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Hot Anal Gape and Ass Fisting
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NOTE: If you have not read the Bree stories 1 thru 3, I would highly suggest you do so you can have a perspective of the past history of the people involved, the events that had lead up to each individual related chapter and how this lifestyle has evolved among these friends. Our Related Stories in Succession. It is advisable to read them in order as the stories transcends to the next one: 1. Bree1 Kate- Story for Texans, the prequel to: 2. Bree 2 Girlfriend's Big Surprise 3.

Bree 3- A Trip To The Mountains 4. Bree 4 -Wife's Accidental Encounter With The Donkey 5. Bree 5 Bree and Suzanne Go To The Mountains 6. Bree 6 The Awakenings 7. Bree 7 Shannon's Encounter with Jake The Donkey 8. Bree 8 The Reunion (a stand alone story but references people in Bree 1 6) I have tried to accurately represent the events as they were related to me and have submitted the manuscripts back to those who provided the information for review of accuracy.

As a reminder, you are encouraged to read these stories in succession so you will gain an understanding of how these events began and unfolded over time. BREE 5 Bree and Suzanne Go To The Mountains Over the last few years Kate and Bree had become more than best friends, and even closer than when they were in college together. Likewise Kate's husband Rick and I were the same, I guess you can say we now considered all of us as family.

Kate, of all people, had entered medical school and had graduated with a specialization in psychiatry and also had a doctorate. Kate specialized in marriage counseling & couples sexual therapy. Within a few years she had established a very successful practice in Austin. Kate had confused and confounded her friends and family when she entered medical school with her intended specialty.

Being extremely intelligent and driven she had graduated from college with honors in three years and had received her M.D./Ph.D degrees in four years half the time it usually takes.

Oftentimes, for couples that were extremely dysfunctional, Kate would invite them to the ranch to relax and get away from the Austin urban madness and have a guided opportunity to relearn how to reconnect with each other again without the stress of being in a noisy and crowded urban environment and all the distractions contained within.

Being on a large secluded horse ranch in the Texas Hill Country set on the shallow and clear Pedernales River has proven over and over again to be great therapy.

Bree and I had traveled to Rick and Kate's ranch near Fredericksburg for a long weekend. Bree and Kate had been out riding one day, once again drinking beer out of the saddlebags, and stripping down to cool off in the river during the hot ride, and then laying back on the flat shelf rock to dry off and get some tan time in.

Bree told me that, as usual with these two, the talk got quite randy with the beer and the sun. By now Bree and Kate had openly shared with each other what they have done and my past experience in all this. Eventually this had got them wondering how many of their friends among themselves have actually done similar things or thought about expanding/enhancing their sexual pleasure.

Kate threw in that she had plenty of opportunity to actual research this as part of her formal education and profession and had remarked that it was more common than believed based on what she had studied, it was especially prevalent in historical times. Kate remarked that this seemed to be finally emerging back into mainstream society and acceptance, that it was once a commonly accepted practice across most cultures worldwide in antiquity and recent history.

Kate explained it was only because of misguided most often times fictitious writings and interpretations combined with narrow minded selfish rigid moral beliefs which gave rise to even more erroneous beliefs that had driven it into hiding.

It was incalculable the harm that was done to individuals and as a whole a lost benefit at a chance to enlighten society. Kate stated that perhaps the best example of whole society acceptance was in the India sub-continent area, surrounding areas and the Far East as exampled by the many remaining art and temple frescos depicting these practices and least we forget, the Kama Sutra.

Kate had told Bree to just think about the times when they both had girlfriends over to the ranch during the stud activities or semen collection events and also to remember what I had told both Kate and Bree about similar experiences when I was in high school and had girlfriends over during these times. Kate asked Bree to remember what their reactions/non reactions were or comments she may have recalled. Upon thinking about the recollections, Bree later told me they both started grinning at each other at the same time.

Bree then told Kate some of the comments that her girlfriends had made when they had been laying around her pool and Jake the donkey came in and started licking the suntan oil off their feet and legs, attracted by the scented oil and the sweat. Bree said Kate then stated, "If we took the number of friends we suspected then the number was surprisingly statistically higher than thought and if you extrapolated this number to the general population, then there are a lot of people out there!" Kate commented that women were more forthcoming than men concerning their marital problems and this was also especially true of any sexual problems.

A lot of her girlfriends were quite open with her Kate had stated because Kate was their friend, a professional, and a trained counselor with a renowned practice, and then Kate said she had an idea… She had noted that several of their mutual girlfriends that have been out to the ranch for overnight stays had seemed inordinately interested in the operation of the horse ranch and some had witnessed the semen collection with the artificial brooding platform.

Kate had said she had remembered some of their subtle comments or their actions by becoming quiet and thoughtful or becoming stock still with a mesmerized look upon their faces. Comments they often espoused were; how a horse penis looks just like a human's except much larger; how the penis head dramatically swells before ejaculation and then the penis head ridges flares upon ejaculation; the large amount of semen that is ejaculated; and the force of the ejaculation.

Now, in case y'all do not know what an artificial brooding platform is, it is a fiberglass form in the shape of the hindquarters of a horse that stud horses mount and it facilitates the collection of semen.

Kate told Bree that in about a month, she planned on having a girl's overnight weekend while Rick was out of town. Now, when Kate has these get-togethers, sometimes she has her girlfriends screen some new adult videos and new adult toys for their input/comments and selection for use for her couples marriage and sexual therapy practice.

Kate stated this was going to be one of those screening events and now this is part of her plan: to invite three of their closest girlfriends, Mindy, Suzanne and Anne. These three had known each other since high school or college and have always been exceptionally close best friends, even having occasional sexual dalliances with each other, it was in college where they met Kate and Bree.

These three had shown the most inordinate interest in the stud horse operation, that one or more might have already have had thoughts of this nature or even a previous related experience, and to actually entice them to whack off some horses. While in the midst of doing the video screening when she judged the time was right, she was going to jump up and say "Oh Damn!

I forgot I have three semen shipments due out tomorrow and the ranch staff forget to collect them, since they gone until next week, I'm going to need y'all to help me." Bree then commented to Kate "Knowing you, that is not all of your plans!" Then Kate stated "Oh No!

You are not going to know the rest ahead of time since you already indicated that you will not be able to come in that weekend, you will just have to wait until I tell you what happened, if anything! If things go well then I can start formulating Stage 2 of my plan" PART 2 DUE TO THE DIFFICULTY OF RELATING EXACTLY WHAT KATE TOLD BREE WHO THEN TOLD ME, USING THE WORDS "SAID, STATED, REPLIED" WHICH ADDS MORE UNNCESSARY REPETIVE WORDS, FROM HERE ON I WILL WRITE IN STORY NARRATIVE FORM OF WHAT TRANSPIRED ACCORDING TO BREE WITH MY COMMENTS OCCASIONALY INTERSPERSED.

The weekend arrived, it was now mid-August and it was a typical HOT Texas summer, Mindy, Suzanne and Anne had arrived at the ranch late Thursday evening, Rick and their ranch hands had already left to go to their other ranch in Northern New Mexico near Angel Fire and would not be back until early next week. The girls stayed up late catching up with each other and showering affection on Kate and Rick's Great Dane, Trojan. Trojan in turn loved all the attention and kept shoving his nose in their crotches.

