Skinhead tattooed emo girl double penetrated on the couch deepthroat and threesome

Skinhead tattooed emo girl double penetrated on the couch deepthroat and threesome
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Melynda is a very young (Well, to me anyway. There's 33 years difference in our ages.) friend of mine that I've worked closely with. I've always called her Mel, because a woman that much younger was always someone I tried not to think of in a sexual way. That worked until one night some time back, when I had a very erotic dream (That's my story, although it's always possible it wasn't a dream.) about her, but even then I really tried. This story comes out of that dream and events since. Only the beating she will take is certainly real, the rest, just a fantasy.

The truth, I'm sure, as Isaac Asimov said, will be far stranger. Mel is a bit more than twenty-six now, very blonde and attractive.

About five foot six, slender, with narrow shoulders and full hips, with a tight, round ass just made for spanking and fucking, even though I've really tried not to notice. Too much, even when she deliberately wiggled it at me.

Her breasts are still small and firm, for those who keep track, probably a nice B-cup size, having not yet filled out to match her ass, although she rarely dresses to accent them, which could make a huge difference. She is very athletic and fit and in addition to working together we have often worked out together. Her soon to be ex-husband was and is a violent and mentally abusive prick. He was extremely controlling, he didn't trust her at all, even though she was very much in love with him, and would never have done anything against him.

Unfortunately for him, the same was not true of his feelings for her. She talked about me, and some of her other male friends and co-workers, and he convinced himself, with no proof beyond his own twisted fantasies, that she must be cheating on him.

He hacked all her e-mails, including her work e-mail, and read everything, finally getting her in trouble at work, before she realized what was going on and put a stop to it. That worked for a while, but eventually he convinced himself again that she had to be cheating, as controlling abusive pricks always do, so he tried again to monitor her communications.

But that wasn't enough for him, and it finally progressed, as seemed inevitable, to one night of physical violence. Since my wife and I had seen it all before, we had warned her that it would happen, and offered her a place to go when it did.

So, we weren't entirely surprised, when one evening I got a phone call. I didn't recognize the number on my cell, and I obviously couldn't understand her at first. She was crying and nearly hysterical. This was even after she had escaped, run to the hospital ER across the street, where they'd called the cops, who had eventually hauled his rotten, violent ass to jail.

They had left an officer there with her, but the lady cop was having trouble getting Mel calmed down. Understandable, I suppose.

Finally she got intelligible words out. "Rich. I'm so sorry to call you like this." "Mel, it's okay. What's happening?" "He finally did it." She said, between sobs. "He went crazy tonight. I got home from work and he had hacked and read all my e-mail again." She stopped and sniffled hard.

"I'm so sorry Mel." "I know. It's not your fault. You warned me. You and Judi both. You told me it would happen." Another pause to sniffle. "I wanted to believe he loved me. But when he couldn't hack my work passwords he went crazy. Said it was proof I was cheating on him. He said I must have another secret e-mail that I was using to cheat on him." A long pause while she blew her nose.

I could hear someone with her trying to calm her. "I tried to tell him I loved him and there was no one but him. Nothing going on. He wouldn't listen. Finally he just hauled off and punched me. Once he started he just wouldn't stop, punching and kicking." She started sobbing again. When she got control again she said, "I finally got away and ran to the across the street to the ER.

He'd torn most of my clothes off. But I ran and they let me in and called the cops." "Thank God Mel. Are you okay?" "Yeah." She paused and sniffled some more.

"No. The cops say he'll make bail in the morning, his parents are comnig for him. I can't stay here. He'll kill me. I know he will." She paused and wailed. "Oh Rich, I hate to bother you, but I have to get away. Can I still stay with you? Please!?" "Mel, of course you can, but on one condition." I hadn't heard much from Mel for several weeks, and she'd done her best to convince me I was wrong about her abusive prick husband and that I didn't understand.

"Can you hear me Mel?" "Yeah. Yes, I hear." She sniffed. "Okay then, I'll come get you, but only if you're going to stay away. Press charges, and never go back. If you're going to take up my time and then turn around in a few days and go back to that asshole, then you can just stay there." I explained.

"Are you leaving him for good?" "Yes. Yes, Rich.

