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May 31st, 2015 As always, I woke up just after eight in the morning. My bedroom was faintly lit by the sunlight filtering through the curtain on the bedroom window. I blinked a few times, sighing and turning the other way to keep sleeping, too depressed to get out of bed and begin the day.

I'm Emily Wells, a fifteen-year-old girl living in Somers, Wisconsin with my mother, Hannah Wells, my father, Oliver Wells, and my twin brother, Liam Wells. I'm a petite blue-eyed redhead with an athletic body, inheriting my distinguishing features from my mother.

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I just completed my high school sophomore year at the local school along with my brother. I'm not at all good at studying, scraping through with barely passable grades most of the time. While I'm lacking in grades, I do really well in sports, especially track and soccer. I'm an integral member of the girls' high school soccer team and take regular part in the athletics competitions held by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) representing my school.

Swimming is my passionate hobby, for which I usually go to the community centre pool or the Lake Michigan. My mum, Hannah Wells is a thirty-three-year-old woman with the same eyes and hair as me. She is an attractive young woman with a somewhat petite frame, having Irish-American ancestry. She had gotten pregnant with and gave birth to me and Liam before she was even eighteen years old. Mum sacrificed going to college, instead choosing to raise her two kids at home.

My dad, Oliver Wells is a thirty-seven-year-old tall and burly middle-aged man with a slightly protruding gut. He married my mum a little over fourteen years ago after dating for a long time and they have been together ever since.

He is almost a foot and a half taller than me, making him look like a giant when we stand together. He owns a garage and carwash service station with his younger brother Owen Wells, near the Interstate. Liam, my twin brother, was born five minutes before me, hence making him the elder of the two of us, and that was something he never let me live down. He liked to be treated as an older brother by me instead of being my twin, but that didn't stop me from treating him like he deserved to be treated.

He's my darling, protective, and sometimes over-bearing brother with whom I shared my bedroom. Even though Liam was only five minutes older than me, he was already almost a foot taller than me. Just like I had gotten all my looks and features from mum, Liam inherited his looks from dad, having the same twinkling hazelnut eyes, same dashing smile, and same brown hair.

He is a soccer player just like me, playing not only for the boys' high school soccer team but also for the local soccer club.

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Liam is a gym rat, spending hours in the gym toning his body and building muscles when he isn't at school, practicing soccer, or with friends. My family and I live in a two-storey house in Somers that dad had bought under mortgage from the local bank a few years ago. It has two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, one on each floor.

Mum and dad occupied the ground floor room while Liam and I bunked in the top floor bedroom. There's a kitchen, lounge, and dining area on the ground floor, with a sizeable garage for mum and dad's cars next to the house and a backyard. There are two single beds in our bedroom, one for Liam near the window and one for me near the wardrobe. There is a study table in one corner with a computer for us to study, not that either of us did much of that.

The desktop computer was mainly used for internet browsing when we were too bored for our phones. There's a book rack next to the study table with our textbooks, notebooks, and Liam's comic books and action figures. Liam had covered his half of the room with posters of movie stars, superheroes, and soccer players, while only one painting hanged above my bed which I had done myself last year out of boredom.

In front of the beds, there is a dresser table for us to get ready. Although, it was for both of us, my things took most of the space on it, while Liam's stuff was gathered together in one corner. The wardrobe next to the bathroom door housed all of mine and Liam's clothes. We also have a small lounge next to our room with a television in it. Liam has set up his Xbox One there to play games on the flat-screen LED tv.

School year had ended this past week and summer vacations started, with Liam and I both passing to eleventh grade. The two of us will be starting our junior year at high school when school reopens at the start of September. This school year had ended on a bad note for me, having caught my boyfriend of seven months cheating on me with another girl.

I had broken up with that asshole then and there on the last day of school. My friends told me I did the right thing by breaking up with him for cheating on me, but only I knew the pain and anguish that I was feeling about the heartbreak and how deeply I was hurt at being treated like this by someone I was so affectionate about. It had been three days now since the breakup, but I was feeling more and more depressed with each passing moment.