Suzanne commented on how "very friendly" Trojan has always been, causing the others to laugh. Kate had to quickly turn around at this comment so the others could not see her grinning… Then Kate leered at Trojan, eliciting another round of laughs! Kate thought this might be an opportune time to remind them of her philosophy: "If It Feels Good, Then Do It" "If you are mentally and physically comfortable with an idea and it does not harm you or a willing partner then, why not?

Go For It!" Before we go any further, you have to know something about Bree, Kate, Suzanne, Mindy and Anne: when they get together, it is like they were still in high school and college and they had temporarily transported themselves to their earlier wilder days, non-stop cutting up with each other, uninhibited with each other, hand over fist drinking, pulling gags on each other, close confident of each other, even if it was just for a long weekend.

From what I know of them and Kate, Kate is the center spiritual point that binds them all together and with Kate's counseling profession being an incalculable bonus.

These women are all married professional career or very successful businesswomen in their very early thirties, and had known each other for years.

The five women were all extremely statuesque drop dead gorgeous even now they could have easily competed with swimsuit and lingerie models! While in college, Kate had been solicited to be a Budweiser Girl while Bree had been featured twice in the Girls on Campus Calendar and had been solicited by Venus Swimwear as a model! All kept strict physical exercise regimes including jogging, with great athletic physiques, firm full medium-large to large breasts (Suzanne and Mindy had breast enhancements!), small tight curvaceous asses and taut flat ripped abdomens.

At their age, they had better bodies than most high school/college age women as exhibited when they had their bikinis on! Friday, the girls went into Fredericksburg for a big lunch at the Brewery and to look at the shops before the weekend tourist hordes descended, then went back to the ranch and saddled up for an afternoon ride, when they got back they cooled off the horses and groomed them and then went and got their swimwear on then went out to the pool.

Now, from what I understand from Bree and Kate, is that a lot of women have more than one style of swimsuits: one that is modest or conservative when they are going to be out in public and active like floating the river or going to a water park and another swimsuit when they are going to be with close friends or just the girls hanging out privately. The ones the girls were now wearing (or partially wearing) by the pool were a lot more skimpier… Have I mentioned the drinking?

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The girls made a big liquor store run before they went back to the ranch. They have been drinking beer all afternoon (it being Fredericksburg and all) and then while riding horses. Come mid-evening after a light dinner, the girls had changed into light, skimpy lingerie lounging wear, except one, Suzanne, who just had on thong G-string panties and a tight clinging worn out see thru mid-riff tee-shirt (commonly called "beaters") that very clearly showed off her very well enhanced breasts.

After mixing a few pitchers of margaritas and mojitos, they settled into the large living area for the business portion of their get together - screening new adult movies and toys for Kate's marriage counseling and sexual therapy practice. Kate periodically has some of her very close friends over for the weekend for this purpose to get their opinions, advice, comments and what they may have come across that would be helpful for her practice.

Kate and Rick had recently installed one of those new 72 inch 3-D HDTV Laser televisions with a Blu-Ray DVD player with a kick-ass Yamaha surround sound mega wattage stereo system and two very large self-powered subwoofers, one each placed directly behind the two leather sofas that would produce deep powerful vibrations in the sofa. There have been many comments often made on how that feels. When Bree first experienced this, she turned and looked at me and stated "With this, I don't need you around!" This got a big laugh from everyone!

The living area is plush with large deep leather sofas and chairs with three walls being floor to ceiling glass (window walls) overlooking the large patio and the Infinity pool and then down the hill toward the barn, stable areas and the river.

The fourth wall had a massive stone fireplace.


A full moon was present and was bathing the property with a bright surreal moonlight, reflecting off the pool, the pool waterfall and the river far below. Kate and Rick are firm believers against having security floodlights on at all hours of the night and theirs has been equipped with large body heat motion sensors so they could enjoy the night and the stars. They are big believers in the Dark Sky initiative. The room also had a large bar and the girls had prepared a large quantity of margaritas and mojitos, with El Tesoro tequila and Jean-Marc XO vodka at hand with shot glasses.

Kate had eleven high-definition adult couple's movies to screen over the next couple of days, all theme based with some being a medieval, fantasy or sci-fi.

With the new big screen 3-D television, it appeared the actors/actresses were almost actually in the room with them but the added detail of dimensioning was fantastic! Kate also had a dozen new adult "toys" out, including an old proven favorite a vibrating squirting Jeff Stryker dildo.

She had also included a few interesting fantasy & anthropomorphic ones: three from the company Bad-Dragon and one from the company Zetacreations. From what Kate later told Bree, these certainly enlisted a lot of drunken ribald comments, with Mindy chasing Suzanne around the room with one with everyone in hysterics.

Y'all know how a group of good/best girlfriends can get when they are together and then toss in some social lubricant (like these needed any from what I know of them!) it is a good thing they were way out of town on a secluded ranch, I'm sure their histrionics were echoing off the hills! (Damn It! You know what they say "wish I could have been a fly on the wall observing all this and earlier at the pool!) As the evening was well underway, Kate had been judging when to implement her plan.

She figured now would be the opportune time: half of the margaritas and mojitos are now gone, they have all been doing shots alternately for about 45 minutes, they have gotten thru two movies and they were all down right being silly - cutting up and throwing dildos at each other and play acting with them, making fun of the actors and imitating them and the dialogue and even grinding up against one another! In other words, things have pretty much gotten out of hand!

Trojan was being more of a pest, restless and barking quite a bit at the girls when they were horsing around and being a little more than persistent and forceful pushing his nose in their crotches getting an almost accurate lick in occasionally, going from one to another eliciting hysterical giggles from each of them. At times, one of the women would try to forcefully facilitate by holding another to enable Trojan - this was usually followed by a shriek notifying the others that he had hit a near bulls eye causing another round of hysterical laughter to burst out.

Mindy exclaimed loudly "It must be because he is the only male in a room with gorgeous horny women and must smell something in the air and he must be one frustrated creature, too bad he wasn't a human because he would have a mouth and handful with four horny souped up wildcats!" causing another round of raucous laughter. Everyone knew this was in jest because they all knew they wouldn't cheat on their husbands with another man, such was the depth of their love But that hadn't completely ruled out some past and current sexual dalliances they have had with each other!

Being the professional carefully trained observer and listener she was, Kate also noted quite a lot more attention and joking were being paid to the non-conventional anthropomorphic toys… Yes…, now is the time… Kate loudly exclaimed "Damn It!" and jumped up and said "I just remembered that Rick told me that two shipments are due out Saturday morning and I haven't collected and prepared them" Anne asked "what shipments?" Kate just stood there and looked at Anne for a moment, then said, "You do remember you are on a stud horse ranch?

