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My wife and I looked like any other couple on the outside. Young and in love, but it was what we did behind close doors that made us special. We lived on the outskirts of town on a wooded lot. My wife Zoe worked a hair salon and I work from the house with my own website building/ IT company. Now my wife fine, 5'5" 100lbs 34c short spiky black hair, and any man would dead to be with her. But it was her and mine dark fetish that set us apart for the rest.

You see my wife looks to watch me with other women, but now just any one, older hot "MILFs". She loves picking these women up at clubs or bars and sometimes even at work; and bring them home to me. She loves to sit off to the side and watch me fuck them hard, and play with herself as I have my way with them. I never did know why she enjoyed it so much, but I had no problem fucking all these ladies.

Zoe had a taste of who she wanted to watch and would ask me what I like too. She love the "my husband doesn't do it for me any more" type and for me I loved the ones who have had some kids and couldn't get back to the shape they were in when they got married. I don't know why, but I like the ones with a little weight but nothing on the lines of being fat; and they all love me. Most would tell me that their husbands where nowhere near the size that I am, or had the sex drive to go as long as I did.

Now I never thought of myself as being an alpha dog by any means, but I have something that most guys don't; a ten inch very thick cock.

It just drives them crazy when they get it out and they relies that they are going to be sore in the morning. Another thing we like to do, that at first I didn't think the women would enjoy, is the have them submit to my will' and do as a tell them to do like a little sex slave.

I love having them wear only a pair of high heels and a dog collar. To lead them around our house like my pet and have them do what I tell them to do, on the rule of if they don't a punishment would be in order to make sure they listen to the boss.

I believe that these women are so sexily frustrated from not getting enough at home from their husbands or the kids take up all their time. That when Zoe brings them here, they just let it all go and hang on for the ride. So it was a Friday afternoon when I got a call from my wife, telling me that she was going out of town with her mother and sister for the weekend; and that she lined up a surprise for me when I got home.

I had been out all morning running around taking care of things that I pushed off for too long.

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I started to think of what she had in mind and then she told me that when I got home to read the note in the kitchen first. She told me that she would be back Sunday night and to enjoy myself and then said good bye and hung up. I was standing in line at the bank, waiting for the next affable teller. Now I was feeling like a little boy on Christmas Eve that could fall a sleep thinking of what he would get in the morning. It has been a wild since we did some of our crazy things and I started to think of what she had planed for me at home.


I drove home right after the bank, skipping the last few things I need to do; thinking that they could wait till Monday. When I got home I drove into the garage and closed the door. I headed to the kitchen table and [i]started to read the note.

"Dear husband, I wanted to give to some very special this weekend, being that I would not be home with you. I have a camcorder here and want you to film all the excitement of the weekend.

There is a lady upstairs waiting for you, and is all yours for the weekend. You can do what you like to her; she's up for anything and told me the hotter and better. You can be full on dominated to her if you like. She said that she would love to have you control her fully. This is up to you, but I know you will be wonderful what ever you do. [/i] Love your wife" I couldn't wait, a woman in my house and I have complete control over her.

I picked up the camcorder and headed to the bedroom. When I enter the room, it was quite and clean. The bed was made and the room was empty. I looked around to see this mystery woman and she was nowhere to be seen. I walked into the master bath and nothing. I turned around to head out of the room; down that may be my wife was playing a game on me.

I was at the door about the leave when I stopped and thought to myself about one more place to look. I grab the knob of the closet door and turned it and open. There in the dark was a sexy little woman maybe in her early forties, kneeling down with a pair of red high heels and silk panties to match.

She had on a silk blindfold and was kneeling there quite as could be. She didn't even raise her head when I opened to door; just looking forward as if nothing was going on. I looked down and turn the camera on. "Speak only when spoken too." "Do as I tell you do to, and you will enjoy all that you receive." "What is your name" I asked.

