Nata playing with her pussy

Nata playing with her pussy
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My name is Isabel and I'm 17 now. I live with my older brother Alex, my mother Laura and my daddy John. We live in a small village, together with some other families, and luckily we have good neighborhood relations with them. My parents moved here soon after I was born, so we pretty much know everyone. Every now and then we organize a barbecue and have some people over to our house. There are some boys and girls my age I go to school with, and we are good friends.

I happened to flirt with one of them recently, but nothing really serious: some kisses, a bit of touching, but no sex. Yet. I just want to have some fun for now. I am pretty well informed though: I am very curious about everything regarding sex, and Internet can answer to many of my questions.

In addition, all those videos that are freely available can teach you so much… I hope my parents never decide to have a look at my laptop!

The story I'm about to tell happened one year ago, on an ordinary spring day. That April afternoon I was coming back from school a little earlier than usual, because the Math professor was sick so the last lesson has been canceled, and I texted my mom to let her know. My dad works often abroad and lately we get to see him only once a week. She wrote me back, saying that she had to go out and that she had left me something to eat in the fridge. How nice. She is always very kind with me, and I am so happy about that.

Mother and daughter can fight a lot, but ofter have a very special bond. Anyway, by the time I got home I wasn't hungry, so I just took my shoes off and went upstairs to relax a bit in my room. I said hallo to Alex, since I saw his car in the garage, but I heard no replies - probably he is taking a nap - I thought. He studies Architecture at the University and sometimes he stays up late at night to study.

He is only two years older than me, so when we were kids we shared the bedroom, but then we split into separate rooms, to have some more privacy.

I was about to enter my bedroom when I heard a strange noise, similar to a moan, coming from Alex room. What the hell was going on? I was pretty surprised, because I know he broke up with his girlfriend Barbra a couple of months before, and he wasn't having any affair at that time. Were they back in love? The door was shut, but I was too curious: a bit of hesitation but then I peeked through the keyhole.

To my surprise there were no ex girlfriends, no new girlfriends, but just Alex having some… self fun. He was lying in his bed, his pants down to his ankles, strongly masturbating while watching something on his smartphone. He clearly decided to take advantage of the empty house to "relax" - he was probably too concentrated to hear me walking in. I saw Alex undressed a million times when we were in the same bedroom, but I had never seen him completely naked till then: I found myself somehow proud to see his nice, fully erect cock, as big as the ones I saw on many porn videos.

"Good for you, Alex", I said to myself, and I was actually surprised to realize how I much I was enjoying that moment, I never thought I should have walked away. I sensed he was about to come, and I couldn't take my eyes off the keyhole: a few strokes and the moaning became louder, his toes contracted and I could see his balls pumping sperm to the head of his hard cock and all over his belly, while his body was shaking in pleasure.

After a few moment of silence he let out a deep breath, took a little towel out of the drawer and cleaned up his cum. Then pulled his pants back up, turned over and closed his eyes. Wow!

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I had seen men coming many times on porn sites, but this was my first "live show", with my brother performing, and I enjoyed every second of it! "I'd better be going to my room", I thought, I wouldn't want Alex to catch me while spying on him masturbating, I would die of embarrassment.

Anyway I have to admin I was quite reluctant, the whole thing really aroused me, I was feeling guilty for stealing such an intimate moment to my brother, but at the same I would have loved to grab that hard cock and… well, jerk it off. Oh my, I never had this kind of thoughts before! I walked to my room and got undressed to take a shower, but I had to stop for a moment on my bed, 'cause my wet pussy was claiming attention that couldn't wait. Thinking to what I just saw, I fingered myself to a powerful orgasm in a matter of minutes.

What an interesting afternoon, I should come home erlier from school more often! While taking the shower I made some noise on purpose, to let Alex know I was home. Infact, he knocked on the door and when I opened he asked me "You came home early today… I didn't hear you.".

"But I heard you" I thought to myself, smiling. "Yeah, we had a lesson cancelled.


I saw your door closed and I thought you were sleeping" I lied. He had a strange look on his face, but then he gave me an innocent kiss and went downstairs. Nothing special happened the next days, and that vision of Alex slowly left my mind. One evening he went out with some friend, while me and my parents stayed home to watch a movie.

After a while my phone rang, it was his friend Simon: I immediately thought that something bad happend to my brother, but then I heard a comforting voice: "Hi Isabel, it's me, Alex, don't worry. Listen, would you do me a favor? Can you go check if I left my phone on my desk?" "Ok, hold on a minute". I went upstairs and the phone was there.

"Yes, you left it here." "Ok, cool, I thought I lost it somewhere. Listen, if you need to call me, just use this number for this evening, ok?" "Ok sweetie, see you later". Being in his bedroom, the images of a few days before suddenly struk back to my head, and I was eager to know what Alex was masturbating with. Maybe lesbians, like most men?


