Sexy Ass Chick Fucking With her Boyfriend

Sexy Ass Chick Fucking With her Boyfriend
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BUSTED Just then, Sara cracked open the door and said, is that you Jack.

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I didn't realize I was still naked on the landing. Yep, it's me, I said. What are you doing up there? There is a lot of thumping. Just packing, I said. You're packing naked, she asked. Oh shit, I covered up. Get down here right now! She yelled. I don't know why I felt compelled to go down there naked, but I did. She opened the door and said, get in her now. I was covering my junk with both hands. Just then Lisa walked into the kitchen and stopped in her tracks.

She didn't expect me to be there in the buff. What is going on Lisa asked? Sara replied, Jack has been a bad boy tonight. He had a woman in his apartment. Uh, Uh, I was packing my cloths and decided to pack what I was wearing, I swear. Sara retorted, you and I both know you had a woman up there, I can smell her pussy on your face. Damn, I was busted big time. Ok ok, I did have a woman up there, what are you going to do I asked nervously.

Well, I'm just not sure Jack. Would Donna be disappointed? Oh Fuck, you wouldn't tell her would you? I exclaimed. hmmm, I don't know Lisa, what do you think?

Jack has been naughty after we told him we would not let him stray. Lisa said, well he will have to be punished then. yep! I agree said Sara, Punished. What will his punishment be though?


Lisa said, there is only one punishment that will be effective. Do tell Lisa, Sara replied. Well when I was a bad girl and got into the cookie jar, mom would make me eat cookies until I got sick. Exactly, Sara said, he has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar! That's it then. You?re going to make me eat cookies, I asked.

Oh you're gonna wish that was all we did, Sara says. Huh? Oh no Jack, you put your hand in that cookie jar upstairs, now you have to eat all the cookies down here!

My eyes got very wide and I caught on. These two teases are going to make me service them. Fuck, I'm a slave again! What did you say, Lisa asked. uh, nothing I muttered. I don't think you understand the gravity of this situation, out with it boy, Sara demanded. Well, I agreed to be Debbie's sex slave. She made me do things to her. Debbie, that's the slut from upstairs? Sara asked.


Yes I admitted. Well then that is what you are here. You are our sex slave! Both of you I asked. Yes, Sara proclaimed. You belong to me and Lisa now. Bu, but what do I do about Debbie? What if she gets pissed and tells Donna. Well, hmmm that is a tough one Sara admitted. Lisa interjected; well I bet if we confront her she will be willing to join in with the two of us.

What? huh? I said. Lisa explained, Sara with your connections at the plant, I'm sure she would not want anyone to find out what these two have done. ahhh good thinking Lisa, Sara said. She will join us as a mistress in the house. What the fuck, I'm so fucked now. Lisa added, exactly, Sara you will be the head mistress and Debbie and I will be your captains. Perfect Lisa, I think that will work perfectly. Two days ago I was a horny stud, now I am a sex slave to three hot chicks.

I can't decide if I hit the lottery or if I am screwed for ever I thought. Well, it's midnight Sara said, no better time to start. Huh? Tonight? Really? I asked. Yep, Lisa said, no better time than the present! But I'm going to be so tired tomorrow and I have to drive home. Tough cookies Sara said with a howling laugh. And any more lip out of you boy and you will be dealt with severely. Yes Miss Sara I said. Miss Sara, I like the way that sounds, good. What do you say to Lisa? Yes, Miss Lisa, I am ready to do your will.

They gleam at each other over their new slave. Sara says, Alright you naughty boy, go shower quickly and meet us in the living room.

Be quick about it she repeated. Yes Miss Sara, I know I have been bad so I will go clean up and await my mistresses next commands. She smiled at my reply. Good Jack, your cooperation will make this easier on you. Yes Miss Sara, I replied. As I moved to the shower, I heard the two of them giggling.

While I'm showering I am thinking to myself, Fuck what have you gotten yourself into.

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My guilt of cheating on Donna is setting in and I feel like I fucked up big time. I fell in love with Donna almost immediately on campus.

Our sex life has never been, what I would call, exhilarating but we were a pretty good team. But this situation with Debbie and now Sara and Lisa, I would call this exhilarating for sure. Jack? I hear Sara call. What is taking so long boy? I will be right there Miss Sara, I reply.

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Get in here now, we are waiting. We don't like to be kept waiting. Sorry Mistresses, I yelled. As I walked out of the hall bathroom shower, I could hear them giggling in Sara's bedroom again. I quickly walked in there wrapped in a towel. Sara and Lisa were lying in bed still in their PJ's with the covers up to their waist.