Kate let that dangle there a moment as comprehension overtook their faces and Anne started to blush. Mindy asked "you mean horse sperm shipments?" Kate stated "of course and I haven't collected them yet and I will need some help, I can't do this by myself and we have two horses to do". Suzanne exclaimed "you want us to help you whack two horses off!?" Kate laughed and said "how else do you think we collect the sperm? Besides, it just like whacking off a guy till he cums instead it will be a horse, y'all all know by now that a horse penis looks just like a human penis except much longer and much thicker!

At this they all started giggling and then burst out laughing and joshing with each other that soon turned into a taunting contest on whom could get the horses off the fastest based on their past experiences and their talents at hand jobs. Mindy asked if they need to change clothes and Kate said no and then they all grabbed drinks and bottles and piled into the big passenger ATV and drove an erratic intoxicated way down the hill to the horse stables.

PART 3 Once at the stables, Kate led out two of their prize-winning Arabian studs from their stalls and tied them off in the area that was constructed for the semen collection, insemination and breeding area.

This area was spotlessly clean and had a soft, thick rubber tiled floor so the horse's hooves would not skid. Kate instructed that while she kept the horses calm by grooming them and talking softly, the first thing they would have to do was to wash their penises and they will start with one horse, wash the penis, whack him off to do the collection and then repeat with the other horse.

(Kate told later Bree "as you know, I really did not need to stand by the horses to keep them calm, they were champion sires and went through this process twice a week, it just gave me a better way to observe our friends interactions at a standoff distance") With a lot of giggling and laughter they drew a bucket of warm water, in the process slightly splashing Mindy, Mindy in turn started flinging water at the others.

After they settled down a bit, they added the disinfectant soap and Kate told them all to get a loofah sponge and start washing the underbelly, the sheath and when the penis starts emerging to gently wash it, and when the penis got slightly stiff they were to stop. As they prepared to do this they started cutting up again, according to Kate, this was a behavior to bolster each other's courage and to disguise what nervousness might have been present in them doing something they have never done before, especially something of this nature!

Soon they were again flinging water at each other with the loofah sponges out of the pail. Texas summer nights do not cool down very much in the Hill Country and it was still hot - what little clothing they were wearing was soon wet and transparent especially Suzanne with the worn-out tee shirt and G-String panty! Kate told Bree that a lot of ribald comments were made about the size of the horse penis compared to a human penis and they got even more graphic as the full length dropped and then started stiffening Kate paid close attention to the comments they were making as they where helping out: the encouragements to each other and the occasional taunt or boasting, their actions and reactions, the washing and the stroking: if they were doing it mechanically, or… if they were doing it with a conscious thoughtful languid purpose - whacking off the horse penis just like one of their husbands or past boyfriends.

One comment broke them all up and it took awhile to get back on track when Ann spouted off "how would y'all like to feel that great big sack of balls slapping against your ass with the big monster thrusting into you!" Mindy immediately riposted back with "maybe there is something to all those Tijuana donkey shows you always have heard about, Hey Kate, how come you don't have any donkeys?!

Anne immediately replied, "she may not have donkeys but she has those stud ponies!" Kate later told Bree she gave them a leering grin and told them one of her prize stud ponies was named Pedro, which broke them up again! Kate told them wash time was over, they were getting more water on them than the horse and Kate said that Suzanne then struck an exaggerated pose that thrust out her now totally transparent clinging wet tee shirt that clearly show her enhanced breasts and small areoles and diamond hard nipples and slowly drew her hand down across her breasts and then her crotch saying "But it is sooo hot out here and the water feels sooo good" in a perfect imitation of a porn actress in one of the movies that had just watched causing everyone to laugh until tears were rolling.

Kate then told them to go back over to the sink and look for a bottle labeled J-Lube and for each of them squeeze a small amount of powder J-Lube lubricant in their hands, add a little water and rub their hands together to mix it and after this they could add additional water to get the consistency they preferred. They all commented on the J-Lube and that except for the clear color, it sure looks like cum except slicker and stringy and they have never felt anything so slick before.

Kate told them that J-Lube was an obstetrics powder and is also used for the slime used in movie special effects; this product was used to make the slime in the Ghostbuster and Alien movies. That small bottle can make two to six gallons depending on how you like the consistency. Kate then added that one full moon night she and Rick went up on the hill overlooking the property with a big plastic sheet and several gallons of J-Lube mixed up and wrestled with each other, of course we made it more interesting by bringing alone a couple of dildos!

It felt so erotic and sensual especially with the bright moonlight glistening off our slime covered bare bodies, this stuff beats wrestling with mineral oil, it cannot even compare! Y'all ought to try it sometime. Suzanne quipped, "maybe we all together ought to try it" as the others exchanged serious lewd suggestive looks. Mindy stated "if the boys were to see that they would never get their jaws off the ground!" causing everyone to crack up.

Kate instructed them to start stroking the penis, and when I say to get ready, place the collection jar near the tip to collect the semen when he ejaculates.

All three started caressing the dangling turgid penis, still cutting up with each other with the occasional taunt and insult indicating "they must never have whacked off a boyfriend or lover, how in hell can you get your own self off with that kind of technique!" As the penis started stiffening and then become engorged from the manipulations, slowly the taunts and jiving dwindled off to breathy comments like, "Wow, look at it, it is so hard, so massive, feel the heat from that thing, it is like a hot poker, only huge, it does look like a human penis, the pink head is so pretty, feel how massive it is when you wrap your hands around it, jeez, I cannot even get my hand to close around it or even the shaft!" It was very obvious that all of them were very enthralled and fascinated at feeling for the first time such a powerful and massive male sexual organ.

The massive shaft was throbbing swelling and contracting as they attempted to encircle their fingers of one hand around the shaft but failing to do so. Kate could see their encircling fingers actually spreading apart 11/2 inches each time the massive shaft throbbed and swelled. A searing thought seem to sizzle through their minds almost simultaneously imaging a cock of these massive proportions expanding and contracting inside of them as this one did, stretching and filling like they have never before experienced, thrusting deeper than any man or dildo had gone before, each imaging a massive ejaculation deep inside and triggering the most intense repeated orgasms she had ever experienced!

Overwhelming and undeniable surges of arousal flooded thru each of them upon the thought, each getting profusely wet as their naked emotions showed upon their faces as well as their bodies blatantly and clearly exhibiting their heightened state of arousal… This went on for a few minutes because the horse was use to being serviced frequently.

Kate told Bree, she could visibly see the girls become excited, their nipples were all hard, and their respirations had increased - their chests visibly moving under the clinging wet see thru tops, they were all focused; their comments were soft and exclamatory.

Kate told Bree that she had no intention of putting them through actually collecting the semen; she was more interested in observing their reactions when the ejaculation occurred. Then the ejaculation occurred when Mindy was actually caressing the penis head. Mindy loudly exclaimed "OH WOW!

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I can feel his head swell, I think he is fixing to cum!" She then placed both hands around the now largely swollen head and then the head flared and shot a powerful stream of cum for at least four feet, there was a hush of silence from all of them as they were mesmerized by the powerful thick stream erupting with explosive force and shooting all that distance, Anne finally whispered Wow, look at that bastard cum!