"Elizabeth, sir" she replied. "I will call you Liz for the time you are here, and I do like the sir part." "You can refer to me as that only" I told her. Next I had her stand and walk out of the closet and stand still as I looked her over from head to toe.

I then asked her why she was here and why she wanted what I was going to do and give to her this weekend. She responded by telling me that she was a client of my wife's at the salon and that she told Zoe how her husband left her for some random college bar slut a couple of years ago and took the house. She told me that had twins young and after the divorce she and her two kids moved in with her mother.

Now that her kids where in college she was leave with her mother that was not fun at all. So the last couple of years she has been by herself and with not getting a chance to find a man has left her to pleasure her self at night and never really getting off.

She looked very good for her age and for the fact that she had two kids. She had a little tummy and so meat on her tights, but what she did have was a great ass.

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I told her that she didn't have to worry about not getting off; that she did have to worry of not have the energy to keep going through the weekend with me.

I asked here one more question of how far she was willing to go. She told me that she loved a little pain, but really wanted a real man to give her attention and to man handle her in an exotic sexy way. "Nice" was all I said. I walked over to my dresser were I kept a lot of my toys for women like this. I pulled a dog collar and lease and walk back to Liz. I handed to collar to her and told her to put it on. I always loved tell the woman to put is on their self because the look they have as they realizes what it was and what I was now turning them into.

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This time Liz wouldn't be able to see that it was a collar and would have to feel it more to figure it out. Liz felt the collar and after she found that it had a buckle and was only long enough to fit around her neck, she smiled and placed it on. After I attached the lease to the collar and told her to get down on all fours and to remain there till I say different.

I lead her to the master bath. I told her that I have been running around all morning and that I wanted to be cleaned up. I instructed Liz to undo my pants with only her mouth and to pull down the pants and boxers again with only her mouth.

She did as she was told and didn't have any trouble completing the task. Next I told her that was to start with my balls and clean them with her mouth, and to keep cleaning till I told her that they were clean.

I love to have my balls sucked on, I think I may love it more than a blow job. There is just something about women sucking my ball that make the master/slave feel came to life. Most women suck dick all the time, but to suck and on the balls without using a hand to raise the cock up, and have to go under the get to the balls is truly awesome.

Without a moment wasted, she lowered her head and sucked in the balls and went at it. Now I keep myself completely shaven down there. I feel that with no hair, the feel of sex is ten times greater.

So as Liz was sucking on my balls I filmed the event from my point of view and from the sides. I couldn't tell if Liz knew I was filming her, but I think she could have cared less. I got so good footage for Zoe; knowing she was going to masturbate to this.

With the other hand I ran it through her long brown hair. From the angle I was at I could see her little bush, and could see it getting a little moist. I told her to move to the cock and to remember no hands. Liz pulled her head out from under the shaft and started to put her red lips around my cock.

This is the first time Liz got to really know just how big my cock really was. She got about half way down and started to gag. I told her that she was to clean the whole cock and to drool too much because she would clean anything that fell to the floor. Again she pushed herself onto my cock and this time with her throat opening up; she got all but an inch into her mouth.

I told her to hold for a moment with it in. I could see the muscles in her throat start to tense up, so I pulled out and told her to take a breath and reopen for so more cleaning.

As she bobbed up and down on my cock; I stepped out of my pants and removed my shirt. I told Liz to get as much of my cock is her mouth and not to lose any as I moved. I backed my way to the sink with Liz's mouth all the way down on my cock, and ran the water.

I grabbed a hand rag and wetted from the sink. I told her to stand and to wipe my body with rag. I had her do this to have her feel my body without seeing it first. I wanted to see her reaction to my chest and arms; the feel of my abs as she ran the rag across them. As she was doing this I could she that her pussy was getting wetter and tiny droplets of pussy juice was starting to drop from the hairs of her bush.