Maybe orgies? Asian chicks? I opened the browser to check the history, but I only found sports news and some cake recipes. Nothing that could lead to something sexual. I felt bad, but my curiosity was stronger, so I opened the Videos folder: I found some football tricks, some stupid pranks, his friends singing at a karaoke, but nothing more.

Then I noticed a strange folder, named "Amazing". I cannot describe the feeling I got when I opened it: my heart skipped a beat, I was speechless. That folder was full of photos of me, wearing mini skirt, or tiny tops that highligted my boobs! Some of them were zoomed on my ass or my legs!

There were photos of me sunbathing in topless in our backyard! But what shocked me the most was a video of me taking a shower! How and when did he record that video? I thought I did something wrong spying on him but that was nothing compared to this! I left the phone where it was and went downstairs. I cannot remember anything of the movie I saw, those pictures of me were continuously bouncing in my head.

I didn't sleep at all that night, I had contrasting feelings: at first I was angry, but then I couldn't be mad at him, an overwhelming feeling of excitement took my body.

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My older, beloved, charming brother masturbates his big cock watching photos and videos of me he secretly took? I must have fingered myself for half an hour thinking about that. The following days being around him was awkward: I tried to behave normally, but every time I talked to him I felt embarassed, 'cause I sensed he was seeing me as if I was always naked.

Actually, the idea of undressing in front of him, have him stare at my naked body and feel our skins touching was just blowing me away, and my thoughts became dirtier and dirtier. Since then, every night I fantasized about having sex with him everywhere in the house: in my bed, in his bed, on the kitchen table, on the stairs, in the backyard while he was taking photos, in the shower after he filmed me… I wanted to suck his cock, lick his balls, taste his cum.

I wanted him to lick my pussy, suck my tits, take my virginity, grab my ass and fuck me hard. I had to come at least twice every night before gaining some peace and sleep. I started to use also the lunch break at school to finger my pussy. The growing desire to go from fantasy to reality was unstoppable. The week after, our parents decided to go visit some relatives for a couple of days.

This would have been normal routine until two weeks ago, but now this was my golden opportunity to have my brother all for me and realize my fantasies. "If I manage to make him stay at home with me we'll definitely have some fun" I thought.

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"Since mom and dad are out, can I prepare dinner for you this evening?" I smiled. "How sweet, Isabel! I was thinking of ordering a pizza, but anything prepared by my lovely sister will be perfect, I can't wait!" "I can't wait too!" I grinned, but I don't think he got what I meant. I know what Alex likes the most, and I can say I'm almost as good as my mother at cooking, so he enjoyed every dish I prepared, from the appetizer to the dessert.

"That was sort of a romantic dinner, Isabel. Your future boyfriend will be very lucky!" he smiled and gave me a big hug. I smiled too and probably blushed a bit, then I went upstairs in my bedroom. At the mirror. "Isabel, this is the right moment." I said to myself.

I put a little make up on and I got dressed like in one the photos on my brother's phone, then walked downstairs. Alex was watching the TV, and I sat next to him on the sofa. "I thought you were staying home tonight." he told me. "In fact I am stayin home" I replied. "Then why did you put make-up on and got dressed like this?" he asked. "Because you like me this way, don't you?" His face changed expression, he smiled nervously and asked: "What are you talking about?

I don't understand" "Oh yes, you understand perfectly. Let's take off the mask, sweetie". "Which mask are you referring to? Are you drunk?" "I am totally sober… The other week, when I came home earlier from school I heard some noise coming from your bedroom. I peeked and saw you masturbating. Then when you forgot your phone here I found you have pictures of me sunbathing in topless and a video of me taking a shower".

After hearing this he freezed, completely unable to speak. He went rapidly from deep rage, having been busted, to deep shame, because he suddenly realized he had crossed any line of decency. After some seconds of silence that seemed to last an eternity, he managed to put some words together. "I… I am terribly sorry, Isabel. I don't know what came to my mind. After I broke up with Barbra I felt lonely and depressed, and I started to see you with different eyes.

You know, you're not a kid anymore, you are a beautiful girl, with a gorgeous body.

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I started to feel attracted by you. At first I took those pictures as a joke. But then I found myself looking at them at nighttime, end eventually touching me. When you left the bathroom door open it was like a gift for me. I think I already came tens of times on that video. I am such a loser, I don't know what to say, and I don't know if you will ever be able to forgive me.

Please please please don't tell mom and dad, or I will kill myself. I'd do anything you want". "Really?" "Absolutely" "Well, there is actually something you could do." I got closer to him, and whispered in his ear: "Since I saw you masturbating with my pictures, I can't think of anything else.