I did not know horses could cum so much or shoot that far" Mindy then quietly said "you should have felt his head swell up just before he came, it must have increased twice in size, then it flared! Kate stated that as Mindy said this, her hands had moved over the tip of the head, cum covering her hands from the dimensioning stream. Again Mindy said "Damn! His cum is sooo Hot!" as she slowly caressed the head.

Suzanne and Anne had still been continuously slowly stroking the shaft and now their hands slowly slid lower to where Mindy's hands were to feel for themselves… Kate said she then told them in a low voice in order to not break the spell they were clearly under "the head swells and then flares just before the orgasm and during the orgasm, briefly wedging the penis inside the uterus ensuring with a powerful ejaculation that the majority of the sperm is forced into the uterus, that this was an evolution mechanism due to the large predators that preyed on the horses and this had ensured the rapid delivery of the most amount of sperm directly into the uterus.

Suzanne whispered, "I wish my husband could have a dick that swells like that and cum so much. Damn! We forgot the collection jar!" This broke the spell and they all started laughing, talking about their husbands and how they must feel woefully inadequate compared to this big boy here!

Anne then said "Damn, look at us, we are a mess, I need to get my hands clean and get another drink or two!" They got cleaned up at the washbasin and each downed a couple of shots of the still ice-cold vodka.

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Kate called out over her shoulder as she led the serviced horse away that they had another one to do and not to forget the collection jar this time! Their peals of laughter rang out behind her retreating back. Kate stated that when she got back from putting up the horse, the girls had already started washing and she made a teasing comment to them "typical horny women just can't wait to get started when confronted with something new, big and hot that they think they can handle without help!" which dissolved them in stitches.

Kate then in jest harrumphed back to them, "Well! I am the sex professional, as y'all well know! which got them rolling even more. Later Kate told Bree said she had never seen drunken very clearly sexually aroused women in such a state of hilarity before or in such a highly sexually charged arousing circumstance where all of them were practically nude with their wet clingy transparent lingerie and tee shirt and whacking off horses with enthusiasm!

Kate then told Bree the sight of them and their actions had caused her to be highly aroused and toyed with certain thoughts and other ideas. Bree was quiet for a moment and then responded in a low voice "you telling me what happened has gotten me excited…I'm real sorry I missed out" Bree said that Kate paused and gave her a long coy look and then continued with the story… The second horse went slightly faster because the girls were more enthusiastic and coordinated with their caressing and manipulations with their inhibitions shucked and long forgotten.

Anne and Suzanne had their hands lower down the shaft this time after Mindy had exclaimed to them "you have got to feel the head swell just before the orgasm and then the flare, plus you can feel his lower shaft powerfully pulsate and throb with each ejaculation!" The girls were back to their hilarious selves this time, making even more lewd ribald comments than ever before as they caressed the cock, Kate stated that a couple of comments she clearly heard was when Anne said "I wonder what it would feel like being impaled on a monster like that thrusting in and out and feeling all that hot cum explode inside" causing the others to crack up with their own comments of hot monster cocks fucking them silly.

Suzanne then replied with her own wistful comment "if men were only hung like horses…" then laughing again.

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Anne told Suzanne to move her hand to join hers at the head; they joined hands and then started revolving their hands around the head back and forth while with their free ones and Mindy's hands in unison, they stroked the cock up and down the entire length going slowly building up to a faster stroking action.

Anne and Suzanne both said at the same time "I can feel his head swell! Alternately and at the same time, Anne and Suzanne spoke some variation of "this feels incredible, it is getting so big, and he's flaring! WOW, look at that cum shoot out!" Damn, I can feel his dick throb and pulse! Look at all that cum, it is so HOT!" After they calmed down a bit (and the horse), Kate said she felt it was her duty to tell them that they had forgotten the collection jar again which resulted in them laughing so hard that tears came again.

Kate said not to worry about it, she will call the horse farms they were destined to and said their deliveries would be later next week. Kate led the horse back to its stall while the girls once again got their hands cleaned up. Kate hosed down the area and told Bree she just accidently squirted them and got them somewhat soaked again in the still 90-degree heat. Kate said she commented out loud to them that there wasn't a wet tee shirt contest that they all couldn't win hands down, causing them to start cutting up, acting like they were in a wet tee shirt contest and then imitating certain words and actions from the adult movies.

Kate told Bree that when they arrived back at the house, Suzanne and Kate went through the door together, Trojan was at the door after hearing them drive up (and their laughter). As they entered, Trojan immediately drove his nose with some force into Suzanne's inadequately G-string panty covered crotch spreading her legs in the process and staggering her backwards to the point where Anne & Mindy had to catch her and they all tumbled in a drunken pile.

Trojan got even more excited, barking at the girls, girls shrieking with laughter, limbs all akimbo, Trojan occasionally trying to dart in at an opportunely exposed crotch eliciting more gales of laughter, Mindy commenting "they might as well give up and let Trojan have his way" which Kate said caused even more laughter.

PART 4 Kate said they then went to take their wet things off and came back into the living area wearing the guest robes that Kate had placed in each of their rooms. Since it was summer, they were thin, silky almost completely transparent La Perla robes that were very short and came to just barely below their cheeks. Mindy and Anne had come out wearing no panties at all under the robes while Kate said Suzanne and she had thong underwear on.

This was a little game they have been playing with each other for several years, wearing thongs or no panties under their robes when they are relaxing with each other and started several years ago when one goosed the other and it became a non-stop game trying to catch one or the other unawares. Now, along with Bree, Kate, Suzanne, Anne and Mindy have had their entire genital areas denuded by laser hair removal, leaving either just a very small decorative triangle or short narrow stripe above their pussies, except for Kate who had a small heart as appropriate for her professional career.

They all refreshed their drinks and all enthusiastically agreed to complete screening the movie they had interrupted to go to the stables.

Trojan became so persistent with his attempts at crotch diving which was unencumbered with the short robes they were all wearing that Kate finally had to lock him out of the room after Mindy let out a particularly loud gasp as she bolted upright and her parted legs shot straight out letting the others know he must have scored and hit the big bulls eye(s). Anne remarked to Mindy and her beet red face "Well, you're the one that said we all might as well let Trojan have his way!" Kate said this remark brought on what was probably the biggest gale of laughter of the evening.

Kate said the girls continued laughing watching her drag 190 pound Trojan out of the room all the while Trojan was trying to stick his nose in her crotch the whole time. While she was dragging him out, they had called out to her "You might as well give in, he's not a donkey but damn close to it!" Kate said they were barely able to finish the movie before all the alcohol knocked them almost senseless.

Again there was a lot of good natured ribbing, commenting on the very well hung male actors, that they are no competition compared to the equipment that they handled earlier that night, and again chasing each other with the dildos.

Kate said one particular interesting event occurred while she, Mindy and Anne were sitting on the big couch together, evidently Mindy had noticed that Anne was totally engrossed with a particular scene that was playing and that Anne was sitting sideways on the sofa leaning against the armrest, her legs were drawn up and folded underneath her, and that the short robe had ridden well up her hips exposing Anne's cheeks and clearly her denuded pussy and openly exposed anus.

