Blowjobs Should Always Be Awesome

Blowjobs Should Always Be Awesome
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A Girl and Her Unicorn Chapter Two: The Unicorn's Prowess By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Anton Tol Via Village, Kingdom of Athlos "You're blinded by Biaute's cunt," cursed Stefan as I marched towards the dark edge of the Rothin Forest. "It's dangerous in there. The unicorns will gore you. They're monsters." "She's in there," I growled. My Cherise had always been so fascinated by the forest.

"Something's happened to her." "Yeah, the cursed unicorns gored her," my friend snarled, seizing my arm. "And they'll gore you, too, Anton. She's dead. It's been two weeks." My anger growled out of me. I should have went in there the very afternoon she went missing.

Right after she accepted my marriage proposal, she vanished. The hounds followed her trail right to the forest edge. No one had the courage to go in there and risk the unicorn's wrath. Even me. I was unmanned by the forest. But no longer. "I'll find her alive or dead. Either way, I'm not coming back without my Cherise." I ripped my arm from Stefan's grip. His hair glinted gold in the rising sun. Fog drifted out of the woods. My bowels wanted to turn to water.

But I couldn't let fear unman me. Cherise needed me. And if she was dead, then I would find the unicorn that murdered her and kill the beast. It was time for decent men to stop fearing the degenerate spawn of the God Las. I strode into the woods.

The fog swallowed me up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cherise Rothin Forest, Kingdom of Athlos I giggled, drawn out of my sweet dreams by the thick lips nibbling on my breast. Pleasure tingled through my body. I squirmed on the ground. I wanted to stay asleep. It was so comfortable on my bed of soft moss. The lips nibbled harder.

I rose from my half-doze. The air was scented with flowers and pine resin, tinged with the damp bitterness of the moss. I smiled and opened my eyes. A golden horn waved over my head, thrusting from between the deep-green eyes of my unicorn mate.

Willoweyes was in her unicorn form, her coat a lustrous silver. Her lips hungrily nibbled on my breasts. I moaned in delight, my pussy growing hot between my thighs. I reached up and stroked the snout of my unicorn. Her mouth sucked harder on my nipple as she whinnied in delight. I loved stroking her soft coat. Her hairs tickled my skin. Her almost pure, silvery coat made my fingers seem an even deeper red. Normally, my skin was pale and tinged with red, like all Atholosian humans.

I had heard that other human races didn't have metallic hair, but were dull browns and blacks instead of shiny silvers and golds. "What a delicious way to wake up," I purred as my mate nibbled harder. The last two weeks had been better than a dream. I had known Willoweyes since she was a foal and I was a child.

We had often played together in the edges of the Rothin Forest. I was always forbidden to play in the forest—my family and the rest of my village feared unicorns as monstrous children of the God Las—but I always managed to sneak into the woods to meet with Willoweyes. I knew the truth about unicorns. My people thought they were monsters because they were so rarely seen. Unicorns feared the impurity of humans. They only showed themselves to virgin girls, drawn to their purity.

Growing up, I dreaded the day I would have to surrender my purity to my husband. Once I turned eighteen and became a woman, it became harder and harder to fight my responsibility to marry and support my husband. My main suitor was Anton. I don't know why he was obsessed with me. Maybe he did love me, though that didn't stop him from fucking any farmgirl or village daughter that spread her thighs. He almost claimed me two weeks ago.

I promised to marry him to keep my virginity intact. Then I fled into the woods and made the most remarkable discovery—Willoweyes loved me. I could become her mate and stay forever pure. My hand stroked my stomach. Two weeks of breeding. I was sure I was pregnant with her foal. That was how unicorns bred. Though Willoweyes was a female, she had a cock in her unicorn form. In her human form, she was pure female. I loved both her forms.