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I promise. He had one chance. I'm never coming back." "Okay then, Mel, I'll come get you." I agreed. "Let me call Darrell, we can move a lot more stuff in his truck, you start packing your stuff up. It'll take me about half an hour." I thought for a moment. "Can I talk to the cop that's there?" "This is Officer Jones? How can I help you?" "Thanks Officer. I'm Rich X, a friend of Mel's. I'm going to call another friend of mine who has a truck to help her get moved out tonight.

We are both licensed concealed carry holders. We will be carrying. We want you to know, and we want to make it clear that if your buddies let Mel's husband out to come home before we get her safely away we will do whatever we have to do for her protection.

Am I clear?" "Sir, that's not necessary." "Officer, take a good look at my friend right now, and tell me that if they screw up and let him out before we get her moved out that it won't be necessary." "I'm telling you sir." "No, I'm telling you. Take a good long look at what he did and tell me that she won't need protection if he's out before we're gone." There was a long pause. I could hear Mel still sniffling in the background.

"I understand. You'll both be armed and won't hesitate to protect her or yourselves." "Good, you do understand." I assured the lady cop. "I assume you'll be staying until we arrive?" "Yes sir.

I'll be here with her." "Good. Now, let me talk to Mel again. Please." "Yes Rich?" Mel sniffled. "Okay. I'll be there in about a half hour. Start setting the stuff you want to take aside so we can get it packed and moved tonight. Decide which furniture comes with you. Put what you can in luggage and then start on boxes. Should I bring more boxes?" "Yeah, if you have some boxes that'll help." "Good girl. I'll throw some empties in the van and some big rolling luggage for your clothes.

Anything else you need?" "No. I'll start packing and getting organized." "Okay good. I'm going to call Darrell. If he gets there before me he can help you get stuff outside and organized. I'll be there as fast as I can." "Thanks Rich. I am so sorry." Mel started sniffling and crying again. "It'll be okay Mel. Get organized and we'll get you moved tonight. At least you'll be safe." Then I remembered. "How about your cats Mel?" "The bastard killed the one I loved most." She sobbed again.

"But the other two hid. The cops got there before he found them." "Okay. Do you have cages? Or do they travel without?" "I have cages, at least for the two I need now." "Alright. Get them corralled too. We'll bring them here. There's plenty of room." I hung up and turned to Judi.

"I'm sure you caught enough to know what's going on." I said as I headed to the bedroom for the rest of my clothes and my .45. "How bad is it?" Judi asked. "I'm not sure, but it sounds bad. I think he beat her pretty bad, before she got away." I dropped the magazine out of my handgun and checked to be sure it was full.

"Thank god their house is across from a hospital with an ER. The cops are there and they hauled him to jail, but if they screw this up he could still get out before we can get her away." I slapped the full mag of JHP ammo back in place.

"That would be bad. They aren't that stupid. Are they?" "You remember what town we're talking about?" I answered. They'd made some spectacularly stupid mistakes recently. Judi smiled. "Yep. They're that stupid." "Well. Be careful. I pray for everyone's sake you don't need that." She nodded at my 1911. "Me too." I leaned in and kissed her cheek. "I'll be back in a couple of hours or four." I headed for the basement and brought up boxes and luggage and put them in the back of the van, then hooked up the cargo trailer.

When I was done I kissed Judi again and headed out. I covered the miles to Mel's house in the minimum time allowed without getting arrested. Darrell was pulling up when I arrived and I swung the van into the drive behind their house.

We loaded pretty efficiently. Once the initial shock was over Mel got right with packing and sorting to make it easier. Darrell and I loaded. We tried to put what needed unpacked right away in his truck and the stuff that could wait overnight in my van and trailer. Of course I was stunned. The bruises on Mel's face were already blue, and her arms were a mess of scratches and bruises.

It was obviously quite a beating, and I couldn't see much under a big t-shirt and jeans. A couple of hours after we started Mel looked out and announced, "That's it. This box finishes mine. The asshole can have the rest." Darrell smiled at her.

"Keep that attitude and you'll be fine." He'd nearly lost a daughter of his own in a similar situation, but she kept going back. It took a beating that nearly killed her before Darrell finally convinced her to not go back.