Mindy had nudged Kate to watch her and cut her eyes over to Anne, Kate said she silently caught Suzanne's attention, who was sitting in a chair across from them. Mindy had one of the anthropomorphic dildos beside her that she had previously been goofing around with, making fun of certain scenes of the movie, wielding it like a sword at the screen and then at them.

Anne had become so engrossed with the movie that she did not notice Mindy turn her head away from Anne and slowly raise the dildo to her lips and then she stuck out her tongue and slowly ran it around the tip of the dildo and just below the head. Kate told Bree she did a damn good imitation of a scene from a porn movie. Then Mindy slowly lowered the dildo down to her side, slowly slid it over across her lap and down between her and Anne's side, then crept the dildo to a point to where it was almost at Anne's pussy, Mindy peered and then angled the tip angle slightly up and then Mindy quickly pushed it thinking she was just going to goose her.

Evidently, Anne was more engrossed in the movie than we thought and the angle had been accurate, because instead of the dildo just goosing Anne, it penetrated her pussy and a goodly portion slid inwards with what they realized was an obviously well lubricated and primed pussy from being aroused due to the movie and perhaps earlier activities!

Anne let out a loud gasp and then became quite still, her body slightly shuddering as a low guttural moan slowly escaped from her parted lips, and then with a start, Anne bolted upright forcefully dislodging the dildo as she heard us start laughing, realizing she had just climaxed!

Kate told Bree that Anne blushed furiously and grabbed for the dildo before Mindy could recover it and attempted to pin Mindy against Kate and repeatedly tried to thrust the dildo against Mindy's own bare exposed pussy while wrestling with her, only partially succeeding a couple of times with Kate's insidious help, Mindy would laughingly shriek on each successful attempt, the exhausting laughter from everyone finally caught up with Anne, and her attempts slowly diminished as she laughed herself to exhaustion.

Kate then told Bree it was quite a stimulating sight with all three of them thrashing around with her surreptitiously trying to help Anne accomplish her goal to do the same to Mindy before they became overwhelmed and exhausted with laughter, all three had their silk robes undone by all the wrestling - exposing all, faces and chests were red and flushed, their hard tipped breasts were heaving trying to catch their breaths, and Suzanne had laughed so hard she fallen out of her chair.

Bree said Kate then gave her that long coy look that Kate was infamous for and slowly winked at her… The movie ended, with all the alcohol imbibed and exertions, they were exhausted. They all hugged good night with them goosing and pinching each other's bottoms in drunken giggles. Kate said they all proceeded to their rooms and she let Trojan back in who followed her to the other hallway to the master bedroom where he usually slept. Kate said as she and Trojan passed the hallway where the guest rooms where located, one final ribald comment was spoken as they went past Mindy and Suzanne… Mindy exclaimed "Remember about Trojan having his way, he is about the same size as a donkey!" Kate said as she proceeded past them, she coyly winked and gave them a slow leering grin and with an exaggerated sway to her hips, proceeded on to the master bedroom with Trojan by her side as the laughter continued.

Kate said she shut the door and stooped down to Trojan and told him "how about we take care of that frustration that is pent up in both of us…" Couple of hours later, both thoroughly satiated and relieved, Kate said she woke up with a cottonmouth and went to the kitchen for a cold glass of water. Kate said she walked through the living area and then stopped when she noted that not all the dildos were on the table where she placed them before they all went to bed.

Kate told Bree she further noted that two of the Bad-Dragon dildos and the Zetacreation dildo were the ones missing and she developed such a grin on her face it hurt. At breakfast the next morning, all nursing hangovers, Kate said she was sitting across from the other three and as she looked at them she posed a question: "So girls, can y'all make a recommendation on the toys?" Kate said as one, they all blushed simultaneously and then burst out laughing.

As typical when good friends get together who haven't been with each other for awhile, they tended to overdo it which was what happened on Friday, so Saturday was a lazy day, getting naps in, lying out by the pool and trying to get rid of the lingering hangovers.

Saturday night was a little more sedate than Friday night as they screened a few more films. They commented that it was too bad that Bree could not have made it this weekend, who knows what would have happened! After Sunday brunch, Anne, Mindy and Suzanne departed with parting ribald comments like "can't wait until next time" and one particular one "we can teach those ranch hands a thing or two on how to service a stud!" which had them all cracking up.

PART 5 Bree called Kate up later the next week to see what all she missed out on and Kate gave her a brief run down but she did go into details explaining she was still thinking about some things that had happened and was trying to get her mind wrapped around it to form correct observations and future paths.

Tat this was actually seriously more difficult analyzing because these were not clients per se but close, dear friends and she had a lot more knowledge of their personal histories and pasts than she normally does with her clients and patients.

Kate told Bree that each of them, Bree herself included, had confided in her in a professional manner in one way or another at sometime and that was a real big problem for her: how to separate the professional aspect away from the great/best friends aspect who want to have fun and have fun with each other and not introduce any possible harm, hurt or mis-beliefs in all of their relationships with each other and their spouses and especially not for any of them to be compromised in any fashion or form.

Bree said that this ended a fun conversation on a slightly somber note, as the implications sunk thru to Bree as she remembered the medical axiom that all physicians and Kate must follow "First, Do No Harm" Bree told Kate that she clearly understood and did not want anything to impact their dear and great friendships, with that; Bree said they exchanged "love you sweeties" and they hung up.

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A few weeks later Bree and I went to Kate and Rick's ranch. While the girls were out riding Kate mentioned to Bree that Suzanne had called her up since the last get-together and asked if she could come out to the ranch to see Kate in a professional capacity, which she did not want to do in an office setting because that was uncomfortable for her.

Kate said she did not try to convince Suzanne to see her at the office because a lot of people were uncomfortable coming to an actual psychiatrist office just as it with a regular medical office.

So Kate told Suzanne to come out this past Saturday and plan on spending the night and they would chill out and talk. Bree then said that Kate could not tell her any actual details what transpired due to the doctor/patient confidence, but alluded that it had to do with an incident that occurred after the weekend at the ranch and that Suzanne and her husband John had some conflicting emotions about it.

Kate added that in today's society, that there were a lot of conflicts that involved outdated sexual mores and misbegotten religious beliefs which thoroughly impacts and damages today's modern couple's relationships and yesteryear's relationships. Kate further explained that there are numerous misconceptions of the Bible, the Torah and the Koran, that they are all derivations from the same common sources, most people do not realize that the Bible and the others have been heavily edited and rewritten for over a thousand years, entire gospels removed and actually banned because it conflicted with early mainstream theology and church leadership, that the majority of society believed that the commandants were originally handed down at the same time but the majority were actually written several hundred years to a thousand years later.


Kate said a prime example is Leviticus 18:23, a commandant that was actually written several hundred years A.D. and was part of the priestly code which describes details of rituals, cleanliness and uncleanliness.

Kate further explained that there were common social, even religious accepted practices in antiquity in most cultures throughout the world. There were several very famous examples recorded in the ancient Greece and Roman empires of social accepted private and public behavior that only became in disfavor due to the European Middle Ages when they were driven underground and only began to re-emerge at the start of The Age of Enlightenment that began in 1750.

