Blonde cheerleader in white masturbation

Blonde cheerleader in white masturbation
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She Swings Her Own Bat My life revolved around baseball for over twenty years. As a kid growing up in western Indiana I couldn't wait for the spring thaw so I could get outside and play with my friends.

I would spend hours working on my swing mechanics, fielding techniques, and just passing the ball with my older brothers. In my early teens the religious training I had been doing for years started to pay off as I became a stand out player in high school and earned a full scholarship to college. I found the transition to collegiate baseball a little difficult at first but by the end of my freshman year I was starting to get my mojo back.

Over the course of my college career the team really began to gel with our coach and my junior year we perservered and won the College World Series.

I was suddenly faced with a difficult decision. Would I return to college for my senior year or choose to enter into professional baseball? I struggled with the decision but my parents were adament about me finishing school and earning my degree. In the end I decided to stay and although we did not make it to the World Series, I had a breakout year individually. After graduation I reported to Salem, VA to begin my professionaly baseball career.

I bounced around in the Class A Advanced system for a few seasons and then I earned a spot in the Double A league. I played two seasons in the Double A league and I realized quickly that I didn't have the skill set to advance further in baseball.

It was a brutal blow in some regards but in other ways I was somewhat relieved. I had lived in six different cities in the past five years. Minor league baseball provided a decent salary but I wasn't getting rich by any means and the travel was rough sometimes.

If you have ever seen the movie Slapshot starring Paul Newman, just think back to the scenes of the team on the bus and you will have a good idea of the travel arrangements we had.

I landed a job in Chicago and once I had my affairs in order, I loaded up my Dodge Durango with what I could haul, and hit the road. It took me a few weeks to get settled in my new apartment and my new career. I am thankful that I stayed in school and obtained my degree because if I had left before earning it I am not sure where life would have taken me. I had been in Chicago for about five months when I officially met Amber. We had crossed paths several times coming and going from the train station and around the neighborhood but we had never introduced ourselves, even though we had exchanged a few hellos here and there.

She was a petite Asian girl, with almond skin, long black hair, and the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. Her eyes were a mesmerizing blend of brown and gold. She was always dressed in very professional skirt suits but she would always wear sexy platform heels and stockings with a garter belt. She was the perfect blend of professionalism and erotica and my eyes couldn't get enough of her. I found myself finding a seat on the train where I could check her out without fear of her finding my excessive staring creepy.

One evening as I was coming home on the train an enormous rainstorm opened up right before we reached my stop. I got off the train I popped my umbrella and started walking down the steps from the platform when I spotted Amber in front of me getting drenched. I sprinted up beside her and put my umbrella over the both of us. "You look like you could use some cover" I said to her. "Oh thank you so much. This was the wrong day to walk off without my umbrella" Amber replied.

"It's no problem.glad I could help" I said with a little tremor in my voice. All I could think that this was the chance I needed! "I'm Josh by the way" I spoke and immediately felt like an idiot. "I'm Amber. Thanks again for sharing your umbrella with me Josh" she said calmly.

"Well my Momma raised me right. She would be disappointed if I didn't do the gentlemanly thing" I stammered. I felt like a huge dork at the comment but surprisingly Amber whipped her head around and said "so chivalry isn't dead after all!" At that we both laughed.

I walked Amber the additional two blocks to her apartment building so she wouldn't get soaked. We stepped on the stoop and she thanked me again for being a gentleman. "I'm glad I could help" I replied and we awkwardly stood there for a few seconds. At that point I figured it was now or never so I went for it.

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"Hey.would you like to grab a coffee sometime?" I nervously stuttered. "Oh wow Josh.I don't know" she whispered. "Ah okay. I guess you probably have a boyfriend or something" I said while blushing. "Actually I don't but I just never have very good luck with dating" she said nervously. I chuckled lightly and said "Yeah I know what you mean but look its just coffee." "Ah ok. Well, how about tomorrow after work?" she said as she looked at me with those amazing eyes.

