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Hot twink Sucked to firmness and dripped with super steamy wax  our
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Melissa Wilson was 18 when her father helped get her a full-time job. He was a friend of Brad Masters, owner of an advertising agency.

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Melissa started as an office assistant but quickly worked her way up until she was made the front-desk receptionist. Her bright green eyes, natural smile and friendly personality were a perfect fit for a job that required her to meet and greet the people who came into the office.

After six months on her new job, Melissa found herself summoned to Masters' office. At first she was worried she had done something wrong but the boss quickly put her at ease. "Melissa, you've been a great hire and a wonderful asset to the office," he said. "It's about time you had a vacation." "Well, um, thanks, but I don't really know if I've saved enough to afford a trip," Melissa said. "I thought you might say that," Masters said with a smile.

"I've talked this over with your folks and they're fine with it. I have a sailboat in Hawaii. We thought you'd like to join us for a few days sailing around the Pacific. My wife and I and Rachel and her fiancé are going." Rachel was one of the company's account agents and had befriended Melissa from Day One. Melissa had never been to Hawaii and she was pleasantly surprised by her boss' offer.

"Sure, Mr. Masters," Melissa said. "Wow, thanks. That sounds like a great time." +++ Two weeks later, Melissa found herself on the Masters' 60-foot sailboat, "The Ad One." The group of five had flown on Masters' G-5 to Honolulu, spent a few days there and then had boarded the yacht. The ship was captained by John with Jason as first mate. John was a former Naval officer in his late 30s while Jason was a Samoan native in his mid 20s with the physique of a body builder.

Masters was in his mid 40s and his wife Lorraine was a "trophy wife" mid 20s with reddish brown hair, model good looks and a body that could rate consideration for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. In the first days at sea, Melissa noticed that John and Jason couldn't keep their eyes off Lorraine when she was sun bathing in her immodest bikinis. Rachel, Melissa's friend, had thick blonde hair she wore in a short and sassy bob cut.

She was 5-foot-6 with an athletic build (she had played volleyball in college). Her fiance' Dave was in his mid 20s with dark hair, a goatee and several tattoos. The 19-year-old Melissa was the youngest person on board but despite the age difference everyone had helped make her feel at ease. She didn't feel like a child nor did she look like one.

She was 5-foot-8 and 125 pounds with a body that could best be described as "lithe." She wasn't aware, but when she sunbathed in her bikini (which covered considerably more skin than Lorraine's) the captain and first mate watched her as closely as they did the boss' wife. +++ The third day at sea, as they were about to turn back to Hawaii, storm clouds gathered. In just minutes, the waves grew to 15 feet, the sky turned black and lightning flashed across the sky. The captain ordered the passengers below to the dining area and ordered everyone to strap in to the swiveling captain's chairs that surrounded the table.

Melissa's heart was racing as she saw the concern in her boss' eyes. Masters told everyone, "Don't worry, I've seen worse; this is a stable ship and the captain knows what he's doing." Melissa, though, detected a hint of doubt in his voice. For the next 30 minutes, the boat was tossed and the cabin became a seat on a world-class rollercoaster.

Both Rachel and Lorraine succumbed to seasickness and vomited on the floor. Suddenly there was a crash/boom flash of light and Melissa could feel the hair on her arms and the back of her neck tingle. The lights flickered and went out. Moments later, the first mate came into the cabin with a flashlight. "Mr. Masters, sir, we had a lightning strike just off the bow; all the electronics are fried. The helm's not responding and we can't restart the engine." And with that, he returned topside.

The good news was that the storm had calmed and along with it the waves. Now, the ship was merely rolling instead of pitching from stem to stern. The captain next appeared in the cabin, also armed with a flashlight. "Sir, we're adrift. It's too dangerous to rig the sails and the engine won't restart," captain John reported. "Before we lost power, the radar showed a good-sized island off to port; that's the direction the wind and waves are pushing us.

Hopefully we can hold up there." Melissa and her four companions sat in the darkness, wondering what would happen next. They soon got their answer. As "The Ad One" lurched through the water, pushed by the wind and the waves, it neared the island the captain had mentioned.

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Unfortunately for the ship and its human cargo, the island was protected by a coral reef about half a mile off shore. Suddenly, the bow of the boat met the reef. It was like a car wreck at 40 mph. If not for being strapped in, those in the cabin would have gone flying. Melissa and the other two women screamed and the men grunted at the force of impact. The next sounds they heard came from the front of the boat; impaled on the sharp coral reef and driven by the wind and the waves, The Ad One was ripping itself apart.

Ocean water started rushing into the cabin. The captain appeared at the head of the stairway. "Everybody on deck, get your life jackets on," he yelled over the noise made by the ship's demise. "We're breaking up. We need to get to the island," Melissa's heart was pounding and she felt as though she was hyper ventilating. She felt Masters helping her put on her life jacket and then she was climbing the stairway.

The first mate was at the top of the stairs. He flipped on a switch on her lifejacket that activated a battery powered strobe light. He handed her a rope as he lined up her four companions. "OK, everybody in the water; hold the rope and let the current carry you to the beach. We'll be right behind you." The deck of the ship was tilted forward as the ocean slowly claimed its victim. Water had nearly reached mid ship.

Melissa could feel the warm Pacific on her feet. Masters led the way, stepping into the water with his four companions following. About 10 minutes later, they could feel the submerged sand of the island's beach beneath their feet and they stumbled onto the safety and stability of land.

+++ A week later, the castaways were making the best of it. The captain and first mate had managed to grab some supplies but the island also had plenty of fruit and fresh water. The men constructed lean to shelters with palm fronds. A fish hook and line in a survival kit allowed them to catch fish. Survival wasn't the issue. Rescue was another story. The lightning strike had prevented sending an SOS. They had to hope that search parties would find their way to their island. They had escaped with just the clothes on their backs.