Luckily, the Indian Subcontinent, the East and the Far East Asian cultures escaped these influences except where they were only minimally impacted by later exposure to European colonialism. Bree said she was concerned because Suzanne and John were both dear friends of all of them and if they are having problems it will affect all and if there was anything she or the others could do to help. Bree said that Kate laughed and said everything was cool. That she had actually shocked Suzanne by assuring her that everything was fine with what happened, that her and John's concerns were rapidly becoming less and less of an issue as society became more liberated, educated and willing to explore new feelings and sensations.

Kate had told Suzanne she would be amazed at how many people she may actually know that had also become more adventurous and liberated, that she herself had contributed to research articles on these subjects.

Kate said it was her statement that she contributed to research articles and then mentioning to Suzanne that she may unknowingly know people that have experienced the same thing that rocked Suzanne and then reassured her confidence in herself after a very long discussion with several drinks that lasted into the evening. In fact, she also had a separate successful counseling session with John shortly after meeting with Suzanne when she had to stay overnight in Austin for a late meeting and they met at Uncle Billy's Brew & Que and had a very long talk over a couple pitchers of their very fine microbrew.

Bree said, then Kate looked at her and stated, "it has been awhile I think since you and Suzanne have seen each other, why don't you invite Suzanne up to y'alls place for a weekend. I think a little chat with you would be beneficial…" and then Kate gave her one of her patented coy looks, which at the time confused her because she would not go into any more detail on how I could help Suzanne and John.

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PART 6 Well, Bree had to drive up to Silverton in a couple of weeks to make sure the family lodge was ready for winter, my parents could not go as they were occupied for the next few weeks and I also could not go due to trying to get an assignment completed in time for publishing.

I also did not want Bree driving alone even with Duke, our Great Dane along. Bree called up Suzanne who leapt at the opportunity to go having seen pictures of the lodge but has not been there and enthusiastically agreed to accompany Bree to Colorado.

Meanwhile, Bree said she had done some research of her own after her talk with Kate, being curious of the particular citation of Leviticus. Bree said when she realized what it was she was astounded and then hardly could stop laughing.

They settled in to the lodge for a few days, worked on getting the winter preparations completed, went sightseeing in the area and took long walks with Duke and hitting the hot tub every evening. Bree told me that guys and girls have different ideas of modesty when being with the same sex and that Suzanne and her were totally comfortable with each other being almost like sisters so by unspoken consent neither wore anything in the hot tub, Bree said it was like being around the pool at their ranch or Kate's ranch, secluded and nothing but just the girls around.

Bree stated they have been drinking heavily the second evening and as Suzanne was bending over to set down her glass before climbing into the hot tub, Duke had goosed her good with his tongue scoring a direct bulls eye causing her to shriek and laugh then scolding Duke saying he was just as bad as Trojan and Toby except Trojan was more persistent. Bree said this clued her in that tonight was the prime time to try to get Suzanne to open up, especially what she discovered from Kate's cleverly worded clues about what was going on with Suzanne and John after having looked up the Leviticus religious citation.

Bree stated that after another drink they started doing shots and they were both quite liberated and talking freely and Bree decided to broach the subject by relating her own first experience right here at the lodge.

Bree said she went about it in a round about elusive way without actually saying outright what happened to see if she would arouse Suzanne's interest. As Bree told me it was like that age old saying "hook, line and sinker" with Suzanne getting more insistent and curious about this mysterious event and she told me you should have seen her face when she finally clued in what Bree was talking about and then instead of being shocked Suzanne got all aggressive in getting Bree to describe all the uncensored details of what happened even going so far as to get Bree to tell her what it felt like!

Bree told me Suzanne's face was getting flushed and she thought it was not just from the alcohol and the hot tub, she noted that Suzanne had positioned one arm midway across and down her body while Bree was giving her the details on what it felt like and suspects she may have been rocking her little man in the boat but with the bubbles going she could not see clearly and could not be obvious about it.

She said Suzanne momentarily froze and blinked several times when Bree said, "Since then, there have been several other times…" She said Suzanne had now forgotten about the shot glass and was now swigging directly out of the bottle. She then got silent for a couple of minutes and then softly in a very slurred voice said "I'm glad you confided in me, recently something similar happened to me and John…" . Bree said she then slowly scooted over next to Suzanne, softly placed her hand on her leg and gently encouraged her to tell her.

Suzanne related that recently one weekend that she and John just got thru having afternoon sex and she put on her short summer silk robe and John slip on a pair of shorts and they went into the kitchen to fix a snack and get beers, they then went into the den to watch TV. John sat in his chair while she sat on the couch, slouched down and propped her legs up on the table.

Toby, their male boxer, as always was looking for a handout, Suzanne said she was eating chips and gave Toby one which he seemed to really enjoy. She said you know how playful boxers are and always are rambunctious. As she was raising her hand with a chip in it to eat, he jumped up and grabbed it and she playfully scolded him, rubbing his head saying that was meant for me. Suzanne said Toby then scooted under her propped legs and then forced her legs apart with his head and then he laid his head on her lap giving her that boxer soulful look.

Suzanne then stated she was raising another chip to her mouth and Toby jumped up and she felt his red rocket momentarily slip inside her pussy like a hot poker and she let out a loud gasp causing John to look at her and ask "Honey, is something wrong?" She said she knew she was blushing furiously because she could feel the heat from her neck and face and John obviously could see her blushing and flustered and was persistent in knowing what was wrong.

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She stammered out what happened and expecting the reaction she thought John was going to explosively exhibit she got confused when he softly asked what it felt like and persisted on details of what it felt like. Still being flustered and confused, she did not think at the time to get mad, upset or anything and with John pressuring her for details she blurted out it felt like just one of her slim dildos just very, very hot and it just slipped right in and then back out. Suzanne said John then came over and slowly kissed her and said "It's okay, things happened, it didn't hurt you did it?" while he slowly caressed her.

She said "no, it actually felt good, better than her dildo, it was very hot, slick and real unlike a dildo" Then she said John started caressing her pussy whispering "hmmm, you are so wet still from our fucking, I can see how something like this could happen, or is it from Toby's little red rocket?" Hearing this Suzanne let out a little gasp… Then John started slowly finger fucking her pussy and manipulating her clit while nibbling on her neck and parted her robe to expose her breasts and suck on her nipples.

She did not know what came over her, she had pulled John's shorts down and was stroking John's substantial cock and John had gotten her so horny and she recalled she just barely nodded and said a slight whispered "yesssss" when John softly whispered in her ear if she wanted to feel it again and was momentarily confused when Toby suddenly appeared again between her widely parted legs thinking that John was fixing to fuck her again and then she realized John meant Toby and not him!

Suzanne said this shocked her motionless and before she realized it John had raised Toby up and his penis slid back in and Toby grab her hips with his paws in a viselike grip and took off like a jackhammer! She said it was almost instantaneous that when he started jack hammering his hot cock in, she lost all control, lost in the sensation of his swelling cock pounding in and out and being furiously fucked like never before, a real hot cock plummeting to depths that have never been reached by a real cock, her pussy being stimulated like it has never been before.