People had started noticing my abrupt change of behaviour about everything, especially my friends and family, and though they tried their best to help me, it just wasn't enough to get me over everything I was going through. "Em?" Liam called my name as I lay on my bed, hugging my teddy bear, Mr Chuckles, "You're still in bed?" Mr Chuckles is a big brown teddy bear that mum had gifted me on my fourth birthday, and not a day had gone by when I had slept without him.

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"Let me sleep," I replied, burying my face in the bear, wetting it with my tears. "You're not sleeping," Liam replied, coming over to sit on my bedside, moving his fingers through my hair, "This isn't good for you, Em." "Piss off," I said, trying to swat his hand away. "Why are you crying over an unfaithful douchebag who didn't deserve you?" he asked me, continuing to move his fingers gently in my hair, "Everyone is worried about you.

You're gonna get sick and depressed." "I don't care!" I howled tearfully, crying into Liam's lap as he turned me over towards him. "Hush, sweet Em!" he whispered in my ear, kissing my temple, "Everything will be fine. You didn't lose anything. It was all his loss." "Don't go," I told Liam, holding his shirt tightly in my fists as I cried uncontrollably in his lap while he tried to hearten me. "I'm not going anywhere, Em. I will always be here for you," he said to me, "But you have to promise me, this is the last time you cry for him.

You need to pick yourself up and move on to bigger and better things in life." "Well?" he asked after a minute when I didn't say anything to him. "I promise," I nodded, wiping my eyes with Liam's shirt. "Really, really?" he asked with a smile. "Yeah! really, really!" I said, a smile breaking on my lips after days.

"Atta girl!" he grinned, kissing my forehead, "Now get up and go have a bath. My God, you're stinky." "I'm not stinky, asshole!" I laughed, slapping his ribs playfully. "Stinky is what happens when you don't shower for two days," he laughed, watching me sit up in bed.

"You know I love you, Liam. You're my best brother," I said to him, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek as I got out of bed. "I'm your only brother, idiot!" he rolled his eyes at me. "Lucky me," I grinned, going to the bathroom. Start of summer vacations meant jobs for both Liam and I during the three months of freedom from school, and that wasn't something I was exactly looking forward to. Dad wanted us to learn how to be independent and socially and financially responsible for ourselves, so we were to look and get a summer job during these three months.

We both applied to many local businesses for a temp job and the responses were appreciative while being moderate in terms of money since we didn't have a relevant experience.

McDonald's and other businesses were offering ten dollars per hour jobs for the high school students for the summer vacations. Most, if not all, had already taken up these temp jobs from our school. Liam had accepted to work at the Maplecrest Country Club, while I was still undecided about where to go work over the summer. My breakup with my boyfriend of seven months had an inverse effect on me, causing me to lose interest in everything.

I had an interview today at two in the afternoon in one of the houses in the rich suburbs of Kenosha county near the lake for a job. I was interested in applying there despite it not being a proper business because they were offering to pay fifteen dollars per hour and I had gotten a call from them asking me to come in for an interview today. It was true that I have not had a shower in two days.

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I was confined to my bed for the last three days, sulking, crying, and depressed over my breakup even though everyone was really supportive and trying their best to cheer me up, especially my brother, Liam. I took off my smelly clothes, throwing them in the laundry bin to be washed later, and sat down to use the toilet.

The cold water from the shower was a miracle worker, refreshing me quickly as I bathed with my rose-scented soap and strawberry-flavoured shampoo. Drying myself up with a towel, I came out of the shower area to put on my brown bra and black polka dot panties before brushing my teeth at the sink. "Emily, sweetheart!" mum exclaimed cheerfully as she saw me come downstairs dressed for the day in my green summer dress, "Oh, baby!

I was just about to come upstairs to check up on you." "How are you feeling?" she asked, giving me a tight hug. "I'm alright now," I told her, returning the hug. "You hungry?" she asked me, "What do you wanna eat?" "Ideally, liver of my ex-boyfriend," I smiled, cracking a little joke, "But, I will be happy with French toast." "I'm glad that your sense of humour is still there," she grinned, patting my head. "Wouldn't have it any other way," I grinned as well, going to the lounge.