We all prayed it would only take one for Mel to learn. I loaded the last and helped Darrell get everything tied down for the drive. In less than three hours we were on the road back to my house. Mel drove her Wrangler and her cats rode with me. I didn't ask a lot of questions, and she wasn't saying much. The way she kept rubbing her face, I suspected she wasn't wanting to talk to keep the pain down.

We pulled in the drive just ahead of Darrell and unloaded his truck right away. Except for the cats and a bag of clothes there was nothing in my van or trailer that had to be unloaded right away. I directed all Mel's stuff to the basement rooms that I'd purposely set aside for her. When we were finished with Darrell's truck she hugged him but winced when he hugged her back.

"I'm sorry sweet lady." Darrell was always a gentleman. "It's okay." Mel assured him. "It just seems there's bruises everywhere." "I thought there might be." Darrell replied. "Just make sure they're the last ones he ever gives you. I don't want to do this again." "Oh, it's his only chance." Mel smiled. "Rich was right about him all along.

I was just too stubborn to listen. But I heard this." And she pointed at her face. Darrell stroked her face gently. "Just be sure of that. And listen to Rich too. He's usually right." He stuck his right hand out to me. "Take care of your women, Rich. They need you." "Thanks Darrell. You're always a good friend when I need one. Glad you could help this time." Mel and I went inside. "Do you want to put some of your stuff away, or just get what you need out and get some sleep?

The bed is made downstairs, you can just change and crawl in if you'd rather." Mel took my hand. "I want to sleep. But, I'd rather not sleep downstairs tonight. Do you suppose Judi would freak if I slept up here?" Judi stuck her head around the corner.

"On the couch or do you want to join us?" "Judi, I hate to impose myself on you." Mel replied shyly. "Look, why don't you get some pajamas and get ready for bed. There's a spare toothbrush in the bathroom.

You can sleep in the middle, it's a big bed." Mel kissed Judi's cheek. "You're so sweet. I'll be right back." I looked at Judi as Mel went to get her night clothes. "Are you okay with that?" "Look at her. She's all beat to hell, and she just moved out on her husband. She's obviously scared stupid. I wouldn't want to sleep alone if it was me." "Okay hon.

You're the best." I kissed her as I went to get ready for bed myself. "I know. Just don't you ever forget it." "I can't forget.

You'll remind me." I started getting undressed. I'd just tossed the last of my clothes in the hamper and reached for my own pajamas when Mel bounced into the bedroom. I froze, facing her, and naked. Mel just grinned at me and said "Oops." I reached back for my pajamas. "Sorry. I wasn't expecting you like this." "Obviously." She laughed. It sounded like music to me. "I never thought about that." Then she stopped and looked at me, while I pulled my pants up.

"Not bad." "Mel!" I was shocked. Judi reached out and hugged Mel gently. "It's okay, it's been a long night for everyone. Let's get into bed and get some rest." She held Mel's arm. "You can change in the bedroom while he finishes, then you two can switch rooms." We were quickly snuggled in. Judi insisted Mel sleep in the middle, although I doubt Mel understood all of the reasons. It took a while to arrange ourselves, but we finally settled in, both of us facing Mel, her back to Judi, and all of us snuggled close.

Mel smiled at me. "Thank you so much for everything.

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I think I'll sleep better like this." I kissed her forehead, and told her, "Mel, we're friends, I owe you whatever you need." She smiled back at me, and was soon asleep. Judi was snoring, and I finally drifted off myself. Some time later I awoke to a small hand stroking my cock through the fly in my pajama pants. I quickly realized it wasn't Judi, but had to crack my eyes open to realize that it was Mel's hand holding me. Her eyes were still closed, so I gently reached down and held her wrist and slowly extricated her hand.

Since she was laying on my other arm I couldn't tuck myself away, but I did twine my fingers with hers and held them. She sighed and snuggled deeper into the bed, but seemed to stay asleep. I looked at the bruises on her face, it seemed her entire face was covered in them. When I was confident she was still sleeping I looked over and realized Judi was already up.

I slowly slipped out of bed and went to the kitchen to join her. As I was pouring some coffee Judi asked, "Is she sleeping?" "She seems to be." I replied, thinking about the hand on my cock. "That's good. She needs to rest." Judi looked at me. "Does she need to call in at work?" "No, she did that last night. I'm not sure what she's going to do long-term, but they know she won't be going in today, and probably not tomorrow." So, Judi went to work, and I spent the day helping Mel haul in everything that she would be keeping at our house while she stayed.

