Classy lingerie tgirl sensually jerking solo

Classy lingerie tgirl sensually jerking solo
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Genie Tales ****I apologize to all my readers who read what should have been the ending to Conner Evans.

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The Breast size problem wont happen again I promise. I am definitely not the original writer of the genie chronicles, just a fan. Here's a spin-off I hope all you guys will like. =) James walked out of the school, feeling the sun on his skin and taking a deep breath of fresh air. When he stood in the sun he felt like everyone else was gone, leaving him standing in his meadow. But he knew that they were all still there, milling about him, trying to talk and get home at the same time.

When he finally opened his eyes and moved, he stepped right into the path of his best friend Lacy. The new blockade in her path made Lacy stop her dead sprint a few seconds too late, crashing into James and sending them both to the concrete.

James felt his head slam into the ground and felt Lacy land on top of him, her sizable breasts being crushed between them. Realizing this James' cock began to harden, its seven inches rising to semi erection and making his jeans tent ever so slightly.

Lacy could obviously feel the slight bulge, due to her crotch landing on top of his cock.


Her head was on his shoulder, and he swore he heard her gasp when she would have felt it. " James! I'm so sorry; I wasn't watching where I was going! Are you all right?" She raised her head so that she was looking into his eyes.

The attraction was there, but neither had ever acted on it before. The two simply looked at each other for a moment, before a student whistled and brought them back to reality. They quickly got to their feet and looked down nervously. " Don't worry about it, it was my fault Lace.

I'm fine. Hey, are you going to that premier Friday?" James knew she would be, and it wasn't strange for them to go together. She brushed her blonde hair back behind one ear, looking at her feet before meeting his gaze again. " Yeah, but I'm going with some friends, so I… We… I'm sorry." Lacy walked by him towards her bus, leaving him standing there with a hole in his chest, knowing everything that had led up to that had just been destroyed.

James simply sighed and walked away from the busses, strolling lazily down the street knowing there was no one waiting for him at home.

Ten minutes later he walked through the front door of his home, throwing his backpack onto a chair and going straight out the back door. His father wouldn't be home for hours, and his mother was in Europe on conference. Another five-minute walk and James found himself on the slope of a hill, covered in wildflowers and sage bushes.

The hill had a view of his town's state park, a forest that stretched for miles. In the distance a mountain rose out of the tree line, with a skinny peak rising up a short distance away from the base.

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The skinny peak was well known for being a waterfall; with several cave systems and a romantic clearing at least well known to James. As James reached his favorite spot, a well-worn patch of bent stems and grasses, he was surprised to find a strange burlap sack. Picking it up, he sat in his spot and emptied its contents onto the ground in front of him, surprised to find an old hunting horn fall out onto the grass.

When he picked it up and dusted it off, attempting to read an inscription on the side. The language didn't seem to make sense to him, and the characters made his head hurt, so he gave up on that. He inspected the sack, finding nothing of interest.

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Finally he brought the horn to his mouth, blowing the horn and listening to the sweet melodic hum come from the end. Closing his eyes he enjoyed the sound, not noticing the smoke exiting the end of the horn. Finally he drifted off, the sound and the unseen smoke filling his mind… When he woke, James was aware that something wasn't right. The sun was much lower than it had been when he had blown the horn, and he was on his back.

The sun in his eyes was blinding, causing him to raise his hand, blocking the sun to see his surroundings. What he found startled him. Standing a few feet away, a beautiful woman dressed in what appeared to be silk was waiting, watching his movements with intense interest.

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He stood quickly, dropping the horn in his haste. At his surprise the woman laughed, a sweet sound that filled his mind and made him both aroused and drawn to the woman. Her voice wasn't that of the horn, but one in a higher pitch that sounded of the wind blowing through the flowers in James' meadow. She was taller than most women, maybe 5'6", with flowing dark hair that waved itself on its way down her back.

The silk was sheer enough to see all that was supposedly hidden, but the knowledge that the fabric stood between the two of them was extremely arousing to him.

Her face was that of an angel, with a thin nose that stood out but not nearly enough to bother a suitor. Her eyes seemed to be every color of the wildflowers, and her lips were as red as the blood-thorn bush that stood alone at the edge of the meadow.

The silk was beautiful, the yellows and reds and blues of the meadow with strips of green color between. But what the silk "hid" was even more beautiful. Her shoulders were slim, becoming thin, graceful arms that reached down past her waist. Her chest was magnificent, 36 D breasts with small nipples and firm, not sagging down but bouncing with each movement of her chest.

