AgedLovE and LainChili Mature Sex vids Conjunction

AgedLovE and LainChili Mature Sex vids Conjunction
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The details and feelings described in this story are true. I wasn't allowed to go to high school parties growing up. By the time I got to college, the sexual desires that had been repressed were alive within me. Berkeley had a very vibrant Fraternity/Sorority scene. I wasn't in a sorority, but had a few friends who liked to get drunk and go to parties.

Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity was having a Luau Themed party and my friends Macy and Jess invited me to go. I agreed. I wanted to be fucked by a drunk, hot college boy and tonight it was going to happen. At night, the girls and I spent an hour or so getting ready. I put on heels and a short black dress. I put on tiny black lace panties and a black bra. My breasts are large and my hair is long and brown. I have tan skin and a thin frame. I don't usually wear makeup, but tonight I put on mascara and lip gloss.

Macy, Jess and I each take a shot and walk out of our dorm and down the street to the Phi Kappa Tau. I tell the girls that I want to leave with a guy. They agree to scope out the guy and ask if he's "okay." The rest was up to me… We arrive at the party and I can smell pot and beer.

Dance music is blasting and three drunk girls are talking with a group of frat guys in the foyet. Several guys are out on the porch, drunk and welcoming girls to the party. "Come on in ladies! Join us for the festivities," a guy on the steps says as he smiles at us. He looks us all up and down as we enter the frat. He passes us each a lei to put on as we enter.

The girls want to get drunk and had heard about the "Jungle Punch," the notoriously strong mixed drink that frat boys gave to girls to get them loose and ready for fucking. I am on the lookout for my mark. I want an extremely hot guy who is there alone and wants to find a drunk girl for fucking. Also, the chemistry has to be right.

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One particular guy caught my attention as I walk downstairs. He is easily the cutest guy at the party and on the tall side, with a swimmer's body. He has brown wavy hair and dark brown eyes.

His lips are thick and very kissable. I point him out to Macy and Jess. He has a Hawaiian shirt that is open. My eyes are first drawn to his chest and muscles and then to his pelvis and the bulge between his legs. He's wearing swim shorts that accentuate his form. As I walk by him he looks at my face and then my large breasts. The dress accentuates my cleavage. He smiles at me and looks down towards my ass as I walk by. I can tell he wants me, but I decide to tease him and make him wait until after I've had my drink.

We head down to one of the downstairs common rooms. There is an open bar and since the theme was "island," several guys behind the bar had on lei's, Hawaiian shirts and flip flops. There is a mist machine in the corner. The air is thick and fragrant, and most of the people in the room are extremely drunk.

The sexual energy in the room is palpable. "Can I get you ladies a drink," says the red headed frat boy behind the bar. "We'll take 3 Jungle Punches," Jess says. "You got it!" He says. He pulls up three prepared punches from behind the counter and we all take our drinks.

As I drink, my body starts to feel arm and running my fingers over my skin feels amazing. The punch was working on my body AND on my clit.

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I could feel my clit pulse with pleasure. Where was that cute guy??? "I want to find that guy I spotted coming in," I say. He seemed open and I was wet and hungry for sex. "I think his name is John," Macy said. "He's a senior Water Polo guy. I saw him at the last party.

He came alone last time too." "What are you guys going to do?" I asked Macy and Jess. "We're going to go up to the dance floor to grind on some hot guys!" Jess holds her drink in the air and says, "Woohoo!" She is fairly drunk. "I'll watch her," Macy winks at me as they head upstairs. I watch them dancing and move their way upstairs to the dance floor. I set down my Jungle Punch and head off to find John.

I make my way upstairs to the dance floor and spot Macy and Jess dancing with two cute looking frat boys. The boys have their shirts unbuttoned and their arms around my friends. I wink at them when they spot me. I scan the room and find John in the corner. He is talking to two pretty girls who are flirting with him and have their hands all over his chest. I want him for myself.

The other women deepen my resolve. I make my way towards him. His eyes leave the other girls and focus on me. I smile and look down. I'm not shy at all, but want him to chase me. I stop a few paces from him and lean back against the table behind me. I want him to pursue me. I look back up and his eyes are still on me.


His eyes focus deeply and I can see his breath quicken. He takes the other girl's hands off his chest and says, "Just a minute ladies…" His eyes never leave mine. My clit is throbbing. John walks towards me. His look is intense and primal. He smiles at me and my heart races.