When we were finished with that there was still most of a trailer load of furniture and stuff that needed a place. I added some things of mine and we moved that to a storage unit. By the time we finished it was time for Judi to get home. Mel and I went to separate parts of the house and both showered. In celebration, I took both of them out for dinner. Judi helped Mel put on enough make-up so that the bruises weren't too obvious, but we got some strange looks anyway.

It helped that Judi convinced Mel to leave her hair loose, instead of her ubiquitous ponytail. At least some of the bruises were hidden by hair. "You look nice with your hair down, Mel." I said, and she ducked and blushed. I glanced at Judi. "I've never seen it down before." Mel bit her lip and thought. "You're right. You never have. I've always had it pulled back, at least a ponytail, when you've been around." She smiled.

"I never realized it until you said something. You like it like this?" "Yes. It's softer. Pulled back you look a bit older and more severe." Dinner was simple, and we headed back home. We sat and talked and shared a bottle of wine, then two.

Finally I looked at the clock as it chimed ten. Judi stood and held her hand out to Mel. "Come on to bed. Your pajamas are still on the bed, no need to go downstairs tonight." Mel looked at me and I just shrugged. She stood up and hugged Judi. "Thanks." "You'll sleep better, and you need it." Judi glanced at me. "Close up and put things away. We'll yell when we're done and you can come in." She took Mel's hand and led her into the bedroom, and closed the door.

I did as I was told, and shortly got permission to go in and get ready for bed. By the time I was ready, Judi and Mel were laying in bed and waiting for me.

Again, Mel was in the middle, facing my side. Judi was also facing me, but not snuggled tight against Mel.


I smiled, thinking she was exhibiting quite a bit of control. When I lay down she reached across Mel and held my hand. "You don't mind if we hold hands across you do you, Mel?" Judi asked. "Of course not. I can even take the outside if you'd rather." Mel offered. "No, this is fine. Just let us know if we bother you." Judi explained. We drifted off to sleep like that, and once again, several hours later I awoke to a hand inside my pajamas, stroking my cock. Again, Mel's eyes were closed, but this time, as I gently removed her hand they popped open.

She leaned close, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be doing that." "No, you shouldn't." I whispered back. I climbed out of bed and went to the kitchen again, to talk to Judi. Mel disappeared into the bathroom as I walked out. A little later she came out and poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down to join us. Judi waited for a little while and finally asked, "So, Mel, Rich didn't say. What started the bastard beating on you?" "He was convinced I was cheating on him with someone from work.

He thought maybe there was something in my e-mail to prove it. I had some work e-mail on my laptop too, but it wasn't under the same password. He couldn't break it, so he assumed I was hiding his proof there." Mel sighed and took a sip of coffee.

"The funniest part is, there wasn't anyone. In the time we were married there was only ever one man I'd have cheated with." Mel shook her head and smiled. "He never figured it out." Judi smiled and reached across the table, covering Mel's hands with her own. "Neither of them did.

Apparently." And she glanced at me. Mel looked up at Judi and smiled. I just sat dumb. They looked at me at the same time.

"What did I just miss?" Judi laughed. "He can be so stupid sometimes." "I've noticed that." Mel agreed. "But what exactly are you saying, Judi?" "Look, I may be old, but the last two mornings you've had his cock in your hand when I woke up." Judi explained.

"It wasn't rocket science from there." Mel ducked her head and bit her lip. She looked at Judi and stammered, "I'm so sorry, it wasn't completely intentional.

Geez, Judi. I am so sorry." "Mel, it's okay. I kinda' suspected something like that, but I must say I was a bit surprised when it happened twice." "I can sleep downstairs from now on. Judi, would that be better?" Mel asked. "Mel, there's no need of that. But there's something you need to understand if you're going to keep playing with something that's not yours." Judi looked at the clock. "I need to get ready for work. Rich, you explain it to her." Mel looked at me.

"Explain what, exactly?" "Okay." I stood, "Let's start with a fresh cup of coffee." I picked up the pot and filled my cup and then Mel's. I sat down and started. "Let me see if I can start this right." I paused a moment and took a sip. "Judi and I have something of an agreement. If we bring anyone into our bed for sexual purposes, we only do it when we can both share." Mel's eyes got wide.