Making love to her as a girl or as a unicorn were equally exciting. "I can't wait until you foal our daughter and your breasts are dripping with milk," Willoweyes whinnied as she moved her rubbery lips to my other breast. "You would deprive our foal of her meals?" I giggled as she nibbled on my hard nipple. "Not deprive," she huffed, tossing her neck and mane. "But I know our foal would be more than happy to share your milk with her dam. My dam always drank from my mother's breast milk." "Mmm, I'll make sure you get your milk," I purred.

"So long as our foal is well-fed, I'll nurse you." "You are the best mate," neighed Willoweyes. "I'm the only mate you've ever known," I giggled. "Unless there have been other human girls you've seduced." "Nope." Willoweyes lifted her head high. She was so majestic. The morning fog burned away and sunlight dappled through the trees, glinting off her pure-golden horn. "You're the only girl I've ever loved." I smiled at her.

I was so grateful that we were united. She was so sexy in both her forms. "You smell excited," Willoweyes said, lowering her snout between my thighs. I giggled as her wet nose rubbed at my inner thigh, pushing up to my pussy as she sniffed and whinnied.

"Well, you were sucking on my nipples. That would excite any innocent maid." "So innocent," moaned Willoweyes. "Tart and innocent." Willoweyes lifted her muzzle, her tail flicking. I knew that look, so I asked, "You want to go for a run?" Willoweyes neighed and reared on her hind legs.

She came down, stamping at the ground. "The sun is burning through the fog. Look at how beautiful it is. It's the perfect time to run. The forest smells so sweet right now." I squeezed my thighs together. I wanted a nice cum, but I knew a naughty way I could climax. "Okay. Let's ride." Willoweyes whinnied in delight. Smiling, I climbed to my feet, brushing off some moss from my butt. It was so much more relaxing out here than at the farm where I was raised.

No chores had to be done. Willoweyes was attuned to life in the forest and she had passed that on to me. I didn't need clothing any longer, somehow kept warm by her magics even when it grew cold at night. When we hungered, we picked wild berries or snacked on crunchy pine cones. Even the sweet grasses of the meadows sated my hunger. It was so freeing. I loved living in the forest.

I climbed onto Willoweyes's back. Her slick fur tickled my pussy. I squeezed my thighs tight about her flanks.

I stroked her neck. My mate neighed and snorted, eager for to gallop. I leaned over, my nipples brushing her mane. "Let's go," I moaned. "Yes!" Willoweyes took off at a gallop. The trees whipped by us. The sunlight dappled through breaks in the leaves, painting across our bodies as my unicorn dashed through the woods.

The muscles in her back shifted and her silky coat caressed my pussy. My clit throbbed as I bounced on her. Every impact was delightful, shooting bliss through me. I felt so close with my mate.

I leaned over, her mane whipping in my face, my breasts heaving as I grew wetter and wetter. My thighs clenched about her flanks, holding tight while my hips undulated. I slid my wet pussy up and down her coat. "Mmm, I can smell how excited you are," Willoweyes neighed. "Your perfume is all around us." I laughed, throwing my arms wide.

My breasts bounced as we raced through the woods. Willoweyes leaped over fallen logs and darted around broad trees. We never touched the branches of other trees, my unicorn was too skilled for that.

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My orgasm built and built, racing towards me. My golden hair streamed behind me. Willoweyes leaped over a babbling brook. My pussy lifted up from her coat a the height of her arc. For a moment, I flew, my body tingling with delight. And then she landed and my clit smashed against her hide. My sensitive nub exploded with passion.

Willoweyes neighed and whinnied as I orgasmed on her back. I held on tight with my thighs, my body heaving atop her. Her hairs tickled my pussy, adding new, smaller waves rolling through me.

"Yes," I moaned in delight. "Thank you for this wonderful ride." "I always love it when you—" Willoweyes suddenly reared, neighing in fear. I slipped off her back. I gasped in shock as I landed on my tailbone. I groaned and coughed, the wind knocked out of my lungs. I lay next to the roots of a tall oak tree, small acorns digging into my back. Willoweyes slowed to a halt and whinnied again, her hooves stamping on the ground.