Immediately Sara exclaimed, Oh no no no, that will not do at all! You will not cover that cock in this house, drop the towel now. Yes Miss Sara, I replied, I will display my cock for you both when I am in this house. That's better Jack, now drop it.

I allowed the towel to fall exposing my half flaccid cock. Sara said, hmm now that's a disappointment, you are not ready for us at all. What do you think Lisa she asked? Well Sara, I am a little disappointed that he did not prepare well for us but I think it does show potential. Yes, I do agree with that Lisa, it does show very good potential. How do get him up to his potential?

Sara added. I felt like an idiot standing there literally like a piece of meat. Lisa suggested that he may need a little motivation from us Sara. What do you propose Lisa? I think we may want to get ourselves prepared as well so we can enjoy his services. Good idea Lisa, I like the way you think.

Ok Jack, Sara says, Sit down in that chair over there and watch. Yes Miss Sara, I will definitely enjoy watching you two sexy girls. I don't think it will take me long watching that. Oh, he called us sexy girls, extra points for you Jack, Sara said.

Alright then, she says, as they push the covers down from their waists. They were already naked underneath the covers with their legs wide open. Holy crap, what a sight! I felt my cock begin to lengthen already. It seemed like they planed this all along. I watched them both look up at me and give me a naughty smile.

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I knew immediately I was going to enjoy this. I forgot completely about being screwed. Fuck that, I hit the lottery I thought. They both reached down and pulled their pajama tops off up over their head and tossed them aside. Damn, between Sara's giant tits, and Lisa's rock hard nipples, fuck, I was hardening quickly.

I fantasized about Sara having a clean shaved pussy and it turns out I was right. It was very smooth and plump. He red lips were large and protruding, very lickable I thought. Lisa's twat was amazing as well, I could see her clit standing at attention. Her lips were long, thin and seemed quite delicate. She was cleanly shaved as well except for a small landing strip at the top. I wanted to reach down and start stroking my cock but I thought I might need permission.

Miss Sara? I asked. Yes Jack? May I have permission to stroke my cock? What I see before me is the most amazing display I have ever seen in my life! Why thank you Jack, yes, you may stroke your dick but you are not allowed to cum yet. Yes, Miss Sara I said. I know I very well that I cannot cum unless given permission. Exactly Jack. I think you may just survive your punishment on day! As soon as I grabbed hold of my cock I could feel that I was just about fully hard.

I continued to watch Lisa and Sara they were both rubbing their tits with one hand and their twats with the other. Sara put one finger between her lips and slid right up the center, I could already see the moisture on finger.

Lisa slumped down a bit with just her shoulders against the head board. She was really getting into herself. Her long smooth legs amazing and I watched as she placed her clit between two fingers and slid back and forth. She was pinching her eraser head nipples pretty hard and gasped each time she did. Sara, was cupping her boobs and then brought one nipple up to her tongue to give it a lick.

Fuck this was sooo hot. I had to slow down my strokes so as not to cum without permission. It took less than a minute to bring me to my full potential. Sara looked over at me and asked, so how is going Jack? Are you starting to get hard for your mistresses? I replied, No only have I started but I am now at my full potential Miss Sara. Good Jack, she said, now get up and let us see what we have to work with. I stood up with my full length on display.

Sara asked, Well Lisa, it looks like you were right, he did have good potential, what do you think. Oh Sara, I think he has surpassed my expectations. Yes, Sara said, he will be able to perform his duties with that tool. Agreed, said Lisa. Lisa, Sara asked, would you like to punish him tonight since he will not be here again before you leave Sunday. Why Sara, I would love to she replied. Good, then do with him what you will Sara said.

Oh my pleasure, for sure. Lisa got a devious look on her face and said, Jack I want you to come over her and help me moisturize my pussy. Bring your tongue over here and suck my cunt. As she gives me commands she is spreading her lips wide open with both hands. I will tell you when you may touch my clit.

I start to move over to position myself between her long legs. Sara says, Lisa, I am going to watch while he services you. I will make sure he is obedient. Thank you Sara, I appreciate the back up.

Feel free to do what you will while he services me. Oh, Thank you Lisa. I knew I could handle this; Debbie likes it the same way. I wonder if she is going to squirt on me as well I wonder. I get positioned between her legs and bring my tongue in for my first contact. mmmm, another perfect pussy ready for me to lick. If this is punishment, I am going to have to be bad more often. I begin licking her lips with small flicking motions right down the center.

She pushes up against my tongue to bury it deep in her juices. She starts moaning heavily and pushes harder against my cheeks.