I accepted and we worked out the arrangements before I walked back to my apartment building. The next day at work was agoninizingly slow as I eagerly anticipated meeting Amber that evening. Finally work was over and I rode the train home hoping she would be on board but she wasn't. I went home and showered, pulled out a pair of khakis, and a button up shirt and headed out the door about ten minutes til seven and walked a few blocks over to the coffee shop.

Amber wasn't there so I grabbed a table and pulled my phone out to pass the time. I tried not to pay attention to the time but at 7:10 I started to think maybe she wasn't going to show up. No sooner had the thought ran through my mind that she walked in. She looked amazing in a pair of black knee high boots, black miniskirt, and a light blue blouse. My heart raced!

I grabbed coffee for us and sat back down at the table. Convesation was pressed at first but we began to loosen up a bit and relax. Time slipped by unnoticed while we were there and before we knew it three and a half hours had passed. Amber noticed the time and said she should probably call it a night.

I offered to walk her home and she said she would appreciate that. I noticed Amber casually strolled on our way back to her apartment and the conversation continued to flow. When we reached the entry to the apartment we made small talk for a few minutes and then I said "I really enjoyed chatting with you this evening.

I would love to do it again sometime.or maybe we could have dinner sometime or catch a movie." Amber smiled and said she would like that and we exchanged numbers.

I waited a few days and ran into Amber one evening while waiting to catch the train after work. We sat together on the ride home and chatted, picking up where we left off a few nights earlier. "You said the other night you have only been in Chicago for five months. Where did you live before you came here?" she asked.

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"Wow that is a long story" I said chuckling. I told her my baseball story and how I had bounced around from team to team in the minor leagues and even played briefly with the Dayton Cubs, one of Chicago's minor league affiliates, and it was through my connections there that I landed the job here in Chicago. Her eyes lit up like the burst of a match in a pitch black room. "I love baseball" she exclaimed.

"No that's great" I replied enthusiastically. "Yeah my company has season tickets to the Cubs and they only get used about a third of the time by the partners so I get the tickets all the time. They are playing at home on Saturday afternoon and I was going to go with my friend and her boyfriend.

I have one other ticket, would you like to come?" she said. I told her of course I would love to go and we made plans. The day of the game I wore my old Dayton jersey and walked to Amber's apartment. When she came down to meet me her eyes opened wide when she saw my jersey.

"Josh that jersey is awesome!


Turn around so I can see the back" she said excitedly. I put my arms out and spun around for her. "Wow, I love it. Number thirty three.

Any significance to the number" she asked. "Yeah. Thirty three is my favorite number. I always got it if it was available when I went to a team." I explained.

She smiled and we walked towards the train station along with her friend Tina and Tina's boyfriend Steve. It felt great to be back at a baseball field even if I was only a spectator. I got several compliments on my Dayton jersey and Amber was quick to tell everyone I played for them. One guy, an obvious die hard Cubs fan, even bought me a beer and a Chicago dog. The Cubs won the game by two runs and the atmosphere was totally electric.

We left the stadium and headed out into the street with all the other fans. I asked Amber if she wanted to grab a drink and she accepted. The four of us headed to a little pub a few blocks from Wrigley and soon the drinks were flowing.

We left the pub a little tipsy and walked over to catch the train back home. We said our goodbyes to Tina and Steve as they caught their train and sat down to wait on ours. Between the alcohol and the tight jeans Amber was wearing I found myself growing hornier by the minute. I caught myself sneaking glimpses of her when I could. We got off the train and were walking back towards our neighborhoods when I asked "Would you like to come over to my place and hang out for a bit?" Amber didn't answer immediately and I wasn't sure what she was thinking but it didn't take much longer to find out.

"Josh.I don't know if that is such a good idea. I'm really not good at this whole dating thing. Inevitably I will end up hurting you" she said.

