of her hand, making sure the girl felt the length of his shaft.

Then he whispered in her ears: "I'll bet those naughty feelings you've got right now, are just like the ones at the tip of my COCK, huh? Can you feel how HARD I am? You're making me so HORNY Katie, I can't believe it. Oh yessssssss. . keep rubbing me right there! Your fingers are making me feel awesome!" And to his surprise, when he let go of her hand, she kept rubbing and circling her fingers around his stiff shaft.

Her nervous fingers were shaking, having never done this before, but she was so totally aroused. . she kept up the firm cock touching he had started. All of a sudden he leaned over and placed his mouth over hers and felt her warm lips against his own. Both Katie and Martin were now moaning as she continued to bring the boy closer and closer to orgasm. She almost stopped as she felt the boys hand slip under her top and boldly move up her bare tummy closer to her aching titties.

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Was he going to actually feel her naked tits? They were not that big, she thought! Would he laugh at the lack of size and development she thought to herself? Almost in answer, she felt his sweaty fingers gently caress and fondle her breasts moving desperately over each one and finally cupping her right tittie, allowing her nipple to slip through his fingers.

He pulled his digits together adding a gentle pinching effect on her bare bud that was making her pussy throb even more with excitement.

Soon she had his stiff cock inside her palm and was rubbing the outsides of his shaft up and down. . under his underpants! As she heard him moan with excitement her own hips began to shiver with sensations she had never felt before. Suddenly his hips began to buck as he forced his cock through her fingers as it began to belch rope after rope of hot sticky cum into his boxers. For almost a full minute he jerked and joyously ejaculated against her fingers until finally he moved his lips away from hers and stood up.

The dampness was now leaking through and leaving a sticky layer on her palm. "Holy shit Katie. . That was soooooooooooo great. I know I will do extra great on tomorrow's quiz. We gotta go before someone sees us though. Did you like it too?" he asked feeling an ocean of cum drooling down his legs. "Oh yes. . My body never felt like that before. Did you like. . shoot your stuff?" she asked innocently, picking up her folder.

"Sure did. . and you did it FOR me. We gotta try that again sometime soon. But let's wait and see how I do on the quiz, okay?" he asked. "Sure. I gotta get going to after school choir before I get in trouble though. I'll email you those notes tonight. . Bye," she said as she headed down the hallway not knowing how to feel.

Martin headed for the bathroom to clean up. This was WAY better than he thought it would be. . he said to himself. As she quickly raced down the hallway, Katie brought her hand up closer to her face to examine the boy's juices.

His cum was clear and shiny on her palm and all of a sudden. . she realized she had just given Martin what her friends called a "handjob". She heard the door close to the boy's bathroom and feeling rather daring.

. she stuck out her tongue and licked the trace of cum off her hand. It was kinda salty. . but otherwise didn't really taste like anything. As she opened the door to the choir room, she wondered what it would have tasted like. . if he had shot his hot sticky cum. . directly into her mouth? Next Day at School After receiving Katie's math notes, Martin could barely go to sleep.

He shot his load two more times that evening just remembering what it felt like to touch her bare titties. . not to mention being rubbed off until he shot his wad. He tried to innocently thank her in his reply to her email, but also tried to stretch his luck a bit more, by asking her to wear her purple hooded sweatshirt the next day if at all possible, but without a bra.

He had promised he would wear his zippered sweatshirt as well. . but he was actually planning the next installment of his "naughty touches for good luck" scheme.

When last hour arrived he met Katie in the hallway and asked if he could meet her again after school under the staircase. She winked at him and said yes, proudly wearing the purple sweatshirt he had asked with the zipper up the front as she pulled back her shoulders to show him her obviously bare tits up against the material of her top.

They sat down and Katie began to fantasize about being with the boy again after school and what they might do this time. She was too naïve to realize why he had wanted her to wear the top. The class took the quiz on dividing fractions in class and Mr. Siegel surprised everyone by letting them check it in class by passing it back and having the last person bring it up to the front. When Martin got back his quiz, Caitlin.

. another hottie with slightly bigger awesome shaped titties had marked a big "A" at the top indicating no problems were missed. His heart was thumping as he showed it to Katie sitting next to him. At first she blushed but then congratulated him on his grade.

The teacher reminded everyone about the unit test the next day, and this got Martin to thinking about how to justify touching her body again today after class. What he didn't realize was that Katie was thinking the same thing. . wondering how far they might go this time. Having felt Martin's naked stiff boner in her hand was more than arousing but looking ahead to today what if.

. naw that would be too nasty she thought. . as a mental picture of her lips circling around the head of his cock raced through her mind. The hour finally ended and Katie's heart began pounding in anticipation. She stood up and noticed that Martin was talking to his friend Jack who was looking directly at her obviously checking out her body.