He grabs me behind my head and pushes my face even deeper still. She starts groaning and ordering me to suck deeper, Fuck, get your face in there. Suck my pussy Jack, Fuck me with your tongue. Rub your nose on my clit now, rub it, Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck and I feel her squirt a little into my face and she writhed with orgasm. I knew better though, I kept licking while she was kicking and wiggling.

She still didn't release my head. I can think of worse ways to day than suffocation by pussy. I managed to move my tongue up to her clit and put firm pressure on it.

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Another blast in my face and more bucking as she yells out Fuuuuuuck. Finally she releases my head and falls limp. Fuck, she says in a panting voice. Just Fuck! Good job Jack, Sara says. I thought I was good at licking her pussy but I haven't seen her cum like that before.

You must have a magic tongue. No Miss Sara, I just love licking pussy so much that I made it a point to get good at it. What did you think of her pussy Jack, Oh Miss Sara, Lisa's pussy is delightful. Well, while she is catching her breath, let me get a closer look at that cock. I rolled over to give her access to my standing member and she immediately began fondling it and smiling. I could tell she wanted to suck it. Miss Lisa, I asked, is it ok if Miss Sara sucks my cock to prepare it for you.

That is a good idea Jack I will be ready is just a minute. Before the words left her mouth, Sara's lips were on my head. She bobbed on it a few times and stroked its length.

Careful, Miss Sara, I pleaded; you gave this load of cum to Lisa. She back off my head and said, So I did Jack I will be done in a second. I had to grit my teeth and say, Yes Miss Sara. Lisa then spoke up, Jack, I want you to go sit in the chair and cool off because you are going to put that cock in my pussy and fuck me. I do not want you to cum too quickly either. Sara, will you help me get ready for that big dick.

I want you to push your blue dildo into my tight little pussy. Of course I'll help dear. I watch them get into position as go to the chair. Lisa is getting on her knees on the bed and Sara is kneeling behind her. Fuck, how am I supposed to cool down watching this I thought. Sara, positions the blue life like cock at her twat and begins lubing the head with her juices. She is still dripping from my tongue lashing. It seems that Sara has to use a good bit of pressure until it slides into her pussy.

Wow, she is tight. I am resisting the temptation to stroke my dick right now. I am going to need every bit of stamina I can muster. I am trying to think about how the drive is going to suck after work, ha ha, today. Oh fuck, it is getting late I thought. I look down and I think I was able let my cock soften a little. oooo that's nice Lisa says as the shaft drives deep into her well lubed pussy. Sara slides the dildo in a couple times and Lisa says Ok, I think I'm ready.

Are you ready to fuck me Jack. You are going to have to hold out until I cum, then I want you to fill my pussy with your load. Are you ready Jack she asks again? Yes Miss Lisa, I can't wait to drive my cock in that tight pussy of yours. I've been able to soften a little but I am plenty hard to get inside you mistress. Let's go Jack, take me from behind. I quickly jump up to the bed and position my softening cock at her entry.

Sara grabs my dick and rubs the head on her pussy. There Sara says, you are ready to enter. She guides my head into Lisa twat and I can feel her warm moisture against the walls of her cunt. I slide my cock in deeper and she gasps and I overcome the resistance of her tight hole.

As I thrust my cock into the bottom of her cunt, I can feel it stiffening more. Lisa looks back at me and asks, it that cock growing inside me? Yes Miss Lisa, It did soften a little but your tight twat is making it grow even bigger. Fuck Jack, that is soo nice she says with a pant. fuck that pussy Jack, Fuck me good and hard. I'm not far from cuming already. Fuck she grunts. Push it harder you bad boy, come and get your punishment. Make me cum Jack, come on, faster.

O yeah, that it, keep going, oooo Fuck I'm cuming now Jack. Fuck she yells. Keep pumping Jack keep fucking me hard, push your cum load deep inside me.

I want to feel you blast now. I keep pumping her and I feel my load begin to spurt into her. I thrust my hips deep into her and let my cock push cum into her stomach it seemed. I grunt loudly as my cock keeps pushing spurt after spurt into her twat. That was awesome Jack, Sara says, you fucked her good. Oh God, huh, Fuck, huh, I have, huh, not been fuck, huh, like that before, huh Lisa panted. Good job Jack we will let you sleep now. Oh thank you Miss Sara, I am beyond wasted. I started to get up and grab the towel from the floor.

Sara quickly asked, and what do you think you are doing? I'm going upstairs to bed Miss Sara. Oh no you are not, she replied sternly. My shoulders dropped. You will be sleeping right her between Lisa and I. I will probably wake you up early for some more cookies she smiled. Oh Fuck, I mean, yes Miss Sara, I would love to sleep with my mistresses tonight.