She sounded so scared. I sat up, looking around for what had spooked her. The trees seemed so normal, a gentle breeze rustled the trees above. "What is it?" I asked, my body trembling. "Human," she neighed, her voice high-pitched. "In the woods." "What?" My heart sped up. Unicorns feared humans. Only a virgin girl or young woman didn't frighten them. They were still pure.

But a man or a woman that had her hymen plucked had lost that innocence. It was anathema to unicorns.


Since my maidenhead was broken by Willoweyes's horn, I instead gained the same permanent purity of a unicorn and became Willoweyes's mate. I leaped to my feet, my heart hammering in fear.

Why was a human in the woods? All the villagers feared the woods, believing the unicorns to be terrible beasts. Behind me, the bushes rustled. I whirled as a figure burst out. "Cherise!" I blinked in shock at the sight of Anton. Happiness bloomed across the man's reddish face. The man who wanted to marry me, the man I had fled into the woods to escape, was here. I froze in shock as he reached out and snatched my hand. Before I knew what was happening, he had pushed me behind him and drawn a dagger.

"Stay back, beast," he growled, swiping the dagger through the air at my mate. "What are you doing?" I gasped at the big man. "Don't worry, Cherise," he said, pushing me back.

"I'll protect you." "Protect me?" I demanded, growing so angry at him. Why couldn't he just leave me alone? "What do I need protection from?" "The unicorn," he snarled. "You don't have to worry. The beast won't hurt you again." "Cherise," neighed Willoweyes. She backed up, her head tossing back and forth.

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Anton was a man that had bedded a lot of girls in our village. Every girl, and even a few of the married women, had panted after Anton. Every girl but me. He just disgusted me. And now he was here trying to ruin everything again. Willoweyes took a step forward and then whinnied in fear as Anton swiped the knife at my unicorn mate. She backed up, her legs shaking. She had never been so close to a man before.

My poor mate was absolutely frightened by the idiot. Anton laughed. "Look at it.

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The dumb thing's afraid. The beast knows I'll kill it if it tries to hurt you again." I shuddered. He felt so filthy, impure. I understood why Willoweyes was so frightened of him. With every passing heartbeat, I felt more and more soiled by his presence. My skin prickled. The air seemed to grow putrid around him. I gagged. Anton grabbed my arm. My skin crawled at his touch. He pushed me back into the bushes, his knife still pointed at Willoweyes.

My mate neighed in terror, stamping her feet. The brush scraped at my naked flesh as Anton took me away. "Stop this!" I shouted and tried to yank my arm out of his grip. "You don't understand. I don't need to be rescued." Anton turned and gaped at me.

"What?" "Willoweyes is my unicorn. My mate." I touched my belly. "I'm carrying her foal." Anton's face twisted. "I knew I should have come for you right away. I'm sorry. I was an idiot for thinking you were dead.

But don't worry, I'll find away to break the beast's foul spell and cleans your womb of her abomination. "No!" I shrieked and slapped his face. Anton twisted my arm. Pain flared up my body. I doubled over, tears falling from my eyes. He was so much stronger than me. I wanted to fight against him, but I couldn't. He dragged me behind him, cursing underneath his breath. "I don't know why I put up with you. You're so much gods-damned work." Anton sighed as he pulled me farther and farther away.

Willoweyes neighs grew fainter. "But.I guess that's love." "I don't love you," I sobbed. "Please. You're hurting me." "It's for your own good. You'll see. Once you're out of this cursed forest and thinking straight, you'll thank me.


We'll get married and be happy." Horror filled me. He wanted to take me back to the village. I would have to wear those confining dresses and work all day on the farm, raising his squalling brats, tending to the animals, and cooking the food while he worked the fields.

And at night I would have bed with him.and. My skin crawled. My stomach heaved at the thought of his disgusting, filthy cock entering my pure pussy.