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I can feel the wetness between my legs and my clit pulses with pleasure. He stands right beside me. The sexual energy between us is amazing. "I saw you come in, but then you disappeared downstairs. I asked a few guys about you. You don't come around much." "I don't.

I wanted to party tonight. I love to get drunk," I say. I slowly pull myself up onto the table and spread my legs a little bit. A tease. He walks up and positions himself between my legs. I spread my legs a little more so he can position his pelvis between my legs.

His eyes make his way between my legs. He runs his hands up my thigh and moves his right hand to my pussy. He puts one hand over my panties, which by now are soaking wet. He pushes aside my panties and places his middle finger forcefully up my pussy as he forcefully kisses me and pulls my head towards him with his left hand.

I moan with pleasure. His fingers are long. I place my hand over his pants against his cock. He's rock hard. I stroke him through his pants and he moans. His large fingers slide in and out of me as I moan and pull him closer to me. He slides his fingers out and runs his wet fingers all over my clit. I want him so badly. He pulls his finger and lifts me up from the table and onto the floor. He grabs my hand with his right hand, which is still wet with the juices from my pussy.

He leads me upstairs with an urgency I crave. He looks in the first room at the top of the hall, but it's occupied by a guy and girl making out.

We proceed all the way to the back of the hall. He picks me up forcefully and carries me to the room. I can feel his heart beating against my breasts. He smells like sex and cologne. He's gorgeous. His arms are strong and capable and he pulls me close to him as I press my lips against his neck.

As he carries me down the hall, I can feel his breath quicken.


He looks down at me with a deep stare. I can tell that he is eager to fuck me. The last room on the right is empty. He lays me down on the bed and shuts the door.

He takes off his shirt, pants and underwear in a hurry. His cock pops out of his underwear completely erect, hard and enormous. Precum is leaking from the tip of his cock.

He walks towards me and I slowly spread my legs open for him. He crawls on the bed and puts his face to my underwear and inhales deeply. He moans with desire. His hands find my breasts and he squeezes them softly.

As I lay on my back, he kisses me through my lace panties and then pulls them to the the side to look at my pussy. He moans and slowly slides off my panties. He quickly brings his face to my pussy and thrusts his tongue into my pussy and then sucks hard on my clit. I moan. He takes my ass in his hands and pulls me towards him. I'm dripping wet and want him desperately.

He quickly pulls my dress up over me head and throws it to the side. He groans loudly as he takes his cock and puts it roughly against my clit and rubs his cock aggressively against me. His cock is hard and makes my clit pulses with pleasure. I can tell he is savoring the moment before he enters me. He moans again and then thrusts his cock deeply within my pussy.

I can feel him against the back of my vagina. He pulls me towards him and thrusts all the way inside of me. Intense pleasure takes over my body. I moan loudly and cling to him wantingly. He grabs me and rams me hard and fast. It feels amazing. He fucks me passionately, and as he moves, his hands go from my breasts to my ass and then around my back to fuck me harder and deeper. My hands grab his ass and I pull him towards me.

He groans loudly as I run a hand down the middle of his butt cheeks. His asshole puckers and he moans deeply. Taking a cue from him, I run my hands along his ass, stopping at his asshole to play with the rim. I put a finger in my mouth and then return it to his ass. I stroke the rim of his ass and then slowly push my finger inside of him.

His body stiffens with pleasure and he groans loudly as he thrusts his cock deeply inside of me. I can feel his large cock pulsing inside of me. I increase the speed and depth of my finger in and out of his asshole as he continues to thrust inside of me. As his pace quickens, I push my finger deeper within in his ass and his cock responds by thrusting deeply within me. His mouth finds my neck and his teeth gently bite me.

He wants more of me. I can feel his pulse quickening. His body is hot and filled with energy. He pulls out his rock hard cock and flips me over.My breasts bounce and my pussy is glistening with wetness. I assume a submissive position on my hands and knees. I sway my ass and pussy from side to side to tease him. He takes his finger and rubs it against my clit and then slides two fingers deeply inside my pussy with one hand as he strokes his cock with the other.

He alternates between my clit and pussy with his fingers until his breath quickens with an unshakable desire. His cock is dripping precum and I can tell he is eager to enter me again.