Her stomach was skinny and tight, the muscles showing gracefully over lovely tanned skin. Her crotch was accented with a small strip of hair leading down to her sex, her hips fanning out and completing her hourglass figure with magnificent grace and beauty. Finally her legs, long and sexy, had no loose skin or hanging muscle, completing the most perfect physical form that James could imagine.

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" You blew the horn, yes?" the woman asked, waiting for James' reply. But her appearance had startled him so that he had lost his voice. He simply bent and picked up the horn, nodding and then checking for cracks. She laughed again, filling him with feelings of energy and love, his arousal already at its peak. His cock was tenting his jeans so much that a blind man would have noticed, and the woman was certainly not blind. "I am Giselle, a genie from old times. The horn is an ancient artifact that allows me to appear and give you what you desire most.

I will grant you wishes, pleasure, company and even power… but you must obey the laws." She looked at him expectantly, waiting for his response again. He, again, nodded his consent. She smiled at him, understanding his dilemma. " The six laws restricting my power are as such. Firstly, I cannot kill another man nor raise him from the grave.


It… well it doesn't turn out well for the one who breaks that rule. Secondly, I cannot give you anything that might harm another or yourself. Third, neither you nor I might use my power to manipulate a life choice in another human being. Fourth, I can only affect you and those directly tied to you. Fifth, I cannot force a living creature to love you or become unhealthily attracted to you. Finally, I can only grant you three wishes every day, and each wish must be according to those laws." She stopped for breath, watching his face as he absorbed the information.

Finally he spoke back, the laws running through his mind. " So do I have to blow the horn every time I want to see you?" He desperately hoped the answer was no. He didn't want her to leave him, not now or ever.

She looked at him with an inquisitive glance, as though the question was a stupid one. " No, I will stay with you for all time, your servant in all things." She held her eyes on him, their colors changing gradually from the color of the daisies to the color of the wine cups.

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" So you'll follow me around in that, sitting in my lap during class and granting all my wishes in public? Well I'll be popular, that's for sure." At his last comment Giselle smirked, her lips igniting his desire more than any woman's had before. "Also, I am not just your genie. I am your companion…" As she spoke Giselle walked closer and closer, finally closing the gap between them and placing her palm on the bulge in his pants. "… in ALL things. I am here to make sure you are never lonely… or unsatisfied… or… huh!" Before she could finish James grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him, planting his lips on hers and kissing her with a desire he had never felt before.

He had never seen a woman naked, and here this beautiful angel was stating that she was here for sex.

She responded with the same desire, her master's energy and arousal increasing her own. James yanked off his shirt, pulling Giselle to him again.

The silk was so thin that he could feel her flesh on his own, her skin soft and warm. Her hair was between his hand and her back, its wave and silky feel just arousing him even more.

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They stopped for a moment, Giselle removing the top piece of the garment and inviting his touch to her breasts. He accepted with gusto. He placed his hands under them, feeling their weight and admiring their perfection.

He let his fingers roam to her nipples, lightly tugging and kneading the little points of skin gently but with force. Her moans caused James' cock to jump, making him stop and strip off his pants and boxers before continuing his exploration of her tits. Being five foot eleven, James was given greater access to his lover's body. When his hands had done their work he lowered his head to the voluptuous mounds, and enveloping a nipple in his lips.

Giselle felt the warmth of James' mouth wrap around her sensitive tit and was instantly in heaven, the feel of her master's tongue around her nipple giving her immense pleasure. James wasn't to far off. His disbelief at the situation at hand was only out done by the concept of having a sexual partner for the rest of his life no matter what, and one who could give him almost anything he had ever wanted.

James gently wrapped his hands around Giselle's ass and laid her down on his mat of bent grasses, the cushion giving some her minor comfort. He switched his mouth to the other tit, making her wrap her hands around his head and pull his mouth even tighter to her breast, the pleasure sending her into bliss.

She felt his hands pulling the skirt off her waist, her sighs and gasps increasing as her orgasm drew closer and closer. Then she felt his finger slip down onto her clit, and she cried out as her orgasm was summoned by the pleasure of her lover's fingers on her sex. James felt her muscles tighten, pulling away and watching her as she came, looking into her eyes as her cries of ecstasy rang through the meadow.

Finally she calmed, her body regaining it's feeling with more sensitivity than it had before. James placed his hand behind her head and pulling her lips to his and dancing his tongue in her mouth.