"Oh." Then "Ooohhh." "Hang on, there's more you need to know." I paused for another sip of coffee. "I think some time back I told you that Judi is bisexual?" I paused and looked into Mel's eyes. "Yeah, I seem to remember that. It didn't mean much at the time." Mel nodded. "Okay, so here's the deal. Judi and I have an agreement since I have to be away so much." I paused again.

"We've agreed that under the circumstances, it's not my cock to share, unless I have her permission. At least. And for all practical purposes, I only share it when she can play too." "So you're saying." Mel paused and looked down, a bit confused.

"What I'm saying is." Judi walked in. "What he's saying is, that if you want to play with my cock, you will have to get permission from me. And in all likelihood, I'm going to insist that I get some of you too." Judi leaned down and kissed my forehead. Then smiled at Mel. "He'll finish explaining. But remember, keep your hands off my cock unless you have permission." Then she went out the door. Mel finally looked at me.

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"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause problems." "Mel, relax. If you'd caused a problem you'd be on your ass on the sidewalk." I chuckled. "I think what Judi is trying to say is she'll gladly share me with you, but she's going to expect some sex with you in return." "I don't know if I'm bi or not." Mel blushed.

"I've never even considered that before." She looked at me. "I mean, some of James' porn had two women together, and sometimes it looked like it might be fun. But I never really considered doing it myself." "I don't think Judi will demand it. But she'll certainly want to touch and kiss you if you get any from me." I explained. "She's tough but not mean. And as bruised up as you are it wouldn't be a lot of fun right now anyway.

Every time we touched you hard you'd probably flinch from the pain." "That's true." Mel agreed. "So, think about it. Give yourself a few days, at least, to heal. Then, when you decide you want, you can ask Judi. She'll go as far as you allow, but I know she'll stop if you ask." I took a long drink of coffee. "But in the meantime, keep your hands off her cock.

If you don't she might really be angry." The next few days were very busy, but nothing in particular happened. Mel still slept with us, but managed to keep her hands out of my pajamas. She quit her job and started looking for a new one closer to where we live. She filed for divorce, and went back to the police department where she lived and pressed the charges.

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Things seemed to be going very well. Her soon to be ex called her cell phone repeatedly and left her a number of progressively nastier messages, but she refused to respond. After about ten days, Mel was sitting with us one evening when she looked at both of us and said, "I feel like I should start sleeping downstairs in my own room. I think I'm keeping the two of you from things you want to do." I looked at Judi and she said, "Not really Mel. We've been waiting for you to ask for what you want.

We figure you will soon." "Are you saying," Mel stammered, "that the two of you are waiting for me to ask to have Rich?" "Of course." Judi smiled. "You obviously want him but we figured that you needed some time to heal, and some time to think.

But, it seems like now is a good time for you to have what you want. All you have to do is ask." Mel blushed.

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"But, I'm not so sure about the other conditions. I've never done anything like that." "Well, you want Rich. Right?" Mel nodded, and blushed even more.

"Yes." She said, very quietly. "And you're willing to let me introduce you to making love to a woman to get a little of his cock? Or more appropriately, MY cock." Judi smiled. "Oh." Mel whispered. "I want him." Every bit of Mel that I could see was blushing. "You know that. If you'll be patient with me I'll try." "Okay then." Judi took her hand. "Come on and take a shower, then we will.

Then you can have some of my cock. And me." They disappeared into the bedroom and Judi closed the door. A little later she came back out and sat next to me. "Mel is so shy about this." "Can you blame her?" I asked. "Just a few days ago she left her husband, and we're asking her to make love to both of us, and she's never even considered being bi." I laughed. "Although apparently she had considered having sex with me. At least once." "Yeah, I did notice that." Judi grinned.

"What wine did you decide on?" "I didn't." I admitted. "I'm torn between that sweet white you love, and the sweet red plum we bought last summer." "Then I say, white with white." Judi laughed. "As pale as Mel is, she needs to be paired with a sweet white wine when we eat her." "That's funny.

I'll get a couple of bottles open, you can shower next." Very shortly Mel came out wrapped tightly in a large white robe that Judi had loaned her.

