Redhead slut Tana Lea gets her pussy rammed

Redhead slut Tana Lea gets her pussy rammed
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Bena showered when we got home. She was so exhausted. Her ass was still gaping. Her pussy and throat hurt. She still had cum in her pussy. She had that nasty taste of pee in her mouth. She was a wrack. She took a 2h sleep after the shower.

When she was waking up, she found herself bound to the bed posts. Her arms and legs were spread to an extreme x. She couldnt move at all. She felt her pussy and ass far spread. Her pussy was held open by a speculum 3 inches wide. In her ass was a huge pipe of the same size. It must have hurt a bit. Her mouth was ring gagged. She was trying to say something when she looked at me but i ignored that. What she didnt know was that i had invited some biker friends for tonight.

Bena didnt know them. So far.

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10 guys were standing around her. She must have been so embaressed. Her holes were open and she couldnt hide herself. Her puffy breasts pointed stiff to the top. I said to the guys, that everything they want to do to her is allowed tonight exept of course killing or permanent damage. But first they had to pay the whore entrance fee of 99 cents.

After my introduction bena tried to scream. But it was veign. So john and sam were the first that approached bena. They spit in her open holes and spread the speculum an inch more. You could see benasluts eyes roll, after her pussyslutslit was spread to 4 inches now. Its was an outstanding opening. Next to them were laying different sex toys, plugs of all sizes and shapes, huge fat dildos, billiard balls, enema equipment, needles, rope of different material and thickness, whips, blindfold, feather, pushpins.

The first action was to stuff billard balls into her former tight slutslit. They stuffed 6 balls in her fucking cunt, and another 5 in her asshole. Now john took a very thin rope and bound it extreme tight around her small puffy tits. So her 32 A tits looked like small table tennis balls and her long nipples pricked out about an half an inch. He bound them together and attached a long rope through a hook at the top. He lifted her up a bit on her small ball tits. They went blue in no time and she moaned and cried through her gag.

She got insane it seemed. It must have been a sharp pain. But the guys enjoyed it pretty much. Nearly all of them had their cock out and wanked it. Benas ass and pussy must have been pressed together of the pain she felt in her tits because all of the balls shoot out of her holes. That amused the guys very much.

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They played a bit with the whips and the balls, which they pushed into her wide spread holes. They slapped her hard in her slut face. Spat on it, in her eyes and her open gagged mouth. They whipped her tiny tit balls and bit her nipples. Bena went mad. The guys had their fun. Frank took this incredible anal plug, which was looking like a massiv traffic cone. This thing is around 11 inches long and massive 8 inches fat. Bena saw that monster and cried out even louder. Frank spit on it and pushed it without hesitation into her damaged asshole.

When he reached 6 inches of thickness everybody was amazed by that woman. But 7 inches seemed to be impossible. But frank pressed and benas ass sucked it nearly totally in. She didnt moved an inch and was totally shocked. Frank rammed the rest of it with one hard thrust into her raped slut ass and it sucked in the whole cone. I ll never forget that picture and scream. Benaslut was quite.

She was in another world. Her ass muscle was spread unbelievably 8 inches wide. Her cunt was still filled with her speculum and four inches wide but the speculum seemed to pop out every second. Bena must have thought that her slit and asshole would rip. But they didnt. Next they took some of those long injection needles and jim grabed her tongue through the ring gag. Bena didnt realized it otherwise she would have intervened.

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With one quick thrust he drove the 4 inch needle through her tongue and forced it to stay outside of her ring gag. She wasnt able to pull it back in her slut mouth. What a sensational picture that was. He repeated this procedure with a second needle fom the oposite.

Now her tongue poked out of the ring and was attached with that hot needles. Bena was nearly unable to move anything now. Her legs and arms still fixed. Her tiny slut titties bound to the rope and lifted slightly. This tiny balls were blue now.

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It looked so perverted. Her ass filled with an 8 inch wide and 12 inch long cone and her pussy with that speculum inside. I was sure nothing else could hurt that slut more.

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But i was proven wrong. There were still needles and push pins left. Some guy from behind came to the bed bena was strapped to. He took another needle and asked me, if he can really do everything he likes with that slut except the ultimate limits. I told him that he is right. With that he pushed the long needle through both of her tiny blue tit balls. Bena was back.


She screamed in agony like a pig but was disabled to do it properly because of the fixation of her tongue. Her eyes went wet. She suddenly pissed all over the bed in a long steady stream. That guy took another one and stabbed it again through her tit flesh.

