Indian tight ass in jeans

Indian tight ass in jeans
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It was a lazy afternoon in July. Due to the blistering hot heat, I decided to take my kids to the local park. As they played on the swings and slides, I sat on the nearby park bench watching them.


I tentatively looked around at the other bored mothers watching their children. A memory slowly curled its way into my mind. A feeling of sadness crossed my heart as I remembered my friend Patrice. She was one of my dearest friends and we had shared a secret.

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We were both trapped in a boring marriage. Life had become mundane; filled with our children, keeping house, and taking care of our husbands. Both of our husbands held good jobs and were very good providers, but the excitement in our bedroom was missing. We both reminisced about the first years of our marriages, when there were no kids and no responsibilities. Don't get me wrong, I would never trade my kids.

But Patrice and I yearned for sexual excitement.


Patrice was worse off than I. Her husband never touched her anymore. She had suspected for awhile that he had a mistress, but had no proof.

My husband barely touched me. He worked long hours and was away most weekends on business. He claimed he still loved me, but I was consistently questioning that love.

Patrice and I had shared many afternoons together and our relationship deepened. We started a small home based business, hiding the profits from our husbands. The profit from the business enabled us freedom from our kids.

After our husbands left the house we would drive our kids to a local daycare center. We shared many long afternoons together, exploring life and eventually exploring each other. How the relationship started was a fluke.

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We were sitting in my kitchen one afternoon talking. The urge exploded within me with such strength that I just acted on it without thinking. I reached over the counter and pulled her mouth to mine. It was our first kiss.

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To my surprise, she reciprocated opening her mouth wide and eagerly accepting my tongue. Our kiss lasted for several moments. We finally separated and just looked at each other. We had both "experimented" with having sex with a women in college.

Each of us had rememberable experiences. There was nothing like having sex with another women. Women know instinctively the places to touch and how to arouse. I moved around the counter and stood next to her. I started unbuttoning her shirt. I had her shirt removed and was starting to unsnap her bra, when she stopped me. She looked deeply into my green eyes, asking me if I knew what I was doing.

I had fallen in love with Patrice in our short few months together. It was a love that I never really felt for my husband.

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There was magic between us, as if we could do anything.anything we set our minds to do! I started undressing in front of her, explaining that I knew exactly what I was doing. We walked hand in hand to my bedroom and laid down beside each other.

We tentatively touched our naked bodies like two kids exploring our first lovers. I felt the firmness of her breasts. They were soft and supple. The nipple became taught with excitement. Her nipples were dark red and full. They looked like two lips beckoning to be kissed. I moved my mouth to her nipples and kissed each one. I then drew her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it. Patrice groaned with pleasure, gently pushing my head closer to her breasts. I nuzzled my nose between both mounds of flesh and rubbed them over my face.

Patrice ran her hands through my hair as I enjoyed her essence. I felt her body tense with pleasure. I allowed my hands to roam her body eventually stroking her inner thighs. She had the most beautiful natural blonde bush. I ran my fingers down her slit and felt her wetness. She gently pushed me off her and placed her mouth on my taught tits.

Her touch was so tender and yet, urgent. She filled her mouth with my tit and started sucking.

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Oh the pleasure. She gently nibbled on my breast which caused shock waves to course through my body. I reached down between my thighs and felt my wetness. I ran my fingers down my wet slit as she sucked my breasts.

I was so close to an orgasm. She lifted her head and looked down at me. She moved gracefully down my body and nuzzled her head between my legs. She moved her fingers rhythmically in and out of my cunt as she ran her tongue down my slit. I arched my body causing her tongue and fingers to penetrate deeper. The orgasm hit me hard and I was yanked down into its depths shriveling with delight.

She looked up from my cunt, her face covered with my wet juices. She again looked deeply in my eyes. I pulled her head to mine and enveloped her into my arms. We kissed and held each other for several long minutes.

As I held her, I lightly caressed her body. I removed my tongue from her mouth and moved down her body. I wanted her to experience the same pleasure she had given me. I kissed her breasts kneading them with my hands. I moved down to her thick blonde bush sliding my fingers down her slit, testing her stream. She was so hot and wet, that just feeling her made me orgasm again.

I slid my tongue down her slit and started sucking her sweet water. I moistened two of my fingers and penetrated both her tight cunt and tight ass. She groaned with delight. I moved both fingers in and out pumping her like a piston, as I sucked on her tender pussy.

I moved my tongue over her lips as I sucked. I felt her wets spray over my hands as she came, screaming out my name. I was not threw fucking her yet. I positioned her on all fours, as I rubbed Vaseline over her tight ass. She seemed to have liked it when I finger fucked her. From one of the draws of my night stand I removed my favorite dildo.

I switched it on and it made a soft hum. I gingerly inserted the vibrator up her tight ass as I ran my fingers down her swollen wet pussy.

I kissed and chewed on her butt cheeks as I continued fucking both of her holes. Again I felt her body start to wither as she tensed for the oncoming orgasm.

We laid together in each other's arms for awhile, finally going into a deep peaceful sleep. After waking, it was time to pick up the kids and return to our normal lives. Every afternoon from then on, we made love. Our love making was becoming more daring and sexy. We went out to our favorite stores and purchased sexy outfits for each other.

We were having the time of our lives. And then the eventual happened. One afternoon, while we were making love, Patrice's husband came home. He caught us making love and was not very happy. He gave Patrice an ultimatum. There was nothing she could do. He threatened to take away her kids and have a messy "public" divorce. Patrice and I met for one last time, almost a month ago ending our afternoon relationship. We both, at that time, believed we had too much to loose.

Patrice and I were back to living our boring little lives. My thoughts were interupted with a pat on my shoulder. I looked around surprised. At first my mind was still clouded with sweet memories.

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I felt the heat between my legs and the pang of desire in my heart. I looked up into the face of Patrice and she was smiling. We sat together in silence, holding each other's hands.

Pactrice finally turned to me, grasping my face in her hands. She planted a warm kiss on my lips and said she had a proposition for me.


That was several months ago. Today, Patrice and I own a very successful business that more than supports our family. We both got divorced. The court awarded my husband my children, which I see as often as he lets me. The court awarded Patrice her children, which live happily with us. We both have fullfilling exciting lives that are filled with love and plenty of sex.