Katie felt suddenly awkward. . or maybe flattered by his stare and jokingly wondered whether Jack wanted to get in on the action as well. . especially because his best friend Jack was a truly "hot" guy. As these fantasies played around in her mind, Jack winked at her, but picked up his books and left the classroom. She decided to go to the bathroom and freshen up, applying a tiny bit of perfume and fixing her hair.

She had braided her blonde locks into pigtails in the morning, knowing she looked younger that way, but liking how it looked with her purple top.

About five minutes later, she looked at herself in the mirror and her attractive breasts. Gotta use everything I got, she thought as she deliberately raised her fingers to the medium sized orbs poking out the front of her top and she pinched them. . making both nipples pucker upward. That's better. . she thought watching her erect buds do their magic as she opened the door and entered the deserted hallway with the exception of Martin who was putting things in his locker and also taking out two sections of what looked like wide red ribbon a couple of feet long.

She passed Mr. Siegel's room and noticed he had put his papers inside a briefcase and was about to leave. They almost ran into each other as she passed his doorway. "Don't miss your bus Katie," he said checking out her body and especially the nipples that were truly eye candy as he turned and walked down the hall. Inside he was hot for this hot young girl, wishing he had the guts to pull off her top and begin sucking her titties until she screamed with pleasure.

. as his thick cock began to surge to full attention. "Thanks. . but I have choir today. See you tomorrow," she said opening up her locker. "I look forward to it!" he said moving further away. . now sporting a full sized hard-on.

Katie waited until her teacher was out of listening range not even imagining the lewd thoughts in his mind. "Hey you!" said Katie closing her locker, this time making sure not to bring anything with her but her hot desire as she looked around for anyone else in the hallway.

"Thought you had gone. . but VERY glad to see you! Come over here for a second," he said as he watched the cute 15-year-old move towards him. He focused on her zippered purple top and especially the stiff bumps underneath that he hoped to see in the flesh in a few minutes.

When she was only a foot away, he quickly kissed her lips and placed his hand behind her head and pulled her close. Breaking the kiss she said. . "Let's wait a few more minutes. I don't want to get anyone suspicious. But that was yummy!" she said loving the feel of his lips against hers.

"What's with the ribbon?" she asked. "Well, I was hoping you could give me some more good luck for tomorrow's unit test." "Oh really? Are we going to make badges or presents or something?" she said with a big smile on her face. "And what are WE going to do this time, for you to get an "A"?" she asked with a drop dead smile on her face. "I wouldn't mind a little hornier action like yesterday.

. if that worked for you. Except this time. . I want to try something a little different. . that I THINK will get you HOT all over. (Pausing for a moment) So. . did you get excited with what we were doing yesterday? I mean did it make you feel all horny inside?" He was curious how she would handle this forwardness.

"I liked it a lot Martin. No one has ever touched me like that before and it made me feel all tingly inside." "Me too. . as you saw. . or should I say 'felt' my big boner for me. That was really awesome. Are you sure you haven't done anything like that before with guys?" he asked. "Never. . but it sure wet my appetite and let's say other places too," she said beginning to giggle. . feeling suddenly very comfortable with this handsome older boy.

"That's what I wanted to hear," he said looking around, "let's go on the other side of the staircase for a wicked little game I want to play with you." He reached out his hand and captured hers as they walked over to the area behind the staircase.

She was still curious about the ribbons, but figured she'd soon find out. "I've been reading up about getting girls HORNY. . but especially YOU!" he said leaning over and kissing Katie on the lips. He put his arms around her and pulled her towards him. She followed suit and wrapped her arms around his. All of a sudden she felt his tongue slip through her lips, which startled her.

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. . but also felt extremely sexy. Soon their tongues were thrashing against each other and Katie began to feel his cock rubbing up against her tummy and close to her now dripping crotch. Her head was spinning as Martin continued to wrestle with her tongue. She couldn't believe how excited she was feeling.

Slowly he withdrew his tongue and moved away from the excited girl. "How was that Katie?" he asked, reaching down and manipulating his cock so that it wouldn't rub up against his pants the wrong way.

. so painfully. "Very hot!" she said. In fact, Katie couldn't believe how sexually aroused she had become in just a few short minutes. She was curious about the two ribbons. . but said to herself if they could. . in any way. .

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help continue the awesome feelings she was having inside her pussy, she didn't really care. "Alright. . go ahead and show me what's supposed to happen with the red ribbons. You've got me so excited just thinking about it," she said looking at the boy.

Martin couldn't believe his luck. He was worried he'd have to talk her into it. . and almost magically she was now begging for it! "Okay. . here goes. . and I want you to remember, regardless of what happens. . you get to do the same thing to me later.

