Nasty girl enjoys being pounded

Nasty girl enjoys being pounded
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Fridaynight, time for a good time to celebrate the weekend. One of my best friends turned 28 last Wednesday and decided to have his party in the weekend. He bought his first house a couple of months ago, so it's a housewarming as well. Around 9 I arrive at his house and most people are already there. Now some backround information about home parties in the Netherlands. We have two kinds.


One type is most of the time with family and cake, sitting in a wide circle and full of light conversation. Yep, just as boring as it sounds.


The second type is later at night, mostly with just friends. Enough booze and weed to anaesthetize a small hospital, completed with loud music. Luckily, this was the second type. Personally, I love parties at home.

The best place is most of the time the kitchen (where the booze is), because everyone drops by a couple of times during the night. When the night continues, some small groups form around the house, where the intimate conversations take place.

I love to move from group to group and just blend in. A bottle of booze in one hand is a great way to make friends, so never walk around without one. When I was at my friends place half an hour or so, my hart skips a beat. Susan arrives with two of her friends. Let me tell you about Susan. Years ago, Susan and I worked at the same company. It was a callcenter, a part time job which we both combined with high school. An informal company, famous for their Friday end of the day parties. Susan, at that time I think 17, was one of the most popular girls there.

And she knew she was too. But instead of being an arrogant bitch, she stayed down to earth and really good company. Still, she was hot! Since then, 8 years passed. We both left the callcenter years ago and we lost contact. I meet her from time to time, at festivals or other places where you seem to meet all those people.

What she didn't know was that 8 years ago, I was crazy about her. We kissed once, both drunk and we left it at that. Not my choice, but I was to chicken to do something about it. Tonight, as she walked in, the memories of that one kiss were there at once.

She greeted me with a great smile and gave me small kiss on the mouth. Not unusual in Holland if you know someone well, but this time it felt like a electric spark. She introduced me to her friends, Melissa and Jody. Both seemed a bit shy, they didn't know many other people at the party tonight. In the next few hours, Susan and me talked briefly a couple of times, when she came to get a drink from the kitchen. Other than that, I couldn't resist to check her out from a distance.

Luckily, keeping a conversation going gets easier when the booze is flowing. So nobody noticed me looking, staring, almost hypnotized at Susan. Susan is a blond tall girl with long legs and a really tight ass. Her breasts are not so big, but they fit her figure very well.

Tonight she was wearing a short skirt and a white shirt with the top couple of buttons open. My mother would say that she had at least 2 open buttons too much, just the way I like it (promise, I will not mention my mother again in this story). Ok, dear reader, still there? Now the story gets exiting! At least, I hope so. Around one o'clock I was in an excellent mood. I didn't drink too fast, so I was still in control. I also chose not the smoke weed for now, the combination with booze can hit you hard.

The party had evolved into some small parties and as I left the kitchen, I noticed that I didn't see Susan anywhere.

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I took half a bottle of booze from the table and started to search the house. Around me, you could see the effect of drugs on my friends.


Two friends who both think that you need to talk really loudly to make themselves heard, not realizing that they were just with the two of them.

A couple kissing on the stairs, a hand in her panties just visible, but the both don't seem to mind. A guy in the toilet for at least 15 minutes (later we found out he fell asleep) and a couple of people missing, probably going to get more beer. I still didn't spot Susan and decided to try upstairs. Finally, in the guestroom I found Susan together with her friend Melissa.

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Melissa is also blond, but a lot smaller, what you call a petite girl. Or as my friends say, a girl who you expect to break in two if you fuck her. Melissa was I think 25 years old or so, but she had the body of a 16 year old. To my surprise, Melissa was really upset. I could see some signs of recent tears. I closed the door behind me and put the bottle on the nightstand. I asked Melissa if I should fetch a glass of water, but the replied that a couple of sips of the booze was fine.

I understood that Jody and Melissa had a fight and Jody had left the house. They were talking about what a bitch Jody was and I joined in with additions about how ugly she was. That worked great, before I knew it I was sitting in between and we were laughing and making jokes.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my leg and when I looked up I say the stare of Susan, combined with a smile that turned me on at once. Playing hard to get, I started to talk with Melissa on my other side.

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Susan however started to move her hand to my dick and touched it through my pants. It took little time to get rock hard, but I still focused on Melissa, who was a lot happier and getting drunk fast. We kept passing the bottle between the two of us, but I tried to take little sips. Didn't want to get drunk now, this could turn out in a sweet fantasy. Meanwhile, Susan was able to open my pants and took my dick in her hand.

Melissa still pretended not to notice, even now I'm not sure if she knew what was happening. I had a hard time to avoid Susan, who was trying to get my attention. Suddenly, she moved her head down and took the top of my dick in her mouth. What a great feeling! She was really soft and slow at first. At that moment Melissa saw what was going on, but did not seem to react.

Susan moved down to her knees and the blowjob started to get going for real. I could no longer pretend to not notice and when I looked down, Susan looked straight up in my eyes, my dick almost completely in her mouth.