Immediately she orgasmed within a few seconds of the start of the jack hammering! John later told her she had then slowly raised her legs up and then locked them on top of Toby's back and tilted her pelvis up into him. She vividly remembers the fantastic feeling of the swelling knot being repeatedly driven in and out of her pussy and then lodging and locking inside, rubbing against her G-spot and then she realized the tip of his cock had actually pushed past her cervix and when Toby ejaculated he could feel his powerful, very hot cum shoot directly into her uterus.

She lost count of the number of times she had orgasms and John later told her he had never seen her or any of his past girlfriends come so big or so many times! When Toby's knot was finally able to slowly withdraw pulling at her pussy the entire way with a slurping noise, it momentarily hung up at her entrance and then with some more tugging, slowly slid out with a final Plop!

Then she felt a gush of hot fluid pour out and then they both gasped in amazement at Toby's little red rocket. Little no more! It was more like a Saturn 5 rocket and the knot was still a considerable girth! We both said about the same thing "Look at the size of that monster! I can't believe I took all of that" Then John was on her and fucked her silly into another powerful orgasm and a big, big mess with all the fluid squirting out of her with squishing noises with each thrust from John.

John whispering in her ear how hot she was and how incredibly beautiful and sexy she was and Toby fucking her was the hottest and most erotic thing he had ever seen… Suzanne then stated that she had to turn to Kate for counseling to resolve her feelings of how she could be ashamed of having interspecies sex, with her husband even helping her to do it!

But the sex it had felt so wonderful - so physical - just primal, mindless instinctive fucking and she was not talking about the dog but her! Then Suzanne stated that Kate had surprised her by saying that the majority of society's social mores and conventions have all been devised by men, with women throughout history not being allowed to participate in the development due to their status as second class citizens or worse.

Further she was firmly convinced that the forbidden sexual more of bestiality was conceived after men witnessed what primitive unbridled primal lust and passions could be arisen from a woman being physically, powerfully and thoroughly intensely fucked by an animal - an instinct and fright unburied and awakened deep in a man's subconscious, that a woman could be so powerfully aroused and exhibit such primal lust just by the brutal physical furious fucking act of an animal, that it threatened their masculinity!

A belief perpetrated through the ages by men, subjugated upon women, because men were afraid of their masculinity being affected! Bree then told Suzanne that Kate had told the same thing… Bree stated that she had been slowly stroking Suzanne's thigh to help relax her enough into telling her the story and Suzanne had placed her own hand on Bree's thigh as she talked and was moving it slowly up and down.

As the story got more involved and detailed, Bree realized her caressing had gotten to longer and longer lengths to where she had reached the juncture of Suzanne's legs and that Suzanne had parted her legs considerably. The hot tub helped with the water buoyancy especially with the bubbles on.

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Bree then realized that Suzanne's hand had stroked its way up Bree's own parted inner thighs to fraction below her pussy. Now Bree told me that while she may have relaxed in a hot tub or around a pool semi-nude or nude with her girlfriends, with the exception of Kate and another close friend, Shannon, she had never done anything seriously sexual with them before beyond just kidding around like they do at Kate's: screening movies and new toy's, playing grab ass and goosing each other.

Between the effect of the large amounts of alcohol they had both drank and the ability of alcohol to reduce one's inhibitions, the beautiful mountain setting, cool air and the blanket of stars overhead, the experiences they both told each other and the gentle caressing of each other's legs and parted thighs, Bree said she realized that they were both super horny. Bree said she then started slowly moving her hand down to the inside of Suzanne's thigh, softly caressing as she moved her hand upwards, and then cautiously and gently brushed it against Suzanne's pussy like it was an accident and watched for a reaction from Suzanne.

Bree said when she did this, Suzanne let out a soft sigh and slid a little further down in the tub which caused Suzanne's pussy to press against Bree's hand and Suzanne's hand then brushed against Bree's pussy with a little more pressure than Bree initially had. This in turn reciprocated in them both, slowly, with ever-increasing forceful pressure; begin the caressing of each other's pussies.

Bree then told me that Suzanne slowly slid a finger into Bree and started slowly finger fucking her as Suzanne placed her other hand over Bree's hand, the one that was caressing Suzanne's pussy with and grab a finger and started pressing up and down on it. Bree immediately got the hint and inserted her own finger into Suzanne.

She said it was not long before each of them had gone beyond one finger to two fingers and the pace had picked up and they were both soon bucking against the hand that was finger fucking them with, the thumbs of each others hands riding over and over their rock hard protruding clitorises with every thrust of their hands. Then Suzanne pressed her hand hard against Bree's fucking hand forcing her fingers as deep as they would go while tilting her pelvis up and she could feel Suzanne's muscles clamped down on her fingers powerfully as Suzanne climaxed with a loud drawn out guttural moan, in turn triggering Bree's own overwhelming orgasm.

Bree said they then languishedly stroked each other and caressed each other's breasts until they calmed down, relaxed and were able to speak somewhat coherently again. Suzanne said "WOW, that was something else!" and Bree replied, "that was something of an understatement". Suzanne then had whispered, "I guess we have something to tell to our mutual confident and therapist" and Bree had replied "I think we are going to rock her world!" As they talked Suzanne asked if Bree was comfortable in doing these things and Bree, using the words that Kate had coached her to use if the happenstance presented itself, told Suzanne that people she unknowingly knew had expanded their experiences and were greatly enjoying new phases of life.

Bree said she could see the recognition slowly dawn on Suzanne's face and then Bree said she elaborated on more details (what my role has been in all of this) and my past intimate connection with Kate.

Suzanne knew that Kate and I had seriously dated during college but certainly did not know about THOSE kinds of intimate details, and had always thought it was so wonderful that Kate and Rick could still be so close as if family with Bree and I. Bree then reassured Suzanne that Bree and Kate felt the same way about her. Bree said when she started talking about Kate that Suzanne got real still and quiet, and then after awhile started giggling which became infectious and soon they were laughing so hard they were floating in the tub and they were clinging to each other trying to calm each other down from the hysterics!

(Damn, another mental image I wish I could have been there to see in person! Two gorgeous nude women clinging to each other and Suzanne with breast implants to boot!) Being satiated, drowsy and very intoxicated, they help each other out of the hot tub and into the lodge and to their rooms, Duke following closely behind, alternately intimately goosing each of them with his long powerful tongue as they walked thru the big lodge causing them to giggle hysterically as they clung to each other for support as they walked but not fending Duke off from his advances.

Bree said she awoke an hour later and stumbled to the bathroom. When she came out she realized that Duke was not in his customary spot. She said she lightly called him but he never came. She crawled back into bed and just before she fell back asleep a big grin erupted and she had to grab a pillow to muffle her giggles.

Bree said late the next morning, she was in the kitchen fixing breakfast when Suzanne slowly walked in slightly bow-legged and watched her gingerly sit down. Bree said she grinned at Suzanne and remarked to her "What do they say about taking on more than you can handle with any help?!" Suzanne grinned back at her and said "Your right!