The captain and first mate were wearing t-shirts and cargo shorts. Brad and Dave were wearing baggy swim suits and wife-beater t-shirts. Melissa had been wearing a blue jean skirt that came about to mid-thigh with a blouse.

Lorraine had been wearing one of her revealing bikinis with a gauzy cover up. Rachel was wearing shorts and a halter. From their first day, the men had abandoned their shirts and had offered them to the women as additional clothing. Melissa quickly realized that her bra was chafing her in the heat of the jungle sun.

The second day on the island, she slipped away from the others, removed it and hid it under the life jacket she was using as pillow. She didn't think the others would notice but all four men could tell that her full breasts were free inside her blouse. To gather fruit, water and firewood, the captain emphasized that no one would forage on their own. On their eighth day of being shipwrecked, the captain and Melissa were looking for edible fruit.

After about 30 minutes of searching, Melissa realized she had become separated from the captain. She stopped and turned around and could see the back of his head about 20 yards away. He had stopped and seemed to be hiding behind a large bush.

Melissa backtracked and came to the captain's side. She was about to ask him what was going on when he turned and put a finger to his lips. His turn also exposed the fact that his other hand was stroking his hard cock. Melissa's hand went to her mouth to stifle a gasp as her eyes took in his 7-inch rod and its helmet-like cap. Then she heard muffled voices and she peeked through the bush.

She gasped again. There in a small clearing of grass was Dave and Rachel naked. Dave was pounding away in the missionary position with Rachel's feet hooked around his back.

Melissa could hear Rachel but her voice sounded different. It was strained with lust. "NNNGAAAHHHH, baby, gawd, I've needed this," she said.

"FUCK yessssss. Gawd, I've missed having that cock of yours inside my pussy. This is soooooo FUCKING HOT doing it out here … like wild animals. Pound my pussy with that hard dick. MMMMMMM." Melissa was a bit shocked to hear Rachel, who had always acted like such a "good girl," use such language.

Melissa had never heard another woman talk like that. "Yeahhhhh, oooooh," the captain whispered as he watched the sexy scene. He spit on his hand and returned it to his cock. Melissa glanced down at the rod of flesh. She was embarrassed to be close to someone pleasuring himself and she started to step away. The captain's free hand grabbed her hair.

"Don't move, girl," he growled. "And keep quiet. We don't want to disturb your friends." When she looked back she saw that the two lovers had changed positions. Dave was on his back and Rachel was riding his cock, facing his feet. Her breasts were bouncing, her nipples rock hard.

With her legs spread to straddle her lover, her glistening pink gash was exposed to the two people hiding in the bushes. Melissa heard the captain groan. He had pulled Melissa to his side and had his arm around her shoulders. She could hear two squishy sounds one, more faint, coming from the clearing as Dave pounded his cock into Rachel and the other louder as the captain stroked his throbbing erection.

Dave's strained voice soon came from the clearing. "YEAAAAH, yeaaaahhhh, ride that hard dick," he growled. "AAAAHHHH, your pussy is squeezing meeeeee. AGGhhhhh &hellip. I'm gonna shoot." Rachel slammed down against Dave's groin, driving his cock as deep as it would go. As his jizz spurted out of his cock, Rachel ground against his hips.

His cock cream was flowing as she rocked back on her heels and lifted her pussy off his rod. Her hands stroked the slippery stalk as the last spurts of fuck juice splattered against her stomach and breasts. Melissa realized she was staring, in a trance. She was having trouble breathing and there was a strange tingling traveling from her breasts, around her torso and between her legs. She had never seen anything like what she had just witnessed. The conclusion to the live porn show gave the captain the final stimulus he needed.

Melissa, pinned against his side, could feel his body go rigid. She looked down and saw his cock twitching in his hand, the white seed spewing out. His jizz spattered against the leaves of the bushes in front of them. The captain grabbed Melissa's hand and they backed away from their hiding place.

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"C'mere," he whispered, firmly gripping her hand. "And keep quiet." They walked briskly for a few hundred yards; Melissa struggling to keep pace with the captain's long strides. When they reached a large tree, the captain stopped and turned to face Melissa. Her eyes widened when she saw that his cock was still exposed and still erect.

He placed his hand under Melissa's chin and tipped her face up to meet his gaze. "Jackin' off was good but I still got a load of jizz in my balls. I need a woman's mouth on my dick." For a moment, Melissa's brain short circuited. She struggled to comprehend the words she had heard.

She was unable to speak. She'd never put her mouth on a man's cock. Despite the uncertain stirrings of sexual desire she had experienced watching Rachel and Dave, taking a man's … thing … in her mouth qualified as a depraved act. "Whhhaaaat? I can't do that. I've NEVER done that. Please, let me go. Please." Part of Melissa thought it was a dream, a nightmare, something that would be over when she woke up. She closed her eyes tight … the storm, the ship wreck, the island, the captain demanding she suck his … thing … she was trying to make it all just a dream.

But it was real. The captain placed his strong hands on Melissa's shoulders as he would place them on a ship's wheel. He squeezed to let her know his strength and started pushing her down.

"Get on your knees," he said. "And … suck … my … COCK!" Melissa's knees buckled and she found herself kneeling in front of captain John's prick. It was about seven inches in length capped by a round knob that was purplish/reddish in color. The glans was glistening and swollen, giving a distinct mushroom shape to the end of his rod. The shaft was twitching in anticipation of what was to happen; a white pearl of cum from the recent ejaculation was clinging just below the piss hole.

The captain's left hand gathered a handful of Melissa's curly brown hair at the back of her head. His other hand fisted his rod at its base. His left hand slowly moved Melissa's face toward its destination. Melissa realized that she was breathing fast, her braless breasts were rising and falling, her nipples were erect and scraping against the material of her blouse.

The unfamiliar tingling between her legs was getting stronger. And her eyes were focused on the one-eyed snake the captain was waving in front of her face. With her head firmly held in place, the captain brought the head of his cock to Melissa's lips. He rubbed the smooth, hot knob over her lips. Stimulated by the touch of the soft skin, precum started to leak out and covered Melissa's lips in a salty icing. The captain pulled back slightly and Melissa's tongue flicked out in curiosity to see what had been deposited.