"Hey, baby girl!" dad greeted me from over the newspaper as I walked in the room. "Morning, dad," I greeted him back, "What's the news today?" "Nothing interesting," he replied, looking at me from head to toe, "I'm really happy for you to be back on your feet." "In the words of a wise guy, I don't need to cry my eyes out over an asshole who didn't deserve me," I said to him. "Liam. Liam's the wise guy," I laughed as dad looked at me confused.

"Right!" he laughed as well, "He is correct to say that." "So, have you decided where you're going to work in these vacations?" dad asked me during the breakfast. "Not yet," I shook my head, "I have another interview today in the afternoon.

I will decide after that." "Where's this interview?" he asked me curiously. "It's one of those houses in the suburbs," I told him, "They are paying better than the rest, so I decided to try there too." "And what's the job you're applying for?" he asked.

"It's a, uh, house managing job," I said, too embarrassed to term it what it really was, a maid job, "You know, rich people and their shenanigans." "Alright," dad nodded, smiling as he understood the context and my embarrassment, "I hope you will get it." "Hopefully," I replied, eating my breakfast. I took out my trusty old blue bicycle from the garage, dusting it off a little bit, and went on my way to the job interview in the suburbs of Somers at one in the afternoon after putting on my orange gradient aviators.

The distance was long and it took me almost half an hour on the bike to reach the place. "Whoa!" I exclaimed, looking at the lavish, luxurious, and huge villas as I entered the rich suburbs for the first time, "Damn, rich people." "Shit, man!

Each one of these houses is almost as big as one block in our town," I said to myself, cycling around the blocks trying to find the correct address. I got off my bicycle, parking it on the side of the driveway as I found the correct house I was supposed to go to.

Calling it a house would be an understatement. It was even grander, lavish, and bigger than a villa. I guess, one could call it a palace. The driveway itself was huge, there were not one, not two, but three garage doors to the left side, a perfectly kept garden along the driveway, complete with a small stone fountain and a bench to sit on.

The "palace" looked big on the outside, I wondered how huge it would be on the inside. The building looked like a cross between Victorian style and American foursquare, lined with yellow ruff tiles on the walls and dark brown bricks on the roof. I took off my sunglasses, putting them in my purse and rang the doorbell a few minutes before two in the afternoon.

The door was opened a minute later by a tall and elegant black-haired woman wearing a sleeveless white A-line dress who seemed to be in her late forties, with a huge grey and white Alaskan Malamute next to her. "Yes?" she asked me. "Hi! I'm Emily Wells," I introduced myself, extending my hand towards her, "I'm here for my interview." "Are you?" she looked at me curiously.

"Well, yeah!" I nodded, "I was told to come here on phone." "Come inside, Emily Wells," she smiled faintly, turning the other way, "I'm Rachel McGarry and this is Shaggy." "Nice to meet you, ma'am," I said to her, ruffling the hair on the big dog's head, "Hi, Shaggy." The dog barked once at me in response, enjoying my hand on his head, walking alongside me as Rachel led me from the lobby towards the lounge.

I couldn't help but be amazed at the spacious interior and luxurious decorations as I walked inside. The floors were wood panelled, exquisite paintings lined the walls, and there were numerous expensive and ornate décor all the way from door to the lounge. "Damn!" I exclaimed under my breath, looking at how big their lounge was, "It would probably fit four of our lounges." "Have a seat," she said, pointing at one the gold and white sofas. Everything about these people and this house screamed filthy rich.

The sofa I was sitting on was so plush and comfortable. It was as if it was filled with bird feathers or something like that. The sofas faced a huge flat screen hung on the wall connected to the multimedia system spread around the room. The fireplace mantle had brass decoration pieces on it.

The curtains on the window looked expensive as well just by their cloth texture and style. "So, Emily," Rachel McGarry sat from across me. "Yes, ma'am?" I looked at her. "Tell me a little about yourself," she said to me. I began to summarize my life and interests for my potential boss, highlighting my qualities and abilities which I felt would be helpful in getting me the job. This interview was no joke, Rachel asked me every little thing she could think of about me, about my knowledge of doing chores and what not.