"Willoweyes!" I screamed. "Please! You have to help me! Please. I need you!" "The Las-cursed beast won't save you," Anton chortled. "It's scared. It knows I'm a real man. I'll cut open its belly and carve off its horn if it even thinks of trying to stop me." My body quaked.

This couldn't be happening. "Willoweyes! Don't let him take me from you! Be strong! I know he's disgusting!" Anton twisted my arm harder. "Stop your damned blathering, woman.

You need to stop acting like a silly girl. It's time you accepted your place. You're my wife. Ever since we was kids, that was your role." I spat in his face. "You really want me to hurt you, huh?" he growled. "By the gods, Cherise, I will. Do not tempt me to chastise you." I tried to wrench my arm away, pain or no pain. I had to get away from him. "Cherise, you—" Willoweyes burst out the foliage, her golden horn lowered as she charged. Anton cursed and threw himself to the side.

He screamed in pain. Blood arced through the air. He landed on his side on the ground, clutching his bleeding leg. I threw myself on Willoweyes back and she galloped off. "I'll save you, Cherise!" Anton screamed after us. "You will be my wife!" I didn't care. I buried my face in Willoweyes mane and sobbed in relief. "You came. You came." "I was so scared," Willoweyes whinnied. "I'm sorry for taking so long. He was so filthy. I should have smelled him earlier. I was so caught up in your pleasure.

This is all my fault." "You came for me," I repeated. "You faced that filthy man and saved me. Thank you." Willoweyes slowed to a canter as we burst into a field. I knew this field. It was the first place we had ever made love. She slowed to a stop. I leaned against her back, hugging and kissing her neck. My pussy suddenly was on fire.

"I need to make sure you're fully pure," moaned Willoweyes. "That man touched you." "Yes," I groaned, rubbing my wet pussy on her back. I did love this feeling. My clit throbbed. My fear and excitement seemed to have transformed into lust inside me.

"How?" "I have to bathe you with my tongue and then fuck you with my horn." I groaned. It sounded wonderful. "Then we need to do it right now. I need to be pure for you always." "Yes," Willoweyes neighed. "You must always be my pure mate. You're carrying our foal." I rubbed my tummy and smiled before I dismounted to the soft grasses. "Which side should you start on?" "Lie on your belly." I smiled in delight. I lay down on the grass, careful of the wildflowers.

A purple one kissed my lips as I settled down. The grass tickled my breasts and belly as I lay down. I groaned and wiggled, clenching my butt-cheeks. "Okay," I purred. "I'm all ready." Willoweyes whinnied and then she licked the soles of my feet. Her delicious tongue ignited all these delightful nerves that shot pleasure up to my aching pussy.


I groaned and wiggled on the grass, closing my eyes and letting her tongue wash away the last traces of fear and anxiety. Anton was wounded. He would never bother us again.

My unicorn's tongue moved up my calves. She bathed me everywhere, her soft mane caressing my flesh like a brush. I shuddered and clenched my ass as she rose higher and higher up my left leg. I giggled when she reached my knee, swiping across the back. "Mmm, that is nice. You know how to make your mate feel pure." "It's very important," Willoweyes agreed. Her tongue licked higher, caressing my thigh.

Long licks caressed my butt-cheeks. I relaxed them, letting her tongue dip into my crack. I squealed as her tongue licked across my sphincter.

Willoweyes nickered and took another swipe. And a third. "That's such a dirty spot," I groaned. "You have to make sure it's perfectly pure." "That's why I need to fuck it with my horn," she answered.

I knew then this was all deception. My mate just wanted the excuse to lick my entire body. I didn't mind. I squirmed as her tongue probed into my asshole and swirled around. I groaned, lifting my ass up to let her have easier access.

My pussy grew wetter and wetter with every wonderful lick of her tongue. She probed my asshole one last time before she moved down my leg to lick at my right foot. I closed my eyes and was lost to the sensuality of my tongue bath. Finally, she finished with my back and shoulders and I rolled over, my breasts jiggling. Overhead, wispy blue clouds drifted through the sky. I smiled at them as my mate leaned down to lick and nuzzle at my fingers.