She tasted the salty fluid and decided it wasn't poisonous. He returned his cock head to her lips, again rubbing back and forth. Then he started to push his cock against her closed mouth. "Open up," he growled. Melissa obeyed and the swollen cock head popped into her mouth.

Her lips o-ringed around the thick shaft as her tongue licked over the smooth skin of his knob. Her teeth scraped right on the edge of the rod cap and the captain moaned in pleasure.

She put her hands against the captain's thighs to maintain her balance as he slowly started sawing the top half of his cock in and out of her hot mouth.

"Yeah, mmmmm, yeah, that's good," the captain whispered. "Just like that. Lick it, lick it." Melissa could feel the veins on his shaft throbbing against her lips as the cock slipped in and out of her mouth.

Her tongue busied itself with the bulbous head. After whacking off, the captain was in a state of high-level arousal and he knew it wouldn't take long for him to fire off Round Two. When the tip of Melissa's tongue unintentionally made contact with his piss hole, John received the stimulus he needed. He felt his balls constricting and he knew his jizz load was ready for delivery. "AAAAHHHHHEEEEMMMMMM, gaaaawd, yessssssss," he said through clenched teeth.

"Hot little mouth, get ready for some cum." Melissa's eyes grew wide and she tried to pull back but the captain's hand in her hair held firm. She could feel his cock lurching and spasming in her mouth. But instead of her first blow job ending with a mouthful of sperm. The captain pulled back and his cock exited her mouth a wet plopping sound. A nano second later, the first jizz jet fired out the captain's cock and splashed against her lips. He fisted his cock and stroked the base as his prick continued to unload.

Instead of a mouth full of jizz Melissa was experienced her first cum bath. After one shot nearly blinded her, she closed her eyes as the spurts continued until her face was coated with his man cream.

"Fuckin' A," the captain moaned as let go of his shaft and it started to droop. "Think you did pretty well for the first time. See ya back at the beach." With that, he tucked his cock away and started to head for the camp site. +++ That night, Melissa was a mess. As they sat around their camp fire eating fish and fruit, Melissa couldn't help but look at Rachel and her fiancé differently.

She had seen them consummate a most personal act but they were talking and joking with the group as if nothing had happened. Melissa had trouble blocking out the visions that kept flashing in her brain. And then there was her own sexual encounter with the captain. Every time she made eye contact with him, she detected a gleam in his eye only directed at her. When it was time to sleep, Melissa found her mind playing her personal porno flicks every time she closed her eyes.

It was either a replay of Rachel and Dave or it was Melissa gobbling the captain's cock. She realized that her vagina was tingling and had a faint itchy feeling while her nipples seemed to be in a perpetual state of hardness.

As she laid on the mat of grass and palm fronds that made up her bed, she turned her back on the others. The idea of masturbating was appealing but she was afraid of making noise and having the others find out.

She eventually fell into a fitful sleep with dreams that didn't douse her body's hidden arousal. When she woke up the next morning, her fellow castaways were nowhere to be seen. She assumed they had gone off to search for necessities though she quickly imagined that Rachel and Dave were looking for another secluded spot to "do it." Melissa shook her head.

It seemed now that every thought she had was about sex. She looked down at her blouse and saw that her nipples were, indeed, erect and poking against the cloth. She started to walk away from the beach; where, she wasn't sure.

But the thought in the back of her mind involved privacy and trying to rid her body of its sexual tension. She walked in a direction that she had not yet taken and after about 30 minutes she heard the distinct sound of rushing water. As she drew closer she could see the top of a waterfall that was about 15 feet high. And then she heard voices. Melissa flashed back to her previous voyeur episode with the captain and thought, "Well, at least I'm alone this time." She slowly and quietly picked her way toward the waterfall.

When she got within about 20 yards, she found herself on a slight incline so that she was looking down from a slight elevation.

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Brad, her boss, was in a small pool which was fed by the waterfall. He was standing and the water came to about his chest. His wife Lorraine stood on a flat rock near the edge of the pool. Brad was slowly pushing his hands back and forth in the water, making small ripples. He was smiling at his wife. Lorraine had her hair pinned up. She was wearing the filmy cover up over her bikini. Melissa saw her unbutton the cover up and slip it off.

She let it fall from her hand and it softly billowed to the ground. Melissa's eyes stared at her boss' wife as her hands reached up for the clasp that held her bikini halter at her neck.

The straps let go and the small patches of cloth fell away from her full, round mounds. Lorraine was facing her husband so Melissa only got a partial view of the curve of Lorraine's left breast. Brad said something; to Melissa it sounded like, "Go on." Lorraine reached behind to undo the rest of her bikini halter and she tossed that aside.

She then quickly skimmed her bikini bottoms down, standing tall and proud on the rock, a naked goddess. Lorraine then plunged into the pool.

Brad floated on his back as his wife slipped closer. His erect cock poked up like a periscope and Melissa put her hand to her mouth to stifle a gasp. To her inexperienced eyes, it looked even bigger than captain John's prick. When Lorraine reached her husband, she giggled and both hands folded around his upright rod. She started dragging him by the cock until they reached the pool's edge. Brad climbed up on the rock where his wife had recently stood and leaned back on his elbows, his legs apart and dangling over the edge and in the water.

His wife, still in the water, slipped between his legs. Her mouth engulfed his cock and Melissa could see her boss' hips thrust upward to meet the warm, wet orifice. Melissa could hear her boss groaning as his wife voraciously devoured his throbbing member. Lorraine's mouth covered the bugling cock head as her hands slipped up and down, stroking the shaft.

Melissa's eyes widened as the woman took the prick into her mouth, deep throating as much as she could. Brad's head was tilted back and he groaned toward the sky as his wife expertly fellated his throbbing tool.

