Frauen bestrafen männer

Frauen bestrafen männer
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Possible family fun -part 1- This is a story about how jim and tim possible became men by fucking their mom. this story is fake and i don't own any of the titles to the show or any of that shit. i will tell the story as Tim just to make it a little better. the story starts on the twins 12th birthday. enjoy. I woke up to the sound of my mother moaning as I did most days. I looked over at my brother Jim's bed and saw he was still asleep.

i thought " how can he sleep with our parents fucking so loud." I flipped my covers back revealing my fully nude 12 year old body, and my morning wood with it. Then walked over to his bed and said "bro wake up now, or ill wake you up the fun way." He just moaned, so i pulled back his covers, revealing his nearly nude body.

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-he slept in boxers afraid someone might see his cock. I told him that for kids our age a 6 inch dick when softand 7 when hard was something to be proud of. our dad being the genius he is made a chemical to enhance our cock size, he gave it to us in small amounts so noone would know. He finally told us on our eleventh birthday when he gave us the sex talk.- I flipped him on his back.

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then slowly peeled his boxers back, releasing his tight young boy ass. I rubbed my hands together and smacked his ass as hard as I could. knowing this would piss him off I ran for my closet to hide, I tripped on some cloths. I saw as he got out of bed and jumped at me, the whole time listening to our parents fucking in the next room. I held my hands up and said "wait - listen dads fucking the shit out of mom." he stopped waited for a second and as our eye meet we both smiled and started laughing.

He then gave me his hand to help me up. I grabbed his waistband with one hand and pulled it back, then quickly slipped my other hand in. Then gripped his semi-hard cock he smiled at me as i was stroking his cock. I could feel his cock getting harder. {we had jerked off many times -and jerked each other many more time, but that was as far as we would go.} we walked over to jim's be then moved it slightly to the right. [ when we were ten we tried to put a peep hole in the wall but our dad caught us.

instead of telling our mom and grounding us - he came up with a fake reason to put a vent connecting our room with our parents room.] we flipped the panels so we could see into our parents room. we had a perfect view of our parents bed. I pulled over a chair and jim sat on his bed.

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We sat watching our mom ride our dad big cock. by now i had taken my hand out of Jim's boxers. I grabbed my now fully erect 7 inch cock and started jerking off. I felt a sense of amazement when jim wrapped his warm hand around my cock and started giving me a hand job.I wrapped my hand around his throbbing cock, and started pumping it.

We leaned in just in time to see our dad pull out of my mom and pin her to the bed. Then he moved up to her chest and let his huge load of about 5 squirts of cum all over our moms breast. But what happened next was one of my favorite parts of watching our parents fuck. our sister got up and licked the cum of our moms breast. she had been doing threesoms with our parents for about two years. since she eightteen. (But now she was married to Ron and had retired hoping to have kids.) we watched as she picked every last drop of our dads jizz off our mom, sucking on her boobs every now and .I looked as jim and he smiled.

he said" what we could do to mom with our cocks. I bet she would love to have us both in her pussy .we would tear her out so much that if she ever got pregnant again, the kid would just slide out." I thought of what that would be like. Then i started pumping Jim's cock again. He looked at me and said "happy b-day bro -now hold still i will only do this once then you owe me." I gave him a look and said "what the fuck are you talking about" he got on his knees and started sucking my cock.


My eyes almost popped out of my head. The whole time I was wondering how the fuck did he get so good at sucking cock. He kept deepthroating me and I loved every bit.

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He smiled at me as he came up for air and licked the red tip of my wet cock. Soon I blew my load of about 3 shots of cum.

He swallowed it all, that surprised me. He got off his knees and made me promise to tell no one.

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He picked me up and help me 4 inches off the floor until I swore I wouldn't tell anyone. We got dressed and went down stairs. It was saturday so we were in no rush.

as we popped our heads around the corner to the kitchen, our mom was on her knees sucking our dad who was sitting in a chair next to the table. our sister kim was on the other side of the table sucking off Ron.

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We went back upstairs, only to make an entrance, by pretending to fight over who was older. We had done this many times to cock block our Dad and Ron.