. right?" "Fine." "This won't hurt a bit. Put this hand above your head (he lifted it up while talking). . yeah that's it." Martin took her right hand and placed it up against the steel bars of the railing of the stairs, and then quickly wrapped the ribbon around her wrist and then around the railing and tied it in a double knot. He then did the same thing to her other hand and wrist. Because of her height, while he was reaching upwards to tie the ribbons, his cock rubbed in a naughty way.

. up against her titties which made Katie once again shiver with excitement and arousal. A day or so ago, she could have cared less about boy's cocks. Suddenly her interest was peaking as Martin's stiff rod continued to rub back and forth against her bare titties under her zippered top.

His cock didn't appear to be real huge, but she envied how it stood all tall. . showing everyone how excited he was to be with her. "Now what are you going to do?" she asked as she watched him inspect his handy work. She hoped he would start kissing her all over again, especially in this bound position. "Make you even hotter Katie, but I got one more thing to do." He reached in his back pocket and took out a large red bandanna he had used as part of his Halloween costume.

"I'm going to tie this around your head and then begin to touch and feel you. . all over for good luck on tomorrow's test in math." "But I like looking at you," she said mildly concerned but actually getting a very itchy feeling down around her pussy that was now leaking out her juices.

He rolled up the bandana and placed it over her eyes and then tied it around her head. "Can you see anything?" he asked. "No silly. . you know I can't. You probably tested it on yourself already," she said with a smile on her face. "You are SO right!" he said standing back a moment and examining her tied wrists and covered eyes. But what he was truly staring at. .


. was the tab at the top of her purple top and how excited he was going to be to yank it down and finally see her bare titties in the flesh. But. . he wanted to go S-L-O-W. . which was supposed to get girls even more horny. Keeping that in mind, he moved closer to her and gently pressed is lips against hers. Katie was thankful he began kissing her again, and loved that semi helpless feeling of not being able to do anything but respond with her lips since her wrists were tied above her.

For the next several minutes, Martin continued to kiss her lips and gently insert his tongue into her warm mouth.

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Katie would not have admitted it to him, but the way he was curling his tongue and driving it forward made her think that a cock (hopefully his ) must feel the same way. So for the next several minutes she imagined his tongue to be his long cock inserting itself into her moist mouth.

She deliberately made it difficult for him to push his tongue inside. . loving the wrestling that was taking place.

As she was thoroughly enjoying his oral ministrations, he glanced downwards and watched his thumb and first finger locate the tab at the top of her zipper and began to pull it. He continued to kiss and suck her lips more sensuously.

. but at the same time, he started to uncover her developing chest an inch at a time. Katie was getting so hot and excited. . she wasn't paying much attention to what the horny boy was doing with his fingers. He moved his head from side to side as he kissed her, but at the same time desperately wanted to see her bare titties.

Soon he had pulled the zipper dead even with her delightful breasts. With the utmost care he kept pulling it downwards. He wanted so badly to reach inside and feel his first pair of naked titties. . but also wanted her to get even more aroused so that she wouldn't object to him.

. wickedly stripping off her top. Meanwhile Katie was still appreciating his constant kisses, but her pussy was itching to be touched. She was suddenly aware her zipper was being pulled downwards by her horny friend, but at the same time felt his other hand inch its way into the waistband of her shorts. She couldn't believe what was happening. . and also that she was enjoying being played with. . .while being tied above her head to the staircase. Her zipper was now almost to her waist and she was trying to anticipate the sensation that was about to happen.

. both above and below her tummy. Martin was growing tired of kissing her, but knew it was a good cover that she enjoyed. He moved his fingers down to the small flap of material that covered the zipper to her shorts and teased the girl by moving closer and closer to her pussy that was now truly on fire and then back up.

He was trying his best to remember what his brother had taught him about seducing girls as he held the base of the sweater still as he pulled the zipper down the rest of the way. . opening up the base a few inches. He placed one warm sweaty hand on Katie's bare tummy and slowly moved it upwards while his other hand followed the same path below.

. towards her crotch. This time. . he had no intention of moving it back up towards her waist. . but instead he allowed his middle finger to move past the base of the zipper and gently into the moist crevice between her legs. He gently began to use the tip of his finger over her clit. At the same time, his other hand was flat against her tummy and moving off to the side.

. to discover a bare and ready to be fondled tittie. He captured her bare breast in his hand and gently squeezed it. Moments later, he let his thumb and finger, locate her stiff nipple and begin to lightly pinch it. Immediately he heard Katie moan her appreciation.

But he realized, he could no longer could wait any longer to see her naked body. "Martin. . where did you learn to do that?" she whispered.

But he didn't answer. Instead he began to stick his finger more desperately between her legs and roughly twist and turn it over her clit. Katie's crotch was on fire! He deliberately thrust his finger in and out of her pussy, rubbing the girl off to certain orgasm. Simultaneously his other hand continued to excite her rigid nipples.