"Okay" I said totally baffled. "I know we haven't spent much time together Amber but I kind of felt like we clicked. I've enjoyed hanging out with you" I said quietly. "I know Josh but I." she said. "What" I asked. "I just don't want to hurt you" she said meekly. I laughed and replied "Amber I'm a big boy. There are no guarntees in life.I've learned that ten fold. I just thought you might want to come over and hang out.

No strings attached." She accepted and we headed towards my apartment.


Once we got inside my apartment I asked Amber if she wanted anything to drink. "Do you have any liquor" she asked. I did have a few bottles of liquor so I ended up making her a dirty martini.

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We sat on the couch and I flipped through the channels. "Anything in particular you want to watch" I asked. "How about putting it on one of the music channels" she replied. I flipped through the music stations and she told me to stop when I got to an R&B channel. No sooner had I sat the remote down on the coffee table Amber spun around and straddled me. Her long hair spilled down into my face as she lowered her hot lips to mine and started kissing me.

I couldn't believe this was happening based on our previous conversation no more than twenty minutes earlier.

Amber was an amazing kisser and she ran her fingers through my hair and began to lightly pull it at times. At that point my cock was straining against my jeans in earnest. I reached my left hand up under her shirt and squeezed her firm breasts while I reached around with my right hand and unclasped her bra so I could get full access to her perky tits.

We continued to kiss and Amber was grinding against my jean clad cock. I pulled her shirt up and greedily took one of her dark nipples into my mouth and began to suck. She squirmed and moaned in delight as I traced around her hard nipple.

She pulled my face back up to her and began kissing me, darting her tongue in my mouth, and biting my upper lip. At this point I was so hard I thought my dick would rip through my boxers and jeans. We kept this up for a few more minutes when I reached down to unbutton Amber's jeans.

The second I unbuttoned her pants Amber jumped down to her knees and began tugging at the button on my jeans. I reached down, unbuttoned my pants, and began pulling them down.

My boxers came down with my jeans and my cock sprang back up towards my belly. Amber immediately reached over and grabbed my shaft as she hopped beside me on the couch and began kiss me again. Her small hand wrapped around my shaft felt so incredibly good as her hot tongue flicked in and out of my mouth. As she kissed me her hand worked up and down my shaft in an amazing twisting motion. She paused with her kissing and grabbed her tit with her left hand and guided the nippled towards my mouth.

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I greedily sucked on it while she continued to stroke my cock in long twisting strokes. "Damn that feels so good Amber" I said through my teeth. I reached down and began to tug on her jeans. "Not now Josh. For now I want to stroke your big cock til you explode" Amber retorted.

She paused her strokes momentarily to wipe the gob of precum all over my shaft and then began pounding my cock again with her tiny hand. " are going to make me cum baby" I cooed. "Mmmm.good. I want to get you off Josh" Amber replied. She then reached up and began kissing me again. She worked her away around to my ear and began lightly kissing it and down my neck. She leaned into my ear and whispered "Give me that hot load Josh. I want to see how hard I can make you cum." I was so incredibly turned on by her hot breath in my ear and combined with her strokes I was knocking on the door of orgasm.

"I'm going to cum" I gasped. "Oh yes baby.let it go for me" Amber said. At that point I felt my balls tighten and my cock started pulsing out a thick milky white load. Amber continued to kiss me then reached her hand up and traced her cum covered finger onto my lips. She then reached back down and kissed me while licking my cum from my lips. "Holy shit that was amazing" I said.

Amber had a huge smile on her face and hopped off the couch sauntering towards the kitchen.

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She came back with a roll of paper towels and began cleaning up my mess. "Here I'll do that" I said. Amber said she had it under control and to relax. She cleaned up the mess from the edge of the couch, the floor, and then my balls and cock. We spent a few hours snuggling on the couch and then I walked Amber home. I then walked back home and took a shower. My buzz was wearing off and I was exhausted. The next morning Amber texted me asking if I wanted to grab brunch.