When we went into the kitchen I said "yeah you wish" turning to the crowd of people in the kitch all fully dressed and smiling. our mom was cooking pancakes. and our dad gave us a look, that said he knew we were cock blocking him. Without a word we sat at the table. our mom made it clear she was looking at our crotches as she put our food on the table. she moved our chairs out and dropped a spoon in in my lap first, she quickly swooped it up, making sure to rub my cock through my shorts.

Then she did the same to Jim. she then surprised us both when she looked at us and said "you boys sounded like u were having fun this morning" We looked at each other in confusion, she continued "i heard someone deepthroating cock this morning, so im guessing it was jim going to town on Tim." we looked at each other then back at our mom as she went on " its Ok - I used to eat my sister's pussy all the time." Then our dad said " I used to ride my roommate's cock till the cows came home and and few of my teachers got to fill me up with jizz - I only stopped sucking cock because I threatened to chop mine off if I didn't." Kim spoke " and I eat Bonnie's pussy while riding off Ron all the time." By now our bonners had returned.

Kim who was sitting Ron's lap across the table got up to get coffee but stopped as she passed and said " tweebs your hornier than hell" our mom walked over to see followed by our dad and Ron. Our dad said " you know boys I could use some help keeping your mom satisfied in the bedroom!" Confused Ron said "what?" Our dad said" I want them to fuck their mom!" Kim walked over to me got on her knees and said " me first!" Then pulled down my shorts and whipped out my cock.

as she started sucking my now rock hard cock she pulled up her skirt. Ron walked over in front of Jim and slid dick. Then started ramming her pussy. Jim walked over to Ron's seat then said " well mom here's your chance. My mom dropped to her knees and pulled down Jim's shorts part way then instantly started to deepthroat Jim's cock. Our dad pulled Jim out of the chair and ripped his shorts to his knees.

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Then pulled out his huge cock and shoved in Jim's tight boy hole. The started slamming him while our mom continued suck on his cock. I throw my head back from the fantastic blow job Kim was giving me. I felt my cock slid in and out and her mouth latch on wanting to cum in her. Ron pulled out of Kim walked over to me and said " its your turn to suck a cock." I needed no more instruction. I popped rons huge meaty cock in my mouth. I felt him shove it all the way back and loved how it made me gag.

The mixture of rons precum and Kim's pussy juices made me blow my load in Kim's mouth. I shot about four huge thick shots of cum in her mouth as I shoved her head down and pushed my dick all the way back.

This made Ron shot his smaller load of two shots in my mouth. Surprise at how good it tasted I swallowed every drop. Then my dad pulled out of jim. walked over to kim - picked her up laid her on the table- then he shoved his cock in but left it out so we could see his helmet. The shot his jizz right in Kim's pussy. Filling her up till she started leaking cum out.

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Mom got off of Jim. Put her pussy to his face. The rubbed it till our dads load from last night sprayed out all over jims face. I looked at Jim. The got up in the lust of the moment walked over and slid jim's cock into my ass.

The wished I hadn't because it hurt. But I was hell bent on riding my brothers cock. So I slid up and down.

I turn to Jim as he grabbed my hips- pushed my back forward and started thrusting me. As I felt our low hanging ball sacks slapp together I moaned. " yes Jim deeper." The I felt him push all the way in and felt his cock wiggle as he shot his load.

I then pulled my self off his huge cum covered cock. Then I slowly walked into the living room- and slid off my shorts. then sat down on the sofa. I turned on the the TV as I was joined by Jim - kim - ron- and our parents all completely nude. I still had my shirt on so I pull it off and turned the volume up. The TV was on the new. At the bottom it said breaking news. We watched as the reporter said " this just Dr dracin and his female partner have escaped jail again.

They we ca ptured by local teens Kim possible and her partner Ron stoppable about a year ago. Kim and Ron have since retired and got married. But this calls to question if they wil come out of retirement one last time.

i'm here at the stoppable possible house to find out." We all realized theirs was a new team out side. We all scrambled to get dressed as we heard the doorbell ring. --Part two is coming soon-- i encourge feedback- dont be afaid to post comments- this is my first storyon here i would like to get some feedback