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THE CHURCH OF THE CHOSEN—PART 3 Sean finishes his training then he helps Joyce and David in a way he could never have imagined.

CHAPTER 6 On and on my training went. I grew proficient in every facet of housecleaning, laundry and ironing, grocery shopping and cooking. I already knew how to manage the yard and lawn. I did everything to the best of my ability even though my ability was sometimes not so great.

I worked from sunup to sundown and even later most days. However, Mistress Denise also took good care of me.

We made love almost every night. My pay check had long ago been directly deposited into her bank account. She gave me an allowance and I was provided with a credit card for emergencies, and if I used it the emergency had better be real. Despite all I had gone through I had never been happier. Our marriage had never been better.

Mistress Denise asked me one night if I knew what it was all about. What was all this Mistress-slave business really about? I thought for a moment before replying, "I believe it's about how I think about you. Before I asked to be your slave you occupied my thoughts maybe ten…twenty percent of the time.

I was concerned mostly about me—my pleasure, my joy, my achievements…my orgasms, my anger and pain. Now you occupy my thoughts all the time, even at work.

Although I have to concentrate on other things you come right back into my brain as soon as they pass. I don't worry about myself any longer. I know that you will take care of me. I only worry about you—taking care of you, loving you, and pleasing you. That's what I think it's really about." She made no reply.

The following afternoon she announced that we were hiring a maid service. After a few seconds thought I told her, "I thought that was my job, Mistress." "It was your job, Sean. It's not your job any longer, and it's 'Denise,' not 'Mistress Denise.' Your training is over. What will you do for me?" "Anything, Mistress…everything, Mistress." "Yes, you will and you will call me Denise.

It will not be good for our children to hear you call me 'Mistress,' will it? We will have many changes, Sean. Your training is done, but your work continues.

It will just be different. Now, let's go out to dinner. We're taking Joyce and David out. We're celebrating—I'm pregnant. You will be a father in six months." I was thrilled. I fell, sobbing, to her feet, kissing them over and over. "Stand up, Sean so I can kiss you. C'mon now." I stood unsteadily until she gripped my head in her hands and pulled me down for a long deep and sweet kiss.

Her tongue found its way into my mouth, wrapping around mine. I had always known that Denise loved me; now I knew how much—I meant everything to her. My life did change after that—no more collar, no more cock cage, but I was still as much Denise's slave as I was before. Her controls were inside me. Over the nine months that I had been trained Denise had used those external restraints to control me. That's what I thought initially, but then I realized some months ago that it was her all along.

She controlled me every day—every minute of every day—through everything, not what she had done to me, but through the things I had done to myself to please her. She would always be my Mistress now. The community began to change without the Church of the Chosen and Rev.

Mitchell to create new masters and slaves. Masters and slaves moved out only to be replaced by so-called normal people with so-called normal relationships. A year after I accepted Denise as my mistress almost five percent of the community had changed.

Indeed, a normal couple moved in next door to us on the side opposite Joyce and David. We welcomed them to the neighborhood and invited them to our home. They asked if we could come to them so they would not have to hire a sitter for their three young children. After dinner, once they had put their three adorable girls to bed for the night, we relaxed in their living room. They had drinks; Denise and I had ginger ale. We talked about their children and Denise's pregnancy.

In time the conversation drifted to the community. "What do you know about the name of this place," Paul asked. "Wasn't there a church or something here?" I looked to Denise for guidance.

A simple nod told me to answer. "I'll tell you all about it, but it's going to take a while—it's a long story. You know that big building out on the highway—the senior and youth centers? That used to be the Church of the Chosen.

The pastor was Rev. Mitchell, except that wasn't his real name, he wasn't a real minister, and the church was a scam. Rev. Mitchell visited us about a week after we had moved in and tested us for dominance and submissiveness.

That's where the 'Chosen' part comes in—one partner chosen as a dominant, the other as a submissive. Denise tested dominant and I tested submissive. We each had training to prepare us for our roles. It was during my first lesson that I learned that our house might be bugged." "Bugged?

You've got to be kidding!" "No, I'm not. It was known that I'm an FBI Agent. What wasn't known, not even to Denise, was that the Bureau had received a complaint from a former resident who learned accidentally that he was the star of a porn DVD. I was supposed to look into it and I did.

Our house was indeed bugged and I'll bet yours was, too. I stood and walked over to the smoke alarm and pulled it off. There was a miniature camera and microphone. I pulled it out, showing to Paul and Laura. "I don't know if it's still transmitting, but I can find out if you like.

I do know that there is nobody receiving. After that Denise and I were very careful about what we said and did in front of the cameras. We were trained for about a week when I was pulled out by my boss from Washington. Denise was training to be my Mistress; I was going to be her slave.

"In about a month or so we had more than enough evidence to arrest and convict the Mitchells, the head of the local Bureau office, and several others who forced their children to have sex with them. That's also when we closed the church. It was huge with several hundred rows of thickly upholstered arm chairs for the masters and mistresses.

The slaves sat naked next to them on thin pads on the floor. Every slave, including me, was required to wear a stainless collar that could be used to shock him for any reason the Master or Mistress felt was appropriate. Luckily for me Denise found it barbaric the one time she shocked me.

It would open once I left the community, but I was required to put it back on again when I returned. It told everyone in the town that I was a slave and it could be used to punish me if Denise felt it was necessary. Also, every slave was kept in chastity—a chastity belt for the women, a cock cage for the men. I had two—one stainless and one plastic-- because I have to go through a metal detector at work. Denise had—still has—the locks and shock control.

Slaves were always naked at home as well as at church. "As I said, the church was a scam. The Mitchells cleared more than $3,000 a week from the church and they used the training and surveillance videos to make all kinds of porn DVD's, all of which involved people without their knowledge or consent.

They made millions that way and, of course, they never paid any taxes on the proceeds. I'm sure you realize that both those acts are felonies under federal law." "I'll bet you were glad when it ended." "Yes…and no; we spent more than a month in a motel room while the case was being put together by the task force so Denise and I were thrilled to be able to come home. However, I was miserable for about three months and I made Denise miserable, too, until I realized the problem-- I missed being Denise's slave.

Yeah—I missed it and I needed it. It was the only time in my life when I had real contentment.


It was also the time that Denise and I were the closest. I actually begged Denise to take me back. Rev. Mitchell had rigged the tests, but we've since learned that many driven and successful men have a strong submissive streak. I should know—I'm one of them. Believe me—being the dominant partner is a lot of work-- not that Denise didn't make me work, because she did. She also made me do some things that I would never ever do normally. It was all about teaching me obedience.

It helped me tremendously to know how much she loved me. That's why she's taken on all the responsibility." "Can we ask what she made you do," Laura asked. Again I looked to Denise for a cue. "Sure—my trainer, Rev. Mitchell's wife, had me clean out three pussies with my tongue after the women had sex with their partners.

I was also supposed to clean their cocks. Denise intervened so I didn't have to, but later she required me to give several blowjobs. Neither was really about sex; they were all about obedience. I really hated the blowjobs, but I did it because I needed to learn to obey. I'm sure you think it's weird, but I've never been happier and I love Denise even more now than I did before. It's also what probably saved our marriage—that's how bad I was before we began.

I only know that now I'm the happiest slave in the world. I'm not naked at home any more. I'm sure you're happy to know that—and we now have a maid service even though I'd gladly do everything if Denise just asked.

She has absolute and total control over me." Laura looked incredulous. "Denise, I find it difficult to believe that." "Okay, Laura…Sean," I jumped to my feet.

I recognized that tone of voice. She was about to command; I was about to obey. "Sean, strip. Hand me your clothes." I didn't reply. None was needed. I began with my shoes and socks, handing them to Denise. My shirt, pants, and boxers followed shortly thereafter. I kept my pistol strapped to my ankle. I knelt, awaiting my orders. "I'm shocked, Denise. Isn't he at all embarrassed to be naked in front of us?