Good, she answered, come on up here and spoon that cock with me tonight. Lisa said, good night Jack, as did Sara. I said Good night Mistresses, I look forward to servicing you in the morning. I don't think I fell asleep, I think I passed out. It was about 2 AM. I begin to awaken what seemed 20 minutes later and it felt like someone was tugging on my cock. As I came out of the fog, I looked down and saw Sara putting my limp member in her mouth.

I felt her heavy tits resting on my leg and she tried to stroke some life into my dick. Groggily I asked, what time is it? Sara pulled my cock out long enough to say, What time is it What?

Huh? Oh, what time is it Miss Sara. She said, it's 5 AM Jack, time to go to work. I groaned and then I felt a pinch on my dick. Did she just bite me, fuck I thought. Jack, I will not put up with that tone.


Sorry Miss Sara, I said. After that bite, I was awake now.

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She continued to slurp on my cock for a moment then pulled out the half hard member and said, your cock is yummy this morning. It still tastes like Lisa, she said with a smile. I look over at Lisa still fast asleep next to me. She was dead to the world. I was tired but her tongue on my cock felt even better than in my fantasy.

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It didn't take long for her to get me hard. She looked up at me and said, Jack, I'm going to put my pussy on your face. I want you to lick my pussy deep like you licked Lisa's last night.

I didn't care what time it was now, I wanted to taste Sara's cunt. She swung her leg up over my face and positioned her twat just above me. Oh damn, she smelled sweet, I wanted to dive right in. I felt her tits on my stomach as she was still sucking the head of my dick. She moved her pussy down as I stuck my tongue out as stiff as I could.

mmmmmm she moaned as my tongue began to push through her lips. Damn, the taste was better than her sent.

Not too sweet but like a melon. I wiggled my tongue and she moaned again. I started slurping her pussy firmly and deeply. I continued to feel her push against my face. Deeper Jack, deeper she said. Her smooth wet mound felt amazing on my face. I could feel her stroking my cock and pushing it deeper in her mouth. I started moaning a bit to which must have felt good on her pussy because she oh yeeaah Jack that?s nice.

With every slurp my tongue would slide right into her hole. She moved her ass back just a smidge and said, do forget my clit, she wants attention too. My tongue reached out low to find her clit with my next slurp. ah she said, that's it Jack, you got it now as she shook a little. I slurped her cunt for a few moments more and she sat upward on my face.

Now take that pussy smeared face of yours and stick it in my ass. I want your tongue in my asshole. Absolutely Miss Sara, I love licking your asshole to.

I moved toward her asshole and brushed my nose across it and heard her gasp and then I found her hole with my slippery tongue and pushed against her BH hard, another gasp and a moan. The more I pushed the more it gave way to my tongue the more she would moan.

Fuck Jack, I love that. Tongue my ass you dirty boy. Sara continued to fuck my tongue with her ass for a few moments. I felt her finger brush against my chin as she played with her pussy and clit. Jack, I'm gonna cum Jack. I'm gonna cum on your face. Her hips started rocking on my face faster and faster.

Her hand was going wild on her cunt. She started grunting and bucking hard and shaking. Yeahhhhhh she exhaled. I am going to ride your dick now Jack. Oh yes Miss Sara, I can't wait to feel that tongue fucked pussy on my shaft. I couldn't believe she was ready so fast. She is an energizer fuck bunny. She spun around over me and straddled my hips. I was looking up at her massive tits and hard nipples inches from my face. She was smiling down at me as she maneuvered over my cock.

With one hand she reached down and rubbed it across her soaked twat. She took the head of my cock into her and pumped on it slowly. Then with on smooth motion she slid down on my shaft. Her pussy was almost hot and oh so wet.

I saw her eyes roll back a bit as she descended on my member and exhaled loudly. Oh fuck that's good she said, what a nice big dick. I stuck my tongue out to attempt to reach her nipple.

She said you like my tits, don't you Jack. Miss Sara, you have the most amazing tits I have ever seen. I would love to lick your nipple and play with them if you would allow me.

She lowered her tits to my face and I caught one with my mouth. My lips closed around her nipple and my tongue swirled around it. I reached my hands up to feel the weight of her massive mamaries. She continued to ride my dick and push it in her as deep as she could.

She flipped her head and hair and arched her back and started pumping faster on my cock. She was panting very quickly now. I could feel her pussy contracting on my dick. I was getting close to cuming as well so I pushed upward with my hips.