I dream about your cock all day long. I wanna touch it, I wanna grab it, stroke it, suck it. I want you to come all over me, on my face, on my tits, on my ass, on my pussy. I wanna taste your cum, I want to feel you inside me, I want you to fill all my holes with your big cock. I'm done watching porn on the Internet, I want the real thing, I want you to fuck me!".

As I was saying this, I reached his cock and start massaging it. I could feel is powerful erection, barely hidden by the clothes. Clearly my words hit the right spots. I unbottoned his trousers and in a second he already had taken them off. "Are you serious?" he asked. He couldn't believe to what I just said.


"I am terribly serious. Over the last week I fingered myself at least twice every night thinking about you and your cock. I want you to lick my ass, my pussy and every inch of my body.

I am totally wet right now, and if you don't believe me, why don't you stick a finger in my pants?". He didn't need any more words to be convinced. We both were on fire, he put his tongue down my throat and a hand under my skirt, grabbed my ass and then reached my pussy and started fingering me.

"Oh yes Alex, finally your hands on me!" My panties were already soaking wet, he litterally ripped them off. He spread my legs and start licking and sucking me. I was so horny I came in a matter of seconds, but he continued to lick me from my asshole to my clit, forward and backward, and I had another orgasm right away. "Oh Isabel, I love when you come in my mouth, you taste fantastic!" "Oh my God, Alex, you are awesomeeee. I want to suck your cock!" I sit on the couch, my brother was standing in front of me, I took his pants off and his fully erect pecker was pointing right to my mouth.

My mind went to all the famous pornstars I saw sucking and I thought "now it's my turn!" I eagerly licked my brother's cock, from the head to the balls, then opened my mouth and started sucking. My first blowjob! "Ohhh Isabel, yesss… yesss I like it… I like it so much!" Hearing Alex enjoying his time made my vagina pulse in pleasure.

"Touch my balls, sweetie… Ohhhh yess, you are a natural born sucker!" I smiled at him, and tried to put it in my throath as deep as I could.

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I was having so much pleasure I could have sucked him for hours, but then my brother stopped me, made me stand up and passionately kissed my mouth. "I think we should have some more fun" he said. "Are you virgin, Isabel?". "Yes I am, Alex, and I want you to be my first man.

Take me." "It's an honor for me, sweetie." He made me lie on the couch, my legs wide open. "You comfortable?" I nodded. He licked me a little more, even if I was soaking wet, then put the head of his dick on my labia, and started pushing, gently but firmly, until he was completely inside me.

An overwhelming wave of pleasure started shaking my body, from my vagina to my head and down to my toes and mi fingers, and it got more powerful with every inch of cock inside my body. I was breathless, Alex started pumping his shaft in and out my needy pussy and I honestly lost count of the times I came.

I almost passed out, but my brother's kisses awoke me. "Oh yess Alex yesss… fuckkk meeee! I love feeling your big hard cock inside me, don't stop, I'm yours!" "Oh sweetie, you're so hot! I want to fuck you all night long!" "Yes yes yes, you are making me come agaaaain!" My little vagina was having a hard time facing the passion of Alex, but it was such a delight I'd never want him to stop. We could scream loud, nobody would have heard us. "Wanna play cowboy with your brother, honey?" "Oh fuck yeah!" He then sit on the couch and I sit on his dick, riding him.

His long cock disappeared inside my young pussy while I was sucking his tongue. Then I started bouncing on his legs while he grabbed my ass and sucked my hard nipples, bringing me closer to another orgasm. I was savoring every stroke of my first cock in my pussy, moaning in pleasure. "Oh Alex I'm so happy you filmed me in the shower!" "I want to fuck you there, honey, I want to massage your body then penetrate your soapy ass" "Oh yess Alex, as long as you'll cover me with your cum, I'll do whatever you want" "Oh God, Isabel, I'm cumming!" "Alex, I want to taste your cum, I want you to come in my mouth!" I quicky got on my knees and started sucking the hell out of him.

"Oooohhhh ohhhhhh yessss yesssss YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS" The head of his cock was sealed by my lips, and as I caressed his balls, he started ejaculating and filling up my mouth.

I could feel the taste of my own pussy and his warm cum at the same time, what a magnificent sensation! I didn't want to lose any single drop, and without even thinking about it, I swallowed all the load. Then I continued to lick my brother's dick until it was clean, while he was catching his breath. Alex reached my lips, and kissed me passionately. "This was well beyond my sweetest imagination, Isabel. I dreamed about having sex with you but reality overtook my fantasy." "My body is yours Alex, you can do whatever you want with me." "I have another promise to ask you", he said.

"Please don't let tonight be a single episode!" he smiled. I smiled back and replied "No need to mention! I really hope you already studied for you exams, because you'll be spending all your spare time having sex with me!" One year passed since this episode, and in the meantime we had thousands of orgasms fucking almost every day. But the secret about me and my brother is not the only one you are going to discover…