Cfnm girl next door sucking naked guy

Cfnm girl next door sucking naked guy
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NOTE: If you haven't read part one I strongly suggest you go back and read it. Feel free to comment on this part, let me know if I should add more people in the story for next time.


That Sunday I went back home still in awe. How could a guy like me have something like that happen to him? For some reason I had the strange idea of taking that sock I had stolen from her to school on Monday just to show her how crazily devoted I really was.

Monday finally came. I walked in to school feeling like a new me, or the me that has any female contact at all. I waited eagerly for her to arrive in the morning for register check which felt like ages.

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I was obsessed. She finally walked in, wearing sneakers which seemed a bit strange, but I figured she was trying to tease me a little, make me want it more. She walked past my table, ran her hand over my arm and dropped a note on the desk. 'As the bell goes meet me in the library,' I looked over my shoulder to see her talking to her friends at the back of the class, playing it normal, unlike me with the boner in his shorts as per usual.

Register was only five minutes so straight as the bell rang I dashed out the class and bolted for the library. I waited patiently until a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me toward the aisles, obviously hers.

I followed, her hand in mine, guiding me through the aisles further and further to the back of the library. We stopped abruptly in a dim lit section and her tongue darted straight for my mouth. I accepted and danced around the back of her throat, trading saliva. She took my hands and placed them from her lower back down to her ass, then squeezed. I continued to French her hot mouth as she took her French manicured hand and slid it down in to my pants, shocking me for a second, making my cock twitch.

Her fingers ran through my pubes then down to my cock which she took strongly in to her hands then pumped her clenched fist round my dick, making me break off from the makeout session for a second. She was about to keep pulsing on my cock when we heard the librarian clearing her throat right next us and backed away from each other in embarrassment.

We both ran away from the situation hurriedly and I followed her to a less used corridor of the school. Not many more sexual acts continued in that corridor but I did however show her the sock I had stolen the week before, which turned her on as much as it did me surprisingly.

'Meet me back here after school,' she smirked then darted her tongue in to my mouth again before leaving to get back to her class which she had already missed half of. The rest of the day went by just as you'd expect, pretty shit. Me day dreaming about just what we would be doing after school, if I could finally get a look at those bare tits and pink pussy. I had a raging boner in almost every class, just imagining those white toe nail painted feet, seducing me, rubbing on my cock and fulfilling all of my wildest fantasies.

End of day finally came and I couldn't have gotten back to that corridor faster and she was already there, waiting patiently. She grabbed my hand and we headed through the crowd of school kids out to the parking lot. Which made me question our status a little, was she my girlfriend already 'cause she sure didn't seem to mind that we were holding hands.

I asked a couple times what we were doing and she didn't reply, as we waited in the parking lot. A couple minutes later she finally spoke, 'Ah…here she is, wait here a sec.' I instantly knew that the 'she' was her mom and that by the looks of it she was trying to convince her if I could come over to their place. A few anxious moments later and Courtney motioned for me to come on over and I did, almost as if I was guided by a string on my dick.

I hopped in to the car, said hello, then just sat next to Courtney in the back seats while her mom drove us home and made interview like small talk. About halfway in to the drive, her mom got a phonecall so she was distracted from anything that was happening in the back seats. Courtney started taking off her sneakers then her socks and gently placed her feet over my shoes, getting me instantly aroused. She ran her beautiful feet up and down my leg then with her right hand reached over to my jeans and slid her hand inside for the second time today.

Her hand flowed through under my undies and round my thighs then she grasped my penis firmly in her hand and started jerking, stroking it up and down inside my shorts. I'm pretty sure it must have been an important phonecall cause it went on for a couple minutes and her mom didn't notice a thing so I didn't protest. As soon as the phone call ended though, Courtney's hand quickly slid out form under my jeans but the foot massage by those cute white feet continued as her mom couldn't see any of that from the drivers' seat.

I had to bite my lip and stare out the window as her mom kept asking me questions like 'so, I've never heard much about you before Dan?' while Courtney rubbed her toes up and down my leg.

4 minutes later we were finally at their place and I was congratulating myself for not cumming on the ride over.


Her mom pulled up in to their driveway and headed to the boot to grab some groceries or whatever stay at home moms do, while me and Courtney jumped out, her with her shoes in hand, walking barefooted over the green grass in the yard at the front of their house.

I kept glancing down every few seconds, just peeking at them and she smiled shyly at me. She grabbed my hand again and lead my upstairs to her room and walked me over to her bed.

'I'm just going to go shower quick, and clean up my feet, 'cause they're probably all sweaty and dirty from walking around without any shoes,' She smirked then gave me a kiss and left. I was taken a back by it all, I had gone from never even making out with a girl, to getting a footjob in a dressing room of the mall in just a couple of days and now I was at her house, waiting all alone in her room for her to come back and pleasure me more, and for me to do the same for her.

I sat for a minute, just kinda looking around, then did what any teenage boy would do when left in a hot girl's room alone, panty hunting. I looked over at her dressing table and quickly jumped up to rummage through her clothes. First drawer, just some shirts and random hair ties.