. which was driving her crazy with desire. The combination of him twisting his finger furiously over her pussy and his hand fondling her titties. . made the girl begin to moan with total arousal. He continued to tease the girl for a few minutes more but then he knew he had to see her entire bare chest. He took his finger out of her crotch and used the hand to pull open the girl's top, proudly displaying her bare titties.

He pulled the base of the garment to the sides and pulled it behind her. She felt him putting the zipper back together, knowing her bare chest was now open to his gaze. Her titties looked so perfect.

. apple-sized pads topped with jellybean-like nipples who were asking for his lips. He leaned forward and sucked her tit into his mouth. The girl thrashed back and forth as she felt him bite her stiff nipple and at the same time twirl his tongue across its stiffness. The combination of his sucking. . biting. . and licking her breast was a sensation Katie would never forget.

The boy kept switching from one breast to the other soon making her young chest glisten with his saliva. Katie wished she could rub her pussy as her arousal continued to ebb.

The itch was becoming too much as her hips began to buck back and forth, slamming against the boy's stiff cock which was also ready to explode. Martin kept sucking on her titties but placed his hands on her tight little ass and matched her hip movements. "Martin. . I beg you. . rub my pussy for me. It itches so much!" she yelled. And almost like in a dream she thought she heard the bathroom door open, but then she was caught up with the feeling of Martin's hand slipping into her panties and cupping her hairless twat.

Katie began to scream with passion as Martin located the entrance to her pussy and thrust his finger inside. He was getting so worked up as he fucked the young girl with his middle finger.

Then he looked up and saw Jack quietly coming closer. Jack had already taken out his 6" cock and was slowly jacking it off as he inspected the topless girl thrashing back and forth.

. her hands still tied against the bars of the staircase. Martin liked the idea of having his cock out so he continued to fuck the girl's pussy with his one hand and slowly pulled down his zipper to unleash his stiff cock with the other. Once again, Katie heard the noise of the boy's zipper being pulled down and wondered what he was going to do with it. Not being able to see or anticipate was frustrating.

. but also extremely exciting. "Martin. . I think I heard a big friend of mine being pulled out. What are you going to do with it?" she asked still bucking her hips and pussy against his hand that was still molesting her moist pussy.

Martin smiled at Jack as they both began to slowly run their cocks into the caverns created by their fingers. "What great hearing you have Katie. Yes. . I have my COCK out now and I am rubbing it up and down. . just like you did for me yesterday. What would you LIKE for me to do with it?" he teased as he moved up next to the girl.

He removed his dampened hand from between her legs and moved closer. . allowing the tip of his cock to touch her bare stomach.

Unexpectedly they both moaned as their naked skins touched for the first time. Katie couldn't believe how HOT his cock felt. . rubbing up against her stomach. She also felt his slippery precum coating her skin. "That feels SO NASTY," she admitted loving the sensation of his cock touching her stomach.

But she secretly wanted to have him run his cock all over her titties. . and then up against her pussy lips as well. "You haven't answered me yet Katie. What do you want me to do with this long cock that is ready to shoot cum all over you?" Jack couldn't believe how erotic the scene was. He wished he could take over the action and let the underside of his cock rub all over the girl. "RUB THAT BIG COCK OF YOURS ALL OVER MY TITS!" she screamed.

Martin smiled at the suggestion and noticed a wooden chair at the base of the stairs. "Sounds good to me. . just let me get something to stand on." He quickly went over and placed a somewhat low chair in front of the almost naked and bound girl. Then he pointed to Jack to do the mischief. Jack mouthed the words "WOW" and didn't hesitate to stand up. . leaving his pants and boxers on the floor. Martin knew his friend's cock was longer and thicker than his, but didn't think Katie would know the difference or really care at this point.

He turned the chair around so that the back wouldn't be in the way and motioned for his friend to stand up. He backed away. . thoroughly enjoying the role of the voyeur and watched from the side as Jack mounted the chair. His cock began to wave and bob back and forth against Katie's naked skin.

Once in position, Jack grabbed the base of his cock and aimed it at the girl's titties. He hadn't cum in a week and was worried that he would shoot his load inside of a few seconds. But he couldn't wait to see a week's worth of cum spray all over her body. Meanwhile Katie was biting her lip in anticipation of feeling the boys cock up against her breasts.

All of a sudden, Jack directed the tip of his cock against the pale pink nipple of the girl and then moved forward. He pushed the nipple inward and began to drive his cock all around her stiff bud and gorgeous breasts.

"Martin that feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING HOTTTTT! Oh yes. . .rub that big cock of yours all over my titties!" Jack felt his balls begin to move closer to his body and realized he was going to shoot any second. Back and forth he directed the tip of his dark purple conical head against her firm titties.

But the sensation was more than the 15-year-old could handle. . and he quickly moved back a few inches and then belched forward a huge stream of hot cum against the girl's breasts.