As another porno-worthy scene evolved in front of her, Melissa's right hand moved up to cup her left breast. Her thumb flicked over the nipple as it poked against the cloth of her blouse. It was so erect and firm. She closed her eyes and felt a warm sensation starting to emanate from her belly.

Unaware and oblivious as to the role it would play in this scene, a six-inch long lizard picked this time to slither across Melissa's left foot. The sudden intrusion of the harmless reptile caused her eyes to fly open and her mouth let go a high-pitched squeal. Lorraine's mouth popped off her husband's prick and she stood up, pointing in the direction of the sound. Brad sat up and turned, his eyes following where his wife pointed. Melissa's light blue blouse, it turned out, did little to blend into the green surroundings of her hiding place.

She was easy to spot. Before Melissa knew it, Brad had gracefully stood up and was walking in her direction. Her mind told her to run fast and hide, maybe forever; she was appalled she had been caught spying on her boss and his wife. Melissa's feet, though, were cemented to where she stood. "Melissa? That you?" Brad called out, a grin on his face.

"C'mon out of there." Brad's cock was still hard it actually had grown more erect once he realized the voyeur was his pretty young receptionist.

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As he walked toward Melissa, her eyes stared at the rod of flesh that waggled back and forth as he approached. He walked around the bush to her hiding place and took her hand. "Come have a swim with us," he said in a quiet, steady voice that belied his true feelings.

His heart was racing and his breathing rate had increased as he contemplated the possibilities offered by the unexpected appearance of this nubile but naïve young woman. As Brad led Melissa back to the pool's edge, Lorraine climbed out.

Beads of water accentuated her tan skin. Her 38-D breasts were upturned at the tips, the nipples pink and hard like new pencil erasers. She stood with her hands on her hips as her husband led the young woman toward her. "Hello, Melissa," Lorraine said, drawing her name out to three syllables. "Were you spying on us? Such a naughty girl." Brad moved behind Melissa and grabbed her arms just above the elbows, pulling her arms slightly back. Her blouse stretched across her breasts, further emphasizing their shape and the hard nipples poking against the cloth.

"Hey … Mr. Masters … um, let go, please," Melissa said, squirming in his grip. His hard, erect cock was sandwiched between them.

She could feel his big erection poking against her back.

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"Just relax," he replied, whispering in her right ear. "No worries. Just go with the flow and enjoy it." Lorraine gazed at the fresh-faced 19-year-old with the brown curly hair and the flashing green eyes. As she struggled in Brad's grip, Lorraine watched Melissa's firm, braless breasts jiggling inside her blouse. Lorraine bent toward the pool, cupped water in her hands and then stood and splashed the cool water onto Melissa's blouse. She continued until the blouse was wet and plastered against Melissa's body, completely outlining her breasts as the material molded against her curves.

The water had made the thin material practically see-through. Looking over Melissa's shoulder, Brad took in the sight and felt his ball sack tighten and his cock lurch and throb. "Goddamn," he thought, "this is gonna be good." "Pleasssseeee. What are you doing? Stop, please, let me go. I'm sorry I was spying on you." Lorraine and Brad responded as if Melissa had never spoke. Brad still had her arms tightly in his grip and her struggles merely accentuated the allure of her body.

"Here, let's get this off you now that it's soaked," Lorraine purred. Her fingers undid first one button, then the next, then a third. Melissa, to keep cool, had tied her blouse at that point.

Lorraine patiently undid the knot and then flipped the blouse open. Melissa's 34-C breasts were a perfect size and fit for her frame. There was no sag and just a hint of roundness at the bottom of each; they were nearly perfect cones topped by thimble-sized nipples. Her areolas were a light brown that complimented her pink pleasure nubs. Lorraine let out a long breath between clenched teeth. "My word, girl, that might be the sexiest, most perfect pair breasts I've ever seen," she said, cupping her own as if to give merit to her opinion.

"May I?" Without waiting for an answer, Lorraine's hands moved from her own breasts to Melissa's. The idea of a woman's hands on her mounds had never crossed Melissa's mind. The touch of the woman's soft but firm hands was electric. Melissa found herself shivering and sighing as Lorraine confidently kneaded the firm tits, her thumbs flicking over the rock hard nipples and making them bounce.

"Uhhghhhhaaaaaaammmmm," Melissa moaned. Her legs were getting shaky and it seemed as though a direct line of erotic arousal was moving from her nipples to her vagina. As Lorraine's hands cupped and fondled Melissa's breasts, Brad ground his hips against Melissa's back. She could feel his rock hard prick as it moved against her. "The captain told us about your little encounter with him," Lorraine said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Melissa had allowed her eyes to close while her breasts were being caressed but they popped open when she heard those words.

She looked into Lorraine's eyes, which were sparkling. Her mouth was turned up at the corners in a sly grin. "You seem to enjoy spying on people having sex," Lorraine said, her hands continuing to mold and shape the pliant, firm mounds. She took each of Melissa's nipples between her thumb and forefingers, rolling the hard buds back and forth. She pulled up on each nipple, pulling Melissa's breasts up and away from her torso.

She let them go and they bounced slightly before settling on Melissa's chest. Lorraine then lightly slapped the rubbery cones, making them jostle back and forth.

"AAAAHHHHNNNGGGG," Melissa moaned. "GAAAAWDDDD, what are you doing? Please. Stop." Lorraine's hands moved to the clip in her hair. She removed it and shook her reddish-brown mane that was still slightly damp. The uncombed, natural look of her locks made her appear wild and wanton. Then she leaned her head down and took a handful of her soft hair and brushed it teasingly over Melissa's left nipple. The areola capped by its hard bud of flesh tightened into more of a puffy point.

Lorraine then tilted her head and captured Melissa's right nipple between her soft, full lips. The sensation of the woman's hot, wet mouth on her sensitive nub caused Melissa to let out a yelp of pleasure and surprise. Her head tilted back, stretching her neck as her eyes looked up into the blue Pacific sky above the nearby trees. Brad, not to be totally left out of the seduction, started to kiss and nibble along Melissa's neck, ear lobe and cheek.