I met her a the local deli a few blocks from our neighborhood. She was already sitting in a booth towards the back of the restaurant when I got there. I walked over to her, leaned down, and kissed her. When Amber's kiss back was seemingly distant I knew this wasn't going to be a good brunch. The conversation started and I could tell something was bothering her.

"So what's going on? I can tell something is bothering you" I said. Amber looked down at the table then looked up and right at that moment the waitress came to the table. I told the waitress I was just having coffee as well and she topped Amber's cup off. Once the waitress was out of earshot Amber looked up at me and started to talk. "Josh about yesterday. That was so not me. I have never done something like that so quickly with a guy.

That shouldn't have happened." I looked at her with a confused look on my face. "It's not something to get so upset about. We both had a lot to drink yesterday and it isn't like I wasn't a willing participant" I said. "You don't understand" Amber started, "it may not be a big deal to you right now but it will be." At this point I was confused and feeling like an impending doom was about to fall upon me.

"I don't understand.what is going on? Do you have a boyfriend after all? Oh shit, are you married!?" I said loudly. "No, no, no Josh. It is worse than that" she whispered. "Okay.what is it" I asked.

"Ah God. I never wanted to hurt you Josh. I was torn about what to do this morning. Part of me just wanted to just tell you this wasn't going to work out and be on with my life. Another part of me wanted to tell you the entire truth and see what happened. I have had fun with you and love talking to you so I thought I would be brave and have this conversation" Amber said. My heart was racing a hundred miles per hour and I felt like I could pass out.

"Please just say whatever it is. I am al little freaked out right now" I pleaded. "Whew.okay. Here it goes" Amber said. "Last night should never have happened before we had this conversation.

For that I am sorry but I got caught up in the moment and it got out of control." "Josh.I am a transgendered. I was born male but inside I've always been female. I'm sorry I should've told you all of this before something like last night happened." Some would have shouted at her while others would have reached over and wrapped their hands around her neck.

Some men would have been emasculated by this news. I on the other hand had never been more turned on in my life. When the gravity of what she said sunk in I realized my cock was as hard as a rock. "Can we get out of here" I asked. Amber looked confusingly at me. "Seriously, can we get out of here?

Go back to my place" I said. "Sure" Amber said and I waved the waitress over, paid our bill, and we headed towards the door. When we stepped outside I reached down and took Amber's hand in mine then kissed her firmly on the lips. We started back towards my apartment when Amber spoke up. "Josh I don't want to be the accomplice in your fantasy of curiosity." "Amber I'm not going to lie, it has been a fantasy of mine but I have really enjoyed the time we've spent together.

I know it's been brief and I don't want it to stop" I spoke. When we got through the door to my apartment I pounced on Amber. I pushed her against the wall and pressed my lips against hers. She moaned as I kissed her and squeezed her ass cheeks with both hands.

I stuck my foot over and slammed the door to my apartment and pulled Amber towards the couch. As we walked over, I clumisly pulled her shirt over her head and buried my face between her bronze tits. "Take your shirt off" she said and I paused for a minute to pull it over my head. I then reached over to unbutton her pants when she stopped me. "Are you sure about this Josh?

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I'm not looking to be the girl for a kinky fantasy" Amber stated again. "Yes I'm sure. I've never been more sure about anything" I replied.

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I pulled Amber's pants down and she stood before me in just her bra and panties. I then grasped behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. I then began kissing her and slowly lowered her panties to her ankles. She immediately covered her private area with her hands to block my view. "Let me see it baby" I said. "You first" she replied. I obliged and removed my pants and boxers, letting my hard cock spring out in front of me. Amber eyed my hard on lustfully and then put her hands to her sides.

What I saw before me made my cock twitch I was so turned on. If naturally women were born with a penis, Amber's would have been the epitome of perfection. She was totally shaved and her cock was petite like the rest of her. She was probably only four inches erect and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. I closed the distance between us and began kissing her as I squeezed her perky tits.