Don't you cum yet Jack. I have not given you permission. Oh fuck, what do I do now, I'm so close. In a couple more pumps she yells Fuck! and jumps off my cock and starts rubbing her clit violently. her hips are shuddering and bouncing. Tits are shaking all over. Oh yeah, I made it just in time. In all the activity I did even notice that Lisa had awakened and she was watching and rubbing her pussy as well. When I looked over she pulled her finger to her mouth and said, mmmm I can taste your cum in my pussy mmm.

Sara said, Jack, that was awful close. You almost came without permission. Yes Miss Sara, your pussy was just about to milk every ounce of cum out of me. Well it's a good think I was unsuccessful in milking your cum because your cock has a little more work to do before I let you go. Miss Sara, my cock is ready now for whatever you will. Ok Jack, I am going to lie on my stomach and I want you to push that dick inside my asshole. I want you to shove your tongue in first to get it all lubed up again.

Oh Miss Sara, I have been dreaming about fucking your ass since I met you. May I cum in that beautiful ass of your Miss Sara? Yes Jack, you may cum at your will. Getting ass fucked by your dick is going to give me many orgasms in no time. Sara laid over a pillow positioned under her hips and reached back to spread her cheeks apart.

I maneuvered behind her and straddled her legs. I leaned down and started pressing my tongue against her BH. I thrust harder and harder until it started to open up and let the tip of my tongue in her ass. Lisa reached behind Sara and rubbed her hand firmly on Sara's soaked pussy. Lisa said, I'm going to lube up your cock for Sara. Thank you Miss Lisa I muttered from Sara's asshole.

She slathered well and Sara said, ok Jack, get on with it. Fuck my ass Jack. Dump that load in my ass. I positioned my cock against her asshole and started pushing with small strokes. With each stroke my head gained a little more access. A few strokes later and Sara was already moaning heavily. yeah Jack, that it, that's perfect. Keep pushing Jack. The next stroke allowed my head to pop into her tight ass and she gasped.

Yessss baby that's it darlin, you're in my asshole. Fuck yeah. The lube that Lisa slathered on my cock allowed my shaft to now penetrate her ass smoothly. I slowly pushed my cock inch by inch. Sara was moaning, Fuck yeaaaah.

Push it in darlin, it feels awesome. I think I'm going to cum quickly now. Keep pushin. Her Asshole now started to pull me in. I slid easily to the base. Her ass was shaking now and she was panting, yep, yep, yep, heeere it comes, Fuuuuck. Fuck me Jack, fuck my ass I'm still cuming. I started pumping faster. Ooooo yeah Jack fuck me hard, oooo shit I'm cuming again, fuck.

My balls were aching now and ready to blow another load. I'm ready Miss Sara; I'm going to cum now I grunted. She pushed her hip up to meet my thrusts and I felt my nut explode in her ass. Yeeeaah Jack keep pumping your making me cum again, keep pushing that cum deep in my ass, fuuuuuck, yeah! She dropped her hips and I fell down on her back panting uncontrollably. Sara said, Good Job Jack, you may go to work now. I got up and grabbed the towel and kissed both Lisa and Sara on the cheek.

Sara said, be careful driving tonight. Pull over and nap if you need to. Ok I said. Sara continued, O and I will see you here Sunday night, right? Yes Miss Sara, you will. I walked out with the two of them still lying lifeless on the bed. On Friday at the plant, I spent most of the time in the shop area so I did not get a chance to see Debbie. That is probably and good thing considering the turn of events last night.

I'm not sure I could keep a straight face. At 4 I jumped in my truck to set out on my 5 hr drive.

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By one hour into the drive, I had to pull over in a parking lot and close my eyes. I was tired as fuck. I called Donna to let her know I was tired and was stopping for about half an hour. She told me she was going to go to the bars with her friends and she would be back by 11. I knew she would get back later than that and she would be wasted.

Which means, no sex tonight, which is fine with me, I just wanted to sleep. I woke up in my truck to a text message notification. It was from Debbie. It said, Hello slave, I know you are on your way home but I wanted to tell you that I will be at your place on Monday after work.

You will be required to service my needs. I thought, should I call her, no I better not, she may not be able to talk and this conversation is going to get interesting. I decided to text her back and see how it goes. My reply said this, Miss Debbie; I would love to see you Monday after work. I do however; have plans to have dinner with my landlady Sara. BTW, she asked me to invite you for dinner as well.

Holy shit, I thought, how will she respond. WTF, her reply started out, did you tell her about me? Why the fuck would you do that. Are you a fucking idiot?