I must admit, though, he is gorgeous." "No, Laura, Sean knows that I'm responsible for this—not him. I'm responsible for everything. That's the burden of being in charge. Sean, I need to go. Please remove my panties and attend." I crawled immediately between her legs and pulled down her panties once she had lifted her hips. My lips sealed off her cunt seconds later. "I have him do this every day—several times every day.

It is a great reminder of my authority over him. I actually had to learn how to control the flow so he could handle it." That was news to me. I began to swallow as Mistress Denise continued. "Other than the taste and the taboo, there's nothing wrong with drinking urine.

It's almost always sterile and can even be used in medical procedures in an emergency. I'm a science teacher." Then turning her attention back to me, "Sean, while you're down there&hellip. This is his reward, and mine, too. I have him do this several times a day, also.

It's one of the advantages of being dominant, although I know how much Sean enjoys it, too. Ohhhh, Sean!" I had just sucked her clit between my teeth. Denise shook several times as her orgasm overtook her. "I usually give Sean a reward every night. Yes, I control that, too." I pulled back from under Denise's skirt, my face a mess from her ejaculate.

Laura laughed, but got me two paper towels from the kitchen, one moistened from the faucet. Once my face was cleaned I sat, still naked, at my Mistress's feet. "I have to admit, Denise, I knew something about the community. My aunt used to live here before my uncle passed away. She phoned me when she learned we were moving to the area. I remembered her marriage as being almost perfect, but I was still surprised when she told me that she was his slave and that it was the happiest period of her life.

"That was probably the primary reason why we moved here. Things have been tough between us—lots of arguments, screaming and yelling at each other. I don't think it's healthy for the children to see and hear that every day. I'd be interested in learning more." "What about you, Paul? How do you feel?" "Well," he hesitated almost two minutes before continuing, "I suppose it would be okay. I'm sure Laura would want me to be the slave.

I'm usually the one who's out of control. I don't know what it is with me. I love Laura to pieces and the girls, too. I just&hellip." He broke into tears. Denise pushed me to him. I held his head against my bare chest. "Tell me, Paul; are you willing to be her slave? It'll never work if you're not willing." "Yes, damn it—I will.

Oh, God help me." "God won't do it, Paul—you will with Mistress Laura's help." I turned to see Denise pull her phone from her purse.

She used the speed dial to contact Joyce. "Hi, David, may I speak with Joyce? Hi, Joyce, have you met the new neighbors—Laura and Paul? Sean and I are over at their place now. Can you come over? Oh good, please bring a cage and a collar and…okay, hold on…Paul, what size neck do you have? Joyce, he says he wears a size 16 shirt. Okay, see you soon." We sat there quietly while Paul continued to sob.

I rose a few minutes later to answer the door. "Ah, Sean I see you've been demonstrating your skills. I almost swoon whenever I see you like this. I may ask Denise if I can borrow you later. I could use a hard fucking. David stayed behind because of his back." Denise made the introductions and Joyce addressed Paul, "Paul, stand and strip. No need to worry, we've seen it all before. C'mon now. We usually begin with a punishment so you will recognize Laura's authority, but we don't want it to be any worse than necessary." Paul slowly rose, but he seemed to be paralyzed.

I looked to Denise, my Mistress, for direction. A subtle nod told me everything I had to know. I began to help Paul, unbuttoning his shirt and laying it over a nearby chair.

In a few minutes he was as naked as me. He was tall, maybe six feet, but he was much thinner than I was. Joyce stepped forward and applied the chastity device. "Let this be a reminder, Paul—a reminder of your wife's authority. If you behave and cooperate fully I'm sure she will remove it often." She reached up and snapped the collar around his neck. "Now Paul, I think you should lie on the floor. This is going to hurt, but we don't want to really damage you." I helped him to lie down.

Joyce showed Laura the three implements—the cock cage key and the shocker and opener for the collar. A second later she pressed the button; Paul screamed at the top of his lungs as he thrashed for more than twenty seconds before he began to calm down. Denise and Laura went to check on the children, but they had slept through the entire incident. I helped Paul to his feet and led him to their bedroom. Fortunately, Joyce had the foresight to bring a complete set of leather straps.

I fastened him to the bed in minutes. Joyce came in with Laura and Denise trailing. I recognized her cane immediately. She handed it to Laura with instructions. Laura's voice broke the silence, "Okay, Paul I'm giving you five strokes. This is just so you will know what I can do to you if you don't cooperate. Joyce will train me during the day to be an effective and loving Mistress. She and Denise love their slaves as much as I love you. She'll train you at night and on weekends to be an outstanding slave.

The most important thing though is for you to always remember that we're doing this because we love each other and our children and we want to stay together. Ready?" She took the first swing. Paul screamed into the pillow. Fortunately, she did not hesitate between strokes.

She was done in less than thirty seconds, threw down the cane and rushed to comfort her husband. "Oh, darling I hope you don't make me do that again. Are you okay? Thank you, Sean." I handed her the ice I had taken from the freezer. I noticed five red stripes cutting across his ass before she laid the ice to it. "Okay, it's late so I think Denise, Sean and I should leave. Laura, I can start your lessons in the morning. Is that okay with you? They set the date for ten.

Paul would go to Mistress Joyce at two. Denise committed us to helping with the children.

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I thought the practice with the diapers would help when our baby arrived. I anticipated doing a lot of work then. I stood by my clothes in the living room until Joyce and Denise joined me. I wasn't told to dress so I didn't.

"Pick them up, Sean and let's go. It's a pleasant night and a short walk--besides all the neighbors have already seen you, haven't they?" I followed orders and soon I was out on the lawn.

My feet became wet from the dew. Denise opened our front door. I wasn't at all surprised when Joyce walked in with us. "Sean, put your clothes away then you can help Joyce and me to undress. Then you can bathe us. What would you prefer, Joyce—a bath or a shower?" "Will Sean join me if I choose the shower?" "He will if you wish, but the tub is really only big enough for one, although you might get the two of you in vertically." She grinned wildly as she envisioned that.

"Tempting," Joyce replied, "but I think I'll take the shower." Denise led us to the bedroom. I had them naked in just a few minutes. There was quite a contrast between the two of them. Denise was tall and willowy with shoulders broader than her hips and large firm breasts. Joyce was shorter and rounder, perhaps due to her age.

She was, however, in excellent shape. Joyce was ten years older than Denise who was now twenty-seven. They took my hands and led me into the bathroom. "Sean, you will wash me first, but it will be a lot quicker than usual. You are to devote your best skills to Joyce. She will join us in bed and spend the night. You will obey her as you would me." "Of course, Mistress. I would do that under any circumstances." I turned on the shower, waiting for the water to warm before extending my hand to Denise.

As ordered I washed her quickly and dried her, my body still dripping water onto the floor. I took Joyce's hand. "I don't want you to slip or fall." Once in the shower I washed her in the same loving manner I normally saved for my Mistress. My soapy hand ran up and down her ass crack and I dared to finger her anus.

When she gave me a questioning look I told her, "I always do that for my Mistress. She enjoys it and I thought you might, also. Perhaps later you might enjoy my tongue in there." Her look turned into an evil smile. I was surprised when she insisted on cleaning my body, but I was hardly surprised when she pushed her finger into my asshole. I laughed and she reached up to kiss me. I returned the kiss eagerly. She had kissed me often during my training and I had been instructed to treat her as I would Denise.

Once out of the shower I dried her carefully and lovingly with a large fluffy towel. I pulled the stool from under the vanity so I could attend to her damp hair.

I ignored the cooling water on my body until Denise came in, "tsk'd" me several times and dried me. "I don't want you catching pneumonia, Sean. You have a long and tiring night ahead of you." She kissed my cheek, whispering, "You have been a very good boy tonight, Sean.