Again and again his hips bucked backwards and forwards as he shot continuous hot streams of sticky cum all over her titties. Within seconds, thick wads of grey cum coated the front of her naked chest, but especially all over the tips of her nipples.

Somehow Jack was able to keep quiet despite his furious orgasm. Martin thought he had been watching the best porn flick ever as he watched his friend dismount the chair. It was his time to shoot his cum all over Katie and he knew exactly what he wanted to do. "You look fantastic Katie," he said moving the chair temporarily off to the side and inspecting his friends cum streaks. "How did you like that?" he asked.

"It still feels all gooey and stuff," she said, "and my pussy is about to explode!" "Well. .

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. let me try to recover for a brief second and then I want you to tell me where else you want this cock to go." He noticed Jack's cum had begun to collect on the top of the girl's shorts and he knew he had to see Katie's bare pussy.

"I already know Martin . . I WANT YOUR COCK IN MY MOUTH. I've wanted it there since I felt it in my hand the other day." But Martin had other plans. Suddenly the girl felt the zipper in her shorts being yanked down and seconds later Martin was slipping his fingers into the sides of her panties and with one quick motion her shorts and panties were at her ankles.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING MARTIN! YOU CAN'T FUCK ME!" she shouted. "Don't worry Katie. . I just want to get my cock all big again so I can shove it in your mouth and get you off at the same time!" Jack watched his friend move in front of the tied and blindfolded girl and directed his cock in between her legs.

"You are going to like this," he said as he pushed his hips forward and put the tip of his cock just above her pussy and began to twirl it around her clit.

He playfully ran the underside all over her little button, knowing it was driving her absolutely wild! "Ohhhhh Fuck. . that feels so awesome Martin. Rub my pussy with your cock.

Go ahead. . I love it!" He held onto the base of his cock and teased the girl. . sometimes inserting just the tip into her moist hole, then below into the cavern between her legs. He knew if he put it under her pussy and began to buck his hips he could dry fuck the little girl and that's just what he did. He grabbed her bare little ass and began to hump her.

He ran his nails into her tight ass and rammed his cock just below her pussy. He looked up and knew Katie was loving it. All of a sudden she began to shake and shiver and her first orgasm began to take over her body. Martin couldn't believe how his girlfriend was moaning and thrusting her own hips against his. He soon had to pull out of her dripping hole, because he wanted to shove his cock into her mouth.

He remounted the chair and guided his cock towards her pink lips. Katie immediately pursed them together like she did when he was French kissing her and although not entirely recovered from her orgasm she began to wiggle them around the head of the boy's cock. And then he backed away slightly being amused as the girl tried to find it by moving her head back and forth, hoping to find it. "Hey you. . that's not fair!

Let me kiss it for you," she said. "Is that it Katie? Just kiss my cock? What else do you want to do with it?" he teased slapping it against her cheeks and chin.

"I want to suck it Martin. I've never done it before. . but I want you to fuck my little mouth with your cock. And then I want to slurp up all your cum so you can see it in my mouth.

Go ahead and fuck my pink lips. Pretend it's my fucking little pussy!" And that was all Martin could take. . he placed one hand behind the girl's head and quickly pushed his bulbous head into her lips.

As a result, they were covering her teeth and he knew he had to begin shoving it in and out or he would lose his load that second. Jack looked at the erotic sight and began to manipulate his newly erect cock as he watched Martin insert 2. . 3. . and now 4 inches of cock into the 15-year-olds mouth. His hips were bucking as fast as he could make them. Katie was trying her best to adjust to the boy's organ touching the back of her throat as it continued to ram in and out of her moist orifice.

Ten, fifteen twenty thrusts filled up her mouth and then all of a sudden the dam burst and a steady stream of thick cum began to fill up the girl's mouth. She had remembered how long he had cum when she gave him a handjob a few days earlier. . but she couldn't believe how much longer he was lasting this time. Slowly his cock began to slow down when through the air the trio heard, "You three are so busted!" and Katie recognized Mr.

Siegel's voice as she tried to quickly swallow the rest of Martin's hot cream. But. . who was the third person. . the voice was talking about?

Episode II Let's give you a few moments to recover. Now let's turn back time only a few seconds and watch again that ending. . Ten, fifteen. . twenty thrusts of his cock into her mouth and then all of a sudden the dam burst and a steady flood of hot thick cum began to fill up the Katie's mouth.

She had remembered how long he had cum when she gave him a handjob a few days earlier. . but she couldn't believe how much longer he was lasting this time. Spurt after spurt of hot cream shot into her 15-year-old virgin mouth but slowly his organ began to slow down.

. when all of a sudden through the air the trio heard; "You three are so busted!" and Katie pausing with her mouth full of cum recognized Mr. Siegel's voice as she tried to quickly swallow the rest of the boy's hot cream.