After she was done I had her get back done and crawl out of the bedroom and down the stairs. Once down stairs I lead her out the backdoor and onto the deck grabbing a pair of chuffs on the way. I knew that she would have no ideal that no one would be able to see her, because our house was on a big plot of land surrounded by trees.

When ever Zoe would bring women home she blindfolded them before leaving the city. So they would not know where we lived, this was to keep our secret life style a secret. Liz on the other hand didn't know this. As a lead her outside, I saw her face change and realize that in her head that someone could see her.

I told her to remove her panties and to stand, but to cover any part of her body. She did as she was told and stood there in the warm sun; I then place the chuffs on her so that I knew for sure that she couldn't cover herself.


I turned and went back inside to watch her and see if she would break down knowing that she was now in the view of anybody outside. I place the camera on a tripod and went to get all the things I would need for the next bit of fun. After a couple of minutes some small animal made a noise and Liz thought it was somebody. To see her tense up if to have somebody looking at her got me going.

I opened the door and ask her if she was enjoying herself here and replied was a sweet little yes. I asked her before we continue is there anything I could get her or that she needed; I added that this may now happen again so be careful of what you want because you only get one thing. Liz thought for a moment and asked if she could use the bathroom, which she really had to go.

I said sure, but pets don't get to go inside and lead her off the deck to the grass. Liz knew that if she was going to take this chance and go that she would need to do it outside. I went back to the house and grab the camera, not wanting to miss any of this. When I got back Liz was squatting down and spreading her knees giving me a great view of her bush.

This was the first time I got a full on view of Liz's pussy. I could see that her bush was thick and it went back to her asshole and a little on the cheeks. I know that would change soon, but enjoyed the show as she started to piss on the grass. I never could get the other women to fully submit to me, but with Liz it was like she needed to have me tell her what to do even it was taboo.

She was going for a lease a minute or two forming a puddle on the ground. After she was done, she thanked me for being so kind and letting her go. I had her stand and walk to the deck so that she would miss the spot of piss, and that her hands were still behind her back.

I got Liz in the house and lifted her on to the island in the kitchen.

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It was a perfect height for me to continue with the fun I was having. I place a pair of ankle chuffs on her and attached them to the ones on her wrist. This gave me the best view and access to her pussy. "Have you ever shaven you pussy Liz?" "No" Liz responded. "Well you see, I don't like hair because it gets in the way and things stay in it" I told her as I ran me two fingers through her piss soaked pussy, and put them in her mouth for her to clean. Liz licked the piss from the fingers without me saying a word.

"Well I'm going to fix that" And with that I took the trimmer and started to shave the hair from her pussy. The vibrations of the trimmer must have hit the right spot, because Liz started to more her ass around. "WHACK!" My hand came down on her pussy hard. Liz almost jump off the table, but didn't dare say a word. "Did I tell you that you could move?" "Do you want me to cut you?" I continue to shave the hair, this time without her more at all. Next I put the shaving cream all over her pussy and down back to her asshole.

I shaved her clean and wash off the extra cream with a rag.


"Now that is a sexy pussy." Her pussy was so very nice, with a pair of nice big lips with a little tint of brown that you would just love to suck on. Her pussy stayed open a little so you could see in to the sweet pinkness of the vaginal opening, and her moist clit was cover by the hood was the size of a pencil eraser. I pulled on her lips and you could see her pussy getting wetter and wetter. I went around the table to her head and moved her that it was hanging off the edge.

I told her to open and push my cock deep into her mouth as far as I could. I place a hand on either side of her head and proceeded to face fuck her as hard as I could. With her hands and ankles tried together, there was not much Liz could do, but relax her throat and allow my cock to enter.

I was getting my whole cock into her mouth and she started to gag a lot, and start to vomit up saliva covering her face. I rammed it in a few more times and blew my load right down her throat. I kept fucking her face till my cock was totally soft and removed it. I told her not to move and went around and undid her hands and ankles but kept the chuffs on. I had her sit up and removed the blindfold; for the first time I looked into her eyes and she saw the man who was control her every whim.

