Cute little cock sucker loves to be fucked hard and rough

Cute little cock sucker loves to be fucked hard and rough
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9:38 He arrived into the kitchen with the usual swagger that was to be expected with a boy who had turned 18. If I didn't know any better he'd just gone and banged another girl in the bedroom. I gave my boyfriend, who was standing next to me, a look.

He laughed.

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"Get over it! Just because he doesn't want you." I sighed. "Shut up". James was at the far end of the kitchen talking to my boyfriend's mum, his aunt. He was wearing quite a bland looking navy jumper, over some non-descript grey shirt. Quite dull attire for what was his 18th birthday celebration. God knows why they decided to have the celebration here at his cousins' house though.

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He had shaped his straight brown hair to fall in a spiky mess to the right side of his slim, tanned face. He smiled at something she said and he revealed bright white teeth. He looked up to see me and he casually rubbed his hand down his jumper, which he pressed against his cyclist's torso. My boyfriend nudged me. I was staring. "Stop it!" he grinned. I sighed again. "I'm sorry dear… I should get over it." "Yeah you should!

You're not 14 anymore." He said with a wink and left me on my own. I smiled to myself and turned to follow him. 10:04 It had been a good while that they were sitting there. James and his friends had gathered in the front room, some sitting on the floor and others on the sofas. I just happened to walk in and find them casually chatting and laughing.

James was in the middle of the room on a chair. To his right were four lads, dressed in varying shirts and chinos. Across the room were a group of girls, none of which seemed very appealing.

Although to the 17 year old lads in front of them, that was probably different. I turned to leave. I nearly ran into a girl in the doorway. "Watch out Alex! Don't want to spill this drink down me!" she said. "I'm sorry I didn't see you… Hang on how do you know my name?" "Oh please, everyone knows who you are." "Even the ones who haven't met me?" "Yeah, you're James' cousin's boyfriend!

Who's going to forget that?" I sniggered a bit. "Well I seem to have become infamous already! That's reassuring…" I took a brief awkward pause to check her out. She was definitely the stand-out girl at the party. She'd made the effort to make sure that every curve on her slender body was in clear view. Her long brown hair fell to her shoulders and she had the rarest of qualities in that she was actually as tall as I was in her heels.

Her legs had to be the best part though, almost the entirety of the length being visible below her revealing black dress.

She clearly revelled in the attention she was no doubt getting from behind me. "So how do you all know about me?" I asked. "Word gets around." "Oh really… What kind of word?" "Enough word." She said, teasing a few strands of her hair. She had a confidence that filled the room.


"Well I've not heard anything about you." "Not much to know. I'm Kate. I'm in James' year at school." "Did he invite you?" "Of course." "I can see why." "Is that a compliment?" "If you want it to be." "Or are you trying to come on to me, gayboy?" I smiled and my new found nickname. "That's for you to find out." She laughed a bit. "Have you been drinking? Or are you genuinely this bi?" "Again, come find out." I grinned. "Well fortunately for you, I'm feeling lucky tonight." "You look like it too." She laughed again.

"But will you treat me like an honest girl though, Alex?" "Of course not." "Then it's a deal. Catch you later!" "That a promise?" "Come and find out, gayboy" she winked and went to re-join her friends.

I grinned and went to find my boyfriend. 11:21 I finished in the bathroom and went back downstairs to join the family. But I heard a voice call my name. Across the landing was James' face, poking out from behind my boyfriend's room's door.

That was strange. We'd never even spoken before, apart from the odd failing Facebook conversations. I went into the room behind him. The room was small, not much room for the bed and desk which it housed. The four small walls were covered in the Tom Daley posters I'd jokingly bought my boyfriend last Christmas. James sat on the bed, face looking down to his closed hands on his knees. "You alright James?" I asked. "Yeah, just thinking we never really spoken before." Was his slack-jawed boyish reply.

"You enjoying it?" "Um, yeah it's pretty good… What about you?" "Can't complain" he nodded, then looked around. "Can't believe my cousin would have ended up liking this sorta stuff…" he nodded at Tom Daley's nude torso. "What's wrong with it? No better than some of the stuff you look at surely!" He laughed. "I guess not… Just never would have thought it would be him to turn out being gay!

He's always seemed so…normal…" I laughed this time. "You know it's been two years right?" "Yeah I know! Just thought that… Oh never mind…" I pondered for a bit. Why was he in here? Looking for something? Wanking over Tom all around him?! That was a long shot. "You like him then?" he said after a pause. I laughed again. "Oh yeah, just a bit!" "You wouldn't like, cheat on him or anything would you?" he asked somewhat cautiously.

I didn't know what to say. Was he being the interrogating Dad? Would he go telling on me? "Well… If I'm honest James… If it's just between you and me… I have cheated on him a few times." His face smirked slightly.