I'm very proud of you." She kissed me again and returned to the bedroom. I led Joyce to our bed. Denise ordered me to lie in the center. "You don't mind if I take the cock, do you Denise? I really need a hard fucking. I've missed Sean in the worst way. Poor David tries, but his equipment is a lot smaller and he just isn't able to drive the way Sean does." "No, Joyce you're the guest so you get first choice.

I have some condoms right here." "Would you mind terribly if I took him bareback? You know I've always used condoms with my trainees, besides I'm on the pill and I know the two of you are strictly monogamous." Denise nodded her approval and Joyce took position over my hips.

She leaned down to kiss me again as her hand found my cock. Her touch was so light and enticing. My cock responded in an instant. She smiled when she saw the arteries pulse and the head swell and turn reddish purple. I was surprised when she moved back down to take my organ into her mouth.

Denise laughed when she saw my expression. "Just go with it, darling. Consider it your reward for being such a good boy tonight." Joyce took my cock deep into her mouth. I was looking at her amazed at what I saw until Denise blocked my view.

She literally sat on my face. "Go ahead, Sean—lick me." I moved my tongue to her labia, licking all the way from her asshole to her clit. The broad of my tongue covered her entire pussy. I did it again, this time pausing for several seconds as my tongue teased her anus.

Denise turned around and shook her head, "You naughty boy. I think you need a punishment and I'll give you one if you don't do a good job down there." I pushed my tongue into her ass. While I fucked her there my fingers found her pussy, my thumb her already hard clit. Denise groaned as I tortured her cunt.

My tongue could feel my fingers in her tunnel as I fucked her in both holes. I knew I was getting to her when she screamed, "My clit! Suck my clit between your teeth and bite me. Oh god, Sean, do it…please." I pulled my dirty tongue from her and pulled her body up over my head. My tongue found her clit one second and one later I sucked it between my teeth, gnawing as I licked. I attacked her poor button and, as I did, Denise went crazy.

My hands moved up to her breasts where I worried her nipples and mauled her breasts. I wasn't at all surprised that she thrashed around the bed wildly as her orgasm struck. I laid her next to me to rest. Her last words before she fainted were, "Take care of her, Sean. Take good care of&hellip." I looked down at Mistress Joyce—now merely Joyce to me, but always a Mistress in my heart.

She had just mounted my pole and was enjoying my girth. Her head was back and her back was arched in her rapture. "You can touch me, Sean. I want you to. Do to me as you wish. I want a hard fucking." That was all I needed to hear. Holding her hip with one hand and pushing up and away from Denise, I flipped over and on top of Joyce. I supported her legs with my arms and forced them over her head as I pounded her pussy, driving my cock into her cervix.

I could see her wince, but she spurred me on with her words and her actions. She returned my every thrust with one of her own, forcing me even deeper into her. She pulled me down for a kiss—a long consuming kiss, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I was captive as her hands tightly gripped my head and hair.

My hands found her breasts; my fingers pinched her nipples until her back arched again lifting me from the bed and she came. God, her orgasm was so powerful! A second series of convulsions was running through her when she told me, "Cum…cum now for your Mistress!" I pulled back one final time and when I drove into her again I lost it. My weary cock exploded into her as I drowned her poor cunt with my hot slick semen.

I released her legs, my head falling onto her chest. "Thank you, Sean. You have no idea how much I needed that. It was perfect. I'm so jealous of Denise." "Thank you for allowing me to serve you, Mistress." "No more of that, Sean. You are to call me Joyce. I don't want to punish you. I know how submissive you can be to Denise and me, but you can prove it through your actions.

Now let's go to sleep. Denise wants you in the middle. Good night, Sean." She leaned over to kiss me and we went to sleep, me in the middle of these two powerful women. They woke me at three the following morning, looking down at me as they stroked my chest, my thigh, and my hard cock.

"We want you again, my love, but first&hellip." I knew exactly what she wanted when she rose to straddle my mouth. I opened and drank her foul urine. Once done she moved aside for Joyce. Again I was used; it was but a prelude of things to come. They changed their positions with Joyce taking my tongue and Denise my cock. This was one of the most exciting nights of my life—being called on to satisfy these insatiable women.

I fucked my dear wife with every bit of energy at my disposal. I licked Joyce's dirty cunt with the very same enthusiasm. We were a filthy sweaty mess by the time we finished. Denise had moved off me, aiming my cock up my body when I came. She and Joyce made a ritual of scooping up my semen and feeding it to me. They took turns sitting on my mouth when they were done. I willingly cleaned their cunts until they shone in the weak moonlight. Finally, Denise took me into her arms and we returned to sleep.

Joyce snuggled up to my back, running her arm around to my chest. I never felt more loved. I was surprised that I was permitted to sleep in the following morning. I woke in the bright sunlight to find myself alone in the bedroom.

I was bleary-eyed as I padded naked through the house in search of Denise and Joyce. I found them, also naked, in the kitchen sitting at the table enjoying a cup of coffee. "I'm sorry; I'll get breakfast for you immediately." "No, you deserve a break and we're giving it to you. Sit down and relax." I felt uncomfortable sitting while two Mistresses waited on me, but I was ordered to sit so that's what I did.

Denise came and sat in my lap once breakfast was served. Her belly had just begun to swell. I placed my hand lovingly on her swollen abdomen. She looked down sternly, "Did I give permission to touch me?" "No, Mistress—I'm sorry." Now she laughed, ran her fingers through my hair, and kissed me. "You never need permission to do that. In fact, I'm thinking about allowing you to initiate sex.

What do you think, Joyce?" "I think if I was married to Sean I'd never let him out of bed. That was the best fucking I've had in years. Denise has agreed to let me borrow you again. I'm thinking of getting pregnant—yes, even at my age and I'm going to need a donor.

David had a serious illness with a very high fever about five years ago and it rendered him infertile. How'd you like to be a sperm donor, Sean?" "I'd be honored Joyce and I don't think you're old." "How do you live with this flatterer?" "Very well, thank you.

There are many reasons why I love Sean. That was just one of them. I think we should eat. You have Laura coming at ten." We wolfed down the breakfast they had prepared. I would never mention it, but I was a much better cook than either of them. We went together to the shower once we were done. It was a tight fit, but a lot of fun.

We laughed our way throughout. I spent a lot of time on their cunts, breasts, and assholes. They—well--all they washed was my cock and balls. I thought that was enough. I was allowed to dry them with a large fluffy towel and blow their hair dry. I helped Denise to dress before donning the clothes she had selected for me. I would be wearing shorts today so I selected a small .32 cal. revolver that would fit into my pocket. The trigger pull pressure was extremely high so there was very little chance of an accidental discharge.

Joyce left our house with ten minutes to spare. Denise led me across the lawns to Laura and Paul's home. We had met the girls last night so we greeted them with smiles and high-fives. Of course, they wanted to know where Mommy was going so I told them, "Mommy's going to school." Paula, the oldest at six, looked at me in disbelief.

"There's no school on Saturday, Mr. Sean." "You're right, but this is a special school for mommies and daddies. It runs on Saturdays, Sundays, and at night for the daddies and every day for the mommies.

Ms. Denise or I will stay with you when Mommy or Daddy can't.

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Is that okay?" "Yes, we like you. You're funny. Don't you have any children?" "Not yet, Paula, but Ms. Denise is going to have one in a few months. Would you like to come over and see the baby when it's born?" That's pretty much the way the conversation went until she noticed the bulge in my pocket.

"Can you keep a secret?" I continued once she covered her mouth with her hand—damn, kids are so funny! "I'm a kind of police officer.

That's my gun." When she didn't believe me I sent her to ask Denise. She was awestruck when she returned. I wondered where Paul was so I went to look for him. I found him hiding in their home office, his head in his hands. "I don't think I can do this. I don't want to give up my freedom. I didn't like being hurt either" "Okay, let's look at the bigger picture—your freedom. Freedom to do what? Yell and scream?