He repeated it until 10 needles sticked in her slut titties. Blood run down her tits. He took the push pins and pinned two from each side through her long stiff half inch long nipples. Bena seemed to fall in trance. That knocked her out for at least 10 minutes. When she awoke the only thing she felt was increadible horny pain.

She saw her body in the mirror over her at the top and remained shocked. She was now totally helpless. Extradited to some crazy perverts. Her wildest dream became true. That was surely the highlight of her sexual life so far.

Her tongue attached due two needles in the tip of her tongue behind that ring gag, her tits in tightest rope formed two blue table tennis balls stabbed with 10 long needles crossing her boobs.

Push pins in her nipples. Her ass filled with an unbelievable cone inside. Her pussy spread open with this old speculum and now still 10 guys with full sacks of cum.

I made a proposal. I said to the guys that they would have to fill her holes with all liquids they got and then we stick another plug in her pussy and sew it. That proposal was agreed of all parties. So we took out the speculum of her cunt and fucked her dirty cunt until 7 guys had pumped their huge load of seed in my slut slaves slit. After she was filled up with jizz i pushed a huge 4 inch plug into her slut slit.

Jim is a medical assistant and took some surgical twine and a surgical needle and sew my sluts pussy with 20 stitches criss cross through each of her pussy lips. She cried like a pig again with each stitch. But finaly her whore hole was sealed. I said to the guys: "step two is filli g her bowels".

So we took out the cone of her arse and what we saw amazed us. Her ass was gaping 5 inches. You could easily fist her with two hands.

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And that was exactly what tony did for the next 5 minutes. He boxed into her open asshole. She was doing incredible sounds. He boxed with changing fists in her gaping ass cunt.

Her asshole was prolapsing each time he removed his fist. Then one after another pissed in her asshole deep in her slutish bowels. Each time we changed we secured her toilet ass with the plug. After all of us pissed in her asshole we pluged her ass with a special 8 inch plug, which was much shorter than the cone but had the same thickness and stayed in her sphincter without popping out.

Her belly must have hurt cruelly She looked like she would be pregnant in her 7 month. Her tummy was so round, that her small table tennis boobs looked like a joke. That was the state were we decided to let her go. Frank jizzed on her face and nose and finished that masterpiece with the last paint. The guys went home, after we drank another beer looking at their masterpiece together. It was a satisfiying evening for all of us. I left bena like this for another two hours. She moaned in agony and pain.

I only took off the rope of her breasts to avoid that her tits die off. But the needles stayed inside. she must have felt like the ultimate whore she is in real life. Her tits were full of needles. They looked like blue reddish mosquito bites in comparison to her belly. Her nipples still stabbed with push pins and her tongue still fixed through needles in her tongue outside the ring gag.

Her pussy filled with semen of 7 different men sealed with a 4 inch plug and sewed and finally her sluttish whore ass, which was filled with the pee of the whole bunch if guys. Plugged with the 8 inch butt plug. She felt aroused of the pain and torture given to her. She still had this crazy face. Her eyes rolled over and over.

She must have had several orgasms. After two hours i released her. I started with her tongue and the ring gag to hear, if she wants to say something.

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I took off the needles of her tongue and released her from the gag. But she was still moaning. Nothing else left her mouth. Her belly was quite under pressure. Then i took off the needles out of her puffy stabbed and still bleeding little whore tits. I removed the push pins from her tortured nipples.

She cried and was wispering senseless words. I released her from the ropes around her arms and legs and led her filled up like she was to the bathroom. I sat her down in the bath tub. I slowly took off the butt plug. What follwed was so filthy. It shot such a huge enema out of her asshole that it splashed over her whole body. She even hit me with it. It was a constant fart and didnt stop for minutes. She pushed and pushed but couldnt close her poop hole properly.

It spurted out for 10 minutes.


A fat prolapse came out of her loosen hole. Her asshole remained open at least 4 inches for the next day. After three days it was still open 1,5 inch. The plug, which sealed the cum of us in her sluttish slave hole, remained inside if her for two whole days.


It made her crazy and wet. Her pussy would never be so tight again. And may be she was made pregnant by one of us or the guys in the mall. We ll see. When we went to jim to remove the twine he laughed on her and said she was the filthiest slut he ever met. He would love to pierce her hot slut body with all kinds of jewellry. I said to him, that we surely come back to his offering.