"Ooh, yes," I giggled as my finger disappeared into her mouth. Her large lips nibbled at them while her golden horn glinted in the sunlight. Her tongue licked up my arm to my shoulder and my neck. I tilted my head, letting her nuzzle.

I stroked her snout as she licked up to my ear and squealed as she nibbled on my lobe. Then her wet tongue licked to my lips. We kissed. Her tongue filled my mouth. It was so thick and large, pushing all the way to the back of my throat. She tasted so wonderfully sweet—grass and berries and herbs. I petted her as we kissed, my body writhing. Then she moved down to my breasts.

"Willoweyes," I giggled in delight as her mouth engulfed my nipple. "There's no milk in there yet." "Yet," Willoweyes neighed before moving lower. My entire body was wet from her tongue. She head licked me everywhere but my pussy. I spread my thighs, my cunt on fire. I was so eager to be licked clean and made "pure" again. My hips arched as Willoweyes moved her snout between my thighs. I shuddered as she licked through my pussy. Her rough tongue gathered up my tart passion as I squirmed beneath her.

It was exciting when she ate my pussy as a unicorn. Her tongue was so wide and thick, almost covering every inch of my pussy as she licked. Her tongue reached my clit. I gasped and writhed as her lick seemed to last an eternity. "So tart and tasty," whinnied my mate. She lowered her snout and took another lick, starting between my asshole. My sphincter tingled as her tongue swiped across it.

My back arched and my body quivered. I moaned in delight as my unicorn dug her tongue deep into my pussy. I gripped her golden horn. Lines spiraled up to the top, separating the horn into smooth bands wrapping around each other. Willoweyes's tail swished back and forth as her excitement built. She loved it when I played with her horn, stroking it up and down and driving her wild.

"Mmm, yes, you like it when I play with your horn," I groaned as she licked faster. "I do," she neighed between her delicious licks. My toes curled as she dived back in. I stroked her horn faster. Her tongue probed into my pussy's depths, swirling around before slipping out to rasp across my sensitive clit. Every time she licked my bud, my thighs spasmed. The pleasure built faster and faster. "So good," Willoweyes moaned. "Keep stroking me. You always make me feel so loved, Cherise." "Good," I moaned as I stroked her horn faster, my pussy clenching.

Willoweyes moved her head lower. I knew what she wanted. It was time for her to purify my ass with her golden horn.

I flipped over onto my hands and knees, shaking my ass at her. Willoweyes neighed in delight, her tongue licking through my asscheeks and brushing my asshole. I groaned as she swabbed my sphincter, readying me for her horn. My asshole was too tight for her massive dick, but I liked it when she fingered and rimmed my sphincter. Over the last two weeks, we had discovered so many ways to make love.

We experimented and found new delights all the time. Her sharp horn pressed on my sphincter. My pussy clenched as she pushed in. She went careful to not injury me. I groaned, the danger of being hurt only added to the excitement of our lovemaking. I shoved one hand between my thighs and rubbed at my pussy as the grooved horn pushed into the depths of my bowels.

"Yes," I groaned, my asshole clutching on her horn. "So good," Willoweyes moaned as she worked her head back and forth, fucking her horn in and out of my bowels. "Oh, Cherise, your ass is so tight on my horn. You're tight ass is making my cock throb so hard." The warm pleasure of her horn reaming in and out of my ass shot right to my dripping pussy. I rubbed harder at my pussy lips and massaged my bud as my asshole gripped the smooth, threaded horn.

Willoweyes neighed in delight, fucking me faster. "That's it," I gasped. "Oh, yes! So good! I love your horn in my ass!" "Me, too! Ooh, it sends shivers all the way down to my cock.

Mmm, so good. Oh, yes." "I'm gonna cum so hard. Oh, by the gods, I love you!" My bowels clenched on her thrusting horn. She pumped faster and faster.