Terrorize your wife and kids? Argue all the time? That's just a pathway to disaster. The pain? Yesterday was just to show you what can be done. When you screw up you'll be punished just as I and almost every other slave in this town have been.

When you do what you're supposed to, you won't. It's simple. "There's a lot of work, especially in the beginning while you're training, but there's a lot of pleasure, too.

It's great to come home and know there will be no arguments or fights. Denise and I make love almost every day and it's her decision to do it. She makes me give her orgasms with my mouth, but I probably enjoy that even more than she does. Expect to do all the housework before you're done, but that's not so bad when you consider what's on TV these days. Like everything else in life, the more you put in the more you get out—like last night. "After we left I showered with Denise and then Joyce.

Then we had a wild threesome and went to sleep. They woke me at three to take their pee and&hellip." "Pee?" "Yeah, you'll be expected to drink Laura's pee every day. The taste is terrible, but other than that it's okay. I always stick my tongue into her vagina. It helps a lot with the taste and it warms her up for what usually happens after.

I don't wear a collar or a cock cage any longer. It reminds me every day that Denise is the boss and I'm not. You won't be alone. When I became a slave every household in the town except for a grand total of seventeen was involved in a Dominant/submissive relationship. It was a requirement to join the church.

Those seventeen others were Jewish—no interest in the church. Even now after being given the choice to go back to a "normal" relationship, virtually everyone stayed in their D/s relationship. Mitchell was a con artist, but he was right about the chosen.


It can be the path to true happiness." CHAPTER 7 It was a busy time getting Laura and Paul off to a good start, but after a few weeks it all proved worthwhile. I got to make love to Denise in their living room and watch as Paul cleaned Denise's cunt.

He even licked my cock clean, although I would have been just as happy if he hadn't. They were well on the way to solving most, if not all, of their problems. If only that was the sole issue on my mind. I came home one Thursday evening to find Denise seated smugly on the couch.

She looked like the cat that ate the canary. Rather than greet me she told me to kneel and announced, "I'm going to take a lover." I fell to the floor tears forming in my eyes. "I told you when all this started that I might. You'll be here when it happens and, of course, you'll clean up once we're done." "Please don't, I beg you! You've always respected my limits.

This will destroy me. It will destroy us." "Really, Sean, you're being overly dramatic. You'll survive and so will we." "No, we won't. We can't and won't overcome that. You don't realize the implications." I pulled myself together and, after wiping my eyes and blowing my nose, I took a deep breath and sat on the couch near her.

I did not kneel to kiss her feet. "I'm not speaking as slave Sean, Denise. I'm speaking as Agent Sean. Not only do I not want you to take a lover, if you take this one you'll certainly destroy us." I pulled out my notebook and read, "You arrived at the Blue Parrot at 11:47. You entered two minutes later." She interrupted me before I could continue.

"WHAT? YOU'RE HAVING ME FOLLOWED?" She raised her hand as if to strike me, something she had never done, even when punishing me. I stopped her with a single calmly spoken word. "No." Denise is a very bright woman. I knew that she had been accepted to medical school before deciding that she really wanted to teach. She sat quietly for a minute.

I could see the wheels turning. "You're following Vincent." "I've already told you more than I should have, but I want you to hear something.

We interrogated our wonderful neighbor about two weeks ago. He asked me to stop the tape, but I started my digital recorder when we turned the other one off. Nothing on here can be used against him, but I'm glad now that I recorded this: "Okay, Vincent, it's off.

What do you want to tell me that's such a secret?" "I'm just wondering how it feels to be a slave. Maybe I should complain to your wife that you failed to kiss my feet." "You can complain to anyone you like. I'll never kiss YOUR feet.

That's a sign of respect—respect you'll never get from me." "Yeah, maybe, but you'd better watch out. You might be kissing a lot more than my feet. I was wondering the other day what your boss in Washington would say if he knew his fair-haired boy was a slave." "Here's my phone. Why don't you call him? You won't be telling him anything he doesn't already know and keep in mind that he's likely to consider the source of this revelation." "Just remember what I said slave-boy.

I'm a Master like your wife. After I've fucked her you'll be cleaning both of us." I shut the recorder off. "He goes on a little longer, but the rest isn't important.

Bottom line--he likes to fuck and humiliate pregnant women. You'd be his third in the past six months. He just likes to destroy and if you go through with this you will not only destroy us, you'll ruin more than eight months of intensive investigation. How would it look—the subject of a massive federal and state investigation fucking the wife of the person who heads up the primary investigating agency? How many people would think I'm just trying to get even?" "Oh Sean, what have I done?" "Well, so far you've had lunch with a neighbor and that's all." I went on to suggest a course of action.

Denise agreed and picked up the phone. "His phone is tapped, Denise. We're pretty sure he knows so he's likely to talk in veiled terms." She nodded her understanding and dialed, speaking when he had answered, "Hello, Vincent, I wanted to thank you again for lunch. It was a pleasure to get out of the house, especially since I'll probably be virtually house-bound for months." "I assure you Denise that the pleasure was all mine…and speaking of pleasure—have you given any thought to my other suggestion?" "It is intriguing, Vincent, but I don't think it's really for me." "Well, you do realize that there's nothing to stop you—absolutely nothing at all." "Perhaps, but it's not something I'm really interested in.

Oh, I have to go. Sean just walked in the door." She hung up the phone and looked at me. I could see the contrition in her eyes. I dropped to my knees and kissed her feet. "I was wondering if you'd remember that." "I never forgot. It seemed to me that the other was a bit more important at the time." "You're right, as usual.

I'm glad I married such a smart man. Help me up. I need to pee. That's right, I'll be using the toilet from now on. Think of it as penance for almost ruining us with my stupidity. Truthfully, I never found it all that appealing. I did it primarily to humiliate you. Mistress Ethel insisted." "You will never be stupid, Denise." "I hope you're right, but I seem to make a lot of mistakes, especially when I decide I need to push you.

Maybe I should just go with the flow. Oh! I'm reminded that I will be lending you to Joyce every night next week. Explain to me why that's okay, but my taking a lover isn't." "It's simple, Denise.

I would never choose to have sex with anyone other than you. But it's not my choice, is it? I'm just doing as I'm told. I'll do my best, of course, because I don't want you to be disappointed in me, but that's the only reason. I'd much prefer being here in bed with you." "Who says you won't be?" She had a twinkle in her eye and an evil smile on her lips. "C'mon, I really do have to go." I helped her up and walked behind her to the bathroom. "Get naked and on the bed.

I'll be back in a minute." I pondered the changes that had occurred over the past few weeks as I undressed. If I knew my wife, I also knew that there was a reason behind them. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what. Denise returned a few minutes later, her slacks and panties over her arm. "You don't mind cleaning me, do you, Sean? I do enjoy that, and, of course, I love what usually follows. I wonder if Dr. Mills will allow that when the baby is close.

I'll have to ask her, and that reminds me, I'm having ultrasound next week. I want you there." "Yes, Denise…I do remember. I've already cleared my calendar." "Good boy, now lie back and open that talented mouth of yours." I lay on the bed awaiting my wife's tasty cunt. She straddled my head, but I was surprised that she was facing my feet.

Did she want me to eat her ass, too? My tongue had just touched her labia when I felt and heard my belt open. My zipper followed. "You know, Sean—I have a weakness for this cock of yours.

I just love it. I'm glad I'm your Mistress. I can have it any time I want. Do you remember our first night at this—when I told you I could play with these things anytime I wanted? That's what I love best about our arrangement. Now I plan to lick you until you cum in my mouth. You don't need to warn me and you can cum whenever you're ready.