Noticing this, Lorraine reached up with one hand, grasped Melissa's chin and turned her head so that Brad could kiss her on the lips. His strong and insistent tongue soon found its way inside Melissa's gasping mouth. Lorraine continued her oral ministrations on Melissa's breasts. She cupped both mounds and pushed them close together so that her tongue could flick back and forth over both rock-hard nipples. Melissa's areolas were puckering and goose bumping as her pleasure nubs were lashed by the woman's experienced tongue.

Sensing there was no need to restrain their playmate, Brad released her arms and his hands encircled her upper body to do his own exploration of Melissa's mounds.

As Brad's fingers flicked and played with the nipples, Lorraine continued to lick and kiss wherever there was open skin. Brad mashed both of her tits back against her chest, pulling Melissa roughly against his body and his throbbing cock. Lorraine's tongue flicked over the nipples that peeked out between her husband's fingers.

Lorraine's hands moved down Melissa's ribs, over her flat stomach that undulated with passion and arousal. Her hands moved to the girl's hips, then slipped back around to cup the firm cheeks of her ass. Lorraine's hands reached further down and pulled up the back of Melissa's skirt, exposing the backs of her thighs and her panty-clad butt. "Nice ass," Lorraine whispered as her hands worked over Melissa's butt cheeks like a baker working bread dough. Brad was again kissing, licking and nibbling on Melissa's neck and ears as his hands were full of her breasts.

His fingers fiddled with her tit tips like he was working radio dials. When he told her to turn his face so he could kiss her, Melissa did so with no hesitation. Melissa didn't noticed when Lorraine knelt in front of her but she could feel the woman's fingers working the snap and then the zipper of her blue jean skirt. Soon it was loose and slipping down her legs.

Lorraine lifted one foot and then the other, allowing Melissa to step free of the garment. Melissa's body was shuddering and her breath coming in raggedy gasps. Brad let go of her breasts and gazed down at them over her shoulder. They were rising and falling as Melissa tried to get air into her lungs. She was feeling light headed and thought she might feint. Lorraine's fingers snagged Melissa's panties and tugged them down and off her legs.

Again, she helped the girl step free. Melissa's blouse had slipped off her shoulders and was tangled near her elbows.

Brad pushed her arms to her sides and pulled it free and tossed it aside. "There, now," he said. "We're all nice and comfortable now." Lorraine took Melissa by the hand and led her to the flat rock near the pool. She instructed her to sit down with her legs in the water. Brad positioned himself behind her and had Melissa lean back against him. His hard cock, which pointed up flat against his stomach, was again wedged between their bodies.

Lorraine climbed into the pool and moved between Melissa's legs. She put her hands on her knees and pushed them apart, exposing the girl's pussy. Lorraine's hands moved up her inner thighs and across her lower stomach, her finger nails teasing and tracing lines across Melissa's sensitive skin. "You have a beautiful pussy," Lorraine said in the same manner one would compliment someone on their choice of clothing. Her fingers moved closer to Melissa's slit.

Melissa looked down between her breasts, which Brad was again fondling, to watch as Lorraine explored her most intimate place. Lorraine's thumbs pulled apart the labia, exposing the pink inner walls. The pearl that was Melissa's clit had poked its way out of its hood during the yet to be completed seduction. Lorraine's index finger pressed the pleasure button as she would a door bell.

Melissa's pent up sexual tension exploded with a sudden orgasm. Her hips rocked and she stiffened with pleasure. She rocked back against Brad, whose cock jerked at the sensation of her smooth skin trapping it.


"My, my. Sensitive, aren't we?" Lorraine said with a chuckle. As the orgasm's epicenter moved out through her nervous system, Melissa's body vibrated like a freshly plucked guitar string. Her eyes were closed and she felt as though she was having an out-of-body experience. Then her eyes popped open in shock as Lorraine's tongue started licking up and down Melissa's quivering cunt. The sensation of Lorraine's tongue on Melissa's pussy lips was like nothing she'd ever experienced.

Lorraine licked and lapped at the fresh secretions that were gushing from deep inside Melissa's cunt. Her labia were a reddish-pink and slippery. "Ohhhhh gaaawwwdddd," Melissa moaned, looking down between her breasts as Lorraine's mouth and tongue explored her most private opening.

"Unnngggghhh. Pleeeeassseee. Mmmmmmmm. Don't stop." Lorraine had no intention of stopping. She folded Melissa's legs back at the hips and placed her feet on her shoulders to further widen and improve her mouth's angle of attack.

The movement also exposed Melissa's pink little star fish. Lorraine's tongue and mouth moved up and down the slick slit, pausing to nibble and lick Melissa's throbbing clit, then slipping between her lips to probe inside her cunt and then continuing lower. When the tip of Lorraine's inquisitive tongue first poked at Melissa's anal ring, the inexperienced girl gasped in delight and apprehension.

"W-w-w-w-hat are you d-d-dooooooinggggg?" Melissa stammered as one of Lorraine's fingers prodded the slickened anal bud as it tried to gain entrance to the tightly-clenched hole.

"Is she diddlin' your asshole," Brad whispered. He was rocking his erection up and down against the smooth skin of Melissa's back. The mental picture of his wife probing the girl's anal opening with her tongue and finger was too much for Brad. The interrupted blowjob, the slow, sweet seduction of their surprise guest had left Brad's throbbing cock locked and loaded. He pressed himself hard against Melissa's back and felt his prick start to explode.

Melissa felt something hot and wet on the back of her neck and up along her back. Brad groaned, "Yeah, take my load, baby, get it all over you." Lorraine's finger probed inside Melissa's ass to the first knuckle as her mouth returned to the top of the girl's slit.