I watched her over my shoulder. Her tail swung back and forth and her silky mane flew around her head as she thrust. My fingers rubbed even faster on my clit, massaging my little nub while my pussy clenched. Juices dripped out of my sex, coating my fingers. It was so wonderful. "Thank you, Las, for creating unicorns!" "And thank you Slata for birthing humans," moaned Willoweyes. "I have such a wonderful mate. Oh, yes!" My body convulsed.

Her horn stabbed deep into me as sparks flew from my clit. They shot right to my core. I came. My ass clenched on her wonderful horn. My juices gushed from my hot pussy as the pleasure flowed through my body. I leaned my face onto the soft loam, moaning my bliss for the entire forest to hear. "Massage my horn! It feels so good when you cum! Oh, Cherise. My beautiful mate!" I shuddered as she pulled her horn out of my ass. Willoweyes neighed in delight. I rolled over onto my knees and cupped her snout.

I pulled her down for a kiss, nuzzling at her thick lips. She tasted of sweet grass. I stroked her as I kissed up her nose and snout to her horn. Willoweyes whinnied and neighed as my tongue licked up her horn, tracing the fluted spiral. I savored the sour tang of my ass as I licked her clean. I stroked her as I cleaned her horn, my mate snorting in delight. "There, all clean," I purred when I finished. "You are such a tease," Willoweyes moaned. "Every lick sent shudders right to my cock." "I could lick it," I grinned, arching my eyebrows at her.

"I mean, your cum has to make me pure, too, right. "Oh, you are so wonderful, Cherise." Her green eyes flashed. "I forgot completely about you having to suck my cock to be pure." I kissed her on the nose before I crawled beneath her. Willoweyes's cock dangled between her legs, as thick as my arm and as white as her coat. The tip throbbed in rhythm to her heartbeat. Salty precum dripped from the slit. The scent was intoxicating. I rubbed my cheek against her belly as I seized her massive cock.

When she fucked my pussy, she stretched me out until I wanted to scream. I could barley wrap my fingers around it. The shaft pulsed with her heart beat and her hooves stamped as I stroked up and down her cock. "Cherise," she neighed. "Please, suck me. I need to cum. Please." "Gladly," I moaned. "I wouldn't want to leave you suffering." "Such a caring human," she sighed as my tongue licked across her dick's crown. There was a slit at the tip.

My tongue probed it, gathering up her salty precum before I swirled around her tip. My hands pumped. I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to suck in her cock.

I could only nibbled and suck on the sensitive crown. Every time I licked or sucked, her front, right hoof stamped the ground. Her sweet neighs encouraged me to keep teasing her. My tongue swirled around her crown. My hand stroked faster. I loved pleasuring my mate. Her precum flowed. It filled my mouth and dripped down my neck to my breasts. I stroked her faster, eager for her cum. My tongue wormed into her cock's slit again. Willoweyes reared up, neighing loud as her pleasure built.

"Oh, Cherise. That's it. By the gods, you know how to please me. Oh, wow. My sweet mate." My hands pumped up and down her shaft. They brushed my lips. I opened my mouth wider. I wished I could suck her full cock into my mouth.

I swallowed her precum. It coated my mouth and throat with her slippery passion.

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"I'm getting there. Oh, Cherise. Mmm, Pater's cock, you're making me cum faster." I giggled against her cock. She had recently started using human swearing, my curses tainting her pure speech. "Cum on me," I groaned between licks.

"Give me all your jizz. Flood me with all its wonderful treats. You can do it." "Yes, yes!" she neighed. Her cock throbbed. The tip swelled. I closed my eyes.

Willoweyes's cum exploded out of her dick. The streams of spunk splashed across my face. The thick, salty, hot jizz dripped down my neck to my breasts as a second burst out of her shaft. I pointed her cock down at my breasts, letting her drench my tits as I licked the salty treat from my lips. "Yes! Drench me!" I moaned. Willoweyes whinnied for joy and stamped her hooves.