I was not sure what to do with Melissa, but she seemed to know what to do. While I admired Susan, she started to kiss my neck and removed my shirt.

I reacted by kissing her on her lips and moving my hand to her legs. Slowly I moved my way up her legs to her skirt. What a body she has! Suddenly Melissa stands up and takes of her skirt and shirt, revealing a tanned body with small tits and cute little panties, bright white. Susan was still working on my dick and I saw her looking at Melissa with a sparkling in her eyes.

Without any words, Melissa got to her knees as well and Susan offered her my dick. She did not hesitate and started where Susan left off. It felt amazing, I could really feel the difference between their mouths and technique. Clearly, Melissa did not have the experience Susan had, but she made it up with enthusiasm. For the next couple of minutes, the two girls shared my dick or tried to pleasure me at the same time.

By now, I was in trance, totally unaware of where I was, almost who I was. Susan suggested to Melissa to get on the bed and removed her panties.

She said something about a good fuck being the best remedy for the earlier fight with Jody and the tears that followed. Melissa smiled as I layed down on the bed as well and played with her little tits.

When I moved further down, Melissa started to enjoy it clearly. I kissed the insight of her legs and moved slowly to her bald pussy.

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She was so petite, it almost scared me. I started to kiss her pussy and continued with a teasing lick of her clit. She shivered and moaned, enough for me to continue and lick the rest of her pussy. Susan had undressed as well and was completely naked now. She sat down next to Melissa and seemed to enjoy the show. Melissa was horny as hell now, she moved her ass without control and was really wet. Susan seemed ready to take the next step and directed me above Melissa.

She took my dick in her hand and moved to the entrance of Melissa's pussy. Melissa closed her eyes while Susan directed the first part of my dick in Melissa's pussy.

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She was so tight, unbelievable. Melissa kept the last part of my dick in her hand, preventing me of fully penetrate Melissa. I moved slowly, Melissa was still keeping her eyes closed. Suddenly, Susan let go of my dick and it disappeared completely in Melissa. Melissa reacted with opening her eyes wide and she let out a little scream. Horny as I was now, I lost all control and fucked Melissa hard.

Her petite body below me turned me on and before I knew it, I fucked her like a beast. Melissa screamed, scratched my back till it bled and kept asking for more. Susan was the one who interrupted us. She asked me to stop and got Melissa to turn around and get on her knees. She took my dick in her hand and sucked the juices of Melissa from it.

Then she directed me behind Melissa, who was now on hands and knees, her head low and a small ass in the sky. The view on her bald pussy was almost enough to make me come.

I entered Melissa again and this time I trusted my whole dick in at once. Melissa screamed again, but moved her butt in the rhythm. I took her ass in my hands and increased the speed.

I think I never fucked a girl that hard. Soon, I was ready to come. I moved my hand to Melissa clit while I kept fucking her. That was enough to set her off and seconds later I came in the dripping wet and tight pussy. I felt broken, but the fun was not over yet. Melissa probably felt that she needed to get Susan of as well.

So after a few minutes she moved down and started to suck my dick again. Susan was ready as well and sat down on my face, so I could lick her pussy.

It didn't take long to get hard again. Susan moved over and, while I was on my back, she took top position and directed my dick in her wet pussy. Although not as tight as Melissa, she was clearly in the lead and more experienced. She started to ride me like a pro and took her time to speed up. Fine with me, I could play with her beautiful tits and enjoyed the show. Nothing as great and beautiful as seeing a blond young girl riding your dick with her eyes closed, moaning softly.

She fucked me like this for a couple of minutes and I was happy it was my second time, so I could resist a bit longer. To my surprise, I heard Susan ask Melissa if you ever saw anyone have her ass fucked. Melissa never did it herself and didn't saw it happen as well. So Susan got on her hand and knees and ask Melissa to make my dick rock hard. She answered by taking my dick in her mouth again. Then she directed my dick to the small hole of Susan, making sure she used as much spit as possible to lubricate.

To be honest, I never fucked a girl in the ass before that night as well. So when I finally entered Susan (It took me a while to get in), it felt so different. But so amazing! I took it really slow, afraid to hurt Susan.

But it was Susan how asked me to speed up. I fucked her harder and harder, deeper and deeper, until my whole dick was in her ass. Meanwhile, Melissa was looking really horny. Susan was working her clit at the same time and after a while I felt her come. Almost there as well, I was ready to fill her ass with cum.

Just in time, Susan stopped me and asked Melissa if she wanted to try. I was surprised when I heard the answer and see the response. Melissa said sure and moved to her hand and knees again. Melissa made my dick harder than ever and licked Melissa hole as well. Before I knew it, I entered the most petite girl I ever fucked from behind. I was sure Melissa hated her respons moments later, but she didn't show.

I took it easy on her, for her but also for me. Melissa seemed to really enjoy her assfuck by now and was making noises that turned me on fast. Moments later, I filled Melissa's ass with a big load of cum.

The next thing that I know is waking up between to beautiful girls next morning! I told you, I love home parties.