Lorraine took the clitoris lightly between her teeth and whipped the tip of her tongue back and forth over the smooth pleasure nub. "AAAAIIIIIEAAAAAAGGGGNNNNAAAAA," Melissa screamed/groaned as another, even bigger orgasm rocked her core. Brad's spurting cock, his wife's finger in her ass and mouth on her clit had combined into a holy trinity of sexual release. With her legs on Lorraine's shoulders, Melissa raised her hips off the rock and suspended her lower body as she ground her crotch against Lorraine's mouth.

Lorraine gently removed Melissa's legs and Brad slipped out from behind her so that Melissa was laying flat on the rock. One leg was straight and the other was bent and flopped open, exposing her dripping, pulsating slit. Her breasts, flattened slightly, moved on her chest as she tried to regain her breath. Brad was still semi-erect and Lorraine made sure to remove the qualifier. She kneeled in front of her standing husband and licked the jizz residue from around the head and laved the shaft with her wet tongue.

In seconds, he had another raging hard on. "Don't you think it's time this young lady had a hard cock up her pussy," Lorraine asked, giving her husband's rod a playful tug. Melissa heard the question as if she was underwater; Lorraine's voice sounded muffled and far away. She turned her head and opened her eyes to see Brad on his knees between her splayed legs, his cock a spear of lust jutting from his groin.

Brad grabbed Melissa's hips and lifted her so that she her pussy was level with his cock. She was like a rag doll; her arms and legs felt like cooked spaghetti. Lorraine kneeled down next to her husband and fisted the base of his cock. She rubbed the swollen head of his prick up and down Melissa's cunt slit, pausing at the top to use the bulbous end to tease her swollen clit.

That neat trick elicited a deep throated groan from their playmate. Lorraine then moved her husband's cock so that the head was well-lodged at the entrance to Melissa's pussy. Brad rocked back and forth as he slowly worked for insertion of his pulsing rod. Lorraine lay down next to Melissa and fondled her right breast. She whispered in her ear, "Are you ready to get fucked, dear? My husband is an excellent cocks man and his cock is ready to take you for a ride." Melissa's head rolled back and forth, whipping her hair, some of the tendrils sticking to her sweaty forehead and face.

Lorraine's hand was roaming over her breasts, plucking at the rock hard nipples. Melissa had never been fucked but she also didn't have a hymen. That had torn on the balance beam during gymnastics during P.E.

Since she started her period at the same time, the blood of the torn membrane wasn't noticeable. Her vagina, though, was virgin. "Gawwwwd she is TIGHT," Brad grunted as he tried to wedge his rod inside the narrow walls of her pussy. "It's toooooo big, no, please, take it out." Lorraine whispered in her ear, "Sweetie, just relax. Your pussy walls will stretch.

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Just let Brad keep working his cock back and forth. He'll make it fit." She raised up on her elbow and lowered her mouth to Melissa's nearest nipple. Her hand slid down over the girl's flat stomach until it reached the top of her slit.

Lorraine could feel her husband's shaft as it slipped back and forth, gaining more depth with each stroke. Her finger found Melissa's clit and started to flick and rub it.

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Melissa felt like her crotch was melting. The sensation of her boss' thick rod as it pushed its way inside her clenching cunt was making her tingle as never before. Lorraine's mouth sucking on her nipple and her finger diddling her clit added to the charged sensations that were zipping around her nervous system.

Brad had managed to work about half of his cock inside Melissa's fuck tube. His cock was throbbing as it worked through the tight clinging walls.

He withdrew until just the head was inside her pussy and then he plunged his full length inside her. Melissa screamed, partly in pain, partly in pleasure.

Brad's groin jammed his wife's hand down on Melissa's clit and the beginnings of an orgasm started to build. His cock fully embedded, Brad slowly rocked back and forth, fucking the tightest pussy he had ever encountered. His hands had moved to Melissa's ass for a better hold and he was massaging her firm mounds as he slowly increased his in and out strokes. As Brad pistoned his hard, thick cock in and out of her pussy, Melissa's orgasm started to build.

Lorraine was still licking and nipping at her hard nipple and her finger was still rubbing her clit, which was engorged to nearly twice its size. Melissa gazed down her body and was surprised to see her own hand at her other breast. The question, "How did that get there?" flittered through the recesses of her brain. On one particularly deep stroke, Lorraine's finger again mashed Melissa's clit. The combination of pressure on her pleasure button and Brad's cock deep in her cunt set off the fireworks.

"IIIIEAAAYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA, GAAAAAAAAAAWDDDDDD," Melissa screamed at the top of her lungs. "SSOOOOOOO GOOOOODDDDDDDDDD. I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMING. AGAINNNNNN. AAAAHHHHHH, MMMMMMM." Lorraine stopped sucking on the nipple and her mouth moved up to Melissa's ear. Her tongue licked deep in the aural cavity and then she said, "That's it baby. You're getting' fucked. Enjoy the feeling." Brad was still pounding away. Lorraine's wet tongue and hot breath at her ear quickly fired off a second orgasm.

"YESSSSSSSS. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. GAWWWDDDD. FUUUUUCCKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE." Melissa had never said the words "fuck" and "me" in the same sentence before. Brad was nearing his release point. Her orgasms had Melissa's slick cunt walls clenching and spasming around his tool, her pussy juice making it much easier for him to work his tool in and out. He gave another balls-deep thrust and went rigid. "Here … it … COMES.

Take my jizz." Melissa felt a hot sensation deep in her belly as Brad's cum started to spurt from his cock like a fire hose on full blast. After three or four long spurts, he started to slowly stroke his cock back and forth inside her clinging pussy.

He laid her down on the rock and his prick popped loose. He rocked forward on his knees, clenching his buttocks as a last few spurts of jizz exited, landing on Melissa's pussy mound and lower stomach. Lorraine moved like a cat and was soon on all fours, her tongue licking up the cum cream from Melissa's skin.

Jizz was leaking from her cunt and Lorraine's tongue lapped up all it could. Melissa's pussy was still quivering and Lorraine's tongue bath was preventing her from coming down from her orgasmic mountain. Brad stood up, his cock slowly drooping to at-ease state. Lorraine was in a state of highly charged arousal but she knew it was time to return to the beach.