I don't want you to worry about dinner. We can have some sandwiches later…if we ever get out of this bed." I teased her labia with the tip of my tongue. Around and around I licked until I felt Denise shudder with excitement and lust. Then my efforts concentrated on her core. My tongue found her tunnel oozing juice as I fucked her hard. Pushing it toward her belly brought the tip into contact with her G-spot.

Rubbing against that rough ribbed spot always drove Denise wild and today was no exception. Her motions spread her secretions over my entire face. I was sure that Denise would laugh when she saw me. I didn't care at all. My only interest today, and every day, was taking the very best care of her. I moved to her clit when I thought she was ready. Having eaten her pussy every day—multiple times every day—had helped me to know her body even better than I knew my own.

I loved taking my time with her—stretching out her rapture. It was the one time I had power over her. I had to be careful, though, not to abuse that power. I moved to her clit. I knew what she wanted. She wanted it hard—not my tongue, my teeth; not nibbling, biting.

I was happy to oblige. Keeping my teeth less than a quarter inch apart, I sucked her bud into my mouth. The pressure exerted on her nerve endings always brought her to the edge. When I bit her sensitive tissue she went over the top to a massive orgasm. It always worked with her.

Today, however, her mouth was full of my cock. She had begun by licking all around my helmet and down the sensitive underside to my naked balls. I had maintained shaving there ever since Denise had me do it so many months ago. She told me many times how much she loved the sensation of my smooth sensitive skin. I had initially received some ribbing from my fellow agents at the office gym, but after telling them that I did it for my wife those jibes melted away. All the guys had met Denise and I knew they were all terribly jealous.

The women were jealous of her. They all wanted a man who was as caring and solicitous as I was to Denise. I had actually told several of them that I was her slave. That was why I always catered to her. Of course, they laughed and asked what the real reason was. Denise licked me like she would a lollypop—up, down, around the helmet, teasingly down my shaft—and that was where she was when she came so hard she passed out.

I tried to pull my cock from her mouth so she would not suffocate, but even unconscious she held me tightly. I lay on the bed, relaxed until she was ready. I wanted to cum, but it would be up to Denise to decide, just as she decided everything else. "What…? What happened, Sean?" "Well…if I had to guess I'd say you had the mother of all orgasms and passed out. I tried to pull my cock from your mouth, but you held onto it like&hellip." "That's because I love it so much, just as I love you so much.

Now…I need to get back to work, don't I? Yes, I know that I make all the decisions and I'm making this one. How about cleaning up my pussy while I'm taking care of you? I can't wait to have you shoot into my mouth. However, I don't think I'll swallow all of it. I'm saving some for you.

I'm sure you'll thank me." "I'll thank you now. I love your attention and your love in whatever form you choose." "Joyce is right—you are such a flatterer." She stopped talking so she could take me deep into her mouth. Up and down her head moved as her tongue laved my cock, forcing it up into contact with the roof of her mouth.

We were such a good partnership—always taking care of each other. When she sucked me forcefully my hips thrust up and my first thick ribbon of slick white semen flew into her throat. I repeated several more times until I was done. I was drained.

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Denise rose slowly from my body. I knew enough to open my mouth. We'd done this before so I knew she would do one of two things, either open her mouth to watch as the slimy semen dropped almost a foot into my mouth, or kiss me, the semen swirling between our mouths.

Today she chose to kiss me. Drinking my or anyone's semen was hardly my favorite activity, but I did it because it made Denise happy just like everything else.

Our kiss was long and lingering. Our tongues dueled, lubricated by the slick white fluid until she broke it. "I think that was a lot of fun." "I have to agree. I love eating your pussy as much as you enjoy receiving…maybe more." She moved up to lie next to me, her head on my shoulder. "Sean, I want to ask you a few questions. I demand you be totally honest with me." I knew this was Mistress Denise speaking from the authoritative tone of her voice.

"Yes, Mistress, you know I would never lie to you." "Yes, I do know that, but I wanted to be sure. Sean, I want to know what goes on in your head. At work you are an ultra-aggressive alpha male, yet here at home you are completely docile and submissive. I had some doubts when we first began this relationship, but now I know it's real.

You are not faking it, but I don't understand how." "You're right, Denise. I doubt that anyone at the Bureau in Indianapolis or even in Washington is as intense as I am. During the months we argued and fought over everything I was bringing that aggressiveness home with me. I needed and still do need to put that behind me—out of my mind and body. If I don't I will destroy us and me even quicker than you taking a lover would.

It's kind of like I'm two different people. I'm submissive to you because of the love and respect I have for you and I'm submissive to Joyce because of my love and respect for her. It's not the same kind of love I have for you. I love her for all she has done for us. She is the most unselfish person I have ever met. Think of me as having a split personality. Does that answer you?" "Yes, I think so.

Now I want to ask you something else. Would you come to school with me some day to speak about how the kids can keep themselves safe? I'm sure the kids will listen to you much more closely than they would to one of our local cops or, God forbid, their parents." "I'd be happy to…whenever you want as long as I'm not involved in a big investigation." We talked for more than an hour.

I would have asked about her changes, but it was not my place. Her stomach growled about an hour later. Just before starting the dinner she asked me one final question, "Does Jeff really know about us?

I heard what you told Vincent." "Yes…he phoned me when I was having all those problems. He wanted to know what was going on so I told him. I described how I felt when you and I were involved with the Mitchells. Of course, I told him I hated all those stupid things they made us do, but I enjoyed the care you showed me and I love taking care of you. I didn't use the term 'Mistress' or 'slave,' but I'm sure he got the message.

He phoned me again three months later to tell me that he'd had much better reports on me. In fact, he told me how everyone had only praise for my work. I credited you for my success." Denise thanked me for my frankness and honesty. I walked to the kitchen where I made us some grilled cheese sandwiches. We ate them naked in bed with some sodas. Denise had a novel idea—she stuffed small pieces into her cunt and had me suck and lick them out. I had to admit it was the best tasting grilled cheese I'd ever eaten.

Later that night we made love again, this time she rode me to two orgasms before telling me to cum. She asked me one additional question before we went to sleep, "Are you happy, Sean…I mean really happy?" "Other than you threatening to have an affair, I've never been happier than when I'm in your shadow." "Thank you, Sean—I appreciate your honesty.

Now, I hate to tell you this, but…you're done until Sunday night. No more cumming for you. I want you primed for Joyce. This is important for her." I nodded my agreement and kissed her, the first time I had shown any kind of aggression toward her in more than a year. We were sound asleep minutes later. The days flew until Sunday evening.

I finished the dishes and showered carefully, shaving my face and pubic area carefully before drying myself and dressing—tee shirt, gym shorts, and sandals, exactly what Joyce had specified. Denise kissed me and I walked across the lawn to ring their bell. David answered and greeted me warmly. "I'm really sorry about this, David," I said quietly.

"Don't be, Sean, it was my idea. I'd prefer to do it myself, but I'll still be the father every single day and I'll love the child just as much." Just then Joyce strolled down the stairs. I gasped when I saw her. She wore a black teddy and a sheer black full-length peignoir. She looked beautiful. "You look beautiful, Joyce." She laughed. "As I've said before Sean—you are quite the flatterer. Come on up. I need you to kiss me." I was kind of embarrassed doing this in front of David, but it was no different than all the other embarrassing things I had to do when I was in training.

I climbed up the stairs to meet her. She gripped my head and pulled my mouth to hers. The kiss was loaded with emotion, but not the kind of love I shared with Denise. Nonetheless, it was a great kiss. She broke it, took my hand, and led me up to the bedroom. I realized that I'd been in their house many times and done all kinds of sexual things with Joyce, but this was my first time in her bedroom.

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The bed was big—a king—with four massive posts. I had a feeling that David had been tied up here many times. Indeed, I saw the leather thongs attached. They looked as though they had been well used, but not tonight. I already knew this would be missionary with Joyce's legs held high to keep my valuable seed within.