Her cum dripped down my breasts in thick rivulets, crossing my stomach and reaching my pregnant pussy. My hand smeared the cum across my belly as I reached for my hot pussy. I rubbed her salty treat into my pussy, groaning in delight. I was covered in her passion. I was so happy. Willoweyes changed. Her body flowed as she transformed into her human form. She knelt before me, her eyes still wide and green, her skin alabaster.

Long, silvery hair fell about her naked body. Her large breasts heaved and her golden horn sparkled. "I drenched you," she giggled. "Yes, you did," I purred, pulling her to my breasts. "So you should lick me clean." I groaned as her tongue swiped through the cum staining my breasts.

We fell back onto the soft loam, her tongue lapping up her cum. I groaned as she brushed my nipple. She sucked it into her mouth for a moment, cleaning up my nipple of all her jizz. "Mmm, I taste delicious," Willoweyes smiled as she pressed her pillowy tits into my stomach. Her cum smeared all across her delicious breasts. I rolled her onto her back and buried my face between her wonderful tits. I pushed them against my reddish cheeks and rubbed her cum into both our flesh.

My tongue licked, gathering up every delightful treat as I worked my way up to her fat nipples. She licked up to my ear and she whispered, "I want to take my sweet filly." "Is that part of the purification ritual?" I asked. "No, I'm just want to be in you. I love being in you." Willoweyes pressed her pillowy tits against me. Her human face nuzzled my neck. "It's so amazing to fuck your pussy.

It's better than when you play with my horn or suck my cock." "How about when I fist your pussy?" I asked. "Ooh, it's only slightly better than that," she admitted. "Can I fuck you. Please. I'm so horny again. It's like I need to make you mine all over again after that disgusting human touched you." "I always want to fuck your cock." I glanced over at the rock where she first took me. I stood up and ran to it. "Come fuck your pregnant filly!" "Yes," she smiled, hopping to her feet, her big tits bouncing.

I mounted the stone, kneeling like a mare. I didn't mind the rough rock beneath me as Willoweyes transformed into unicorn. My pussy clenched as she assumed her majestic prowess.

Beneath her thighs, a thick cock swayed. My pussy clenched, eager for her monstrous shaft to stretch me out until I exploded. Willoweyes mounted me.

She was so gentle. With her size, and not just the girth and length of her cock, she could seriously hurt me, but I knew she never would. Her thick cock prodded the cheeks of my ass. Her tip was the size of my clenched fist. She rubbed it around. I groaned and shuddered as she pushed into my depths. My pussy spread around the thick tip.

Every time, I shuddered as she stretched me out. Pain and pleasure mixed together. "Yes!" I breathily groaned, my toes curling. "Oh, Willoweyes. That's what I need. Mmm, by the gods, you make me feel wonderful." "Good," Willoweyes neighed in delight. Her hips thrust forward, slamming her cock deeper and deeper into my depths.

"I love to be with my filly. I love to fuck her and make her feel wonderful." "And you love to be buried in my tight pussy?" I purred. "Of course," Willoweyes neighed. "You're so wonderful. Oh, yes." Her hips thrust harder and faster.

I rocked on my perch, gripping it as her cock reamed my depths. So much of her fit into me. My flesh clamped down on her cock as I shuddered, and I bucked back into her thrusts. Willoweyes's soft coat stroked my back and ass. The ticklish delight shot through my body, ending at my swinging nipples and throbbing cunt.

I thew back my head, my golden curls rubbing on her fur. I let out another moan as the pleasure built and built inside me. "So good, Willoweyes! Oh, yes! You know just what to do to me. Mmm, yes. Keep fucking me. Keep making me feel like the most loved woman in the world." "You are, Cherise!" whinnied my mate. "I'm getting so close." "Yes! Purify my pussy with your seed!