As Brad slipped on his swim trunks, she picked up her bikini top and bottom and her cover up. Brad then knelt next to Melissa and put his hand on her cheek. "Melissa, why don't you rest, maybe take a swim. We'll see you back at the beach." +++ It seemed like she laid there for hours but it was only a few minutes. Her encounter with her boss and his wife had scrambled her circuitry.

She didn't think it was a dream. She had been seduced and fucked. And she had enjoyed it. Her body was still tingling, especially her pussy. Part of her mind didn't believe that something as big as Brad's cock had actually made it inside that small opening in her body. Melissa got to her feet and then waded into the cool water of the pool. The cool water was soft and refreshing on her skin. She dunked her head, then used her hands to smooth back her hair. Her right hand reached down to her pussy; after her recent interlude, it seemed completely natural to touch herself.


She rubbed her mound, between her lips. Her clit had retreated behind its hood but when she touched the top of her slit, she felt a new kind of tingle. She climbed out of the pool and laid down on the rock where she had been fucked. After she had air dried, she pulled on her panties, skirt and blouse. This time she buttoned it all the way but left the shirt tails out.

It was still damp, as was her skin, so it clung to the curve of her breasts. It was late afternoon when she returned to the beach. The fire was blazing bigger than normal and her companions were all there. She felt six sets of eyes on her as she approached. "Hey, Melissa," Rachel said in a cheery voice, "how was your day?

Do anything fun?" Melissa turned red with embarrassment. Brad and Lorraine had apparently told the group of their sexual encounter. The others were grinning and smiling at Melissa in a way that indicated they knew all the details not only of what had happened earlier in the day but her previous encounter with the captain's cock.

Jason, the muscular first mate with the black hair and brown skin, started walking toward Melissa. "Seems like everybody on this fuckin' island has got their rocks off 'cept me," he said in a somewhat threatening voice.

Melissa turned to run but his strong hand quickly clamped around her wrist, yanking her back toward him. "C'mon, little lady, I hear you like to fuck," he said.

"Hey, cap'n, wanna lend a hand here?" Captain John quickly joined his first mate. He grabbed Melissa's arms from behind and pinned them back as her boss had done earlier in the day. The first mate wasted little time.

His hands went to the neck of Melissa's flimsy blouse and ripped it open, the buttons flying away. The sound of the tearing cloth sounded like a gun shot. He continued to yank and tear until only tatters of the sleeves hung from her wrists.

Jason then started pulling on the waist of her skirt, breaking the button and ripping open the zipper. The skirt fell to the sand and then he grabbed Melissa's panties at each hip and ripped them free. The power and suddenness of the attack took Melissa's breath away. In the deep recesses of her brain, a place that wasn't easily accessed, Melissa knew there was something exciting about being overpowered, stripped, held against her will.

She glanced over at the two couples and was shocked to see that they were now naked and watching with interest. The two cocks were hard and the two women were stroking them as they watched Melissa in the grip of the two sailors. Jason then took Melissa's head between his strong hands, bent and kissed her hard and deep, his insistent tongue plunging deep and overpowering her. The captain released her hands and she tried to push Jason away.

Moments later, the captain had pinned her arms again. He had taken the opportunity to remove his shorts and now his hard throbbing cock was nestling against her back, just above the crack of her ass. As Jason kissed her, his hands dropped down to take possession of her breasts. His calloused hands were rough and demanding as he mashed and molded her mounds. She gasped against his mouth.

"MmmFMFMMggggg," she tried to talk but his mouth and tongue were an effective gag. Jason broke free from their deep soul kiss, his hands still kneading her breasts. John was humping her with his cock, his erection moving up and down her smooth back. "Cap'n says you're a good cock sucker," Jason said with a grin. "Let's see." He reached down and undid the button holding up his shorts and they slid down his tree-like legs.

His cock was a 10-inch monster. Even Lorraine and Rachel gasped when they saw it pop free. Jason laid down on his back and John pushed Melissa to her knees. She was between Jason's legs and staring at his thick, meaty shaft.

"At least all I have to do is suck it," she reasoned. She grabbed it with her right hand, which looked like a child's hand as it grasped his rod. John pushed Melissa and made her bend at the hips so her free hand was supporting her. She felt him pulling her knees apart and then she felt the swollen head of his cock pushing against her pussy.

Jason grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her mouth to his swollen dick head. The skin of his shaft was a light brown and the bulbous head was a dark purple. With Jason's insistent tugging, Melissa found her mouth being forced against his throbbing phallus.

Her mouth opened and her lips encircled the swollen head. Displaying excellent timing, John thrust his 8-inch cock deep in Melissa's pussy just as her lips encircled Jason's prick bulb.

"MFMMGGGNNNNAAAAHHHH," she moaned as her tight tunnel accepted its second cock of the day. This time, though, from a different angle. The captain's swollen cock head pushed its way inside Melissa until his groin met her upturned ass. While Brad had had to fight for every centimeter inside Melissa's pussy, John's cock was not as wide and her snatch had been stretched by the earlier fucking. The captain groaned as his dick easily slipped in and out. He used Melissa's hips as handles as he rocked his flesh spear back and forth.

Melissa had as much of Jason's cock in her mouth as she could accommodate. Her tongue had little room to maneuver as she tried to swab it around the first mate's bulging dick head. "Mmmmmm, yeah, baby, suck that cock," Jason moaned.

"Use your hand on my balls." Obeying without thinking, Melissa slipped her hand down and cupped Jason's testicles. His wrinkly ball sack was covered with a coarse pubic hair and she shivered as she weighed his heavy, cum-laden balls. His hands roamed through her curly, disheveled hair in approval.

John was picking up the pace and was pounding Melissa's pussy, his balls and groin slap-slapping against her firm ass. He looked down at her puckered asshole, wet his index finger and toyed with her sphincter ring until he was able to wedge his thick finger into the first knuckle.