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He starts rubbing the tip of his cock against my pussy and then thrusts deeply inside of me. He grabs my hips and fucks me HARD for several minutes. My clit is throbbing and my pussy is wet and loving him. He feels amazing. He slows his pace and works his fingers over to my asshole. He sucks on his finger and then runs his wet finger around the rim of my ass. My body moves towards him wantingly.

He takes his time with my ass leaving me desperate for him to penetrate me. After several minutes of him teasing me I moan in frustration. He thrust his finger inside of my ass. The pain mixed with intense pleasure hits me hard and pleasure overtakes me as blood flows to my clit as he starts moving his finger in and out of my ass in rhythm with his cock in my pussy.

His other hand wraps around my waist and grabs my pussy, hard. My clit burns with pleasure as his hand grabs me. He fucks me with his finger and cock and his other hand continually presses harder against my pussy as he grabs me to thrust, again and again. I moan deeply and my clit throbs with delight. As his pace quickens, he stops fucking with his finger and moves his cock to the rim of my ass.

He takes the tip of his cock and massages the rim of my ass, again savoring the moment before he enters me. He takes the tip of his cock and presses it into my ass, less than an inch to tease me.

I moan and his cock swells with blood. I can feel his arms gripping my pelvis with excitement. He loves this. He pushes his cock inside my ass a little more and I moan with desire. I want him so badly. After several minutes of teasing me he groans loudly and presses his cock inside of me hard and deep.

The pain comes sharply and quickly and my clit pulses as blood fills my groin area. I move my ass with his thrusts. The pain soon turns to an intense and deep pleasure. I wanted each thrust desperately. His cock pounds my ass and I can feel his cock throbbing and his pace increasing. He moans deeply as he grabs me fiercely. After a few minutes of intense ass fucking he slows his pace and removes his cock.

I immediately want his cock back inside me. "I want to look at you," he says. He flips me over and spreads open my legs. He grabs his cock and thrusts it in my ass. This time I'm ready for him and accept his cock hungrily. He grabs my hips and pulls my pelvis towards him. My pussy is wet and glistening up at him as his cock pounds inside my ass again and again.

He takes two fingers and rubs them over my clit. I moan deeply and savor each thrust of his large and pulsating cock. He picks me up and pulls me on top of him. I sit on top of him without moving. He is still and close to coming. I can feel his heart racing against my breasts and he is breathing quickly.

We kiss passionately and he occasionally moves his cock deeply within my ass, moaning loudly each time. I groan loudly with pleasure and bite his neck as he presses deeply within me.

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Our arms are around each other locked in a tight embrace. His arms move quickly from my back to my head and through my hair bringing my head close to him as he breaths heavily against my neck while thrusting. I can sense that he is about to come. He aggressively lays me back against the bed and pulls my legs up next to my head while keeping his cock deep within my ass.

The position makes it so he is in full control and he pushes his cock deeply within me. He moans deeply and picks up his pace. His cock swells and I his pace becomes fast and steady. He doesn't slow down at all.

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"I'm coming!" He thrusts violently against me and I moan with deep pleasure as his cock shoots out cum into my ass. I can feel him shoot cum deep within me.

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I savor every moment as his arms grab me with desire. He moans one last time and his body collapses. After he comes he pulls out and catches his breathe. He watches as the cum leaks from my ass. He quickly moves his mouth to my clit and sucks hard.

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His finger finds my ass and he continues pressing his finger deep within my ass again and again as his mouth sucks deeply on my clit. The pressure of his mouth on my clit is intense and I can feel an orgasm coming on. I move my pelvis back and forth as he sucks on my clit. My clit is pulsing and burning with pleasure. After a short while, the pleasure is more than I can bear and I come all over his mouth, moaning loudly.

Waves of pleasure course through my clit and vagina for several moments as he sucks deeply on my clit. He moans and his sucking slows and he releases his mouth from my clit. I can see that his cock is already hard again. His finger is still pushing in and out of my ass slowly.

He takes his hand back to his cock and uses his saliva to jerk himself off as he watches me moan while he fingers my ass. His cum is still dripping from my ass around his finger as he finger fucks me. He pulls his finger and out goes to the sink to wash off. After cleaning his cock in the sink, he brings a wet cloth over to clean me. His cock his hard and ready for more. I spread my legs and await his next move&hellip. To be continued&hellip.