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"Oh really." "Yeah… Well long distance can be a bit hard for…controlling myself…" "Does he know?" "Oh yeah we tell each other everything!" He nodded. "Cool." Another pause meant I could be the interrogator: "Why do you ask?" "Oh no reason, just curious…" I smiled. "About me and Alex or about something else?" He laughed nervously "No, you creep!" Another brief pause.

"So how many times you cheated?" I rolled my eyes. "Why, you gonna tell his mum or something?" "No! I'm just…" "…curious?" "Yeah." Another stammer of a giggle. "Ugh, well I've lost count I'm afraid" "Really? Slut!" "Cheeky! But yeah… Doesn't help that I'm bi though…" "Wow, you are a slut!" "Oi! We've only been talking five minutes!" "Sorry mate.


But you are though." I didn't argue. I peered over my glasses at him "Jealous?" He laughed. "Not really!" We both laughed together. "So how many times he cheated on you?" "You really are curious tonight!" "But if you tell each other everything…" "He hasn't yet.

So he says." "Oh." Was his response. A longer pause followed. He was still sat on the bed and I was leaning on the wall next to it. He was still hunched over looking at the floor in the silence.

I wanted to dig more, see if he was getting anywhere, but before I could he came in with another question: "So if you're bi and you like girls, why are you so good at talking to them?" "What do you mean?" "Well I saw you earlier… With Kate…" "Oh did you now…" "I've never had a girl talk to me like that." "What, really? The amazing biker boy James? No girl's ever come on to you?" "No! How do you fucking do it? How do you get a girl to talk like that?" I smirked.

"Experience." He sniggered. "Slut!" I laughed. Her rubbed his face with his hands. "Aww man the things I'd do to her though…" "You like her?" "For years mate!

Every fucking day at school she barely notices me, then tonight she shows up at my party dressed like that! Jesus…" So he didn't invite her… That was interesting.

I replied with "Horny teenager much?" "Ah fuck off. You dunno the half of it." "Not sure I want to!" I lied. He smiled and looked up, for the first time making eye contact with me. His youthful eyes were deep brown and the landing light behind me shone in them. Suddenly he looked almost human, rather than just a cycling egotistical machine. "Well if you're so good, why don't you get her up here?" he said, looking straight at me.

My eyes widened. "What, and give you a birthday present?" He laughed somewhat nervously. "I don't think she would!" "She'd be stupid not to." I said right into his eyes. He let out a brief stammer of a laugh before saying "I just wanna see if you can walk the walk as well as talk the talk." "Oh please she already says we're gonna do it later." I smirked. "Yeah I know." "Oh I get it, you wanna make sure you get a piece of the action too so I can't have her for myself." He didn't answer.

His just shiftily looked around the room. We hadn't broken eye contact for a long while now until. My heart was getting giddy at the thought of what might happen. "Wait right here!" I said to him before leaving. He grinned as I left. 11:30 Kate wasn't far from my boyfriend's room, just down the stairs in the hallway.

She was chatting to one of her friends when I butted in. "Oh, back already?" she said slyly when she saw me. "Can you blame me?" I winked at her. The girl she was chatting to said her farewell. She smiled. "Well best not let your boyfriend catch on!" I smiled too. "Listen, I've been given a dare by someone who is a big admirer of yours." "Go on." "He's seeing if I can walk the walk as well as talk the talk basically." "I see." "So he wants to see if I can get you into the bedroom or not." "Ah, so you think just asking me upstairs is going to work?" "That would be cheating surely!" Our bodies were beginning to get close once more.

"So who's my big admirer?" "Well he's an admirer, not sure if he's big though." She raised her left eyebrow. "Well your research clearly hasn't been extensive enough!" "Would you like to find out?" She smiled. "Would you?" "Of course!" She laughed. "It's James isn't it?" I looked dumbfounded at her. "How did you guess?" "Well I haven't seen him gawping at me for a while so I assumed he was upstairs!" "You know he likes you too?" "Like isn't strong enough a word.

Besides he's not exactly subtle." "Wow, not just a pretty face, are you?" "I try my best." "Or just a beautiful body." I tried to start pinning her against the wall. "Oh hello" "Or just a gorgeous ass." My head went for her neck. "Down boy!" her arms went around my waist as my hands touched her side.

"You know you want to…" I breathed gently on her neck and she suddenly shivered, laughed and broke free. "Don't you think your boyfriend might be pissed off?" "Yeah, naughty isn't it?" "Seriously!" "You were up for it earlier!" "I am! Just didn't want to cause any disruptions…" "Whatever.

You gonna come show the sexy cyclist what he's missing?" She pondered for a second before declaring "Oh why not!" We giggled and ran upstairs. 11:32 James was still sat in his hunched position on the bed when we walked in. For a brief minute we just stood in front of him. "Happy now?" I said and grinned at him. James nodded and wide-eyed started checking out my catch. "James, you filthy pervert, why did you want me to get pulled and brought up here for you?" Katie protested, but with a hint of a smirk on her face.