But. . who was the third person. . the voice was talking about? Martin looked up and his aroused organ soon shrank after identifying the voice down the hall. He dislodged his now almost flaccid cock from the blindfolded girl's mouth.

He stepped down from the chair and stood next to his best friend Jack. Katie anticipated what was going to happen next and tried to listen closely to her teacher's words. Then she was surprised to hear Martin's voice instead. "We are sooo sorry Mr. Siegel. Should Jack and I untie her?" he said looking at the handsome man who had walked over in front of the blindfolded and bound helpless 15-year-old girl.

Jack knew he would be grounded for weeks as a result of this, but hoped maybe by being polite, that Mr. Siegel would cut him a break. "I am so damned pissed off right now. . I don't know what to say. Do you boys realize this is technically statutory rape?

You shouldn't be worried about being suspended at school. . or your parents. Something like this involves the police and time in the juvenile home. I can't believe you actually did this to her." Mr. Siegel walked over to Katie and something truly unexpected began to happen. As he carefully examined the girl's naked body. . but especially her cum covered breasts and the sperm that was still drooling out of her mouth, he began to feel an incredible hard-on began to grow against the front of his trousers.

He hadn't thought of Katie before sexually, but in her current state, she looked as hot as any female he had ever feasted his eyes on before. Then something else began to enter his mind. . he could easily turn this event into his gain.

. . and that's exactly what he was going to do. He reached into the pocket of his suit coat, found his classroom keys and pulled them out. "Martin. . open up my room and I want both of you to wait for me inside. When are you supposed to be home from school?" he asked. As he waited for his response, he suddenly looked downwards focused on the young girl's hairless pussy and her glistening love lips. She obviously must have been pretty stimulated by what the boys were doing to her.

. for her to leak like that. Then he looked upwards again and looked at the cutest pair of adorable titties he had ever seen. What was especially arousing though, were the little nipples that poked out like stiff candies for him to feast on. She reminded him of a girl he used to like in junior high who he talked into taking off her training bra and showing him her breasts. That flashback was incredibly erotic. . especially with the naked body of Katie right in front of him almost like a menu with items to be selected.

"Uh. . my parents don't get home for about two hours," he said examining his watch, "And Jack was supposed to come over to do homework with me," said Martin. Mr. Siegel's mind began to consider all sorts of lewd options to the predicament the boys had gotten themselves into. Since the school was almost empty. . and the custodian was sick. . this end of the building would soon be a great place to have wicked fun with all three perky students.

"Fine. . we will discuss contacting the authorities in a few minutes. Go sit in my room and get out of my sight!" said Mr. Siegel as his voice echoed in the hallway. The boys bolted for their math room as Katie heard his keys jangling and footsteps running away from her and then a door unlock and then slam shut. She was suddenly worried about how much trouble the boys were in and tried to think of some way to free them from responsibility.

But at the same time what would her parents say? Katie felt the presence of the man very close to her as she continued to reflect on several options. "I am soooooo sorry Katie," he said placing both his hands on her hips as he looked down and watched his huge cock get even harder now that the boys were in his room.

The girl shivered as she felt his fingers curl around to the back of her bare ass cheeks and begin to rub. She was stunned by his actions but tried to remain calm and figure out some options. . but was strangely excited by his touch. "I'm OK sir. . and I feel bad about this too. It's not all their fault. . and I hope you can maybe. . uh reconsider talking to the police about what happened." Her words were music to his ears as he continued to softly rub her tight little ass cheeks with his fingers.

"I don't see any red marks or bruising," he said as he curled his thumbs around to her bare loins. . but at the same time slowly digging his fingers into her tight ass.

He shifted his hands slightly to allow his thumbs to travel closer to her pussy lips with his eager thumbs. "Did either of the boys. . you know.

. enter right here?" he asked allowing one of his thumbs to gently follow the outer lips on one side of her pussy. Katie's hips involuntarily bucked forward when she felt his warm fingers touch her sex.

Also, she couldn't understand why he hadn't taken off her blindfold or untied her wrists. "Uhhhhhhhhhh. . no sir. . not really. They were like you know rubbing me and stuff down there but they didn't put their. . uh. . there ah. . long things inside of me," she said still not believing her math teacher was rubbing his thick thumb along the slippery edge of her pussy. "You mean their COCKS, don't you Katie?" he asked as he moved closer to the shaking girl and began to rub his own hidden cock up against her bare hips moving one of his hands off her.

The girl was now trembling with desire as she recognized what was now against her. Martin's cock had seemed pretty big inside her mouth and between her legs, but Mr. Siegel's stallion had to be twice that size! "How about up here Katie. . did the boys grab your titties like this?" he asked as he opened up his hand and placed just the first finger and thumb over her stiff nipple. Her buds instantly filled with blood and stuck out even further.