Joyce pulled my shirt over my head as I kicked the sandals from my feet and dropped my shorts a second later. Joyce grinned as she ran her hands over my body. "You have permission to do anything you wish with my body, Sean. Of course, I have no desire to be injured, but I doubt you'd even think of that. Touch me, grope me, fondle me, suck and even bite me, but knock me up.

"You have an incredible body, Sean. You could have been a porn star." I laughed. "I almost was…three times." "Yes…I occasionally wonder if I was in any of them." "You were…five that we recovered and destroyed.

I have no idea how many before that." "Hmmm—I wonder if guys jerk off to me." "I'm sure they do. I know I would." Now she laughed. "I was right about you. You are the quintessential flatterer." She pulled me to her on the bed. I did as instructed; I groped and mauled her tits. I licked her cunt until she could stand no more. Finally, she pulled my hard cock into her womanly core. I was surprised at how wet she was. We'd had sex before, obviously, and I recalled that she was tight, but not as wet as she was this night.

I entered her easily, my girth stretching her tender tissues.

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I waited a few seconds to allow her to adjust and was just about pull back when she spoke again, "Hard, Sean…fuck me really hard." I pulled out and rammed home, banging into her cervix.

Over and over I pounded that tight cunt. It was an unending and unyielding assault, but it drove her crazy with lust and desire. She wrapped her legs around my waist as she began to return my thrusts. Shaking now, she came with a guttural scream. I followed shortly later, filling her tunnel with my baby-making cream. We lay still, together as our high ebbed slowly away. I kissed her cheek, thinking that I would relieve her of my weight, but she stopped me. "Keep it in, Sean.

I like it there." She reached up to kiss me again, pulling my head to her chest when she was done. We lay there for roughly a half hour before she told me I could go. I dressed quickly and walked down stairs. I had nothing to say so I waved to David and left. A minute later I was back home and had locked the door for the night.

I found Denise in bed naked and on the phone. She motioned me to the shower. I washed and was back in less than five minutes. She had ended the call. Her finger called me to the bed.

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Once there she kissed me passionately. "That was Joyce. She said you were magnificent. I told her I was hardly surprised. I'm very proud of you, Sean. I know you would have preferred to be here with me, but it means so much to Joyce and David." "I know…you're right.

The look in Joyce's face made it all worthwhile. I hope this works." "So do I." She pulled my head to her crotch. I buried my face in her bald sex. I was covered in her secretions by the time I made her cum. She took one look at me and laughed, "I'm glad you throw yourself into your work, Sean. Come up here and kiss me then off to the bathroom and wash your face.

You're covered in my goo." I kissed her—it was more loving and longer than I could have imagined.


She needed to wash her face by the time she had finished with me. I returned with a warm soapy wash cloth which she took with a chuckle. In a rare move she turned on the TV and handed me the remote before lying to my side, her head on my shoulder. I looked down fifteen minutes later to find her asleep. I turned off the TV and the light. She pulled me to her as we readied ourselves for a long night's slumber. I really did hope that everything would work out for Joyce and David, but it was not to be—at least not the first time.

I really felt like a stallion at stud when I had to return for a second week the following month. We all anxiously awaited news from Joyce, but no one more than me. Sex with my wife had been severely curtailed during the weeks when I was servicing Joyce. We went for more than three weeks without news. Maybe Denise knew, but if she did she didn't tell me and I didn't ask.

Finally, came the phone call—she was ten days late. She'd see her doctor next week and she wanted Denise to accompany her. I rushed home from work that afternoon to see a huge smile on Denise's face.

I was so relieved. We took David and Joyce out to dinner, but absolutely no drinks. The women were both pregnant; the men were both slaves. To be honest, I rarely drank.

I never thought that a law enforcement officer should ever be impaired, although I knew too many who were… some almost daily. Denise asked me about coming to her school during the second week of September and I did. I spoke for almost half an hour before opening up to questions. Typically for kids the questions ranged from, "Are you really an FBI Agent?" to "Are you really Mrs. Rogers' husband?" to "Are you carrying a gun?" Denise thanked me profusely once I was done and so did her principal.

I got a real surprise when I finally got to work. I walked in to find an Assistant U.S. Attorney and my boss, Jeff Romeo, in my office. I greeted them and closed my door. They wanted to move against Vincent Papallo, Denise's erstwhile lover, on a host of RICO charges. He was known to always have at least two bodyguards present so there were concerns that he would fight out any attempt to arrest him. Knowing him from the community of Chosen, they were most interested in my input.

I had an idea and presented it to them. They were skeptical, but agreed to give it a try. Jeff and I were alone for about ten minutes while the attorney double checked the warrants. "How are things going between you and Denise," he asked. "Incredibly well…unbelievably well, Jeff; giving her control of me was the best thing I ever did.

We never argue and I never take my work home with me. I was going to burn out in record time before this—that's for sure. She's saved my life." "I wonder how different your situation is from most marriages. I suspect that the women are really in control but most of us stupid men fight at every opportunity rather than just going with the flow. I envy you in some respects, Sean." "Yes, I know how lucky I am although I guarantee you that our relationship is very different in some respects.

Would you believe that I was required to impregnate our neighbor a few months ago? That was Denise's decision, of course, not mine. I do know that running things is a lot of work and responsibility. I also never doubt how much Denise loves me and soon we'll have a baby daughter to love, too." Jeff was congratulating me when the attorney returned. Everything was set. That afternoon when Vincent was at home police officers removed all the neighbors from nearby houses.

Traffic was stopped three blocks away. I personally removed Joyce even though her house was six lots distant from Vincent's home. We had almost one hundred agents and state and local police officers in addition to some heavy duty hardware.

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We knew that Vincent had a heavily armored Cadillac limo; we had a bazooka. We also had an urban tank—really an armored personnel carrier from the army with a heavy-duty battering ram attached to the front. I walked up to his door alone and unarmed once we were ready. I rang the bell, not at all surprised when his slave/wife Luisa answered. "Hi, Luisa, I'm Sean Rogers from down the block. Could I speak to Vincent, please?" "Sure, would you like to come in?" "Thanks, but I can't.

Could he possibly come to the door?" A few minutes later he arrived, thrilled to see me. "Well, well if it isn't the little slave boy; come to kiss my feet?" "Sorry, Vincent—it's not a social call. I have warrants for your arrest as well as your two honchos—Louis Granada and Steven Goldman. We know you have all kinds of weapons in the house, but—trust me on this--not as much as we have out here. We have almost a hundred agents and cops, a bazooka in case you decide to take off in that tank you call a car, and our own tank if we want to get into the house badly enough.

You have two choices, Vincent—come out here with your two lieutenants and possibly save your life as well as those of your wife and daughter or fight it out and suffer the consequences. We're prepared to take you down, either to jail or to the morgue. As I said, it's your choice." "Yeah, what would stop me from shooting you right here?" "Well, so far we don't think you've killed anyone, and you're not charged with murder, but kill a Special Agent of the FBI?

That would be life in prison, no parole, at a minimum; you'd die in the joint if you didn't receive the death penalty, Vincent. You'd never see your family again except through thick reinforced glass. I'll give you ten minutes to make up your mind." I turned my back and returned to the street. As I did, police cars, SWAT vans, and the urban tank rolled up the street.

Vincent knew we meant business. Jeff Romeo met me in the street. Standing behind a truck he shook his head, "Damn, Sean you must have ice water in your veins. Don't you want to see that little girl Denise is going to have?" "Yeah, I do. That's why I did it this way. We'd almost certainly have a shoot-out if we just tried to arrest him. Calling to him with a bullhorn would be like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

That's why I made him come to the door. I'd say the odds of him giving up are about seventy percent." "What about the others?" "They'll follow his lead. They're soldiers, but he's the general." We waited for a few more minutes before we heard shouting from the house. "Okay, Rogers we're coming out." "I want everyone in the house out the front door—hands on their heads. I strongly suggest any weapons be left inside.