"Alex needed to prove himself" was the answer she got. "He did? What about you? Alex knows how to get a girl, you don't!" "Cheers Kate" he gloomily answered. "It's true! All you do is stare! You might be the big shot on a bike but you're crap when it comes to girls!" Her abuse all the while had a faint kinky smile behind it.

"Alright fine, I'll fuck off then!" James got up to go. "No you fucking won't, you stay right there. You're going to get some staring practise in." With that, she grabbed my hips and pulled me into her and we kissed.

She was unsurprisingly good with her mouth, clearly full of experience already. I heard James gasp in surprise and we both smiled in our dirty kiss. "You still staring?" Kate asked James as she grabbed my growing bulge. "Fuck yeah…" he whispered next to us.

"You like me snogging this gayboy?" "Oh God…" he gasped.


I saw him feel himself though his chinos. I couldn't quite see in the dark the details of his probably instant erection. Kate smiled to herself then winked at me and grabbed my lips with hers again. I took the opportunity to run my hands up her glorious legs. They were beautifully firm and smooth under a thin pair of tights. She shivered as I teased the inside of her calf, bringing it up to my waist for a closer look.

She gasped a tantric "fuck" in between kisses and my hand got its cue to run up to her thigh. We both glanced at James who was dumbstruck by what he was seeing. We both stared at him and my hand ran up into her skirt. There was a surprise. No panties.

My fingers had found her pussy lips, beautifully soft and already wet. She moaned in my ear, still staring at James. "Fuck!" they both gasped in unison. James must have been rock solid right now.

I found her opening and began massaging the wet hole. "Oh my God this guy is good! Hope you're taking notes James!" "Fucking hell…" He was still furiously rubbing his solid bulge. "You hard now, biker boy?" "Of course I fucking am!" "This won't help then." She broke away from me and stood in the middle of the room.

She undid one button and her tight dress fell to her feet. In front of us was now a naked teenage girl, with the most gorgeous shapely tits and ass I had ever laid my hands on. "Oh my God, you fucking tease!" James nearly shouted across the room. "So you approve?" she egotistically asked the horny teenager. "Fuck yes!" He went to stand up, but Kate shoved him down. "No no, you're the starer remember.

You can only watch!" "Oh what?!" "Come on Alex, show him how it's done!" She sat on my boyfriend's desk, legs wide open. Her wet snatch was inviting me in for more. I got on my knees and started probing with my fingers. Above me Kate started squeezing her breasts. I didn't even wait to start gently. I could tell this pussy was used to being absolutely slaughtered. I shoved three fingers in all at once. It was immense. She leaked juices and gasped loudly, trying to squeeze onto my oscillating hand.

I brought in my tongue to lap up the mess. "Don't you dare get that cock out, James. I don't want to see your tiny pecker, only this bad boy's." I began rubbing her button with my tongue, still finger fucking all the while. Now my cock was begging to be released too. My next move was to slip my tongue further south and onto her asshole, fingers still in pussy. She moaned more, still constantly leaking onto me.

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"Fuck me, I want you so bad, gayboy. You're too good to me!" My tongue went deep inside her perky ass and she loved it. I glanced across to see how James was coping. He was now almost jerking off under his chinos. It was a hot sight to see, that fit young twat trying to get off looking at me rimming a girl.

He stared at me with his tongue sticking out of his mouth. "Looks like you want a go on this, James." I said. He could only grunt and nod. It took at least another five minutes of joyous rimming for Kate to move things on to another level.

"Now then boys, show me what you've both got." she whispered slyly. James stood up and dropped his chinos and boxers in a flash, desperate to let lose what he had in store.

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I was pleasantly surprised for a second time. Not as big as I thought. Certainly not as big as his cousin. It stood about five inches straight outwards from his body and his big balls hung low.

"Not bad James.

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Now come on gayboy, your turn." I released my jeans and my eight inch pecker came shooting out the top of my Calvin Klien's. The reaction from both James and Kate was audible. "Looks like you've been beaten again James" "Must be all that cycling!" I grinned and winked at him "More like all that wanking over me" Kate said, taking my cock in her hand. "Sit down shorty." She told James, who slumped miserably back to his original position. "Now, what to do with this?" she cupped my balls in her other hand and started slowly wanking the shaft.

In unison, James did the same to himself. The sight nearly made me cum straight away. Just as I'd squirted the first lot of precum, Kate got on her knees and sank my cock straight into her mouth. She slowly but rhythmically suckled at it, with her other two hands rubbing up and down the shaft. Immediately a huge amount of saliva was produced and the whole experience was mind blowing.