She returned the favor with passion, her orgasm giving the genie a release she hadn't felt in years. As they kissed, the lust grew greater and greater, the two of them moaning into one another's mouth and grinding their pelvises into the others with a furious desire. James' seven-inch cock was rubbing against her crotch, his nuts lightly slapping her pussy lips with every thrust against her skin.

Finally she flipped over on top of him, sliding down to his cock and stroking it. Then James remembered he had three wishes left. " I wish it was ten inches long and three inches thick when hard, and every woman I fucked with it felt the most pleasure she could ever experience during sex!" He watched in amazement as Giselle's eyes flashed the color of Giselle's eyes flashed the color of the tulips, and she took his cock into her mouth.

He felt waves of pleasure ripple through his cock, felt the confines of her mouth grow too tight. He could feel the head of his rod slip down her throat as his cock grew. He felt her tongue begin to caress the underside, and watched as she raised her head off of his cock. True to his wish it was long and decently thick.

He could feel the blood pulsing through it, still stunned that it had happened. Giselle really could grant his wishes. She looked into his eyes, and then went back to pleasuring his cock, licking the length before wrapping her lips around the head. She used her tongue to caress the rim around his head, before sinking down again and sucking his entire length into her throat.

When James felt his cock pass into the confines of her throat he came, shooting gobs of cum straight into her stomach and pulling out so that he was coating her tongue and mouth. He pulled out of Giselle's mouth and found to his pleasure that he was still hard.

James flipped over back on top of the beautiful woman, shoving his tongue into her mouth despite the presence of his cum. He wanted her more than anything, and he was going to have her.

He rose to his knees, positioning his cock at the entrance to her depths and wrapped his arm under hers to pull her to him. He held her so close her tits were mashed between them, and she was moaning into his kiss because of it. Finally he looked into her eyes and pushed into her warm tunnel. They gasped, his length and girth making her pussy stretch to take him inside of her. The warmth and damp almost made James cream again, but his recovering cock wasn't quite there yet.

He pushed again, sending his cock even deeper into her sweet pussy and kissing her with all the love and passion he could muster. He could feel her moaning into his mouth, his cock invading her cunt slowly due to its large size and her tightness.

When his length reached a barrier he knew wasn't her cervix, he gasped and broke the kiss to look at her. "You need to take me if we are to stay together. I want this so much, please master take my cherry!" her voice was almost sobbing, begging him to take her. He pulled her back to his kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth and caressing hers.

He kissed her for a few minutes, then pushed his cock through her hymen. She tensed, her tears flowing freely from the pain.

She stopped moving, her breath coming in shallow gasps into James' mouth. Finally after a moment, her breath became ragged but not pained. She began to move her groin against him, even wrapping her legs around his waist to pull him into her. James received the message immediately, beginning to pump his cock into her pussy. He could feel Giselle beginning to moan again, her passion increasing to the point of frenzy. James could feel her writhing beneath him. He was furiously pumping in and out of her cunt, relishing the warmth and tightness of her sex.

Then Giselle arched her back under him, her pussy contracting on his cock and juices flowing around his length and out onto his groin. She cried out in pleasure, his size keeping her cunt from convulsing through her orgasm. She could feel the affect of his wish taking hold, her orgasm being prolonged and her body exploding with sensations a woman could only experience in her dreams.

James' cock was touching her cervix with every thrust, ramming into her and filling her cunt every time. She cried out as another orgasm tore through her body, her cunt squirting juices all over her lover's crotch. James groaned at the tightness of Giselle's cunt, the constant pressure on his member driving him insane. He put all his force behind his thrusts, ramming into Giselle like a jackhammer.


" I'm… gonna… cum… in, your, CUNT!!!" James roared the last word as he came, pushing his cock head up against his lover's cervix and emptying his seed into her womb.

He came for all he was worth, his cum leaking from Giselle's cunt after only a few jets. Giselle moaned in delight, trembling as she felt James' cum piercing her cervix and cumming again herself, crying out with him as she fell into delirium.

James collapsed a few moments later, his cock embedded in his genie and his cum still leaking out and dripping from her ass hole. He passed out, blissfully aware that he wasn't alone any more. *****NOTE: hoped you guys liked the story, I'll try to have the next chapter out by next Wednesday night. Hope this one gets better reviews (hint hint =) and I hope there aren't any discrepancies this time, but comment if there are and I will address them as best I can.

Will have another, different story out by Saturday/Sunday. You know, new basis and characters, new premise. Enjoy!