Almost like a bolt of lightning, Katie couldn't believe what was happening to her. She certainly could yell for help but she wanted to keep Jack and Martin out of trouble. Then her teacher began to gently pinch and twist her developing buds just enough to send even more shivers up and down her spine. "They touched my breasts sir. . but. but. . not like that," she said not being able to say much more because she was so aroused by his gentle fondling. Soon he moved his fingers to her other breast and performed the same magic on that one.

Katie was gritting her teeth together as the man continued to seduce her. "I hope they didn't try this Katie," he said as he moved his head forward and captured her stiff tittie inside his mouth.

Katie thought she was excited before but what was being done to her at that minute was an entirely new level of excitement. Very gently Mr. Siegel opened his mouth wide and attempted to engulf her entire breast inside his mouth. . and then he manipulated her bud with his tongue. . wagging it back and forth and sucking on it like a new baby.

It was at this point that he heard her moan her appreciation for his lecherous behavior, which encouraged him even more.

But the man wasn't through with his lovemaking as he traded titties and began to twist and turn his middle lower finger into her steaming cunt. In and out he drove his slippery finger, simulating what he wanted to do with his now huge 10" cock. Knowing just what buttons to press. . he continued to goose the 15-year-old with his suedo-cock.

. and then slid his finger up slightly to find her sensitive clit. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mr. Siegel that feels ahhhhhhawesome," she whimpered. He continued arousing the young girl and then anticipating that she was going to cum. . he pulled his finger off her wet pussy and quickly grasped the tab on his pants. He continued to lick, suck and even bite her nipples as he pulled the zipper down all the way. Moving his boxers out of the way his hand reached in and pulled out his raging cock. He carefully pulled aside the top of his pants and his rigid organ stuck up and out towards the girl.

It was now time for her to give him some relief he thought, as he withdrew his lips from her developing chest. "Ohhhhhh no. . don't stop. . I want to cum," she whimpered. He smiled looking at her stiff nipples that were aching for more action. "I've gotta make a couple of calls Katie and get the police over here." In her moments of ecstasy, she had forgotten about the threesome's predicament.

"Oh please sir. . don't do that. They will go to jail," she wailed. "Isn't there something else we could do. Isn't there something else I could do to help get them out of trouble?" she pleaded. That was the cue he was waiting for. "Maybe Katie. . but you would have to do whatever I asked. . and so would they. Are you ready to make that commitment," he asked with a sly smile on his face. "Yes. . yes. . yes!" she begged. "Please don't get them in trouble." "Alright.

. I have thought of a couple of things. So let's get you untied right now so we can begin. . with at least one hand anyways," he said reaching up and untying the red ribbon around her right wrist. As the ribbon left her wrist and fell to the floor she shook it to get the circulation back in it and then let it fall to her naked hips.

"That feels much better," she said really wanting to rub her slippery muff and bring herself off since she was so close moments before. Mr. Siegel moved the nearby chair in front of her and sat down with his huge cock at full attention. "Go ahead and rub your pussy Katie.

. I know you want to. Hell after sucking on Martin's cock and letting Jack rub his cock all over your titties and me feeling you up. . you must be one horny girl. Show daddy how you get yourself off. In fact, call me "DADDY" from now on." She was hesitant to follow his request so the blindfolded girl just stood there frozen. "Fine. . you've made your choice. Let me tie you back up and call 911 and let the police figure it out and send your friends away," he warned. "Noooooooooo!

I'll do it," she said moving her finger to her hairless pussy lips a place she had secretly found under her covers at night. It was just the thought of rubbing herself off in front of her teacher that made it very embarrassing.

"Too late Katie. . you've got to ask my permission now," he said "and I want to hear all those nasty words you and your friends use," he said beginning to work his huge cock in his hand as he watched the naked 15-year-old whose one wrist was still bound to the steel pole. "Alright. . daddy. . can I rub my wet pussy. . so you can watch me shiver and cum. . I know you want to see my fingers all over my bare cunt and itchy clit? Would that be OK, daddy?" she asked in a different tone.

. much like a little girl would. "Yes honey, you can, but let me untie your other hand so that you can rub your titties at the same time. I like to watch girls rub their nipples and make them stiff," he said standing up.

His pants and boxers had slipped to the floor as he moved right next to Katie. He reached up over his head and attempted to untie the girl's second ribbon. It had tightened with all the lewd action and as he moved forward, his 10" rock hard cock waved back and forth rubbing against the girl's stomach.

She immediately felt his hot organ against her skin and it made her rub her pussy even faster. Playing with boys cocks her own age. . is one thing. But feeling her teacher's adult size cock up against her body was suddenly VERY arousing.