We know exactly how many people are in there and we'll have everyone covered by snipers or marksmen. C'mon—let's go." As I expected, Vincent led his entourage out the door, his lieutenants and his bodyguards behind him, his wife and daughter bringing up the rear.

We'd search the bodyguards and the women, but we had no warrants for them so they'd be free to go once they were searched. We'd also exercise our search warrant of the premises. Vincent and his men were handcuffed and taken away.

I spoke to the two women; they requested to be released from their collars until Vincent was able to take control of them again. I was pleased with the way the operation had gone. No one was injured and we'd met our objective.

Of course, he'd make bail, and he'd probably never appear for his court date. Our job had just begun. We'd have to keep an eye on him for months.

Unfortunately, he'd certainly know we were watching. That always made the job harder. Jeff and I spoke for quite a while in the street until I checked my watch. It was late so I invited him to our home rather than return to the office. We were in the living room chatting when Denise arrived from school. "Why are you home early, Sean?

Oh…hi, Jeff. Want to tell me what's going on?" Jeff rose to kiss Denise and give her a friendly hug. "Your husband is a big hero. He arrested Vincent Papallo this afternoon." She gave me a look of concern so I reassured her, "Actually, it was me and about a hundred others, including Indianapolis SWAT and a host of heavy artillery.

I didn't do all that much." "What about Joyce? Was there any danger?" "No, I moved Joyce away more than an hour before we took him." I would have let it die there, but Jeff was proud of me. He told Denise every gory detail. I was cringing by the time he finished. Denise shot me several looks that told me I'd be in trouble tonight.

She hated when I put myself in danger even though I had never felt threatened. Jeff offered to take us out to dinner and, of course, Denise accepted. If he thought that strange he never said a word, however once in the car he addressed an idea he had to us—well, mostly to Denise. "Denise, I'd like Sean to attend the annual training academy in Philly in three weeks. I know it's late notice, but my office will handle all the arrangements.

I think it will be an excellent opportunity for him—for both of you." "I don't know, Jeff. I'm almost eight months pregnant so I wouldn't want him gone for a whole week. What would happen if I went into labor?" "Could you spare him for…say, three days? If he left on Sunday afternoon I could have him back by Wednesday night." "I suppose so, but no later than that." I guess that cinched it.

Jeff knew everything about our relationship. He knew that Denise was totally in charge. On the positive side he never said anything critical. I dropped Jeff off at the office for his rental car and we said good-bye. Denise was quiet in the car, but I could tell I'd hear about this afternoon once we were home. Sure enough, she sat on the couch and called me to her, but she pointed down.

I knelt on the floor. "What the hell were you thinking, Sean—going up to Vincent's door alone and unarmed? Sean, you're going to be a father. I don't want to hear of any more heroics. I've been worried sick ever since Jeff told me about what you did." "I'm sorry about that.

Jeff went a bit overboard. I was covered every second by a SWAT marksman and I refused to enter the house so they couldn't take me as a hostage. I was pretty sure that he'd greet me as 'slave boy' like he did on the tape. It was a good way to break the ice so we could speak and avoid all the possible bloodshed.

It went exactly as I had planned." Denise didn't say another word as she led me to the bedroom where I undressed her and bathed her in the shower. We lay on the bed as she turned on the evening news. They praised my initiative and credited me with possibly saving several lives.

Denise turned the set off, climbed onto my body and kissed me. I turned off the light—it was time to sleep. There was a bit of a lull after the Vincent Papallo arrest, but the Criminal Division of the FBI is always busy. There are always new allegations coming either from citizens or other law enforcement agencies. I was tying together several investigations when Jeff's secretary faxed all the arrangements to me the following week.

I'd stay in the Sheraton downtown and near the convention center. My flight was mostly uneventful. I went through separate security—not the metal detector—so I could carry my weapon. I have my own pistol—a Glock Model 22, the same pistol that is provided to all Special Agents—with the approval and knowledge of Jeff and the Director.

I liked having my own weapon. I'd had it for years, even before I started with the Bureau.

It was like an old and dear friend. I had checked into the hotel and had a decent night's sleep although I already missed my wife terribly. I was at breakfast the following morning--the Sheraton always has an excellent buffet--when I was approached by three older men in gray suits who asked if they could join me.

"You're Special Agent Sean Rogers, aren't you?" "May I ask who wants to know?" They handed me their business cards—Securitek, Inc., Marvin C. Dohanish, Vice President-Personnel, was obviously the leader. I'd heard of Securitek. They were one of the movers and shakers in the private security industry.

"Okay, how can I help you?" "We're part of a team that's here to recruit top talent in the fields of security, surveillance, and investigation. Our new C.E.O. has reviewed your file and has asked specifically to meet with you. We know all about your record with the Bureau. We think it's outstanding and, frankly, it's exactly the kind of thing we're looking for." "Well, I doubt you know that I'm here at the behest of the Bureau's Deputy Director.

I don't think he'd approve of taking time off to pursue personal interests." "You know what? He told us that was exactly what you'd say. I'll tell you what—if things work out between us we'll gladly reimburse the Bureau for your expenses. Can you spare an hour? Our C.E.O. would like very much to meet you." I thought for a minute then threw my napkin on the table, leaving twenty-five dollars for the meal and tip.

We all rose together. I followed them out to the elevator, chatting with Mr. Dohanish as we went. I was on the fourth floor. We went all the way to the top, stopped by security men from their firm once we exited. They knocked and opened the door, holding it for me. They stayed in the hall. "C'mon in, Sean." I stopped, shocked. I recognized that voice. "Jeff?" He rose from his seat to shake my hand.

"Yeah, sorry, but I couldn't say anything earlier. I was in negotiations and nothing was finalized. I'm leaving the Bureau to take the position of C.E.O. here. It goes without saying that I want you to come with me. We need someone like you to take over our Pacific Northwest office in Seattle. The last guy was a wreck—a total disaster. It'll take someone strong like you to straighten things out—just like you did in Indianapolis.

I won't spend a lot of time going over the job. You already know what that's about. Let me tell you about the package. We'll pay you $250,000 a year to start. You'll get full family benefits—medical, dental, vision, a $1,000,000 life insurance policy, stock options, and the company will match the first $25,000 of any 401(k) investments you make.

We don't have anything to do with the type of investments or their management. That will be entirely up to you—okay, in your case it'll be up to Denise. "We'll cover all your moving expenses, including packing and unpacking all your belongings. Housing's expensive in that area so we'll cover—within reason—the difference between what yours sells for and what you buy. We want you to have at least comparable housing." He passed me a manila envelope.

"It's all in here, Sean and in much more detail than I've given you now. Oh, yeah—you'll get a bonus every December based on how the office is doing. There will be some travel, but it will be mostly local, maybe down to Portland, once or twice a month.

"I know you have to give it to Denise and it will be her decision. I saw how she reacted to what you did with Papallo so make sure she understands that this is a much safer job.

You won't even have to carry." I was dumbstruck. I didn't know what to say. "I don't know what to say, Jeff. This has taken me completely by surprise. Would it be okay if I just went home? I need to talk this over with Denise.

If nothing else, I'll save the Bureau money." "I had a feeling you'd say that." He reached into his jacket. "Here's a first class ticket. The plane leaves in three and a half hours. You can just make it if you hustle." I took the ticket and thanked him before running out the door.

"Good luck, Mr. Rogers, and welcome aboard." Mr. Dohanish told me just as the elevator doors closed behind me. I threw my stuff into the suitcase, checked out claiming an emergency at home and caught the first available cab to the airport. I was back in Indianapolis five hours later and sitting nervously in our living room forty minutes before Denise was due home from work.

Of course, she saw my car in the garage when she returned from school. She would take a leave of absence in another week even though she had experienced no problems with her pregnancy. "Sean, are you okay? I wasn't expecting you until Wednesday." I fell to the floor, hugging her legs as I told her, "I missed you terribly." "I missed you, too.