James' wanking had got up to lightning speed, seeing the girl he lusted after most giving head. After a while like this she started going deeper and deeper until finally the entirety of my cock was in her mouth. And fuck it felt awesome. I had to stop myself from screaming out. "You want a blowie, biker boy?" Kate said with her gob full of cock. "You know it bitch…" he said, furiously jerking his dick. "Oh I'm a bitch, am I?" she reacted to his feistiness by standing up, towering over him.

She looked at me and grinned again. "Go on then gayboy" "What?" James recoiled briefly at her command. My heart leaped. "I'm not sucking that tiny thing! Gayboy here can do it." I smirked and fell to my knees in between his.

"You said you wanted a blowie, now you're getting one! Be grateful!" I said to him. James couldn't find the words to protest.

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That or he didn't want to. I picked up his cock, which was soaked in precum. He made little to no effort to stop me from sinking it totally into my mouth. It barely touched the back of my throat, but it tasted epic. Kate came round to my right and started watching me suckle on the horny teenager's cock. She gasped in my ear, clearly enjoying the sight.

With her left hand she tugged on my dangling hardon, and with her right began rubbing herself. "Don't pretend you're not enjoying it, James. He's fucking good with cock!" As if by command, James let out a huge gasp, one he must have been restraining since I started.

After a few more sucks on his cock, I felt his hand on the back of my head and he forced my mouth to touch his balls. He grunted and attempted to fuck my throat. Out of the corner of my eye I saw his other head attempt to reach for Kate's large free nipples.

She slapped it away. "Nice try biker boy, but you're not getting me that easily." To tease him further and more deliberately she got up onto the bed and spread her legs, right in front of him. She slipped in three of her fingers and began fucking herself. Both me and James reacted similarly. I felt a shot of precum hit the back of my throat, as well as splash onto my torso.

I sucked harder and harder as she moaned more and more. "Fuck I'm gonna cum." James said. "Wow, you are poor James" Kate gasped. "Alex, stop sucking, I'm gonna fucking cum!" I didn't. "Alex! I…ARGH!" he tried his best not to shout as load after load of cum went down my throat.

"Oh fuck yeah, lap it up gayboy, does it taste good? That teenage cum taste good?" I nodded as I made sure to wait until He'd finished and I'd got every last drop.

It look him a while before he finally stopped and I released his cock from my mouth's grip. "Fuck that was intense…" James said, wiping his sweaty brow. He slumped back against the wall behind him. "You think we're done yet?" I said to him, standing up and showing him that my cock was still rock solid. "You think I'm gonna let that cock go to waste?" Kate said.

James exhaustedly sighed.

"Why don't you just do that by yourselves?" "Yeah you wish." Kate said standing up and going over to the door. "Your staring needs a little more practice." "Oh my God, just let me go!" "No chance. Come on big boy." She beckoned me over, standing with her back against the door. I smiled and stood in front of her, hands on her hips. We kissed again and I heard James' sigh behind us.

I turned to him bring his hands to his face in despair. "Shut up and enjoy it, James" I said to him. "I know I fucking will." I hoisted her up and her muscly legs went instinctively around my sides. She looked straight into my eyes as she lowered herself straight onto my upright cock.

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In one awesome slide I was deep inside her and she loved it. "Oh my fucking Jesus Christing GOD" she tried not to scream. I picked her up again and went for another thrust. Another restrained scream went past my ears. The same happened again and again and again against the door that was blocking James from his freedom. James showed no sign of being horny again after a while.

So I took it up a notch. I carried her over to the bed where I laid down next to James, legs over the side of the bed. Kate then started riding me like the kinky cowgirl she was.

James just stared where her soaking pussy was being pummelled by my member. "Thought you might like a better view." I breathlessly told him.

He didn't reply. Kate just leaned back to give him a better view of our action. She constantly gasped and groaned with every leak that came from inside her. She made every effort to take the entire length of my shaft with every thrust downwards she made. It didn't take long for the teenaged beauty to cum over my fat cock. It came totally unannounced but I knew it was coming when she convulsed over and over again. Suddenly she collapsed forward onto me and she squirted a huge load over my torso.

Her head buried itself into my neck as she gasped in a deep orgasm. I turned to look at James who looked back at me incredulously.

She got up off me, her lower body a state, covered in precum and pussy juice. She picked up her dress on the floor and just as quickly as it had come off, she put it back on again, covering back up the filthy horny girl's body. James and I were still slumped over the bed with our trousers off when she turned to casually re-join the party. "Hope that's helped you out James." She winked at me as she went behind the join.

I laughed to myself, when I turned and saw James' open mouth. "I don't believe you." He said to me when he got up to pick up his chinos. "Well you did ask me to prove myself!" "Oh fuck off." He said, hurriedly redressing himself. He didn't look at me once when he left the room. I laughed again to myself and pondered where to go next.