Mr. Siegel finished unloosening the ribbon and looked downward to see the 15-year-old rubbing herself in a much more determined fashion than a few minutes before. He liked the way his cock swung from side to side and began to deliberately slap her stomach and sides with his stiff organ. "That probably feels a lot better, huh?" he asked as he noticed Katie was already cupping and fondling her teenage tits with her free hand as she continued to rub and twist her fingers against her wet twat.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh. . yes it does," she said beginning to fantasize about the man's cock that she wished she could see as its soft yet firm head continued to touch her naked skin. "I got something else that needs to be touched as well Katie," he said still waving his rod back and forth against her skin.

"Any guess what it might be?" he teased. Katie stopped touching her tits and stiff buds for a moment and felt around below for the man's cock. It was amusing watching her reach out into the air, trying to find his cock. Finally, she gently grasped the huge knob at the end of his immense cock and squeezed it with her fingers. "Is this it, Mr. Siegel?" she asked carefully curling her fingers around the immense crown just like she did to Martin a few days before. . except this time it wasn't hidden by his pants.

Mr. Siegel's ass flinched as he felt the girl begin to manipulate his throbbing cock. "Uh, huh. . it sure is. So what might daddy want you to do with it Katie. Give me a couple ways that might make me change my mind about getting your two friends in trouble." Katie realized she was getting blackmailed by his statement, but she was so horny at that moment.

. she really didn't care. "Let's see. . well one thing I could do is to keep rubbing and holding your COCK like I am right now. . and then you could shoot your cream all over me. Or daddy might like me to lick and SUCK HIS COCK the way I did Martin. . which would be pretty cool too. What does daddy want me to do with it?" she teased, secretly dying to have her teacher cum all over body or maybe his huge organ deep inside her virgin love hole.

"Tell you what Katie, I think you can keep rubbing yourself off like before. . but I will get up on this chair and feed you some dessert at the same time." Mr. Siegel couldn't wait to have his student service him as she rubbed her pussy and tits at the same time. He stood up. . kicking his pants and underwear to the side. From a distance he would have looked pretty strange. . still in a nicely ironed shirt with a matching tie but bottomless with his hand at the base of his 10" cock that he was about to feed to one of his favorite students.

"Stick out your tongue and make my cock head all shiny!" he ordered as he began to touch the knob of his thick cock against her lips. Back and forth he moved the dark purple head of his organ against her pink lips.

Her tongue immediately stuck out and found the underside of his cock, making the man moan and almost fall off his chair. She gathered as much spit as she could and began to coat the huge knob as Mr.

Siegel continued to aim it wherever he wanted. Soon he was moving it along her cheeks, nose and letting the underside travel across her forehead. Katie couldn't fondle her pussy lips fast enough to match her arousal.

She was pinching her nipples as her middle finger jammed itself into the tight opening of her pussy. "Time for the climax to our show Katie. . we wouldn't want the boys to get too relaxed in there. . what does daddy want you to do now, honey?" he asked as he began to insert the tip of his shaft against her lips.


Ladyboy Nadia Gives a Blowjob

.SHOVE IT INTO MY MOUTH DADDY!" Mr. Siegel looked down and carefully inserted the full knob into her warm wet mouth.

He was happy she had curled her lips over her teeth as he began to slowly feed his cock to her. With each thrust he inserted a little more of his thick 10" cock.

. and then withdrew it. Katie couldn't believe how huge it was! Having had Martin's cock in her mouth less than an hour ago, this giant log actually caused her mouth to widen to the fullest extent possible which made the friction against his cock skin almost like a tight pussy. He was careful not to shove it in too far to gag her. . but was satisfied to let the girl continue to milk it for him.

He looked beyond where his rod was entering her lips to her fingers that were frantically pinching and pulling her nipples and then lower still to her fingers that were bringing her closer and closer to climax.

He suddenly needed to cum so badly; he quickly placed his hand behind her head. . just like Martin she thought. . and then began to rapidly fuck the 15-year-olds mouth like it was her hot slippery pussy. He was moving his organ so fast, you could barely see it. . and then all of a sudden his huge hose was turned on full and a constant spray of cum burst into her mouth. He continued to stroke his cock as the head of his organ continued to fire his hot cream into her. The teacher realized he had to spray her face and titties as well, just for the pure thrill of humiliation, as he withdrew his rod and then zig-zagged rope after rope of cum all over her face.

Next he lowered his aim and yanking her hand off her tits he lubricated her chest with five or six shots of slimy sticky cum. He soon felt the girl shiver and then all of a sudden her entire body shook and she screamed. . "Oh fuck. . I am on fire!" And almost like a convulsion, the girl's hips began to shake and grind as she rubbed her clit like never before enjoying her first true total climax.

After several minutes, both teacher and student both sighed in total relief. Mr. Siegel stepped down from the chair and examined his dripping cum.

. displayed everywhere on her small frame. As he was coming up with the next episode of this sordid affair in his head. . that would certainly involve the boys in the other room. . he quickly pulled up his underwear and pants and untied Katie's blindfold. She looked at her naked body. . and just smiled.