Second, jackpot, found the undie drawer. I picked through some really kinky undies, thongs, pink with hearts, then granny panties, what the fuck. I kept digging when oh, felt something kinda rubbery. Holy balls, eureka, a dildo!

This was some really weird stuff for any girl I knew, then again, look at how weird I am. I held the dildo in my hand for a couple seconds then had the strange urge to smell it…so I did…and it smelt like heaven. With my limited female knowledge I could still tell that she must have used it within a day or so.

That heavenly scent of her pussy juice was intoxicating, I almost wanted to start jacking off right there and then, but I figured why now when I would have the real thing in just a couple minutes. Those minutes took ages as I listened intently for the shower to turn off across the hall and when it did I sat back on the bed where she had left me as if nothing had happened.

She came back in to the room, hair up in a bun with a white towel that ended just under her ass cheeks, holding those perky tits up so that bunched up to form some nice cleavage, barefooted with clean white painted toenails on the soft carpet of her room.

She locked the door behind her and came over to me, sitting on my lap, legs wrapped around my lower back. 'I can feel your little surprise already warming up to me in those jeans,' she smirked then bit my lip.

She started removing the towel, slowly untying it to reveal her fresh, warm naked body, right on top of mine.

Her tits almost jumped out at me as she revealed them and she began to gyrate her pussy lips on the bulge in my pants. 'Woah, hold on a sec, I'm going to burst instantly if you're right on top of me,' 'Already?' she replied looking disappointed.

'I'm sorry…I've just never been in a situation like this before, and you're just so god damn hot…how about you lay down and I please you first so I get a chance to cool down?' 'Okay,' she said joyfully and laid down on her bed, open for the taking, just dwindling those sexy toes over my chest.

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I quickly removed my shirt then the rest of my clothes right after so that I was bare just as she was and grabbed those sexy feet that were simply taunting me, inches away from my face.

I took those white toes straight in to my mouth, sucking on each one deeply then following on in-between each of them.

She let out a moan in-between each toe sucking so I continued by moving to the soles of her feet, licking from the very bottom of her heel to the tip of her big toe on each foot. After a while I simply couldn't take it anymore and just had to have my way with her pussy, just gleaming with her female juice.

She was definitely enjoying the attention. I started darting my tongue around her vagina as she moaned in ecstasy. After a while I picked up some knowledge of what she liked by her moaning, 'oh yeah…Dan…right there, suck me.' I carried on tongue fucking her clit before actually sticking my tongue in to her hole and she tightened her grip on the bed sheets in reply.

'Get that dick of yours inside me Dan, put it in me now!' she yelled, making me panic as her mom could probably have heard that one. But anyways, I did as she asked and tried to stick most of my teenage 6 inches of manhood in to her dripping hole.

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It was a tight fit however definitely not virgin; I could feel her walls tighten up around my cock as I tried to slide my dick in further and further. She continued to moan and I did too, I knew if this carried on for much longer I would cum inside her before I could pull out my dick but I kept at it, relentlessly, until all of my manhood was inside her and I was pounding from tip to pubes every single thrust. 'FUCK YES DAN! Oh my god!

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Make me CUM' 'I'm going to CUM,' I screamed and pulled out my dick just a moment before my load started spraying out like a dick that hasn't been touched in a month.

My white fluid spurted out in big lumps, the majority on her belly and some on her tits. After we both had cum nearly simultaneously we were in a state of panic, we knew we had caused such a ruckus with our hectic fucking that her mom surely must have heard so we jumped back in to our clothes almost faster than we had taken them off, which was just in time for her mom to come knocking on the door.

'Just a sec,' Courtney yelled out as she held her finger to her mouth, telling me to keep quiet. She walked over to unlock the door and her mom came walking in, I had a lump in my throat, I was sure as hell we were busted. 'What do you want mom?' Courtney said as she tried to sound annoyed.

'I heard some pretty loud noises coming from up here?' 'Oh…uh…' She was left speechless for a couple of seconds and looked over at me in desperation, 'We were just listening to some music while we worked,' I butted in, hoping it would be enough for her mom to quit questioning.

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'Well…keep it down okay, your baby brother's still trying to get some sleep and I've spent most of today trying to keep it that way.' 'Sure thing mom,' Courtney replied then closed the door, hushing her mom out of the room then standing with her back against the door with a look of relief on her face.

'Thank God…' I blurted out. 'No thank you, Dan that was some quick thinking with that excuse.' 'Ah…wasn't much really…although you know it was seriously turning me on that you were standing right next to her with my cum on your tits, do you think she could smell?' 'I really hope not, she would freak out and then my dad would have come home and killed both of us! At least now I can see you again, maybe at your place next time?' 'Sure, if you want, my parents are divorced though, so I move between them quite often.' 'That's okay, just let me know,' she smiled as she put her number in to my phone, then started tongue darting my mouth, 'My dad will be back soon so you should probably go, he'll go ape if he finds out I had a boy in my room with the door locked.' 'Sure thing,' I said as I kissed her one more time, first on the lips then feet and left their house.

For a little while, it would be me who held all the cards.