She hand her hand on my cock immediately and was rubbing my precum on the head of my cock, making me twitch from her touch. I reached down and grasped Amber's cock in my hand and she let out a soft moan and started pushing me back towards the couch.

The couch hit the back of my legs and I sat down. Amber kneeled between my legs and began kissing down my chest to my belly and then to my pubic pad. She looked up at me with those molten eyes and took my dick into her mouth. She began sucking me slowly at first and then picked up her pace. The way she sucked my cock was mind blowing and I felt myself close to cumming within a few minutes.

I then reached down and pulled her up on my lap. She was straddling me with her cock pressing against my belly. I reached down and began stroking her cock and she leaned in and began kissing me. "I want to taste you" I said. "No, you don't have to" Amber replied in protest. "I know I don't have to.I want to" I stated. I laid her down on the couch and then leaned down and put her tiny cock in my mouth. Her precum tasted so sweet and I soon found myself bobbing up and down on her dick.

She grabbed my hair and began matching my bobbing with her own thrusts. "Oh fuck that feels so good" she moaned. I kept sucking her dick while I squeezed her tits. She was squirming around on the couch as I worked her rod up and down with my virgin mouth.

"Mmmm.I want you inside of me baby. Do you have a condom?" she said. I hopped up and went into the bedroom and grabbed a condom from my nightstand. As I turned to walk back into the living room I realized she was right behind me. Amber led me over to the bed, sit down, and took the condom from my hand. She opened the package and pulled the condom out then pulled me closer. She reached down and gave my cock a few strokes then leaned over and stuck her tongue right in my piss slit.

"Your precum tastes so good Josh" she said. She then slid the condom down my shaft and scooted back on the bed. "Do you have lube in there" she asked.

Fortunately I did and I grabbed the bottle from my drawer. Amber took the lube from me and squirted a glob into her palm then applied it to my condom covered cock. She then took another glob and rubbed it against her pink asshole and slid her finger in.


"Mmmm come here baby" she cooed. I stepped forward as she pulled her knees up and guided my cock into her tight ass. She was so incredibly tight I thought I was going to pop right there.

I was able to get my senses about me and calm myself down before I blew my load. Then I started pumping my cock in and out of her little hole slowly as I reached up and stroked her cock. After a few minutes I started hitting on her prostate and Amber started moaning loudly. "Right there Josh.right there. Please keep doing that" she moaned. I kept pressure on her magic button with my cock as my hand worked her shaft up and down.

Thick ropes of cum started oozing from her cock and Amber was gripping the sheets with her hands so tight that her knuckles were white. "Ah fuck I'm going to cum" she exclaimed. I kept my rhythm on both her prostate and her cock and Amber's cock erupted. She shot half a dozen spurts of cum from her tiny cock. The visual sent me over the edge and I felt myself getting close. "I'm gonna blow too" I said half out of breath. "Where do you want to cum baby" she asked.

"You tell me baby." Amber smiled and said "I want you in my mouth." I gave her tight asshole a few more pumps then pulled out and jerked the condom off my cock.

Amber leaned down and took my cock in her mouth just as the first spasm hit. Even though I had just cum the day before I shot a huge load at the back of her throat. Amber took the load like a champ, never gagging, and never spitting out a drop. She swallowed my load then stood up and kissed me.

Before I even had time to react I realized she still had some of my cum in her mouth and her tongue was swirling it around in mine. Maybe I should've been repulsed but it was so incredibly hot.

Our tongues danced with one another as my hot cum swapped between our mouths. Amber smiled as I swallowed it then kissed her even deeper. We collapsed onto the bed and snuggled against one another.

The next thing I knew I was waking up. Amber wasn't in the bed so I got up and walked out into the living room. She was sitting on the couch in an old jersey of mine watching tv and drinking a cup of coffee. "Hope you don't mind I made myself at home" she said smiling.

"Not at all" I replied.

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I sat on the couch next to her and pulled her close. As I sit there looking at her slim legs pulled up on the couch I started feeling my cock come to life.