Make me forget all about that nasty Anton." Willoweyes's hips thrust even faster. The pleasure rippled through me as her cock slammed into the depths of my pussy. I gasped and shuddered as the first explosions of bliss rushed through me. My stretched-out pussy spasmed about her thick cock, clenching down so hard pain shot through me.

My orgasm grew even more powerful. I screamed in wordless bliss as the agony of rapture consumed my cunt. Willoweyes neighed as she enjoyed my spasming sheath. I swayed beneath her, clenching to the rock I knelt on as my body wanted to collapse and enjoy the passion.

"So good! My human filly! So good! You make me feel so amazing!" "Cum in me! Purify me! Do it! Please!" Willoweyes whickered and whinnied as her hot cum pumped into me, splashing against my insides. Her cum jetted out with so much force, my pussy ached. Spurt after spurt splashed inside me. Her driving cock forced most of her jizz to spill out and run in a thick mess down my thighs. I loved it. My head swayed. I pulled off of her cock and slipped to the grass, her cum gushing out of my pussy.

I stared up at the sky as Willoweyes cuddled up next to me, back in her human form. Her large breasts waved in my face. I sucked a nipple in, closing my eyes and savoring the sensation.

"That was so hot," moaned Willoweyes. "I love making love to you." I smiled around her nipple. For a moment, I envied her.

In human form, we were both women, but she had that masculine cock that fucked me so hard when she was a unicorn. I would love to return the favor and mount her. I pictured her squirming beneath me. "I wish I could make you pregnant," I purred between licks. "Oh?" she asked. "But unicorns can't get pregnant." "You have pussies," I grinned, my fingers worming in and out of her.

"But even if another unicorn were to fuck me, I wouldn't get pregnant." She licked her lips, a smile growing. "You want to be fucked by another unicorn?" Willoweyes nodded her head. "Now that I've taken a mate, I'm sure I'll get to experience it. I hope its my dam who takes me first." "That's kinky," I moaned. I pictured Willoweyes getting mounted by an older unicorn, begging for her unicorn mother to fuck her while I watched nearby.

My pussy convulsed at the hot thought. I kissed my way up to her face and stared into her eyes. "Would your dam fuck me, too?" I asked.

"Of course. You're pregnant right now. You can have all the unicorns you want. They can't impregnate you." I smiled. That was such a naughty thought. I pictured an entire herd of unicorns eager to please me, each lining up one after the other to take me hard and fast. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anton Tol Via Village, Kingdom of Athlos It was nearly dark when I stumbled out of the forest. My leg throbbed from the long gash the unicorn fiend had left.

I bandaged it up with my shirt and then forced myself to limp back home. Every step sent fire up my leg. The bandage was crimson with my blood. "Anton!" Stefan called out in shock. My friend ran over and seized me. I threw my arm around his shoulders and leaned against him. "I thought you were a goner.

You've been in there all day." "I found her," I growled. A shiver ran through me. My face burned like I was on fire and yet my body shivered. "You're badly hurt," Stefan gasped. "We need to get you to see Mother Nicolette so she can invoke a healing spirit." "I found her," I repeated.

"She was in my hands, but I couldn't fight the unicorn. The fiend has enslaved her mind." "What?" Stefan asked, leaning me down against a bound bale of hey in the field. "Don't talk. You need your strength." I seized Stefan's collar. "I found Cherise. She's out there. She needs me. And I will rescue her." "How?" Stefan asked. "You look like you barely made it out once. You were lucky. No one survives in the woods. All the stories say so." "I will find away. Even if I have to go to the Warlocks of Chevsa." Stefan gasped, "By Pater's cock, don't say that.

They steal souls." Losing my soul would be a small price to pay to save my fiancee from that brute in the forest. I would see all the unicorns killed and the forest cleansed. No longer will maidens disappear into those woods. "" I groaned as the world swam and grew black. I let the feverish unconscious take me.

My dreams were full of Cherise happy and safe, kissing me while her unicorn captor lay dead at our feet. To be continued.