How about helping each other out tonight…?" as she stroked Duke's head. I asked Bree what she did then and she replied that she grinned back at Suzanne and then gave her a wink and she wouldn't tell me anything else!

Damn, what a tease! The next time I saw Suzanne I asked her if she enjoyed the trip to the lodge, she grinned at me and commented that she, Bree and Duke had a marvelous time and was looking forward to it again and also coming out to our ranch, then gave me a wink. Bree said when they have gotten back to the ranch where Suzanne had left her car; she could not resist one last repartee… "You will have to come back out to the ranch soon and met Jake.

Suzanne asked, "Who's Jake?" Bree said she replied, "Oh Jake's our new donkey, he is so sweet and lovable" and gave Suzanne a "look". Bree said that after a moment, Suzanne's eyes opened wide and Bree assumed that her comment got properly assimilated… Bree quickly hugged Suzanne goodbye with a peck on Suzanne's now blushing cheeks and walked away.

PART 7 Bree told me that after Suzanne left she called Kate and related all the details and then she asked Kate "So Doctor, what is your professional opinion?" Kate replied, "Well, we now have firm confirmation that Suzanne and her husband have definitely and more importantly permanently expanded their horizons.

Suzanne even went further than I thought she would, you included" At this, Bree had asked what she meant and Kate had replied "you and Suzanne's physical interaction with each other in the hot tub, y'all both were clearly more than mentally and physically comfortable and relaxed with each other to get each other off and to physically cling to each other, not to mention discussing very intimate life details that are only now, within the last fifty plus years, have just begun to re-emerge back into mainstream society, I'm sorry I missed out on the trip…" Bree told me that when Kate stated the last part, it must have startled her more than she thought because Kate asked her if she was still there and if she was alright and Bree had then realized she hadn't spoken for several seconds.

Bree replied back she was fine, in fact, great! and asked Kate what else she thought and what about Anne and Mindy? Kate had replied that with her individual observations of the girls and of their interactions with each other, their long term friendships, how they behaved and acted down at the stables not only with each other but with the horses and then with Trojan, she thought that with the proper social lubricants along with some variations and additions in the toys and movies that any remaining resistant barriers would be broken thru.

She was especially confident based on what happened in the stable and later with Trojan that she thought that Mindy and Anne may have sometime previously thought about something along those lines, actually to some extent done something or knew someone(s) that had, but even if they have not, certainly the seeds have been sown and firmly planted due to the weekend's activities.

Kate said she then told her that she observed that Mindy, Anne and Suzanne weren't all that forceful pushing Trojan away when he tried to stick his nose in their crotches or when he tried to get a lick in, or when he kept coming back around to each of them and trying to do it again repeatedly, and none of them asked her to remove Trojan from the room, especially in lieu of the fact they were all practically semi-nude or nude under the short robes.

Evidently this may had contributed to Suzanne's recent experience the weekend after they had their get-together. Bree said Kate then stated she is going to introduce some variation to the next party that she thought would breakdown and remove any barriers that may still be lingering, one of which would be a couple of special compilation DVD's and a few DVD's from Caledonia-nv and similar studio productions and Kate explained what kind of movies they made.

Kate then told Bree not to tell Suzanne any of this because: 1. Kate wanted to see her reactions when the first film came on, 2. We do not want her to know this was our little conspiracy, 3. I think she would be a very useful asset to help the others expand their horizons.

Bree then asked what else she planned on doing and Kate had replied "Oh, I'm not going to tell you, some things will be quite clear, some not, you are just going to have to be there yourself!" Bree had replied "I wouldn't dare miss it" then Kate suggested with a smile that Bree bring Duke since Trojan and Duke were buddies and enjoyed playing with each other… Now it is a good thing I am a successful photojournalist and trained to interview people to get all the details and that Bree had such great recall, plus I also managed to convinced Kate to tell me in exchange for having me put all this in a journal that she may or may not share with the others, plus I would prepare another journal, with all actual identities removed so she could use some of the anonymous material in it for her reference medical and therapy journals she occasionally submitted to, as well as for use in her practice.

The only thing that would have made it perfect was if I could have been there in person getting photographs as I once upon a time have done with Kate while in college and have done since with Bree! However, I well knew, without having Kate tell me, that if a man was introduced into this in any capacity, the close girlfriend relationship they have had for so long would be disrupted and possibly destroyed.

It was a guaranteed thing the trust and bond I had with Rick as my best friend would be over because I had sworn to him that I only now loved Kate as family.

Kate had fully confided in Rick what went on between us in the past and he had accepted that because that was before he and Kate were involved, plus with Bree's permission, I shared with Rick what Bree and I had together and meant to each other. Contributing to this was Suzanne's husband John; Anne's husband Todd and Mindy's husband Mark. You can't have all these girls' best friends without involving the husbands in the social fabric.

John and Todd were very good and close friends with us all and Mark has been around for a few years as well. Just as Kate, with Bree's subtle assistance, the two women were stealthily expanding their friend's horizons. It would be another campaign to subtly involve the spouses and would involve the full consent and participation by the girls if they wanted to fold their spouses into certain aspects of this.

From what I gather, Kate preferred to let nature take its course concerning the girls and their spouses; the girls were another special circumstance. Kate told Bree and I that a lot of the groundwork had already been previously laid out; they all had been close and best friends for years, they were mentally and physically comfortable with each other as demonstrated countless times over years past and the intimacy grew even more as the years went on.

Mindy, Suzanne and Anne have had sexual dalliances with each other over the years since high school and college and that their husband knew of their intimacy. They were all extremely drop dead gorgeous and kept strict physical exercise regimes and based on their family histories will keep their beauty long into their late years and advanced years she thought, similar to Raquel Welch (apparently, another old spiritual law of the universe proven Like attracts Like!) Finally, as Kate told me one time, it was a medical and psychological proven fact that women that were close friends were often sexually uninhibited with each other and to a much greater extent comfortable in open displays of their nudity when around each other, even commonly having sexual relations as a means of achieving mutual sexual releases.

Examples are exhibited countless times such as the preponderance of pictures showing women sunbathing topless together but less frequently seen are women topless together with men or men nearby, women going into clothes changing rooms together when shopping, Internet social and picture/video websites showing women kissing each other or having sex with each other, and lastly, that almost all adult movies produced have at least one girl on girl scene and commonly two or more girls with one guy with them all interacting with each other, you definitely do not see guy on guy unless you have a gay video.

There has been for sometime now an accepted social standard, what we call sexual mores, for girl on girl but still not with guy on guy and we currently believe these two different standards may be actual hardwired in the human female brain and not from mass social behavior or beliefs.

That in the late 1940's then into the 1950's and beyond with Kinsey then followed by the Masters & Johnson research team, that it has been a thoroughly researched and documented fact that two or more women friends can have sex with each other and not be defined as lesbians or gay. A few months have now passed since the girls all got together at the same time, though one or the other have seen each other since, not to mention the weekly phone calls between all five of them.

Kate initiated a conference call between them to arrange a date to come out to the ranch for another long weekend and a date was agreed upon. As usual, it was going to be a "girls only, no men allowed event" Read what transpired in Bree 5 The Awakenings