Melissa groaned in protest and the vibration was transferred to Jason's cock. His hips thrust up against her mouth and the swollen tip of his cock bumped against the back of her throat. The two couples were drawn to the threesome like moths to a flame.

Brad and Dave looked at each other and with a nod they pulled Rachel to the ground. Brad pushed her legs apart and quickly thrust his cock deep inside her blonde-fringed cunt. Dave knelt at her head and fed her his throbbing prick. Lorraine straddled Jason's head and squatted on his face.

"Eat my cunt, stud," she growled. As her musky pussy covered his mouth, the first mate was overcome with lust. His moan of ecstasy was muffled as his cock twitched and fired its seed into Melissa's mouth.

The powerful spurt rocketed off the roof of Melissa's mouth and she found herself gulping the jizz as Jason's balls emptied their load. The successful fellatio of his first mate provided the captain with the stimulus he needed.

With a powerful thrust, he pulled Melissa's ass hard against him and drove his cock as deep as he could. Her pussy walls involuntarily squeezed his rod and his prick started to spurt its love cream deep inside Melissa. She again felt that warm, filled feeling and the sensation that her middle was melting. Melissa pulled her mouth off Jason's cock, which was still rock hard and was leaking spunk.

The captain disengaged from her pussy and sat back on his haunches. Melissa looked up to see Lorraine staring at her as the strands of Jason's jizz dripped from her lips and chin. As Jason's tongue worked its way over and into Lorraine's pulsing pussy, she leaned forward slightly and pulled Melissa forward. Melissa's freshly fucked cunt slipped against Jason's prick as Lorraine pulled the girl's face toward her own. "Licky, licky," she smiled.

"I wanna taste." With that, her lips touched Melissa's and her tongue flicked out to collect some of the first mate's fuck cream. Lorraine's hands moved over Melissa's heaving breasts and swollen nipples. "Sit on his cock, dear," Lorraine said. Hearing that, the captain moved to help. He pushed Melissa into position and helped her settle over the tip of Jason's still erect phallus. Lorraine reached down to steady the prick and the captain pushed down on Melissa's hips.

"UNNNHGGGAAAAAHHHHHHHH, Gaaaaawddddd," Melissa wailed. "SOOOOOOO bigggggg." Jason's cock head was slippery with saliva and sperm; it squished into Melissa's soppy slit that was leaking the captain's cum load. With her knees on each side of the first mate, she continued to lower herself onto his cock as it slipped deeper and deeper inside her fuck tube. Lorraine continued to soul kiss Melissa as the girl moaned with the insertion of the big dick inside her pussy.

The captain, watching from behind Melissa, had a great view of her ass and splayed cunt lips as they gobbled the rod of flesh. John's prick convulsed and had returned to an almost fully erect state. He stood and approached the two women, fisting his prick. He pushed it between their faces. Lorraine immediately started licking his rod, savoring the lingering taste of Melissa's pussy juices. Lorraine's eyes met Melissa's and she briefly removed her mouth from the captain's prick.

"Lick it with me," she said. To Melissa, Lorraine had become someone to be obeyed. Both women were soon licking and taking turns sucking the captain's prick, their tongues dueling for possession of the swollen glans. Jason's mouth captured Lorraine's clit and he sucked it hard between his teeth as his tongue swabbed over the nerve nodule. That sent her over the edge and she screamed thankfulness as she rocked with an orgasm.

As Lorraine threw her head back and ground her pussy against Jason's mouth, Melissa was left with the captain's prick … and Jason's. She was fucking the first mate's long and wide rod with short strokes, rocking up and down as it filled her gripping cunt. The captain turned slightly and slipped the head of his cock between her lips. She slurped and sucked on the swollen knob. While the foursome was occupying itself, the threesome was also enjoying its play time.

Rachel was pinned on one end by Brad's pistoning prick while her fiancé fed her his throbbing bone. Shortly after his wife's orgasm-induced scream, Brad felt his balls tighten. He pulled his prick from Rachel's clinging pussy walls and laid it against her slit, rubbing its swollen head against her sensitive clit.

After a few squishy trips, Brad's dick started to spurt his love juice on Rachel's flat, undulating stomach. Dave watched the man's prick exploding across his girl friend's belly and his cock responded in kind. Rachel was rewarded with a few spurts in her mouth before he extracted his rod and let the rest of his jizz load paint patterns across her face and breasts.

As the sun gave way to darkness, the orgy continued, illuminated in the flickering flames of the fire. The combinations seemed endless. At one point, as the men rested and regained their erections, Rachel and Lorraine arranged a triangle with Melissa Rachel's mouth on Melissa's pussy, Melissa eating Lorraine and Lorraine sucking Rachel.

The one who never got a rest was Melissa; she was the center of the fuck fest and whether it was with cocks or mouths, her pussy was getting constant attention. She lost track of her orgasms and at one point she was certain that she had passed out from cumming so often.

Eventually, the four men and three women doused their sexual desires and were asleep. Melissa found herself on her mat wedged between the captain and the first mate.

+++ The next morning she awoke with the John and Jason each languidly sucking on her thick, erect nipples with their hands toying with her clit and cunt. She raised her head and noticed they each had raging hard ons. "Morning wood," the captain grinned.

Jason pulled her on top of him and again she found herself riding his 10-inch rod. The captain teased her star fish and tried to force his cock in her ass but the passage was too tight. He finally gave up and settled for yet another blow job from the girl.

After each man deposited their loads Melissa wondered, "Where in the world does it all come from?" she got up and ran into the ocean. She was not quite cum-covered but her pussy had taken what she estimated to be a dozen loads of cock cream. After bathing, she returned to her sleeping pad. Jason offered her his t-shirt, which came to mid-thigh.

About noon, the group was enjoying a lunch of fruit when they heard the distant whup-whup sound of a helicopter. Soon it came into view and they realized rescue was imminent. And Melissa wondered if she really wanted to be rescued.