She sat between us and I handed her a glass of wine. Judi leaned over and kissed her cheek, then stood to leave. "Don't start anything until I get back." Then she bounced off to shower.

Mel looked incredibly nervous as she sipped her wine, quickly. After a few minutes of silence, I finally said to her, "Mel, there's nothing to be so nervous about.

You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, and you don't have to do anything tonight if you're not ready." Mel sighed and took a long drink of wine. "Rich, you don't understand, it's not that I don't want to, but I've never done it with someone married to someone else, and never at all with a woman." She giggled.

"I almost feel like a virgin again." "Well, Mel, I guess I can relate a little to that. Just remember, if you feel uncomfortable and want to stop all you have to do is say so." Mel smiled at me. "I don't think stopping will be the problem, it's going to be getting started." Very shortly Judi popped back out and told me, "Get in there, we're all waiting for you." I handed her a glass of wine and took mine to the bathroom with me.

When I finished and dried I wrapped a robe around my body loosely and opened the door. Judi and Mel were standing in the bedroom waiting for me. I walked over to them, set my wine glass down, and took Mel's wine and set it next to mine. I took her hands in mine and looked into her eyes. "Mel, you're our guest, and our friend, and as such, we're going to do our best to make you comfortable, and to insure you enjoy our making love to you.

But if it gets to be too much just let us know and we'll stop." "Mel leaned forward and kissed me. "No Rich, I won't want you to stop, just be patient, this may take a little getting used to." She smiled at me and glanced at Judi. "Remember, virgin." I reached out and untied the robe, and slipped it off her shoulders. Mel dropped her arms so it fell completely to the floor, around her feet.

I nearly gasped at just how beautiful she was, when I finally saw her naked. I think Judi did gasp. We both slid our robes to the floor, so Mel could see us too. Although she had seen me, briefly earlier. I stepped back a bit to admire Mel's body. Her legs were taut and long, meddling into those fine wide hips, but her belly was flat and ripped, with just the tiniest little hint of a woman's bump.

Her breasts were firm, tipped by areoles so pale and pink that they almost disappeared. Her nipples, slightly darker, were tiny and pointed, and extremely hard. Between her legs was just the faintest little seam, with a patch of blonde curls at the top that also almost disappeared against her skin.

She looked at us, and we at her for several moments. What stood out, even after almost two weeks were the deep dark, unhealed bruises, two on her thigh and hip where she'd obviously been kicked, and more on her ribs and arms where she'd either been punched or tried to block some. Then Judi stepped up and kissed her.

Cupping Mel's breasts, she said, "Mel, you are just so beautiful. It will be an honor to make love to you." She glanced at me, "For both of us, I think." I kissed Mel's cheek, as a tear formed in her eye. "Mel, she's right.

I knew you were beautiful, I had no idea until just now." Mel smiled. "Thank you both, but I'm not all that." "Yes, you are." I stated. Judi agreed. "Just lay down in the middle of the bed and let us show you just what we mean." Mel did exactly that, stretching out with her legs tight together, watching us while we climbed in beside her.

Judi and I each kissed the near cheek and cupped a breast. Judi gazed along Mel's body. "Mel, open your legs, I want to see that pussy." Mel opened her legs a little as Judi slid down beside her. "More Mel. I can still only see a little crack." Mel spread her legs more and Judi finally looked in, then slipped a finger into Mel's slit. "Rich, you should see this. She has just the tiniest little pink petals in her pussy. They are so fine and tender looking." Judi dipped a finger and brought it to her mouth.

"And coated in just the sweetest dewdrops." Judi slid up and kissed Mel on the mouth. When she paused she looked into Mel's eyes. "Do you mind if I go down there and taste that sweet, pretty little pussy." Mel smiled at Judi. "I think I'd like that." Judi slid down between Mel's legs, then grinned and looked up at me.

"You are so going to love this pussy." Then she dropped her face in and started licking. While Judi attended to her pussy, I cupped Mel's breast, tweaking her nipple and leaned in and kissed her long and hard.

When I pulled back she gasped and reached out for Judi's head. "Oh Judi. That feels so good!" Judi reached up and took Mel's hand. She paused just long enough to say, "Just lay back and enjoy. I'll know when you're ready." While I kissed her and fondled her breasts, Judi licked and sucked as she knew how to do. After a few minutes Mel started panting, then her hips bucked. Suddenly Mel went rigid and lifted her hips into Judi's face.