Liz had these nice green eyes that you could look into forever. I thought to myself at that moment "what was wrong with her dickhead of a husband." To leave her, this beautiful woman, and run off with a slut was besides me.

"Now don't clean any part of your body till I tell you to" "I'm hungry and you are in the kitchen, I hope you know what to do." With that I walked into the den and sat down to watch TV. I was in watching TV when Liz appeared at the doorway with a plate and a cold beer. I knew she was good looking, but smart too that was a bonus.

She walked over to me and I told her to hand me the plate and beer and get down on all fours in front of me. I used her back as a table to rest my food. I told her that if she made my drink or food to spill that a punishment would be in order.

I lend back and rested my feet on her ass as I ate my sandwich, and drank my beer. Liz never moved a muscle and finished my stuff and had her bring the plate and bottle to the kitchen and return. As she crawled back into the den I could help but notice just how sexy this MILF was. I had her sit in front of me and for her lunch; I had her remove the dry cum from her face and eat it. Next I had her suck on my balls once again as I watch a little more TV. I ran my fingers through her hair and took a couple of peaks at her ass.

Once I was fully hard I ask her if and when did she ever had a cock in her ass. Liz told me that not since she was a young college student did she have anal.

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I told her to move to the center of the room and get her ass as high up in the air as she could. I took a riding crop and hit her on the ass a little, to get her into the prefect location.

Next I had her suck on my fingers and got them cover with saliva; next I took my two fingers and pushed them into her ass. She was right, she was tight but that would change.

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I started to push in and out of her ass. She let out a little moan of pain, but said sorry sir for specking without my permission. I let her go knowing that soon she would be screaming out in what I had I store for her. I got to the back of her and lined my cock up with her rosebud. I pushed in and Liz let a loud scream out, because of the size of my cock in her tight ass.

I smacked her on the ass cheek and let my cock sit in her to have her ass relax to continue to take my cock. After a moment I started to fuck her ass hard. As I would drive it in and hit her cheeks, you could see them bounce forward and then back.

It was a great site to see.

I fucked her hard to about ten to fifteen minutes and pulled from her ass. I spun her around and pushed my dock into her mouth. She took to it and started to suck on the whole shaft. I went back to her ass and continue to fuck as hard as I could. I had her reach back and spread her cheeks apart and pulled my dick from her ass. Liz's ass was starting to grape for the size and force of me fucking it.

I spit into the hole and push my cock back in. I then had her move to the side of the couch and position her self so she had her ass in the air and I could look down at her face.

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I would take turns fucking her ass and have her suck on my cock. I kept her spreading her ass cheeks and this made for an awesome view into her ass.

I told her to hold her ass open with one hand and start rubbing her freshly shaved pussy with other. As I was fucking her ass, she rubbed her pussy and was biting her bottom lip. I was close to cumming but was going to hold out as long as I could. "Sir" "Sir" cried Liz. "Yes" "Can I please cum sir" "I needed to cum badly, sir" Liz asked. "Yes you may" I told her. And with that she screamed out and started to squirt juice all over herself.

I have only seen this down in pornos before and didn't think that women could really do it. Liz continued to squirt out what looked like buckets of pussy juice.

This pushed me over the edge and I pulled from her ass and shot my load down onto her face and tits. For me shooting a load already, this load was much bigger then the first. I covered her face and had some on her tits and in her hair.

After she was done, I had her place the blindfold back on over the cum because was taking her back outside and I didn't want her to know let that no one could see her from the back. Once outside I used the back garden hose to clean her off. Once she was good and clean I attached her collar to a lease attached to the deck and told her to dry out here in the sun and stay on all fours till I come and get her.

I walked back in and grab the camera, it was about full. So I changed out the disk and position it to watch over Liz as I went up stairs to clean myself and think of more thing to do with this naughty little MILF… To be continue.