Fifteen minutes must have passed since this interview had begun, when an oddly familiar older looking man walked in the lounge hall looking distracted as he used his cellphone. The big dog got off the floor quickly, running towards the man and brush against his legs as he petted him. "Rachel! Have you seen my clubs?" he asked Rachel McGarry, engrossed in the phone.

"They're in the usual place, dear," she sighed. "That man must be her husband," I thought, looking at the two of them. "Oh, hello there!" the man said, noticing me sitting there on the sofa as he finally looked up from the phone. "Good afternoon, sir," I smiled at him. "Who is this lovely young friend of yours?" he asked his wife. "She's not my friend, Kevin. She's here for the maid job," she told her husband, "Her name is Emily." "Ah! Of course," Kevin smiled, "You don't look that old to me, Emily." "Emily, this is my husband, Kevin McGarry," Rachel finally introduced the man to me.

"Oh, my God!" I exclaimed, standing up quickly to shake his hand, "I knew I had seen you somewhere before." Kevin McGarry is a famous billionaire entrepreneur with business interests in real estate, oil, and packaging industries.

He looked so much different in real than in the pictures. I had no idea he was living in Kenosha county. I always thought rich people lived in big cities like New York or Washington D.C. "How are you doing, sir?" I said to him, as he shook my hand gently, "It's an honour to meet you in person." "Good, good!" he laughed, sitting down next to his wife, "So, Emily. Right?" "Yes sir," I nodded, sitting back down.

"First job?" he asked, "How old are you?" "That's right," I replied, "I will be sixteen in July." "Ah! High school years," he sighed, thinking, "I still remember the first job I had when I was in high school." "May I ask what was it that you did, sir?" I asked curiously. "I was a bellboy in a hotel in downtown Baltimore," he remembered.

"Coming back to you," Rachel McGarry said to me, interrupting her husband impatiently, "What makes you so sure that you will be able to do this job?" "I think we can give Emily here a chance," Mr McGarry smiled at me, "What do you say, Rachel? Let's let Emily prove herself how hardworking a girl she is." Rachel glared at her husband for a few seconds for cutting her short but sighed and nodded, ultimately agreeing to Kevin McGarry's choice of wanting to hire me for work.

"Welcome to the job, Emily," Kevin congratulated me, "I have my fingers crossed that you do me proud." "You will get nothing but the best from me," I assured him, thanking him for hiring me. "That's the spirit," he smiled, "Well, I will leave you two ladies to sort out the details." "Goodbye, sir!" I said after him.

"See you around girl," he said, going after giving his wife a kiss on the cheek. "Well, you're hired," Rachel said, "We will be expecting you here from nine in the morning till five in the evening, Monday to Friday." "Thank you, ma'am!" I said to her. "Let me finish please," she looked at me. "Sorry," I said quietly. "And you will be wearing the uniform while you work here," she told me, "I hope that's not a problem for you." "No problem," I shook my head.

"Good," she said, "And meals are included." "Thank you," I replied. "One more thing," she said, "I may at times require you to accompany me on trips out of the house for a few hours, so make sure that you're aptly dressed." "What kind of trips, if you don't mind me asking?" I asked her carefully.

"Luncheons, gatherings, that sort of thing," she explained, "I will inform you a day before, so keep a dress for yourself handy." "I … sure," I nodded, wondering what would I do at luncheons with her. "And since this is a proper job, you will be expected to sign a contract for it," she told me.

"I understand," I said to her. "Wonderful," she said, "You can go now. I will see you tomorrow morning at nine." "About that uniform," I said to her, "Do I have to buy it or will it be provided?" "It will be provided to you," Rachel said, "You're a small size, right?" "Yes," I nodded, getting up to leave, "I will be here at nine tomorrow morning." I left the McGarry house happily with a job in hand.

I couldn't wait to tell everyone that I had just met Kevin McGarry, the billionaire tycoon. Not only met, but would be working for him. I pedalled my way back home at around thirty minutes past three in the evening.