I love snuggling up to your body every night, but I can't believe you came back just because of that. Now, what's up?" I explained about meeting Jeff. She sat next to me once I opened the envelope. The materials were very specific and it showed the compensation was even better than Jeff had said.

We went over everything several times. I was silent once the review was completed. I knew she would make the decision, but I had no idea what. She startled me when she asked me what I thought. "But&hellip." "You're the one who has to do the work, Sean. Is it something you think you'd like to do?" "I think so. It would be similar to what I do now, but the pay is much better and nobody would be shooting at me.

Jeff told me I wouldn't even have to carry a gun. I'd feel better at home knowing that my pistol was locked away now that we're going to have a child. I could even keep it in my office if you wished. But, I know how much you love living here.

I also know how much you love Joyce." "Sean, the person I love is you. I've known you were going places way back when we were just dating. Don't ask me how—I just knew.

This job would do several things for us—money, security, safety among other things. Sure, we'd have to move, but that could happen if you stayed with the Bureau, too. Yes, I do love Joyce, but I think she'd go ballistic on us if we turned down an opportunity like this just to stay next to her.

Call Jeff and tell him you're accepting. You'll give notice and I'll be on leave so we could go in about a month, but that will have to be put on hold until I know it's safe for our daughter." "Mistress…Denise, have you chosen a name yet?" "Yes, Sean, I have—Seanna Joyce Rogers—after the person I love the most." She reached over and kissed me. Breaking it a minute later, she continued to speak, "Sean, I'm sure you've noticed all the changes to our relationship that I've made over the past few months." She ran her fingers through my hair and kissed my cheek.

"As I said, I knew you were going places. All our Mistress/slave practices are fine here in Chosen, but wouldn't be any place in the outside world. I've known this day was coming—not the job or the where or even the when, but that we'd leave Chosen and go somewhere else.

I'll still be your Mistress because it's something you need, but it will be less and less obvious to others. "Now, some things you need to do: (1) kiss me; (2) call Jeff; (3) eat my pussy; (4) we'll celebrate and go out to dinner with Joyce and David; time for number one, I think." I leaned over to her, my lips almost meeting hers.

I looked into her eyes and whispered, "I love you, Mistress, and I always will," just before our lips met. EPILOG Joyce was thrilled for us, exactly as Denise anticipated. She would miss us, of course, but there was always the telephone and Skype. We'd both have vacations and we could often spend the time together. That was the easy part. Much harder was scheduling the moving.

Denise decided that she would not expose our infant daughter to the germs from hundreds if not thousands of strangers in an airport or plane. I explained to Jeff that we would wait six weeks after the birth and then I'd drive my family to Seattle in a rented RV so we could care for Seanna as we traveled.

The company arranged for the movers and for a furnished apartment while we found a house of our own. We sold my car. It was no longer necessary. I'd have a company car of my choice as part of my compensation package.

Denise's car was transported to Seattle for us. Denise had me pack a bag for the hospital and make several practice runs so she could be sure I knew exactly what to do.

Teen Strips In A Car

Naturally, she called me at work. I rushed home. One of our agents with local connections called the police and I had an escort, not only to the house, but to the hospital, as well. I wasn't so sure about the propriety of that, but I wasn't about to complain. Denise was afraid she might be experiencing false labor, but that concern disappeared when her water broke in the hospital elevator.

She was taken immediately to a birthing room. I was going to be with her the entire time, even if it took all day and night, but there would be no pictures until Seanna was born.

I was an only child and my parents weren't close to me. They disapproved of Denise as my wife. If they only knew! Denise's parents felt the same way about me. It was just us against the world. I held Denise's hand nervously while Dr.

Mills checked her several times. "You'll be a father soon, Sean," she told me. "It will be either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. You might want to sit down and relax." One look from Denise was enough. I sat the rest of the night until the delivery was near. Seanna entered the world just before midnight. Exactly six weeks later we began the long drive to Seattle, arriving five days later to a furnished apartment where the firm had thought about everything, even filling the refrigerator and providing fresh flowers in the dining room and bedroom.

The apartment itself was beautiful with a balcony that overlooked Elliott Bay and the harbor. My first days at work were a challenge. This was the lowest performing division in the company and for good reason. I fired three employees the first day, replacing them with retirees from the local Bureau office.

Two were so out of shape all they could manage were clerical duties. The other was too young to meet the company's requirement of ten years experience in law enforcement.

I couldn't understand how he was ever hired. I did help him get a job with a local police force. I instituted a fitness program and required all field personnel to shoot at the range regularly. Some of our armed people hadn't fired a weapon in years. They'd be useless in an emergency. I went to the range every time, offering $100 of my own money to anyone who could beat me.

One investigator did beat me the fourth week and two the sixth. I kept the offer in place for an entire year with Denise's permission. Denise contacted a local real estate agent and went to see a number of homes on weekends while I sat at home with Seanna. She told me she had made her selection and negotiated a price a month later. I got to see it just before closing. I would have approved heartily if I had a vote in the matter. It was a large ranch with four bedrooms and three baths on a street that turned into a cow path down just the block.

There was a large lot that backed up to a state park. It didn't hurt that it was only twenty minutes from my office. I gave Denise a smile when she asked me, a rare weakening of her resolve. Denise had continued to make changes in our relationship so we would appear to be absolutely normal to those who didn't know us or about our Mistress/slave situation. One of those changes resulted in Denise bringing Seanna to the office one morning.

It was "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day." I thought it funny since Seanna was only four months old at the time. When I asked Denise she just told me, "I wanted to see your office and make sure your secretary wasn't a threat." Ha ha, my secretary was fifty and there'd never be anyone who could compete with Denise.

My staff did enjoy meeting Denise and the women loved my little daughter. Denise returned to Chosen a few months later when Joyce gave birth to my son.

That would be a secret known only to the four of us and never voiced to anyone else. Two years later Joyce brought him to visit. We fucked every night. She was pregnant again when she left. We were at home one night in the Seattle area when Denise called me to kneel at her feet.

"I've enrolled you in the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. You'll study for your MBA. You start Monday after work.

You'll take two courses each semester and one each summer session. Your priorities will be (1) work, (2) school, (3) me. I expect nothing less than your best effort. I think this is something that will help you in your career." I already had a law degree, as did many FBI Agents, so I was well accustomed to graduate level courses.

I attended class two nights from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. I did homework or studied almost every other night. Saturdays were often spent in the University Library. A year later I had thirty of the thirty-six credits I'd need and my grade point average was 4.0—straight A's. I finished my course work the following semester and my thesis the semester after that. I would have chosen not to participate in graduation, but, like everything else, it wasn't my choice.

Denise held Seanna in her lap as I crossed the stage graduating Summa cum Laude—tops in my class. Denise and I had two more children, another girl and a boy. We were done. She told me to have a vasectomy. I never questioned her decision. Outwardly we looked and acted like any other couple, but behind closed doors we were still Mistress and slave.

I kissed her feet and ate her pussy every morning and usually every evening. I still took her urine every morning, but these activities were always behind closed and locked doors. We still made passionate love four or five times a week, even well into our forties. What set us apart was that we never argued, we never criticized each other, we never yelled or lost our tempers. Several friends told us that they thought our marriage was ideal.

I often thought back to our visit from Rev. Mitchell and his rigged tests. He may have been a liar and a cheat, but he did me the greatest favor ever when he made Denise my Mistress. Jeff phoned Denise five years later almost to the date of our move west. He understood there was no point notifying me. I was to be promoted to Chief Operating Officer at a huge increase in salary.

I had cleared more than $400,000 the prior year after turning the division from worst to first. Denise told him we would move back to the Midwest—close to the national headquarters in Chicago.

We'd be back—near where it had all started, near where I'd found myself and my Mistress.