Boy sục ku trong saigon pearl

Boy sục ku trong saigon pearl
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Idk what to do. My mom came home complaining about her boyfriend and she was so drunk. Her cousin dropped her off from wherever they were and she half carried her in telling me how sorry she is about it. I was so annoyed and I hate it when Mom gets like this. She's really attractive and has a nice body so she gets a lot of attention from men and the guys she dates hate it. Her cousin just laughs at me struggling to hold my mom up and tells me to enjoy. I tried caring her to the room but she said she needed to pee so I took her to the restroom.

I had to help her and it was weird. Then she started to strip off her clothes and I was freaking out asking her to stop. She said no she was gonna shower and to help her.

I figured at least she would sober up so u put her in there and turned on the water. I was turned away while she was just sitting there dazed when she started crying.


She was so loud I felt really uncomfortable as it was. She was crying about her boyfriend and how bad he is to her and cheats I tried to calm her down but it wasn't working. Then out of nowhere she kissed me! I was so grossed out and she tasted like cigarettes and vodka and she doesn't even smoke. She said no one ever wants to be with her and she just needs love and affection. I just stood there and she tried to pull my shorts down.

She wouldn't stop so I gave up and just let her.

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She started sucking me off and it felt so good but inside I was disgusted. I couldn't help it though and I let out a moan. She got out of the shower and I thought she would be done and want to sleep. But she wasn't. She tried walking to her room but she fell and I could see everything. I pulled her up and she grabbed me by the dick again.

I was almost crying by now seeing her like this again and now she was touching me. She pulled me into the room and fell on top of me onto her bed. I thought now she would sleep.

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It she didn't want to. She started sucking my dick again and telling me how nice it was and how she wanted to please me.

I just laid there and took it. Then she climbed onto my dick and said Mom please stop but it was barely a whisper because It felt so good and I've never had sex before. I just wanted it to be over but it felt so good at the same time. I started to get into and she was moaning and kissing and licking all over me. She started to tremble and I could feel myself getting close to finishing. I shouted Mom stop I'm going to cum get off and she wouldn't.

She told me I was such a good boy and to cum for mommy. I couldn't stop myself i could feel it going into her it felt so good. She came too very hard. She started to kiss me and tell me I was such good boy and she would fuck me again sometime.

Then she finally passed out on top of me.


I was so sick to my stomach. I managed to push her off of me and I tucked her under the blanket. I was scared cuz I came in her but it felt so good.

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I went back to my room but I couldn't stop thinking about it. Idk how I should be feeling about it. I had to go back. I checked on her and she was passed out and s Irving loudly. I pulled the blanket off and could see my cum oozing out of her. I wanted to taste it so I pushed her legs open and started to lick it out. She Moaned in her sleep and I got hard.

I had to do it again. I couldn't help myself so I fucked her again. I came inside of her again. I tried sticking it in her ass and it was so tight then I gave her a titty fucking. I shoved my dick down her throat. Anything I could think of I was trying. I decided to finish inside of her again. So I started to fuck her really hard. I was so close and I began to breath gmharder and harder. I could feel the pressure again and I had to let it go. As I was pumping harder she opened her eyes and smiled up at me.

I came so good inside of her.


I never thought I would ever fuck my mom. I felt so sick after.

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I tried my best to clean her up and put some clothes on her. I went back to my room and tried to sleep. I had dreams of her all night. I woke up with a hard on and had to jack off because it wouldn't go away. I went to check on her but she was already up. I nervously went into the kitchen because I wasn't sure if she would remember. She was cooking breakfast. And when I sat down she turned and smiled and said she was making my favorite.

She came over and kissed me on the cheek. She said sorry for being so loud and drunk and thanks for helping me to bed and putting her pajamas on.

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As days passed I felt more uncomfortable around her. Part of the time I was hiding my boners and the other half I was feeling ashamed as I beat my meat repeatedly. My mom seemed to not recall a thing.

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I couldn't believe my luck and my misery. I began sneaking looks at her and chance I could get, it was getting out of control.

These desires were too much for me. I started stealing her panties and sniffing the crotch, I loved tasting her juices soaked into the fabric. I would cum into them and leave on top of her dirty clothes hoping she would say something, anything.

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I just wanted her to go out and get drunk again. One night she put on this sexy black top that had her breast popping out. I could see she was wearing a Leopard print bra that looked to small for her. She had on the tiniest mini skirt I had ever seen, and I wasn't sure she had and panties on. I had to lean against the back of the couch to cover my raging cock. My aunt showed up wearing an equally revealing outfit.

My jaw dropped and I quickly snapped it shut.

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She just smiled and winked at me and began blushing. My mom gave me a long kiss on the cheek and told me she would be back later and not to wait up. My aunt said she'd probably need my help again tonight. Mom laughed and slapped her tit. I couldn't wait for them too be home. But in the mean time I went into my room to jack it to the picture I had of my mom and aunt.