"Oh God! Yes! Oh just like that." Then she screamed long and low. When she finally dropped back on the bed Judi raised her head and smiled. "That any better Mel?" Mel reached her hands out.

"That was so good. I never expected it to be like that." Judi just grinned. "Thanks. I'm glad you liked it." The she looked at me. "Your turn." I kissed Mel's cheek then slid down between her legs as Judi slid up on the other side.

I looked into Mel's pussy and thought about what Judi had said. "I don't think I've ever seen a pussy so delicate." I licked along the open lips. "Nor tasted one so sweet." While Judi paid attention to Mel's face and breasts, I dove face first into her pussy. I licked and sucked, and slid a finger in.


Then two. It took a bit longer, but finally Mel succumbed to another orgasm. Her hips bucked up into me, driving my face deeper into her pussy and my fingers deeper into her hole. She gasped out, "Oh yes! Again!" Then squealed and went rigid.

When she relaxed I looked up and smiled. "Seems like that might be getting a little better?" Mel grinned. "I think I could learn to like this." Then she turned to Judi.

"Would you mind if I have some of his cock now?" Judi laughed. "I wondered how long it would take you to ask." She looked at me. "You can share my cock with her if you'd like. And if he's ready." I raised up on my knees. "I'd love to." I pointed my erection at her. "And yes, it would appear he's as ready as everyone else." I picked up Mel's legs and put her ankles on my shoulders, then crawled forward, rolling her hips up, until the tip of my cock touched her lower lips.

Judi grinned. "This is my favorite position. I hope you like it to." Then she reached down, guided my cockhead into Mel's opening, looked into my eyes, and nodded. I pushed my cock in about two-thirds of the way. Mel gasped out, "Oh yes!" as I slid in.

When I paused her cunt gripped me tightly. As she relaxed a bit I smiled at her. "It seems to be a nice tight fit." I smiled at Judi. I paused to adjust the angle so that my cockhead would slide along the front of her vagina. Then I pushed the rest of the way in. Mel gasped again and looked at Judi. "Thank you so much." Judi leaned down and kissed her.

"You are so welcome." I continued to fuck in and out of Mel, enjoying the way she was squeezing me, and hoping I could make her enjoy this as much as Judi does. After a little while she was humping back into me, which was a good sign. Then she tensed. I kept stroking while she moaned out, "Oh yes! That's it. I'm cumming." Judi kept stroking Mel's face and chest as I continued to fuck into her pussy. While she rode out the first orgasm, I did my best to make it the first of many.

In a couple of minutes she was moaning and bucking again. "Again!" Was all she could say. Then Mel couldn't speak as a series of strong orgasms rocked her. Suddenly she bucked her hips up and squealed.

I felt the gush of her cum against my groin. I smiled, "That's it baby." Judi looked up at me. "Did you make her squirt?" "Oh yes." Mel opened her eyes. "Squirt?" "Never mind, just enjoy." Judi kissed her again. I continued to fuck into Mel as she rode another orgasm, then at the next one I went over the edge. As she came I couldn't stop. I leaned down and kissed Mel. "I'm cumming now." Then I pumped into her and shot my load deep inside her.

Mel bucked against me and her cunt milked my cock. When I was finally spent I let Mel's legs drop and leaned down and kissed her. "Was it worth waiting for?" "Oh yes!" She gushed. "I should have done this sooner." She looked at Judi, "I mean by invitation." "Of course baby. All you have to do is ask." Judi laughed and kissed her. My arms were starting to tire, so I rolled to the side.

Mel groaned. "I wish you could have stayed in." "Me too, but I was about done anyway." I snuggled next to her, held her close and kissed her.

"Thank you." Mel kissed me back. "That was so good." "I'm glad you enjoyed it." Mel kissed Judi. "I just realized, you didn't get any." Judi stroked her face. "It's okay Mel. I'll wait till later." Mel reached out to Judi.

"Would you mind if I tried?" "Mel you don't have to." "I know, but I'd like to try. Just let me know if I do something wrong." Mel implored.