There was no one home when I walked in; dad was off working at his garage with his brother, mum was at her job at the restaurant as assistant manager from noon up till nine at night, and Liam was off playing his weekly match at the Somers soccer club with his friends; Ethan and Alex. Thankfully, mum had made lunch and put it in the refrigerator before leaving for work. I took out the meatballs sauce and noodles to eat and apple soda to drink as I sat in the backyard for lunch, enjoying the calm surroundings while I ate.

There was rarely any traffic in our area since we are a little away from the town centre. My best friend, Sophie lives a block away from me with her parents. Her father, Andrew Wilson is a marine and currently away on tour in Afghanistan, while her mother, Alicia Wilson works in a bank in downtown Kenosha county. Sophie has been my best friend ever since we met each other in the first grade ten years ago. The slim and petite blonde girl has a bubbly personality and the best company I could ever ask for.

There was not a single time when the two of us had ever let each other get bored. In school, the two of us were informally known as The Gossip Girls, talking about everyone and everything. The rumour mill usually started from us, spreading around school.


She plays in the school softball team. She and I have two very close friends, Matt and Mason. The four of us have been friends since the beginning of school eleven years ago. Matt and Mason are the school jocks and bullies, picking on innocent classmates and juniors, even getting in fights sometimes. None of us was any good at studying and usually barely passed. Matthew King, or Matt as he was universally known, is almost six feet tall and athletically built, making him a dominating guy in a fight and on field.

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He plays in the school football team as a Running Back. Mason Hill, the other half of The Dangerous Duo, is a five foot and eight inches tall guy who just needs a reason to take off his shirt and flaunt his chiselled body. He is a part of the school baseball team. Liam came back home just after eight in the evening, around the time the sun was setting. I was lying in my bed, chatting with my friends on our WhatsApp group as Liam entered our room.


"Hey, bro!" I greeted him without taking eyes off my Apple iPhone six plus, as he took off his sweaty shirt and threw it in the laundry basket. "Hey," he replied, going to the bathroom, "I'm gonna go take a shower." "Alright," I nodded at him, "You better wipe it clean afterwards." "Yeah, yeah!" he grunted, closing the bathroom door. "So, did you win?" I asked Liam curiously, once he had come out of the bathroom. "Hell, yeah! Baby," he grinned excitedly, sitting down on his bed as he told me the minute details of his club match.

Both of us loved soccer and talking about it passionately with each other was the one thing we did every day before going to bed, telling each other about our matches or discussing league matches that we saw on the telly.

"You're better now?" he asked me. "Yeah, bro!" I nodded, "Your motivational speech in the morning really helped me." "It usually doesn't work on you," he laughed, "But I'm so happy that I helped." "You got the job then?" Liam asked, as I told him about my day.

"Yup! I will be starting tomorrow," I said, "Oh, shit! I forgot the most important detail." "What?" he asked me curiously. "Remember Kevin McGarry?" I grinned at him. "The billionaire?

Yeah," he nodded, "What about him?" "I met him today," I grinned. "Don't shit me, Em. You like what, met him on the street?" he laughed. "I'm not shitting you, Liam!" I laughed, "Honest!

I met him at the house I will be working in." "How? Was he like, visiting or what?" he asked, almost believing me. "Nope!" I shook my head, "That's his house I will be working at." "What?" he said, "I don't believe you!" "Fine! don't believe me then," I scoffed. "Em being a maid to rich people. Now that's something worth seeing," he laughed, "Are they going to make you wear those sexy maid costumes too?" "Ew, Liam! Get your dirty mind out of the gutter," I threw a pillow at him, smiling, "Asshole!

Don't laugh at me. At least, I will be making the green." "Good for you, Em!" he said, ruffling my hair, "Good for you." "I don't know about sexy," I said to him, "But yeah, I'm supposed to wear a uniform." "Hah!

cool," he grinned. "What are your timings?" I asked him. "Nine to five," he replied, "Yours?" "Same," I told him. "Well, goodnight from me," I said, yawning as the clock struck eleven at night, "I'm gonna sleep." "Goodnight, Em. I'm gonna play on the Xbox," he said, getting off his bed. "Turn the lights off, please!" I said to him. "Okie!" he nodded, switching off all but one light.