"But first, what's this squirt thing?" Judi looked into Mel's eyes. "Do you mean that your ex never made you squirt?" "Well, no." Mel blushed again. "I've seen it in porn, and heard about it, but I always thought it was made up.

I've never done it with anyone. Especially not James." "Well," Judi said as she kissed Mel deeply. "You've squirted now, and we'll do what we can to help you keep doing it when we make love to you, because it's usually a sign of a very long and powerful orgasm.

And we both love giving lots of orgasms." Judi stroked Mel's slit. Mel gasped. "And of course we love getting them." Mel grinned at Judi. "Can I try to give you one?" Judi stroked her face tenderly. "Of course you may. Just understand you're not obligated in any way." "I know. But you gave me a wonderful orgasm." Mel stroked my cock.

"And shared your cock with me, which gave me maybe the best orgasm I've ever had." She rolled and grinned at me, then looked back at Judi. "The least I can do, since it doesn't appear this," She flopped my limp cock, "Is going to do anything for a while, is try to give you at least one orgasm tonight." Judi rolled onto her back and opened her legs.

"Mel, go ahead when you're ready. Stop if you feel uncomfortable." Mel slid down and rolled between Judi's legs. She looked up at Judi. "What do I do?" Judi cupped Mel's face. "Just do to me what you enjoy having done." Judi giggled.

"I know mine isn't so pretty any more, but just do what you think you'd like to have done, and you'll be fine." Mel ducked her face and started licking at Judi's pussy. It didn't take Mel long to really get into eating pussy, and she was soon licking and nibbling her way around and into Judi's tasty cunt. Judi turned and smiled at me, and I kissed her deeply. Mel was concentrating on trying to get Judi off, and suddenly she hit something just right and Judi gasped. "Oh baby. Just like that." She moaned.

Mel Looked up and smiled. "I'll try." And went back to licking and sucking. Judi gripped Mel's head gently and raised her legs as her orgasm approached. I leaned down and sucked a nipple into my mouth while I watched Mel eating pussy. Mel's eyes were closed as she concentrated on Judi's pleasure. Suddenly Judi went rigid and moaned. "Oh god! Oh yes! That's it, I'm cumming!" Judi's hips bucked uncontrollably while Mel kept sucking on her pussy.

Finally Judi relaxed a little and pushed against Mel's head. "Please, stop and let me breathe." Mel looked up. "Was that okay?" "Mel, that was way better than okay. You were terrific. You're a pussy-eating natural." Judi stroked Mel's face. "You can eat my pussy anytime. In fact, if you'll do that on a regular basis I'll be more than happy to share my cock with you all you want.

Now come up here and kiss me." Mel looked into Judi's eyes. "Can we maybe switch off nights?" Mel suggested. "I think that would be a great idea." Judi agreed. "Tomorrow I can use him, and so on." Mel blushed and smiled.

"I'd like that." Mel slid up Judi's body and lay on her. When they were face to face they kissed for a long time. When they stopped they looked at me.

I was happily relaxed and enjoying the show. Judi rolled Mel between us, and held her close. "Let's all get some sleep." I flipped the covers over the three of us and snuggled against Mel's backside. My cock laying gently between her ass cheeks.

Judi and Mel talked quietly, stroking each other and calming down. Slowly, laying there against Mel's warm ass, my cock began to harden again. I heard her tell Judi, "I think he likes sleeping like this." "You mean big Rich or little Rich?" "Yes." Mel giggled. Judi looked under the covers. "Well, if it comes to life, feel free to use it again. I'm going to sleep." She reached across Mel and took my hand, so that our arms lay across Mel's hip as she slept.

Unfortunately, even with permission, I never got hard enough to enjoy Mel again that night. But, we did start having sex together, the way Mel had suggested. One night Judi and Mel would get started, then Judi would use me, and finish Mel when we were done, the following night, the opposite.

Obviously, I was delighted. I was fucking every night, and always with a woman I love very much. But, a couple of weeks later, before we started having sex one night, Mel stopped Judi.

"Judi, I'm not complaining. God knows this is the best sex I've ever had." Mel began. "But there are things I like to do that we haven't done. And now that all the bruises are healed, I'd like to do some of them again." This ends the first part. I'd originally planned for this to be a single story, but it was getting a bit long, especially with the set-up, so it's going to have a couple more chapters.

Let me know what you think. More to follow.